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  1. Not so much "fake" news, more of a guessing game really. The M2 was always on a limited production life, and limited numbers, the question has always been what and when will replace the current version, lots and lots of bloggers / web-sites / journos, etc have been trying to guess what is coming next for almost as long as the M2 has been released. Most of the renders and guess work are taking the current M2 shape, adding some bits and pieces from the M4 GTS, putting them together and coming up with an M2 CSL.
  2. One of the biggest rumours, or worst kept secrets depending on your viewpoint, it's hard to keep up with what has been officially "confirmed" or "denied" on this one. Makes it even more difficult to keep my mouth shut.
  3. Is it though?
  4. There are quite a few in-country already, every dealership got at least one 530d model as a demonstrator. The first customer 540i models have arrived, and the 520d is not far away now. Wingers Welly demo went up to Manawatu and Hawke's Bay for their launch events as they are part of the same group which may explain why it wasn't on site when you were there. Ask for a test drive - the new tech is pretty impressive.
  5. Damn, just sold mine last week! I will keep an eye out for you John.
  6. What parts are in the kit you are using? Any pics of the wheels?
  7. Took the alternators off the race car S14B20 and the convertible M20B25 to compare the weights... S14B20 - 6.7kgs, M20B20 spare engine - 6.7kgs, M20B25 - 5.9kgs So will be swapping the B25 alternator into the race car, weighs .8kgs less and is solid mounted, no rubber bushes which the S14B20 one has, so that is also a bonus. You know you are getting serious about weight reduction when you are weighing alternators to find the lightest one...LOL.
  8. That's the "but darling, I am trying to sell it, I've got it on TradeMe and everything..." approach to car sales if ever i have seen it!
  9. HI are these from a Coupe, Sedan or Touring?
  10. Aah, true! Missed that bit..
  11. It's only simple if you build a robust system and ensure it is used correctly. Put in context, 2 million cars built in 2016 alone, all with seperate codes, multiple differnent types of key - 5 & 7 Series now comes with four keys, 1 valet, 2 main remote, plus a display key. Go back how many years, and how many keys? Oh it was so easy in the good old E30 days! All electronic keys have seperate rolling codes to synch with the car, not just the cutting profile for the key slot, so how many of seperate pieces of information are we up to now..? How do you firstly create all the information required to produce the parts and code them and get them to the factory onto the right car and then stored again afterwards, in a format that can be interrogated and links all the seperate parts of the jigsaw together? Not a huge task in terms of data storage capacity, but again it is the processes around it that take the time and effort to build and maintain. When I get some time I will try and pull the information I had from Ford of Europe on the cost analysis of data management - for those that have trouble sleeping.
  12. Average condition but road legal - $6 - 9k depending on issues to make good. In good condition and road legal - $10 - 12k If those Kms are genuine, and can be backed up with history, and in mint condition then the sky would almost be the limit, a very good, genuine 325i M-Sport can go for over $20k I just hope the car isn't too far gone to get back on the road, there are not many E30 Tech I around these days. Let us know how you go with getting the car - a good score by the sounds!
  13. Interesting, I have never seen a BMW tyre specification include a brand / variety for anything other than the high- performance models, M cars and M140i / M240i, etc. i can understand your view, those "mechanical insurance" policies look for any thing to avoid paying out.
  14. Just out of curiosity I checked exactly which Bridgestones are on the current car, answer Potenza S001s. +++would recommend* * - caveat, only if suitable for your application.