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  1. Swapped over drivers door on the e36 after a wee bump I had a couple of years ago. Now fits nicely instead of being bent, also nice to have a working window as the replacement door has a working window regulator
  2. Gaz

    Rear PDC

    Scan it, see if any of them throw fault codes
  3. Gaz

    1973 E3 3.0S

    Fair enough mate, hate it when life gets in the way of hobbies haha
  4. Gaz

    1973 E3 3.0S

    @Mad_Max how's this all going?
  5. Surely it's time to move this to the projects section now 😉
  6. Bump...any interest? If they don't sell then I'll run them anyway
  7. Gaz

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Watched this yesterday and had a think about, here's where I think he's wrong. It'll definitely hit the USA hard as we have already seen in New York as they have a large Italian community, it'll hit further south hard due to the high migrant population which all typically live together as they cant afford anything else. They also have limited access to healthcare due to their low income meaning they won't seek help, further spreading the disease. I suspect there will be a lot of deaths not counted due to this. And if/once it spreads to the lower class African American population, expect to see the same But if you are a middle class white person under the age of 50, which good healthcare, you'll be fine which is who this type of video targets
  8. Gaz

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Tried to, but he was implying that it's all fake to create a recession which benefits no one so doesn't hold any merit
  9. Gaz


    Not necessarily, always good practice to check if any recalls are outstanding on a car when you first buy it
  10. Gaz


    If either of those two things occur then no autosure won't cover but the dealer will. Autosure are great, and yes they cover timing chains
  11. Gaz

    The COVID-19 Thread

    I think it depends who you supply. For example a friend's parents company supplies wood and pallets to China and where asked to continue by the NZ govt to continue production. Unsure of reasons, whether it's economic, political or epidemic
  12. Bunnings etc are only open to trade customers so they can carry out essential repairs. One would assume there is a process to go through if your car does break down and you are an essential worker but I doubt that they would disclose that publicly
  13. Gaz

    Quick rant thread.

    So technically they could pay you up to two weeks leave if you have It owing https://www.employment.govt.nz/leave-and-holidays/annual-holidays/taking-annual-holidays/
  14. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2590312739
  15. I was going to suggest possible software update. Most faults in modern cars are solved by software
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