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  1. Any of these to be for sale once complete?
  2. ^ So that's why you travel the north island in a big van...
  3. Be nice to f**k a lawyer for a change instead of being on the receiving end...
  4. Lawyers.
  5. Ask your favourite panel beater who they will do work for. I used to use ASB (underwritten by State) and following some damage was surprised that the panel beater I preferred would not work under them. He stated they supplied their own inferior parts and the hourly rate was too low.
  6. This was up for sale months ago - was discussed a little here:
  7. I prefer the BMW 6 cylinder engines in general. Had an e30 325 and the exhaust note was something. This car has the M40 - sohc. If it was the M42 that would be fine.
  8. Personally would prefer a larger engine and air con. If it is rust free and runs price seems ok. Seller has only had it for a few weeks which I'd find worrying...
  9. High k's but 'looks' good aside from worn drivers seat...
  10. Rays next donor car?
  11. Wow those south africans are crazy! Only seem to drive e30's too :-)
  12. Bought these on the spur of the moment but found they weren't quite what I was looking for. Easiest I think to sell the lot. Seats are in good condition. Manual fronts. No arm rest or iso fix in rears unfortunately for me. $200. Pickup in Browns bay preferred.
  13. Agree with you - Vodafone customer service is terrible. FYI - skinny is owned by Spark. So is Bigpipe.