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  1. Have one if you still need
  2. Don’t know the reasearcb but have an M10 flywheel lying about if that helps (actually most of a conversion
  3. Why do you say OE is weaker? If anything it’s the clips that are weaker maybe, but nothing wrong with the lips. The one on my coupe has been on an E30 for 30+ years
  4. Can I Bluetooth my phone to it ? If so I have $200 here for you if you are interested.
  5. Almost everyone charges these days. Steel hasn’t been worth the diesel to pick it up in 6 plus years (I work in the waste industry). Try Macaulay metals, as far as I know they are the only direct steel exporters left in the region, with yards in both Seaview and Palmerston North
  6. "I've never been to bed with an ugly girl but I've woken up with a few"
  7. happy to fit them if needed. I can order in too.
  8. @tom Delahunty needs to buy it he will put the milage on it.
  9. you should take out 'you' and 'your' from your comment above, as it is obviously aimed at someone else. I have never done it this way, because I don't half ass jobs. Also, practical classes don't teach people any thing. experience does. anyone can get a piece of paper
  10. at which point wouldn't you be better off buying an M3 of a later generation? unless you have a love affair with you particular car.
  11. Most E30 guys will even tell you that from a mechanical point of view the E36 is the better car. But the interiors suck, the doors suck, the cooling system sucks, and it just looks like a dated 90s car, doesn't look like a classic
  12. just in response to this, its a continuously variable system, it is not Off or On like some other manufacturers at this age. Correct oil is 10W40, I use Penrite, but really any brand name will do. Some swear by Castrol for no reason other than thats what BMW etched into the filler cap 20 years ago.
  13. fuel economy gain is marginal at best. as I said above, if this is the objective as is the OPs question, you are waiting your time. Parts alone will take you a long time to recover from your fuel saving, and when you do you will be back to having destroyed seals, not to mention if you have to pay someone to install. Also there is zero mechanical damage that can result because of not tending to them, unlike most other areas on the motor that fit the OPs objective better.
  14. good idea, worth a shot maybe, though people usually don't update the details of their plate if it is sold/purchased, and they probably aren't supposed to tell you either. Privacy laws, for better or for worse, prevent this sort of thing from occurring.
  15. well it can't be between that, as there is no ratio made between them, has to be one or the other. But now is more than 30 years old plus and I don't know milage, any previous owner could have changed it at some point for whatever reason, even small case diffs bolt in fine etc. best is always to check at this age, VIN decoders are only ever accurate as at the date of production, and that VIN above left the factory with a 3.46:1 LSD