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  1. Put manual and Merc in trademe and you get vans...
  2. That is ugly.
  3. Couldn't live with those seats...
  4. Nice looking car. Those are some enormous wheels you have on there!
  5. Group is run by Amber and Co. She used to post here.
  6. It's on facebook at present for $5500. Under Euro classified.
  7. Some form of cloaking was what I was hoping for...
  8. Cop control sounds useful!
  9. If the water pump is overdue best be checking the rest of the cooling system.
  10. I thought the speaker size for the doors at least was 5.25... I put an Alpine headunit in my e46. You can buy an adapter to retain the steering wheel controls.
  11. I've had some work done at Bellars. Ken and the team seem good value to me - no problems so far.
  12. Feeling you can trust your mechanic is worth the extra money. I hate driving out of a place only to feel or hear 'bad' things... Last few times to find they haven't bleed the coolent and I'm running seriously low or to have the under car cover come undone while on the motorway... Both times rectified without damage but more time off the road\hassle etc.
  13. ^ Ban
  14. Drool. What a pity I didn't win lotto this weekend.
  15. Lovely but I think you mean needs lots of work!