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  1. Just replace the resistor. It’s pretty easy to do, you just need to be flexible!
  2. Try removing the fan resistor for the HVAC unit and see if that makes a difference to the car holding charge. Had similar parasitic drains on two e39’s. The third E39 was simply needing a new battery.
  3. Big shout out to @promo for recoding my e92. Bought a factory head unit with Bluetooth a few years back however voice commands and other various functions weren’t quite right after installing. I’m no longer shouted at in Dutch when I hit the voice command button and the sound from the stereo is much better! Also nice that the Bluetooth volume isn’t at max anymore! Tempted to have a remap which he can also arrange.
  4. I thought they worked well too in the non-m cars. Driven both types (multiple brands), the BMW way I thought was actually better. I suspect most people don’t like it because it’s not the way the more exotic brands do it.
  5. $300 PPI? Is that how much these cost? Could have put the money towards fixing the steering wheel paddles!
  6. Had same codes on two different N52 3.0’s. Replaced vanos solenoids on both engines, problem gone. Easy DIY note - inter web searches will suggest cleaning them. That never worked in both cases so replacement was the road I took.
  7. Yikes. Maybe I got the Herbie version?
  8. 335i. Best daily I’ve ever had. Nice long wheel base when cruising (not as choppy as a 135i). Amazing fuel economy (for the performance). Looks great (imho).
  9. Colour is subjective though. It’s like the next person saying @BM WORLD‘s car looks like every other grey import e90 320i and red is much better looking. But yes, you’re probably right. Everyone is precious and 90% of these threads should probably be dead.
  10. Yeah, but the OP’s question was about the vehicles history and not colour preferences.
  11. My 335i coupe doesn’t clunk or rattle over anything. Only annoying noise is the buzz from the centre console sometimes on the coarse chip roads. Otherwise, very compliant and quiet, even on msport suspension and low profile tires. Also highly recommend Jon at Auto38. If you have to take your car somewhere for diagnostic work and you don’t have space or time, he is the guy! A lot of other places will simply throw parts to try and remediate. Jon will walk you through what’s wrong and what is likely to go wrong in the future if he sees other issues.
  12. It’s a shame an alarm system is an optional extra. Also... no 340i option 🤨
  13. Base price just went up $900 with automatic tailgate now standard 😂
  14. I don’t know if auto lowers desirability. It was a slightly different target market. I do miss my old M325i tech 1. That thing has to be my all time favorite BMW. Shame about the rust.
  15. What should one expect to be paid for a cabrio? Asking for a friend of course...
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