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  1. Even stage 2+ (which mine is on) doesnt pop and crackle without turning up burble tune. The stock exhaust does a good job of containing that.
  2. Let me do you a favour OP and buy those nasty old DS1 wheels off you...
  3. I have catless dp with standard exhaust on my e91, and without burble tune there are no pops at all. Has a nice sound to it.
  4. Early m3 with the DS1 wheels were a square setup factory.
  5. Is it an N54 or N55, obviously one lacking a turbo means a different downpipe. There has been a lot of discussion on here, so worth doing a search.
  6. KwS

    Rough Idle Diagnosis

    My car had no CEL, no codes. Just ran like a bag of dicks when cold, with the idle surging. Was also down on power when warm, but wasnt too bad.
  7. KwS


    I have nothing to add, except wow thats a great looking car!
  8. Last I looked a set of BC gold weren't that expensive locally, and a damn sight better than those unknown Chinese things. Oh and what the hell is the point in adjustible suspension that doesn't have damper adjustment?! That screams cheap sh*t.
  9. KwS

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Still looks cool 😃
  10. KwS

    Rough Idle Diagnosis

    I will also say, your cold start idle sounds exactly like my 523i before i redid the vanos on it. issue was gone after that
  11. KwS

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    washer scum still happens here. My Mini had scum in the lines the other day, despite having all new tank/lines/pump/jets recently, and using tap water and wurth washer additive.
  12. KwS

    Rough Idle Diagnosis

    Whatever works man, ain't no judging here. Just as long as it will be replaced and isn't a permanent fix lol.
  13. KwS

    is this a real Schnitzer?

    Must've put up photos for the wrong car, certainly wasn't anything special previously. Just a bog standard silver coupe. That wheel is an smg wheel isn't it? Can be retrofitted with some wiring, to any E46 iirc
  14. KwS

    1990 E30 325i SE

    Gorgeous car! Some nice photography there too.
  15. i dont care what you guys say, that colour and interior combo is what makes it worth that money. Im a fan of (and one of few at that) PY/Kiwi, but it doesnt hold a candle to that blue with the ///M cloth interior. Swooon.