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  1. kiwi535

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    thats for me is the whole point...nothing to see...quicker this way...misses the point of road trip entirely.
  2. kiwi535

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    i vote for the sh2 option,if i was in a 5 series this is what i would do https://www.google.co.nz/maps/dir/Wellington,+New+Zealand/Carterton/Kimbolton/Waiouru/Whakamaru/Te+Awamutu/@-39.6176874,173.103981,7z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m38!4m37!1m5!1m1!1s0x6d38b1fc49e974cb:0xa00ef63a213b470!2m2!1d174.7731458!2d-41.2768778!1m5!1m1!1s0x6d40d0aa7bf21045:0x500ef6143a29906!2m2!1d175.5234367!2d-41.0292088!1m5!1m1!1s0x6d41da6d4b06492b:0x500ef6143a2d580!2m2!1d175.7772892!2d-40.0521342!1m5!1m1!1s0x6d6a6028ea9675a1:0x500ef6143a2b280!2m2!1d175.6684686!2d-39.4785006!1m5!1m1!1s0x6d6c70f11a5ff31b:0x500ef6143a2f290!2m2!1d175.7968837!2d-38.4192133!1m5!1m1!1s0x6d6ce73b69e079a9:0x500ef6143a30af0!2m2!1d175.3257982!2d-38.0101364!3e0 have you got a park in Thorndon? You could leave your car here,on the side of the road but off the road,i could play taxi or we are very near a bus route.
  3. just take the vin to a bmw dealer they can do a " build sheet" which will look like this 535 build sheet.pdf
  4. almost certainly but i wonder about say 80-120
  5. thats because sports seats themselves are woth the price of admission
  6. i havent had BMW for a little while now but every now and then i still flick the indicators or wipers in error.Its ussually when i wash the screen rather than approaching an intersection
  7. you will be lucky it will be like 95 indicated which as we all know is actually only about 90,I am sure it these same imbeciles who suddenly brake on the motorway when they realise they are doing 101,because i cant see any other reson for braking at all
  8. i am now even more removed from BMW engine labels 🤯
  9. so an an NZ x5 of the same spec is actually a 30d?.By then a x35d is actually a x40d right?
  10. i did a "80 percent chip" on the 120 d it was "nicer" and revved a bit quicker. I did about 20 km each way most days and a good portion of that was on SH2 motorway.I also ensured that every now and then i gave it bursts of full throttle acceleration through the gears.It is the only car i have had though that required changes into first gear on tight tight curves,otherwise it would fall of boost.
  11. kiwi535

    Octane boosters

    yes was going over the rimutakas the other day and just approaching from the wellington side i saw what i thought was a tesla coming up behinds me,a car went past me the other way then the tesla overtook us with motorcycle levels of acceleration!
  12. well i would guess you aint in 6th if you have to be over 3000 rpm,the 120d was quite overgeared for nz you had to be at 110 km hr to use 6th really that was barely 2000 rpm if i recall
  13. kiwi535

    Octane boosters

    i beleive that mobil also supply Waitomo.At least when you click on data for fuel it takes you to Mobil.RUC has gone up sisnce i started the diesel life.When i first had my 120d ruc was just over 500 per 10000 k,now it is over 700 per 10000 k.Rego is cheaper though that used to be more expensive for the acc than it is now,may be thay have put more acc onto the ruc.But the RUc makes it hard to jutify a diesel now esp if you have small diesel
  14. not sure I agree with that.I drove a e34 540i6 when i still had the 535,and i think that the 540i6 was NICER but I still think the 535 has more grin factor.And that was still the case when i drove a E39 540 i6.Both of the drives in the V8s were rather relaxed . I think there are still a number of very decent 535 is to be had. The red one In Thorndon never seems to move,its ALWAYS there when i drive past that would be 6 days a week
  15. I had a BMW R100 gs paris dakar replica but whatever the combinations i tried the wind noise was horrific.
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