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  1. kiwi535

    Shipping from NZ to USA

    bunnings have half sheets of treated ply(1200mmx1200mm 12 or 17mm) i think it is "non structural" so it quite good value
  2. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    dont care is proabaly not actually correct.Probably more like the effect is rather neutral and that is ho it should be.Oue tax/investment scheme is far from neutral
  3. kiwi535

    Quick rant thread.

    a cgt should be part of flattening and simplifying the whole tax system Make it more difficult to avoid /evade taxes then everyone pays their share.There is a line to be tread here.If they make investment in property too difficult then is the government going to become the landlord of choice?Cos mum ans dad propery investor will have fled
  4. kiwi535

    Independents, New Car Warranty, Self Provided Parts

    well surely the dealer can be another"data point " if nothing else.
  5. thats a good answer.The car has to be priced well because of the perceived "expense" of re rego ing.The condition of the car may be worse than a registered one because one may assume that the current owner couldnt afford to keep imaintained OR there is a problem he was not prepared to fix.
  6. kiwi535

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    newish M6, was a flat almost completely matte bronze colour some sorta personalised plate....
  7. kiwi535

    I'm back...

    for the record the ruc is now about 7 c a kilometre ,ie nearly 700 bucks for 10000k.Diesels also pay a higher rego as there are no ACC levy on diesel .Inly buy a diesl if you can give it a good run most times you drive it,At least 20km some of which should be highway.This will give the dpf the best chance to stay clear.
  8. kiwi535

    Indicator auto off broken

    I bet Brent has a used one.Prolly same unit used in e32 too maybe e 36 as well
  9. kiwi535


    houses you say?Half the time the plans we get to build a house are seriously flawed.The latest house i am doing has a truss layout and a floor slab layout that dont match....and thats normal.And its it is far far from a complex house.Once that is done a lot of the very simple stuff in the factory is "automatic."The most complex of those machines is very labour intensive to keep going.
  10. kiwi535

    New/old Bimmersport member

    200k?.That would be an absolute minimum i would think.The "average" car of that age is probably a lot closer to 300 k.
  11. kiwi535

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    the grilles are hideous.I am somewhat biased as i even dislike the grill evolution from an early to late e 34
  12. kiwi535

    E87 130i - How is it as a daily?

    123d in manual would be good too i reckon
  13. kiwi535

    NZ New BMW’s and Petrol Particulate Filters

    because our market these days is a sub market of aussie.I think it is unlikely they would have different cars for aussie and nz at the basic mechanical level.
  14. seems to have been sold at 1947 ?
  15. kiwi535

    NZ New BMW’s and Petrol Particulate Filters

    if aussie dont have them we wont