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  1. Nice, though they're a bit optimistic on price. You'd want to see beneath it, given it's come from UK.
  2. 'on ya. making a proper job of it. keep the faith!
  3. Olaf

    WTB: 17” 4x100

    did anyone make 17" 4x100? I saw some ACS rims the other day, AUD~1800? Certainly no BMW rims. Borbets?
  4. you have a skill for life! next thing you fab up, you're ahead! which muffler did you use, and is the pipe easy to source?
  5. it really did happen!! awesome pics man, and the stubby looks the part.
  6. by the way, I meant to say: loved your earier post. "need an exhaust. bought a tig welder. taught myself to weld. made this." looks rather bloody excellent. well done!
  7. Yes I did the same last night. Interestingly one of the listings suggested 'these are rare'. Uhhhh, didn't you check your market first? There's a metric sh!t-ton of 130i's for sale currently.
  8. I'll give you a shout next coffee meet or cruise. It's Club Pub Night tonight, though I'm not there this time. First Thursday of every month in J'ville, all welcome. Be good to see you.
  9. @slideways Jeez Chris, how many e30's do you have?! Like having a wardrobe full of suits, you'll need to pick which one to bring to e30 Mega Meet this year 🙂
  10. @NZ_InFerno Come on mate, pics or it simply didn't happen!!
  11. Olaf

    Quick rant thread.

    they were really that busy even before lockdown. needed an alignment as part of insurance repair of a minor love tap. 'Ooh, a chance to experience BMW alignment procedure. Repairer is certed and work with Winger. Should be easy.' thought I. "First appointment - 3 weeks". I used the repairer's other supplier.
  12. Cool project, @Karun! Saw your e28 parked up near the Massey workshop recently 🙂 Watching with interest. Machining from Delrin should be very interesting. You'd still be adding the slugs for weight?
  13. I drove an msport 123d coupe, and was stunned. what a brilliant package. MkV GTi's are great fun and damned quick. Quite a few issues, ABS pumps appear to common (tons on the shelf in Auckland)... a VAG specialist will keep you on the road and smiling. I think I'd take the 130i if I was llooking for a small hot hatch... though if I needed to carry anyone over 7 yrs old in back seat, GTi.
  14. outstanding! and on-track for e30 Mega Meet this year!
  15. In my case I'm fortunate, no change to driveshaft and already factory manual. I agree - pick your certifier and do what's required for the cert plate. Ain't that the truth. Perhaps they assume they're unable to protect us from maintenance stupidity, and the greatest threat is from modifications.
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