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  1. Car came with them fitted, but they were stainless downpipes, not gutted stock ones.
  2. Pretty sure that isnt stock? My decatted E91 wouldnt pop and bang without turning it up in MHD. Standard exhaust other than decats.
  3. KwS

    XHP tune

    I found stage 3 in my E91 was far too aggressive and harsh when shifting in anything but D mode. Sure, it was damn quick, but it got tiring after a bit. I went down to stage 2 and liked it much better, and didnt lose that much shift speed.
  4. I have a brand new bare pedal here if that's what you're after?
  5. Jesus that kitted one is ugly.
  6. Agreed on grounding kit. Causing no harm leaving it in there as long as you stop it melting. Also probably causing no benefit leaving it in there too though. Very common on jap import stuff.
  7. I cant get over that horrible kink in the window line at the rear door. Having one in your hands, can you tell if there is a reasonable reason for it? Would be interested to know what your long term opinion of the car is. I like the premise behind them (BEV with extender, in small body with decent handling), but they're quite a way out of my price range atm.
  8. A better option is to fill with a diesel oil as it has far more detergents, run it for a bit, drain it and then fill with preferred oil. I wouldnt use a kero based engine flush, they're pretty aggressive.
  9. Wait, you have a B5? How did i miss this?
  10. KwS

    E36 M3 1994

    Long gone. owned by another bimmersport member now.
  11. KwS

    E81 130i 2008

    Did you sell this in the end? Been seeing it out and about a bit recently. Looks good, and sure sticks out being 3 door and all.
  12. Yup, sold it back in June before i went overseas on holiday, to someone that randomly contacted me after I had stopped listing the car. Nothing I did fixed the idle issue, and the new owner wasnt bothered by it. Sold for 12 or 13k, as is with no reg/wof/cert. Should be up in Auckland again, and getting a widebody.
  13. KwS

    M3 E36 sedan

    Lol, I would if I hadn't already sold it. Gotta get on that price train!
  14. KwS

    M3 E36 sedan

    What, you not going to try and sell it for 30+k like the other dreamers out there?! Seems like a sharp price for a rare car, in a lovely colour.
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