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  1. Good idea - I'll look into that.
  2. They are expensive for a reason, if they were cheap that would possibly mean that they were no good and not popular. It might not stack up $$$ wise v say a 2JZ swap due to the availability of Japanese engines in this part of the world, but if you want to stick with Bimmer power in a Bimmer, then there are not many better options.
  3. Thread tidied up and posts removed. Apologies, missed that fact that this thread had gone off the rails, mods sleeping on the job again.
  4. Let me know which part of the forum rules the post has broken, or report the post giving the reason, and it will be taken down if it's a valid reason.
  5. Hey Cam, whereabouts in Auckland are you? I have got a few of the parts you are looking for, and will have the rear disc set-up available soon.
  6. Most postal or freight companies will be able to give you a price for an "LCL" = less than container load, so part of a container. Just be careful on the MAF requirements, wooden pallets have to be marked as being treated, etc. parts should be clean as possible, not dirt, grass, etc. on them. Any country that has its economy in the toilet at the moment is a good place to look, Greece, Italy, UK, plus lots of parts in Germany! Good excuse for a holiday in Europe - happy hunting.
  7. Lets keep the debate open without personal abuse please, or the thread will have to be closed.
  8. Yeah, that's the problem, worth 3 tenths of sweet FA if I transfer it over now. I have found it makes more sense to transfer the money by spending it on car parts in the UK and then shipping them to NZ to use here, a much better exchange rate that way!! Plus it's always very useful to have a few spare bank accounts around the world to tuck things away into. Will still need this account in the future when my pension(s) start paying out...
  9. Mind you there is also my UK bank account... month's worth of interest in a SAVINGS account, with over a thousand pounds in it.... 1 penny. Yup, thats right, one whole penny. I suppose I could move the money over to NZ to earn higher interest in an account here....
  10. Nice, a few quiet and understated mods to the M3 there. not sure how practical it would be as a daily road car though...?
  11. I think the rear is more of an issue with the Touring than the front, that is my view having followed the one that races in the BMW Series for a few laps. Not sure if the touring has a rear sway as standard...? I do believe that the sway bar from the sedan / coupe should fit in the touring, so that could be a good place to start. I have seen lots of good reviews on the IE saw bars, but I can't recall any being specifically in a Touring. If they have got a matched F/R pair for the T then that would be a good bet as I would suggest a lot of the benefit is in gettting the balance right between the two ends.
  12. Bank charges in general... One months interest on savings of thousands of dollars - $1,40 less tax, go a dollar overdrawn for six hours ovenight - $10 charge plus interest...
  13. Ok, how to put this in a way that does not break the forum rules. My first post was based on humour, something the internet is kind of good at. At no point have you asked about where my view is coming from. You have just taken your usual, and somewhat wearisome position of "I am right therefore you are wrong". This was met by a slightly offensive post from yourself, but hey, this is the Internet so no biggie. From there you went into a somewhat strange discourse about what I think was American politics, but I am not 100% sure as I thought this was a post about Mitsi Pajeros.So no bitch fest from me, just the usual judgemental rubbish from yourself. P.S. The original thread was about "Pajero Oil recommendations" as it says at the top of the page - or am I reading that wrong as well? P.P.S. You know what Pajero sounds like in ther Spanish langugae right? Seems quite apt in this case. P.P.P.S. Drugs are bad, n'kay?
  14. Inherent weaknesses are not due to maintenance issues, if indeed that is the cause as that is a big assumption on your part. As is your assumption on the sample size of my experience of these engines. But hey, it wouldn't be a Ron thread if things weren't assumed and then taken as being a fundamental law of nature as according to the Lord High Proclaimer himself. Anyone else noticed how similar the names Ron and Don are?
  15. If that wasn't so funny it would be iRONic, as you have such a one-eyed view of everything. Sounds like you are the lucky lottery winner that has got the one 4M40 that hasn't blown the cooling system, cracked the head and snapped the camshaft and/or timing chain. The alternative facts of my experience included all of the above, hence my knowledge of the Mitsi lash-ups when pulling it apart. I would suggest you keep yours and put it a museum as it is a rare beast. But I doubt they would be interested, as even in pristine condition, it is still a shitty diesel.