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  1. only you can decide which is best for you.
  2. 5 litre 400 hp 6 speed manual in a nice looking package .Whilst the e60 M5 is a engineering masterpeice i dont think it has the "heritage factor" of an e39 M5.A nice late model E39 m5 is now hard to find E60 m5 are much more plentiful
  3. and a linking attempt , on Flickr
  4. testing testing 1,2,3,4
  5. good to see it back in the fold
  6. bmw plate too!
  7. ouch....disadvantages of bigger cars,feel the need to park out of harms way = less margin for error for the poor wheels
  8. its a tough act for those blokes.they need protection form the half wit drivers,but half of what they do make the situation dangerous in itself.In ewellington the narrow roads ,lots of cones etc force cyclists out into the traffic stream
  9. a car on sh1 around tawa drove straight into the back of one of those trucks a few years ago
  10. it may depend on what you want to tow and how oem you want it to look
  11. would love to see a couple of interior pics to please.Lovely car!
  12. i always just leave the batteries connected for a while before i try to start.The batteries will try to equalise so you will ge t some charge into the recipient.Takes a few minutes tho
  13. would am M54b30 biolt in?
  14. nothing more than idle speculation but as Brent says i think most of us would regard a 525ix as a constipated turd in stock form.However a rare 525ix i would be reluctant to tamper with.The force is strong with that 535d tho....
  15. what engine will this have Is it the m50b25 or the M50B25TU? and what engine will bolt up to the gearbox