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  1. And come on, this has already been posted two threads below this....
  2. No no, did you not read this thread? Its the LTW!
  3. Whats with all the newbies on the forum coming in guns blazing? Theres about three of them in the past week or so. Is it the same person with different logins? There was that one the other day about the 1M too. E: Lol, didnt even read the post directly above about those two being the same person.
  4. This customs document clearly states its 20 years from first registration overseas. But, does also state its got to be 20 years before entry to nz, so seems like you're screwed If you bring the car in before it's hit 20 years, even if you wait until that 20 years is up it wouldn't be allowed. https://www.customs.govt.nz/globalassets/documents/fact-sheets/fact-sheet-29-advice-on-private-motor-vehicle-imports.pdf
  5. The fill plug is pretty big, i'd be surprised if you couldn't see in there with just a torch and your eyes.
  6. So technically the nz ltw rep was actually a better car 🙄🤣🤣
  7. What good is an M3 chassis NUMBER when the car isnt original anymore, and has 400,000km on the body anyway? There is no value in that.
  8. Ive bought and sold a lot of cars, and not once used anything other than Tardme. I tried Facebook, but its marketplace is cancer and nothing but a waste of time. You might get some cars sold via word of mouth, or flicking it off to a dealer or turners, but everything else basically happens on TM. The exception is of course rare and uncommon cars, but M3s are cheaper and easier to get elsewhere than in NZ.
  9. Perfect candidate for the S54 swap, but the problem is that the rest of it isnt worth much. Body, almost worthless. Interior, a couple of grand depending on condition. The intake and bonnet might be another grand to the right person. Value is really in the gearbox and diff, but even then who wants donor parts that have that many miles on them? I'd estimate its worth about 5k. God an S54 E36 would be the tits though.
  10. Woah, calm down tough guy 😂
  11. Widebody, LSD and some interior changes yeah? Other than the widebody, all easily addable to a 135i and still have a big wad of change left over. Im a big fan of the 1M, don't get me wrong, but i still wouldn't pay the huge premium for one unless i was in it for collecting, and not for driving and enjoying.
  12. i like the 1M a lot, but it makes more financial sense to me to buy a manual 135i for 20k and have basically the same car.
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