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    I myself have no interest in purchasing this vehicle but I am curious about it, have a an over-developed sense of self-entitlement and time on my hands. So I don't see any reason why I should not be able to get answers to my questions about such things as the condition of the brakes and pads, have they been changed recently, shocks not leaking, ashtrays clean or stinky, condition of the floor under the carpet, oil analysis, last time it was serviced, any pet hairs on the upholstery, how much fuel in the tank and was the first owner a doctor or lawyer ? This information will help me increase my knowledge about cars I have no intention of buying. And if the vendor is really serious about selling the car it would be a good idea for him to get it on a trailer and bring it round to my place so I can ask more stupid questions. Failing to provide this service would clearly indicate that the vendor is falling short of my expectations. This is an example of an over-stretched analogy and if the first owner was a lawyer and reading this, he would most likely mutter " Reductio ad absurdum" Cheers...
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    My 2 cents on this car. The seller is doing the right thing in regards to how he has advertised the vehicle. He is not obliged to honour ay whimsical requests for pictures of the rust or to disclose if certain things work on the vehicle as he has it advertised for parts or repair only. Him doing the things the entitled bidders are asking would be simply to appease them and for their convenience. I myself have bought many a car out of town, sight unseen and knew the risks in doing so before hand and took them into account before buying the vehicle. If you want something bad enough you must be willing to undertake the work needed to get it back to former glory and not look for a bargain all the time when vehicles of this kind of rarity come up for sale. I have no affiliation with the seller, neither do I know him but I must commend his patience cos I simply would of said, if you don't like it F%$^ off because this isn't the car for you. Technology has made people to entitled to others making things convenient for them I say. That car would require a lot of work but to the right buyer, it's nothing.
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    For what it is worth, we have a 2010 e70 we ordered new is Oz before we retired over here. It has travelled just over 100k and has never missed a beat. On it's 4th set of tyres, second set of rotors, 4th set of pads (it's my wife's car and she still thinks she is driving the rally car of our silly days!!) and second battery. Regular scheduled services and it still goes like a shower! Ours is the 35D as delivered in Oz, to differentiate from the Jap import 35Ds I have seen here. Like the 40D ours has the twin turbo, which is a world apart from the more mundane 30D. Flicked into Sport and it literally takes off. We ordered ours in Mineral Green with Saddle trim and Style 214 staggered rims - still looks good. And I am pretty sure that as of the 40D they had an 8 speed box.
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    ^ I would say 15 would be what it would go for, and in 2-3 months, be flogged at 20 as a minter.
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    Same N57 engine as the 40d F15 - check the oil service intervals on these (30k km / 2 years isn't ideal IMO)
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    https://www.trademe.co.nz/2987582731 Looking at it as the new family car, any things to lbe aware of? Full NZ service history with BMW dealers.
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    F15 is more or less, a facelifted e70 they share a lot of parts underneath so a decent LCI e70 would be the pick in my mind
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    Fully committed now. Spent the last few days sanding and primering. Door is now sanded and ready with the edges primered, fender is fully primered and just finished sanding the whole roof and primering a few spots. Tomorrow/over the weekend I'm going to do a final fine sand to smooth out everything and then painting on Monday. Couple of random pictures from the progress:
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    The sad thing is that this level of satire is going to go over the bimmersport members its clearly aimed at
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    This was the question I was referring to; "Does the A/C blow cold? " Anyway, its been quite humorous watching the q & a on his auction.
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    fair enough, I rate the N55 engine highly in the M135 and even in the X3 but not sure how it would perform in a bigger car like the X5. Ive driven an both the E70 and F15 with diesels (30d) and it felt "right". Might just need to try them out and see how you feel about it to be sure
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    He was asked if "all the electrics work" and it's obviously not his intent to guarantee that or the aircon
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    beautiful car!
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    Now the seller is refusing to say if the ac works. He wants the buyer to fly up to Auckland to press the ac button.
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    Im currently driving the F25 X3 35i N55 with ZF8 and Xdrive - Its fantastic. Less noisy than a diesel, plenty of power across the board, cool turbo woosh noises, and of course the fantastic 8 speed gearbox. As reliable as any other BMW, the N55 just really needs good oil and regular oil changes, typical cooling system parts, probably the plastic charge pipe. Nothing else major (Ive owned the N55 for over 2 years in the M135 remember?) Fuel economy wise mine is sitting on 9.5L/100km for mixed highway/crawling traffic driving and I dont nanna it.
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    A project we pulled together over the Xmas break. `08 130 N52B30 Auto converted to N54 6 speed manual. 80000km 130 with a 70000km drivetrain. A bunch of mods from the parts bin to make something unique and a whole lotta fun to drive. Studie AG tuned N54 plus some of our own engine tweeks. AC Schnitzer Suspension package H&R Swaybars Quaife LSD 335i Brakes. Front rotors 335i /Rear rotors E46 M3
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    Anyone keen on a E87 135d. We have an extra 130 ideal for a M57N2 repower.
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    I bought the car and didn't take a single picture.
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    Caveat Emptor. Simple as that. I think the sellers rep has been too polite. If you don't want to inspect the car don't buy it. A serious buyer would inspect it or get it inspected by someone they trust. I am not known to the seller and nor am I a dealer. I am off to inspect a vehicle I am looking at buying.
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    I spoke to my solicitor mate about this and he said the seller is doing the right thing by requesting personal inspections. If he provides photos and/or details that leads somebody to believe the vehicle could be roadworthy then he's in the poop, by forcing people to make their own judgements he's sufficiently arms-length from the decision that he can't be implicated. Friend did agree that keeping the rego on hold is not a good idea, he loses nothing by cancelling it and gains nothing by keeping it but he does expose himself to bureaucratic costs if a buyer complains to the tribunal (however unlikely they are to succeed). As a side note, allowing somebody to use a lift, or get under a car on a lift, is apparently a worse liability.
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    Remember the days of autotader and trade n exchange rags, where you had to view every car in person.
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    A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better... Said dealer is even offering a hoist for inspection. People who don't want to inspect, don't have to bid and shouldn't.
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    It pretty much comes down to this.... the vendor has stated their conditions of sale as is their right. If any interested parties are unable/unwilling to comply with the conditions of sale they can exercise their right to NOT purchase the car. I see that some prospective purchasers consider that a vendor who clearly and reasonably sets conditions of sale, but fails to satisfy the expectations of some prospective purchasers, is automatically assumed to be trying to hide something. Rather than being a reflection on the vendor, this is a reflection on the prospective purchasers attitude. The vendor very clearly wishes that prospective purchasers should make their own inspection and assessment to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the cars condition. This seems eminently sensible to me given the age and stated "non-roadworthy" condition of the vehicle. By insisting on inspection prior to bidding the vendor is ensuring that full liability for all and any work required to return the vehicle to roadworthy condition lies with the purchaser. I'm not suggesting that there are not vendors around who will misrepresent the vehicles that they are selling and caveat emptor applies. All I'm saying is that the vendor has the right to set the conditions of sale and if those conditions explicitly recommend inspection before bidding, then that can be seen as sound advice to anyone concerned about rust. Given that the car has been parked up for ten years there is likely to be a lot of maintenance required to get it up to WOF standard. I don't know if the CSI is rust prone but a friend in Auckland with a camera should be able to help you out with some pics Cheers...
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    Good enough reason to reject requests for photos of rust? I think not full disclosure is the least the seller could offer up, surely?
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    I'd guess that this is being sold "as is" on behalf of an estate and the dealer just wants to avoid any after sale liability/whingeing. If the person who buys this has made their own inspection and assessment of the work required, then there can't be any comeback on the seller. At least that's my take Cheers...
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    It was up on tm when I bought my 540i 13 years ago. 🤣
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    Got some bbs for sale to suit the e92. 18x8.5 et22. Flush fit
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