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  1. _ethrty-Andy_

    E34 525TDS Touring

    i have some experience with the TDS engine if needed. also Lance @melowpuf has even more. When his 325tds got run up the back of, i reshelled the whole lot into a 328i cabby, i did the swap. the car now lives in Tauranga, and can be seen at Hampton skid pan/drift days from time to time. when you say lumpy on idle, is this only when cold or at all times ? if just when cold it will be the glow plug relay, aparently a common failure item.
  2. _ethrty-Andy_

    NZ NEW E34 540iA $3900!

  3. its to stop the lowest common denominator. you or I or Id hope most people on this page know to do things properly. but there are lots of rough jobs out there, they dont call it Masterton spec for nothing (or insert you local semi rural drop kick patch) yes, vertically, as is required in the conversion. ---- tangent but for what its worth, Im currently working in a body shop in Canada doing final inspections and detailing etc, where there are no annual inspections or anything. because of mah liberty mostly. almost every single car i have seen has had what would be a WOF fail. (seat covers over airbag equipped seats, chipped/cracked windscreens, and at least one bulb out if not more, and thats only looking at the things that the shops actually worked on/near, and not include the damage itself of course. and almost everything that comes in is less than 10 years old). in a country where litigation can ruin not only your life but that of your family, i imagine that it would be much worse in NZ where that is not the case. The other way to look at it is of course that perhaps the WOF rules in NZ are too strict, and there is some merit in that, certainly in some places. but again, its for the lowest common denominator. But do people die because of it here? thats hard to say.
  4. _ethrty-Andy_

    Congrats Graham!

    @gjm officially a Kiwi from today! congrats to you and your family.
  5. poor advise. very easy to balls up. as you say, can make the wheels touch the body and fold up and under the car and through the firewall. or space the rack the wrong way in the subframe and you are turning every time you go over a bump. as for not telling them at all, its on your plate, and thus your insurance. id expect that comment from other members, but not you. you are better than that good on you -- it comes down to the rest of your suspension as well. the rack is only part of the picture, whats the rest of the setup. it is otherwise stock E30 suspension? is it the hideous E46/nonm3 E36 ballsup. is it E30 or E36 M3. etc. what rack has a precedent for what suspension setup is important. i have an E36 rack in mine (not Z3) and its all certed, but i do have E36 M3 front suspension. as far as i know, noone has completed it successfuly with E46/E36 non-m3 suspension, so worth keeping in mind if that is you
  6. _ethrty-Andy_

    What's it worth? E30 M52 Coupe

    why cant you daily the E30 ? if it cant be dailyied (unreliable) then i retract my $12k i am now daily driving an E30 again and im loving it!! been 7 years since i last dailyed one.
  7. _ethrty-Andy_

    What's it worth? E30 M52 Coupe

    i agree also
  8. _ethrty-Andy_

    Vehicle compliance..

    reregistering is completely different to being registered for the first time
  9. _ethrty-Andy_

    BMW and Mercedes to work together

    Came across this today. https://driving.ca/bmw/auto-news/news/bmws-i2-to-be-built-on-new-platform-developed-with-daimler-report
  10. _ethrty-Andy_

    Grand Tour Season 2

    obviously the Aston spinning constantly is all done for the camera.
  11. _ethrty-Andy_

    M3AN E36 M3 PLOG (Project Log)

    yes ive always said the Z3 rack is a total have and waste of money. usually alignment shop have bar that sets the steering wheel straight, and then remove for sweep test to check the steering wheel was centered, this is the first step they do. did they do this ?? check your steering wheel is centered on the spline, there are markers on both the wheel and the end of the spline. its critical its in the right place so you dont wreck the clock spring for your airbag/horn/multifunction. if it IS centered, then sweep the wheels to each side and make sure center on the wheel is center on the rack. if not, then adjust one or two splines at the point between the rack and the column and check again. you wont be the first person to just throw a rack in and find this, the difference is most are lazy and then adjust the wheel, thats fine on a non airbag car but doesnt take much to over wind the E36 clock spring.
  12. _ethrty-Andy_

    E30 engine swap options, M20, M30, M50

    yep no point bothering with M20 unless its for a specific racing class, you just want to keep the car "more original", or you want the cheapest option to get the car back on the road. M30 is dinosaur tech and boat anchor. was the engine of choice for decades when M5x engines were over 2/3k, but no point doing that now. i have done a bunch of M52 swaps, its easy to do and my engine of choice. just do plenty of reading, and read through a half dozen build logs and take the average of suggestions as the fact, dont rely on any one person. Bear in mind two things, 1/ most of the logs will be in American which means they are left hand drive (important when it comes to exhaust stuff, steering, and clutch control), the pinout tables are not correct for your car, and also 2/ most of the threads if not all are outside of NZ, where rules are generally a lot laxer and do not require the certification process we have. thus you will need to think about things like drive shaft hoops and bump steer tests, possible be forced to upgrade brakes etc. worth looking through the LVVTA Threshold guide as a starting point. also i recommend swapping to stock E36 steering rack at the same time, they are cheaper now than they used to be, and cheaper than having to make up custom power steering lines to adapt the e36 pump to the inferior E30 unit. use the holden barina / opel corsa linkage youll see mentioned, e30 nuckle on top and e36 on bottom. also means you dont need to recert later down the line when you do it anyway. having said all that, if i do another swap in the future, i think i will use the M54B30.
  13. _ethrty-Andy_

    BMW and Mercedes to work together

    Couldnt tell you what spec is. I dont like the new design lanugauge, but i recall saying the same about almost every new BMW in the past decade, but they have all grown on me over time. Went to an international autoshow here a month or so ago, the BMW stand was dissapointing, they are all there, but nothing there that jumped off the page as a car id like to own. The Volvo stand tho, now THATs my language! and snow almost all gone now, hence why i brought an E30 Touring here a few weeks ago for the summer ha.
  14. _ethrty-Andy_

    E39 manual\motorsport conversion

    awesome Jared
  15. _ethrty-Andy_

    not trademe but Z coupe S54

    im on a few up here in Ontario (im in Toronoto now), bmws seemed insanely cheap before i got here, but once here i realise they are all total rust buckets thats why! by the way, if you find your self in NY or PA end of June/Early July prehaps catch up for a beer ?