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  1. The time to update your project thread. This will be super-tidy when you've finished; I'm certainly enjoying following your journey. Where'd you learn to paint? I'm doing pretty well with aerosols (good prep, hot water bath for flow)... one of these days I'll get to try with a compressor and gun.
  2. I've run out of likes. This is awesome!
  3. @Mooky time for you to start a project thread, though... and keep it updated with the latest adventures! Welcome to Bimmersport 😀
  4. thanks Jon. My foolishness someone else's gain. I have no clue where the recipt is now.
  5. Hi Folks, brand new (never unboxed, seals intact) Genuine BMW floating Centre caps. I bought these last year - because they are truly Uber-cool - and then found they don’t fit my e60 🙁. I was Gutted (yes with a capital G) as these are dead-classy, chic, and you know you want some too! they sat in the boot of my car. Every time I saw them I smarted a little, and thought “I’d better buy a newer BMW. Or sell them.” Sell them it is! So if you’re rocking a modern BMW, or are handy on the lathe with some delrin, buy these cos they’re no use to me! ”For all BMW Alloy rims with 112mm wheel bolt circle” is the essential info I missed when I purchased. $7.50 tracked NZ Post, will be well packaged. Buy with confidence! Intact box seals part numbers be the coolest kid in your street, or quite possibly in your neighbourhood with these Genuine BMW floating Centre caps. You know it makes sense.
  6. Try Union Hardware in Petone, Wellington. I think they do Deltron (much of what I’m buying from them in Aerosols is), though pretty sure they do other brands too.
  7. need a separate thread on this @LsBeema . are you sharing the CAD files? I'd be interested to know more, how to do it... love to try making my own biltong!
  8. @325_driver the blue pearl variant is the bomb, I reckon. Can't wait to see it!!
  9. I've got a set of genuine BMW floating caps brand new in box, yours for $95 plus freight from welly. let me know - I’m listing in the for sale room too: Pics: never opened - seals intact! I bought them and then figured e60 different size. Cool car!
  10. Sparkling Graphite Metallic. Do It!!
  11. fixed that for ya. errr I'll get my coat then... <ducks> 😃
  12. Another time, as it turns out.
  13. @Mikan well, quite possibly. I still need to knock up an extinguisher bracket. I'd rather it was on better rubber... but this is what I have. It's enough for driver education.
  14. Date: 23 Sep 2020 Distance: 261931kms 1. Brake Fluid Full flush and bleed with DOT4 (from Auto38 excellent product and value), with thanks to @Autoglym. Replaced fluid in the front last year with Front Brake overhaul, and Rear this year, with rear brake overhaul. It was time for a precautionary full-flush. Job done. If I win lotto, I'm getting a garage with a hoist! 2. Strut Brace I'd sourced this on-sale from Garagistic a couple of months ago. Buying on sale and bare (untreated steel) it cost under USD60 delivered to my freight forwarder in USA. Didn't cost much to get it here either. Having studied the box for a week or two, I noted it wasn't self-installing. Action was required. I dressed it first, arissing the edges with a file, using scotchbrite, wax and grease remover, and rags to remove surface rust. I then etch primed it, followed with a couple of thin coats of primer/surfacer. A couple of days later I sanded it back with 600 grit, and shot two coats of Lachssilber (scanned and mixed to match the exterior by Union Hardware), over it. Then 20 minutes later added a coat of fairly average clearcoat. Then I let it dry for a couple of hours, and attempted to fit it to the car, following the logic that it was less likely to get damaged if it was on the car, drying. This was wrong on a number of levels, not least of which was that it didn't fit! I tried jacking one side, which didn't help. So a little damage was sustained. I put the bar in the boot, reasoning that it was less likely to get damaged in there, and the paint might relax as it dries, making it an easier fit. (not really). When I opened the boot yesterday, it was interesting how much the paint had 'gassed out', between Saturday arvo and Tuesday morning. Today - having read the FAQs on the Garagistic site - we tried to fit it with the wheels off the ground... and nothing had changed. A little pursuasion with a rat-tail file, and precision TNE**, and we were there. Torqueing down the fasteners, watching the top plates forming to the strut towers, and waiting for the 'click' of the wrench. M40 love, on Saturday. Painted and ready Admitted to The Bar, today. It hasn't turned beans into peas, though it has tied the front end together, and improved the steering. (I put a brace onto my old Maxima, wow what a transformation! this is less extreme). Less effort off of centre, and mid-corner the camber is consistent. I don't think it was very floppy before, though it certainly is 'tighter'. Result! ** official acronym of "Trial aNd Error" - with thanks to Mr Crosby, my tech drawing teacher 😀 PS: Note in the bottom image, the clutch reservoir proximity to the bar. In the US of eh, they run their clutch master from the Brake Reservoir. Our right hand drive reservoirs foul the Garagistic bar, in standard position. I loosened the hose clamp and rotated it, and loosened the 10mm securing bolt for the reservoir, and rotated it on the mounting plate, to create space.
  15. Olaf

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    any more of that talk and your visa will be revoked before you reach WLG, you'll be confined to the Bombay Hills Border, mate! 😂
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