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  1. “BMWs latest 6-cylinder” “in X3M version”, etc. No specific S58 mention in this article but B58 is not the latest and isn’t in the X3M. Other articles specifically mention S58 engine and power / torque figures for that. I have seen nothing official as it’s Alpina doesn’t come to NZ, so can’t confirm 100% @M3AN the official M version of the S58 puts out more power from factory than this Alpina version, but less torque.
  2. Some reports have specifically mentioned the S58 and talk about the differences in power delivery of the same engine in X3M / X4M. Others just talk about a "twin-turbo" motor. Taking a massive leap of faith that the press report has it's facts right for a change and it does have the M engine. It would need something extra special to justify the GBP60k+ price tag for a 3 Series. Re-engineering the exhaust manifolds and associated plumbing of the M340i engine to incorporate a second turbo would also be a very expensive exercise for a relatively small volume car, which would back up the reports of the S58 being in there. The kit is apparently specific to the Alpina, so it is probably the M-Sport kit with bits of it modified / added over the BMW version.
  3. Very interesting that it gets the S58 engine from M Division, rather than a hotted up version of the M340i engine, the 3 Series wagon platform. Looking at how they have developed the power delivery of the engine it looks like Alpina are sticking with their tried-and-tested "undersatated Autobahn Stormer" approach, very cool. If only Alpina would so some proper crash testing, so they can be complied in NZ. And if only M Gmbh would build that M3 Wagon (althought HellBM do a pretty excellent job locally!).
  4. That’s certainly a contender for the award. Why has it got 130i in the title? Why are the photos so badly uploaded? All three of them that show very little. And a seller with zero feedback.. Almost think it’s a scam, but why would you use a 320i to scam someone?
  5. "OEM Car Cover" what an absolute load of bull dust, not directed at the OP but the listing on eBay. OEM has to be the least understood and most widely mis-used term in the supply of automotive parts, and one of my biggest pet hates. Especially when people are using it to suggest their parts are as good as, or even better, than genuine. Maybe i should cross post in the Rant Thread ...? As you were....
  6. Latest Press shots of the Concept for the 4 Series Coupe.. (Flame suit on and exit stage left..)
  7. Exactly, if that is showroom condition then what would they call your Meister...? Off the chart. And if that's $145k, then yours is where....
  8. Ridiculous cars, styling from the 1970s with more power than a small planet, in an SUV, that cost a small fortune. If I had anywhere near the money though, I would own one, just for shits and giggles and not giving one. One in the picture looks like a Tonka toy, very cool.
  9. Apparently they think that the E30 M3 is in "showroom condition", and "collector quality", hmm. My definitions of both are a bit different on both counts. And that's just from the photos, not even looking at it in person.
  10. You can get M3s for much better value overseas, even adding in flights to view and shipping plus tax. The one at Dutton’s looks well over priced $140k with awful rims and boy racer steering wheel. Odd that the expansion tank looks brand new but the paint on the rocker cover (such an obvious point) has not been fixed..? Weird.
  11. There’s a couple of black E30 Coupes and one white one on there at the moment, all reasonably priced at $110k+ 🤪 They are M3s though (but still over priced).
  12. Salt roads... love the internet wisdom and myths.
  13. I can pull the info from NZTA when I get a few minutes. Flat tack at the moment, just having a quick squizz on here during lunch.
  14. Given the circumstances, and the fact it’s free stuff from an all round genuine Bimmersporter, pics are not required for this post. Thanks, Admin.
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