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  1. DTM circuits are a little different to niu zild roads, though.
  2. the e30 bibles all note that 17's are - essentially - completely unecessary on an e30.
  3. Followed! I saw this one advertised, thought it looked like good bones with potential 👍🙂
  4. I've often seen this in southern wellington. a beauty!
  5. Dan, I've had happiness with two Koba batteries. Reasonably priced, seem like good quality. Sorry, no idea re AGM for the e87. I'd say 'likely'. HTH
  6. why yes, I believe he has. Last year's BMWCCNZ Castlepoint trip? 😊
  7. that's a very special car.
  8. and this is the crux of the thread. Some people are *hoping* for mint wheels for $500. The cost of refurbishing wheels on top of the current market rate for a set, takes the price well above $500. Eventually, the market will meet $800-900 for a set of 14 inch weaves, because the supply is low, demand increasing, and people prefer not to sell at a loss having put money in to bring them up to scratch. I'd happily refurb my steelies and hubcaps with great paint and new badges. Nobody'll pay $200-250 for em. So they'll go out patinated... or go to the scrappers.
  9. Sounds as though they're all ducking and diving, running and hiding, for fear of a liability claim in future if they say something they can't substantiate, or say something you can later substantiate. Your NZTA answer = "caveat emptor". VINZ answer = "no, sorry" VTNZ answer = "we're not going to divulge anything we don't need to by law, and we've a convenient one to hide behind, thank you". If you decide to move forward, you're putting your faith/trust in a process that has inconsistencies. At it's base, if it's been declared a (statutory) write-off in Australia and they wouldn't have it on their roads, what's less stringent about their poor cousins on the East Island, that allows it to be registered here? You could well get a good car out of this. The damage codes you've provided appear to indicate it was not the scary flood damage, or accident damage. However, you could find it takes a very long time to sell as potential buyers will encounter the same stonewall in trying to qualify their potential bargain. If you save $4k at this end, would the cost of that money - when you need to sell - be $4k? As a percentage, how much under market is this vehicle looking for you? Interesting conundrum, Kyu!
  10. The Auto Glym Bumper and Trim Gel is amazing
  11. Just remember, before there was Bras n Things, there was: Brake aNd Transmission! BNT.
  12. Graham. A set of rough 14" baskets is $300-500. if you need straightening, add another two-to-four hundred. Need waffles? USD125 each. Got waffles but need badges? USD50 for a set. Now think about refinishing. A day's labour to prep by hand. Now your paint materials cost - $110-150, as you're using quality materials. now another half day of your time to paint them. Now you want to put tyres on? $450-600. 15" baskets - two sets sold recently at around a grand.
  13. Olaf

    New GST import stuff

    just as it was before, choose FedEx from FCP Euro, FedEx will then tell you how much you need to pay, and they'll give you time ahead of the package arrival. Service. The only thing that has changed are the thresholds and a tweak to a couple of the rules. The customs process remains the same. FedEx bread-and-butter business.
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