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  1. Welcome, Arata! e39 and e46? Wow, you got the big love 😊 great cars both.
  2. Days are counting down to e30 Mega Meet. I've not been ticking many jobs off of my list of things to do! So next weekend, I'll be doing the underhood foam, so needed appropriate supplies. Yesterday I collected: - PPE - gloves, possibly mask and goggles. - 5 litres of citrus oil-based degreaser - 5 litres of IPA. - rags, plastic scrapers, rubbish bags, and a couple of old bedsheets as drop-cloths. Roll-on next weekend.
  3. There's a huge thread to read on R3vlimited, where a long-time installer maps out his good-value approach to great e30 sound. He explains that for good tuneful bass, the driver must be light and stiff. Specs for a 10" (as an example, for the box he was building and selling) are: Hope that helps.
  4. Great to see your thread, Mark. Inspirational too! Followed 😊
  5. @Goffy I try to buy from my local BMW dealer. Though the indent nature and higher prices often see me sourcing offshore, faster and cheaper. I’ve had great service over the years from FCP Euro. Some bits from eBay though that can be rather variable. I mean to try Milland, in Dunedin. HTH
  6. 14 October 2019. 176478kms 1. Replaced wiper blades. This time I successfully installed the Valeo blades I bought when I first bought the car. They’re ‘handed’ - you can’t install them the wrong way round. Hint: short one on DRIVERS side (in RHD market) first impressions of the Valeo: they’re well made, may indeed be OE? Work well.
  7. Yep @Goffy the equivalent SS Commode would have cost $22-26k when I bought this.
  8. Interesting. I recently looked at Zimmermann rotors - just $22ea. But with a couple of minor parts, freight was $90. Imagine my surprise looking at the sport Zimmermann rotors (Cross-drilled) at nearly double the price, but HALF the freight cost!? 😀
  9. I don't have Sky. Hopefully by next year Spark Sport will have Bathurst, and I'll get my fix of racing taxis again.
  10. Been using them for 4 or 5 years now 😊
  11. Did you build the system?
  12. Last week's maintenance update: 2002 E46 325i Touring. 192080kms. New front tyres. Same as last time, Bridgestone Potenza RE003 in 225/45R17. On special this month, buy a pair, 25% off. Under $400, result. Headlight lens treatment, @Autoglym does the business. Last time I did this I used one of those kits, masking, wet sanding with progressive grades of grit, then polishing with a drill, and some UV sealant afterwards. If you've got crusty old faded lenses, get Barry to sort them out for you quickly and efficiently. New WoF. Yes, f#%k VTNZ, no more money for them. As promised, after my last VTNZ experience, three of my vehicles have already gone to an independent. A Barry's Garage wash and vac, and under bonnet detail. Sparkly sparkle! Bloody luxury for me, I can tell you 😊. e46 Touring LCI headlight detail (photo credit @Autoglym) e46 Touring LCI headlight detail (photo credit @Autoglym) e46 Touring LCI - sparkly M54B25 (photo credit @Autoglym) e46 Touring LCI with added shine. Yes, she's carrying some battle scars. 7.5 years of tree sap, stone chips from touring, supermarket carparks, freindly neighbours, and family wagon duties will do that. We've had this car 7.5 years now, and still enjoying it. Yes we've spent plenty on it, though money we spend each year keeps it in good reliable and safe operation, and we avoid a $20k-plus spend on a replacement X3 or similar. This year it's had the VANOS done along with oil filter housing gasket, valve cover gasket and seals, and the handbrake replaced. It's the second time for the valve cover seals and oil filter housing gasket, they were last done 7 years ago. The VANOS seals (Beisan Systems) has improved drivability and smoothness, lower-RPM responsiveness/willingness is restored. Today the e46 will be pulling duty as workhorse, lugging end of life IT kit (printer, iMac, 3 laptops) to the recycling centre, and part of our kitchen to the tip. Yesterday's fun was demoing a couple of cupboards to make room for a new fridge and freezer. It's fun to drive, and still utilitarian being a wagon; versatile transport. I've ordered a pair of wiper blades (around 12 months per set, I find) and a couple of new grilles, as the current ones have been hanging in there by the skin of their teeth for some time. I still really dig this car. e46 lyf. wagon lyf. Two for the price of one!
  13. it's not working as you expect, Dave.
  14. Online credit score provider, and all of my card providers are providing monthly updates. Nothing has gone wrong.
  15. it certainly hasn't impacted mine.
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