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  1. Not all sales of these models are through TradeMe so don't use that as a true gauge of the market and sales. In my opinion TradeMe is the last place cars like the ones you have listed should be sold, especially good examples that would be worth a price premium. Many of those cars are a worldwide commodity and shipping around the world is both cheap and easy from NZ, whereas TM is basically only a NZ market place which is a very small pond of buyers at the best of times. What that does mean though, is that some of the best examples of those cars have gone overseas from NZ which is a shame.
  2. The one on TradeMe was just a look-a-like, had the rear wing and the decals and that was it. Not a true “lightweight” version, which is why it never sold for the $35k asking price IIRC.
  3. Prices on all the other E30 M3s on trademe have started to tumble (well, come down a bit). Oh goody... only another few decades and I might be able to buy one without feeling guilty.
  4. Not aware of much of a following for the E12, so not much demand would suggest not a great value.. but you only need one! @Hotwire is a wealth of knowledge on the E12, pretty sure he has a few in his back paddock.
  5. Must... Not... Buy... More wheels...
  6. Chucked the battery from the race car into the vert and she started first pop, so that confirms my thoughts on where the problem lay. Took her for a run to work as weather was mint. Realised how poor the boot space is for large parts. Got home and into garage with no issues so will call that a win!
  7. Wow is that your old car Dan, looks better in the pictures than I remember - but could be different in real life. Life is a bitch in that the right car is never there at the right time... cash was all in the racercar 4 years ago. Always wanted a 325i Sport, had to decide between buying the vert, a 325i sport and a slightly rough M3 back in the day... And my comment about “well looked after” may need to be reviewed!!
  8. Yup, that has been seriously abused and mucked about with. List of problems is laughable for a $3k car let alone 7k!! Now THAT is seriously nice. Looks well looked after and in good nick. Luckily it’s in Wanaka so I can’t be tempted!
  9. You just can't beat a 5+ years thread dig for a "is this still available?" in the For Sale section.
  10. Wow, those are absolutely awesome prints. Those all framed up and mounted together would look spectacular. What a great neighbour.
  11. Good car, some nice options on there, the Individual Leather is good, and the Sky Lounge is not often ordered. Shame it doesn't have the 3rd row of seats or a factory tow bar - they are the two most sought after options in NZ so that will hurt your RV some sale time, but not as much as registering it in December as a used import. Did they manage to get your connect drive services working for you?
  12. Yeah no worries, they’re not going anywhere soon. Let me know when you’re up this way, if I head down to CHCH before, I’ll let you know.
  13. I'm happy to sell you whatever you want and i wouldn't want much for them, they are just sitting around in my garage gathering dust. The only issue is that you are in CHCH and I'm up in Aucks so postage would probably be a few $$$s. I could probably get them down to the dealership for free, but not sure they would be too happy for me to be competing with their parts department, plus I'm not due to fly down and visit for a few weeks and I guess you want them ASAP?
  14. Sounds like the Thais are better at screwing things together than the Aussies then. The BAII Falcon I had as a company car was always going back for repair, and the bosses' Territory was even worse - best one was when the driver's window just dropped down into the door as he was heading to the airport... in the rain!
  15. Which car are the bolts for M3AN I have heaps from E30 and E46, including a set locking wheel bolts with key.
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