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  1. Does the car not currently have a multifunction steering wheel installed? I have "S710 M Sports steering wheel, multifunction" off your build sheet in front of me. Pass me that dummy, Stu...
  2. What is your build date, and which of the M-sport wheels are you trying to fit? Also is the new steering wheel known to be working.
  3. This car is proof positive Germany is still pissed about loosing the war. It deserves none of your respect, care and least of all any more of your money. Get rid of it.
  4. The message is to not mix up correlation and causation... Which he then does by conflating human CO2 outputs with increased atmospheric CO2
  5. Plus shortened shifter. Not sure where people get this stuff from.
  6. Had a Totalspan shed built 6 years ago. It was contracted to a bit of a cowboy. Make sure it is one of their regular guys who builds it.
  7. My Mrs wants a 7 seater, but I'm holding off until the last quarter of this year for this reason. I really can't see prices heading upwards for some time.
  8. Be different, put an N46 in it. Oh, ok, I'll leave now...
  9. Does it fit any particular rear bumper, or all of them?
  10. I guess it takes quite a bit to raise an eyebrow with an E36 these days... 1hp/kg should go ok.
  11. Get your kids to draw a cock and balls and attach it as a .pdf, chances are it is never even looked at
  12. Considering the total cost to maintain one of these like it ought to won't be trivial, do you think you will keep the X5 for much longer now the MBI has gone?
  13. Well in true German style, tonight the big bugger took the opportunity to munch it's water pump and dump coolant everywhere. There I was loading up some silage and *sniff sniff* waaait a minute, I recognise that smell...
  14. John Deere suits the BMW owner demographic quite well, you will get comprehensively screwed come servicing time 😂 the twin cylinder Kawasaki engined ones seem to be the ones to get, I got mine (not a Kawasaki engine type) as it was cheap, low hours and local
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