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  1. str8_6

    E53 4.4 x5 vibration

    Glad to hear it’s sorted. I never let the petrol station attendants touch my car. Heard so many situations where they have done stuff like this.
  2. str8_6

    E53 4.4 x5 vibration

    Hey Steve, is there any history of timing chain guide replacement? Any noise coming from the front of the engine?
  3. str8_6

    1994 E36 M3 - Eisblau

  4. str8_6

    New member from Wellington

    Took the 335i over the Rimutaka Hill a few days back. Was quite late so not a lot of traffic. The auto is brilliant in it. Very intuitive and the paddle shifters are great. Having driven the hill a number of times in the manual M5, I think I’ll take the 3 series with the auto. I was never left feeling numb. Would be interesting to try a manual N54 and compare.
  5. str8_6

    Off road X5?

    Having owned an early model X5, it’s apparent BMW also borrowed some of LR’s build quality. The door handle mechanism is a horrid design (I used to cross fingers it would open when I walked up to it). They do however offer a dynamic drive for what they are.
  6. str8_6

    badge removal

    Use a hair dryer (not too close to the paint) to heat the adhesive up on the back of the badge. You don’t want to heat it so you can’t touch it or you could damage the paint. Then in the past I’ve used fishing wire to slide in behind the badge. Some will come off just by getting your fingernail in behind and pulling them gently. If yours are original, you’ll probably have residue glue left over. This will lift with a little meths. Even olive oil can work. Good Luck!!
  7. str8_6

    Going from WRX STI to BMW

    If it’s something you may want to tune down the track, the 335i has to be on the test drive list. The e9x platform is so nicely balanced. I prefer it to the current 3 series in terms of feel. It’s an excellent daily driver and also long distance cruiser. I get remarkable economy for the performance. I enjoy a BMW V8, and I really like the e60 but the 335i puts more smiles on my face day to day.
  8. str8_6

    missed out by a day or two, damn.

    Tough decisions. I bought an e53 4.4i as a tow wagon just over 18 months ago and it has quite by accident become my daily driver while I'm on and off our building site. It's a great thing to lope along in but it's a mini truck and the moment I get back in the e61 I realize that the X5 is definitely a compromise. I've only tried one e70 and wasn't blown away by how it drove - it was an early model 30d Sport and it felt sluggish with choppy, harsh suspension. Perhaps the suspension has been updated in newer models? That being said, it's not until you load it up with 2 tons of boat and gear and it performs like a mini truck should. Solid and safe.
  9. str8_6

    2006 Z4 M roadster 36km

    Lovely car. Always had a soft spot for the Z4M. $4k for a hardtop... glad I found mine for $600.
  10. str8_6

    E36 M3 3.0

    Stunning example! Good luck with the sale.
  11. str8_6

    Cheap E39 M5

    I have heard the caramel leather is prone to wear but that is pretty bad. Looks like a good project for the right price.
  12. Looking to purchase a set of rear sport air bags for the e53. Have an intermittent leak which leaves the left rear on its bump stop when left for long periods (overnight/week). I've been told that the Arnott Industries product is excellent but they will not ship from the US to NZ despite their website allowing it. Hoping there's a local option before I order through their Australian stockist for considerably more than their US price.
  13. That looks familiar! I'm hoping someone from the Bimmersport community will buy and continue to love it. If you have any questions, please PM me.
  14. str8_6

    Can't find a E39 M5 ?

    It's a cool video and a nice comparison of the two. Be nice to try the SS with that damper set up.
  15. str8_6

    E39 M5 - Member's car?

    Not a bad price, reflective of the year and condition. Mine will be up for sale shortly too. Running out of garage space :-(