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  1. The Koni Sports should be ideally suited with your M-Sport springs. in addition to the Demon Tweaks, you could try ebay.de - you'd be surprised how reasonably priced they are. The only reason I didn't go Koni Sport for my e60, was my 545i is on standard suspension and the sports are intended for lower springs (which your MSports are). I didn't want to change springs and have to consider impact on the active anti-roll. It should be much more straightforward with your e39. If I can beg a before and after ride with you, I'd be delighted.
  2. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Nice one. What's the score with the Airbag recall?
  3. Bavsound - where to buy from?

    remember, the NZ customs website is your friend. used to be 'whatsmyduty.org.nz'.
  4. Bavsound - where to buy from?

    you get to choose your carrier and service. DHL, UPS, FedEx, or 'bulk discount', and sub-selections for service. It's all on their site, go read and explore. I prefer FedEx express. The MyUS website is good, your in box works well, and you can use a phone app too.
  5. Bavsound - where to buy from?

    yep, I recommend them. If you join under the Visa promotion, you get a bunch of benefits for no cost.
  6. E60 530d Starting Issues

    ^^ this. Hey, one thing to bear in mind - after scanning and professional diagnosis - is something I read recently about e60 start problems (turns over but won't start): Bear in mind, this is a US site, don't think they got the diesel e60's... so you'd be reading the following, then checking on realOEM to confirm your vehicle has this module. http://www.bavtek.com/category/guides/n62-ism-module-issue/ To reiterate: As Grant mentions: please don't go merely substituting parts on an educated guess; these are very complex vehicles with many interrelated systems. You'll need extra-deep pockets to throw parts at it in the hope you'll sort it. Do enlist an experienced specialist (BMW Dealer or BMW Independent) to diagnose. The link above is not intended to provide you with your second avenue ahead of an experienced specialist! May the force be with you.
  7. Bavsound - where to buy from?

  8. E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    nice tidy-looking example. nitrous? wow, that'll be interesting...
  9. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    sweeeet! (link added above)
  10. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    So this morning, after a knock on the door from the courier, I did this to my 2002 (LCI) e46 325i Touring: The reason I got these was: A 16 year-old Original Equipment LHS front indicator unit this morning, looking a bit foggy and worse for wear. PN 63137165847 A 16 year-old Original Equipment RHS front indicator unit this morning, looking slightly foggy and impact damaged. PN 63137165848 These were 18 Euro each (NZD29) for the TYC units (which are German TÜV approved), and eliminating the condensation and cracking keeps my car legal, so it won't have any WoF issues. The part numbers (2001-2005) are different from the US market ones. for info: RH= 63137165848 LH= 63137165847 I chose aftermarket (for a change), rather than Original Equipment, or the OEM option... these were cheap enough that I could have them lobbed in to the box with my new Steering Coupler. Which I purchased abroad as the $60 saving paid for these two indicator housings. Though I like to support our local dealers and BMW NZ, I just couldn't swing it on this occasion. Now to sort out e-torx socket for the steering coupler (steering guibo), and fit that.
  11. Wiper Blades..BOSCH ICONS...??

    Yeah, I find the BMW washer fluid good. I used to use Bars Bugs. And I've used a few others, like Castrol, Peak, some Supercheap house brand, and years ago I even tried Rain-X washer fluid. I was sticking with Bars Bugs, but found the chaff in my washer bottle less than ideal. A mechanic I used to use added some in a service, he reckoned it just worked better. With the BMW fluid you just run it down till the light comes on, then knock the top off the bottle and pour the whole lot in, then fill with clean water. Job done, till next time. I buy the BMW fluid by the ten or so, just put em in my workshop, and always keep a couple in the boot. Easy. I think they're less than $4 per bottle, from memory. So yes, it's more pricey than Bars Bugs, but it works better. And there's no webbing. It also has a nice lemon scent YMMV.
  12. Wiper Blades..BOSCH ICONS...??

    Yep, if you take a moment to consider and interpret the images, that supports the claim of asymetric. If you're ordering from abroad, I think you'll find the prices a little less spendy on FCP Euro compared with Amazon. Just order all three. You're paying the same freight anyway!
  13. Wiper Blades..BOSCH ICONS...??

    reading the Bosch Icon site, it states the blades feature an asymmetrical spoiler. Buy with confidence. Though like I say, I buy the BMW blades because they're very good. For me, the Bosch blades would need to last three months longer and be 30% cheaper for me to give them a crack...
  14. Wiper Blades..BOSCH ICONS...??

    I bought Bosch Evolution wiper blades for my volvo, they've lasted very well, and cleaned well too. Bought from the USA, no issues with up/down reversals. There's probably a set for your BMW? For my BMWs I just buy the Original BMW ones, they last a good year to 14 months, perform very well. I rain-x the glass, use BMW washer fluid, and never start the wipers without a spray from the washers first. Works for me.