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  1. Thought that didn't sound quite right, and have just checked ETK, there are quite a few differences betweem the M2 brakes and the M135i, not just the drilled holes in the rotors. M2 runs 380 x 30mm fronts and 370 x 24 rears, different pads and different rear callipers. The m-sport brake kit (option code SA02NH) uses the same callipers, but again various rotor and pad combos depending on application. This set up might work on a non-msport brake vehicle but there could be a bit of adapting to fit. Still a good upgrade over the standard brakes.
  2. The fact that you have only had this "bypass" thing and it's not working after only six months should tell you something! Don't cut corners on safety, it's just not worth it.
  3. Have been M550i / M550d available in other markets for some time, as well as the M5. Not for sale here in NZ though as those M Performance models are LHD only, although more and more (including the xDrive variants) are now becoming available in RHD thanks to the demand from other RHD markets like UK and Aussie. M5 launches a year after the start of the rest of the range, and I wouldn't hold your breath for a manual.
  4. Thanks, as you were everybody.
  5. Needs a price please or thread will have to come down!
  6. AA were absolutely awful when I claimed with them last time. Wouldn't let me use the panel shop I wanted, used their own non-BMW approved repair centre and did an awful lash up of a job. Youi were just aggressive sales people - so no thank you. Ended up going with State, but haven't claimed with them yet so we shall see..
  7. Road And Track I believe. He is saying car was converted in Europe, possibly Birds UK. History is a bit sketchy IMHO.
  8. It was a demonstrator on the North Shore for the start of it's life so it would have been around the traps for a while.
  9. IIRC you can only copy files into the iDrive "Music Collection" if you have the later hard-drive version of the Professional Navigation option, not Business Navigation? I didn't think that option was available on 2010 cars? Also the original post was about playing the music from the USB drive rather than copying it, hence the response?
  10. Only one of the Melbourne Red was a sedan, rest were coupes. Surprisingly the one red sedan did have 3 pedals.
  11. Digging through the records there were a few brought in by BMW NZ that were different colours.. 4 x melbourne red ones, 7 of the Interlagos Blue (which I think is the one in the link from UK), 1 x Moonstone and 9 x Individual Paint cars, which I can't be bothered to check right now. so, yeah, there are a few NZ new out there but not many!
  12. RHD is rarer than LHD for a good reason, they were never built in the factory like that (except possibly the two RHD test cars for Japan) all the RHD conversions were carried out outside of the factory. As such and RHD cars are considered as "non-original" and hence lose a proportion of their value. maybe not such an issue in RHD markets like NZ, but certainly not a reason for a higher price over LHD and definately not an investment car.
  13. That sounds like a great idea let us all try that shall we?
  14. A happy and prosperous new year to all Bimmersporters old and new!
  15. So many great projects there, hard to say which is the coolest. The E21 would be a real sleeper, but the V8 in the touring will be awesome when finished. I take it the white E36 is Mike's new race car coming together? Looks like it will be a real weapon.