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  1. Not to mention the 45 series changing your handling. Usually when you go wider, you go lower aspect ratio to remain at the same circumference. The engineers set that car up as a package with thousands of hours of development time. Unless you're looking to make specific changes, I'd suggest you stick with the stock sizing, as @eliongater suggests. Here's a visual comparison of your stock size, and your tyre professional's suggested option: Aside from the handling change (taller sidewalls adding 33mm to the height, more sidewall flex, and higher c of g), you can see it'll also gear it up, and nearly 99mm to the circumference (more than 5%). Seriously, I'd shop somewhere else, where the tyre guy has a clue.
  2. on the contrary, any Leaf owner should expect to have the piss taken, even when there's an i6 or bent 8 in the background...
  3. Olaf

    e60 M5

    Besides, between Tyler and Doug, they have a cunning plan to talk down the values of all e60 M5s in the USA, pick em up for 2.5 cents in the dollar on their original buy price. Tyler will build a huge warehouse on some of that vacant land they have so much of down there, and slowly fix each one of them over the next ten years. Then, some time around 2030, they'll run articles praising this forgotten masterpiece of incredible power and grace, from a time before the GFC, before austerity and turbocharging, before we all went nutty and electric. They'll make their market, slowly selling each "discovery" off starting at around $125k, and increasing as each "barn find" comes to light, demand growing with the new legend. They're shrewd, these southerners. You should be too.
  4. Olaf

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    outstanding. more pics, time to see it in roadgoing form!
  5. I had to google that. I'm open-minded, non-judgemental. It's too early in the morning for those images. I'll never look at a Leaf again in the same way, without thinking of a#$ play. 🤐
  6. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    anticippppppppppp-ation 😉 four black circles, this afternoon. Photocredit: Jon Mechaniker
  7. Olaf

    e60 M5

    it's all part of his schtick. not to be taken seriously.
  8. Olaf

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    we have soft water in Wellington, so if it's not enough to move here for the AWESOME weather, there's the water too! 😎
  9. Olaf

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I am reliably informed that using the BMW washer fluid avoids the scum buildup. Had one of mine done about 2.5 years ago (new pump, tank all cleaned out), tank still clean as a whistle, exclusively BMW fluid since.
  10. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    12 Dec 2018. 258,426kms 1. Gearbox Oil Drained and filled gearbox oil, with thanks and kudos to @Barryn. This being on light duties is frustrating! Gearbox oil level was low (leaks, now resolved). About 1.5 litres of Messers Penrite ProGear full synthetic. Now shifting more sweetly. 2. Tyres While we had it in the air, we had a look at the tyres. No way those rears are passing a WoF (low tread on left, cracks, and age of both rears) - and the fronts are over ten years old - so it's now parked until they're sorted next week.
  11. Olaf

    DISA - Repair kit or unit

    ^^ This.
  12. Olaf

    DISA - Repair kit or unit

    try searching xxxxxxxxxx on ebay. they're out of Sheffield UK, from memory. Seemed like essentially the same kit, and cost less. It's what I did on my e46. Hope that helps. oops i6 Automotive, and they're not so cheap these days, https://www.i6automotive.co.uk/bmw-disa-valve-intake-adjuster-unit-aluminium-repair-kit-3-0-only.html
  13. 10 December 2018. 171765kms (19,571 since acquisition) Service. Keeping up with the requirements of the MBI. And sensible maintenance/care. 1. Oil & Filter. Also replaced filter housing (OEM Hengst), as the filter drain plug was seized. (there are two drain plugs on the N62. One in the oil pan, one in the centre of the filter housing). Fuchs GT1 Proflex 5W30 8 litres, Hengst E203H. 2. Cooling system flush and fill. This annual coolant replacement (twice factory frequency) is my 'belt and braces' approach to risk mitigation of the valley coolant pipe issue with N62. Genuine BMW coolant used. 3. Service checks. The usual belts, plugs, hoses, suspension, brakes, air filter, steering etc etc for annual service. Though to be fair, pretty much everything's been replaced in the last 2 years, so we'd have been surprised to find any issues. "It's driving like they did when these first came out". I'm loving it.
  14. We provide this information to members, it's updated as new suppliers are added. In practice It often takes the form of "hey I'm looking for a ______, who's our club supporter, and what's our arrangement?" "talk to ______". In this case, our supplier is an agent for AUTOSURE, with 15% off to members. Worked example: Recommended retail is $1,395 on the AUTOSURE GOLD policy for Euro (Cat C)**, duration 36mths, excess $450. Looking at my invoice, I saved more than 15%, result! $90 membership fee recouped in one fell swoop, and then some. Hope that helps. ** Note all Autosure restrictions apply, this summary is not intended to provide detailed policy info.
  15. so you're at 800 for 4 - 200 per corner, or 982 for 4 - 245 per corner. or simply 800 vs 982 - about 20% more. Whichever way you look at it, you've got to make a value judgement on whether or not 4 RE003's or 4 PS4s are "good value". I was taking issue with the blanket statement questioning "RE003 in 17" not being good value but perhaps 18's are?", which I believe to be folly.