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  1. _ethrty-Andy_

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    youve seen E30 prices ha. goes the opposite the other way around too. a 2016 Ford F150 is over 100k here, in north america specifically canada is where i have been looking, you can get one for less than half that.
  2. _ethrty-Andy_

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    put a manual in it
  3. _ethrty-Andy_

    North Island East Coast Roadtrip

    Yes you could turn right there, youve done most of it by that point. As for left or straight ahead at Waiouru, thats up to you. SH1 is a town every 20km and very boring, and the constant left right every km or so of SH1B to avoid Hamilton is annoying, and is the slowest route, despite being SH1 the whole way. Some people go SH1, turn right at Tirau and take SH27 on to SH2 and come out at Bombays. Both of these are uneventful routes. As you know i do this run all the time, my preferred route is Ohakune/Taumaranui/Otorohanga/Pirongia/Ngaruawahia comes out at Taupiri. This is through the King Country area and very nice, you can stop at Raurimu Spiral not that you can see much but it is a good place to stop and let your dog have a peepoo and you can read a bit about it, and the Waitomo Caves if you like. there is also one of the highest rail bridges in NZ that the train goes over you about 12m or more above the road, which itself is more than 20m above the valley floor, there is a nice rest stop there and a nice spot for pictures etc . downside to this route is there is no cellphone or radio reception between Taumaranui and Te Kuiti so load up your spotify. hope this helps
  4. _ethrty-Andy_

    North Island East Coast Roadtrip

    have done all of those roads. dont bother going around the point, its not worthwhile, just follow the river. if you are able to add another day, do the gentle annie road back to Taihape and go north from there, turn left at Waiouru, prehaps stay a night in Ohakune, and then go up thru Taumaranui, turn left again at Otorohanga and follow the road thru to Ngaruawahia and up to your home.
  5. _ethrty-Andy_

    BBS RK 17x8

    hey have you spun them up to see if they are straight ? pretty easy to bend them, but interested if they are proven to run true. cheers.
  6. _ethrty-Andy_

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    oh so thats where the one in the 330i went
  7. _ethrty-Andy_

    FS: E36 328i Motorsport Front Suspension

    Complete Assembly, from top hat to top hat, includes steering rack and pump. Motorsport springs and sway bars etc. come from a Car that has done 120,000km when wrecked (transmission failure, not crashed) $200 Pickup Lower Hutt $250 Delievered Wellington Region If sold tonight or tomorrow can deliver to Palmerston North or on the way for same price. $300 Delivered Wairarapa photo.php-2.htmlphoto.php.html Best to contact me on my phone instead of here these days as i dont come on all that often, 02730793 double too
  8. _ethrty-Andy_

    WTB: E30 Cabriolet Bits

    sorry for the slow reply, no i havent, but the guys are usually too busy commenting on it being the tidiest they have every seen etc etc to actually look at anything too closely.
  9. _ethrty-Andy_

    328ti Rally

    Thanks for the name drop guys, i dont come on here all that much anymore! Yes can do if still needed tho i imagine freight to Invercargill would be somewhat prohibitive. its yours for $100 just let me know where i am dropping it, also have some M Twist side skirts as well if they are of interest, and a sedan/coupe rear etc.
  10. _ethrty-Andy_

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    Hutt Automatics did mine, same findings. Yeah wish I’d don’t that on mine too, but they were in too deep. If I had stopped and thought it would have been the better option.
  11. _ethrty-Andy_

    PFL E30 Electric Windows

    Probably have just need a photo or part number, all yours to you as usual if I have it
  12. _ethrty-Andy_

    PFL E30 Electric Windows

    any updates Brett ?
  13. power antenna are a hard find these days bud, just buy new OE ones from Pelican Parts or similar. Radios are pretty hard to come by too, most were ripped out and binned in the 2000s. Have a look at this one which looks good and has blue tooth etc model number Continental TR7412UB-OR https://www.continental-automotive.com/en-gl/Trucks-Buses/Interior-Cabin/Infotainment/Radios/FM-AM-Radio-with-USB-Bluetooth
  14. _ethrty-Andy_

    E53d X5 pusher fan question

    take no notice of what it looks like on the diagram, just a image they use for everything. plug the part number into google image search for more accurate pics might just be the resistor pack if it has one. try bypassing it and turn the AC on.
  15. _ethrty-Andy_

    1996 E36 - EWS II issue

    dont try cutting and jumping wires etc, youll just end up blowing up modules etc. all its needs is 10 minutes with a scanner assuming all the parts have not failed. bear in mind that the E36 is known for leaking around the windscreen if the plastic trim is damaged, it is not uncommon that water gets into the ECU/DME especially on manual cars that do not have a trans computer for the water to seep thru first!