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  1. Gaz

    Aussie E46s Grounded.

    Local law makes a difference. Australia government is handling the airbag recall differently to NZ. You see this all the time with the way BMW North America handles things due to their suing culture
  2. Gaz

    E38 740i Msport

    Does it make me an old man cause I want to buy it for myself?
  3. Gaz

    Aussie E46s Grounded.

    There's two stages to the NZ recall. The alpha airbags which are the dangerous ones which I can only assume Aussie have more of those fitted?? In NZ, alpha airbags are fitted in e46 up to 2000ish. Anything else is voluntary.
  4. Gaz

    Aussie E46s Grounded.

    If they are by different manufactures so yes they are different hence why all cars are not affected. Japan had/has some strange rules where if you are selling a car in Japan it must have a certain number of Japanese made products in them. Hence jatco gearboxs etc. Not sure where Aussie fits into this but the directive comes from BMW AG which cars are affected
  5. Thats a good idea Dave, also cleaning products
  6. If someone parts them, I'm interested in the ACS wheels
  7. If they are 8.5 offset is likely to be either 13 or 15. I'll find the like and message it to you
  8. There was/is a guy on Facebook selling a set of style 24s, 17x8.5 with good rubber for around $800
  9. Thats cheap! They will fit but will need some narrower tyres (maybe guard roll depending how skinny you go), and some hubcentric rings
  10. There's a meet on the 24th November and cruise to akaroa. Look up BMW Enthusiasts NZ on Facebook. They try to have a meet every couple months
  11. E61 have energy diagnosis available via ISTA. Making sure the battery is correct for the car and registered is the first step and then seeing where the voltage drain from
  12. There was one about 10 years ago maybe? Probably still have it somewhere
  13. Gaz

    E36 328i

    Can vouch for how mint this car is. Will not be disappointed
  14. Why not? They have the same engine as an m5
  15. There is one here in Christchurch
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