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  1. dash cams front and rear,record while parked option
  2. if i am buying something on trademe i ussually auto bid I just put in my maximum and let it be....
  3. so what is the 40d?Is it twin turbo 3.0 diesel still??
  4. kiwi535

    E81 130i 2008

    once i was in it was fine but you have to duck pretty low to get your head under the door frame
  5. kiwi535

    E81 130i 2008

    they are nice cars if you into the dynamics of good handling cars,i would have another 1 series if they werent quite so low(age and 190 cm)
  6. jeepers i would buy an e34 just for those style 5s
  7. build a modern version of this instead of the r18 thing please bmw
  8. i can appreciate the work and some of the designs but the front tyres they put on these things is ridiculous
  9. that can be easily overcome....you dont tell them where you live meet at a gas station or something.But unless you have blocked acess they can maybe get your address from the number plate anyway
  10. well done at one time i thought we had lost you to some other manufacturer
  11. didnt know that ,however i think it should be completely transparent at all times what the issue is with these cars is/has been.For most people a car is a BIG purchase
  12. i think that it absolutey shamefull that the actual status of these cars is not a matter of public record.I was in the process of buying a nissan patrol when i found out it was an aussie write of.I couldnt find out its actual history just was assured it wasnt flood damage,but they wouldnt ot coudnt tell me what/why. When these cars come in i reckon there should be complete record which a prospective purchaser(at any time in the life of the car) can access.And that should also be true of any vehicle wtitten off in NZ.
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