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  1. Man it hurts my eyes looking at those latest interiors. That instrument cluster looks like BMW's attempt to one up their rivals, go back to the 1980's and it would fit right in.
  2. Eagle

    e39 high rpm power fluctuation

    Ok. I usually give the MAF a clean for good measure when doing work like this. Checking the fuel system is easy enough on these with the schrader although i'll bet the fuel filter is very old so probably check that with the regulator at the same time before the pressure.
  3. Eagle

    e39 high rpm power fluctuation

    Sound like you have not scanned it yet or reset adaptions? Cleaned the MAF sensor?
  4. Eagle


    Right. Can't say i know much about what 4 cylinder engines are good to turbo, but it seems an odd choice of an engine to use unless you really wanted the E90 chassis.
  5. Eagle

    FS: 1996 BMW 328i (M3 Conversion) - $12k

    You serious about buying that GTR?
  6. Eagle


    Welcome. Everyone here knows that infamous engine im afraid, be sure keep some money aside just in case.
  7. Eagle

    NZ NEW E34 540iA $3900!

    Thats nothing, id take whatever is in the best condition as usual. The maroon looks tidy expect for the stone chips everywhere but has probably had most things replaced unlike a 150,000 example.
  8. Eagle

    NZ NEW E34 540iA $3900!

    Was it that manual converted one on trademe?
  9. Eagle

    NZ NEW E34 540iA $3900!

    Factory manuals, probably the sport models are the ones worth spending on as long as they aren't too far gone. Mechanical wise they still cheap to fix in my book compared an overhaul on the newer models, but yeah wouldn't want to pay anyone to do that due to labor costs. I do wonder what happens to that white Naghi motors M5 that was bought by someone here recently.
  10. Eagle

    NZ NEW E34 540iA $3900!

    This was on trademe for 2.5k not long ago in Christchuch iirc. Guessing he's added on his expenses to the price with some profit. Paint\panel are poor (it had a major respray patch failure on the left rear quarter if memory serves). All this guy has done is take pictures in the dark to hid the fact along with a weak ass description rather present it how it is.
  11. Eagle

    BMW and Mercedes to work together

    I think it goes far beyond the 3 series. BMW are a premium brand for the most part and that premium has been dwindling for awhile now.
  12. Eagle

    M20 Flywheel, clutch & starter

    All in working order pulled from a M52 engined car. Good M50 SMF conversion etc but would recommend a taller release bearing (E21 323i) as clutch bite point was quite low. M20 228mm single mass flywheel, weight is approx 7.1kg Luk clutch kit with good life, done approx 10,000km according to PO. M20 starter motor Have bolts and spacer also $350?
  13. Eagle

    E39 Staggered Style 66 wheels

    17x8 front and 17x9 rear Condition as per photos. Its really only one of the fronts that looks a bit sad. All tyres are have at least 5mm tread of them. ATR sports for rear and some Chinese specials on the front. $400
  14. Eagle

    e36 secret hacks

    E32\E34 introduced most of those features. Another one he didn't mention (assuming E36's had it also) was the adjustable intermittent wiper speed interval
  15. Eagle


  16. No longer needed Forged staggered alloys 17x8 ET20 17x9 ET22 Wheel covers,caps and paint are original and still quite tidy. Curbing machined and lips polished. Have replaced BMW center logos and cover bolts(stainless hex type) with new items $2000
  17. Eagle

    The Beast

    Looks tough. He's probably gearing up for the revolt against the rich.
  18. Eagle

    E34 M5 Swaybars

    Good condition. 25mm front and 18mm rear bar Big difference over stock (23mm Front 15mm Rear) most E34's have. Will fit all cars without modification expect the M50 w\automatic trans which i believe may have to have the transmission brace removed $400
  19. Eagle

    WTB: zf 5 speed for e36

    When i say early it was like March or April of '91 so one of the first, probably the same reason it had LSD unlike most E36's
  20. Eagle

    WTB: zf 5 speed for e36

    Andy is correct, early E34 M50's were the same. Even some early E39 523i manuals used it. I had a early NZ new 325i coupe with factory ZF box, sports suspension, sport seats and an LSD. Probably one of the rarest spec'd E36's of the planet.
  21. Yeah i bought them to fit but finding a decent E34 these days is getting too hard, so gone E39 route instead of waiting forever. Someone is coming to look at them in the weekend who wants a staggered set so hopefully they can be finally put to use.
  22. Wet grip is where good rubber shines and is where you want\need it especially if you can't actually correct a slide. Traction control cannot defy the laws of physics either as some fools who fit 'whatever is the cheapest' have found out. Mid range wise using Hyper website - Ive used Achilles Atr Sport 2, Toyo Proxy C1 and Pirelli Dragon Sport, all which would be suitable for your requirements and have proven credentials.
  23. OEM pads are Jurid but ATE, Textar, Mintex, Pagid etc will do the job just the same for normal use, assuming you can handle the brake dust. Plenty of higher performance pad options but unless you are tracking the car they are probably not worth it.
  24. Original plan always an E34 manual but i never saw any good candidates. I found this E39 528i factory manual and thought id turn my existing wannabe 530i motorsport into eventually an improved version of the actual one. Benefits of this are fairly obvious - M54B30 power. I can retain much of the work and $ spent ive done on my existing car and don't have to do it all again on another unknown car. I like my car colour and don't want to own another silver BMW especially one which has a grey interior (528i has both). Buying the extra motorsport bits shouldn't be hard or expensive given these cars are plentiful and worth jack so it should help keep costs down. The swap seems fairly straight forward. The coding side of it appears relatively easy with my MS43 DME. May be some small pedal issues as they appear to have changed things around in Sept '97. Possibly a little wiring and\or a few plug changes to get the drive by wire working etc with pedals for cruise control etc. Will deal with the issues when i come to them as using early M52 manual setup is a little different to the M54 auto and not properly documented as far as ive looked. Plan is sort of a 3 stage deal given i don't want the car off the road for long periods at a time. 1. Remove 528i gearbox etc and my 530i engine and transmission to fix up some small oil leaks. Fit M-suspension bigger swaybars whilst its out. Fit manual box with all new shifter bushings with E60 shorter shifter and ZHP knob. Replace all driveline and clutch components (apparently the PO has a new clutch with single mass flywheel installed not long ago so i shouldn't have to worry about that part). 2. Sort some upgraded springs and dampeners. Will look into rebuilding my KW coilovers i have here with Koni adjustable inserts but will look at other options if too expensive with the added cert. 3. Black motorsport interior to replace my beige one as most sports seats seem to be black on these. Then lastly put back in what BMW accountants took out - the LSD experience. I will start dismantling the 528i tomorrow to find out what parts i need and will commence work once they arrive. In the mean time im happy enough driving an old 5 series manual again.