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  1. Just waiting for the life hacks compilation on YouTube from you now 😄
  2. BMW just got out-riveted 🤣
  3. Nice, have fun! Is that a prefacelift bonnet?
  4. What issues are you having with the SAC? Mine (newly installed) is fine, no CDV so can't comment there. I have traced the rev hang I do have to the smallest lip in the world in my throttle body housing
  5. Dark grey new m140 with m performance exhaust in Hamilton, same car as @BlackrazorNZ I guess
  6. One of @dirtydoogle old BMWs had leaves and crap so old in the drain holes it was compost
  7. My farm bike reads less than 12km, delivered today. It does the metric ton alright so I guess I fall into the first camp?
  8. I second this. Motion carried! Any other business...? I drove mine for the first time in three weeks. Going to have to buy a trickle charger.
  9. I'm quite keen on Blue Oyster Cult. Most of their better work was released during the 70s... you'll be familiar with big hits like Dont Fear The Reaper, Burnin' For You or perhaps This Ain't The Summer Of Love, so perhaps have a listen to 7 Screaming Diz-Busters or Flaming Telepaths. (Too lazy to figure out how to insert links on a phone... sorry)
  10. BMW diesels sound nice, I find. "Some people" are retards. Pretty sure this is the guy I bought an E30 off a while back, it all went smoothly.
  11. Definition of experience, right there!
  12. Yeah but look what happened to the early worm!
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