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  1. Doesn’t look like the updates have been applied yet. @Jamez is probably too busy making arty videos of race cars.
  2. This isn’t a “punter” or a private sale, so you would think a dealer would get that right as CGA would apply and this could constitute mis-representation.
  3. Twin turbo on a 2200cc engine apparently, so should go well. 🤪
  4. It does indeed look like it was ordered in as a stripped out, low spec version intended to be a race car for a South Island customer. Very weird, and pretty cool story. It is the first NZ manual car built, if you exclude the "pre-pro" that was brought in later on. Total number I can see is 15 (including the pre-pro) NZ new manuals wonder how many are still on the road? Will have a look at the database when I get chance.
  5. It's only the lotus leather on the seats that make this an Individual optioned car, all the other bits are non-SABI available codes, Estoril, dark trim, etc. all commonly available. The combination of colour options makes no difference either, it's only the Z1XX Upholstery code.
  6. Some forces do, it’s very varied, fleets are managed county-by-county not centrally. Same in Aus, where some states run BMW 5 Series Sedans and Tourings.
  7. You gotta have something to put all your wheels on! Black coupe is very black, looks good.
  8. Any sign of the rest of the ute / 4x4..?
  9. Aren’t we all, lol. very scarce in NZ, you need to look overseas, try s14.net that has the most M3 parts for sale.
  10. There were some coil overs in the Schnitzer catalogue I found for the E87. on the main ACS web-site. Would still need a cert even if were on there when complied. Might just mean adjustable dampers though? If all that stuff had been properly mentioned in the TradeMe listing it would probably have sold by now..
  11. From your description and photos it is not easy to get the detail on the "fruit" you mention. Yes, it has a performance exhuast which would increase the value of the car, and you can just about make it out in the photos. What are the "AC Schnitzer components" you mention? Are they badges, or engine mods, could make a big difference in terms of value of the car. If you were more local I would come and see for myself, but a trip to TGA is a bit too far.
  12. Pretty sure all 130i had M-Sport bodykit and the sport suspension was standard unless requested to be “standard”. Those wheels are certainly different, not sure if that’s a good thing though. $10k for a 2006 with 135+kms is getting up there price wise on a 130i.
  13. Was it Public Enemy that said “Don’t believe the hype”..? Still true today, possibly even more so.
  14. Being such a silly way of hurting myself I was expecting a bit of ribbing on this one, thanks. The hard part is the frustration of not being able to do things like work on the racecar, even though I probably wouldn't be if I could (if that makes sense). Now on the anti-biotics just in case there is any infection, so fingers crossed it will only be the foot and not anything else.
  15. Yes, it would appear this is the new “design language” with imposing road presence. It is clearly going to be very polarising, even more than the latest big grilles models, which may or may not prove to be a good thing. As you say time will tell. #irkthepurists
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