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  1. Currently Hyper is doing a buy one get one half price deal on Michelins etc 4x PS4's in the common 235/45/17 size is a mere $750, excellent value for a marvelous tyre
  2. Road Toll Not working

    Comment was aimed at punishing people over and over again and expecting a different result.. Im not against zero punishment and some people can't be helped, finding a balance isn't easy and really comes down to the particulars of the situation. Law is sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't (2008 financial crisis) Maybe starting a free legal place to drag race for the boy racers instead of the streets. The others are typically are lower class which all you can do really do educate and incentivize and hope they do better or at least their kids improve of their situation
  3. Road Toll Not working

    I agree i thought my comment basically implied that twas the case. Agreed about standards, some are areas seemly nonchalant whilst other departments like OSH have overboard ones. Sure we can all agree the death toll is caused by many contributing factors. I can fit 4 different 10 year old Chinese tyres to my 1990 Hiace, install a set of worn shocks (no leaks) with under min thickness rotors and cheapest brake pads around, get a WOF and drive 110kph on the express way and its legal so its ok.
  4. Road Toll Not working

    All well having a wish list in all but its a fact is being obsessed with punishment has been done over and over and has failed every time. Of course there's always going to be some people who don't learn but it's still far better have to support programs,policies etc that help people so they are less likely to offend in the first place. Not to mention the cost benefits down the line. Your right NZ'ers are casual as with most things but i don't see that changing in a hurry.
  5. Road Toll Not working

    Waikato and other areas... right, and most of South Auckland are driving around on learners eh. People who drive around with no learners and no license don't care about it or the penalties (harsh or not), same with having wof\reg etc etc. I think i know what your solution would be. How's me being on a restricted for a little longer affecting road safety as opposed to having a full? Being old you know most of your generations full license consisted of doing jack sh*t compared to what it takes today. The test between restricted has hardly any practical benefit to being a better driver, time in the seat is what's suppose to do that .The main reason i see the restricted license existing is to discourage teenagers driving around with mates at nights etc upon first getting their own car. Restricted be automatically upgraded on a full after a certain period like i think it is in Aus?
  6. Road Toll Not working

    Having a full license doesn't prove much. I was on my restricted for awhile because i had no use for a full license.
  7. My new car - yet another e36 328i

    Lots of info on it over the internet but basically will loose torque in the mid range making the car less drivable for average use
  8. Road Toll Not working

    Waikato covers quite a large area with lots of road variation, plenty of poor roads around, lots of rural areas etc. Auckland is just numbers game but im sure deaths are kept down by the shear traffic volume keeping you safe in gridlock. The consequence of technology is the dumbing down of everything
  9. My new car - yet another e36 328i

    Wouldn't bother with EMP myself, not worth it when the OEM does the job fine and gives decent life. Wouldn't bother with M50 manifold atm either.
  10. BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    Good using kits like these where all components are designed to work together, sure it saves much time effort and money. What sort of tyres are you running? Always make a huge difference
  11. E34, what's it worth?

  12. BMW Recall

    Sucks. Im sure you could trace the problem back to cost cutting somewhere.
  13. M44B19 misfire at idle

    Yeah i found a few places in Europe that had it for around that but shipping times were 2-3 weeks and i needed it asap. The GST was the big hit as the valve its self was just over $400
  14. M44B19 misfire at idle

    Just replaced the parents one (again) which had the same issue, it was creating a small vacuum leak out the rear pipe fitting and the shitty flap was rattling as well. DISA prices keep increasing in price it seems, the last one years ago was $350 NZD, this one was over $600 with shipping and GST added.
  15. Dealers will use the approved BMW fluids but that doesn't mean other independent garages don't use good quality and correct type oil. You gotta ask them what they are using. Correct grade quality full synthetic oil being changed more often > BMW oils BMW routine services have Inspection I and Inspection II, the latter is more intensive and costs more
  16. Yeah think I used washers etc to match it up. May have been stock end links
  17. Had a rear 20mm Whiteline bar in my old E34 with the same issue. Replaced them with some other links that i cant recall.
  18. Quick rant thread.

    Ordered some parts for my parents from FCP Euro which totaled $500 NZD. Days later get contacted by UPS about paying the expected customs charges which are a crazy $140 ( $75 GST, $60 odd for custom clearance fee and the rest for admin fee) I haven't been hit with GST etc for ages but GST was always the bulk of the charge, so either UPS or NZ customs are out to make you pay
  19. Forged staggered variety 17x8 17x9 ET20 ET22 Wheel covers,caps and paint are original and still quite tidy. Curbing machined and lips polished. Have replaced BMW center logos and cover bolts(stainless hex type) with new items If i had a suitable car these would be on it right now, the problem is im unsure when\if i will get the said car. I may regret it but just seeing if there is any interest before i look into storing them away for the future Have 235 and 245 tyres with good tread that can go on but they aren't worthy imo to fitted. Better photos can be taken for serious buyers if needed $2000
  20. E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    Everything else would be easy and fairly cheap to sort but don't think id trust the engine given its been sitting around for a long time and the cost to repair them. You'd definitely want a good inspection and test of it.
  21. M44B19 misfire at idle

    Does it misfire when cold and hot? DISA valves can leak and act up Nothing beats a smoke machine for finding vac leaks
  22. 2006 325i bad temp readings

    Regardless of what it is you'd be stupid not to replace both at the same time on these motors (im assuming there is no record of work done)
  23. FS 1990 BMW 535i M Sport

    Not in the market for one atm but even the nice ones are usually lacking in one area or another
  24. Really became Ebay wannbies when they allowed all those hindering overseas listings