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  1. None at all sorry, I think jaycar may also have some 8 ohm stuff, not sure on what sizes they have though.
  2. https://www.trademe.co.nz/music-instruments/pa-pro-audio-dj-equipment/speakers/auction-1520561935.htm?rsqid=896470c2c3404b828b87cb27fc381654
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/music-instruments/pa-pro-audio-dj-equipment/speakers/auction-1521437015.htm?rsqid=e503fd58757e480ab52300b0b71557e9
  4. I will use my low tech battery ev for now, if and when the tech/ infrastructure becomes financially viable I will look at converting it to a fuel cell ev, it could be an interesting project but I'm not holding my breath!!
  5. Removes the electric gubbins and lets you run a standard thermostat, I think there are about 3 different temp thermostats that fit the adaptor.
  6. Sold the e36 and the e39 now its time to clear out all the spare bits i have left over. e36 steering wheels, self contained airbag system, 1 wheel with airbag one without $40 for both-SOLD e36 coupe foglights with mounting brackets $20 for both - SOLD e36 coupe front guards $20 for both e36 standard steering rack $20 all other parts $1 each !! e39 PFL halogen headlights, need tlc, $10 for both e39 touring tailgate upper section, frame is rusty, glass and wiper good, $10 e39 touring rear door double glazing glass $20 for both e39 headlight eyebrows $5 pair M62 tu thermostat conversion kit $40 e39 dash pixel repair kit $ 20 (no photo) e39 touring rear r/h outer tailight, new, $20 M62 tu Besian vanos repair kit, unused, $60 e46 compact rear l/h side window seal, new old stock, $10 (still in original box) e34 l/h headlight with damaged indicator $1 more to come...
  7. it's a pointless argument at this stage, you can buy an electric car and use it now, you can't buy a hydrogen car at the moment and use it.
  8. To be fair, BMW started it. My M5 has 20 ///M emblems all fitted by BMW, the logical next step is to just turn the entire car into an ///M badge!
  9. There might just be room in there for enough gas....;)
  10. You could probably do it on one tank if you used a diesel!
  11. Average on fuelly.com Is 9.6 L/100km. A couple of them have been repowered though!
  12. If a $5k repair bill scares you, an e60 M5 Is possibly not for you!
  13. Exact same part front and rear on the touring, not sure about sedan, even the parts guy at Continental was surprised!
  14. So, santa brought me a set of new badges for the M5, does anyone have a sure fire way of removing the old M5 badge without royally stuffing the paintwork? I would like to give it a good clean and polish before I stick the new ones on but would rather not have to re-spray the tailgate! TIA.
  15. pulled the side repeaters off the M5, cleaned, polished, UV sealed and replaced. One more job ticked off on the list.
  16. the colours were badly faded and the chrome had a few scratches in it, one of the roundels was badly stone chipped, it was on the back but i suspect someone had swapped the front and rears because the front was not too bad. I used crc paint doctor to remove the worst of the outline / scratches but didn't bother with a full machine polish as i would have to do the whole tailgate to make it look right.
  17. Dental floss for the win! It took the old badge off, my thumbnail took off the rest of the foam tape, a bit of meths took care of the glue residue, then a clean and a quick polish before putting new badge on...homemade template to line up badge made with cling film, knead it, and a stick! old badge removed... cleaned and polished... new badge in template... and fitted to car. Result.
  18. I have a cunning plan for getting It In the correct position, and since I have $300+ worth of new badges I should probably use them!!
  19. And think of all the carbons I have neutralised!! But, $400 saved in 2 months is why i got it....
  20. I find it a bit strange that when I got my M5 nobody mentioned its lifecycle co2 emissions, but when I told people I was getting a leaf its all I heard about.
  21. If you had a kid In there they could pull the emergency release!