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  1. Even the paperwork is water damaged 🤣
  2. Not a turbo timer, looks like a pivot throttle controller for mad response. That interior colour is great though.
  3. Unless im doing it wrong, it looks like RealOEM doesnt list springs for this car when you look it up, so maybe they are some special ones?
  4. Oh lordy I want that a lot. Perfect inside and out. Maybe manual swap it, but wouldnt mind the auto.
  5. Shes a bit rough though. Is "darkish red" an individual colour?
  6. Banning or silencing members should ALWAYS be the last resort and is generally considered overkill and a bit gross.
  7. Mmm, not sure on those mirror caps tbh, look a bit too batman-ish to me. Original mirrors looked nicer.
  8. Nice looking car, love the subtle blue. I also second the opinion to not go to Stage2+. I had it, and the power was just stupid for the road. Sure, you could pass anything in the blink of an eye (and risk your license in the process) but acceleration from a stop/low speed was greatly hampered by not being able to put that power down. Even with an LSD my car struggled, it killed a lot of the enjoyment of trying to drive it fast. Without an LSD it would've been impossible. It was good for sliding around, if that's what tickles your bits. Stage1+ is just more useable.
  9. That colour combo is bloody amazing! 😍
  10. I did the sleeve and tube seals on my E91. Made a noticeable difference, but that trans was average at best anyway (probably to do with the nasty fluid that had been in there for 154000km, and at stage 2+). https://www.tasteslikepetrol.net/2018/11/schnellwagon-transmission-service-and-lifetime-fluid/ I used INPA to reset adaptions and set trans level at temp.
  11. I would've deleted your question too, if thats it. You sound like a time waster trying to tank his listing. Just let the guy sell his car. If it doesn't sell, he will know its over priced.
  12. Jesus that interior looks good!
  13. F'ing 335i sums up my ownership of one too TBH. There was always something that wasn't right, even after thousands had been spent doing all the common failure points. I wouldn't do it again. I'd love an E90 M3 though, but that bearing thing would scare the hell out of me. Even if its not as bad an issue as the interwebs says, its still got to hang in the back of the mind.
  14. Strangely my youshop parcel that has been in transit from AKL to my local wellington depot arrived this morning, without changing status. So its not just international tracking that is on the piss. Now for my "essential item" that I ordered in Level 4 to arrive from Auckland.
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