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  1. I just watched it on Amazon Prime, this morning. It's fairly good. I guess that wasn't the link you were looking for! Bit sad to see May's new haircut, and Hammond's dye-job. His hair has become blacker; like a workmate we used to razz with the tone of each new improbable hair colour.
  2. I'll only recommend people I've worked with. Page European in Home Street. Jon (now at) Auto 38 in Newtown.
  3. Graham, when I next run into it in my (somewhat disorganised) workshop, I've got an e30 service light reset tool. It's yours if you'd like it, gratis. best R
  4. last week the good folks at Winger BMW kindly fitted my new NZ-legal plates, in place of the (cool, stylin', though not legal) German plates that were on the car when I bought it. I went in looking for fasteners and brackets, to do the job myself... and came out with the job done, gratis! And Winger BMW plate frames too. A very nice touch, and they exceeded my expectations.
  5. $200 - bargain. You're heading to Quebec? I see you've got the engine shroud off; new plugs? Coils?
  6. PS: if you're looking to get replacement plates: https://www.licensys.com/general_purpose.php
  7. I'm all sorted. I went in to Winger BMW to buy bolt kit and any parts I needed. They checked it out, then they removed my old plates, drilled and fixed the new plates to the car and fitted number plate frames and caps to the screws. While I waited. Complementary. Went well beyond my expectations, great service! So now I'm legal, I just need to return my old plates (or face a fine).
  8. and what about those new 'mini' plates, very classy on the front of your Maserati or what have you. Are they pricey?
  9. yep, $150 to $200 fine ($1000 if you're a company) if you get pulled over with them as non-compliant. It's the luck of the draw - based on anecdotal evidence from many contributors here and their related experience of being stopped, fined, or warned. the safest and least expensive way to put euro plates on your wagon is to watch personalised plates on sale on trademe, pick a pair up for $150-200. HTH
  10. it's great to have a theory... I live in a small village (Wellington) and never had any trouble. I was passing through a town so small on the south island, it barely rated above 'intersection' status, and I was pulled. A good cop who knew his rules and wasn't sleeping on the job. I don't feel aggrieved, and enjoyed our discussion. You have an interaction with "the law" and come away feeling positive; they've done their job well; regardless of the law they were observing/enforcing. Contrast that with (say) calling Sky Television? When did you last have a positive interaction with them?
  11. yep. but hey, what you putting those on, Kyu? You sold your mini already?
  12. why would you bother? you're looking at around USD700 for four black circles and freight, add your GST and charges, and you're paying more than you'll pay on the street - GST included - In Niu ZIld. Given you can get a square set of RE003's in 17" here for well under a grand... why would you?
  13. I agree with what you say, in principle, Kyu. Still, the law is the law, my D plates don't meet the NZ standardard, and are defective. I'm making amends. Rather that, than a fine. Funniest thing was, I wasn't speeding, wasn't hooning, and the talking to I got from my 14 year old son (sat in the passenger seat) afterwards, made my pleasant discourse with the Officer seem mild!
  14. A quick call to Winger BMW and they'll be able to provide what I need. Easy.