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  1. hotwire

    SC V8 E30 Touring sleeper

    Love the under statement of it.😊
  2. hotwire

    Bmw E39 possible ews problem

    Can you delete the code? Try disconnecting the battery to reboot it - sometimes works...
  3. hotwire

    CHEAP (?) V12

    BMW parts at times are ridiculous, CJ in Hamilton the other day for E39 headlight adjusters (two simple little pieces of plastic) $58 + GST a pair & in stock - they can stay there! About $4 & free shipping out of China or - what i went for - USD$12 & free shipping for two pairs out of Latvia. Eurothaned the old ones together until replacements arrive. I try to support local but this is outright taking the piss! - Even with a discount to be had.
  4. hotwire

    Z1 anyone? 😳

    ^^^^^ Yup totally out of character with any other model - rather alien & certainly not in keeping with BMW
  5. hotwire

    DON'T BE THIS GUY !!!!!!!

    And he got the ultimate...
  6. Could be but how many times have i seen brakes spelt breaks🙄
  7. With disc breaks!
  8. hotwire


    Maybe two were bought - as in the guy in the US that bought two E39 M5's - one to drive & the other to keep unused - the one that sold a week or two back.
  9. But it's manual with leather😉
  10. hotwire

    E46 330i - Help with coolant flush.

    ^^^^ Yep no CEL but low coolant warning.
  11. hotwire

    Reverse camera for CIC iDrive

    Its a minefield with reverse camera's & their quality. I have tried numerous over the years, some have been crap - not even price related. I have for the last several years been using a contact in China - once i got on to a known quality reliable unit. Interesting on OEM. Have a customer in Wellington that I had supplied a retrofit camera for his E53. He later bought an E70 & I sourced from my contact in Europe a genuine OEM E70 retrofit kit. He commented to me the image quality at night was nowhere near as good as the Chinese camera he had in his E53.
  12. hotwire

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Jon the stickers are upside down!😎
  13. hotwire

    E46 330i - Help with coolant flush.

    I would be inclined to get the cooling system checked / pressure tested first. The coolant has gone down for a reason - that needs to be determined.
  14. Strange in the fact that you are getting high readings in multiple circuits. It would be expected to have one culprit for the excessive draw.
  15. hotwire

    Where did the E39 M5 thread go?

    Yep, obviously a/c wont operate without the engine
  16. Strange how you are getting readings from multiple circuits to make up the total as you are. Re meter, one of the guys at work has a relatively cheap Repco meter & was checking current draw the other day & coming up with suspicious readings. Told him to check it with one of my Flukes & the vehicle checked as correct - within spec. Sooo, maybe an accuracy issue with your meter. Not saying it is but...
  17. hotwire

    slow cranking

    Hardly a fault that is likely to throw a code. You are obviously guessing the fault by your diagnosis. As Glenn said - get it checked properly.
  18. hotwire

    E30 Race Car - Jim Richard's JPS M3 Tribute.

    Bummer Jon. Just put it back together & run this season. You will be more pissed sitting it out.
  19. hotwire

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    More likely a dead plug. If it doesn't light the fire then it will be wet with fuel.
  20. hotwire

    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    Soooo when the f##k are the authorities in this country going to wake up to make insurance compulsory. it only needs to be 3rd party. What gives the right to anyone to bash into someone else & not be responsible!
  21. hotwire

    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    To true on cars with any value. Particularly when there are so many muppets running around with NO insurance!
  22. hotwire

    E39 M5 Wheels 18 Inch

    If they are staggered the outer spokes will be inset slightly - unlike the one pictured.
  23. hotwire

    E39 M5 Wheels 18 Inch

    ^^^ Don't look like it. They would have to be fronts but to my knowledge the M wheels have the insignia in the centres - as yours would Martin? They are probably as mine - BBS style 65 - non staggered 8"
  24. hotwire


    I have used Youshop on numerous occasions & all have been seamless but a couple. One for an expensive package of air (US packaging) I paid but argued the toss after receiving it - suggesting they could/should have repackaged it - a service they claimed to offer. They refunded me down to the size of the original box. Another was about 10 days delay from them receiving the item to informing me they had it. Admittedly i can't recall a GST required transaction with them. It has always been either under the threshold or flown under the radar. Ultimately I have saved hundreds in using them. Most/many US outfits offer free internal shipping & if infact offering international - usually ridiculous cost, certainly more than Youshop.