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  1. they been watching this thread
  2. I beleive you can drive on an rft that is absolutely flat.That is the idea of them.You can drive for up to 80 km
  3. those seats would be awesome
  4. its the downward weight on the ball that will possibly be the issue withthe fancy BMW towballs,and they will amost ceritainly be a 50mm ball too I think its matt here had an e61 diesel wagon for ages.
  5. not sure of the tow figures on the BMWs,rsearch options and toungue weights.Some of the bmw tow bars are nifty fold away or removeable items but they have a very low toungue weight..How far do you want to tow the boat ?I would think a 530i will easily do what you want ,but they will be pricey at the pump compared to the navara.No contest in any other comparison.I am pretty sure the in line six is very solid compared to the V8s which .All the issues with all of the e60/61 are very well known now
  6. they are a FUN little car though....i reckon a 123 d would give a 130 a run for its money in open road situations and stil get nearly 1000k out of a tank
  7. and a 123 d will be quite satisfying to drive,my chipped 120 d was lots of fun.A bmw salesman friend even said "they go like a rocket" If i wasnt 190 cm tall i would get a 123d hatch 6.5 around town and esy 5.5 l 10 k 0n the open road
  8. 300 sq metres is bigger tham most houses.just over 17x17
  9. i had a 120d with run flats.It had 205 55 16s or something like that.When i bought it it had two bridgestones and two continentals.I think the bridgestones wore out and i got two more continentals......the continentals were more compliant than the bridgestones.I never ever had any issues with grip of the tyres.Sometime later near xmas i needed to buy 4 new tyres....i couldnt get ANY.Later i did find some pirellis but they were expensive,but i had no choice.They were better again than the continentals.,I needed another two i think and this time they were much more reasonable in price.In this time i had a puncture (the tyre pressure sensors went off.I think it was down too 20psi.The tyre looked perfect.Tyre clinic wouldnt repair it.I drove maybe a kilometre at 80 km hr,then another couple of ks to a place to pump it up.It was a slow leak. i would say they were slightly less compliant than the 235 45 17s i had on my e34.they were noiser on chip seal.The 120d was a hatch,and it had a huge battery (diesel) so there was really no room for a spare.
  10. airflowe did the paint work on my fortuner to match the arb bull bar to the body colour .I cant tell
  11. at least he put the wof sheet up!Credit for that
  12. define decent....its a shed.One look at a double garage built by these outfits compared to how a builder would do it will reveal what you are gonna get as the size inceases.They maximise every span and use the absolute minimum of materials..They have special designs.I cannot replicate their designs in my truss program.The trusses "fail"
  13. 90 km hr sounds the classic control arm bushes shimmy.I did the bushes twice in the E34 if i remember correctly
  14. didnt know the range of movement wasnt as good,but in a e34 535 it was perfect(the sports seats i mean)
  15. the very first time i sat in sports seats i thought....nope too hard and a bit hard to get in and out....After i had driven from tauraunga-wellington-waimarama in one go i changed my mind and have been sold ever since...I have been told that proper comfort seats are also amazing. And the bonus with electric seats is that you can adjust them to exactly where you want ,not thats click is too far ,and that click is too close
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