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  1. They are real.. I have a 6speed (sedan) one sitting in the garage now. be patient.. well worth the wait.
  2. Hi. I need a ballast for xenon lights as below
  3. Well, what do you think? Style 71 reps. (Good quality ones at that) 18x8 et35 fronts 18x9 et35 rears great offset for the e46.. as pictured on std msport suspension, fills out the wheel arches well, with std tyres of 255 & 225.
  4. Hi. I need 4x wheel bolts to suit an E46. cheers
  5. you can also use "NCS expert" to adjust the intervals
  6. On trademe. $500 reserve
  7. hi, I have one sitting in the garage.. not sure I want to sell it thou.. tempt me if you like..
  8. 240mm
  9. Clear out time: e46 radios; MD player $30, CD player $250 - this is a very rare MP3 compatible version. e46 monitor $40 e46/39 steering wheel controls $40 each E46 speakers: 'std' audio system set 4x mains, 2x tweeters $40. 2x mids (on the left) from 'hi-fi' system $10 LCM for xenon lights brand new, $120
  10. Brand new LUK/ Sachs S54 plate. $50?
  11. Good to see you have a plan then, that's cool.. let me know if you want to sell the redundant modules.. could be keen.. radio, video, phone, monitor etc.. and once again I have heaps of audio looms, coax cables etc which could be handy for your project.. let me know if you need something.. cheers
  12. Ps. I have a plenty of the parts you will need if you what to change to an aftermarket head unit... radio mounts, looms etc etc
  13. your car has the hi-fi audio system option. The amp is just behind your finger in the pic. The speaker wires go from that plug you are holding to that amp and not to the area in the front that you want. it will take a fair amount of work to either get it working through the amp or by pass it and run a new set of speaker wires throughout the car.. why are you changing the radio? - you can change the radio freq to nz if it is a jap import.. or add aux in/Bluetooth audio if you want that... I have a lot of experience with that set up if you want to call for advice, 0274462763. Dean
  14. S54 catch plate, brand new LUK $100 + freight
  15. Hi, I have some spare bits left over from a E46 Manual conversion... Includes: Transmission Diff driveshaft Trans mount Oil Lines Flex plate shift mechanism Trans ECU and as per pic... $500 for the lot or I'll sell bits separately if required.. located in Masterton. ( I can ship if required at cost) came from a car with 189Km all in functioning perfectly when removed! Thanks