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  1. Olaf


    I've used them plenty. they only charge if it's over the limit. when I'm bringing in company stuff, I use my client code... somewhere along the line I pay GST - whether it's with the carrier, or through my cashbook and GST reconciliation.
  2. in a recent development, flying saucers were spotted in Wellington's Eastern Suburbs this morning. The craft appeared to be made of aluminium and a ferrous metal painted to look like aluminium... despite its obvious weight, it flew, hovered, and generally disturbed BMW owners in the vicinity.
  3. Olaf


    Slightly west of that - I recently had the misfortune to have a large shipment (necessitating an NZ Customs Client Code), sent via USPS... which links with NZ Post here. That’s the weakest link. Hours (not joking) spent on the phone with various NZ Post reps. I don’t object to paying for brokerage; though I do expect something approaching *service* for my money! The crowning glory was, having paid my fees for GST, Brokerage, Insoection etc and the parcel was moving again, trying to arrange a redirect. 30 minutes on the phone with numerous reps, claiming nothing could be done until the parcel reached Highbrook. WTF? I challenged that I had no way of knowing, as the only updates were ‘regional processing’, and local Wellington inconsistent at best. Giving up, I turned to their website and found I could initiate the redirect immediately! Their call Centre staff don’t have a scooby, don’t have the right scripts, and their processes are totally broken. It took nearly a month to get my parcel. I wasn’t concerned about time to deliver, what was unreasonable was the amount of my time that NZ Post consumed. I should invoice them. /rant Contrast that with FedEx (who I usually use for shipments from MyUS.com)... Saturday morning phone call “Hi Mr Olaf, FedEx here, advising we’ve emailed you about a package that’s on its way to you out of the USA. Just call back with your credit card number, pay the import fees, and we’ll have that to you on Tuesday”. I paid Monday morning and arranged for it to be held at depot during the same call. It arrived Monday midday. FedEx don’t even charge for the brokerage! NZ Post are completely broken.
  4. Olaf

    USD highest since 2016

    we came back (many, many years ago) with USD, opened a USD account here and sat on it till we found a house. Someone we knew had access to the Treasury info, and we knew that if we waited around nine more months we'd leverage a sizeable drop in the rate. But we'd found the right house, and moved forward; life can't wait, and the significance of an extra $15k (which was a lot back then) on deposit is soon eclipsed by mortgage interest rate changes, repairs, and valuation increases as years and decades pass. 🙂
  5. Olaf

    BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    awesome work, Chris!
  6. Olaf

    BMW M6 M635csi 1986

    The leather's just losing it's pigment from the tanning process, through wear and exposure to sun (UV), and heat. it can be successfully restored, to give it more protection and to last for decades longer.
  7. Olaf

    Life is choice bro thread.

    I'm watching Luke Cage, with my Son. Life is good.
  8. Olaf

    E39 Ute Reboot

    great to see you're underway with this again, Francois!
  9. 😂 How many paragraphs have I read, and still it's not clear what your product is, where you're from, or why you can't furnish any detail. Well, apart from a few disjointed pictures and videos, and some bold claims that we can't verify, and you're unable or unwilling to back up. I call BS. There's nothing here to agree to disagree about, apart from your grammar. Are you a collective or co-operative? Your ware housing and distro is in Scotland (the country?), though no detail of what the prouct *actually* is, or where it's manufactured. There are more holes in your story than the slice of swiss cheese I'm about to bite into with my lunch. The more you write here, the more dubious this becomes. You're not moonlighting as one of those jokers calling me in the evenings asking about my "Vindells", are you?
  10. Olaf

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    the Bimmer spent the whole time wearing smugface.
  11. a video of a car doing a dyno pull - with no output or indication of power - is not "proof". Some crappy video of a car at Watkins Glen without context is proof only of bad camera-work. You're waiting for other people to post build logs of your product? What kind of haphazard marketing strategy is that? Where's your own quality marketing colateral? What kind of proof am I after? How about something that explains what your product is, what it does, what race car you added it to, detail of the power gains, and how you got it up to production standard. Suggesting your kit - whatever it may be - I'm *guessing* it may be a supercharger of some kind - is made by the "robots who do welding at the factory who makes parts for BOSH" [sic] just isn't cutting it. Where in "NZ" are you? Where can we see your wares, and who are you distributing through?
  12. Olaf

    735il transmission shifting roughly/no 4th & rev

    more life from it? you said it won't go into reverse! There is no more life! I was typing out the same thing dirtydoogle said above...
  13. Yeah! Hello Been Called Many. With "Literally Hundreds of Clients world wide" [sic], surely you can build some more compelling youtube videos? I feel short-changed on knowing who Hydemotorworks are, and your relationship to them. Particularly in light of "All tall words and tales mean nothing, Here is the proof of my work." - where's the proof?
  14. Olaf

    735il transmission shifting roughly/no 4th & rev

    last time I did it, worked out at about $6.50/litre... contrast that with retail 4l packs.