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  1. Fixed :-)
  2. e91 Going to start looking for a new ride this weekend. Other than getting it inspected if I like it is there anything specific I should look out for on the facelift e9x?
  3. I didn't really understand you thread title - until that photo... (don't want to spoil it for others :-)
  4. Or perhaps this was done by Mike... Surely there can't be two people out there slipping a little japanese into a german?
  5. I'm looking too - 3 series though. Not a manual to be seen and dct doesn't appear to be an option either... Have seen a couple of posts from Glenn re N code engines which are a little off putting also.
  6. HD12?
  7. Polishing the bonnet?
  8. It's been a little quiet in here... This would be fun :-)
  9. Always admire the balls on people that do $1 auctions. I'm picking high 7's\low 8's.
  10. Probably a safety consideration for all those BMW drivers who end up in the sea...
  11. Mattb357 in CHCH. You on here? Nice buy.
  12. I remember the license plate...
  13. Think bridgestone is doing that buy 3 get the 4th for free deal at the moment. RE003 works a treat.
  14. Hat rack :-)