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  1. str8_6

    BMW M5 Alpina B10 V8 1999

    And the M5 is so much more fun 😈
  2. Has to be the e39 M5 for me. Sold the first one and sulked until I found another.
  3. str8_6

    What should I look for when buying z4

    But top down with the 6 is part of its character.
  4. str8_6

    Fun Cars for Under 5k

    Wash your mouth out Bozza.
  5. str8_6

    Fun Cars for Under 5k

    I quite like the BMW Mini’s but have heard they are more unreliable the VW’s... which would make them pretty bad! 🤭
  6. str8_6

    Fun Cars for Under 5k

    Seriously cool.
  7. str8_6

    Fun Cars for Under 5k

    Boston, does this mean we can go car shopping?
  8. str8_6

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    Agreed. I’ve nothing to hide when selling and always appreciate history and disclosure when purchasing but there’s always a whiff of knock em down on the question and answer page. “Have you had the flux capacitor serviced?”
  9. str8_6

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    Good points made above. I’m on the fence regarding the Q & A section. I understand it’s purpose, but it’s not always used effectively. I always make the opportunity to contact the seller directly. If they can’t make their phone number available, I will email them. I don’t feel it’s wasting time. I generally get a good feel from the seller (or if I’m selling, from the buyer) through this approach as to how genuine they are.
  10. str8_6

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    Yup, always people trying to put others off. A lot of the time they have no intention of buying. It’s the equivalent to the antics that guys at auction houses used to pull trying to make a car seem like it needs work when in reality it’s just a lead off the spark plug. Starting to show my age 😊
  11. str8_6

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Nah, the MPars are damaged... you should gift them to me 😊😬
  12. str8_6

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    We need an e39 photo shoot
  13. str8_6

    E60 BMW 540I M sport owner review

    Enjoyed this too. Nice review!
  14. None of the e90’s supported Bluetooth streaming unfortunately
  15. str8_6

    2005 118i E87 noisy injectors?

    Run... while you still can