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  1. _ethrty-Andy_

    S62 Ergen Motorsport Headers

    ha swaps like that, the "loss of power" isnt relevant, as its a far better engine than was ever in there in the first place. Much like the silly point people bring up about superchargers "parasitic loss"
  2. _ethrty-Andy_

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    Yup sure, thats an option, but i wrote the above since 99% of the cars he will be looking at wont be owned by bimmersport members ha was talking in general terms
  3. _ethrty-Andy_

    E30's long time admirer, first time owner.

    dont worry if you missus thinks your nuts, you have found the right support group. Put this into your diary for November. https://www.facebook.com/events/157004731770800/ welcome to bimmersport!
  4. _ethrty-Andy_

    SOLD: 1993 E34 550 Touring $4K

    found it, cheers
  5. _ethrty-Andy_

    E34 Touring 550i

    any update on this at all? @Timythenerd
  6. _ethrty-Andy_

    SOLD: 1993 E34 550 Touring $4K

    who did it go to in the end ? was spotted in Christchurch in November, thats the last i have heard of it. ive lost count of how many owners its had now
  7. _ethrty-Andy_

    E30 Ignorance - $40k - $65k Really?

    its been for sale for nearly two years now. some more info here for the uneducated: http://www.e30zone.net/e30zonewiki/index.php/325iS_South_African_Model though this example is missing the dog leg box which is interesting.
  8. _ethrty-Andy_

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    Id recommend an E46, either a prefacelift 318i, or otherwise get a 325i/328i E46. all other E46 are not worth your while, especially as your first one. interiors are generally good quality, headliners usually the only thing that fails. if anything else inside is wrong then thats a pretty good indication of the life the car as had, as they otherwise dont break on thier own. people arent rough on the interiors but service the car impeccably. if the exterior is a bit scruffy then not a big problem if its a common colour, panels are cheap and plentiful, as are all E46 parts and they will be for another 5 years or so too. E36 are mostly getting a bit long in the tooth now, though there are certainly some gems amoungst the rubbish. the first 3 series that was designed to protect its occupants in a crash. coupe specific parts are becoming hard to find, but their motors are plentiful, as are sedan parts, tho prices are starting to climb a bit. non specialist wreckers dont bother to buy them any more. E30s are past being a first car now. highly collectible and reserved for enthusiests these days, even the scuffiest 318i auto sedan is a 3-4k car, and no matter what you buy, you will be working on it from time to time. if you are ready for E30 ownership, you'll know, because nothing else will do. But above all else, regardless what you buy, please recognise that things can and will go wrong. they are 15 - 20 years old now, and were only ever designed to last 10. if your budget is 7k, rather than spending the lot at having nothing left in the kitty, you are FAR better off buying a car for say 4.5k and then spending 2k replacing the cooling system, giving it a full service, and then tidying up the inevitable short comings in the interior. Its true that you wont get your money back in the end, but you werent going to get it if you spent the whole budget anyways, so you might as well have a base line established. be carefull of mutton dressed as lamb too. its very easy to make a car look very good, the buyer gets thier heart set on it, but underneath its a basket case.
  9. _ethrty-Andy_

    Clarkson Sacked

    truth be told id get value out of the documentary channels too. but the real cost is much higher. i am quite productive, but i would veg more if i had more programs to watch.
  10. _ethrty-Andy_

    E36 M3 sedan parts car @ BM WORLD

  11. _ethrty-Andy_

    Diesel programming

    correct, eurosurgeon, not EuroItalian, which is Gavins business i was recommending to a friend for some other bits and pieces ha.
  12. _ethrty-Andy_

    E46 M3 Parts

    building a CSL replica by the looks of it eh
  13. _ethrty-Andy_

    Clarkson Sacked

    yes it does, but I'm not paying $80+ p/m for sky at home
  14. _ethrty-Andy_

    E36 cab seat repair - not flicking forward

    ha, i am Andy, Olaf is Richard, happy to help mate.
  15. _ethrty-Andy_

    Quick rant thread.

    HP are very bad at this sort of thing. One of my pet peeves with them is they ship every monitor they sell with its own stand. we are recycling upwards of 500 stands a week that are brand new out of the box and straight into the shredder to be recycled. and it all but the very latest models come in polystyrene. (Yes i understand exceptions on a production line, and i understand they cost both cents to manufacture, and are worth cents to us) a pity really, because HP is otherwise the best brand in new zealand, if the sheer amount of kit with their badge on the front is anything to go by.