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  1. Won't make fun of you anymore. After that explanation it would be like teasing the handicapped kid at school...
  2. Seems awfully well priced for the work and condition...
  3. How many smurfs dies to make those seats... Oh the humanity!
  4. That fu$king blows. Hope it's in a nice part of the country - turn it into a romantic getaway for you and the wife?
  5. Sort of look like lady pleasuring devices...
  6. Did anyone view it?
  7. m325 I can't see the sense here... Yes very nice looking car and well restored but would someone buy at this price?
  8. You might 'have' it but I don't think you've 'got it' :-)
  9. ^But you have the internet right...
  10. I don't bother with the labels anymore. I buy cars with 3 pedals (and no the footrest\foot brake don't count).
  11. An m3 post and you're talking babyseats... Now thats funny :-)
  12. Vin states Carbonschwarz.
  13. Nice looking cars - family friends had one in the 90's. I think they might be even harder to find in NZ than an M3 though...
  14. License plate looks familiar...
  15. That looks amazing for the money.