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  1. true but it doesnt have enough appeal for that to be an option for me
  2. whatever the resaon and i think you are right i that in 87 we had the big crash,a 199 000 car was low in priority,and it was the reason we got the 535"is" instead IMHO
  3. any e34 i will ever own will have three pedals
  4. manual or auto?
  5. i would do the very basic stuff myself only
  6. this is the sorta car that would bring me back to BMW,but for me having somewhere to keep it is also a factor.This has cost implications over and above the cost of of keeping and or bringing up to the condition a car such as this requires(for resale) or for trouble free use.You would probably never lose actual resale value on these but you would probably never actually make money if you kept it in the manner it should be kept.
  7. as a matter of reference i had a E34 535 "is" They were fitted with motorsport suspension and i found that to be a nice compromise between ride and handling.If you could replicate that setting in an E24 i think thats where you should aim
  8. i cant say sorry.Google some of your symptoms there are still some very good e34 resources and dedicated forums.
  9. i cant recall the symptoms but one of the above posts also reminded me that where the wiring goes from the car body into the boot lid(it is strapped to one of the hinges) can cause short circuits there.You mentioned some problems with brake or reverse lights which are on the boot lid?
  10. lkm is a known problem on e34s may need to reflow the solder
  11. i fixed that for ya.Kudo to you mate your E39 looks AWESOME,and seems actually as sound as it looks
  12. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    its the other end of the market i cant understand.The super cat (colarado) is 80k,tricked out by hsv .The ranger raptor is 80k.Thats Prado and Everest territory.As a ute the twin cabs arent very good cos the tray is so short.A prado,everest,pajero etc can actually take longer items inside if you can push them right through to the front.You can fold the seats fully flat in the wagons and sleep inside and the wagons are shorter overall than the double cabs.I have a hankering to drive a raptor cos the ride of these things is most important thing for me.And the raptor comes with proper tyres,the ride deterorated somewhat on the fortuner after adding bfg all terrrains
  13. if the front seat is well back there is very very little room.I am 190cm, our daughter(who is also quite tall) could not sit behind me in the 120d
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