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  1. Gaz

    WTB::: ACS type III *1x REAR ONLY* 19 inch

    There's some reps on Facebook here in Christchurch. Not sure the size but can find out?
  2. Try the local BMW dealer for your windscreen replacements. We see so many terrible jobs done by other repairers plus replace all the parts as per repair instructions
  3. Gaz

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Low battery voltage can cause faults in the airbag system
  4. Gaz

    Project: The Unfamily Wagon

    After 3 odd years off the road, it's back! Straight through the WOF, put the coilovers back in on the weekend. Also had a nice surprise when installing the vaders and found out they are heated which come in handy for winter. Although I can't figure out the airbag wiring for the passenger seat. This small connector is on the passenger seat but doesnt match the seat mat sensor. Any idea what it is for?
  5. Every 2nd oil service, is the heavy service when it has the addtional filters replaced. CBS has a 'vehicle check' (car on a hoist) programmed in as well but if the tech is doing their job properly then they should be noting these things when the oil is draining. Brake pads, tyres and fluids should be checked when a car comes into the dealership as standard. PM me your rego and i'll show you SS is WOF reminder and if it a Japanese import, likely to have a stat emissions check too Brake fluid should be changed every 2 years, its on every bottle of brake fluid whether you get the most expensive stuff of the cheapest The BMW recommendation is to replace the cabin filter with every oil service, 2years/25,000kms
  6. Got to love the internet and the advice that comes with it. Inspection 1/2 services haven't been used since the e83, everything is now CBS (Condition Based Servicing) LL04 is long life oil for diesels, LL01 is for petrol vehicles. With CBS, every oil service, the microfilter is also due to be replaced. Every 2nd or 3rd oil service, depending on the car, the , fuel filter, air filter, whatever, those additionals you can't see via the dash. Brake fluid is also due every 2 years regardless of mileage so it is very possible that everything lines up depending on the mileage and the history of the car. It shows the big service because of what I've said above, the other service you need to be aware of for the 130i is that the spark plugs are due at 100kms
  7. Gaz

    BBS RS 005 et11 1 mag wheel

    Check the part number
  8. Gaz

    BBS RS 005 et11 1 mag wheel

    Im pretty sure there was one on trademe for a bit. Not currently there however
  9. Gaz

    Project: The Unfamily Wagon

    If you are on a computer there is a chrome extension fix for that. Can't be arsed reloading them all but basic went from this; To this except now has 3 pedals
  10. Gaz

    Project: The Unfamily Wagon

    Took you almost as long as me haha. I've seen it around and looks good! It's all up and running now after a few minor hiccups. Going for a WOF sometime this week so wish me luck....
  11. Gaz

    E36 touring tail lights

    They pop up on ebay or at least aftermarket units do
  12. Who cares.. cheaper than most m3s of that year. And would appear sold already
  13. Gaz

    Hub Centric Rings

    Mag and turbo usually has them in stock, All sizes
  14. Gaz

    E34 M-system II 'throwing star' wheels

    Very nice. I sold mine for 2k but yours appear to be in slightly better condition. GLWS
  15. I deal with Provident on a daily basis and they will only cover the one coil unless the dealer can prove all 6 are faulty. Coils are about 150 each for a genuine one. Could ask the dealer to cover the costs of replacement you are within your right but depending on cost, May not be worth the hassle as you are covered by Provident