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  1. You don't buy a Z3M because you wanted an M3 (or two). You buy one because you want something no one else has.
  2. Looks nice, if you shut your eyes and look away. What a sh*t heap.
  3. You're onto it. Even on the normal E9x cars red doesn't work, it does not suit the shape well. Looks a lot better in the Targa photos, but that's only because it looks overcast (body lines casting hard shadows, and it looks much darker red), and the photos are quite nicely done.
  4. sh*t, if every thread in here was purely about what the OP was asking, 90% of the threads here would be dead after the first reply. @BM WORLDs one is a much better looking car. Everyone is so precious on here now.
  5. Sorry, was this not the "trademe DISCUSSIONS" area?
  6. @BM WORLD is/was selling one for much less than that, albeit the KM were a lot higher. Dont think red suits it personally. Looks very "jap import 320i"-y.
  7. Love that interior. Much better, and rarer, than normal full leather.
  8. KwS

    E81 130i 2008

    Tan interior is nicer in person than in photos. So much nicer than black leather.
  9. KwS

    E81 130i 2008

    Sounds like the other way around if he is swapping wheels and exhaust to the 3dr? Honestly shocked you haven't been able to sell the E81, it's a cool car and rare. Nicer than the last one that was on the tards, white with gangsta stripes.
  10. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    Bleh, E36s are old cars that need alot of TLC.
  11. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    Anything interesting lol
  12. KwS

    Radar Detectors

    Useful warning for what, knowing you're speeding? sh*t, in the 12 years I've been driving I'm sitting on two speeding tickets. One when I was a teenager doing stupid things in his turbo DC2R, and the other from driving when tired and angry, through a speed camera I knew was there. I'm no advocate for the speed kills crap, but dont pretend there is any reason other than bad driving (speeding) to use a radar detector.
  13. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    Another thing that pisses me off lately (since im car shopping), is cars that have been modified for a certain set of wheels (flares, pulled guards etc) and the seller saying "wheels not for sale, BYO wheels". WTF, who wants to buy a car without wheels, let alone one that is set up for a certain size/offset? Putting factory wheels back on would look stupid due to the body mods.
  14. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    I have noticed the latest trend isn't even "deets"... its "dets". I thought it was a spelling mistake on one listing, but have since seen it used a few times. Facebook is aids.
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