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  1. I have the impression that the m70 is "temperamental." is it really or is is it just a little it different in that it is sorta two engines?
  2. well after a big cleanup and struggling with a big lever but not much purchase i got it to come to bits.I dont know what he was doing with it but it was filthy with old dirt and oil will now fit in a package about 800x150x350
  3. I would buy THAT car only because it is a e34m5 and a 3.8 at that.Thats the only reason i would buy it.The manual e31 is also of interest
  4. O.M.G. its good to see that the rear valence and tow hook cover ddont line up any better on this than they did on my 535 Now this would be me but its twice as much as i would consider
  5. best place to buy rotors and pads in welly for a ford escape(for work mate)
  6. and in my opinion the driving dynamics of even the lower spec 1 series is very nice indeed.
  7. dunno about that but on the odd occasion i have used the UK BMW deaer "configurator" to build a car and manuals are (were) available. Are you saying that i could NOT get a manual if i actually ordered it,(depending on model) here in NZ?I realise that there would not be a manual in stock in NZ,
  8. kiwi535

    Gull 98

    i want to know where their(gull) diesel comes from and if it amy different in spec than the diesel i would buy from Z or bp. Where oes their diesel come from.Where does Mobil diesel come from?.I beleive Waitomo fuel is Mobil too.
  9. kiwi535

    Gull 98

    you must have very dry hair.
  10. pure guesswork here maybe sensor for auto headlights
  11. manuals are more common in the UK too though the spec on them can be pretty low.
  12. are your 540's both autos darryl?
  13. look at the torque figures for a 320d and even a a e39 540.320d would fill both roles imho
  14. you could eave the headlights on on the e34.No warning at all.I recall that the headlights went out but the parl lights remained on; I left them on all day once but the battery from hell in the boot was untroubled
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