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  1. I doubt Auckland has EVER had weather that would justify rear fogs... You have to wonder how many drivers even KNOW they have rears, AND have them on!
  2. new LUK DMF and Clutch kit for my 525i (M54) was just over a grand (almost NZ$1200??), delivered from ebay and GST paid here. There's a few other parts worth doing while you're in there, but certainly nowhere near $3K of labour is involved!!! Was your car converted to manual? There's a fair few dodgy converted ones around.
  3. Before you do, can you leave the M5 to me in your will??? I promise I won't thrash it more than you
  4. and the fan is LEFT HAND THREAD. Don't sit there for 20 minutes trying to tighten it! Big spanner, tap with a hammer - don't wedge the pulley - it's most likely plastic!
  5. After removing the brake sheilds from the E39, because the council are too reatarded to sweep the stones off the new seal..... When to stay at the beach for a week - at Pacific Bay/Kowhawera Bay Tutukaka... turns out they just sealed the road out there too! E39 now has 3 new windscreen chips, numerous paint chips, stone stuck on the rims, underbody trays, wheelarches and suspension... GRRRR! Plus, in typical E39 fashion, had to nip down to the hardware shop for some "Knead-it"... to seal up the expansion tank, so we could come home! I only looked at it a few weeks ago, thining I should order one!
  6. There is a little spring in there that breaks. Also, lube up the lock, because if it really fails, its drilling holes to get in. Turning to the HARD (90*) right sets "valet mode", where the remote, and interior button don't open it. Turning to the HARD (90*) left manually releases the boot lock..... as long as it's lubed and functional. 45* left and right, unlocks and locks the whole car.
  7. It's turned into eBay... except everything costs more, and the range isn't there! The search engine at is better, and has more options. After searching, you can exclude categories etc, but it's still got the trademe backend, and has to comply with their API's, but it far cleaner and better laid out, same trademe auctions though.
  8. Ebay UK :-) Or Ebay DE, if you're OK with German, or Google translate. Find part numbers HERE and google, or ebay them :-)
  9. I had to drive home in that weather in my '72 Beetle! It was fun when it really rained... it has 2 speed wipers... S L O W and OFF. Being a '72 though - it has hazard lights I think a lot of people have no idea of the physics involved in keeping a vehicle on the road! Driving an OLD car points them out to you... often!
  10. There's 3 of you, that's 6 kidneys in one household! ...sounds a little excessive, to me!
  11. Set the climate control to recirc, when you heat up your tyres... Andrew: Remember that 928 that sucked the tyre smoke in, and he had to let it out the sunroof
  12. Removed the sheilds off the brakes on the E39... We get a stone in them EVERY time we go out, and the brand new discs are already marked to hell. FYI: Whangarei District Council = retarded. The roading division seems to be all morons.
  13. Pick-A-Parts???
  14. Not sure, but probably - he uses You Shop a lot, maybe kiwishipping too??? Because they are 4S's, he could only get them from the Aston Martin dealer here, so he tire-racked them. NZ$4800 here, NZ$2800 there. I must find out what his Mrs drives too. He Has an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, AND a Lotus Elise.
  15. A guy at work just ordered Pilot Sport 4S's for his Aston Martin from tire-rack, because it was 42% cheaper than here, all shipping and GST included