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  1. Lol, first thing I noticed too
  2. I feel the market in general has changed a lot over the past couple of months. When I bought my Mini they were selling as quick as they could be listed, now i've been sitting on mine for a few weeks and only one person has been in touch. Guessing COVID has made people think twice about spending money.
  3. KwS

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    Yeah, not a good weekend to be down this way. Glad you made it back ok.
  4. Does the bar clear at ride hight and only hits it at full droop? If thats the case why not just leave it and move on, the only time you're going to be full droop is on a hoist/stands.
  5. They're a niche insurer, not your average insurer for your daily driver. If your car isn't your baby and garaged, Classic Cover probably isnt for you. If you're street parking your Maserati, you're braver than I. Its also not a ZERO cover, its a "may not be" covered if it isnt "suitably garaged and secured".
  6. My tvr is with these guys, as was the M328i and they are so easy to deal with. They didn't even care the m328 wasn't certified lol.
  7. I always remove my wheels and take just the wheels in for them to fit new tyres to. Hasn't been an issue and means I can refit to the car myself. Interesting you say that. Had some triangles on my dc2r years ago and they were the scariest tyres ever. Would break grip without warning in the dry and kinda hopped and skipped on corners. Hopefully they went back to the drawing board in the years since.
  8. It's OK, the car will already be in the workshop when service is due by time, so they can do it at the same time.
  9. KwS

    Welders, help!

    Totally missed that in the first post, lol. Derp.
  10. The intervals on my Mini are insane. I reset it after a service and now its counting down from 25,000km!
  11. KwS

    Welders, help!

    Have a read through this thread. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/58949-welder-buying-spam/ If anyone knows a good welder, it's a forum of guys that have no option but to keep metal gluing their cars together.
  12. It only feels that way because half throttle is 50%, not whatever the car fees like between 5% and 90% 😅 thats what I hated about mine when I got it before linear throttle, is there was no real way to predict what the throttle was going to do, and it was usually too much. I guess the higher the state of tune/power the more compounded that effect was too.
  13. KwS

    E34 540iS

    Awesome, finally an owner that deserves it. Look forward to seeing more of it.
  14. Christ, I can see why you want to flick the M3 off! Very nice.
  15. Ive gotta ask, but why would you buy that f**k ugly thing over an E91 wagon or the likes?
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