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  1. The earlier, chrome bumper, E30s have more rust issues than the later plastic bumper ones. Check inside the boot, pull up the carpets in the corners of the boot, and around the rear lights. Also the firewall between the engine and the passenger compartment, harder to see but very common and hard to fix.
  2. Fronts look to be a straight bolt on (mechanically at least) as the front carriers are the same between 116d and 130i and they look to be a sizeable upgrade, rotors going from 294 x 22 to 330 x 24. Rears are different part numbers for the carriers, so a bit more involved, but might be able to cobble something together to make it work. Upgrade in the rear is much greater, going from a 280x10 solid to the 300x20 ventred rotors. Will go and count up the pennies in the piggy bank, so that hopefully these can then sit on my garage floor, rather than yours, alongside the suspension bits that I previously got from you.
  3. Welcome to Bimmersport, you should find a lot of useful info in here for your car. Pictures always help (and are encouraged on here) and give a lot of information about your car. It would certainly help answer your first question. Swapping the steering wheel to the multi-function wheel will make it look a lot cooler, but there is a lot of other wiring and bits and pieces required to get all the buttons working. Stereo volume is quite simple but phone bluetooth, etc is a bit more tricky. It would depend very much what you are wanting to get out of it. As there is an airbag in the middle, it is not a job for the newbie. If you are in Auckland, come along to a meeting with your car and there will always be people around to offer advice and help.
  4. Some info from an industry site that might help explain things.
  5. Yeah, good point. I’ll have a look on ETK. probably worth a punt at that price tbh.
  6. Are they a straight bolt on to other E87 or need adaptors, etc? And any change needed to master cylinder? interested if it’s straight bolt on.
  7. If you could please post pictures as per forum rules. Thanks Admin.
  8. The PS4s are probably a bit of an overkill on a 328i, it's a swift car, but not really a sports car. Bridgestone Potenza were a factory fit on the F30 and suit them quite well.
  9. A couple of key factors here before this question can be answered. 1. How many kms per year will the car do, how much towing, heavy loads, etc? 2. What’s your budget? More than 12,000kms and/or towing I would suggest diesel. X5s really suck the gas when towing. Diesels tend to be slightly more expensive than petrols, so could be better getting lower km / better spec petrol over similar diesel.
  10. I fully understand why the owner would be doing this, but Nooooooo!!! Not in an M3. #irkthepurists Any plans for the S14...?
  11. +1 The rear arms swap is pretty well doumented (watch out for the +12mm track each side) but that is a front set-up I have not come across before so will be interested to see how it works out geometry wise.
  12. Yup, and the front and rear bumpers. Lots of layers of paint, but otherwise in very good condition.
  13. Correct, ETK confirms part number 1 179 774 was used on 5, 6 and 7 Series. E30 M3 15 x 7 Rim is a different offset (ET:30) and different part number 2 225 375
  14. E30 325i Rag-Top

    M TOY M3

    Now you HAVE to track it! #becauseracecar
  15. Lazy dealer not putting all the info into their Dealer Management System (DMS) and the just auto generating their TradeMe listings off the back of the data. All these systems are great, if used properly.. crap in = crap out. Still no excuse for the photos though.
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