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    1985 Baur MK Motorsport
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  1. Great looking build, look forward to next update
  2. if it is 1984 it is more likely to be a 323 motorsport, a different car to M325i and worth much less - suggest you post some pics or get the rego.
  3. First BMW and you choose an E39 M5? Drool. Welcome to the forum, Mossy
  4. Hi there, I dont think I need another project, but I should at least come have a look.. Give me a call (next week) 021 744 881 Cheers...Stephen
  5. So, Eli, we are all waiting to see this running!
  6. Can do set M20B20 rods and pistons $100 Cheers...Stephen 021 744 881
  7. What period of time, Toby? Weeks/Months/Years? I have a double garage in Johnsonville tenant uses one half but we may be able to change that
  8. Very nice, Ray. Is that the one that was in Chch?
  9. mmmm henna red E30, needs to be preserved as is.
  10. Take the carpets out and take them to ChemDry - it is the only effective way to do it.
  11. so why not test it on a steel bootlid?
  12. Will have some available June
  13. be even better if you told us what model car!
  14. I can do an 885 head, complete, and in good order, for $450
  15. welcome Ingrid - looks a tidy car