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  1. you can get a lawyer to maybe outline the arguments you can make at the tribunal.You dont have to go to court.!I dont think lawyers are allowed at the tribunal.
  2. its a bit tricky this one too because one could argue that the car is probably never going to perform as an investment.AN e39 M5 would probabaly be regarded as a vehicle which will appreciate .This is a different matter to the fact that it may be perfectly useable.
  3. but what is the remedy under the cga.?Replace is not practical,repair is not practical,refund in full and take car back?
  4. very nice car with almost every option at that time.
  5. can be prone to some flooding
  6. do you know what the centre bore diameter is? It is likely to be either 74.1 or 72.6 (or thereabouts).Most bmw 5 and 7 series are the 72 mm but the e39 5 series was 74.1.Hence a lot of aftermarket BMW wheels are 74.1,which means there is a SHIM(i cant remember the proper term) to suit the 72 mm fitment
  7. you cant make an omlette without breaking some eggs!
  8. it doesnt matter if its a bolt or a stud does it?.All i know is if i google "mitsubishi pajero wheel specs it tells me it has m12 x 1.5 If i google toyota landcruiser 200 series it tells me it has M14 x1.5 so the information is readily available but wether that information always goes with the wheel is another matter.
  9. when i had my 535is i had quite a long conversation with someone at BMWNZ about the whole HD12 thing (thats what that batch of e34 were called).I think it was a BMW car club AGM at BMWNZ headquarters.
  10. and Riversdale
  11. the consequences may not be as dire for other cars but the pajero collects a lot of debris in the same area
  12. If you want to make a short day of it,over the hill, turn right just before featherston to go down the west side of Lake wairarapa,(ocean beach),over the east west access road(the turnoff is easy to miss) then onwards to lake ferry hotel for famous fish and chips
  13. Interesting thoughts on electrolysis and hydrogen as fuel for a steel plant