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  1. hotwire

    Misfire cylinder 3

    ^^^^ This. Or it may not infact be a coil issue but instead a vacuum leak causing cyl 3 misfire
  2. hotwire

    FS: MANUAL E39 525i M54

    Still a Granvia though...
  3. hotwire

    The all-new BMW 8 Series Coupe

    Yes but for those front grilles - non proportioned to me!
  4. No you cannot. As you say - this has been discussed earlier in this thread - have a look through
  5. hotwire

    Wheel Alignment Query

    Yup to all the above. And yes there is ONE place now in town that I trust for wheel alignments. Someone that knows tyres & understands steering geometries/variables. The lack of setting the steering wheel straight sums this place up. It is a fundamental!
  6. hotwire

    E90 335i slow/weak start up?

    Take it to an auto sparky & get them to check it properly. Your description is rather vague to be able to properly diagnose & just creates speculation.
  7. hotwire

    E39 M5

    Back to original
  8. hotwire

    ABS module repairs in Auckland

    The ABS will need scanning AND monitoring live data. As mentioned in this thread - they are notorious for failure in this vintage unit. As I have experienced many times on these cars (inc my E39), the module can throw bogus codes, or none at all as in my car, while the unit is infact faulty. Hence live data diagnosis is important. These modules can be repaired (usually) but in varying states of success - as you have found. I too got a new replacement unit out of Europe for around $500 a few years back as mine was not repairable.
  9. hotwire

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    Very wise words! Seen people in that situation sooo many times. A simple Jappa makes total sense in this situation.
  10. hotwire

    Clarkson Sacked

    Pretty much the same. But i challenge the "Sky is good" part. I am seriously pissed that they are now dropping the ball with losing the likes of Rugby world cup to TVNZ where with them we will get limited games & inundated with adds to be able to pay for it!
  11. hotwire

    Clarkson Sacked

    ^^^^^ Yup agree!
  12. hotwire

    E30 Race Car - Jim Richard's JPS M3 Tribute.

    sh*t Jon, you're keen putting genuine M3 panels on it.
  13. hotwire

    Help! E46 wont start

    No chip in the key, Yup, can think of that scenario a couple of times on AA call outs. Both times checking the key & confirming no output. Question owner - no haven't had the key apart since last start. One found in a handbag (woman), the other on the floor of the ute (guy) Have been others with dodgy/broken keys where the chips have fallen into oblivion.
  14. hotwire

    E60 530d Starting Issues

    Possibly a lazy starter - based on the fact another battery connected to the vehicle battery (in the rear) allows it to start properly. Also since the vehicle battery has been confirmed correct size & has full output. Have they monitored the battery voltage while cranking? - It may be dropping to much, hence another battery connected can provide more current & mask the problem. Or the vehicle battery is simply failing under load. Have seen all these scenarios.
  15. hotwire

    Quick rant thread.

    Take her keys AND the car!
  16. hotwire

    E30 or E36 - Christchurch

    Nik, seriously , i think will struggle to find an anywhere near good E30 for 2k, particularly in manual.
  17. hotwire

    E39 Pixels or lack of :)

    Have the contact for the guy in CC. Great to deal with. PM me if you want.
  18. hotwire

    Help! E46 wont start

    Have you tried disconnecting the battery to reboot the system? I have found this fix this same (no crank) issue on multiple different brand vehicles with AA callouts.
  19. hotwire

    Glenn's "Cold Turkey" shoot out

    ^^^^ Shite time flies! I remember you starting this thread Glenn. Well done!
  20. hotwire

    E39 M5 MV Disputes Tribunal

    Yep but i think the $2000 for "use of vehicle" should not have been deducted from the original amount.
  21. 205/55- 15 is the factory size tyre for E30 We run as a control tyre in the BMW Race Series 205/50 - 15
  22. hotwire

    E39 airbag issue

    My understanding is 15 yrs to be able to remove. BUT EVERY part of the system needs removal & yes certed with an ugly sticker plastered on the dash notifying of such.
  23. hotwire

    BMW 323i E21 1980

    ^^^ Yep - It's still the ideal "rear wheel drive" concept which is far more predicable (except for seat warmers)
  24. hotwire

    E39 Fuel Injector servicing, good option?

    Where i used to work about 10 yrs ago, we had a fuel injector service machine & ultra sonic bath. At the time we charged $40 per injector which entailed: Running them through the machine to flush/check operation, & compare each for flow rate, spray pattern, leak down. Then strip filter baskets, pintel caps & seals & run in ultra sonic bath. New baskets, seals, pintel caps then rerun through the machine to recheck & compare for even pattern & flow rate. Very rarely did we have to bin any. I miss having access to that machine now.
  25. hotwire

    Windscreen wipers not working

    By your description you are simply stabbing in the dark & wasting money in the process. Wiper switch was hardly cheap when it was not required. Take it to an auto sparky to get it checked properly!