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  1. PS: mine runs an Italian pump, same brand as some sold by Kerrick these days at around a grand.
  2. II used to use my mate’s Stihl, and followed his instructions for use very carefully. He stopped loaning it to others as they’d blow it up. It was an excellent unit. I figured it was time to get my own, couldn’t swing to a Stihl. Bought a Dynamic VIP from the toolshed. It’s compact, weighs tons, very powerful. It’s also spent many visits to sickbay over the years. I use it mostly for cleaning paths with the dirt buster head. I’d like a foam cannon, but the reality of setting up a waterblaster down 40-odd steps to wash my car, Power, hoses etc... be a rare thing. An alternate theory I’ve heard that merits consideration: buy the bunnings special at around $100 or $150. It’ll probably come with a 2 or 3 year guarantee... if it craps out after warranty expires just buy a new one. Much cheaper than workshop fees on a good one! I’ve paid more than double for mine in the 15 years I’ve had it. HTH.
  3. your 'uncle gay' claim doesn't change the fact that your employees and friends shouldn't need to tolerate your casual gayism.
  4. Ben, you may not have caught up with last decade yet, but using casual references to things being gay - is not okay. Our Gay bretheren have travelled a long and difficult journey for rights and recognition in the law and in our society.
  5. well yes, you're correct. There I am generalising, Ohakea is sort of near to Palmy, eh. 😉
  6. just when we thought "Ponsonby Paul" had stuck, you could become "Palmy Paul" again?
  7. It's been a bit busy lately, and focus has been on work or the other vehicles in our fleet. I have managed to get out a few times in Blue Thunder, and have enjoyed every moment. Regardless, there are a couple of things bubbling along. While I get started with the wheel refurbishment, I'm looking at a couple of interior items. Sound and Vision, if you like, with a nod to Mr D Bowie. Or more precisely, the car stereo, and getting a tacho and small analogue clock installed. To this end, I've picked up a cluster, which I am researching before proceeding, in order to avoid it transforming into a cluster f%#k. And, I've also acquired - courtesy of one of our number here - a Bavaria C Reverse. And later, I bought a harness - which doesn't fit. So here's some car stereo images. My to-do list: Get the *correct* harness Get some front door tweeter pods (to go with those rear speakers and amp I picked up a while back). Install it. Record some 80's music onto cassette. From vinyl, and CD. BMW Bavaria C Reverse RDS, this morning. I like cassettes, I do. Question: Does anyone know what the correct harness is called? This is the rear connector on the Bavaria C Reverse RDS. Beautiful harness out of the USA, but sadly the wrong one! Probably brilliant for connecting to what's there. I guess I should pull the current Blaupunkt that Shelley BMW installed back in April 1990, and see what's in there. I may be lucky and find exactly the plug I need. Though as the Blaupunkt uses non-standard connections, my hopes are not high. Oh. That looks rather like the one on the stereo. Bugger. Detail shot of the BW-01B harness. Cluster images in a future post.
  8. Olaf

    2004 545i

    welcome, Graeme. Would be helpful to know which part of the country you're in - please update your profile. How many kms on the 545i? If you're new to the 545i, important to check and verify state of the valve stem seals (common failure on this model), and whether there are coolant leaks (the coolant tube that runs front to back in the Y of the block). Both of these items are expensive if you're paying for the work to be done. A well-sorted 545i is a joy to drive. 333hp and 50:50 weight distribution and 1650kgs, they're a great tourer, yet surprisingly nimble with Dynamic Drive suspension and Active steering. If you're interested in the long-term experience and different repairs and maintenance I've done, take a look here:
  9. Welcome! if you’re not using a BMW dealer for service, do find a good reputable BMW Specialist.
  10. Olaf

    Quick rant thread.

    Specialist retailers are an exception. They deserve your consideration.
  11. Olaf

    Quick rant thread.

    Nothing is cheap in NZ, when you’ve lived outside the matrix.
  12. Olaf

    Radar Detectors

    hmmm. Unplugging the detector has the disbenefit of removing the 'taking oneself rather too seriously' filter. As I said in my original post, anyone travelling in a line of traffic in a 50 zone on a long straight road can easily find themselves doing 56 or 57, along with everyone else. Bad driving? Or considerate for the conditions and other human beings using the road.
  13. Welcome, Kris! Everyone loves an e21. Do post some pics when you get a chance. has it been off the road for long?
  14. Olaf

    Radar Detectors

    That’s a rather simplistic view. With very long range, and great selectivity, you can pick up the instant-on or mobile radar operating in the vicinity, eg - reflections from other vehicles 5-6 kms down the road, regardless of the unit’s direction of travel. That provides useful warning, and is the reason I’m still using mine. I’m usually moving towards them, which is what counts.
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