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  1. I have two spare engines here if needed
  2. I can help flat tow it if worse comes to worst
  3. FB message me results and also pics of your cab, might consider it for mine, I currently have a rectangle type fog light switch that intercepts the radio antenna signal, so aerial either goes automatically or stays down, reception not great when it is down. Also thought of looking at a signal amplifier but haven't looked any further @Neal might have some ideas for me tho
  4. I have a couple of 2.8s about if it comes to it. Not much point tho I would have thought
  5. also your temperature gauge doesn't work, you will need to come up with a solution for that.
  6. nice i have seen your car about, and the black 6er that used to wear your plate if my memory is right.
  7. E34 still the most reliable BMW built, hands down
  8. there was about 8.5 hours ago... bugger, i am in Auckland now. Perhaps Hans can help?
  9. interesting, deifies logic, but looking at the LVV chart they use you are absolutely correct. lucky my wheels are 8.0 and i checked that sheet before investing. http://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/infosheets/LVVTA_Info_01-2009_V3_Tyre_Size_to_Wheel_Size_Compatibility_Guide.pdf your car is looking great mate ! hopefully have a bit of a battle at some stage.
  10. just saw this thread, Auto 328i usually will have bigger half shafts, at least the later ones did. I have a complete 328i rear end for sale if anyone is interested including the bigger 328i brakes, $400 delivered to most of in the North Island
  11. your options are one of the following: * risk driving on second hand rock hard 30 year old metric rubber, posing a safety risk to yourself and everyone else on the road. * spend over $1000 per tyre on new ones here http://www.vintagetyres.com/item/434/240-45zr415--240-45r415--michelin-trx-gt--car-tyre--road--metric--tl * Fit 16" wheels. There is only one logical option here.
  12. bolt in solution is facelift 320i as stated above. rear section is the same on all E30s so just the front half you need. however may be easier to lengthen or shorten whichever ones you have already and have it balanced. since you need to cert for a swap anyway just another thing to add on your cert plate etc.
  13. Surely 297 isn't the $1100 as well??
  14. When you say your service agent for the last 7 years do you mean you are taking it to a BMW dealer, or to an independant?