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  1. Navin

    M2 comp vs Supra

    This new Supra has really blown lots of expectations from what I've seen online lately
  2. Navin

    Car detailing AKL

    Pretty sure there's something on trade me for him but he has some photos etc on nzhondas. https://nzhondas.com/topic/186808-paint-correction-cut-and-polishing-auckland/?tab=comments#comment-2200638
  3. Navin

    Car detailing AKL

    Yup can recommend Scott too, uses proper gear
  4. Very sharp price even considering the work needed. Imo
  5. I like the v8 one.
  6. I've had literally 0 issues in almost 3 years of ownership other than the weeping sump which was fixed with a full trans service. It was a good idea to do anyway. Most reliable car I've owned which I really didn't expect when purchasing, coming from a long history of owning performance Japs especially. I considered the f20 too but just prefer the shape of the e82 more. In the end the DCT was the deciding factor for me after a test drive.
  7. Yep that would make it an absolute mission. Fingers crossed it's just the sump!
  8. Navin

    Eurotrip 2019

    Just got back from a 2 month trip around Europe. Highlight was certainly the south of France. Rented a car and drove along the coast up to Monaco. What an experience, highly highly recommend it. The Amalfi coast was cool too just a bit harder to get around.
  9. Welcome, car looks great! Good to see more n55 135i's on here The weepy gearbox seems to be a common thing with the dct's. Mine had the same issue, ended up doing a full gearbox service with new sump etc. Been 2 years now and no issues
  10. Especially a 335i with the mods above. Lsd and upgraded sway bars on the 335i will bridge the gap in handling significantly
  11. I was quoted $600-$900 plus GST for the labour alone by a BMW specialist for my e82 n55. Not sure if the F chassis cars would mean an easier install but certainly not cheap.
  12. Yep as above, recommend test driving a n55 DCT model if you haven't yet. I was a manual die hard prior to getting my n55 135i. Have owned it almost 2 years now and still nowhere close to being bored of it. The DCT mated to this motor is an epic package
  13. Tell me about it. Time flies. Just hit 100 000km the other day actually. Truly expected and budgeted for a whole lot of maintenance/repairs prior to buying it but BMW seems to have nailed it with this motor. Touch wood.
  14. Nice! I've had mine coming up to 2 years now, same combo n55 with the DCT. Has been a pleasure to own, not a single issue so far. Just such a fun package. You'll love it
  15. DC2 Honda Integra would be top of my list. the b18c is lots of fun. Loads of potential to handle really well for a FWD. Have owned about 7 or 8 of them in the past. Just lacks the modern safety stuff
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