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  1. Road Toll Not working

    Yup the wire side barriers - which muppet in NZTA (or whatever they call themselves) thought this one up? Might be a fine on the new expressways where there is a wide runoff, but a section of SH 3 north of Te Awamutu is f####en ridiculous for the above reasons. I am now attending AA call outs on the said road - car stopped, tyre changes etc. It can be bloody unnerving, adding to - not many cars bother to even slow to go past. Trucks & busses do though. Funny that - good experienced drivers. When this "upgrade" was first mooted by the authorities. there was plenty of anger with locals. Some "mouth piece" for the said authority put their reasoning in the local rag - to stop vehicles "spearing off the road" Worst case scenario was through a fence into a paddock! As is agreed on here - incompetent driving is at fault. I will say though, my son got his licence mid last year. There is a pretty thorough practical test to complete. My hope is these kids are going to gain some decent skill level as time goes on.
  2. E36 Auto Transmission Gasket Replacement

    The torque converter would still have been full of fluid - hence the dirty fluid second time around. Sounds as if it does need another flush.
  3. New forum theme is far too dark.

    Appreciate the fixes but why cant the forum itself be fixed without having to mod things?
  4. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    That unit looks a lot more OEM looking than the Dynavins etc
  5. Quick rant thread.

    So do some Toyota's. One Honda Stream requires removing the whole front & the lights!
  6. Quick rant thread.

    That has been a pom trait from the year dot. British Leyland comes to mind...
  7. e83 Replacement Battery

    Get a Hella Endurent from a Battery Town supplier, or if feeling flush - a Varta
  8. Mad Germans

  9. Pay $30 or $200 for a part... :-/

    Yes had seen that one too. The point was that, apart from extortion. it is also not the part they are listing it as
  10. Pay $30 or $200 for a part... :-/

    Adding to, it's an air con pressure switch - NOT a temp switch. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/a-c-pressure-switch/64538362055/
  11. 2006 325i bad temp readings

    I have done an electric pump on a car at work. Intermittent fault code but could watch the erratic operation of the pump on current data. Have only done the one but i understand they are a fairly common failure.
  12. BMW E36 AC condenser replacement

    It is not a DIY job without tools & AC equipment. Look up an AC specialist in Auckland
  13. Audio Shops

  14. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    Also Manfeild in Feilding. Not aware of any issues there either.
  15. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    Yup, been to many a concert at the Springs. Brilliant location for such!
  16. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    Yep That too. I am in a rural town Kihikihi Speedway is about 200m away. I don't overly care for Speedway but am not bothered by it in the least. sh*t, maybe someone is having some fun
  17. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    Yet again! This topic rears it's ugly head every couple of years it seems. Auckland Council - GET REAL! Nearby residents - GET A LIFE! Western Springs was there before any current residents - they chose to buy/ live nearby & now cry about the "inconvenience" Diddims! What next? Eden Park & the Zoo as well?
  18. Euro plates

    ^^^^ Yup agree. And with Olaf above. I'll let this disingenuous person knock himself out. I've said all i need to on this one.
  19. Euro plates

    I suggest you don't "get it" Whether you deem it an issue or not is irelevent. They are illegal! AND people are having them confiscated. The fact you haven't is beside the point - obviously those you have come across are not aware of the issue. - As i said - it is a lucky dip. Exactly!
  20. E92 Band Expander Install

    Don't fit a band expander - the reception will be crap! The radio can be programmed but the process is more involved in the E9x cars. Talk to Joe @ Euro Surgeon initially to confirm what is required.
  21. Euro plates

    You don't seem to get it. Regardless of how long you have had them, where you have been, how many times you have been stopped, or how many WOF'S you have had with them on the car, & all without incident. As mentioned above many times - they ARE illegal in NZ full stop! The font is different, along with the background reflector graphics. Also mentioned above - there have been several people that have had them confiscated after they have been identified by Police that are aware of them. It is simply a lucky dip!
  22. E30 - Battery / Starting issue

    Based on the questions you are asking, it would be simpler/quicker to take it to an Auto Sparky & get it checked/confirmed in 5 - 10 mins. Isolating switch is hardly necessary - the current draw at rest is absolutely minimal (assuming no issues) adding to - a battery self discharges over time anyway.
  23. E53 navi help

    Yes it is behind the battery under a black plastic panel, along with the radio tuner.
  24. New forum theme is far too dark.

    ^^^^^^ Yup me too...
  25. Broken 335i - Insurance & Dealership

    Local supplier, retail inc GST