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    2010 528i Motorsport Tour
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  1. skidz

    E30 Carpet

    i have one in Welly you can have if you can collect.
  2. will have a look for you tomorrow, but should have one
  3. welcome aboard, Adam, keep updates coming
  4. That is seriously nice! GLWS
  5. skidz

    M20 engine parts

    sir, do you have M20B25 325 pistons available
  6. i have an F10/11 528 touring and it is just magic. You will love it, even with the smaller engine.
  7. Pleased to see you making progress, Jon, keep the updates coming
  8. you have a pic or a part number
  9. give me a call 021 744 881 Should have them Stephen
  10. This one https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1990-bmw-325i-63/?utm_source=dailymail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019-10-13
  11. oh well try bringatrailer.com and search bmw e30. it is worth the effort.
  12. so, here is where the market in the USA is heading. This is a very nice build! https://outlook.live.com/mail/inbox/id/AQQkADAwATE0YzAwAC1jZmJkLWM4NjctMDACLTAwCgAQABqKdZtYvBBJpRxMCxzd%2BGc%3D
  13. as per title, 2004 530i sedan, NZ New, FSH from Dealer (Jeff Gray, Manawatu BMW, & Winger) Black on black 185km asking $5k Car is in Welly Stephen Marks 021 744 881
  14. i have one here too, i will bring down to Chch on 21st Sept.
  15. great story, Andy, look forward to hearing more
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