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  1. I wouldnt hesitate to get a lawyer involved if i were in this situation. The dealer sounds like an a**hole for misleading you like that. I wouldnt personally want to buy a car that has had that bad of a frontal impact, no matter how it was repaired.
  2. Please explain it to us.
  3. Still yet to come across any Japanese cars with bolts, so not all "Modern well engineered cars" have them. Or are you just showing your ignorant bias and meaning European cars?
  4. I too have used Beisan seals, on two cars now and the quality is great. The guides on the site are generally good too (with the exception of the S50B30 euro, which i have advised Raj was wrong and he abused me for it and still hasnt updated it). I would be very wary about buying something so important from a random ebay seller. You just dont know what you will actually get.
  5. Why do i feel like the username has also been on this forum before?
  6. Black one is a Vitesse with the later deep front spoiler. The other one is a Vanden Plas EFI with the standard Series 2 spoiler.
  7. The same way i did when i had a BMW, lots of degreaser
  8. I have a pair. V8 of course
  9. Got around to buying a pair of Germanplates for one of my Rovers the other week. $130 shipped for a pair with frames. Will never be able to justify the $370 for "legit" euro plates. Sure, the font isnt the same, but ill take the risk.
  10. Just a reminder of how good this car looked before Andy sold it. Dont be disheartened, its an awesome wagon.
  11. @Timythenerd I hope Andy doesnt mind, but this is what he said when i asked about them. I hope this helps. Interesting to note he mentioned the standard temp gauge worked, so it must have been wired correctly back then.
  12. Im really glad its gone to someone that will continue building the car up, instead of just trashing it. Some of the issues you mentioned were answered by Andy when i was originally looking to buy the car from him, and may not be an easy fix without more custom work (the tailgate wiring and heater/AC comes to mind). Ill keep checking in on this thread for progress; i look forward to seeing it.
  13. Jeez, sounds like an extensive frontal to need that much work done. I wouldnt be happy with that at all, if it wasnt disclosed.
  14. Its funny how much the AMG kit improves the look of these. The normal poverty model CLS is so ugly.
  15. Im sure when i first clicked the link when it was posted, the reserve/buy now was something like $1500. Obviously saw how many views he was getting and upped the price. I dont think 2k is unreasonable for it though. Coupe, 318IS MSport, manual, lush M-Rain vader interior. Be worth more in parts.