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  1. @bradgalbraith was/is selling some I saw of the book of face
  2. Gaz

    Kobra's Project E30

    Do it! Great drive and weekend away, have done it twice, unlikely to make it this year myself sadly
  3. Gaz

    BMW Concept 4

    I really like it, has an Alfa type appeal to it
  4. If both your e39 and e46 are the same shape then yes, you can pair the remote key from your e46 to work on e39
  5. Gaz

    E30 Exhaust

    I dont know if they are the same between pre and facelift but there are two types, 4 bolt flange and 3 bolt flange on the manifold
  6. If they are both the same key then you can sync the remote function with your one good key, this will rule out key/receiver issues. There should be no need to replace the mirror on your e46 as you clearly have one dead key(probably battery failed) and one good key. Of course you can swap it out if you so choose but it's not necessary
  7. Gaz

    Eurotrip 2019

    Kiwibank card has no fees for using it unless you withdraw cash, fixed at $1 per withdraw per day. If you shop around or ask your bank might have something similar. Benefit is you are paying with Euros so there is no conversion fee or fee to use it
  8. Gaz

    Eurotrip 2019

    Both times I went used a travel card from Kiwibank, loaded it up with heaps of Euros and pounds, and draw cash when I needed it. Took out couple of hundred at a time from ATMS when needed. Things might be different now as this was 4 years ago on my last trip
  9. Thanks for your input but in case you missed it, its not my car and I'm just trying to help a widow sell her husbands 850 which would be only 1 of a few in NZ. The whole purpose of this thread is to work out a value for her hence why it's in the discussion section and not the for sale section. I'll let you get back to your day job
  10. Spoke with the owner and she is happy for me to share. Cluster actually in miles, so it has 69,000 miles which lead me to do some further digging. Vehicle was delivered to a dealer in the UK before somehow getting to Japan and then coming here in 2000. Vehicle has done very few kms since being here, she down say why her husband didn't drive it but liked it and wanted to keep it. Vehicle has some light scratches from being in the garage which she may look at getting sorted but she's in no rush to sell and happy to wait for the right buyer
  11. Yes they are, clean them swap them and see if your fault follows. But as Glenn your testing ability will depend on your scan tool and what it is capable of
  12. Gaz

    Sexy E34 M5

    Most people in the industry knew about it but Christchurch is very small so it's often who you know more than anything
  13. Actually Japanese import in 2000 not Singapore as previously stated
  14. I hate these threads as much as the next person but have a customers car here we have been getting roadworthy after being parked up for a number of years as they are planning on selling it. I can't say i've seen one for sale in NZ before so thought I'd reach out and see what people think. Car in question is a 91 850i in manual. Import (JAPAN) with 69km on the clock. We have carried out replacement of all fluids, fixed a couple of leaks and roadworthy again. Body is in reasonable condition, would benefit from a cut and polish and some minor repairs to the front bumper Any ideas? And anyone keen on the car?
  15. Prob more reliable than an S85....
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