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    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    Buy an e30 shell and swap everything over??
  2. aja540i

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    I went from a 1999 e39 540i touring to my E61 M5 touring, Faster-yes better handling- yes sounds better - up for debate, hard to beat a v8 with a good exhaust (be wary of the newer BMW v8s though) more comfortable - marginally, the e39 is a nice place to be, i do like the newer steering wheel a lot though fuel economy - hahahahahahahahahahahaha running costs - don't spend your whole budget up front, keep at least $5k in your back pocket to fix the first thing that breaks Good luck, there are some serious cars on the market for that sort of money.
  3. aja540i

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    The Rolls Royce of Toyotas ??
  4. aja540i

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    There is a good chance some of the owners dont actually want to sell their M3, and being vague with the TM listing is a good way of buying time while keeping the other half happy!
  5. aja540i

    Quick Questions

    Sparkling for the M5, still for everything else!!
  6. aja540i

    Quick Questions

    The BMW stuff is pre-mixed, if you use the other stuff you have to factor in the cost of the water to mix with it!!
  7. aja540i

    Quick Questions

    some of the newer cars with electric water pumps need special coolant, but in an older car any antifreeze is better than none. I use the BMW stuff because its not much more expensive and why not!
  8. aja540i

    Can't turn off traction control

    does the traction control light come on when you turn the key on? It may have a space for the light but it might not have that option fitted.
  9. Fair point, it is my opinion, but i suspect there will be others who share my opinion and won't deal with an aftermarket parts supplier who suggests illegally modifying their vehicle, the comment is on your website right now, and i didn't have to hunt for it. On a more constructive note, you need to stop using textured powder coating on components that need to form air tight seals with hoses and gaskets, it's just not smart, switch to a plain gloss or satin powder on those parts and save the textured finish for other bits.
  10. Marketing strategy aside, i think your policy of recommending that your customers fit this product illegally to circumvent the cert process is very dodgy and a sign of what to expect from your whole operation! Probably best not to do it on your website too! Hyde @ M52 Supercharged REPLY August 10, 2016 at 5:19 am Hi there, yes it indeed is a cheaper option specially on a fully stock motor as in not build up, which is what most people want, and most of the 5-6K kits only push around 8 – 10 PSI or an additional 100whp, that can be achived with these blowers on the run for a fraction of the cost. Specially again thats the most the stock motor (unopened with stock HG etc) will handle and is still nice for most people. In the future I do have plans to relase Eaton Brackets for larger gains. The V2 templates will fit the M54B28 in your E46 328ci. I have some exprience with LTNZ and it will cost depending on whom you go to, as in individual agents, getting to know the guy helps a lot, usually you are looking at anywhere from $300 – $500 to cert it, the only other thing you will need before the cert is 2 axel/drive shaft loops for safety (which are again on trademe for around $100 a set). However keep in mind according to LTNZ you will require a cert for this, however its so simple it will take you most 1hr to revert to stock before your WOF and that is only once or twice a year and is the only place that may question your addition of the blower. I have also got your email and will respond there..
  11. aja540i

    iron fist in a velvet glove

    Pretty awesome but he could probably get the same time with half the power and a lot less wheelspin!!
  12. aja540i

    E60 M5 S85 Vanos Pump, lines and bearings

    You should definitely plan on doing bearings while you are in there, otherwise you will be back in 20,000 km or so. Hopefully it is just a vanos hose but it will still be a fair chunk of change with that and bearings, i also did engine mounts and steering rack boots on mine while i was at it.
  13. aja540i

    good affordable workshopsin auckland

    What area of Auckland are you in?
  14. aja540i

    E60 M5 S85 Vanos Pump, lines and bearings

    How many KMs on your car and what if anything has been done already?
  15. aja540i

    E60 M5 S85 Vanos Pump, lines and bearings

    $7k is a nice round number, i spent about 6 without doing the vanos pump.
  16. aja540i

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Good that it has roof rails though!!