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  1. I have 2 ccc idrive units for sale. $350 each One jap unit for early E6X One nz maps converted unit for E9X/E8X Can assist with coding them to your car but at your own risk. Priced to sell and priced firm. Moving house so clearing some of my stuff.
  2. ///MPROVD

    For Sale: E46 M3

    Ive seen this car in person and its in amazing condition. Buyer wont be disappointed. Good luck with the sale!
  3. Update, ive found the difference in passenger/driver seat modules. They dont appear to be different like i initially thought. What differentiates the modules is the ground connection on pin 2 of the X1816 connector (diagram attached). For us rhd owners the passenger module would have the ground connection in pin 2 and the drivers would not. I found without the ground on pin 2 the drivers heated seat button would operate both seat heaters via canbus. Once pin 2 was added the passenger button worked as is should.
  4. E9X CIC conversion Almost complete cic conversion for your e9x Includes: CID display CIC unit Cic controller Cic wood trim Screen power plug w/tails Screen cable Usb plug (for glovebox) Missing the usb cable (less than $20 to buy) Common upgrade to the often faulty/slow ccc units Also enables modern navigation, bluetooth streaming, dvd movies and usb with ipod control. Can also save music from cds and usb and store it to the units hdd Coded for nz station and bluetooth (needs combox) Although it is advised you have car coded to your car as some features may not work. May be willing to code it for you if you accept i dont take responsibility for anything. Navigation wont work unless it is converted, i recomend eurosurgeon $1100ono
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2241768708
  6. E9X and E8X Adjustable lumbar support retrofit Quite an easy swap. The airbags slip behind the support springs (pictured), just plug it in and loop power from the seat to the pump. No coding and no special wiring. Driver and passenger kit with wiring $150
  7. E90 lci adaptive headlights $200 Pair of e90 lci led headlights These have the led side indicators and well as the 3x led standing side lights. These can be easily retrofitted to non lci cars, i also think they can be used with adaptive control if your car does have this option. Plenty of write ups online. Unfortunately the upper tabs have broken off (pictured). I was keeping these as they aren't worth as much broken and thought they would be easy to plastic weld on so the price reflects this. Does not included hid ballast,lamps or adaptive control modules. Comes as pictured and as is.
  8. brand new m5 style front bumper to fit f10. Made from plastic not fiber glass. Has holes for pdc. Unpainted finish $300 pick up in west Auckland
  9. Come take a look at it, its a good car just nit a good time to sell haha
  10. Bump. will take 6k for bimmersport members
  11. Hey guys selling my mums 130i. Take a look at the listing and make me an offer. Just had a WOF yesterday only failed on front tyres and now has a new pair of front tyres. Will also have a years Rego. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2024864059
  12. I have these 2x 275 35 19 bridgestone potenza $50 must collect
  13. Hey guys. Had alot of people message me regarding this conversion so i thought id write up abit more about it. This will depend on your car and the options your car has fitted so i can't answer for all. **Any white E-Chassis seat module will work** The white seat modules have the same connectors as the F8X and are plug and play. The only thing you have to make sure if you have heated seats you get the module ending "861" so "860" means not heated. left and right modules MATTER. this is because of the canbus signals address left and right. If you use for example 2x right modules when you switch the right heater on both seats will operate. (I did have to code the seat occupancy sensor out as the F8x one is not compatible) After that its easy all you need to do is swap the connector from the e9x seats. Using the E9X seat buckle fit it to the F8X seat. Swap the airbag connector from f8x to e9x. The polarity may have to be swapped IIRC as the f8x airbag would cause a fault otherwise. Im not going into pin for pin wiring as its very simple but the f8x wire colours are as follows: Red= power for lumbar/bolster. (I looped this from the power positive as i didnt have this option before). Purple= seat light. (I run this off the gearknob lighting) Twisted pair= canbus (this will fit in the black power connector of the e92 plug) Red/brown= positive (also same as e92) Brown=ground (same as e92)  Attached is a pic of the e9x power connector with canbus and airbag connector. Good Luck
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