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  1. 8 new coils on the N62B44.
  2. settled. Page Euro are enjoying success with a Dex VI full synthetic fluid by Fuchs that they say is BMW approved, so they'll supply fluids and expertise. We're going to do a drain and fill, I'll drive it for a week, then it'll be pan off, replacement, dry fill with fresh fluid.
  3. today, at 157283kms, this happened. I had a new set of coils installed. One had been replaced under @TermiPeteNZ's stewardship, I elected to change the lot given the age of the car, and their likelihood of failing. As I rely on this as daily transport to earn my crust, and public transport is 2 hrs each way, the car is very important to me. It was a job I'd intended doing myself, but have been time poor and mileage rich lately, having done 5000kms since purchasing the car. Page European were efficient, and visiting also provided the opportunity to discuss and agree the approach for my auto servicing next month. I've only had opportunity to drive it a couple of kms, seems more torquey. Happy days. I'll photograph and bung the used coils up for sale if anyone needs some spares to be able to swap out for a working (though used) one.
  4. saw this beauty on the way into town today:
  5. yeah, very impressive. nice work! (and yep, the link works well).
  6. wow, I didn't realise they'd gotten so unloved.
  7. mind you, the N62 - particularly an N62B48 would have a useful power lift.
  8. by the time you get it finished, it'll be worth more than your M3! How's progress? Property and cars are all speculative, though depreciation risk through mobile holes in the road must be greater. Besides, you're not so far south of the CSL; at least you're creating memories for your old age in an e46 M3, today!
  9. 1. doubleplusgood. 2. or even a sticker sized to hijack other surrounds! Lower cost, no dramas with NZ, NZ small, Euro, German... 3. a transformer made from different BMW parts. no, I'll get me coat then. Yes, a t-shirt - particularly on a quality shirt - would be great.
  10. I'd not be trying to transplant the N62, I'd pick you'd be in for hybrid control systems... yecch. That e60 you've linked to is realy interesting, it was built just 314 e60's before mine (one month and 11 days earlier), same colours, japanese market, with just a couple of minor option differences. Other than these differences, (mine has heated sports steering wheel, shadowline, sports seats; it has the smoker package), they're both well-specc'd - Logic 7 sound system, rear blind, Dynamic Drive, PDC, glass sunroof, PDC. Hopefully a lot of it will be repurposed!
  11. because over-capitalisation! because if I had an S62, I'd put it in something AWESOME! Like an M3. Nahhh, that's been done already. Maybe an e60?
  12. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/land-rover/auction-1330912676.htm Needs a power plant. Owner reckons he cant find one, and his old one's dropped a ring. Body and interior look tidy. M62's aren't too hard to come by. If I had a workshop, I'd be tempted. $10k.
  13. Yep, I remember them being advertised in the paper in the late 70's for under $20k. Mind you, a decent 3BR house in a second or third-tier suburb in Wellington was about $20k at that time! Barry, I reckon he should store with you for the next ten years. I have an inkling these'll double that price in that time.
  14. that's what I was thinking, too. The shifts have become so smooth, having access to more ratios must provide or an overall smoother drive that will satisfy more punters, and even make the 2%** of clients spending real bread and who are also driving enthusiasts nod in approval. Where an oil-burner is concerned, matching ratios to the right rev range at right road speed must be so much easier with an extra couple of cogs, thus increasing on-road performance and reducing emissions. ** baseless estimate! Jon, any broad approximations of what percentage of new buyers (those buying a new BMW, not first-time customers) for BMW in NZ would be categorised as 'driving entusiasts'?
  15. Wellington's a village, I know CSL owner also, though not well. Good to hear business is humming. Is it me, or is the forum and membership picking up?!