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  1. Sounds a bit like negotiating the roundabouts in East Auckland...
  2. It's the BMW Ag model code identifier, rather than what BMW NZ call them. Yes, correct it is in the VIN for all BMW models. This code is what is used for all versions and models of BMW for testing and homologation purposes, so that it is clear which cars are covered by that particular test as there are multiple different types of "535i" produced even at the same time.
  3. Arron, I have cut this from the "For Sale" rules post stickied in the For Sale section.. At a minimum your for sale thread requires: * A clear photo of the item being sold * A price, (''offers'' isn't good enough) however $2000 or near offer is fine * A location of where the item is being sold from EG Wellington All threads that dont adhere to these rules WILL be removed without warning or explanation. So, in your post where you list "M Sport suede seats" "carbon style trim" "I have another set available from another car $300" but then don't have prices for the first two or pictures of any of these, let alone clear pictures of the wheels and tyres, etc. you have list then you do not even meet the minimum requirements for the post. We have been over this many times on previous posts of yours, and you always choose to try and argue the point rather than just following the rules. If you put what is says in the rules then there is no problem.
  4. Yeah, that's about right, the O2 arena have been dicks about entry since it opened. Strictest place I have ever been for a concert, bag checks for food and drink have always been completely over the top. This is obviously the next step. Interestingly I had a couple of mates going to the V8s at Pukekohe at the week-end, and their mum bought the tickets on her credit card, and only she could go and pick the tickets up! Didn't even have the option to print the tickets at home.
  5. Yes, correct this is the difference from the top between the two pumps. Early cars have an external high pressure pump as well as the in-tank, so the pre-facelift is only a low pressure lift pump and will not work with your facelift car. I may have a facelift pump in my garage, as a spare I will have a look for you.
  6. That's a bit deep and philosophical for a car form Mike!!
  7. Oh dear, you clearly haven't stood and watched a wind farm for a length of time, or over successive days / weeks / months. One of the joys of my old house was it's spectacular views of the wind farms on the ranges over the Manawatu. It was a surprise if any more than about 20% of the turbines were in operation at any one time. Not a very efficient energy gathering solution. There is a very defined envelope of wind speed, consistency, etc. that a turbine can operate in, different designs of turbine have different envelopes. So when the little two bladey ones are whizzing around (sorry don't know the technical names..) then the big 3 blade ones are sitting still and vice versa. Also the Danish company that built the big three blade ones, Vestas I think it was, used to hire a shed at the back of the factory I ran for overhauling the gearboxes from the turbines. Roughly once every three months pretty much the whole generator unit had to be pulled off the top of the pylon and brought into the workshop, stripped, re-built and put back - I wonder how much CO2 all that lot generated?? Again very selective how you choose your metrics and measurements, but yeah EVs overall are great.
  8. Whoops! Embarrassing mistake on my behalf, apologies.
  9. Checking on ETK they are coming up as being from E34, E24 and E32 Style 5 wheels. Can you bring one in to the restaurant tomorrow Kyu? If I can borrow it off you I have a few sets of wheels I can try it on to confirm / deny fitment. If they do fit the E30 15" weaves then they are worth quite a bit of $$$.. Makes a big difference to your selling price!
  10. Would it not have been the promoter or the venue's decision to employ that requirement of the ticket holders? I would be very surprised if the band had any say in the matter. If you have to actually pay for your tickets to Glasto, then you are nowhere near cool enough to be there anyway so no issues there.
  11. Is that from a pre-facelift or the plastic bumper face-lift, it's hard to tell from the photo but I think it's a pre-facelift, so this in tank pump works with the external pump on the outside of the tank in series?
  12. Most ticket selling web-sites now have a "reselling" section where you can put the tickets up for re-sale but back through the orginal ticket company, and then what I believe happens if / when you sell your tickets is that your details are changed over to the new buyer and the ticket re-issued. seems a much more controlled and organised way of doing it. Or only sell to friends / family you know won't then be a douche and try to on sell again.
  13. I like the term GWP = Global Warming Potential, the big boogey man! So, yes we are considering C02 emissions etc. Where do they measure the levels of highly toxic waste that are produced for the different vehicles? It doens't cause global warming, but I still don't want to eat it. There is a very large and powerful lobby that pushes this barrow, and you are rounded on if you question it. Yes, there are many benefits across a number of metrics, however the disadvantages are conveniently forgotten and the topic quickly changed. Anywho, this thread is about the i8 for sale, which is actually a PHEV, not a hybrid there is a big difference, so lets maybe just stick to that shall we?
  14. It depends entirely on the metric you are measuring to give the results, if you pick Co2 emissions (as per your article) then it is easy to fudge the numbers to make it look like EVs are the better option - there are a lot of premise and basis on the estimations as you cannot actually measure the emissions for each part of every car that is made. If you start looking into the manufacture of the high capacity batteries, the rare earth magnets and the electronic controls and then measure the relative amounts of other harmful emissions then it is a very different picture. Nothing like facts to get in the way of an argument.
  15. Wow, that is amazingly clean. Absolutely mint. I would almost be too scared to drive it!