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  1. Lost count of how many ive ordered over the years, never had an issues. E39 front Meyle struts cost me $80 USD to ship from FCP back in April 2017, the struts themselves cost me $116 USD on special Good old 80's BMW's with their strut inserts were much cheaper to buy and ship
  2. Eagle

    CHEAP (?) V12

    Every time i hear someone crying about BMW parts being expensive i ask them when was the last time you went to their dealer for parts. Answer is almost always never.
  3. Eagle

    sweet looking e34 touring

    Looks tidy for the age but photos aren't good. Would be interesting what the mechanical side of things is like.
  4. Most of us here work on our own cars and have good reasons for preferring them for certain requirements but they aren't the be all and end all esp these days. No one with crediblity is going to recommend buying a BMW because its a BMW Plenty of good options for 'nice' hatchbacks these days.
  5. Eagle

    E39 535i 5HP-24 issues

    Have you got a decent scanner? Surely EGS codes would give some info
  6. 1. Definitely get it checked out. If the independent BMW garage has a good rep then id go with them, if not the dealer. 2. If it checks out fine it may not be worth it given the price of the car but no one knows for sure what can happen or not. At those k's i would hope its had a transmission services and suspension work along the way. 3. Hard to say without exactly seeing the car. Sounds a bit overpriced to me gives its a high k 1 series. +1 to E46
  7. * Note - Better also pertains to the ability to experience falling apart and breaking down
  8. Bet you'd never thought this would make the list. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1747361675.htm?rsqid=e810e9e711f64e29b089266602243088
  9. Eagle

    20k to spend on a BMW?

    Haha yeah. The Hamilton one at least appears reasonably priced. I think the other one is a case of - i paid someone 15k to fix it so add that to the price.
  10. Eagle


    I've no issues with Youshop US which ive used over 10x but Youshop UK on the other hand are terrible. Ive used them 6x now and 5 recent times they took 3+ working days to recognize the package and 3+ working days to actually send upon immediate payment. Last package took from 22 Aug to today and that was wasn't counting the days it took to show which was nearly a week. Lodged a complain and won't be ever using them ever again but just a thought id put out a warning based on this consistently garbage service.
  11. Eagle

    1995 318i sedan M43B18 disa

    What grade oil are you using? Is it louder when increase rpm at idle. Others things like loose spark plug and exhaust leaks can cause ticking once you get going. Get your self a Stethoscope, useful tool inexpensive tool.
  12. Eagle

    supercharged V8 E36

    Looks to have the same issue i have with most of these cars which appear to built for drag races - big $ spent on engine\power side but running cheap coilovers (just for stance) with big heavy wheels with average at best tyres.
  13. Eagle

    Quick rant thread.

    In my experience someone will always low ball you regardless of the price when selling on tm
  14. Eagle

    broken quarter glass replace

    A screw driver etc to pry loose the glass and a vacuum cleaner nozzle near the said screw driver to suck it up
  15. Quite sure all all E34 bumpers are interchangeable, RealOEM appears to confirm also. It was the bonnet, grill and grill trim that had to be a set iirc.
  16. Eagle

    X5 4.8is - Valley Pan Leak

    Why can't you use a normal torx wrench on it?
  17. Eagle


    Lol thats a bit harsh, i mean its not that best looking E30 around but id still drive as it's not an active tourer or 5 series gt which i wouldn't be caught dead in) Axle stands
  18. Eagle

    Where did the E39 M5 thread go?

    Talking about the rest function im guessing? Its not A\C as in actual A\C just the HVAC blower
  19. Eagle

    E32 m35 735il No 1 rocker arm intake broke

    It can be done with the head on but i doubt anyone would recommend it esp since its on cylinder 1 - rocker shafts have to slide out the front of the engine and you need certain tools and knowledge. Lots of time and effort for a sometime that isn't guaranteed. If you are taking the head off you it would be dumb just the replace 1 rocker and put it back together., another one arm could easily fail and you may have other issues with the head, plus you'd need to check it for warpage and get a new gasket etc otherwise you risk it leaking. Its just not worth the time and money. The only 2 options i see worth doing to fix the problem are: 1. Replace the head with a checked 2nd hand one and a new gasket set 2. Put an entire new engine in (replace the transmission at the same time). These motors are typically 600-800 but you can find bargains around and its probably easier to find a complete motor than a separate head
  20. Eagle

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    Thats a given but i imagine he would be getting a replacement head, new arms or whatever
  21. Eagle

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    When pulling the head you want to get a gasket set like this: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-cylinder-head-gasket-set-elring-11129059238 Head bolts: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-engine-cylinder-head-bolt-11120621144
  22. Eagle

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    Headgasket? Im confused. Are you saying you think the valve cover gasket is leaking into no1 spark plug well\hole causing a misfire?. Did you take the valve cover gasket off?
  23. Eagle

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    Probably been neglected\abused if its broken.If so a replacement head would be the best bet but may not be worth fixing.
  24. Eagle

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    I wouldn't say they are value for money either but on the plus side they aren't going loose any either. As above E60's need to be cheap because you need the rest of your change in case something major fails.
  25. Eagle


    MyUS are ok if you get the VISA promo deal but even with that they their pricing is average. Service wise they are pretty swift though. Youshop seems way slower in processing than they used to and paying less for the 7-14 day option seems arrive just as fast as the 5-9 day one.