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    You mean like my new toy?
  2. Turners stipulate whether or not the seller is “in trade” and therefore the CGA applies I believe.
  3. Anyone want some E32 750i parts? http://www.pickapart.co.nz/webpage/WebPage.asp?Ref=10381&VehicleID=62502&SeriesID=177 Just checked VIN and it says Bronzit Beige E28 525.......
  4. Followed this today through Pt Chev to St Lukes, looks and sounds fantastic, well done!
  5. Just chuck some of this in and hope for the best.... https://www.hilti.co.nz/anchor-fasteners/injectable-adhesive-anchors/r4929903
  6. I bought it in 2004 after it had been in storage for 2.5 years. Daily drove it until 2013, sold it cheap to my dad on the proviso he looked after it. Had new paint, needs a few things attended to, (like the diff that I sourced earlier this year), but is still a joy to drive. I condition the leather in my cars every 6 months, must have forgotten to tell dad and today was the first for a long time, but it came up well. Just starting to get a tiny crack in the dash, anyone have any ideas on if you can stop it?
  7. Flew to Wellington, conditioned the leather and got my annual drive.
  8. @Herbmiester, what engine was nick named “The Gull” by its engineers?
  9. My dad borrowed my 328i coupe for a day (manual) and did well over 700kms on a tank without any effort, they are pretty economical in the country and not bad in town.
  10. March 2016 looks out of the date range in the Autocar article, only 1.6 million others to put right.
  11. I’m sure there is or was one in this colour at Zebra Onehunga. Prob too late sorry.
  12. Looks salvageable. https://www.turners.co.nz/Damaged-Vehicles/Damaged-Cars-for-Sale/bmw/3-series/18631685
  13. Euro 4 emissions standard, now up to 6?
  14. Is that yours on TM, or just very similar history?
  15. http://www.pickapart.co.nz/webpage/WebPage.asp?Ref=10381&VehicleID=27535&SeriesID=2581
  16. I have trouble reconciling that statement.
  17. 12.7v? Are you sure thats enough? Even a little bit off will result in no start. Isn’t 13.8 where you should be?
  18. Palazzo

    Quick rant thread.

    In the last 3 weeks, I’ve watched someone run a stop sign in front of a cop car forcing them to emergency brake and another dipshit panic brake on the motorway before driving straight across the cross hatched median/exit ramp split in front of another cop car on the exit ramp, in both cases the response was nothing. i assume these are the millennial cops the older cops talk about who don’t like to get out of the car in case there’s a confrontation. I spotted someone sniffing around one of my neighbours places and called the cops, they said they would send someone out, but not a priority if they were just walking around. I pointed out he had 10 guns on site and over 2000 rounds of ammo in his gun safe, I had 3 cars and a helicopter within 2 min.
  19. Are they really that bad Glenn? I thought one with valve stem seals done would be ok and a safer option than the later ones?
  20. I’ll probably get him to do the spare lsd, which is up here, but the car is in Wgtn, in one piece. Labour out and in plus shipping would make it too pricey I think.
  21. Any recommendations before I google? Getrag 260, still functions ok, just tired.
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