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  1. It depends on the person checking the car into the system as to whether the electronic service history is present or not
  2. Funnily enough we went out and bought a 2008 Mondeo, seemed like a better car and so far so good
  3. Definitely replace, also check your other one will be in a similar state no doubt
  4. Got the e36 going for the first time in a few years. Apart from needing a fuel pump, started first pop
  5. There is no dipstick. Get it checked out properly, there is a couple of things that can go wrong with these vehicles, neither of them are cheap
  6. What year mini do you have? Likey reason is that the early ones, R56 etc, were a Rover design so probably used different wheel bolt sizes. I suspect the newer Fxx Minis have the same as BMW.
  7. Contact your local dealer as they will need to transfer it to nz connected drive network. Maybe a small charge.
  8. Nice work! I've got some genuine mtech2 sides in chch if you are interested
  9. Its no use to anyone if I split sorry
  10. Bump, or near offer
  11. Yeah that's them. I'm not sure if he is back from Christmas holidays this Monday or the following
  12. Anytime really. I'm there 8-5 Monday to Friday
  13. Try Luke at Total Body Worx He did some work on my e30 and very happy with how it came out. He also owns a couple of e21s
  14. Did you manage to sort this? If you are in town come see me at Chch BMW and I'll give your keys ago to pair them
  15. Celebratory skids?