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  1. Bad landing??? Sorry
  2. I think the REALLY nice ones are desired by certain people, and some of them will pay good money. 18 months ago, I got $8K for Dads 4 door Manual 325i SE, from the second caller (the first was a time wasting knob). I think I could have held out for more, but the purchaser was "suitable" to Dad (another old bloke), and Dad already had a replacement car. A few months earlier, another manual 325i SE (with an ///M badge!) sold for just over $10K. This car isn't a patch on Dads, and his wasn't immaculate but very, very tidy. This guy is talking about "rough around the edges" cars... his is one. The wheels, exhaust, dash and seat are real let downs, and appears to be a non- AC model, based on the front valance. As far as E30's go, it really looks to be a good one, but it's not up there with the best survivors. I'm not sure that coupes are worth particularly more either??? unless motorsport. Graeme is probably right - $6K and everybody would be talking about how easy it is to change the wheels and make a good car of it.
  3. Hahaha! Or nipping past a 911 when he finally moves over, so you can get past before the passing lane finishes without clipping his front bumper... with your trailer. I can confirm its a workhorse. I don't even KNOW how much of MY crap has been hauled in that thing! Most of it will never be able to go that fast again though! I even saw a table saw in there not too long ago.
  4. You say that... but *I* heard that an E61 M5 Touring owner/forum member has been test drving LEAFs... but I won't say who
  5. After watching those... your Mr Muppet would have a hard time driving a Land Rover Defender off road! Where is the :facepalm: emoji?
  6. I thought you'd be happy! Looks a bit like a prius with a BMW front stuck on it.
  7. Did you get a price from Milland? I got one for our E39 (diamond key) a few years back... and it was about $320 from memory??? - It was all coded, ready to go, direct from Germany. All I had to do was sync the remote (1 minute job, no tools required)
  8. But if it's another crappily converted one, it'll end up being a drama at some stage, though.
  9. Especially when they're asking double
  10. Did you have any trouble with seagulls??? Good work though ;-)
  11. supposedly 200kms... The tamper light shows if the LCM and Cluster VINs don't match. IF the LCM and the Cluster are more than 200KMs apart when you reinstall the cluster, you get a fault. once it's updated, you can clear the code. I wouldn't push to close to 200 kms either - I think the milage is updated generally every 100 kms between modules, so if you're at the 99km stage, then you only have 101 until the next update, that may put them over 200kms different. BMW Scanner 1.4 can be used to push the cluster milage UP (only) to match the LCM mileage. Just park it at the panel shop, pull the cluster then, unplug the ABS too - no milages recorded at all :-) Just be aware of no ABS, Traction, Stabilty etc! Have you got software to clear the codes after???
  12. OK... this is the RANT thread though, so lets get back to being dicks about everything again...
  13. FYI... We all know we're generalising - some of them are very good too... but they aren't as fun to talk about ;-)
  14. I only buy online from supercheap. I met a local staff member one time, and decided online was the best option. The other shops aren't any better though. A Repco staff member told me my E39 would need thicker oil, if it's done over 100K. ...Then proceeded to tell me that 10W-40 was thicker, and would be better than 0W-40 for a "worn" engine. P.S. If anyone replies telling me that 10W-40 is thicker than 0W-40, I'll shoot you, then tell you why you're wrong. It's only thicker cold... when you DON'T want it to be thicker.
  15. Very true! In our Touran, I "adjusted" the electric steering via software, and it's MUCH better (I set it to the lowest assist level!)- I'd honestly say it's not toooooo far off the E39 for feel... not quite as tight, but it hasn't had the same work that the E39 has either, plus it's a much simpler setup. Initially, you could feel nothing - it was like the wheels weren't on the road!