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  1. Oh and you will need to recode your LZM other wise they won’t function and you’ll get bulb fault errors on the dash..
  2. Ok, that’s the bus wire. You don’t need to connect it for the lights to operate. It’s used for diagnostics.
  3. One of the pins is for bi-xenon. - the “low” beam will change by the way of a shutter to aid the performance of the high beam. - this is of course, if it is a bi- xenon light ( it’s written around the low beam lens). You need connect it to either the light switch module or directly tag it onto the high beam +wire. the other pin is used for dianostics. Not required except if you have a fault etc! third pin - not used. Check WDS for the pin outs. Note the model of the donor car.. there is a few different versions depending on year.. If you fit and use them I’d advise covering that socket ( or fit the plug) as if water gets in, it runs into the control unit and will fry it. Trust me I know! And they are expensive to replace!
  4. It will work fine. text functions won’t thou.
  5. MYBIMR on euro plates - pm if interested.
  6. It sounds like he’s not coding all the required modules with the new VO. - ie the radio region is being changed, but the VO in the various modules are reverting it back to its original configuration when there is a power on cycle.. ??
  7. Use inpa to sync the dme with the emulator. There is a function in the menu somewhere.. I think from memory it’s called ews alignment..? google it
  8. Hi Guys, something to note: if the video module has been removed, NO graphics will show, as this is the switching module. you can take the blue connector from a video module and plug it straight into a mk3/4 nav euro module and it will provide graphics. - because the jap nav module has a different plug this is not possible (without re-wiring, but why would you want to?). it is possible to simply unplug a jap nav and the video module will take over - but not the other way round... the cheapest option would be to find yourself a video module to regain some display graphics..
  9. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1497547647.htm
  10. That’s not really the thing you should be worried about.. it’s the ak90 device that reads your key in about 10seconds without opening it... & anyone can order one off the internet..
  11. rd_key, 1. the antenna amp you got (6906074) WILL work with a 433mhz key. But to change to this amp, it requires a power wire, a ground, and a signal wire to be added as your car with IR does not have the wiring for it. It means running additional wires from the C pillar to the fuse box and body (GM) module. 2. Your car has already has the ring antenna at the key barrel to charge the a diamond key. But you require a key that is rechargeable. Not all copies are rechargeable, but some are - you must search carefully for the correct one. You then need to either pair the new transponder keys to the car OR you can remove the chips from your IR keys and put them in the new RF keys, that way you won’t need to reprogram the EWS (security) module. The RF learn procedure requires no special equipment etc, it’s just a sequence procedure.. I have done this mod myself and got 2 new recharable keys, a new antenna amp, and keys cut for less than $200. - I did the wiring etc myself and I have a ak90 key programmer. You can have both IR and RF systems working together. Ie 1x IR key as a spare and a RF key as your main key. Any questions please ask.
  12. They are real.. I have a 6speed (sedan) one sitting in the garage now. be patient.. well worth the wait.
  13. Hi. I need a ballast for xenon lights as below
  14. Well, what do you think? Style 71 reps. (Good quality ones at that) 18x8 et35 fronts 18x9 et35 rears great offset for the e46.. as pictured on std msport suspension, fills out the wheel arches well, with std tyres of 255 & 225.
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