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  1. congrats on the same mate, good news. keep us posted.
  2. The road from Nelson to Picton is superb, two great mountain ranges to cross. Great scenery, excellent curves. Nelson has plenty to see and do, leaving at 1000hrs gives you a good margin to check in to your 1400 ferry at 1300hrs. Still, you'll enjoy waikawa bay.
  3. if it's not working it's probably leaking somewhere... going to the trouble of R12 only to release it into the atmosphere? Not environmentally sound really. R134a is the go.
  4. Blenheim is, essentially, boring. There is one saving grace: Raizada, aka Roger's Kitchen. Best Indian food I've had in NZ, by a long margin. The produce he sources is local, of very high quality, which is reflected in the flavours. Okay, perhaps I'm being uncharitable, there are some nice hills around Blenheim to walk up and enjoy the scenery. And there's a very good classic car museum plus the WW1 and WW2 fighter collections at Omaka. I visted 'Dangerous Skies' with my son 2 weeks ago, it was most worthwhile. Not like going to Duxford, 'Dangerous Skies' is much smaller scale though the displays are excellent. Not a lot to do in Picton. Though there is a picturesque waterfront to amble around. You could stay in Waikawa Bay, a 5 min drive from Picton. Even more beautiful than Picton. It's just 20 mins from Blenheim to Picton. HTH
  5. although Hunter do produce that kind of machine, I've not seen one in NZ.
  6. 161xxxkms - another go on the Hunter 4 wheel alignment. it's much nicer now, all square and ship-shape. drove out to the hutt valley and enjoyed the feel on the motorway. Damned potholes! Good to have it running sweetly. Next step: replacement NZ-spec number plates. Filling in the forms today.
  7. I saw a blue one in Wellington last night, didn’t have time to stop and photograph it. It wasn’t a patch on this one. From your photos, Brent, it looks like it deserves a description of “pristine”.
  8. yeah I nearly leaped at it.
  9. fascinating logic, Kyu. We all acknowledge something for sale is only worth what someone else is willing to pay. You wouldn't pay the $9k you say it's worth; though in fact it's only value is the sum that you *would* pay!
  10. it'a beauty, clearly cherished and well cared for. how many owners, one? I reckon it'd have to be at least six k all day long, seven for the right buyer, and if you had a bidding war eight.
  11. NINE. Thousand. Dollars. For an e36 Wagon? "Hey, big spender". Not if it's my hard-earned! Looking forward to seeing the pics. They're a nice wagon for sure, and there's not so many of them rocking around niu zild... but would you price one at more than a nice 330i wagon?
  12. 161785kms. Adaptor cables fitted along with the new IBS cable; battery fully recharged and tested okay, vehicle monitored for 6 hrs okay. Result. I’m driving it today. Need to get an alignment as I hit a pothole on SH1 south of Picton. Vacuum pump under investigation.
  13. Agreed - the sticky ring scenario is a bit tenuous. And hell, why would anyone use other than oil conforming to BMW LL01 5W30 unless it’s used on a race track? Assuming no leaks, Misfire due to coil breakdown is more likely. After my PCV System was done, I was getting occasional misfire codes. I replaced all the coils, it’s been sweet since then. If your coils are the later clip-in (not bolt-in) style, and don’t want to go to the expense of a full set, there’s three for sale in the ‘For Sale’ room, it’ll be a good few pages back now. HTH
  14. nahhhh. someone will recognise the genius in your revisions and remediations.
  15. yep, I got the recall notice from BMW NZ for my 2002 e46 last week. will be visiting the website soon. it's already had front passenger bag replaced under recall, I guess now it's time for the driver.