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    Hi Guys, Newbie here to the wonderful world of BMW's. Purchased my first one in December - a slick looking 2009 E61 550i (which I have named Bindy - LOL yes, I name my cars). Not long after I bought it, it had to go through the dreaded valve stem seal replacement (which thankfully was covered under the dealer warranty). I've had the radio updated to NZ frequencies, and have tinted the windows to as legally dark they can go. Main reason for purchasing the vehicle was for work; travelling around the country for events and concerts, so needed something that would perform well on the roads, have plenty of space for equipment/gear, and look the part for my corporate side of work. I will continue to follow this forum for tips on maintenance and general care for this beast of a wagon! - Jimmy
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    I’m kinda caught, had a e46 m3 for last 9 years, no idea what I’d replace it with other than getting another low km one. I’ve deliberately avoided f80 m3s as suspect a drive would lead to a Mpulse decision to buy.
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    LED IMG_5829.mov
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    Eh, dont buy sight unseen, do all the checks, get a PPI. Doesnt really matter who you buy it from then.
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    This is Nu Zilland mate, you can bring pretty much anything into this country! Mate of mine in Palmy had a self-propelled cannon in his yard, basically its a tank with a bigger gun on it (in non-technical non-military terms), tracks, the works. We used to regularly take it for a blat (relatively speaking) across the fields and up and down a few country lanes - used to get some funny looks from drivers going in the opposite direction.
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    Interesting, seller has been on Trade Me for 10 years, only one transaction and was negative ?
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    I watch too much vehicle related video content. Usually about old broken down junk that I fall for and end up wanting my own.
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    Usually goes something like, "hmm I have $xxxx in my account i wonder what I could get for that? Oh that would be cool" buys it, and then wonders why I never get the wagon or e30 finished
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    I beg to differ, my M5 tows regularly and has practicality up the wazoo! ?
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    I keep looking at AW11 MR2s, Subaru Alcyone XT/Vortexs, and Porsche 944s. I think I have a problem (and also like cars that consist of straight lines)
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    That’s bloody cheap for a 1M, but it’s interesting that of the 47 that came into NZ, barely half of them have ever been openly traded. Implies that there’s two markets - one for collectors and one for people who want to drive them. No bad thing, just an observation.
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    Looking to buy a known good CCM and LKM for an e34 540i. part numbers CCM 61351388614 LKM (bulb testing module) 61358350375 trying to solve those irritating intermitant faults. Shipped to Tauranga preferred. 0223509077,
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    I had conti sports contacts on the front of my e46 m3 . Size was 225 /45 R18 on a 8 inch front. On the e46 they had the best front steering and great feel. I’ve since run 235 fronts in Bridgestone re11 and Michelin PSS and whilst these have more grip the turn in and feel imho was better with the conti. Worth putting on your list and in 17inch friendly sizes
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    As far as I know there aren't any private ones over here. 6x6 Command and Control variant. If anyone is wondering, they do go basically anywhere off-road.
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    I have owned 6 new off the showroom floor cars but only 1 was a car bought on emotion. New cars are nice in that everything works its tight and there are no cosmetic issues. I have never owned a second hand car that didn't need something done. I am a bit impulsive and have low level OCD so when ever I get a car I generaaly spend too much time and money fixing it. I have 5 cars and 7 motorbikes, they all work bar one, 3 are brand BMW, I could have a less complicated life without vehicles.
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    #1 - I like to own my cars with a warranty on them.
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    #4: Terrible impulse control
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    If you are mainly working on aluminium you can get specific ones with a bigger gap between the teeth that helps stop them from clogging up and lets them cut faster. Those ones should be pretty good on steel ( new ones are always good) but will probably clog pretty quickly with aluminium. You can also get longer shank versions that can be useful for porting.
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    Sorry, but you are not comparing apples with apples. The 420g gearbox is expensive but it is an exceptional gearbox. The getrag 220 or 240 wont last long behind a s50 motor unless you baby it, and then whats the point. The zf will likely last longer, but cant be compared to the 420g. If you are on a budget why not put a zf behind the m62?
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    Heck with current prices maybe I should sell the M3 ($38k) and the 130i ($10k) and daily this... for $0 extra investment. ?
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    https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2702030421.htm?rsqid=3f24139cf6214910a61e310971e81809-002 Decently priced
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    Hyper have Goodyear Assurance Triplemaxs in that size and on special - four for $490... you're not likely to find a better tyre/price combo in that size.
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    Drove a Pinz for the first time in nearly 3 years this morning, and taking it off road next week! Definitely a life is good moment.
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