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    Each dealer will have their own rules about fitting aftermarket parts, we do but others do not. As to the warranty, yes it can affect it but also depends on the scenario. But if the car fails you'd expect them to bend over backwards for you no? I think you'll find most people who work in the industry do it because they enjoy and have a passion for the brand. Just because we work for the dealer doesn't change why we work there
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    The 30km/h thing is just pissing into the wind, all that gets you is yellow knees. We need skill based driver licensing, not this lowest common denominator rubbish (and if that means I struggle to retain my own license, fine- saucer for the gander and all that).
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    Got the car back from the detailer today and sure looks pretty. Managed to fit me in around some very nice rides including a black on black 2017 M3 😍. Shoutout to Elite Detailing, highly recommended. I've barely had it in my possession since purchase but I have been buying various bits for the car so have one driveshaft coupling already with some new vanos solenoids on the way and a couple of cosmetic pieces. Before I got it detailed I had the steering wheel and drivers seat leather repaired by a fellow bimmersport member who did a wicked job. After the Stage 3 detail car looks a million times better. It's shown up a few minor things like stone chips on the bonnet etc but now the metallic in the paint can actually be seen and it looked great even under the detailer spot lights and critical eye. Said it came up much better than the 120d he had in the shop for a stage 4 correction which was there when I dropped it off. Looks like a different car compared to the nearly matte paint look it was sporting when I bought it. I've been cleaning the interior this evening and over the weekend will finish the passenger side carpet/mats and clean/treat the leather.
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    Looks like its been in the car about 5 years. Prob time I updated the firmware !! Yes, after installation, Gavin Bellars at Hi Velocity tuned it on his dyno.
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    Have you thought about asking the warranty and service advisors at your chosen dealer?
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    Have a read of this regarding the whole process. It is slightly different on post-91 cars, but should be otherwise similar. https://www.tasteslikepetrol.net/2018/11/project-snicket-re-registration/ Vtnz had no issue with me doing the work as long as I filled out the paperwork and provided receipts/documents.
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    Don't worry. Phil Twyford has it sussed....
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    Councils are all of the problem, and they have got worse since property values have gone up. they just treat home owners like cash cows, endlessly increasing rates, charging someone to put on a deck or build a garage $20k plus in costs before the first sod is turned. Want a new build, cool, $90k in costs. And instead of maintaining the roads berms parks beaches, they go and do stupid vanity projects or solve problems that dont exist. Only reason im not running in this years council elections is because i no longer live in new zealand, sick of this tax anyone that tries to do something with thier life to hand out to either those that cant be bothered, or some slush fund for politicians so the cycle continues.
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    Original plan always an E34 manual but i never saw any good candidates. I found this E39 528i factory manual and thought id turn my existing wannabe 530i motorsport into eventually an improved version of the actual one. Benefits of this are fairly obvious - M54B30 power. I can retain much of the work and $ spent ive done on my existing car and don't have to do it all again on another unknown car. I like my car colour and don't want to own another silver BMW especially one which has a grey interior (528i has both). Buying the extra motorsport bits shouldn't be hard or expensive given these cars are plentiful and worth jack so it should help keep costs down. The swap seems fairly straight forward. The coding side of it appears relatively easy with my MS43 DME. May be some small pedal issues as they appear to have changed things around in Sept '97. Possibly a little wiring and\or a few plug changes to get the drive by wire working etc with pedals for cruise control etc. Will deal with the issues when i come to them as using early M52 manual setup is a little different to the M54 auto and not properly documented as far as ive looked. Plan is sort of a 3 stage deal given i don't want the car off the road for long periods at a time. 1. Remove 528i gearbox etc and my 530i engine and transmission to fix up some small oil leaks. Fit M-suspension bigger swaybars whilst its out. Fit manual box with all new shifter bushings with E60 shorter shifter and ZHP knob. Replace all driveline and clutch components (apparently the PO has a new clutch with single mass flywheel installed not long ago so i shouldn't have to worry about that part). 2. Sort some upgraded springs and dampeners. Will look into rebuilding my KW coilovers i have here with Koni adjustable inserts but will look at other options if too expensive with the added cert. 3. Black motorsport interior to replace my beige one as most sports seats seem to be black on these. Then lastly put back in what BMW accountants took out - the LSD experience. I will start dismantling the 528i tomorrow to find out what parts i need and will commence work once they arrive. In the mean time im happy enough driving an old 5 series manual again.
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    I had planned on putting these on a E39 Touring which I doubt now I am going to own, and looking to do more work on my 540 so needing to free up some cash. These have been balanced twice by Miramar bridgestone as I had a shimmy but I believe that is my suspension, not the wheels. These were originally @qube's which he bored out to 74.1 CB for the E39 but they will fit the E34 72.6 with hubcentric rings. 1 wheel (rear) has been refurbed by wheel magician. Two front tyres are new (maybe have done 100km on them if that) and the rears still have plenty of life. Asking $2000 ONO. Located in Wellington, tyres are currently mounted. Includes the BMW centers. Tyres are OEM sizes staggered. Fronts 235/40/18 Hankook Ventus V2's (new), Rears 265/35/18 Hankook V12 EVO (used but plenty of life left)
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    Have a set of e30 basketweaves 15x7 including all center caps and 205/55 tyres with heaps of tread. Held onto these for ages but figure someone else probably wants them. I put BBS center logos in because I liked the different look $1000 Pickup Auckland - text me 02102464084
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    The newly painted rims are on might have to eye up a BMW wagon project next, after i've had a bit of fun in the 20v 4age pretty much done now, apart from i might rip the motor out and rebuild the bottom end, i hear a big end rattle under load 🤣
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    You know what they say about free advice. In most cases, It's usually worth what you paid for it!
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    and don't forget the 30kmh zones to over 700km of roading coming our way soon.(Auckland) make sure you vote this year and end this nightmare
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    1967 3.0 V8 fastback with styling by Frua.
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    We’ve been waiting to move into our new place that was finished in October that we bought in December but council haven’t completed the 224c yet. Council are definitely the problem. In the mean time the poor builder pays the interest on his ‘investment ‘ just driving up the prices, bloody ridiculous
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    Black sapphire metallic looks really good when its all shiny, lots of flecks. Mines covered in stone chips too.. Its a never ending game trying to solve it though.
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    How small are the grilles on that...
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    Hi, I ended up replacing the whole arms so these are no longer needed. $40 located in Wellington. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-upper-control-arm-traction-strut-bushing-e39-31120006482l OEM Lemforder 31120006482
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    Starting to see a few recalls on diesels for EGR cooler issues. Not sure of relates to the fires they are talking about but if you have an F series diesel then either check with your local dealer or PM me you rego/VIN and I'll check it on Monday when I'm back at work
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    Jon took the old block. Wanted the crank (I think). Picked the car up on Monday, engine swapped over with as little fuss as could reasonably be expected, rooted gearbox mounts being the only unforseen issue. Full of Motul xcess 5w40 and running very sweetly indeed, as you would hope from such a low mileage engine . I'll post a classified soon once I get organised, but I'll be moving the car on soon so if anyone wants to add this to their berm let me know.
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    I’m deeply and irreparably distrustful of the advice of anyone who stands to make money by giving it. In any industry. Almost to the point of believing that all dealer advice is wrong until proven otherwise Very much prefer to get feedback and advice from those who are only in it for the love.
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    Pushed it over a quarter of million kms recently, which was a good result for an engine I thought might be on life support a year ago. It's toast now though, thermostat failed going through mount Vic tunnel and I could see my bank balance going down as the temp gauge went up and the warning messages started dinging. Pulled over as soon as I could, but game over (-heated with catastrophic results - confirmed by Jon at Auto38 yesterday). I have a very low kms m54b30 from Brent waiting in the wings, just need to commit to the expense of the swap. First instinct was to consider selling everything as a 'project' package, but having a night's perspective on things I think the only way forward is through it. TBC.
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