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  1. I have always been curious, what does the H stand for? Looks like you'd need to be the good Lord to get this thing going, too...
  2. Stuka Pilot is on the "to read" list, I am slowly working my way through all the books by wartime pilots I can find. I wish my eyes had been good enough to do something like it for a job!
  3. Me too! I downloaded it. I felt guilty as it was such an awesome read so I made a donation to The Missing Wingman trust. He is a motivational speaker amongst other things now, there are videos of him speaking on Youtube which are also pretty incredible
  4. I recently read Sled Driver by Brian Shul, seeing a Blackbird would be very cool
  5. @EURO V12 he's in the bit where the guys mugging you wear suits
  6. I have a serial port too. Everything else I remember reading says ADS + USB = No I won't annoy him with this, I am about to lump him with two broken desktops with a request to recover data haha Yo @hotwire are we on the right track here? Or don't you know coz you only use the real deal
  7. I was thinking something like these guys have. To start with, anyway! Like @Olaf, I'm not looking to set the world on fire- fault codes and maybe some options fiddling (auto-up windows while door open etc) This assumes the Interwebs is right, and there's no kind of US specific nonsense around this issue for us in NZ! This 5h1t is starting to hurt my brain
  8. Why no love for the poor 520... From BimmerFest, "Note that E39s (built from 1998 onward), do NOT use the ADS interface"
  9. The 520i is a 1998 model and has "Pac-man", the 530i's are early 2003 and very much 16pin OBD2, no pacman to be seen there I'm thinking a K-Line cable with an additional Pacman to serial adapter for the older car
  10. So just to add to all this confusion- I'm running Win10 64bit and also have a serial port
  11. Cheers for that Dave. Sadly (or not) the laptop I was going to use isn't that old. I'll give Andy a bell, he was talking about old laptops going cheap for this job a while ago
  12. Huh good timing with all the info guys. I had just decided to start looking at getting a tool for my fleet of E39s
  13. You understand the need to render those unsafe DarkThunderDragon tires unuseable to anybody else, right? Skids
  14. This would be an upgrade from the factory cupholders, in that they look like they may actually work. They are a bit spendy, though... I recently replaced mine with original items- not because I actually use 'em, but it bugged me that they were broken. I think it would be a shame to loose the space in front of the gearshift.
  15. $5605 final price. Good buying, if you ask me.