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  1. Will keep an eye on this, possible donor recipient for my electrically challenged 540i
  2. Combination of things. Lazy being one of them. Refurbing the rear set of DS2's and the front Style 66 tyres too worn for WOF. lol
  3. Cleaned the E36. Picked up a 328i exhaust cheap - hopefully an upgrade on the 323i single pipe.
  4. Was following a nice E30 on Saturday, Black 325i coupe (turbo) along Lunn Ave across to Stonefields. Plate was AHCxxx (?)
  5. Replaced cam sensor on the E36, now realize how bad it was running as feels like I’m driving a new car! Swapped in some new plugs for the hell of also.
  6. FS: E39 540i Motorsport 18X kms Auto WON'T START- While testing new DME and EWS module, wire from PIN 9 shorted, damaged harness under dash. Was running fine for ~1 month prior after an existing no-start issue. Looking for $3000 (less wheels and rack, to be sold seperately) will come on stock 16". Will part out as a last resort. Perfect for someone who wants to put in the time to fix and sell on or just part out. Also have an ME7.2 DME with immo off (EWS bypass) purchased as I thought I had an EWS issue or AFAIK perfect for anything with an M62 and definately M62 swaps. Cost me $600, selling for $500. 18x9 RD2 Wheels, no kerbing and repainted with good TZ700 tyres $800 Pro-Rack rood racks $120
  7. Saw the E46 the other day and wondered what was going on lol nice
  8. FYI Purchased an EWS bypassed (IMMO off) DME and the EWS module that came with it was faulty, shorted once I connected the battery and proceeded to melt an EWS module ground (pin 9) wire. So now I have to trace the dead/burnt wire up under the dash across to the passenger side choc block and find out why random accessory’s stay powered when the ignitions off. FML
  9. Hey all, Google fails me, looking for E39 ignition, EWS and starter diagrams? Hardly anything decent found, compared to older model info out there anyway. Cheers, L
  10. Went through this when I replaced my boot lid. Feel your pain
  11. A good friend has a hoist in his unit (behind your sushi shop) I can use whenever needed.
  12. Did some late night wrenching after my E36 failed WoF (front outter ball-joints loose). Removed Control Arms to replace the ball-joints. Got carried away and: Removed rear caliper and discs, cleaned up hubs and dust covers. I picked up some E46 328i rear calipers and discs to replcace them with as they're a slight upgrade on the E36 rear end. Will be on the hunt for 330i front brakes next. Pulled old shocks (labelled as 318is, in a 6cyl, may have contributed to soft rear end) before I upgrade the suspension front and back. Also have some new rear side window seals to replace the cracked and hardened ones on there atm.
  13. Nice, what're these going on?
  14. A completed E30 project is pretty rare
  15. Also known as an IS lip, a member here used to source FG reps for a reasonable price, maybe search the marketplace listings?