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  1. str8_6

    E39 M5 for 20k

    Cheers Cory. I thought that was your 330i but wasn’t sure.
  2. str8_6

    E39 M5 for 20k

    I agree. I sold my last one with some reluctance but was keen to move into something a little more modern. I tried an e92 M3, e60 M5, even branched out and looked at a 996 911. Kind of considered a F10 M5 but they’re so much bigger. I kept coming back to the e39. The V8 is just so nice day to day. They just got everything so right (imho) and you’re right, they are stunning to look at.
  3. str8_6

    E39 M5 for 20k

    I don’t think I’ll daily it. More of a weekend toy.
  4. str8_6

    E39 M5 for 20k

    Cheers! I used to have a 1999 Avus Blue. Was one of the first in the country. I don’t think it went to a community member.
  5. str8_6

    E39 M5 for 20k

    Maybe 😈 Picked it up yesterday. Drives very well. Previous owner attended to mechanical issues and maintenance well. There are lots and lots of receipts in the glove box and in the boot... including a few 5 liter bottles of TWS oil which is handy. Interior is pretty damn immaculate for a car with 200k. I don’t think the rear seats have been used. Exterior needs a few door dents pushed and wheels refurbished. Motor feels strong, gearbox much nicer than my previous M5. I need a bigger garage!
  6. str8_6

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Why haven’t you sold this to me yet? Looking great. MPars always look great on e39’s
  7. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has a car trailer handy in the Wellington region and is happy to lend out. Preferably one with a winch as the old girl hasn’t moved in about 10 years. Please PM me.
  8. str8_6

    Style 108 Wheels - Z4

    Does anyone have a set of staggered style 108 wheels handy?
  9. str8_6

    Where did the E39 M5 thread go?

    I’ve noticed most threads that Max is in are deleted when they relate to his or others e39 M5’s. I’ve posted a number of times and they simply disappear.
  10. str8_6

    2001 e39 530i - Help Buying?

    Hi Boston, The vehicle you linked to is my car. Happy to arrange a time to show you. There are no leaks, I’m pedantic. Power steering hoses have been replaced as well as recent thermostat housing and thermostat. This was replaced as the o-ring on the sensor was weeping. There is service history and history of transmission service. Previous owner of 10 years used this as a long distance car and had another car as their shopping trolley. This isn’t a worn out high mileage car. I bought it sight unseen, from a Wellington based owner, drove it home and it instantly reminded me why the e39 was one of the best. The 3 litre is the best pick for daily driving. I’m only selling as I can’t have three cars on the driveway.
  11. str8_6

    What should I look for when buying z4

    They’re a great little car and potentially quite underrated. Mucher better improvement over the previous Z3. I’ve now owned two (kinda missed the first one). Both facelift 3.0si with the N52 195kw motor and 6 speed auto/paddleshift. The si versions are generally better optioned with heated and electric seats, xenon and dynamic drive (sport option). Agree with the drainhole issue for the soft top. I believe there was a small update on the facelift to combat this issue but I always ensure the drain holes are clear. The ride is very firm, and while one had runflats and the other didn’t, I personally didn’t notice much difference between the two. I’ll switch to normal tires when the run-flats wear out. What I enjoy is that you can drive with the top down and because you sit nice and low, well under the roll bars and screen, you are cocooned and don’t feel so exposed. Quite different to a four seater convertible where you feel the roof has just been sliced off and you’re open to the world. The big six also sounds great!
  12. str8_6

    E53 4.4 x5 vibration

    Glad to hear it’s sorted. I never let the petrol station attendants touch my car. Heard so many situations where they have done stuff like this.
  13. str8_6

    E53 4.4 x5 vibration

    Hey Steve, is there any history of timing chain guide replacement? Any noise coming from the front of the engine?
  14. str8_6

    1994 E36 M3 - Eisblau

  15. str8_6

    New member from Wellington

    Took the 335i over the Rimutaka Hill a few days back. Was quite late so not a lot of traffic. The auto is brilliant in it. Very intuitive and the paddle shifters are great. Having driven the hill a number of times in the manual M5, I think I’ll take the 3 series with the auto. I was never left feeling numb. Would be interesting to try a manual N54 and compare.