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  1. Mini Cooper Wheel Fitment (Stud Bolt Issue)

    Centre locks FTW! You just need the roof racks as well to carry the 10 foot long torque wrench required to tighten the bloody things up correctly, and be either strong or fat enough to exert enough grunt on the end of it!!
  2. AC Sanchez wheelz bruh

    More like DIrty Sanchez from the state of those wheels.
  3. New forum theme is far too dark.

    Yeah, something like life or work probably got in the way before they had chance.
  4. New forum theme is far too dark.

    Agreed, I didn't know the upgrade was (finally) happening! One of the technical clever admins must have done it. I will try and get them to have a look at the settings and see if they can change the colours a bit.
  5. Life is choice bro thread.

    Agreed, but only on the right bum. Seems to be THE thing to wear when doing your groceries in Howick New World.
  6. How to make an e34 look Bogan.

    If you want bogan it's got to be bonnet scoop intake and flames down the sides /done.
  7. Concept M8 Gran Coupe

    Munich. The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe illustrates the meaning behind the letter “M” at BMW in impressive style: it stands for “more”, more of everything. As well as dynamic excellence, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe embodies a new facet of luxury for the BMW brand – ultra-sporty, extrovert and polarising. “The BMW 8 Series will take over as the new flagship model of the BMW line-up and, as such, combines unsurpassed sportiness and elegance,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe offers a look ahead to the most exotic and alluring variant of the new BMW 8 Series.” Symbol of a unique understanding of luxury. The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe is more than simply a luxury sports car with four doors. It symbolises a new and unique understanding of luxury. “The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe is designed to stir things up, to polarise – it should move you emotionally,” explains Domagoj Dukec, Vice President Design BMW M and BMW i. “With this car we want to reach people who are looking for something special and who want to stand out from the crowd. Here, BMW M is unmistakably taking luxury out of its comfort zone.” Like the BMW Concept 8 Series before it, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe shows off BMW’s new design language, headlined by expressive surfacing that accentuates the car’s dynamism more vividly than before through its bodywork. A small number of precise character lines underline the graphic arrangement of the surfaces. The front end: a promise of dynamic talent to quicken the pulse. Low to the road and broad in stance, the eye-catching front end of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe delivers an immediate promise of an exceptional performance experience. The muscular surfaces and precise contours of the bonnet hint at the driving capability bubbling intently under the skin. The face of the new BMW 8 Series is evident in the new Concept’s front-end graphic. The contours of the radiator grille kidneys broaden as they descend towards the road, emphasising the car’s low centre of gravity. As on early BMW coupes, the kidney elements are linked by an unbroken grille surround, creating a large single element. The headlights are positioned slightly higher than the kidneys and give them the impression of sitting lower, which further emphasizes the car’s closeness to the asphalt. In contrast, the gold-coloured kidney surround brings an added air of exclusivity to the front end. Within the headlights, the lighting technology familiar from the M8 GTE endurance racer provides a dynamic, hexagonal interpretation of BMW’s signature four-eyed front end, distilling elements of modern-day motor sport and luxurious quality into its inner details. Meanwhile, brawny air intakes in carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) guide the air to where it is required. The side – elegance meets powerful precision. Even when viewed from a distance, the proportions of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe radiate the car’s dynamic character. A long wheelbase, long bonnet, flowing roofline and short tail create an elegantly sporty coupe silhouette. The emotionally rich surfacing reaches a climax in the car’s shoulders around the C- pillars, north of the rear wheels. Here, the roof flows into the rear by means of elegantly sculpted fins. Lower down, the muscular flared wheel arches offer a visual expression of the power working through the rear axle. The smooth transitions between surfaces exude a certain sensuousness, while the heavy tapering of the car’s shoulders combines with a wide track to bring extra definition and athleticism. Being every inch the BMW M car, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe has a roof made from CFRP – which lowers the car’s centre of gravity both visually and physically – and aerodynamically optimised exterior mirrors. The Salève Vert paint finish, whose colour appears to change from green to greyish blue in different lights, creates a hugely effective surface composition and teams up with the gold-coloured window graphic, hallmark M gills, gold- coloured brakes, wheel rims and M twin exhaust tailpipes to give the car a head- turning, all-new look. The rear packs an imposing presence. The rear of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe oozes the dynamic élan and visual impact for which M is renowned, and the wide track and flared wheel arches hint at the car’s performance capability. Horizontal lines break up the rear end stylistically, allowing the area below the rear spoiler to catch more light and adding extra visual agility. At the outer edges, the slim, sculpted rear lights with black glass covers underscore the car’s wide stance on the road. Below them, the bumper picks up the front apron’s dynamic theme. The prominent diffuser and two sets of familiar M twin exhaust tailpipes together send out a clear message of absolute performance. Looking ahead The striking exterior of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe combines the core values of BMW M with elegance and luxury to create a new and captivating form, and reveals a new and exciting facet of BMW M. The new model sees the BMW Group looking ahead to the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Gran Coupe, which will be presented during the course of 2019 and round off the BMW 8 Series family. Ends. *Please note: this is an international media release without adaptions for the New Zealand market.
  8. FS_318IS Manual Coupe Project (Rally/Track)_Welligton

    I know a few people that would be very interested if it wasn’t all the way down in Wellytown.
  9. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Bought myself another E30 M3!! Unofrutnately it's only a 1:24 scale plastic model kit, but at least it is an M3. I can add it to the long list of cars I have in bits at the moment as well! A project for the cold, dark winter nights.
  10. How do i find bmw sales numbers?

    Are they all NZ new though? That figure of 47 does not include any imports that have come in, only those registered as NZ new.
  11. Cheapest Car Rental in Auckland

    Rent-a-dent are pretty cheap, cars are quite reliable even if they are not exactly new and pretty to look at.
  12. How do i find bmw sales numbers?

    For the 1M Coupe, NZ got a very large allocation compared to the overall sales volumes as it was such a popular model here. Grand total was 47 units, 12 Black, 15 Orange and 20 white. I think NZ also holds claim the last one being sold new!
  13. WTB: 135i 2008-10

    No, sorry, made a typo in the post, fixed it now to make it clear. wish I did have a 135i Coupe for the Mrs, great cars, with lots of potential for steet mods and race car!
  14. The last BMW 3 Series Sedan produced at Plant Rosslyn

  15. Bye Bye BMW 3 Series: After 35 years, the BMW 3 Series Sedan rolls off the production line at BMW Group Plant Rosslyn for the last time Since 1983, more than one million BMW 3 Series produced, BMW Group Plant Rosslyn to produce BMW X3 in future Rosslyn, South Africa. After 35 years, the last BMW 3 Series Sedan rolled off the production line today at BMW Group Plant Rosslyn in Pretoria. The plant has produced a total of 1,191,604 units and five generations of the BMW 3 Series. One in four BMW 3 Series Sedans of the current generation come from BMW Group Plant Rosslyn. “We look back with great pride over an extraordinary career path of the production at Plant Rosslyn. Over the years, the development of our production and export programme has been the catalyst for our sustainable growth and contribution to the South African economy,” says Tim Abbott, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BMW Group South Africa. In the next few months, Plant Rosslyn will launch the production of the BMW X3. In the future, the BMW 3 Series Sedan will also be manufactured at the new BMW Group plant in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Bidding farewell to the BMW 3 Series at BMW Group Plant Rosslyn One of the key milestones of the BMW 3 Series has been the success in founding the segment of the modern sports sedan, establishing itself as the embodiment of driving pleasure in its segment and becoming the world’s top-selling premium car. The enthusiasm for this model series was also shared by the production staff who expressed their passion for these cars by giving them legendary nicknames. Each generation of the BMW 3 Series produced at Plant Rosslyn had its own nickname: the third generation, for instance, was called “Dolphin” for its elegant contours. Limited edition models of the BMW 3 Series, such as the BMW 333i and 325iS, also emerged from the plant. In June 2015, BMW Plant Rosslyn was awarded the Platinum Plant Quality Award in the J.D. Power 2015 Initial Quality Study (IQS). This award made Plant Rosslyn the best plant in the world in the Initial Quality Study 2015. BMW X3 instead of BMW 3 Series With the production of the new BMW X3 in the coming months, a new era will begin at Plant Rosslyn. In November 2015, BMW Group South Africa reaffirmed its long term commitment to South Africa by announcing that it will invest a total of R6 billion at Plant Rosslyn. The investment – one of the biggest in the local automotive industry – has enabled Plant Rosslyn to get ready to produce the new BMW X3. In October 2017, an additional R160 million was invested into the Rosslyn manufacturing facility to enhance production line speed. Stefan Hülsenberg, Director of BMW Plant Rosslyn, explains: “The enhancement has raised the maximum production capacity to 76 000 units, leaving the plant with excellent potential in the future to produce the highest volume ever in its 45-year history. Plans to create a center of production excellence at our plant are well under way with the largest infrastructure upgrade in the history of the facility now completed and staff upskilled in state-of-the-art technologies.”