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  1. Are the spark plugs done up properly?
  2. Navin

    Quick rant thread.

    So important for everyone to play their part in this. Wife's a GP and it's so crazy hearing about how lightly some are taking this.
  3. This. 100%. Coming from a DCT owner. The zf8 is truly great, would not be one bit disappointed if I had that instead of the DCT.
  4. Oh man... Would love that in the 135i
  5. Still isn't too bad considering its 13 years old now..
  6. Yep... I actually drove one recently after seeing all the hype here. Great cars and I definitely see the appeal but not comparable to the n54/55. Jumping back into my 135i after, there was a night and day difference. From a reliability point of view I definitely see the merits of a 130i. In saying that, my n55 has been faultless in 3 years of ownership with regular maintenance. But I understand the potential for higher cost repairs with the turbo motors.
  7. Looks to me like the cap has given up, how does the seal look underneath? You'd be surprised how far the stuff sprays under pressure.
  8. Navin

    Quick rant thread.

    Was a month ago now but a weeping $7 mechatronic connector O-ring required my whole DCT box to be removed in order to get to it....i guess the plus side is the gearbox got fully serviced once again so is very healthy.
  9. Navin

    1990 E30 325i SE

    So tidy. makes me miss mine
  10. Awesome thanks! will order one tonight.
  11. That's great, where'd you get that storage tray? I'm wanting to try retrofit a wireless charging pad into one
  12. Whoa 20k worth of work....Keen to hear what needed doing
  13. Redin through their website, it seems like they have quite a bit of experience in the industry. Might give them a go too for the golf
  14. Haha I'm actually contemplating changing it up to either piano black or the carbon trim. Got too used to it over the last few years
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