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  1. Does there need to be a valid / playable disc in the slot for it to show as an option in the menu? With other BMW ICE systems you only get the choice of available options. Also, I can't remember if MDs had a region coding / format thing on them, might need to be Japanese format for the disc to be recognised by the system.
  2. Looking forward to the M version...
  3. Possibly a couple more curves on an X7.
  4. Those RR SUVs are just horrific in the flesh, I saw the black one that came into NZ and my first thought was a funeral hearse. Not sure what's worse, the black hearse look, or the Fisher & Paykel chest freezer look in white?
  5. Pick of that bunch for me would be the 320d done 10s of thousands of kms on that motor in both 320d sedan and 320d xDrive touring. Great compromise between performance and economy. Enough torque to over-take a truck and trailer unit quickly even when loaded up, yet range of over 1,000kms to a tank on the open road. I’ve not owned one long enough to know of any issues, but anecdotally have had much better feedback than on the previous generation. Yes 330d would be harder to find, only a few sedan and some touring xDrive around. 4 Series offered here only in petrol, and Japanese imports very rarely diesel. Might be the odd UK one about, but again very few. Drive the 320d and see what you think.
  6. It's a standard feature in an M4... LOL. Clearly too stupid to work out how to pair the phone to the car, as it takes all of 1 minute to do.
  7. Depends on the model and sometimes the year, but in the case of the F31 330d the Professional Navigation, and hence larger screen size, was a standard feature. Standard headlights were Xenons, with the adaptive functionality a cost upgrade. Motorsport was not standard but probably 90% of cars were optioned with it, and for NZ the 19" rims were included as standard with motorsport, whereas many markets stuck with the 18"s and charged for the upgrade. Later versions got the extended display as standard - with the bigger screen in the cluster. NZ F31 / F31 3-Series had leather upholstery as standard, most markets offered cloth as the entry level. 8-Speed Sports Auto as standard across the range, non-sports auto or even manual standard in some markets. Those are some of the more obvious things. 320i and 320d would be different again as spec varies across models (bigger engine usually has more standard spec as higher price point), Business Nav was standard on those, with Pro Nav being an upgrade - pretty sure Xenons were standard though, but it's been a long time since ordering those. I was just comparing what was on that particular 330d Touring against what you would see on an NZ new version of the same.
  8. Import - so doesn’t have all the NZ market spec on it. Another reason it’s cheaper.
  9. Would have though most large(ish) tyre and wheel shops would have these in? I don't know if there is a "standard" size for the valves or if these BBS one's require a different size, but most (if not all) of the new BMWs come with steel valves fitted and have had a few replaced by Carters off the shelf. Different story if it's the valve with the tyre pressure monitor in it though - especially if you don't realise and just get it replaced, whoops! Computer says wtf??
  10. Is that photo the back of the car you are looking to get the lights for? It's a bit hard to tell as the photo is small, but it looks like it could be a pre-facelift M-Tech I car. In which case it would have the pre-facelift lights.
  11. E30 325i Rag-Top

    M3 E30

    Any chance of lay-by..? 😂😂
  12. Is it the latest Leaf where you can choose an engine sound - including things like a V8 or the GT-R? I find that I make my own engine noises when driving EVs, not a petrol engine noise either, more a whooo noise like the old UK milk floats.
  13. This would depend on what type of relationship you have with your local dealership. I know that some updates are applied as part of a mechanical service, and in some cases done out of goodwill for other customers. Also would depend on whether the update you linked to is a whole car update, or just a selective, smaller, download. Speak to the Service Manager and see what they say.
  14. I have a genuine rear FL light, bnib, if you’re interested, only one side though unfortunately?
  15. Yeah, let’s not go through all that again, please.
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