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  1. I only came here for the noise 😉
  2. Wonder what these would look like on the e92 😈
  3. Can someone buy it and remove the M badge on the grill please. Thanks
  4. str8_6

    E46 M3

    Oh nice! Prefer it to the SMG?
  5. str8_6

    E46 M3

    Did I miss the part where it went from SMG to manual?
  6. Loving the pre-facelift lights. They are much better at night to drive with than the facelift for some reason? KM’s are not high. Probably in line with normal use. Must stop looking... I don’t need a red to match the blue. I followed/stalked this a few weeks back and it is very original and straight.
  7. Why do I want an e36 M3 all of a sudden? 😍
  8. Tried a Z4? Little bit more modern with some newer safety features - DSC and multiple airbags. 3.0si is a lot of fun.
  9. Sorry if I’ve missed this in earlier threads. Why does the car have a new engine and gearbox?
  10. And yet 90% will believe it is an M5
  11. str8_6

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    I absolutely recommend Jon for anything e39 (and many other models to be honest). He was able to sort so many little issues with my old M5 when others just didn’t have the experience or want to diagnose. Glad you got rid of the shimmy!
  12. And the M5 is so much more fun 😈
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