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  1. Thought it would be something along these lines. The damage is really quite superficial, one wire is just missing some of the insulation and the other is missing maybe 10mm total insulation and 5 strands broken. Any ideas what would be the best way to repair this kind of important safety feature (from a legal and VTNZ view), cut and solder or some kind of specific connector?
  2. My 03 E39 touring has the airbag light on. When the car is started it completes it's airbag self check for a fraction of a second and then the airbag light illuminates again. It has been scanned and confirmed the fault is coming from the right rear passenger door airbag area, although the airbag itself communicates it is ok. I pulled the doorcard yesterday to see what I can see, and the wiring loom (two wires, twisted together, leading from the clip that connects the airbag, back into the loom) is damaged. Some of the insulation has been torn away exposing the copper on both wires although not in a place where either wire can short circuit. A few of the copper strands that make up the wire have been separated too. Does anybody with experience with such think this damage is enough to cause the airbag fault or cause it to fail it's self check?
  3. Is that sort of wear usual or expected with these engines?
  4. woot! is right, I'd rock a 328i coupe again. The retreads over at Carjam think this is a sedan
  5. I'd say there is a market- depending on the cost per unit. Ron is likely correct about the WTCC rules, but people spent years putting M50 intake mani's onto their M52's, so f**k logic and yay carbon intake! It won't even have to make more power, the placebo effect (and bling factor) alone will sell it.
  6. So... Gabe, do you have something to tell us?
  7. Rumor has it that BMW are so keen to create a market beating product, this car will come with 6 figure depreciation as standard for the first year!
  8. It is my old one. Needs new trans fluid and the plastic heater return pipes at a minimum. If you swap your sedan for it I will drive up to Auckland and punch you... I know where you live It begs the question of why it is being onsold so quickly... I assume it is a private seller who has just picked it up as a trade-in special? Have never touched the brakes, the seller doesn't know what he is on about
  9. Considering the lecture I got given when talking to The Oracle Of All Things Child Safety Related at Baby City with regards to The Sacred Bolts that secure child seat anchor points... any damn Chinese crap off the shelf will do. I'd suggest using the bolt that fits the current holes (neatly bypassing curryinahurrys fantastic physics lesson, and assuming the original fitter of the towbar hasn't cocked it up royally...) and throw 10.x or 12.x grade bolts at it
  10. BMW on Loan Tab or Debt? BMW Likes To Drip heh many a poor driveway has suffered my various ones, I know that much
  11. It's the end of an institution... Glenn you have gone out of your way several times to help me over the years and it has been much appreciated. Good luck with the camper and all the rest the future holds.
  12. I see you have met our resident Forum Troll and made friends. How nice. Don't feed him, it only encourages... otherwise, "Ron gunna Ron". Be warned it may take a while for him to realise you are serious now he is on a roll. He is capable of sharing genuinely useful information and ideas (no really) if you are prepared to stop being butthurt and engage intelligently with him. He may even draw you a spreadsheet! Good luck.
  13. What happened to the interior shots, G?
  14. Aaaand here ya go Possible booby prize for the next Coffee meet?
  15. You have all the help you need. DISREGARD REPCO they are retards, go to the BMW dealer in Rotorua (yes there is one) and ask them direct.