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  1. Found out that degreaser doesn't like your rocker cover grommets if they bathe in it for too long. Damn it!
  2. Got to hoon around Taupo Track/ Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park in a single seat race car today as my 30th bday present, very cool- highly recommended to all! Still wondering where the bit between taking off and the checkered flag went..... PS dont loose track of what gear you are in, trying to exit the hairpin in 2nd instead of 3rd means too much wheelspin will send you off!
  3. Was that steering wheel factory fitted?
  4. ADS might not be able to communicate with it fully? INPA might be a better bet (there you go, two pie in the sky speculations to keep you awake at night with) Pretty sure it was Power Stop in Tauranga sorted out my 530i module when it failed. They see lots of of these with all sorts of problems
  5. What is this "bars" business... does the battery tell you how shot it is?
  6. The car in the picture has blue brake calipers... does this mean it has performance brakes? And does this make it more likely we will get 5er police cars too?
  7. I'm not that far away from him and will soon be selling an 03 non-M 530 touring... watching the offered price plummet concerns me a little!
  8. Very nice... in fact it looks stunning!
  9. I should add apart from having a whinge, we are investigating using directional antenna to maybe do something with the cell reception we do have, it is a long shot though
  10. No cell reception except for a select few hilltops in the middle of the farm. We are only 10min off of SH2 as well.
  11. So, for the comedic Auckland based dickheads on here who were recently making fun of my ability to tell if I had the internet or not... have logged two separate faults with Chorus this week resulting in several visits and various workarounds and fixes, service is now fully restored to a whopping 0.27 mbps download and 0.2mbps upload speed "Rural towns" like Te Puke have been told they are in line for UFB, well that's nice for them, they are a 20min drive away from us properly rural types
  12. Decided to settle for?!?! Mate, I prefer the straight six It's one of those things, you have to test drive both as they are quite different and so you have to find which suits you better. We can probably all agree the 535i V8 is crap tho
  13. How much for the used durries? Can you include the Mentos, cheers PS serves you right for shopping at Repco
  14. Triggered. I need a safe space!
  15. I replaced the front struts, spring pads, shock mounts etc on my 03 non M Touring for about $500, so it's not a deal breaker if you get it cheap enough. The beige interior might take some getting used to...