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  1. Allanw

    DISA - Repair kit or unit

    My old E39 had a failed diaphragm. I think it was from new though - at 115kms when I pulled it apart, it was as tight as new... but didn't actuate 😄 Personally, I'd just buy a new one - If they first one lasted this long, the replacement probably will too.
  2. Allanw

    Rough Idle Diagnosis

    Has it ever had the Vanos seals done? The 3.0 is reputedly more sensitive than the 2.5, and people in colder climates have reported actual stalling from it, after a relatively short period of cold idling. With the engine cold, at idle, the M54 using the cam timing to heat the cats faster - once warmed up, or the revs climb, it has to move the cam timing to the "normal" run position, and can struggle to do so with cold/thick oil that isn't flowing too well, then leaking past the seals when it gets to the right place. Our old manual 525i never got that bad, but it was initially super easy to stall when cold, but not after doing the seals - cold idle was smoother, it was much harder to stall, and it was much easier to control the transition from idle to driving - there was no sudden jump in revs. While it may not be your problem, I would 100% recommend doing the Vanos seals in ANY M54 that doesn't have a history of them being replaced with better parts that BMW used. Our vanos pistons literally fell out of their bores upon disassembly, because the seals were so hard, they were hardly even touching the sides.
  3. Allanw

    a 4 door M3 CS for sale now

    Nah... not like that... more ...errr... ...silly...
  4. Allanw

    a 4 door M3 CS for sale now

    Fast people movers is where it at, now, anyway.
  5. Allanw

    Top Hose Burst

    Holy Cow! Glad you're OK now Glenn! It's a very scary thing, seeing your vital fluids leaking out at such a rate that you don't know what's going to happen. I know a bit how it feels after a massive post-tonsillectomy bleed a couple of years back. Take it easy!!!! Don't go watching thriller movies, or driving in Auckland traffic - they both might might you pop again Look after your wife - I bet shes STILL stressed/concerned
  6. The windscreen is bonded in, and the seal is basically decorative. The screen needs to come out to reseal properly, if it's the issue (shouldn't be!) Do you have a sunroof? It's a more likely candidate and the water is running across the top of the headlining and escaping there.
  7. Allanw


    And not clean ones either.
  8. Allanw

    Anyone know where to import E46 M3?

    Possibly not relevant, but some VW models that were already EU4 for most of the world, were still produced in EU2 variants for S.A. and some other markets, like eastern europe and UAE etc. Potentially could apply to BMW models too, so it does pay to be very careful!
  9. Allanw

    Anyone know where to import E46 M3?

    Don't bother listening to any of the stereotypes - none of them are true for every car. Look at each car on it's merits. Mt Singapore E39 only had the usual electrical issues: ignition switch and ABS module failure. I've seen some poked NZ cars too - on average NZers don't care any more than any other country. Just find a good car, and buy on condition/milage/history/feeling - whatever floats your boat. Have it inspected by someone who really knows their stuff, or learn the stuff yourself.
  10. Hahaha... And so back yard. Could use a better exhaust.
  11. Allanw

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    The opposite of an E46 318i with ///M stripes
  12. Allanw

    Import tax

    So a bunch of stuff I buy will be cheaper... especially if I make my order size "suitable". Cool. Also will arrive faster, because it doesn't need to have a rest at customs on the way thorugh. Cool. How will it work with Youshop? They aren't a retailer of Goods, but a service, and are ALREADY NZ based and ALREADY charge GST for their service... So the Goods theroretically aren't required to be taxed unless they are over NZ$1000, therefore having the tax collected by customs....
  13. Allanw

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    Hahaha! It wouldn't surprise me if you didn't misunderstand, but the dealer had it wrong... They should make it VERY clear the key needs cutting, or at least do it on arrival. Anytime I've tried to order key/lock related parts, the dealers I tried were confused or simply trying to sell me the wrong parts - both E39 and E30. (Actually, often for ANY parts they don't understand!) Paul at Milland sorted it out correctly and cheaper from a German BMW supplier - still genuine parts. The dealer wanted the paint code to order a new (key matched) lock barrel mechanism for our E39, Paul didn't need it and it arrived correct 😉 The dealer was trying to sell me a handle/latch/lock mechanism complete, instead of just the lock barrel I was requesting 🤔. They key was also over NZ$100 cheaper from Paul, for the E39 - just needed the remote synched, as normal.
  14. Allanw

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    Pfffftt... "Our" (Mum and Dads) old Ford has 21"s as standard. And it's 90 years old next April. Are Audi playing catchup??? The radiator (there is no "grille") may even be bigger than ONE of the X7 grilles... if thats possible
  15. Allanw

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    Parody??? In what way??? Doesn't look any different to me... 😛