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  1. Gaz

    Quick rant thread.

    It only needs extra parts in very small number of cases, and often being a recall part, can be hard to get hold of
  2. Gaz

    What to do

    On the subject of style 32s, what's an 18inch set worth you reckon?
  3. Gaz

    M3 Touring

    Shame they never made an f81, f31 is probably my favourite wagon
  4. Gaz

    Quick rant thread.

    It's mainly the RFB boys, they finally caught on that the e36 is a well balanced and more importantly cheap platform to go drifting
  5. Gaz

    Quick rant thread.

    E36 parts prices are now heading the way of e30 stuff and in some cases, more expensive. 2k for a ZF manual conversion, $1200 for a 220 conversion... makes the $1500 shipped from the UK I paid for my 6 speed a few years ago a bargain.
  6. Does the spare have to be a remote key? Can get a non remote or a plastic valet key from BMW for cheap enough
  7. Gaz

    E46 330ci Manual

    All been there! Just rock up to your local dealer, they give them away if you don't mind their name on them
  8. Gaz

    E46 330ci Manual

    Why not get europlate holders? No drilling required
  9. It moved under it's own power for the first time in a year! Hopefully warranted by the end of the week if I have time before I start my new job next week
  10. love your write ups, so much detail
  11. Offered a job today! Will be great to be doing something again as I haven't worked since the start of lock down. Also means I can get the e30 "finished"
  12. The evo m3 are different, swaybar mounts to the strut not the control arm on the m3
  13. If it's still got factory warranty then you don't need to look out for anything really. Sold plenty of 418ds as rental cars, and the 20d is solid as, same in the 320d and great cars, probably the perfect alrounder
  14. Usually goes something like, "hmm I have $xxxx in my account i wonder what I could get for that? Oh that would be cool" buys it, and then wonders why I never get the wagon or e30 finished
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