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  1. Good call!! Until it's worn out, it'll give you better (more reliable) service at a lower cost.
  2. You've got a decision point here. Get the experts in, hire an excellent lawyer. Significantly increase your chances of a favourable outcome. or DIY. Run some chance of getting the outcome you want, though significantly decrease the likelihood. Write reams in the vein of 'woe is me' to anyone who can read. Seriously. Get a good lawyer. They're not swayed by dealer sob stories, are dispassionate, and will be identifying your best avenues for remedy and likelihood of success.
  3. Hi Tim FWIW, my e46 also has ZF 5HP19 (A5S 325Z variant). It was fully rebuilt by Hutt Automatics, reinstalled by Page European with Penrite ATF Full Synthetic (ATF-FS). It's running like a swiss watch 5 years later. Sorry, I forget if mine has the Green rating plate! You might consider a pre filter change drain and fill... run it for 500-1000kms then do the full dump and filter change. Buying the Penrite in volume (e.g. 20L pack) brings the price down, esp during sales weekends. HTH.
  4. What's the part number for the steering coupler, please? And are they pricey? I think my e46 touring (325i) could do with one.
  5. 165xxxkm: CEL. Last week I had a CEL come up during the school run. '! warning, reduced power' my son read out from the main display. it felt a little different... just about at school and I accelerated out of an intersection... well, my right foot said 'go' and the car said 'wait, what?'. I popped in to Page Euro, they did a quick scan... looking like lean codes, so it may have an air leak. We reset the oil change counter reflecting the recent oil and filter, and reset the codes... monitoring. If I get more, it'll be in for air leak diagnosis and repair.
  6. Araldite or similar epoxy?
  7. since last update, it went for the WoF. It failed on a broken fog lamp, which turned out to be a bit of a hassle... I ended up sourcing one brand new from ebay from USA for USA40. And it needed left hand LCA bushings. That's why it had been pulling to the left under braking! For the last TWO YEARS. Nice one VTNZ, you were on your 'a game' for the last three WoF's, eh?! More on the LCA's - I'd replaced them five or six years ago (so only about 25k kms at most) with Meyle HD parts. Odd that they'd died already. Anyway, my partner in volvo crime had a set of genuine volvo bushes in his parts stash, so we had those fitted. Job done. It's now had a coat of wax, and is going up FOR SALE. It's looking spiffy, running well.
  8. Hiya Gaz, sorry I'd not seen your question earlier. 2005+ - should be a comfortable, safe swedish battle tank! Your family is much better off in that than a Mazda MPV. You'll find it a little different to work on than BMW, though not particularly difficult. Plenty of support via forums in the US and UK. I'm pretty sure the running gear is essentially the same basic kit as the P80 (850/V70) and later P2 platform. P3 platform is shared with Mondeo etc. Congratulations on your impending fatherhood. Nothing will ever be the same again! Though, in a good way.
  9. Bimmersport is one forum, all parts of BMW, throughout the country. Many participants are also members of the BMW Car Club NZ. The club is largely Auckland, though there's a Waikato/BOP, Wellington, and Christchurch. Each of these have their own Facebook pages. You should find plenty of info and experience about the 335i - on Bimmersport, or from BMW Car Club NZ. HTH Loving the Le Mans Blue!
  10. yep, Yello. I started with 'You gotta say yes to another excess', after seeing a cut (I Love You) on RWP one sunday night. Went through to One Second; I thought they'd lost too much of their weirdness by the time they reached Baby (I have it on CD somewhere, can't have played it for a couple of decades). For those not familiar with Yello's weirdness, try this: They are guilty of less than subtle song titles, such as "Pumping Velvet" or "Si Señor the Hairy Grill"... Last October I was in Nelson with my Son. Picked up a Yello CD compilation for the car, and introduced my Son to it. He liked it! Well, he wasn't as captivated by The Rythmn Devine... hell, Yello 'rediscovered' Shirley Bassey a full eleven years before Propellorheads! Still a stunning soundscape - particularly in a car! And by way of segue: Speaking of resurgent 80's music, was impressed the other day whilst waiting for my kids after school, one of their peers wearing a Remain in Light T-shirt. Still in my top ten favourite albums
  11. welcome! Nice looking e90, which blue is that? good to see Christchurch continuing to grow, hopefully there'll be some meetups happening soon too...
  12. my 2002 e46 325i trans was fully rebuilt, they refilled it with Penrite full synthetic (it as 8L for a full fill from dry) ATF F5. It's still running nicely - and shifting really smoothly - since Jan 2013, around 60k kms... oh, nearly time for a precautionary change! You should be able to source it in 20L barrel or enviro-box... as you're doing two, may pay off in bulk-buy saving. http://penriteoil.com.au/products/atf-fs-full-syn You might consider doing a drain and fill, running it for 500-1000kms, then doing the full drain, pan clean, filter replacement etc, and refill... there are pros and cons, and plenty of opinions. Other option (which I did for my Volvo: the home driveway 'power change' ... draining 1.9L each time via the outlet pipe from the trans into the cooler, shutting off, replenishing with fresh fluid, re-starting, running through the gears, then draining out another 1.9L, rinse and repeat until nice raspberry coloured fluid came out again (14L DEXIII in total). Worked well. HTH. EDIT - I see REPCO advertising Oil Bonanza (50% off) this weekend. Let them buy your business! Read the fine print - it's probably *not* restricted to store stock.
  13. Hi all

    Been inactive a while as I sold the e34 and just recently upgraded to a nice 2003 e39 so expect more interaction from me



  14. I'm more concerned about any feature of iDrive that isn't preserved under a replacement unit. Tyre Pressures, lighting, programming the steering wheel buttons, etc. early iDrive gets a real hiding; yet it's worlds ahead from 2016 Holden MyLink.