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  1. E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    It doesn't affect warmup - just high temps - when the port is blocked, the incoming water is entirely sucked in by the pump from the radiator. If the port is open it cycles around from the head down to the pump, and the thermostat opens a little to let some cooler coolant in that mixes into this flow.
  2. E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    Hahaha! Yes you do... Sorry. You could buy my E39 and dismantle it to check it all :-) I had to fit it enough times already, to get it leak free. I'll help where I can, but I'm just not taking it off again I'll even leave the new clutch and flywheel in the boot if you buy it! Setup is: block | paper gasket | thermostat | adapter | M54 housing.... The paper gasket = crap! I used a quality silicone and set it up correctly before assembly. the first two times (paper gasket) it leaked/weeped, and with no gasket it's fine... it's been on a few years. The thermostat is held against the block by the adapter, and I'm pretty sure there is an oring in there, between the adapter and thermostat??? The zionsville setup isn't quite the engineering masterpiece they seem to think it is. They go on about the 110C mechanical thermostat... but that's only the V8's, the M54 is 97C. I did have the original thermostat the kit came with, but I think I threw it out a few months ago. The hole meant there was enough coolant flow to cool the engine on long downhill decents, and in winter, it never got past low 80's with the somewhat short trips we do. Once I replaced the thermostat to one without the hole, it would warm up to 90C well before the first morning stop and hold constant temps between 90 and 93C.
  3. E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    Sorry - can't help much more without pulling the car apart (not happening ). I wonder if they have different expansion rates/ratios?
  4. E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    Have you measured the depth in the actual head? Are they different by the same amount as the stats? The housing holds the stat directly on the block, I'm sure. It's a long time since I saw it in the flesh, but I think the M54 'stat has a much longer spring on the plate??? I wonder if it blocks eariler, relative to thermostat position, then has more opening travel after blocking the port - as in, it blocks the port earlier, to force coolant from the radiator in faster, to pull it down from 97 to 87 quickly. I do know, the hottest ours ever got was up to 95C, and I assume the 'stat was WIDE open then. I couldn't hear the viscous fan, so I assume the radiator coolant temp was low enough to hold it there. It never goes past 92C unless I do something to provoke it (like a hiding, then sit with no air movement for a while).
  5. E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    pretty sure M50 and M52 use the same thermostat??? (not M52TU though), but the temp varies depending year etc. Anyway, mine is 11537511083 I don't think the other housings fit, unless you modify it quite a bit. The M54 plastic housings have a tiny bleed hole that let the air out easily, from the inlet to the outlet. You also need to make sure the plate on the back of the thermostat is the correct depth - it's what forces coolant out to the radiator when then thermostat is wide open. If it doesn't shut onto the hole in the block, coolant can recirculate in the block, as it does with a partially open thermostat.
  6. Quick rant thread.

    As was explained to me one time... Sometimes the "paperwork" is started before the physical item actually arrives in the country, so it can LOOK like its at customs, when it hasn't actually arrived in NZ yet. So it can say "held for clearance", but they then wait four days for it to get to them. They can do duty/GST calculations if the paperwork is sent ahead/is believable, but won't clear it entirely, until it physically arrives and can be x-ray, sniffed for lollies drugs etc. Who knows... might be true
  7. M Dyno Day March 17th

    There are a few uphills though. Have you thought about supercharging again, yet?
  8. Overseas parts order

    I get email updates that say when the discounts are. It's not always cheap, but I check there often, when I'm looking for things.
  9. Overseas parts order

    https://www.micksgarage.com/ Mine were NZ$210.63, but today, with NO voucher, they're NZ$313.12 shipped, for all 4. (so includes NZ$39.46 shipping currently). with a 25% voucher, it'd be down to NZ$244.71 shipped. Sometimes the parts are discounted as well as being able to use the voucher too. There is a current 10% Easter voucher I think, but I've ordered for a mate a few weeks back with a 17% voucher (st paddys day) and previous occasions with a 20 and a 25% voucher. One of those times, I got 2x PAIRS (4 bars) of roof racks, for NZ$243 shipped :-)
  10. Exclusive Original BMW Accessory for the BMW X2.

    If I was forced to drive an X2, I'd want it to look like that.
  11. Overseas parts order

    Micks garage again... shipping to NZ is just under NZ$40 :-) 4 Mintex discs for the E39 were NZ$210 SHIPPED wait for a 17%, 20% or 25% off voucher if you can :-)
  12. E30 - Battery / Starting issue

    Dads original E30 battery actually lasted longer than it's alternator! The battery would drain enough to stop it starting after 7 to 9 days. We replaced the 9 year old battery, and it was fine for a few months, but then the same thing - even though the alternator appeared to be charging. The alternator was rebuilt by a local auto sparkie, and it was fine after... It was just never charging the battery quite right, and would eventually run the battery down, then the sitting pushed it past the point of cranking fast enough to start. So I suggest checking the voltages (as above), but running the alternator up on a test rig may show something too (or fit another one anyway). Keep the new battery charged with a decent charger too - leaving it under charged will shorten it's life.
  13. Can Head Units from overseas be installed in NZ cars?

    That is probably a very late E39 - the earlier ones I'm fairly sure were japanese OR rest of world, I think they changed in 2002 or 2003... but don't take that as gospel!
  14. Can Head Units from overseas be installed in NZ cars?

    The US uses a different AM frequency step... coz you use AM all the time anyway