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  1. Gaz

    Sending stuff to Aussie

    Need to send some side skirts off to Aussie, any idea who is best/easiest to use? Cheers
  2. Agreed that would be fraud however they didn't, so its not fraud so by bringing it up are you trying to provoke a reaction? Certainly not the way to go about things
  3. You didnt accuse him of selling cars with clearedfault codes did you? Understandably he'd be pissed off cause that's clearly not true otherwise the warranty company would have covered the repair. He is within his rights to ask the warranty if they would cover the repair as the issue could have very well happened after you had picked up the car - that's the risk warranty companies take
  4. Gaz

    Google Home

    Classic bimmersport thread, starts with off with Google and ended up with climate change. The earth skipped it's last ice age due to the start of commercial farming boom that happened 10,000 years ago meaning that the earth should be going through it's normal defrosting stage right now except there a lack of ice to defrost. The start of man made climate change was before we figured out the earth was round so we will never know how much of an effect current human behaviours has on the earth. On a side note, Google home looks cool
  5. Thanks... dont hold your breathe but I can't wait to get it up and running. A mate has a 3.0si which I have envied for a while
  6. Seeing as this is my 2000th post I thought there was no better way to celebrate than to introduce my latest BMW and project..a 2500 E3 aka project paper weight. So the story goes, my hawkeye brother spotted this and a e12 525 for sale on trademe as a combo deal so ended up nabbing them for a bargain. A few months later he messaged me asking if I knew anyone who might want to buy them as he had too much going woth starting his own business. So sold the e12 and a $1000 later the e3 is mine. Where does project 'paper weight' come from? Well it hasn't been run in 10years, rego is still on hold somehow and is mostly complete. It's likely to not do much for the next 6 months while I finish off a few things on the convertible. First step is to get it running and give it a thorough going over. There is rust but so far have only found it in the body panels and then slowly restore it. I got the car 2 weeks after the birth of my first born so hes a good gauge of how long the restore takes.. hopefully it's done by the time he is old enough to drive 😂
  7. There is one being wrecked down south in Invercargill so even more rare now
  8. Gaz

    E36 and e30 mtech stuff

    Sold them outside on Facebook so letting the auction run instead of paying more trademe fees Updated: In fact, got a nice courtesy email from trademe withdrawing the auction for me with no fees but did get a lengthy telling off
  9. Gaz

    A note on BMW Apps SA6NR

    Km to mph is an option within the idrive settings so no coding required. Not sure why cruise control shows mph
  10. Cheaper for the dealer, they pay the excess for the customer and the issue gets fixed
  11. Got some things on trademe and also have some bbs rs waffles and hexs for some 15inch RS that need a refurb $300 E30 mtech2 sides https://www.trademe.co.nz/1754378229 E36 mtech kit https://www.trademe.co.nz/1754374833
  12. Gaz

    Quick Questions

    Anything is cheap with its on special so lets compare apples with apples; Bmw coolant $25 per 1.5litres, Nulon at $20 per 1.5litres. Certainly not 400% more expensive is it?
  13. Gaz

    Quick Questions

    Unless you are paying $5 a litre for your coolant. Bmw stuff is like $25 for 1.5litres and then 50/50 mix it with water No it's not, still have to mix it 50/50 with water
  14. AA inspections don't remove any of the engine covers or undergrad so I doubt they check fault codes
  15. Gaz

    $50k F10 M5

    That how car dealers work, they buy cheap cars and sell them for more. Doesn't matter if it is dime a dozen Toyota or a special edition M3 they are in it to make money and that is how they do it. I'm sure that when they do sell it on then the person buying it is still going to enjoy it, whether they are in NZ or not. The difference is you'd want the M3, and not the Toyota