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  1. I'm sure that's a line from an obscure The Smiths song that I can't recall 😁
  2. 168621kms: Simple maintenance to enhance safety and lower driver stress in foul weather. I was about to leave Auckland on Thursday morning for the trip back to Wellington. My old wiper blades were 15 months old, the last Rain-X application had worn through, and the screen was getting smeary. Not good. A little remediation was called for, and I had a new set of blades in the boot. While I gassed up under the generous canopy at BP Drury, I: Thoroghly cleaned, dried, and Rain-X'd the windscreen Replacd the Wiper Blades (genuine BMW) P/N 61610431438 Filled the near-empty washer reservoir with BMW windscreen washer concentrate (yellow), and topped up with water. Fitting e60 Wiper blades: a trap for new players Wiper blades box says (in pictograms) long blade on driver's side. In NZ, the shorter one goes on Driver's side, long blade is for passenger side. Furthermore, you can't fit them the wrong way around, you'll struggle to get the blade onto the connector. As I left BP Drury in the rain at 0700, I nearly broke into song with 'I can see clearly now', such was the clarity... though Mikey Havok had started with The Smiths on BFM. No prizes for guessing which won out.... Gloomy rain, Morrissey's dulcet tones and irony-laden lyrics with Johnny Marr's jangly guitars, heated seats and steering wheel; a perfect winter's morning. Damn, I'd left my Smiths CDs at home, so made do with The Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures, David Bowie's Young Americans, Groove Armada etc, once out of range of Auckland broadcasts. Back on subject, if you've not used Rain-X on your windscreen, you don't know what you're missing. It breaks up rain on contact, beads it up. Much better vision. Overall fuel economy for the return trip to Auckland (including urban running in Auckland): 10.39 litres/100km. The Drury to Wellington City leg 'returned' 9.03 litres/100kms (actual), and there was a bit under 1/8 of a tank remaining when I topped up at the Roadmaster in Wellington town. World's biggest village? It's hardly a city, in reality 😀 Happy days.
  3. Olaf

    1985 525e

    we figured it needed excellent sales photos, some great copy, and a nudge on the price... we've done the photos!
  4. Olaf

    1985 525e

    Man, those photos look sharp. I'm not biased. Hopefully you'll get some bites!
  5. Olaf

    E34 M5

    buy an e60 M5 for that money, and have change for a trackday coupe!
  6. Olaf

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    Something that people often overlook in this instance: An offset ring spanner can also help! Doesn't work in all instances, though you may have a set of offset ring spanners languishing in your workshop...
  7. Olaf

    Wheel Alignment Query

    They've only adjusted the toe - front and rear - and haven't touched the camber. The disturbing thing is that the specs (target ranges) aren't shown, so one wonders what the hell they were adjusting to. $60/80 education, flush it away and go somewhere decent. I'd not let these guys near my vehicle. Offer them the opportunity to refund your money. Getting your steering wheel centred is part of the setup of a basic alignment. Hope that helps. EDIT: they probably didn't do the rear toe, come to think of it. The variation in rear toe may have been a result of adjusting the front. This was a ten minute quick-and-dirty, at best.
  8. Olaf

    Help needed...

    thanks mate, that gave me a good belly laugh.
  9. Olaf

    Clarkson Sacked

    yeah I was paying $60 with Soho (over Vodafone Cable)... then I figured I'd get over myself (after Netflix USA treated me like a non-customer), got a free AppleTV, added Netflix, and bingo $16 a month for the NZ service. Bye bye Sky. I saw a pamphlet in Noel Leeming today, Vodafone touting the great new service TV on demand with a box, but I think it's too little too late. 'SNIP!' Vodafone guy collected my box, surfboard modem, and remote, today. I'll have to figure out where I can get the Discovery Turbo programmes, and see the rest of 'Billions'. My guilty pleasure: Street Outlaws!
  10. Olaf

    Diesel programming

    diesels - more frequent services, filters more pricey. Compare 530D/535D air filter with 530/545 Air Filter, for a start. I think oil capacity in the diesel is about the same... though recommended change interval is shorter. I'm sure someone more knowlegable than me will pour on some real figures... @*Glenn*, what are your thoughts on real-world servicing costs of a diesel vs petrol, using e60 as the baseline?
  11. Olaf

    Clarkson Sacked

    search for Edd China on youtube. He's got a new show that appears to do all the stuff he said he didn't like about the new production company was doing to Wheeler Dealers! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ofrdxbm3RijOx6NsMU8Sg
  12. Olaf

    Diesel programming

    I think your 15.5l/100 for a 335i is incorrect. I did a spreadsheet last year when I was about to buy a diesel, comparing a number of six cylinder petrol BMWs (my e46 325i, 530i and 545i e60), and diesel (e60 530d, 535d)... the diesels won on overall cost (fuel consumtption and RUC only), though only over 15,000kms (from memory), and then the higher servicing costs and higher cost of entry for diesel negated a lot of it. I ran a spread of cost-per-litre into the spreadsheet as well, though I don't think I had bet on the cost of petrol hitting $2.75! Suggest you take extra-urban consumption, rather than range-based, as the source of your data - you get skewed by size of tank. Hope that helps. As it happens, I'm still 'driving for free' in the second year of fuel consumption and servicing on the 545i I bought, compared with the 535D ///M that I almost bought! PS - thank you for your reasoned and polite response to my somewhat sarcastic dig at disabling emission control systems!
  13. Olaf

    Importing a TV to NZ experiences

    Dan, I think you're entering a world of pain. I used to buy Full Multi System TV kit from the US (or, perhaps the Peter Justesen Catalogue still exists in some form, for folks in your type of employ? www.pj.dk ) - and successfully brought back my full multi-system Sony Trinitron and a very good Panasonic HiFi VHS also with full multi system, back in the day... though as you'd appreciate, back then things were more cut-and-dried (simple), and this kit has long since been recycled! These niche sellers (they were in the US - usually around NYC or Texas, and sometimes CA) may still exist, and you might be able to score a TV that is *fully* compatible with NZ operation, and even a full muli-zone BluRay player to go with it. Considerations in the modern world for TV from another region: - Voltage. Will it run on 230VAC? - tuning and TV system (eg you'll need to be able to tune Freeview in NZ! so it'll be PAL and with our particular setup for digital TV) - App Store (coz we're doing more and more on-demand and app-based viewing these days)... so can your (for example) American-market Samsung be directed to pick up local apps from the NZ Samsung store such as NEON, TVNZ, ThreeNow etc? - Cost of freight - unavailability of spares if it needs service. These things become white-elephants, can't sell em, can't give em away, towards the end of their useful life. If you then take into account how your Dad wants to use his TV (eg the hassle of getting a foreign market set to integrate in NZ), perhaps springing a grand to 1200 kiwi for a very good end-of-run 55" Samsung (or similar) down here, with warranty etc, might be the best overall solution. Either way, you'll be a hero. Hope that helps.
  14. Olaf

    Importing a TV to NZ experiences

    Has SECAM been retired, William? There were always THREE standards in the world, previously. PAL, NTSC (never twice the same colour), and SECAM. Not like you to miss your research.
  15. Olaf

    Diesel programming

    Fixed that for ya: 'Hey yeah, I want to [delete def, egr and dpf] make my car into a toxic emmitter that will kill my neighbours, friends, and family with the products of its tailpipe! Who can I get to make my BMW worse than any VW Diesel ever? I want to disable all of the emissions systems that were so carefully engineered into my BMW at great time and expense, and make it more like a 1970's truck.' 🙄