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  1. Looks awesome!!!
  2. Very mad I’m told. The coating was applied to a very loved and already very very tidy garage queen who gets very minimal use. As I said, IF it lasts 4/5 years, then it’s money well spent. If not, then its cost in comparison to the value of the car is not really a lot. I think one of the rear tires cost me more and I think I know which made me smile more when I saw it for the first time last week.
  3. Snake oil or not, I had the M5 done last week and it looks unbelievable for a car that’s just about 20 years old. Initially, the company I used, Elite Detailing in Wellington, wondered why I’d brought it to them because it already looked reasonably good. I wanted paint correction on some of the clear coat scratches an un-named dealership created when they changed my windscreen last year and so in addition I decided to give their coating a go. I’m so impressed. Obviously different colours would have different results in terms of that deep glossy look. If it lasts the 4/5 years they claim, and I’m sure it will as the car is not a daily, then it’s money well spent. The team were very professional, knowledgeable and set the proper expectations about the product they use. Yes it can scratch, yes you can still chip it however I was more than happy to give them my money for their time. It’s really good to see some of their other work and see their passion for detailing. I have a light scratch on the passenger side door of the Porsche that doesn’t quite polish out, I want to avoid painting and after seeing the amazing work Elite did on the M5, I’m happy to hand it over and get them to apply the coating too. It will be good to see how it lasts on a daily.
  4. I don’t really see how else he can do it? If he gets close to the right side, scratched wheels! 😱. To be fair, the car wash will scratch his paint just as badly.
  5. So pleased Pete it isn’t as bad as it originally sounded. Jon is the only man for the job!
  6. I think that’s just the difference between different drivers preferences. I tend to love torque, others like to rev and work for it. Having owned the n52 and n54 together for the last few years, they both have their merits and the n52 is great, but to me it’s always just lacking something. Sadly my n52 has been the most unreliable engine I’ve ever owned from BMW and it has less mileage than my n54. N54 has been nothing but brilliant constantly. It’s hugely capable, giggle all the time fun, sounds so much better and more economical every day. Okay okay, I think I’ll start a n54 fanboy thread.
  7. I think I read that article. Did it include the 335ci? My problem with the 1 series hatch is having to look at it every day.
  8. Wow. That is a stunning transformation!
  9. Looking for a factory jack for e39/e90 platform.
  10. Perfect. Thank you. Putting together a spare tire and jack kit for the e92.
  11. Does it still have the factory jack?
  12. I’ve always loved this short advert. Remember seeing it when I was learning to drive.
  13. Check out the documented history folder. Been very well loved too.
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