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  1. Jeepers... Thirsty work, is it?
  2. Excepting the meetings when they want to push through something controversial in a hurry... Those ones are closed.
  3. Nice work, Stu. You'll have to get a bigger shed!
  4. Rich will go on a diet.
  5. It's brilliant. Such skinny wheels and uglier than any other BMW to date, also featuring odd coloured body panels... Good choice I reckon 👍 it's one of those cars that makes me laugh whenever I see one, like a Multipla or Vel Satis.
  6. I didnt think that cheap nasty MOMO brand did RFT tires?
  7. I think @hotwire can help you out here. I remember he used to sell an aftermarket retrofit option on tardme a while back.
  8. Well of course, there wasn't anything wrong with their o-rings otherwise they'd have done the decent thing and replaces them all... Right??? Like my mate reckons: deny, deny, deny- and 9 months later, still deny.
  9. Yeah thats what an E34 feels like to drive. *flame suit on*
  10. The amount of bad sh*t that is out there about them, it is clear anyone who buys an N46B20 can't read.
  11. I'd love one. Just look at it, it's mental. Straight six too so ought to sound amazing.
  12. The guy literally grabbed someone by the pussy and was paid 50K to quit, wasn't sacked. I'm not sure how these people look at themselves in the mirror.
  13. Public transport is the future, don't you know. Also f**k what you plebs want, you need to be told by your betters in your district council what you want. And that is, empty cycle lanes and empty busses.
  14. Yours, Graham? 😋 also whats that next to it, MG?
  15. Yep that thought has always intrigued me. Vastly different cars.
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