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  1. benzboy

    Wanted: E46 M3 coupe

    Any e46 m3's for sale or maybe up for sale soon that are not on Trademe? Would prefer manual, stock, and under 150,000km Ideally under 25k Chur chur
  2. benzboy

    For Sale: My E34 V12 Touring

    Is this still for sale or has someone got a bargain already?!
  3. benzboy

    1991 E31 850i

    Agh. Thought I saw it driving through Te Awanga a couple of Sunday's ago...looks amazing ......
  4. benzboy

    Wow, rip off alert!

    Kyu, I can assure you it won't LOL
  5. benzboy

    Wow, rip off alert!

    Well put mate, I personally find it a bit of a laugh more than anything
  6. benzboy

    Wow, rip off alert!

    BTW Andy mate, if I sell my Sl (2 People coming to look at it tomorrow) ( https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=887069519 ) You can bet my bottom dollar I'm coming down to Welly and having a good look at it! (E34) Any discount given for a fellow Bimmersport and ECC member? LOL
  7. benzboy

    Wow, rip off alert!

    f**k, if thats worth 5k your e34 is worth 15k!... As much as i like e38's they just dont look good "pimped" even if it is a schnitzer kit...IMO of course I wouldn't give him 3k for it.....Ok maybe thats a little harsh lol This is almost as much as a rip off http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-886312357.htm What drugs are these e38 owners taking because I want some!
  8. benzboy

    Wow, rip off alert!

    Even if It did at the end of the day its still a E38 priced at 28k....extremely small if not non existent market. As most of the guys here if they would rather that or a m5...I think I know the answer... (E38..nah..lol)
  9. benzboy

    Wow, rip off alert!

    Yes however the price that he wants for it is a joke, and anybody who purchased it would be getting "ripped off" as it is 20-25k over market price!
  10. benzboy

    Wow, rip off alert!

    http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-888125194.htm Wow, just wow... I merely 24k overpriced lol
  11. benzboy

    E38 750i refresh/resto log.

    Looks mint!
  12. benzboy

    My new DD toy

    Very nice, arnt the 540i E60 faster than the 545i?
  13. benzboy

    BMW 730i E32 1994

    Looks mint, might view tomorrow..
  14. benzboy


    If he hadnt ruined it im sure he might get close to what hes asking for it... a shame, obviously has little knowledge on M3 engines then! "no test pilots" LOL