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  1. which particular 928?
  2. LHD in an LHD market - no worries. I lived in a LHD market for three years, drove stick, quite happy doing it. It's the impracticality of driving LHD in NZ that makes any decision to do so here 'questionable'. You'll recall driving in Europe while driving on the right of the car; it's doable. That's the difference, though. Visiting, vs Residing. I'd just buy the factory RHD headers for the M5 and be done with it.
  3. F*#k that for a game of skittles. I'd be buying it to drive, here in NZ. I have zero interest in matyring myself to trainspotting notions of originality! Tried carparks, or open-roading in NZ in a left-hooker? 😳
  4. that dry sump setup is the bomb. just wow.
  5. wow. there ya go @kiwi535 I reckon a budget of $20k and this would on the road in right hand drive and totally sorted. not even a diamond in the rough, she's a beauty. Even has her own theme song!
  6. That's right, look on the bright side! Preventative maintenance for a grand, or a rebuild for $4-5k after it sh*ts itself (rebuild, cooler and hoses, fluids, parts, sundry items, labour).
  7. WTF? I thought that AA came with a tow if the serviceman can't effect a repair on the side of the road. Didn't you get AA Plus??
  8. I bought a genuine ZF integrated filter and pan recently for ZF6HP26 for under USD120. includes drain plug, magnets, gasket.... I didn't think that was expensive.
  9. I've mentioned this to a mate, he's considering.
  10. very exec. looking sharp! congratulations.
  11. I love that the vendor talks about the bulletproof V8. Overlooking timing guides and chains!
  12. Wash your mouth out! 😩
  13. about this far...https://youtu.be/5W4YT3CcoWU Looking forward to seeing images of your e60 Diesel, Graeme!
  14. yes, prior to acquisition of 545i. As Midge Ure covered....
  15. Yeah I was going to suggest 1050kms. I guess that's because I was investigating oil burners recently. Graham, it could be the e46 tank featuring the 'drop like a rock' float.