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    First water pump lasted 230,000km, valvetronic motor is at 287,000km still sweet as. .. One lady owner (in truth most of the km I do are open road)
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    A few corrections/additions... All Japanese E87's, regardless of year, come with hydraulic power steering LCI doorcards are not leather but they do have leather inserts, pre-LCI are all plastic There are actually 2 "facelifts" the 2007 LCI and the 2010 where the only change (I believe) was the iDrive (CCC), in the US their "LCI" is 2010. Pre-LCI does not have a temp gauge on the instrument cluster (sucky) I think...
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    As per the title I'm looking for a front cross member for an E46. It will be used to fabricate engine mounts on so will be essentially scrapped at the end of the process ... hence does not need to be pretty, but does need to be dimensionally good. Happy to pickup anywhere in Auckland.
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    They don't want a pre lci, hence the comment. Yep, they're the differences. March 07 was the changeover in manufacturing to LCI models. You can get lci with hydraulics (better 😁), not sure how common it is, my lci E87 had it. Interior is door cards, they're full leather rather than knobby plastic with leather inserts. Updated iDrive in newer cars. Instrument cluster has an oil temp gauge added. LCI cars have the Black top engine vs silvertop in pre-lci(is quoted in some places as being 190kw vs 195kw silvertop, not really noticeable 🤷‍♂️). Blacktop was changed a bit to be more fuel efficient. Valve cover is made of a different material iirc and some other changes. Rear light design is different. Lci definitely looks more modern from the rear. All these things can be swapped onto a pre-lci , door cards and lights being most common and relatively simple from what the Internet says. Pretty sure some weak points or known issues were changed too. I've not seen a definitive list to link, this is mostly from bits I've read on various forums/groups. Babybmw or the 130i Owners group may have a write up on it. I have two 130i(used to be three, could shortly be one), an lci E81 and a pre lci E87.
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    One page back in this thread. $8200 asking.
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    OK, so I have to ask the question Dan seeing as I own one... Why the " if you can live with pre-lci "-- is it not as good as "LCI"? - or all down to personal preference? Be interested to understand the differences other than what Wiki says (electric power steer, revised bumpers and interior changes -whatever they are) Is there a link on here?
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    Yup Dutchy’s (Hans) old car, don’t think it’s him selling it from the user name on TM. Granted, Not everyone’s cup of tea, but the fact that he had the skills to design and make all of the bodykit parts still blows me away.
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    There's 58 "Blue" 130i from 2007 on (pre March are non lci) in NZ from a quick look on nzta vehicle registration data. Only one listed as a manual but realistically maybe 10-15 of those are manual? Majority of them were imported in the last 5 years so could be less than that. There's a hundred more listed if you can live with pre-lci le mans blue. Rarest colour seems to be red, less than twenty 130i in NZ.
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    Bigger wheels + no low = Monster Truck ride height.
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    This came out for the Maretai cruise(?) way back when. Not often a Rieger kitted M30 turbo E30 gets the show stolen from it. The guy who built it was a truckie and a bit of a legend.
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    I want a 6-spd Le Mans Blue LCI with updated iDrive, hydraulic steering and sprinklings of BMW Performance tat, not too much to ask is it?
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    @Sammo why u want one?
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    It was an Auckland traffic crawler after that too.
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    We pulled one from a 1971 2002 when we put in a fuel cell. Put it somewhere, in case we put it back to standard trim. Don't see that happening now. Will do a search & report back.
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    keep in mind it was over 200,000kms so not a MASSIVE bargain. Still very cheap but selling a high kms manual 130i wouldnt have been super easy for $8500 imo with the nice bits removed.
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    Tonight on Bimmersport Wheelers and 130i Dealers, Qube wins yet another 130i auction after M3AN forgets to autobid, but who will end up with the coveted carbon airbox and ARC strut brace?
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    Awesome man, love how purpose driven this beast is - I would too terrified of breaking something on mine haha
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    Hi guys, My name is Kees and I have a 1994 BMW 540i. Her name is Floyd (as decided by the previous owner). Apparently she's played more pink Floyd than she has done kilometers. Now that must be a lot of Pink Floyd as she has done a casual 367,000km. She is NZ New and was not in the best cosmetic state when I got her. Photo with the roof racks is what she looked like the day I got her. Most pleased about the restoration of the heavily oxidised paint on the boot lid. New sunroof will hopefully be getting changed to the correct colour in the next few weeks. Has been a bit of a summer project that became a lot more expensive than I thought it would be. Other than that it drinks petrol like there's no tomorrow and blows hot air at my feet when the AC is on cold. IMG_2245.HEIC IMG_2404.HEIC
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