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  1. Thanks I guess this sithe reason people dont pursue To many stories that dont seem to back up the fabled "CONTRACT".
  2. he could get sued here too if the protaganist decided he wanted too.As has been said above,a contract had been made. offer and acceptance.....the proper outcome would be he gets the cars at the price he offered,and the other guy would likely be up for the costs involved in the pursuit
  3. kiwi535

    Aussie E46s Grounded.

    did aussie not have the airbag recall?At the time my Mitsubishi Pajero had both front airbags replaced
  4. two close calls same day. 1)Stopped at traffic light at front of queue wanting to turn left,indicator going.I am the LH lane which is left turn and straight ahead.The red also controls me against pedestrians.The rh lane green arrow always goes green before thestraight/left light.So my light goes green and i only ease forward as there are still people on the ped crossing.As the last ped clears the crossing i actually accelerate just as a e bike whiszzes past on my left,i just missed her.She didnt even look back i dont think she realised what had happened. 2) going up Ngaio Gorge quite a steep road lots of bikes going up here you always pass several going up.There is a "fog line" painted about 500 mm out from the kerb a defacto bike lane.As i approach a pair of cyclists i notice that the rearmost cyclist is going quite a bit faster than the guy in front and sure enough she just pulls out into the lane proper to pass the other guy. just as i come alongside.I had anticipated this and had moved right enough to leave her room. the speed some of these e bikes go u p the gorge rivals a 50 cc scooter!.The mismatch of speeds with other cyclists and the parity with cars is going to cause trouble
  5. if it is going to be used for short runs i would go with the petrol.
  6. drl will always be on un less you turn on the parklights or headlights or if the headlights come on auto,thats the idea of them DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS
  7. i think i know of one here in Welly too prolly the same one as mentioned above
  8. its a moot point because almost every thing written about dealing with accidents/insurance company is"never admit liability at the scene,so straight away its make a claim and let the insurance companies fight it out. Your points though are spot on in this case which is not a on the road bingle
  9. you still need to make a claim with your insurance company,they will pursue the other parties
  10. i reckon the M1 s still look fantastic
  11. Are modern cars actually any better than slightly older ones. I think the answer is actually NO. They are heavier,more complex,and will almost certainly have some "convenience features that are actually annoying. example.my toyota fortuner has a feature that means that in "drive" it will never roll backwards.The downside of that is the auto is locked in first gear so at idle in first it goes too fast,other autos i have driven have a degree of slip so that at idle in first thet go much slower.(and in lo range it very jerky) The auto headlights are stupidly sensitive so the lights will go on on a bright day when you go through a cutting.Thats not to bad but the dash brightness changes at the same time.(the toyota dealer didnt know thay can be adjusted for sensitivity,and upon being told by me that the manual says they could,they said the procedure was to complex for them at the first service and to come back another time!) I could go on Pros...they will almost certainly be safer,have some conveinience features and be nicer
  12. M30 is a very flexible engine,for instance you can come out of a slowish corne in thrid and just let it rev out.you could do the rimutaka s in only third gear i loved mine and was happy to get back in to the 535 even after a test drive in both a e39 540 manual and an e34 540 manual. The only downside is the fuel use.They are thirsty for what they are i reckon.They are undergeared to pep up their accelleration which means they are doing about 2250 at 100 ks as opposed to about 1800 rpm for an e24 635
  13. I have the impression that the m70 is "temperamental." is it really or is is it just a little it different in that it is sorta two engines?
  14. well after a big cleanup and struggling with a big lever but not much purchase i got it to come to bits.I dont know what he was doing with it but it was filthy with old dirt and oil will now fit in a package about 800x150x350
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