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  1. Good to see another CarPro fan! With all that work that's gone into it, you should have gone with a couple of layers of C-Quartz UK
  2. isis

    E46 M3

    Nice work - I am about to jump on the Carpro band wagon and looking at using Reflect as a finishing polish and then a coat of C-Quartz. I've got some Mezerna 2400/Chemical Guys to use as light compound and then top up with Reflect using their Gloss pad. I haven't used a MF pad before as i've been using the Orange foam pads. Anything to watch for with an MF pad? And any reason you went straight to Essence? Cheers
  3. Have been following your previous sound upgrade on the E46 and looking forward to see what you do here! I'm at two minds on trading up/down from an e46 M3 to an F80. Have test driven a few and love the power and refinement, however jumping back into the 46 always makes me doubt my decision. I seem to like the 'rawness' and sound of the 46. What are your initial thoughts/feedback/experience to date with the F80 vs 46?
  4. How easy was it to organise the purchase from Synther and getting it shipped out here? Seemed pretty quick and seamless!
  5. it bings at you if you leave it in Neutral when you kill the engine. so just move it into gear
  6. isis

    Wipertech Opinions

    I bought some front ones from them and not really impressed as it started to stutters across the screen...
  7. Had ours for over 10 year now and still going strong. Currently sitting at about 160+ks. We have not replaced anything major, just the usual wear and tear parts. I have kept a spreadsheet of the cost to date and we're about 20k in which works out to be about 2k a year. Every second year is a bit of killer in terms of cost - this is when tyres and brakes gets replaced and it averages between 5-6k. More if you have run flats but we have the spare wheel option. Did i say it likes eating lots of tyres? We have the 20 inch option with the rears being 315! RUC is about $600+ for 10,000Ks. No issues with electronics. Great 'trucks' and happy shopping...
  8. is the SMG plastic surround grey-ish and in good nick?
  9. My old ride that i sold for half of what they're asking for now...good to see its in relatively good nick!
  10. I think it was just the back. it included rotors and pads. That's why i kinda just carried on with servicing the 'truck' at the dealers. At least i get to drive new courtesy vehicles rather than +10 year old banger bmw's, that they charge you for..
  11. ~$1100 @ BM Workshop Greylynn and about ~1300? or so at BMW
  12. i bought my e70 3d Msport with 20ks on the clock and have kept a record of the servicing to date incl replacement of tyres etc. it has gone through 2 sets of tyres and 2x changes of brakes (rotors & pads) All servicing done at Auckland City BMW with 1x brake change at BM Workshop as BMW could not fit me in. Cost to date for the last 6 years has come to $10,500. its an awesome truck that i will probably drive to the ground, albeit being tempted a number of times to upgrade to the new F15! Just cant justify the depreciation and the fact that its never let us down!
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