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  1. E30 Owners New Zealand Car Club, E30 Car Club NZ
  2. I'll email and find out if there is any known issues. PM me your rego and i'll see if there are any recalls
  3. There was update to the website and process last night. PS - its not a recall checker but registers your vehicle for someone to check it and then contact you about any recalls on the car
  4. Still available from dealers for around $140
  5. Where does a 318is fit into all of this? Customer of mine is flirting with the idea of selling it, NZ New 100kms and immaculate condition. I suggested around the 20k mark but interested to hear others opinions
  6. Never assume anything, will end up costing you more time, money and hassle. Get a smoke tester and check the intake system for leaks
  7. Not overally common for them to drink oil, more so with the 4/8 cylinders. Map your usage over time to get a handle on how much it is using. Eg - do an oil change and once the add 1 litre warning comes on, note how many KM's you have done. Repeat a couple of times to get an average. Correct oil can also make a difference. That limit is typically for M cars, if you are doing that then typically have valve stem seal issues but again, dont see that too often
  8. Soon hopefully, but I've got one of those flat-peaked cap wearing ones so who knows
  9. Idrive? If not, engine on, and use the flicker switch and BC button to go to the reset option, and press and hold. It will then re-calibrate as you drive off. Youtube is handy for this
  10. These dont have TPS, instead use the wheel speed sensors to detect the rolling diameter. Set your tyre pressure, reset the system and you will be ok. It will only detect loss of pressure in relation to the other wheel and not once it drops below a certain pressure. If you ever top up the pressure or change it, you need to reset the system
  11. I paid 10k for mine facelift 325 auto about 3 odd years ago. Now has tech 2 kit, alpina boot spoiler and manual and IF I'd sell it, would want north of 20. I do need sort out the seats however
  12. Had a few customers who used to daily them, can't be that bad to do 150,000km in
  13. There are around 25 criteria for the car to meet before it will turn off but low battery charge is one of them. Most people are thankful it doesn't work so embrace it haha
  14. Dont use your brakes, problem solved
  15. Love a good Lee-on Brouche goes perfect with fixing rusty BMWs
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