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  1. What Neal said!!!
  2. Somebody reshell!
  3. Any pics of the drivers seat?
  4. Beautiful car dude.
  5. Sad :-(
  6. Nice. I have one of these on the wish list for next car - thinking blue with 6 speed manual.
  7. Anyone here buy it? Re-shell?
  8. Think the cars are fine - the engines you want in them are a little off Different strokes (see what I did there?) for different folks.
  9. Not nearly as desirable as the e34 anyhow
  10. Looks buckled - hit left front but drivers door appears not to close.
  11. That's tragic :-( e34 M5 near the top of my buy list if I win lotto...
  12. e30

    It's in the question section.
  13. e30

    Good looking car Is there such a thing as "BMW club concourse" competitions? Not looking to discredit the owner just curious.