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  1. KwS

    Picking up the baton: ‘94 E36 M3

    Ive heard talk of the Y5DDC plugs coming apart, but never seen it happen. Very curious how it came loose, is the crush washer on the plug crushed? There is an NGK alternative, but i dont recall the PN. It was also damn near impossible to find in NZ without being a horrific price, so i went with the Bosch too.
  2. KwS

    It's very nice but is it $38k nice?..

    Seller seems to be getting a tad bothered in the q&a now. I still bet though, that despite their insistance that you will see the value when viewing it, it won't be more than a 25k car max. I'd be curious if things like the vanos have been done, but I'm not one to waste time asking.
  3. KwS

    x1 e84 Engine Malfunction after work

    Translate.google.com or even better, the Google translate app on your phone. Pissing into the wind otherwise, not knowing what the codes are.
  4. KwS

    E9X Jap interiors

    Love the half alcantara "cloth" trim on the motorsport seats. BMW has been using it since at least E46/E39 and I much prefer it to the leather.
  5. KwS

    My fave photo is of the........

    Also, whats up with the faded badge? Guessing it spent most of its life outside in the UK?
  6. KwS

    My fave photo is of the........

    I'm fond of the idrive controller photo, personally.
  7. KwS

    It's very nice but is it $38k nice?..

    The thing is, the seller has no intention of "finding out the hard way". They're sticking to their guns. All their listings are significantly over priced. I dont know what the game is, but they aint selling. I even love that the previous owner said its worth about 25k, and the seller claims their "valuer" has told them its price has gone up. For that sort of money i would want the steering wheel retrimmed so its not worn and shiney, same with the gear knob, a glovebox that isnt sagging, and an exhaust that isnt hanging down. The front LH bumper rub strip looks like its marked as well. And thats what i can see from the photos, let alone what i'd point out in person.
  8. KwS

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Probably blame China for that. They'll label anything, as anything, to sell it.
  9. Well, it will be $1 Res on tardme when I pull it out, get in there guys! 🤣
  10. KwS

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Spotted a red E39 M5 in lower Hutt today. Almost broke my neck looking at it. Mmm
  11. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    People that still rubbish CVT are either recycling old stories of early CVT, and/or haven't lived with a good modern one. Love my one in my daily. Wouldn't want to go back to a trans that has gears.
  12. A couple of months on, how do you like the new springs?
  13. KwS

    Picking up the baton: ‘94 E36 M3

    Yeah this is a weird thing with the vin decoders I think. I noticed that on both the M3, and on my earlier MSport 323i that had the same 4 spoke wheel. Both listed it as "multifunction". The wheel you have fitted is much better than the old 4 spoke, but i never really clicked with that design of wheel. Its pretty ugly imo (that giant airbag, ugh). I had planned on ditching the airbag and going for a nice Nardi wheel. Easy on that car because no passenger airbag, unlike my M328i. E: oh and the correct fluid for the diff is Penrite 80W-140 (or as i originally used, Castrol Syntrax Limited Slip 75W-140, but its hard to get. We carried it on the shelf when I did parts at Mercedes). Has all the proper additives in it for the LSD. Ill be doing mine this weekend.
  14. KwS

    WTD: M3 Bracket

    Im at my wits end trying to find the part number for this damn bracket, so does anyone happen to have one from an M3 that was wrecked or modified? It holds the large round electrical connector to the side of the expansion tank. Its the black bracket on the side in the photo
  15. KwS

    BMW service

    KM doesnt tell the whole story though. Could've been sitting rotting for a long period, or sitting in traffic with lots of engine hour and few KM. Totally agree with Glenn though, all of that stuff is deferred maintenance that is catching up now.