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  1. Two of the best things I did in my 335i were linear throttle and boost by gear. Hugely recommend it. Even with an LSD without them it was a toss of the coin to which way the back end would slide if you took off with a bit of gusto. Linear throttle meant I had much more control over how much throttle I was actually giving the engine at any one time, and boost by gear meant I could run stock boost in first gear to get off the line smoothly, a couple of PSI more in second to start hauling, and then maximum boost in the rest of the gears. A+ would trade again.
  2. Those Alpina sound like they are E36/E46 offset though. Ps, buy the M parallels, they're gorgeous.
  3. Can you get a photo of the markings on the backside of the wheel face? That'd give you an idea of what it is
  4. Oh gutted, freedom spec engine strikes again.
  5. I wasn't aware of that, I thought only the E36 M3 got that poxy "US ///M" motor and the zeds got the full fat euro engine?
  6. This doesn't compute eh. M54B30 is factory rated for 228hp, so that will be at the flywheel and less ATW. My old S50B30 made 240hp ATW, and the B32 makes more than that, sooooooo.... I'm with you on that one. Someone is spinning a story there.
  7. Ouch, yeah, way over priced. Not Motorsport, no cruise, no paddleshift, no comfort access, no light package, no xenon, pretty basic really.
  8. KwS

    Quick Questions

    I know when i had the E91 i looked into Carly and there were warnings about certain FRM units that would sh*t the bed if used with Carly. Maybe related? http://support.mycarly.com/knowledge-base/carly-safe-coding-specially-regarding-frm-ecu/
  9. KwS

    Quick Questions

    A lot of cars have locking tabs/washers and according to realoem and google the e36 is one of them. looks like they were axed for the e46 so will run without. Thanks for the info on the lock stops. Sounds like something I don't need, so will run without.
  10. KwS

    Quick Questions

    Do they double as locking washers to lock the inner rack ends or is it just to shorten lock?
  11. KwS

    Quick Questions

    Came out of a compact. What are the stops? It looks like the e36 used thin metal washers as locking tabs? No sign of anything for locking tabs in realoem for e46 ti
  12. Iirc the common single mass conversion flywheel is an M20 one? I recall that's what was used when my 323i was converted. I believe there are good options for flywheel and clutch kits on trademe now, but someone else will need to chime in on that.
  13. KwS

    Quick Questions

    E46 steering rack. Do they use locking tabs on the inner rack ends? Rack came without ends, and new ends dont have locking tabs.
  14. Welcome back. E36 life is best life. Hellrot really does suit the shape, lovely.
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