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  1. Or German Federal law interference
  2. I thought this thread would be about the 120d Ray is selling...
  3. It's a truck, it is supposed to be dirty. Stop being a poof! Parked one of mine in the rain to rinse some of the dirt off it.
  4. It isn't relevant to the sale but it is certainly of interest to anyone else with one of these engines- what were the issues and how were they caused? Good luck with the sale. It's a lovely colour!
  5. It looks like I have been doing it wrong, oops
  6. Worth noting also that an E39 or E38 unit may physically fit but the viewing angle will be all on the p1ss, you will find it hard to read Did you figure out if it came from factory with a cassette type unit or a screen and nav type?
  7. Much prefer the look of this stereo setup to any of the screen types, even with your wire doofer hanging out. Screens are a bit too Xzibit "Pimp my Ride" for me
  8. Doug was kind enough to stop by and give us a drive on his way back down. Can confirm is is "alright"
  9. Wasn't me, I refuse to eat and drive Blame Smith & Smith for the windscreen, every time they touch one of my cars I am upset with something they have or haven't done. Some kind of weird synergy going on here because I am looking at dealing to trim which has just started lifting in the Topaz Touring's cabin too!
  10. That is solely petrol or diesel powered cars- if they are hybrid or whatever they will still be allowed to be sold new after 2040. At this point, anyway... The really retarded thing about that situation is it was introduced in response to an EU directive to have a cleaner car fleet- after the UK voted for Brexit!
  11. Bah,the research is flawed- it doesn't need to be either/or... I'll take a 3.0d X5 and an i8, thanks
  12. Slightly NSFW, just so nobody gets in trouble... fashion, you fickle beast- all these people thought they looked cool, once!
  13. @dirtydoogle
  14. You got a new number plate! New rear brake pads and a handbrake adjustment for the 520i last night, handbrake was barely functional beforehand. Also replaced it's washer fluid lines.
  15. Hi Craig, welcome to Bimmersport. Some more photos would be helpful, and the last 7 digits of the VIN essential. Thanks, and good luck with the sale.