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  1. kiwi535

    Set of Style 66s / Anything 17" for an e34

    this is e34 with style 5s BMW E34 540i with BBS Style 5 wheels by lowston, on Flickr
  2. kiwi535

    Just bought an e34 540i

    and some will say its not a good set up with a square set up you can rotate the tyres front to back to even out the wear.
  3. kiwi535

    Just bought an e34 540i

    dont tell me they are metrics still???
  4. kiwi535

    Induction charging

    where does clean hydrogen come from then?
  5. kiwi535

    Induction charging

    its mainly because hydrogen is still a byproduct of the oil industry.Unti we hit the magical fusion, hydrogen will be in short supply.
  6. kiwi535

    Gissa job!

    sh43 beckons! I got my fingers crossed for ya too mate!
  7. the manual e39 540s would probably have been the E39 versions of the 535is...there werent many of them to begin with either. I drove one and although a very nice car it wasnt as engaging as the E34 imho
  8. manual e 34s were not exactly common.
  9. kiwi535

    Octane rating question

    my old 535 which they said 91 was ok ran nicer and even got slightly better consumption on 96 (I think then) i used to run 91 just trundling to and from work.96 i f iwas was gonna be DRIVING
  10. kiwi535

    My New Trolley

    This(and manual gearbox and useable torque) is the main reason that got me into a BMW initially.When i bought the 535 I Drove from Auckland to Wellington picked up the family and then up to Napier without any long stops.The Wellington to Napier leg was appalling weather(cars were pulling of the road in heavy rain) but the 535 just lapped it up
  11. kiwi535

    My New Trolley

    this reinforces my view that most people view cars as mobile infotainment systems which require as little driver input as possible. What a sh*t headline Better?
  12. kiwi535

    Help me name these wheels plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nice lookin wheels alright
  13. kiwi535

    Help me name these wheels plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

    https://www.driftworks.com/forum/threads/rondell-0021-staggered-alloys-17-5x120.257707/ only 400 pounds albeit one year ago
  14. kiwi535

    Wheel Alignment Query

    you have got to complain...if yu dont they think they are fooling you and or dont even realise that what they are doing is crap,though i think they know that already but get away with it time and time again.At least ask for your money back and tell them they wont be touching your car again
  15. kiwi535

    E30 Ignorance - $40k - $65k Really?

    cant argue with that on Flickr