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  1. the road from nelson to Blenhein is quite hilly and curvy too.So its not a particularly fast trip either.
  2. Hunter ? is that when they balance the wheels on the car?
  3. i have always has a soft spot for this car,but i am no mechanic nor have the space for it.Whilst i dont begrudge the dollars to maintain a car i dont want to pay someone to build a car.Did you ever have a manual trans lined up for this car?That is something i could convince myself in!
  4. I assume the motorbike is Kawasaki H2R?
  5. Have you actually driven one?Go aand drive a couple of 5s and maybe a 330 or 335 and see what you think.You wont always spend 2.5 k a year.Didbt the 2.5 k a year include tyres?You would be up for that withthe subie too
  6. there has been discussion re this touring before so it has been for sale before.Not sure if this is a new listing or a newly discoverd old listingI remember because i think i asked question re repowering with maybe M54
  7. i still absolutely love this view ugly ...UGLLY????!!! Flickr i get where you are coming from.I love the E24 but i hate the interiors now THAT is old fashioned
  8. i thought the early ones were 3.6 and 5 speed,the wide grill ones 3.8 6 spd
  9. off topic

    have you talked to Action Tyres?
  10. would absolutely love one of these just the formula is attractive, relatively light,powerul and torquey enough, manual,il6 whats not to like about that
  11. the advantage of a electric motor that will generate max torque at all speeds.Its a bit of a leap from a nissan to a tesla!
  12. off topic

    and so the compromises begin.It really depends on whet you are going to do with the landy.A light truck tyre will provide very good puncture resistance esp if you off road with pressures down a bit.An AT type tyre will never be as good in the mud as a mud tyre.A mud tyre has less rubber on the road than An AT tyre.An At tyre has less rubber on the road than a HT tyre.A mud tyre will be much noisier than a HT tyre.
  13. you have to drive a couple .A 5 series is more car than a 3 series imo.I think after you drive a couple your choice will become clear.
  14. you can buy the correct sized battery anywhere.You will have to then "register" the battery to the car so the car"knows" what kinda battery is installed.Make sure you do buy the proper sized battery though.Many moons ago i bought a Hella battery for the e34 from a random auto electrician just down the road from work.
  15. off topic

    i wonder how old they are?