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  1. Navin

    Bought an M4

    I reckon paint it. Love the look of the diffuser + spoiler. Gives the rear end an aggressive stance
  2. My G20 3 series gives you the option to use the I drive controller or the touch screen at least 😁
  3. Can't believe the wiper speed adjustment on Teslas! That's just ridiculous
  4. @M3AN wow had no idea. Don't think my 135i had it? I know back in the day cars in colder climates had manual shutters to help warm cars up quicker on cold mornings.Interesting!
  5. Haha time will tell... done a bit of reading on these and it doesn't seem to be a common item of failure on them... Yet. Cool idea behind it though.
  6. Yep they're active. open up when needed
  7. Painted the kidneys black, saved myself $300 😁
  8. @qubeI usually mount my spoilers with the thin double sided tape from Repco . Have used that stuff for years for spoilers and it's extremely strong. I've actually got a spare roll of tape that came with the spoiler for the new car if you want. Mounted my spoiler really flush and solid.
  9. Yep, with pretty much every option. Same amount of torque as the 135i 😁
  10. Most definitely, incredible how well this thing handles. And the tech just blows my mind... I haven't even touched the surface, will take some time getting my head around all of it for sure
  11. Picked up the new car and had a fantastic drive back to Auckland. Stoked with it!
  12. Haha nice buy Dave! 135i wheels really suit the hatches, I'm a fan.
  13. Haha nope.. I actually went to test drive the X2 M35i and wasn't a fan at all. It's between the new C class and 3 series at this stage
  14. Sold the 135i..sad sad day. Now to buy a boring 'family' car.
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