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  1. Young Thrash Driver

    E39 530i for $15k !

    Funny how some people think low km is special, @hqstu has dropped some coin on my old one but nearly double this things km and probably as tidy. And it isn't silver 😉 Still, nice to see a tidy well looked after example.
  2. Young Thrash Driver

    e91 gas struts - advice

    I wondered about this, there is a guy local to me who can refurb. It was cheaper to get new ones tho- Stabilus too, not eBay junk. Maybe someone in Welly has higher volume/ cheaper pricing?
  3. Young Thrash Driver

    E39 airbag issue

    So because I hate coming across threads that have no conclusion: While the wiring to the door airbags is indeed damaged there was no actual fault (apart from an old "ghost" code) with them. After chasing codes that went from weird to outright spurious- culminating in "Passenger seatback not locking", a code that belongs on a convertible!- Tauranga Auto Electric found the whole mess was caused by a failed passenger occupancy sensor mat .
  4. Young Thrash Driver

    E39 Fuel Injector servicing, good option?

    You will get rid of the car well before the injectors are due to be serviced again, I'd say 😉
  5. Young Thrash Driver

    E39 Fuel Injector servicing, good option?

    Heard much good about injectortech. They will replace all the o-rings and pintle caps and make sure the spray pattern etc is all correct. They are totally a serviceable item, no need to throw the old ones away.
  6. Young Thrash Driver

    Do tyres grow?

    A few km away from us is an intersection where 150-200 boy racer types congregate every Friday night. It would appear- for them anyway- that tyres grow on trees!
  7. Young Thrash Driver

    New BMW in the South of the North

    Wow- she's quite a looker! Welcome to your new addiction- I hope it treats you kindly
  8. Young Thrash Driver

    Installing garage doors - recommendations please

    I recently replaced two on an old shed and was around when three got put into a new shed- really not hard at all. Any pro should have minimal trouble.
  9. Young Thrash Driver

    98 E36 318iS

    What is s928a "tire control"?
  10. Young Thrash Driver

    The ultimate chick magnet

    I dunno. Reckon it would be alright at picking up gay blokes tho!
  11. Young Thrash Driver

    E53 4.4 x5 vibration

    What kind of a retard just goes tipping oil into an engine without first checking the dipstick? How did they know it needed two litres, or one or even five without checking the dipstick? And of course- with newer BMW's now having no dipstick at all, can we expect to see more of this kind of thing?
  12. Young Thrash Driver

    The new BMW M2 Competition.

    @gjm edit: I quite like what they have done with the kidneys. Also, it makes me lol hard whenever I read how proud they are about the fuel consumption and CO2 figures for their 300kW sports car...
  13. Young Thrash Driver

    Road Toll Not working

    What are the accident stats for tourists driving camper vans?
  14. Young Thrash Driver

    Road Toll Not working

    Replace everyone's drivers airbag with a spike and let Mr Darwin do his thing. Seriously tho, you can't legislate against retardedness (I'd class most bureaucrats and politicians as retards) but you can attempt to educate. Refer to my comments re: bureaucrats however when you think on the fact that skills based training was rejected on the grounds that if people have better skills, they will just go faster and have worse crashes. Add to this most people in transport planning national/regional level jobs are greenie types who are only interested in getting us to take a bus or bike- cars are old hat, embrace the glorious transport revolution, comrades! Yes we have a problem with drivers- but we also have a very real, very dangerous bureaucrat problem.
  15. Young Thrash Driver

    Road Toll Not working

    Oh cummon, get real. Setting that goal is the solution we have been missing all these years. All we need now is an inspirational slogan- Let's do this!