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  1. _ethrty-Andy_

    E36 compact 328ti

    prehaps i wasnt clear. if you use a Z3 one you will not have to change your drive shaft or half shafts. you should already be using E36 stuff so will just bolt in and good to go. If you fit an E30 diff you need to change the input and output flanges of the diff so it uses E36 parts. by the way. i forgot to mention that you need to given the body a bit of a tweak with a small club hammer on the reinforcement box section that crosses behind the diff to make room for the breather. doesnt have to much, 5mm was all i did on mine
  2. _ethrty-Andy_

    E36 compact 328ti

    depends what gearbox you are using as to what ratio is good. I have a 3.4 in my E30 which is short for the ZF gearbox but its not a road car. Z3 have the same output input and output flanges as E36 so it all bolts in, wheras E30 you need to change the output shafts. What drive shaft are you using if it is the 328i one then E36 input shaft on diff. E30 one looks similar but different Beware of the Z3 LSDs, they are not viscous type, might be fine for a road car but they are non-rebuildable and cant be tightened up like the E30 ones. My Diff is all Z3 except with an E30 viscous center rebuilt and an extra clutchpack installed. hope this helps
  3. _ethrty-Andy_

    WTB OEM Coolant

    given demineralised water is toxic to humans, i hope you are holding your local council to account Jared
  4. _ethrty-Andy_

    Automatic Transmission Warning Light e36 328i

    look forward to hearing what the problem turns out to be.
  5. _ethrty-Andy_

    WTB OEM Coolant

    remember not to use tap water.
  6. _ethrty-Andy_

    Windscreen washer reservoir for '73 2002

    Try Kerry Fackney. rare around these parts these days but he is on facebook.
  7. _ethrty-Andy_

    Automatic Transmission Warning Light e36 328i

    while yes there are some variation in quality of tool/software, the biggest variable is the brain on the operator.
  8. _ethrty-Andy_


    Most of you have probably seen my BMBBQ. Thats not me in the pic, usually my mates that come round don't want food poisoning so leave it up to them.
  9. _ethrty-Andy_

    Automatic Transmission Warning Light e36 328i

    Probably the air flow meter.
  10. _ethrty-Andy_

    Recommend Wellington Service

    correct as far as late model stuff goes, and even then, probably little experience with the newer models ? Why are you not willing to take it to the dealer ?
  11. _ethrty-Andy_

    Not trademe but super cool ACS touring

    if it was converted in the UK then yes most likely was a RHD to start with
  12. _ethrty-Andy_

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    would have to double check my coupe, but pretty sure that has twin horns on it!
  13. _ethrty-Andy_

    Am I mad to be considering this? 2001 E53 X5

    yep the silver one is mine. But unless sold tomorrow or the next day (unlikely) it is about to be locked for the next year or two with my two E30s.
  14. _ethrty-Andy_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    you are very welcome mate. not sure when ill see you next but hopefully next time wont be so brief! youve said that before!!!!!!! Megameet 2019 ???
  15. _ethrty-Andy_

    Tow Vehicle

    ill never forget being in my dads mates V10 TDI toureg many moons ago when it was nearly new. had what i remember to be a 40 series Cruiser based off roader on trailer on the back. lights went green at the Haywards lights (back when there were such) and 5 up in the toureg we dragged off a 4/5/6 Evo (i remember the triangle lights) which at the time was crash hot to a young impressionable teen such as my self. so although they have the wrong badge on the front, they do alright by me.