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  1. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    17 Oct 2018. 258,153kms (yestrday I collected used M40 rad from Jon at Auto38). Ordered top hose. Collected the new genuine BMW key and code that I'd ordered. Turns out I'd misunderstood; for the (not insignificant) price, I still needed to find a locksmith to cut the key. I was fortunate that Beveredge Locksmiths were still open (new location on Cambridge Tce. Yes, they could cut it (trap for new players: leading zero placeholders on BM computer screenshot confused key cutting system. I also got a spare (Silca, ugly, functional). Beveredges were really excellent. Now I'm ordering the lock barrell repair kit. Antenna: spent time with a scotchbrite, WD40, rags, trying to get the electric antenna working. I made a small difference.
  2. Olaf

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    AWESOME! Look forward to seeing you at some events soon.
  3. Olaf

    E39 M5 for 20k

    great score, Aaron! 👌
  4. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    13 Oct 2018. 258,101kms It's been to visit Jon Mechaniker at Auto38 in Newtown, for some further diagnosis. Jon gave it a thorough going-over, stethescope and all. If you're in Wellington, bring this man your business! I enjoyed the pickup, had a nice talk to a local gent with a e61 550i; we shared notes on the lovely V8. Back to Grey Thunder. The good: the engine's a 'keeper'. Shiny cam, good oiling [edit: with good compressions]. The not so good: It needs a rad, there were more smallish things it needs, and it needs a wheel bearing, and some other bigger stuff. I already have the clutch kit and some of the cooling stuff, and the stuff for the rear bar, but still need a top hose and a radiator, as well as a bunch of small items. And the cambelt kit. And a wheel bearing x2 (I guess best replaced in pairs?). Today, I: Changed the spark plugs. I already had these, so not your secret sauce recommendation sorry Jon! Bosch FGR7DQP+. Now it idles when cold! And pulls well. And runs far more smoothly at motorway speeds. Happy days! 😀 Checked the air filter, and found it's close to brand-new. A Hengst E41L. Adjusted the throttle cable. Measured my new rear ARB - it's a 13.5mm, so need to get bushes for it (I bought 12mm Gen BMW) Measured my front ARB: it's 19mm. I'm looking for a 20mm, so if someone has one in good nick please let me know. And if anyone has a Hirschmann power antenna for e30, let me know.
  5. Olaf

    Cheap e30

    It's not *full* poverty spec; it's auto and has a rev counter, and sunroof! Nice, tidy e30. If you particularly wanted a PFL 318i, it's probably cheaper than fully restoring one. Shame the service history has been separated from the car.
  6. Olaf

    Google Home

  7. Olaf

    Camber Adjustment Kit

    the car in the video is clearly a bog-stock 745i. it doesn't have "Widder tires" (whatever brand that is 🙄), nor a third-part lowering kit, nor "proper camber kit". please, answer the questions: how are the tyres (condition), are they good quality, how is the alignment, are there worn steering and or suspension components, are your pressures within the recommended pressure ranges, how are the shock absorbers? Is the dynamic drive system funtioning correctly? How are you driving it? What's happening for you to provoke 'car slides like crazy'? there's a great deal of collective expertise that you can access - if you engage in a conversation. Would you like some assistance, or do you prefer to make vague incoherent statements?
  8. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    Today this arrived. Like meeting an old friend. I last bought one of these in 2001, it was softcover then. I kept it many years after I sold my e30 Touring. so, reunited?
  9. Olaf

    Camber Adjustment Kit

    car slides like crazy taking corners, so I'll use mechanical aids to change the suspension setup that took specialist engineers millions to develop? Start at the start; how are the tyres (condition), are they good quality, how is the alignment, are there worn steering and or suspension components, are your pressures within the recommended pressure ranges, how are the shock absorbers? Is the dynamic drive system funtioning correctly? How are you driving it? What's happening for you to provoke 'car slides like crazy'? My spidey senses tell me we're only getting part for of the story here. 7ers are usually excellent handlers, not at all what one would expect from a large luxury car, and given half a chance they'll get around a corner very smartly thank you okay his lines are a bit naff and he's not actually going that fast, but his e65 745i is negotiating The Nurburgring without sliding out...
  10. Olaf

    Re-gas boot struts

    I had an interesting experience some ten years ago. Bought inexpensive gas springs for my volvo tailgate from FCP. They’re under extreme pressure in that design. 1 year later they sh#t the bed, foul smelling hydraulic oil yecchh. Fortunately I had not tossed the originals. Found the service agents, yes he could rebuild the Stabilus units. He did so in the back of his van, and here we are more than ten years later and they’re still working, and it cost little more than the cheapies. so my recommendation? Buy OEM, or talk to Gas Strut Services Ltd. Dunno if they’re still around in the Wellington region...
  11. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    30 Sept 2018. 258,046kms ... and today I got stuck into the boot, revealed the no-name electric antenna that needs a replacement mast, tidied up the jack and wheel brace, and also deep polished the windscreen and Rain-X'd it. Little jobs. Now, where to get a proper leccy antenna? Or figure out the generic mast for mine (ALPHA 21-EXD)? Put that one on the back burner, get the mechanicals sorted... it's off for a little more diagnosis this week with Jon Mechaniker.
  12. John, I think to be fair he's seeking a refund on the basis that his consumer rights have not been met, and this is an opportunity to sever that relationship and get his money back. He's lost confidence in that particular vehicle, and has no confidence in the dealer providing remedy to the issues to his satisfaction. I think in those circumstances one would feel galled every time one made a payment, saw a CEL code, or even drove said vehicle. Getting a full refund under the law is the path less travelled, but is ultimately the best. One might then go shopping for a good, trustworthy, reliable vendor, and then find a similar vehicle through their trusted supplier; also the path less travelled! 🙂
  13. I dunno. I installed the ceramic pads and new (slotted) rotors together back in Sept 2013, done ~75,000km & 5 years on them and the rotors look great.
  14. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    29 Sept 2018. 258,046kms I've been reading/researching, driving it a little. Accumulating parts. Today: replaced hood (bonnet) gas spring (OEM Febi Stabilus) replaced hood (bonnet) badge and grommets (genuine BMW) Easy, straightforward jobs for the afternoon.
  15. Oh, and impressions of the Hawk Performance HPS, now I've done a few kms (1,038), and some touring.... @GorGasm you were asking previously. I'm happy with them. I think the car stops shorter (when I need to), has more modulation, doesn't take much heat to get working. Not the initial HARD BITE of OEM BMW pads. Much lower dusting, which is a bonus. But if you're needing serious retardation and are late braking before a bend, these are good in my estimation. So, in balance, I like them and am happy with them. They have much better feel than Akebono Euros on my e46; the Akebonos on my e46 take a lot longer to stop when they're cold, lack bite, have plenty of modulation, though don't shorten stopping distance. I'd probably put HPS on my e46 if the Akebonos ever wear out!