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    Stephen Marks
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    2004 BMW 530i
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    1985 Baur MK Motorsport
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    2004 530i
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    E30 Coupe,
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  1. skidz

    Interesting E30 M3 Race Car

    Yous will look just as good, Jon, for only half the price!
  2. so what are you going to use at the front, Jon?
  3. skidz

    E30 Race Car - Jim Richard's JPS M3 Tribute.

    good progress, Jon, keep the updates coming
  4. skidz

    3.0 CSL

    Cartel Works I believe are the people that restore cars for the WOW collection in Nelson
  5. skidz

    Track car

    I have an E30 coupe race car that may be available shortly, without engine, or with enough parts to build a good M20B28... Give me a call if interested 021 744 881 C Cheers...Stephen
  6. skidz

    M50b25nv +Rhd engineering fly +m20 g260

    so, does this engine have the front sump ie will fit an E30?
  7. skidz

    Quick Questions

    $28 per can from Union Hardware...
  8. Oh that is seriously nice!
  9. skidz

    M20B25 pistons set of six

    as per title, need set of six M20B25 pistons in good order, preferably pre facelift. What have you got? Stephen 021 744 881
  10. skidz

    M52B28 Shrick cam + tuned ECU

    do you still have this engine?
  11. skidz

    TradeMe sale E30 Race Series car

    I am familiar with the car and the owner, well built well presented and prepared car, and the owner is a decent guy.
  12. skidz

    Style 5's

    Might be of interest to someone? https://www.ebay.com/itm/122858150809?rmvSB=true
  13. skidz

    manual conversion e30 320i

    Here's what you need (others can chip in if I have forgotten anything!) Manual Gearbox (240, 260, or 265) - make sure it has the M20 bellhousing Driveshaft to suit; Flywheel and clutch Clutch master cylinder and mounting bracket, slave cylinder, and flexi and metal lines Gearchange mechanism, gear lever, knob, and rubber boot Rear cross member for gearbox Manual pedalbox Remember to isolate or bypass the automatic park lock switch or the car will not start. (ie an automatic car will only start when the car is in park). Depending on budget you probably want to use as many new parts as you can, (Clutch, master and slave cylinders, gearbox mounts). Check the gear change bushings and get the kit to replace these - much easier when the gearbox is out. And, a short shift gear lever is always worthwhile. Good luck James Cheers...Stephen
  14. Good evening sir,

    It was really good to meet you, and what an awesome E30 you have. It is a real beauty, and I absolutely love the colour.

    As for the 325 badge for my E30, please either text me at 027 488 8845 (or e-mail charl.fouche@xtra.co.nz) to let me know your address and what time and day I can pop over to your place to collect it, or you can send me a message on bimmersport. I work in Wellington CBD, Willis Street, Spark Central building and I start at 7am in the mornings and I only arrive home around 5:45pm every afternoon.

    But please let me know, and I will do my best to fall in with a day/time that is convenient for you.

    Have a wonderful evening, and enjoy the week ahead.




  15. skidz

    Stranded: E46 330ci

    i know someone with a trailer...