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  1. Gotta be quick around here Nath! Just tee-ing up to get them to someone in Tauranga, if it falls over they are yours. Sump gasket gone too.
  2. Don't be a wanker and ask for photos. Third world countries have better internet than me.
  3. One M20 sump gasket, cork type. New in packaging. GONE Assorted used M20 coolant hoses. Set of front and rear E39 mudflaps. One 255/40R17 Potenza RE050, maybe 7mm tread, evenly worn. GONE One 255/40R17 Potenza RE050 II RFT, 5mm tread, a little worn on one shoulder but still very legal. GONE That's about it, the rest of the garage junk I really, really, need. 🙄 Some M20 bits went to the dump without thinking, oops.
  4. I sprayed dyed yours. Does it need doing again? How'd you get on with the fuel leak, too?
  5. Same car really as my wife's Madaz 6, putting larger (factory) rims on it certainly helped the grip and handling.
  6. There goes the next two pages...
  7. @B.M.W Ltd you said it hadn't even had it's first oil change yet. What are the service intervals for these? Hyundai is doing some nice blues nowadays.
  8. As a slight sideways step, I am fairly certain an E39 touring has more boot space than an E53 X5.
  9. Good work! I just put a new SAC and DMF in mine, that dowel was a right bastard too. A manual E39 really is a wonderful thing. Also, if you want a heavier throw on your shifter, I have the approx 6m of solder @Allanw wrapped around the shaft going spare
  10. You will need to have it scanned by someone competent. Even if you got a professional scanner (to avoid the bogus returns that the cheap readers can generate), the results can still lead you down the garden path. Case in point, Tauranga Auto Electric told me that when they began troubleshooting a fault I had, they were getting a seat back locking fault code- a convertible specific code, and the vehicle was a sedan.
  11. Jared that looks really good! But I might be biased... it is very similar to mine
  12. New clutch, flywheel, shifter bushes, rear main seal and a bunch of gearbox seals in the 525i on the weekend. The car is transformed! Had some fun when I went to Coombes Johnson to pick up a seal, USD1.47 on FCPEuro and $58.90 at BMW
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