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  1. KwS

    E34 M5

    Ignoring the price, golly its a good looking car. Mmm.
  2. KwS

    E39 M5

    Its your car, do what suits you, not what others want. Or do what every man and his dog does these days and put M stripes on them.
  3. KwS

    Replace mosfets in e91 dmc/ecu

    Something you might do @Michael. ?
  4. KwS

    CSL time again

    if you dont like them, why even go to the effort of bringing it up? Either buy the car and fix them yourself (which is cheap), or just go away. In regards to the price, go buy another CSL, right now. You cant? Well thats why the price is what it is. Also cant remember the last time i saw a black CSL available? Oh and alcantara goes smooth and shiney if you so much as look at it. I wouldnt say its "overworn" but maybe hasnt been properly cleaned in a while. It can be easily restored. Its not like the bolster is torn through or torn.
  5. Also appears to be missing the exclusive front splitter? Looks like a bloody nice car, and a rare limited model at that, but jebus thats a lot of money!
  6. KwS

    CSL time again

    Love the whinger in the Q&A complaining about the black grilles. GTFO buddy.
  7. KwS

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Gosh i love a Titansilber E39 Msport. A great looking car for sure.
  8. Now THIS is the car to get if you wanted an E36 M3 and can live with SMG (or want to convert it). An Evo, in techno, low KM, NZDM, carbon, and individual "Blue Violet" leather. Not a fan of the eyebrow things or the exhaust tips, but easily fixed. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1618648582.htm?rsqid=9eea54c35483401fa0dc765eadc08ca5 ======================================== Vehicle information ======================================== VIN: WBSBG92080EA89949 Type code: BG92 Model: Мotorsport (EUR) E-F-R series: E36 2 Series: 3 Type: COUPE Steering: RL Doors: 2 Engine: S50 Displacement: 3.20 Power: 236 (321 hp) Drive: HECK Transmission: MECH Paint code: 299 - TECHNO-VIOLETT METALLI Upholstery code: Z1XX - SONDERPOLSTERUNG Prod.date: 1997-11-24 S209 Differential lock 25% S243 Airbag for front passenger S246 Manually adjust. steering column S302 Alarm system S314 Door mirror, driver lock, heated S325 Rear spoiler S362 Vent window, electric, rear S401 Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric S410 Window lifts, electric, front S428 Warning triangle and first aid kit S431 Interior rear-view mirror with auto dip S440 non-smoker package S458 Electr. front seat adjustment S465 Through-loading system S498 Headrests mechanically adjustable, rear S510 Headlight vertical aim control S520 Fog lights S534 Automatic air conditioning S542 Check Control S548 Kilometre speedo S554 On-board computer V with remote control S672 CD changer for 6 CDs S676 HiFi speaker system S687 Radio preparation S710 M sports steering wheel, multifunction S793 SEQUENTIELLES M-GETRIEBE S818 Battery master switch S850 Additional Export tank filling S853 Language version, English S864 Dealer List Overseas S880 Operating instructions, English S925 Dispatch protection pack ======================================== Individual equipment ======================================== ---- Processing Individual Sign quot; BMW individual quot; Z1XX Upholstery Individual Collection: Leather in current BMW standard colors. The following scope is in leather nappa blue violet (No. 2 261 753) show: Front and rear seats Rear panel of front seat backs Head rest Inserts in the door and Rear side panels Remaining interior like leather Nappa black, Schl.Nr. N5SW
  9. Bump. Not keen to install more extensions to fix something that can be sorted in the admin panel.
  10. KwS

    NZ's cheapest M3

    You guys get your panties in a twist over the most mundane things
  11. KwS

    Two written off E46 M3's up for auction

    That yellow one, i seem to recall it was on facebook forsale locally recently? Looks like it would be worth saving if it were cheap enough. That LSB one though, thats the one to buy and fix. A great color and rare at that.
  12. KwS

    E81 130i

    Personal preference, id take a 4 door manual over 2 door auto. If it were a dct or 135i it would be a different story, but NA + slushbox auto just doesnt scream fun.
  13. KwS

    e39 540 Oxford Green

    Lovely colour, shame the photos ruin it. Interesting to note it has leather but not heated.
  14. KwS

    E81 130i

    wrong trans and those stripes are yuck
  15. KwS

    Beautiful 750iL for sale

    Lovely looking car. Interesting that the extended leather/stitching isnt mentioned in the options list (although that "soft leather" looks soooo lush). I actually like it with the E65 wheels.