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    As some of you may recall, I spent a good amount of time deciding on my ideal car back in 2017. After advice from some members here, and a lot of test drives of different makes and models, I decided on an NZ new 2003 330i M Sport sedan. What a car. It was my first BMW, and it was a lot of car for a little money. Quite different from the Starion, Galant, and Diamante I had owned before. Fast forward about 8 months, and she's sitting outside parked on the street, nothing doing. The punishment? Getting totaled by some genius speeding through a tight windy road at midnight, while drunk: 😭 That's a two car park, and it was in the back space with the handbrake fully engaged... look how far it ended up from position one. Weitz Industries ended up parting it out. After that I wasn't active on the forums for a while, starting different jobs, doing some travelling, family stuff, etc... A few years on and I'm in need of a car again. After a lot of time-wasters, morons, and liars tried to sell me their vehicles, I was getting royally pissed off! 🤬 Anyway, long story short, I found my second BMW. The handsome twin of my earlier chariot; another NZ new, 330i M Sport sedan. The first two hours of my trip home, I put it to the test on those long winding roads between Hamilton and Turangi. She didn't disappoint. The silky smooth inline six delivered when asked, and took to the corners beautifully. After that it was starting to get late and tiredness was starting to settle in, so I took it relatively easy for the remaining four hour drive. Overtaking was never a problem, and cruising at 100kph is incredibly comfortable for a sports sedan. I could ramble on, but I think most of you are familiar with what great cars they are. It does need a few things, but that's part of the fun right? Yeeaaah... it was a good day.
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    Hello all, I appreciate having the opportunity to join a place where fellow BMW enthusiasts congregate. I love my BMWs. My first was a 2007 BMW 335i Touring - Black on black with black interior. (Mobile doesn't seem to let you input pictures) My second was a 2008 BMW 530i Sedan - White. My third is a 2007 BMW 335i Touring - Metallic Blue with Tan Interior Today I performed a repair (and upgrade) on the automatic gear shifter which lost its indication lights and would not enter DS mode. It was fairly straightforward an I am happy with the result which should now last the life of the car. I look forward to learning more about others' rides, and drawing on their experience with these awesome machines. See you in the forums! HAINSWOF
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    Id rather buy a 2nd hand laptop then install ISTA. You could also add INPA,DIS,NCS etc depending on your requirements. Should be easily less than $200 and far more capable than all those cheap scanners.
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    Ever since the M52 swap, I've had an erratic temp needle on the dash. I assumed it was the sensor on the block or a bad ground somewhere. I knew that ultimately the temperature of the engine shouldn't get too high as I had wired in a 80/88°c fan switch from an M44 Ti and had an 80°c thermostat. I finally got around to checking the temp of different parts of the cooling system with an infrared temperature gun. The first couple of pictures are of the car at "normal" operating temp, just as the fan switched on. These (excessive) temperatures show the temp gauge is most likely correct and I assume the actual water temp is slightly higher than what the gun is reading. I then let the fan run for 10 minutes and checked the temperatures again. With the fan running, temp gauge returns to 12 o'clock. Another interesting temp of the wrapped exhaust manifold. I have been looking to upgrade the cooling system for awhile. I'm not happy with the M42 radiator as the end tank is susceptible to leaks and popping. The coolant hoses I managed to fit rub on the oil filter housing. Also, I've either put in the wrong fan switch or its not working as it should. It looks like the fan isn't coming on till ~95°c. I've ordered a Z3 M radiator (17112227281) which should be overkill for the application. I'll also look at getting a shrouded fan to get rid of the pull-through style zip mounts for the fan. While I'm waiting for the radiator to turn up, I'll come up for a solution for an overflow bottle. At the moment, the 4 cyl engine bay's old intake bracket blocks the use of the 6 cyl over flow bottle.
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    Quick wash before the weekend.
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    I've just recovered this car from a friends place. It has sat on a bush covered driveway for about 10 years or so. It's a manual, with about 300,000kms on the clock. It ran well before being parked up but, the rust is strong with this one. I don't want it on my front garden for long so if please get in touch if you're interested in parts. Really we're talking about lights, glass and perhaps some trim parts etc... The bonnet may be OK, and the boot with some repair work. All other panels / doors are toast. The interior has been damp and is mouldy. Sorry if this add bends some of the rules. I actually have no idea what these parts are worth. Left tail light $20.00 (chipped) Right tail light $100 Left and right head light clusters $100 each Windscreen, rear screen, window glass are all in good condition. $150 for front screen, $50 for the others Motor and gearbox unknown. You'd have to want them pretty badly because I'm not that keen to get them out of the car! $500.00 ono Let me know if there's something you want me to pull of the car. I'm happy to negotiate on all prices listed. Cheers.
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    Well, what do you think? Style 71 reps. (Good quality ones at that) 18x8 et35 fronts 18x9 et35 rears great offset for the e46.. as pictured on std msport suspension, fills out the wheel arches well, with std tyres of 255 & 225.
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    Good afternoon all, I just have to tell someone. My new baby has left her home of the last 9+ years and started her journey down to me. I just can't wait. I used to have a 99 728i and I sold her for a 2003 730i E65. Wish I never had. So after 4 1/2 years of the E65, I am going back to the one car I have loved being in and driving. This time a 2001 728i in a lovely Steel Blue. Oh the fun I am going to have. I have already got plans to make her even more beautiful. E38 Beige wood grab handles - ready and waiting C pillar wood 'Porn Lights' - on their way Working on replacing the original 16:9 HU with the Avant4 headunit which will work with the DSP, and yet give me all the modern features, but look like the original. Bring it on baby Thanks for listening to my dribble. I just want her here now..... Rob
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    @Cammsport love your work, Cam! Know what you mean about 'progress on house = no work on e30'. Kitchen distracts me for next 3 months or so, my e30 is fairly paused.
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    I've not used them, but understand you can now get more full featured Bluetooth plugs which do airbags etc as well - makes more sense to me to outsource the screen function to my fancy phone than a $100 LCD...
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    I'd be keen on the manual setup, if it makes it easier for you I'd also happily take what's left of the shell (once you've sold/stripped everything else of value off it) and pull the manual setup out myself. I'm in Invercargill so would be pretty easy to mission up and collect it, to save you the hassles of having to remove it yourself. Let me know if this sounds like a plan to you and we can sort something out.
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    This is what you need + the little arm for the headlight levelling sensor (cant remember p/n sorry) it'll be on realoem as M3 part. Hollah if you cant find it and Ill dig it up. Just normal spanners/rathcets etc to bolt on
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    Im not a fan of my one tbh. Although it does work, its hard to pull the fault codes in one go. You need to go into each module and check one by one. Would look for something else more convenient.
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    Yeah, ~$70 from Ali. But to answer your question Brian, both should do the trick.
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    I have the second one but got it for way cheaper than that thru ali
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    I found buyer protection useless for scammers because although paypal processes it as a refund by charging sellers bank account, if there is no money in the bank account associated with the paypal account then the process goes no further. I bought something off a forum seller overseas because I thought I had paypal buyer protection - they had plenty of feedback and posts but they never sent it and went to ground. I eventually filed with visa and they did a chargeback on paypal so I got my money but paypal kept replying ' refund process is underway' then 'refund is processed' even though the image was of 'refund failed'
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    Washed it so it looks pretty on the skid pan at the BMW festival tomorrow, for about 2 minutes....
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    i have a project one 318ia coupe , red , grey cloth , reg on hold , engine got hot
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    Good luck with the search. I have only ever seen 2 sets for same ever in NZ, and know of one other set
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    Another small update, but mostly some pictures. I forgot to mention on the previous Meremere post that I fitted an E21 Kamei spoiler. Fits quite well and is adhered using the 3M automotive tape. It's different and very '80s/'90s, I'm a fan. You'll also spot I fitted an OE towbar. I had it tucked away for awhile and never really intended on fitting it. I would preferably have a towbar on the E91 or E36 (did find a westfalia electric retractable for the wagon but it's bloody 50mm ?‍♂️). The old battler has been an absolute life saver with the house & garden projects we've been doing. The catch is though, house stuff being done = car stuff paused once again. There's still a HEAP of wee projects I'd like to do on the E30. Cooling system upgrade, oil/water px and temps. But for know I'm loving just driving it around.
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    Fitted some OE tan "leather" rears into the coupe today. It's the small updates that count right? ?. Now to track down something better suited than the tired comfort seats in the front.
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    Last round of Night Speed was binned understandably. But fortunately at the round I did attend, the local photographer (Mark Waterson) was able to snap some pics. The above mid-skid photo seems to show that rear valance is dented? Had never noticed it. Pretty sure I chopped this guy...
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