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  1. "Like 90% of E60/61 Sunroof models theyr common for sunroof drains blocking and flooding floor of car, this one had that aswell as the LH shuttle drains blocked which filled up the ecus with water. Non accident damaged" Lots of electrics live on in the floor pans on these things.
  2. Can you feel if the inlet and outlet hoses of the heater core are getting hot when the coolant is?
  3. ooooooooooh, please tell me this isnt the same stock and very tidy one i saw doing the daily run each day? Looks dumb on those wheels, the stock ones suited it better. Always saw him driving around, and swooned over the iX.
  4. The E36 M3 Evo is also well known for having weak bottom end bearings too. Theyre just highly strung engines that need care.
  5. What an amazing project that would be. Not keen on the LHD personally, but would be worth converting. I wonder if it has any relation to this thread? Cant be many of this limited model in NZ?
  6. sh*t i would have been keen at that money, if i had known about it. Its an awesome car.
  7. Why? Theres no benefit to the car by having cats. Best not even have a V10 M6 if you care about the environment lol. Those M6s are f**k ugly, but its a cool color. Better than black or silver.
  8. No, the germanplates are missing the little reflective fern the NZ plates have
  9. Its like $80 vs $300, if you dont get caught. Govt euro plates are crack money.
  10. Illegal but good. Didnt have an issue with them on my M3 down here, and theres heaps on cars here now.
  11. Wish @_ethrty-Andy_ was still doing German Plates group buys.
  12. Yeah, i was looking at it going "oh wow, why do all the good cars come up when im not in the market?!" and then i saw it was auto and closed the page. Its very very nice, but a limited market with that trans, at that price.
  13. Best color and interior too
  14. Oh yes, Repco special purple tints too!