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  1. xhp flashtool? So you're saying you have to fix your auto to make it work?
  2. MD13

    Project twin e34's

    Why did you sell that Kyu?!? Looks awesome!
  3. MD13

    Accelera 225 40 18

    Set of tyres. Fairly new I think the dealer put them on. OK in the dry but not great in the wet so off they came... $50 each pick up in Torbay.
  4. MD13

    Can Head Units from overseas be installed in NZ cars?

    I remember reading an older thread which stated BMW's had 'world tuners' but are set to the region they are intended to be sold in.
  5. MD13

    car cleanning

    Rubbing alcohol... Weird!
  6. MD13

    car cleanning

    I am crap at getting a smear free interior windscreen. It looks fine until you get early morning or late afternoon sun then it just looks terrible
  7. MD13

    Hot as Hell today

    Frostbite sounds appealing...
  8. MD13

    E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    Pocket rocket!
  9. MD13

    M5 on dollar auction

    Car looks tidy and the 'inspection' says it's perfect
  10. MD13

    HellBM's monster

    Nah e36 tourings are ugly :-) Ray's monster is awesome!
  11. MD13

    We bought a Baur

    Great road trip!
  12. MD13

    HellBM's monster

    M3 Didn't think I'd see this so soon!
  13. MD13


    Fixed :-)
  14. MD13


    e91 Going to start looking for a new ride this weekend. Other than getting it inspected if I like it is there anything specific I should look out for on the facelift e9x?