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  1. Discussed a little previously
  2. Awfully brave of you! Hope all goes well. Welcome.
  3. Looking at your original questions: 1. Not honda practical but a lot more fun 2. The m20 is an old engine and not that fuel economic. I had a 325 some years ago and I think it was somewhere around 12l\100km... Memory isn't that flash though :-) 3. In a garage I'd expect it to start first time everytime. If you are going to leave the poor old thing on the road for days at a time without driving it then it might take a few cranks. If you are mechanically minded or have a good relationship with your euro mechanic then go have a look. It's looks to me like a reshell - probably due to crash damage or rust. If done well then good fun. Check Thoroughly!
  4. Size wise I believe they'd fit. Pretty sure you'd need to have some brackets made up to bolt them in though...
  5. Welcome - pics please :-)
  6. Should really sell these... Make me an offer.
  7. e34
  8. Any of these to be for sale once complete?
  9. ^ So that's why you travel the north island in a big van...
  10. Be nice to f**k a lawyer for a change instead of being on the receiving end...
  11. Lawyers.
  12. Ask your favourite panel beater who they will do work for. I used to use ASB (underwritten by State) and following some damage was surprised that the panel beater I preferred would not work under them. He stated they supplied their own inferior parts and the hourly rate was too low.
  13. This was up for sale months ago - was discussed a little here:
  14. I prefer the BMW 6 cylinder engines in general. Had an e30 325 and the exhaust note was something. This car has the M40 - sohc. If it was the M42 that would be fine.
  15. Personally would prefer a larger engine and air con. If it is rust free and runs price seems ok. Seller has only had it for a few weeks which I'd find worrying...