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  1. heard of him cant advise any more than that
  2. yes the LSd certainly worked well.I hardly ever spun the rear wheels on the 535 and if i did i was ussually expecting it.Even tight uphill take offs in the wet were no drama
  3. inerior pics please,.auto or manual ...and at the risk of repeating myself what was the cause and remedy of the no go interval.?
  4. i do a few ks a year prolly less now but prolly to many ks to be a keeper.That why i didnt want to spend to much on that other one,at comung up to 160 ks may have needed some money spent/Might go and look though
  5. is it a sony stacker?
  6. the cd player/staacker is probably toast.....
  7. Brryn in the E28 around Oriental Bay looked CLEAN
  8. i didnt say bulletproof I said foolproof.Ie it is an open and close valve its operation or not is not diffcult or complex to diagnose.
  9. the egr valve itself is pretty foolproof ,one of the probems is that the intake manifold can become cloogged with oily soot like deposits.I beleive this will be more likely with short run vehicles
  10. Bimmerfest i think he used to post on
  11. really glad to see it has gone to a good home.I would have loved to have a crack at this but it is beyond my modest skills and space at hand
  12. past my estimated value
  13. i am leading with i minute to go
  14. dont talk it up pete!
  15. wanna lift home mate