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  1. E30 325i Rag-Top

    '86 e30 motor swap

    Yes you can in theory. The earlier "L-jet" motor with the dizzy on the side of the block usually comes with higher compression pistons than the later "Motronic" engine (dizzy on the front) but the later engines have better fuel / spark timing. I don't know what you are looking for from your engine swap, but fwiw the highest power from the E30 Race Series engines was made by putting the later head and engine control electrics on top of the earlier L-Jet bottom end. If you want to just swap the head over then you can keep the exhaust manifolds, inlet manifold, etc. and just block off the dizzy hole at the front with a plate is the easiest option. This save a bit of mucking about with the electrics plugs, etc.
  2. Media release 20 July 2018 Computer tomography in automotive construction: BMW Group uses X-ray measurements for vehicle analysis. Computer tomography: a first in the automotive industry Faster development and production of prototypes Potential for automatic evaluation through AI. Munich. The BMW Group has introduced computer tomography (CT) into prototype development, production and analysis – a first in the automotive industry. Thanks to this technology, the full range of vehicles, from MINI to Rolls-Royce, can now be quality- controlled even in the early stages of development. Scans are performed by four robots which move around the outside of the prototype to produce several thousand cross- sectional images. These are then used for detailed examinations of innovations, new materials and bonding technologies. Until now, vehicles have had to be dismantled for analysis, but CT allows checks to be carried out with the vehicle completely intact. The new X-ray system is based in the BMW Group Pilot Plant in the Research & Innovation Centre (FIZ) in Munich, at the intersection between Development and Production. Udo Hänle, head of Production Integration and Pilot Plant: “The use of this state-of-the-art computer tomography system is a major step forward for us as it will help us to improve the quality of our products even further. We can now analyse our prototypes in minute detail without having to dismantle them first. The new system allows us to examine our vehicles in a way that wouldn't be possible with conventional, static computer tomography systems. Ultimately, this will enable us to integrate new technologies into a series vehicles even faster.” Analysis of internal structures Michael Koch, head of Material and Process Analysis, adds: “We've been using CT and X- ray scans to check vehicle parts for many years, but this latest system takes quality assurance to an entirely new level. We can now analyse our vehicles right down to micro- metre level.” This degree of detail is required for a range of reasons, for instance to check welds and punch screw connections, and to verify body condition before and after painting, where extreme temperatures can affect adhesive bonds. Findings from the scan are then used as a basis for making targeted modifications to series production. The scan itself is performed by four coordinated robots. Once the vehicle is in position in the system, the robots move around it. Working in pairs, they send X-rays through it and across to their counterparts. The data they collect is then put through a specially developed computer program that calculates a multi-layered, three-dimensional image. This forms the basis for a detailed analysis of the internal workings of the vehicle, offering information on objects as small as 100 micro-metres – approximately the width of a human hair. Engineers are currently carrying out research to establish how far Artificial Intelligence might be used to evaluate findings. By processing large amounts of data, the software can learn the many different patterns that occur, link individual items of data, and gradually evaluate findings automatically. Two years of development work BMW Group engineers and the Fraunhofer Development Centre for X-Ray Technology (EZRT) spent two years developing the new system, which is the only one of its kind in the automotive industry. Philipp Janello, project manager at the BMW Group, explains: “Working with X-ray specialists and plant engineers, we were able to enhance the software of the test system with the help of comprehensive test measurements carried out on the vehicle body.” The result is a customised system that meets the requirements of the BMW Group. Ends. *Please note: this is an international media release without adaptions for the New Zealand market.
  3. E30 325i Rag-Top

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Has been a bit quiet on the car front recently thanks to a long lasting head cold and the four-yearly disctraction of the World Cup. Did a run down to Hawke's Bay to pick up the latest BMW addition to the family, now got the old's e87 116d on the drive so we now have five beemers for four family members! Plan is for the Mrs to have the 1er for her daily and sell the 330d wagon as five cars is probably a bit too many. On the run back from HB I did manage to get the fuel range indicator on the 320d Touring to over 1,000kms of range - high score was 1,022kms thanks to a full tank of fuel and an efficient open road drive in Eco Pro mode!
  4. E30 325i Rag-Top

    X4 F26 Coupe trim swap from aluminium to wood????

    I see you are in Wellington, try Winger BMW, I'm pretty sure they would try to help you out
  5. E30 325i Rag-Top

    I'm ashamned

    If you want some good around town point and squirt fun you have to go a long way to beat a John Cooper Works version of the 3 Door hatch. Just like the Italian Job, although try not to drive up the pavements, the police take a pretty dim view of that kind of thing.
  6. E30 325i Rag-Top

    Sad E39

    Owner of car wanted to keep the rims / tyres it had on it, but had no rubber on the spare set of rims. Or possibly it wasn't the actual owner, but that would have been some pretty thoughtful thieves to put any rims back on it rather than leave it on the ground.
  7. E30 325i Rag-Top

    RIP - 2019 1 Series

    Just to point out that the picture posted is not an official BMW release - it's from another web-forum that are "speculating" what the rumoured new FWD 1 Series will look like when it comes to market, probably based of off the spy shots of test mules that have been spotted out and about. How close it comes to the actual production version, and how big the actual grilles are, we will have to wait and see...
  8. E30 325i Rag-Top

    RIP - 2019 1 Series

    FWD is inherently more economical and therefore produces less emissions, than RWD (with a front mount engine) and the levels are so tight now the inevitable had to happen. Sharing the MINI / X1 platform also help with the economics side of things as well. The good news is the M Performance versions will be xDrive to put the power down.
  9. E30 325i Rag-Top

    FS - NZ new E46 M3 CSL

    Here's hoping you get a really good price for your car Tom, and that it makes a big difference for your son's care.
  10. E30 325i Rag-Top


    I only cook on the BBQ in the summer, when the sun is shining and the beers are cold. Kitchen is the wife's kingdom, the garage is mine.
  11. E30 325i Rag-Top

    e30Rear Screen

    I've got four here, but long way from Nelson. Is the whole of your screen not working, or just parts of it? Normally one or two of the wire filaments get damaged and stop working, which shows as a line of "fog" across the screen when it starts working. If the whole screen has stopped working I would suggest checking the wiring, switch, fuse, etc first.
  12. E30 325i Rag-Top

    Induction charging

    Whilst still currently selling electric and hybrid vehicles. Battery electric is most likely a short-term stop gap until the fuel cell tech is developed enough to be marketable in mass produced volumes.
  13. E30 325i Rag-Top

    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

    There were VINs for other pre-production E46 M3s, including CSLs in the system, just not this LSB one. Which is why this one would be a little more, not sure what the right word is, "of interest" maybe?
  14. E30 325i Rag-Top

    Free International Shipping on Amazon!!!!!!

    So everyone get it quick before they realise... what do I need to buy in at the moment...??? Thanks for posting this up and letting the community know Sam. I moved it into "General Discussions" so it gets a bit more exposure.
  15. E30 325i Rag-Top

    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

    Interesting car, yes, it is a pre-production test car but it doesn't look to have been brought in through BMW NZ from what I can see. Doesn't exist in the NZ records, and brought in from Japan, would have been direct from Germany or possibly SA if it was. So it has had a long and eventful life. Colour doesn't do much for me, although it does stand out from the usual monochrome colour pallette of E46 M3s so understand why others would be keen on it. For the right price it could be a cool little project for someone to bring back to it's former glory.