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  1. Does the post count have a 3rd pedal? Cause if it doesn't then it must be auto
  2. Was at e30 megameet and was mint! Calling SJ...
  3. Bump...need some coilovers too
  4. Yes still in one piece. Yeah I could possibly break it down at some point if that makes it easier for collection
  5. Christchurch and yes
  6. To be fair to the previous owner he spent some money on it for sure but it's not to everyone's tastes 😂
  7. So I've had this for almost 2 years now so thought it was time to throw up some photos. This is how it was when I first got it Had to ditch those wheels first up so ran some bottle caps before picking up so BBS Rs 039 and 040 off a 4 stud skyline so had them redrilled and then plasticdipped them for some fun and dropped it on some super lows. Then headed up to megameet 16 with a couple of mates Not much happened in the first half of the year except ditching the horribly loud muffler and fitting something more sane. Picked up a tech 2 kit and aplina boot spoiler for it so painted and fitted those in time for megameet this year. Next step is coilovers as I managed to blow a shock on the trip to megameet and find a solution to fitting some tech 2 sides. I have a set for a couple but the lower sill cover is very different on the verts. And hopefully widen the RS' but also have a baby on the way next so will see how that all goes
  8. Different one. This was built about 8 years ago here in Christchurch, was then crashed and reshelled into what it is today. Good to see it still going
  9. As per title anyone interested? Been sitting in the shed for a couple of years and sadly don't see myself using it for a couple more. Pick up only due to size and weight but can help load it into the back of a truck if needs be. Looking for $1500
  10. I've got the door pods, well two sets but really need the lower sill as that's very different from the convertible. Can get them from ECS tuning but shipping is killer
  11. I'm after some tech 2 sides for a convertible if there is any around?? Have a complete set of sides for a coupe if someone wants to trade otherwise have cash waiting. Also after some coilovers for 51mm struts
  12. If you do end up getting it from ECS let me know as I also want to get some convertible tech 2 stuff from there
  13. Who knew we had a Volvo thread 😂😂 Does anyone know anything about 2005+ V70s? Looking at one as the Mrs is pregnant so will need something safe and roomy. They seem alright and fit the budget
  14. Mate, you got 3 days. Heaps of time!
  15. As per the title after 4 waffles for 16inch rs039/040