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  1. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    it is rarely so foggy in NZ that rear fog lights are required ,but proper front fogs do make the actual driving better
  2. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    not sure about that in a line of traffic once on a foggy night it was nice to have the fog lights but the renault in fornt of me had painfully bright rear fog which i wished he would.could have turned off.I dont think i ever used my rear fogs
  3. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    both of my BMW have been similar.Fog lights would not go on unless at least park lights were on.E34 cant quite recall if the rear fogs were on a seperate switch or second position on the same switch,there was a seperate "warning" light for front AND rear fogs.
  4. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    I think there is a good reason for this.Not knowing you they dont actually know how to "open" the conversation,so they start by asking trivial questions,just like we talk to aquantances face to face re weather etc before the real conversation starts.They are sounding YOU out as much as you are trying to sound them out. a good example of this is the converation we had re your touring...the first few qyuestions i asked were stuff i already knew the answers too.....
  5. whilst lighting is undoubtedly better it is more and more common to be dazzled by oncoming cars..When conditions arent the best,raining,grubby screens, the bright street lights and hi lumen count oncoming headlights make night driving less pleasant than when we all operated with 55w halogens. I dont know if it me but i was sometimes aware that the 120d(factory hids) and now the fortuner(factory LED) make it unpleasantly bright for people driving just ahead of me when i am in the RH lane and they in the left lane..They are sitting in the upward flare of BRIGHT lights. too many lumens imho
  6. its not a problem for me just has a quick look at the carjam report.I didnt notice it on the trademe ad
  7. you aware this is a ukimport????
  8. thats a tough call.There are some who will think any diesel sound like a bucket of bolts.I will have a quick look at it if ican find the place and its open....have to head out the Hutt later edit....i know exactly where it is and its close to the placei wanna go
  9. i would think a twin turbo legacy is the last car one would recomend to these people
  10. seek some advice from some place like diesel and turbo you may be able to add some additive re the diesel bug to prevent growth.Is it a conventional garage or ??? Regular running of a heat pump on "dry" or dehumidifier may be a good idea .May be worth trying to get the tyres right of the ground.As long as you can keep the car really dry and even temps i dont think starting it is worth it unless it gets a really good run.evrything(motor,brakes,gearbox and exhaust) needs to get up to temp for a good while other wise i beleive you are doing more harm than good.(my opinion pnly)
  11. seems my night for posting wheel stuff bmw style 359
  12. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    he is right tho ,it may be a really nice car but it is ugly as sin IN MY OPINION.
  13. the LED thing is being overdone.My fortuner has LEDs and whilst they are more than oK to drive behind i can tell they are too bright for others.Driviing home last night was bad,so many cars have bright glary lights and now with bright LED street lamps,its a very glare laden experience (very heavy rain last night)
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