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  1. Allanw

    The COVID-19 Thread

    I work in Clinical Engineering at the local Hospital.... FML 😁 We're not even splitting up or doing split shifts - so if one of us gets sick, we may ALL be out of action 🤣 There's not many of us either! I even had to shave off my beard to fit masks properly, in case I have to go into a "red zone" to repair something. STAY HOME!!!! Honestly! If we get too many cases, you could end up being ventilated longer term on a machine designed for short Theatre anaesthetic cases... and more importantly, may end up being intubated by a Gynaecologist 🤣
  2. "Different", like "rare"... does NOT automatically equal "desirable" 🤣
  3. If you are looking at the 1.4TSI... it's NOT as reliable as the GTI, depending on the model. Certain twincharged 1.4s are notorious for destrying pistons. Make sure she knows that and "makes" you get the GTI. As a former E39 owner, moved to 2x VW Tourans... VW parts are generally MORE expensive too. Weirdly.
  4. But the BMW ones are freakin uhg-leeeeeeeeee
  5. I installed an R32 VR6 🤣. More complicated than a catch can... but very effective 😉
  6. It appears to be a VW group 2.0 FSI engine - same as in my Mrs Touran, and what was in mine, before it had "the operation".
  7. I used petrol 🙂 I tried 2 cans on the CRC cleaner, and the Nulon one, prior to stripping down my Mrs Touran FSI engine - they appeared to do nothing, other than pooling in the intake! I cleaned it all out with petrol, a small wire brush, plastic scraper and a toothbrush. Right as rain after that. I'd run the cans throught a couple of hundred kms prior, then had to do an emergency repair one evening, so decided to strip off the intake at the same time. I already had a spare intake I'd cleaned prior, but the head ports and valves had to be done in place. Turn the motor to close each port, scrub, clean and rinse, then I emptied the ports with a mityvac (Use a non-explosion-causing vacuum source!). I think they sprays work well enough on port injected cars, as the port injection washed the ports and valves with petrol. On direct injected cars, EGR, Oil vapour, vlave stem oil and valve timing all contribute to the build up, and heat REALLY bakes it on.
  8. Allanw

    Quick rant thread.

    You can wrap it for her present. Then tell her you'll help her fit it 😄
  9. Turners: Because if I sell it on Trademe, they want to know where I live for pickup... and that could be dangerous after the sale...
  10. My experience with aircooled VW heads - I'd use a timesert EVERY time. If a helicoil comes out, they try to expand on the way out - makes a hell of a mess. Timeserts don't try to expand, so you can generally just put a new insert in.
  11. But your leaf isn't the ///M version. Maybe you should visit eBay and sort that out.
  12. Blocked injector? Exhaust leak?
  13. On later cars, there is an round connector under the intake manifold, it can cause bizarre misfires, or the occasional hiccup. Worth spraying the terminals with a decent contact spray. Dads old E30 would VERY occasionally have what felt like a single misfire - cleaning that plug solved it..
  14. Allanw

    Number plate spaces

    I thought you could have a "half space" and 6 characters. As Dave said, it doesn't quite work with all characters though.
  15. The smoke will be from a rocker cover crack. It drips onto the exhaust. The Mrs old E39 looked like it would catch fire occasionally... until @Young Thrash Driver put a new one on, after he adopted it. Common problem. And like Glenn said - IF you EVER take the head off a M54, get the block threads replaced with time-serts. If it's been hot, you'll probably never get the head bolted back on. If it hasn't, you're still asking for trouble. It is NOT a simple job, you need the right tools and screwing it up means new block time.
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