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  1. Great video. Poor synchros. Tend to agree with the e90 comments although the M5 has nice low down torque.
  2. At least it’s not a 320i
  3. Mine is completely stock without a tune and it pops and bangs. Do the e92’s have a different exhaust than the 90’s/91’s?
  4. I thought it was designed more for the idiot’s children who inquisitively move the vehicle into D/R if the vehicle is left idling with the car in Park while mummy or daddy are in purchasing wine from the bottle store.
  5. I guess the engineers didn’t cater to people who wanted to roll their car back and forward on their drive when they were dirty. Thoughtless!
  6. I don’t really understand why it’s a big deal having to put your foot on the brake pedal to engage a forward/reverse gear. Despite the fact it’s likely a safety feature, it’s also probably there to prevent damage and it you become very used to it. Auto wipers are great. They have definitely refined them since the e39. As we’re all enthusiasts, you’d hopefully agree a daily should be easy, somewhat relaxing yet moderately fun to drive. Fuel efficient enough compared to the weekend toy. I halved fuel use moving from an e36 to e92 running the same trip daily - weekly fills went to fortnightly which was a pleasant surprise.
  7. After having the e92 and using it for a few years as a daily, I jumped in an e36 m52 and felt like I’d gone back 30 years in time. Cool cars, but there’s is something to be said by progress.
  8. Just replace the resistor. It’s pretty easy to do, you just need to be flexible!
  9. Try removing the fan resistor for the HVAC unit and see if that makes a difference to the car holding charge. Had similar parasitic drains on two e39’s. The third E39 was simply needing a new battery.
  10. Big shout out to @promo for recoding my e92. Bought a factory head unit with Bluetooth a few years back however voice commands and other various functions weren’t quite right after installing. I’m no longer shouted at in Dutch when I hit the voice command button and the sound from the stereo is much better! Also nice that the Bluetooth volume isn’t at max anymore! Tempted to have a remap which he can also arrange.
  11. I thought they worked well too in the non-m cars. Driven both types (multiple brands), the BMW way I thought was actually better. I suspect most people don’t like it because it’s not the way the more exotic brands do it.
  12. $300 PPI? Is that how much these cost? Could have put the money towards fixing the steering wheel paddles!
  13. Had same codes on two different N52 3.0’s. Replaced vanos solenoids on both engines, problem gone. Easy DIY note - inter web searches will suggest cleaning them. That never worked in both cases so replacement was the road I took.
  14. Yikes. Maybe I got the Herbie version?
  15. 335i. Best daily I’ve ever had. Nice long wheel base when cruising (not as choppy as a 135i). Amazing fuel economy (for the performance). Looks great (imho).
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