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  1. yes the US has over 100 000 cases now.Perhaps some of the mathmatical models will still come to pass.I just cant understand what te aussies are doing either.Hair dressers are allowed to be open....wtf.Talk about mixed messages!
  2. kiwi535

    Show & Shine

    very nice Barry ,well done.
  3. well as a new work from home vpn guy it was all pretty seamless,everything is exactly like being in the office,excepet i am missing several people to talk to,ask questions etc.Iw ill start my lunchtime walks again too.
  4. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    i know i am lucky.I am certain we are in for a massive recession and i am in the industry(building) that is hit first.I wont be surprised if one of us is made redundant as soon as we get back
  5. dunno about more value but i do like it when the car still has the original plate
  6. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    we have bought our computers home so we can work from home.We have new vpn logins to be able to access the work intranet.What we do is a,most perfect for work from home,except they really need one of on the actual factory site to deal with "issues" i feel for the bosses in some ways.They dont really know whats going on .Out top tier management is changing things every half day.Some of the boys in the factory are very very unhappy when they are told two different stories in one day
  7. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    this is serious.Some models say that if the US doesnt get their sh*t together there could be 10 million dead.Thats crazy stuff,esp for someone with a daughter in Boston. They may learn the hard way that a little governance is actually a good thing. i will look for that paper re the figures above
  8. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    there is nothing to understand.Unless you are essential industry or service you go home and stay home from wednesday midnight at the latest..You only go out for food,medicines etc.The idea is if we are forced to stay away from each other we will virtually stop the spreadof it.,otherwise every one that gets infected infects three others.Its fairly simple maths what happens if that is allowed to happen 1>3>9>27>71.......In no time at all our health system is full .We gotta stop the spread of it.
  9. ahh same engine as in the touareg?Jeremy Clarkson says those engines have enough torque to turn the earth
  10. i wonder if BMWNZ can help.They would have such for the cars they import?
  11. have you checked status,last I heard it was closed cos its so dry
  12. i would be changing that front tyre too.
  13. i see its got the optional heated seat
  14. thats just about always parked in that very spot.I think that car has been around Wellington for a long time.I think it used to prk around Shelly Bay and he came to look at mine when i sold it(as did two other E34 535 owners,one from Christchurch!
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