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    I went with Star with an agreed value policy and found them great to deal with. As I have a few mods on my car and an expensive set of apex wheels my valuation exceeded their valuation initially but I sent photos and a description to Star’s approved valuer in Christchurch who came back with a satisfactory valuation and job done. Star’s premiums are competitive and service great so far.
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    Yeah, I got it for close to asking price and although seems to be an honest car so far, it needs a bit of loving. @Cammsport let me know who you go with as need to insure mine as well.
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    I had that the other day. 4 days 13 hours from order being submitted. Amazing service! I've had local parcels take longer haha.
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    Hi, I'm about to pull the trigger an E61 M5 that has been through a couple of Bimmersport owners in the past. Currently sorting out the PPI. With any luck there are no significant issues and in 5 days I will be in Christchurch to take delivery. I'll post updated pics if I take delivery. Until then fingers crossed all goes smoothly. Cheers.
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    yes I am, was wondering if it would be cheaper to get it fabricated locally.
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    I went with Star Insurance who gave no grief about the agreed value: AMI wanted formal valuation and AA weren’t keen without the same. No idea if Star are okay on claims front but was a piece of cake online to sign up after getting a quote.
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    Micksgarage are probably the cheapest shipping for heavy parts ive come across. The selection isnt the greatest though on some vehicles. Rockauto can be hit or miss on shipping. Recently FCP was much cheaper to ship a pair of E36 struts both using Fedex.
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    try rockauto. they are really cheap for most parts. their fedex shipping option is pretty cheap and takes around 5 days to arrive.
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    yea cant be botthered not worth my time and extra costs in doing that they are making it to hard and costly now and cars not worth huge amount even when done
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    Yours has to be close to $20k? Only 24v E30 I've seen in ages was the white one Ghost Chip bought but I think that was a little more of a project car?
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    I've been doing little bits and pieces this week, removing the monsoon shields (or whatever they are called) and even worse the tape used to stick them on, replacing the black badges, cleaning the caked on wax in the panel gaps and plastic trim and the colour is really starting to grow on me. In bright sunshine it can almost look blue. I've stocked up on bits from UCC to do a paint correction and I'm just clearing work so I can have a couple of days to do it in one go. It needs some trim pieces and I'm reminded of why we all go overseas for our parts. Contacted two dealers and two independents with a list of what I need and only Gavin replied to say he doesn't do trim pieces. No reply from the others so FCP and Schmiedmann will be getting the business. After that the wheels will be returned to silver and I'll likely replace the tyres. Although to be honest I wasn't hanging about on the trip down from Auckland and pelted over the Paekok hill the other day and they've not given me any problems. But Jinyu and Comforser are brands I've not heard of before so I may not take any risks with them. Anyone have any opinions on Laufenn LK03's ? My local guy can get a matching set for around $1200 which seems like a bargain when compared to $2400 for Bridgestone S007's.
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    Did anyone see what the 24v E30s sold for over the past 6 or so months? I lost track of them. Can anyone recommend a good valuer for insurance purposes? I have no clue as to what mine is worth. TM prices are all over the show and I dunno what's actually selling.
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    “Oh, just haven’t had time to clean it lately (even though I haven’t cleaned it at all while I owned it). It should tidy up well”
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    But mate I spent 2 mins in it with my asthmatic vacuum cleaner. And smeared the dash in the oldest greasiest Amore All I could find in Dads garage.
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    Great colour @martyyyn! Alpina-esque. Hope the maintenance budget has some fat in it to replace those Jinyu ditchfinders on the rear...
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    Wow what a spec! Congrats.
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    Looks like a beautiful spec, Martyn. I love a dark green exterior over a light interior.
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    Awesome colour! And no biggie that it is a little dirty 😁
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