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  1. Eliongater to the rescue! All the pics should be there in glorious colour now
  2. have reposted the photos, should be ok now
  3. yep come and have a look at the side trim and yes i have an analogue clock All the photos are showing when i view, so really odd - a couple of peeps have said they cannot see them. At this rate i will have JTP on my case!
  4. Fibreglass rear apron for Pre Fl sedan or coupe - new, never fitted to a car $150 Pfeba soft rubber boot spoiler (similar to the one shown) $old M Tec1 side skirts - will need some plastic welding but hey, these are getting hard to find $old Front plastic inner guards, good order $60pr Front plastic under-tray, good order $50 Glovebox, good order with a lock that works! $50 Dashboard, has one crack but could be usable for someone, $old Centre Console with six pack cassette holder, nice piece of 1980s nostalgia, $OLD (or a plain one for $20) Have the front section also, for a sedan Various pieces of exterior side trim - Facelift or pre facelift, $5 per piece Wiring and cables for rear battery ,$old E30 ecu, $40 each, let me know what part number you want other odds and ends, let me know what you are looking for Cheers...Stephen 021 744 881
  5. Clearing out my garage,selection of mechanical bits and pieces E30 steering rack $100 E36 steering rack converted to manual (non power steer) $100 325i Airbox and AFM $50 Ireland Engineering Stainless Steel front strut brace - will need welded to suit your car (engine height etc) $100 325i (883) cylinder head - has some damage to a camshaft journal and will need repaired but is straight and not soft $old Electric Fan $25 next post will be trim and interior Stephen 021 744 881
  6. i will hold them for you, Jon
  7. Set of four Revolution Motorsport wheels, white, fitted with Federal semi slicks (that are old and hard) $650 Stephen 021 744 881
  8. Various bits and pieces left over from my E30 projects Coilover front struts, Koni inserts, K Mac adjustable top hats, springs, hubs $old Rear adjustable Platforms and springs $old King Low Rear Springs $200 Koni Rear Shocks $old Bilstein Rear Shocks $old M50 Throttle Body $50 Stephen 021 744 881
  9. skidz

    WTB: 17” 4x100

    They Are Revolution brand, Motorsport style, they are white
  10. skidz

    WTB: 17” 4x100

    I have a set of 17 4 x100 rims,they currently have Federal semi slicks fitted, give me a call, 021 744 881 cheers...Stephen
  11. Geez, Elijah, dont you already have a big shed for your toys?
  12. Guys, just had Pramod help me with recoding of my 2010 528i Japa radio, supposedly this had been done by the dealer but whilst it would bring in the NZ stations, reception was lousy. Suggested fix was a NZ new module at $1100 plus labour plus GST. Pramod was able to reprogramme the existing module using just his laptop and expertise - it all took just a few minutes and the results was excellent. Thanks for your help.
  13. skidz

    E30 Carpet

    i have one in Welly you can have if you can collect.
  14. will have a look for you tomorrow, but should have one
  15. welcome aboard, Adam, keep updates coming
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