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  1. Navin

    F80 M3 engine light

    First step should be to get the car scanned at a reputable workshop to figure out what the issue actually is.
  2. Navin

    FS: 2010 135i N55 DCT Coupe

    Glws, pretty much my car's twin haha. Out of curiosity, has your catch can caught much?
  3. Navin

    E82 135i H&R Sport springs - Brand new

    20-30mm for cars with factory Msport suspension from memory. These have been sold. Forgot to update sorry
  4. Didn't even know the X2 existed until I dropped my car off at Auckland City BMW yesterday and they dropped me to work in one. Liked the interior
  5. Navin

    E8X E9X Suspension Arms

    Yeah have seen that kit cheaper on e-bay
  6. Navin

    E8X E9X Suspension Arms

    $1024+gst from George Stocks 😮
  7. Navin

    E8X E9X Suspension Arms

    Hmm wonder how much it'll be. Looks like a decent alternative. Might give George Stocks a ring
  8. Navin

    Good value?

    wonder what the oil looked like in one of those after 50 000kms..
  9. Navin

    135i N55 charge pipe problem

    Yep mine literally crumbled in my hand when i pulled it off
  10. Navin

    First euro - Hi From the Wairarapa

    Welcome! I also moved from a long line of Hondas to a 135i and it's been awesome. Hope your issues get sorted and it's nothing major. Looks like a really tidy example
  11. Navin

    Auckland Vehicle Valuer

    I had previously used Darren Mckillop from Auto-Car-Tel ltd. Going back a few years now but was extremely happy with the valuation. He understood modified/improved cars really well
  12. Navin

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    Yeah i'm considering an IS-f as a next car. Have to agree the interior is a let down but the driving experience does make up for it a bit.
  13. Navin

    heaps of fun for 15k!

    Haha you mean single turb0o0o0o or have you converted yours to twin? That 130i would be plenty of fun for sure and is a lot of car for the money. The one thing i wish the 135i/335i's came with from factory is an LSD
  14. Navin

    Where did the E39 M5 thread go?

    Solid effort he's putting in to sell a car...
  15. Navin

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Is your device in airplane mode? I was having similar issues when i first did it. All good after putting it in airplane mode.