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  1. Cheers, I'm not sure how practical mine would be with the kit on it, driveway has bit of an angle getting onto the road, so it might have to come up a little so I don't rip the skirts off it!
  2. Fark!! That looks so good with that M Tech kit on it. @Tidy30 is your kit still for sale? I would like to come have a look and see what condition it is in, Palazzo's picture makes me really want one now.
  3. Did you ever get the skirts fitted on your 'vert ? My understanding was the sides are different between the vert and coupe. If these fit on your vert I would be very interested?
  4. I finally gave in to getting a small(ish) water blaster and went for a Karcher as it was on offer at Bunnings and seemed to be the only make that had loads of accessories and parts and stuff available on the shelf. Works well enough so far, not overly fast at cleaning larger areas as it's a smaller model, but adequate for me. Plenty of power to destroy plants and take paint off things if you are not paying attention / stroke can't be arsed moving things out the way.
  5. There is one that has been built into a race car, doesn't have the 2.7ltr M20 in it anymore though. Really nice car, was up for sale on TradeMe for ages not long ago, no idea if it ever sold...
  6. Not that far for me to go to the big 6 0 and to be honest the state parts of my body are in they aren't going to be any worse by that point anyway, possibly even better if I can get the surgery I need. The only way I can be working smarter would be to pay someone to do the work for me, and whilst this is sometimes very tempting, it's just not me, so I'll keep the money I save from doing that for the racing budget.
  7. I think it is more of an age thing Glenn, I have always been upside down under cars for as long as I can remember but now it is seeming less and less like "fun" and more and more like pain and heartache. When you can only lean under a bonnet for a period of time before your knees and legs seize up any job starts to take a lot longer, and has to be planned out in advance to mix up the standing, sitting, leaning jobs. I must be getting old and paying for all the mis-adventures of my youth. First world problems I know, as there are many people out there who would love to have a car to work on, let alone a garage full, so I shouldn't complain too much. I will be a lot happier when the current wave of work is over and the driving can commence again thats for sure.
  8. Started putting things back together again after pulling the head off the race car. Blowing coolant out due to exhaust gases getting in the system, pressure check of head came back good, and a bit of a weld on a corroded wateway should do the trick fingers crossed. Now to get the whole lot back together and adjusted - fun, fun, fun. Wife's E46 has had the airbags done, but found another couple of issues that need attending to... And the convertible is still sitting there patiently waiting for some new parts and TLC. I am beginning to get a bit over all these car problems, they are supposed to be "fun" right??
  9. It turned out our E46 was one of the ones that has both the drivers and passengers bag affected, so they were both swapped over, covers replaced and car was given a very good clean inside and out. They even pointed out a couple of issues that needed attention which was a bonus as I had missed them during the last service. All free of charge, on an imported car, and no special treatment for me as it was all done by my wife. So, to keep on like a broken record, if you are in doubt contact your local dealer with your chassis number and they will be able to let you know, and book you in as soon as they can, part availability permitting. The latest update I have heard is that there has just been a new list of over 2 and half MILLION additional BMW vehicles affected released from Munich, which has been filtered and sent to the NZTA to see which of those are in New Zealand and find the owners details, so there will be another round of letters sent out very shortly.
  10. Fark!! Nearly $18k for that... E30 tax is going up.. Better increase the insurance values on mine.
  11. Everything is for sale if the price is right Grant! Car is manual, 325i and just clicked over 80k genuine and documented miles, approx 122kms.
  12. What are you looking for in a vert that would make it the right car...?? hint, hint, ideas in sig..?
  13. Couple of very nice E30s there that I would love to add to my collection, pricing is getting up there, I can understand it with the restored grey one - look at all those new parts under the bonnet - shiny new washer bottle, coolant expansion tank, under bonnet insulation, etc. I would think it will still stuggle to get that asking price but I could see it getting close, the black one is probably a little furher from it's asking price unless it looks a lot better in the flesh than in the photos.
  14. Down in Hawke's Bay visiting family this weekend and saw a lovely dark grey M Tech 1 E30 waiting to pull onto Taradale Road this afternoon, had bimmersport plate surrounds on it as well. Looked really, really nice, big ups to the owner!!
  15. Wife phoned Auckland City BMW last week to book her E46 Touring in and was given the choice of days next week, so not a massive wait and that is to change at least one bag over. And it's an import as well... Even got a letter from BMW NZ (lol) ages ago that it needed doint, finally got around to booking it in with the dealer.