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  1. Bump?
  2. Cheers, looks like a last resort but I'll keep you in mind if I do get it. Anyone else?
  3. Just to attach a bike rack to. No need for wiring or burly towing capacity. I'm in Auckland Any out there?
  4. Cool I'll take them. will send pm
  5. Hopefully someone has these lying around? After a center console window switch not a door one. And just the rotary headlight switch as mine is feeling a little fragile. Thanks
  6. What dimension are the tyres? Do they fit an E46 well - no rubbing under hard cornering etc?
  7. Struggling a bit here. Tyres must be wofable. Bump.
  8. Mercenary that link doesn't work. Maybe PM me? I'm strictly after E36 offset and something in Auckland region. Thanks
  9. 15/16/17" not really phased just want some OEM wheels and tyres for my E36 325. Understand that factory width is 225 but I'd be happy to go narrower.
  10. Fantastic!
  11. Happy birthday Glenn!
  12. Happy birthday mate! Go hard
  13. Boss car, don't sell!