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  1. They look great in white, and I like the wheels, also has got p-zero's on it so the owner can't be too bad. 20k at a stretch is what I'd consider reasonable considering the km's.
  2. Francois' e28 lowrider at Kaiaua Fisheries today, looks extremely well put together. Awesome build.
  3. YES. I've been lusting after one of these for a long time. Congrats mate.
  4. I actually really like that. Pity it's not a Diesel.
  5. Found an Alfa Giulia sitting in traffic on the Upper Harbour offramp. No photo as I was driving past it at the time. Damn that car is gorgeous. Pity they're apparently a typical Alfa in terms of mechanical reliability.
  6. Damn, that's well priced. GLWS.
  7. Make sure it's the "5D" look carbon. Those extra dimensions really make it stand out.
  8. My old car Regret selling it, was my first BMW also. In excellent condition, new owner has treated it well, he flew to Auckland from invercargill and drove it back down in late 2014. EDIT: Oh - those are also fake europlates. Never had an issue with them. Were on the car when I bought it. Standard plates are probably still in the spare wheel well.
  9. This also had a big square hole cut in the spare wheel well, through the rear crossmember. The current owner purchased this knowing that. Need to ensure that was repaired correctly. I suspect it has been, but if potential buyer is from here, might want to take a look at that.
  10. Man, this thing is being resold every couple of months now o.o Looking great, GLWS.
  11. Was sold IIRC.
  12. f**k.
  13. Fix'd. Stupid. No idea why they designated the different chassis code Almost as stupid as splitting the 4 door and 2 door cars into 2 different models and then making a bloody 4 door version of the 2 door model anyway.