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  1. Gaz

    Thoughts on the E87?

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/472346109839336/ Here you go 130i for 8.5k
  2. Gaz

    Thoughts on the E87?

    Bonus if you find one with the timing chain replaced and valve stem seals done too. They are the only majors with the 4 cylinder engines
  3. Gaz

    More e46 m3 goodness

    And the hardtop. They are infinitely cool
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1836883917 Best bargain on trademe at the moment imo
  5. Gaz

    Run Flats --again !

    Do you have individual tyre pressure monitoring? E.g. does the idrive show the pressure? If not i think it will warn you when it is about 5psi lower than the other side, maybe less I cant remember exactly
  6. Gaz

    Run Flats --again !

    That's pretty poor. Runflats are just as repairable as normal tyres, and if they took the tyre off you can see the damage or lack of on the inner of the tyre.
  7. Gaz

    Run Flats --again !

    The panda kit is designed for cars without runflat tyres e.g. M3 so if you want one you will have to go get one. The compressor on them can fill the tyre with air or tyre goo and if you use the goo then yes you will have to replace the tyre. The goo is only used if there is a major puncture and unrepairable in the first place. If it's a minor puncture then the compressor should be good enough to top up the air to get you around. Bare in mind that the tyre is good for 80km at 80kph once completely flat at which point you will have to replace it.
  8. @BM WORLD has/had one for half the price
  9. Gaz

    Clutch recommendations

    Anyone know of a clutch specialist in NZ or can recommend a supplier for an E9x M3 clutch. Customer is after one for his supercharged M3
  10. Interesting watch
  11. Gaz

    E90 Corner lights failure (335i)

    Need to get scanned properly to figure out what is causing the failure warning. You mention the battery, was it registered when replaced?
  12. If you are after runflats or Michlen Pilot super sports then BMW dealer will be the cheapest
  13. Gaz

    BMW service

    Yep, it's not an oil service without them 😉 Bearing in mind that it is a 116i We'll also fit parts you supply but when I ask them how much they pay for said part it's often not too much more. Should the part fail again you still have to get it fitted assuming you didn't do it yourself. Hell, if you buy the part from bmw, fit it yourself and it fails, we'll fit the new part for you under warranty
  14. Gaz

    BMW service

    All he needs is a basic oil service to keep the policy ticking over. I work at Chch BMW and we do them for like $240 if that which isn't expensive by any stretch. Especially if it means keeping Autosure happy should there be anything to claim in the future
  15. Gaz

    BMW service

    Yes they will decline it as they can't confirm the quality of the work and when the work was carried out. Warranty can come in handy for when oil either leaks from every gasket, valve stem seals fail, or the timing chain fails