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  1. Just an explanation for you, to again show what it was that needed moderation. Its part of the right of reply, explanation, etc that you wanted. It has been suggested we lock this thread but I have left it open so that there is still the opportunity for a reply. I’m happy to close it now if you’ve finished?
  2. They do put some of their stuff on TradeMe..?
  3. Be interesting to see where it gets to, a new indicator of the 130i post-covid market.
  4. Yup, something that has been followed, with the possible exception of For Sale posts without prices and/or pictures for the umpteenth time from the same poster.
  5. Strange, when I look at the Forum Guidelines (call them rules if you wish) which are stickied in a number of the sub-forums, in the section entitled "Reasons for moderation at our discrection" there are quite a few areas that you may have missed. Point 2, Personal Attacks of which there were several throughout the thread and in your PM. Point 7, Point 9, Point 12, Point 13, Point 14, Point 15. Some are quite similar and overlap a bit, but you get the gist. You may well argue, that if these rules were applied fully then just about every post on Bimmersport would be moderated, which is probably true, but that is where the element of "discretion" comes into it. The intention is not to stifle any debate or discussion, but to intervene once things have gone beyond the point of being what a reasonable person would accept. If you feel that is over-reach then maybe the problem lies elsewhere. You could also suggest that constantly repeating "I didn't break any rules" and not being prepared to listen to exaplanations is also a form of deafness.
  6. I would love to see what your definition of "moderator" is then, because your description in the first part of the line is pretty much spot on with what being a moderator is all about for a web-site. If you post stuff that breaks the rules then it will be removed, hence the reason posts are "edited / hacked / deleted" it would be kind of pointless having rules about what can be posted if the stuff is just left on there for all to see wouldn't it? Also if you read the rules posts then there is a process if you wish to challenge or respond. The filter on your posts has been removed as requested, so yes rather than going over old ground, lets please move on.
  7. I was going with the new consensus of posting what the hell you like, as long as you are not offended, it was only a joke, I didn't break any rules, moderation needs to be relaxed, etc. Too much too soon? I was going to just go with just a "Ok boomer" as we were at emoji level, but thought that a little crass, so expanded a little to give it some context. So is that not the new behaviour that everybody wants, I'm so confused, if people could only make their mind up or at least be consistent that would be great.
  8. @B.M.W Ltdare you looking to sell the 1/43 M3 GT-R? I could be interested if you PM a price. If not - nice model, looks much better quality than the one I already have.
  9. Still sidetracked on the genuine E30 M3 parts. They have been helpful in nutting out how to mount the fibreglass parts, but I’m spending far too much time chipping the paint off and cleaning them up to be honest.Paint layers on the rear bumper are stupidly thick, thankfully coming away reasonably easy. Front bumper is pretty much there for prime and paint now. Using the wooden dowels for location to work out mounts, etc. Genuine spoiler ready for priming, mocked up in fibreglass boot lid. Spoiler is a bit heavier, but is correct for the JPS M3 so will use that. Genuine boot is made from “fibrolite” or something and weighs heaps so won’t use that. To make more work for myself and things more difficult, I have decided to use the genuine bumpers for display & classic “gentleman’s” racing and the fibreglass for the more competitive BMW class. Having them interchangeable adds another dimension of complexity, but I have a good idea...
  10. Is this your idea of engagement, follow up and respect? Someone goes to lengths to explain things, as per your request and you respond with an emoji.. are you identifying as a 13 year old school girl or something? So glad I clearly wasted time I simply don’t have right now to respond to you. Do unto others and all that. Whilst you may not believe it, long term productive members do get more lee-way with any potential issues. However, as you are not privy to how other users / posters are handled you will have no baseline to compare against. That does not mean it gives carte Blanche for you to post everything and anything you want, the rules do still apply.
  11. Pretty sure you would struggle to get an E46 M3 in as a SIV, good cars but far too many of them built. Check the rules around the “immigrants vehicles” they used to be exempt from the emissions and frontal collision rules. Should still qualify even if you own it for less than a year before shipping. How much other sh*t are you bringing back to NZ? I brought my E30 vert out to NZ in a container with all my furniture and stuff packed around it, and my E46 wagon I filled with “personal possessions” as well. Both of which saved quite a bit of cash. And as others have mentioned allow a good budget to pass compliance, you would probably be up for at least a set of rotors and pads.
  12. Gonna round up a Bimmersport Lynch mob and go get ‘I’m..? Good news though, and hopefully the police will carry through properly and the prick gets a proper sentence, no wet bus ticket.
  13. Not been much to post about in this thread for a while with all the lockdown restrictions, etc. Fingers crossed NZ is on it's way out of this mess. It did feel "choice" to be out and about in a suit visiting dealerships again today, sun was shining and even the traffic was good. And the pubs are open again tonight. Happy Dayz.
  14. Nice dark blue E36 M3 on Pakuranga highway this evening, looked like gold RSs and plate “BHP 321”
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