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  1. Eagle

    Dunedin Newbie - 2007 E91

    Welcome. I would advise getting mechanical warranty for your car, as the engine in it is known to be problematic one.
  2. Eagle

    E34 M5

    No idea how they came to that price evaluation especially given its been modified plus 3.6l
  3. Eagle

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    Yeah at least with the early E34's and E30's you could use an offset ring. These later model cars with these deep mounts makes it impossible. Either way ive never used the above socket but can see how it would make the job a lot easier for some
  4. Eagle

    Wheel Alignment Query

    If the wheel isnt straight go back and tell them to fix it. Whoever did it failed the job.
  5. Eagle

    E34 Touring 550i

    Not sure how cheap\easy it is to rebuild or obtain another gearbox and\or engine but personally if i found a cheap V8 touring id be turning this into parts car and building up a M60\M62. I respect the M70 but its has too many disadvantages compared to the V8. Either way i admire the dedication (this from someone who owned double digits worth of E34's and a few M70\M73's).
  6. Eagle

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    Parents one done 140,000, bought it at 26,000 Excluding general maintenance items ive only had to replace due to failure were the CPS, thermostat, oil filter housing gasket, expansion tank and 2xDISA valves, one for failed pin and one for failed diaphram (easily the worst thing about them as they ~$500 these days). Water pump, PCV, belts, tensioners, pulleys and rear coolant flange have been done as preventative not along ago.
  7. Eagle

    E39 video handbook

    I remember seeing the E38 one "True beauty remains over the years..." Least you got that one right Chris
  8. Eagle

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    Had a '92 Corolla lift back for my first car but even though it was reliable and cheap to run it you never had any confidence its safety. I remember being scared driving it at 100kph in heavy rain and traffic on the Auckland motorway you were wrecked it if a hazard came up which required braking or turning quickly.
  9. Was a thread made about it somewhat recently iirc. Got the BBS RS 740's on my car too, don't see them around much.
  10. Eagle

    BBS RC090

    The price is fair but i don't think white centers are a popular choice for BMW's, probably just not much interest.
  11. Eagle

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    Guessing they have a deep hole? Rubber hose etc around the shaft and clamp it with vice grips or tube socket clamped with vice grips and allen key thru the middle of the socket (does require one a long one quality one)
  12. Eagle

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    E36 manual with m44 4 cyl engine aren't too bad power wise 6 cylinders in e46 arent that nice to work on. M43 4 cyl in e46 is one of the easiest engines I've ever worked on
  13. Eagle

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    Should be able to get someone decent in that range but the best bet would be to test drive as many different makes and model with different engines to see what you actually want (sounds like you going to do this?). I like BMW's but would never recommend buying ones just because its a BMW as there are plenty of good options around for A>B cars. If you decide you want a BMW and have narrowed down what ones you are considering then we can help you much easier.
  14. Eagle

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    In that age range there are heaps of new and used parts available locally and overseas.1990-2000 coves 3 different chassis, each with their own positives and negatives and wide range of engines choices. Its hard to really give any specific details without knowing this. Generaly speaking they do cost more to run and maintain the an average jap car but do have their advantages. Finding a good example and getting pre purchase check done by someone who knows the cars is the key point especially with a BMW BMW gripes ive heard from people usually stem from buying neglected\worn out cars, not knowing where to buy new and used parts from, comparing genuine dealer part prices to made china japanese parts or just buying problematic models. What are you primarly using the car for? What is your budget? Are you planning on paying someone to work on the car or doing work yourself?
  15. Eagle

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    I always swap to poly bushings in the thrust arms if im keeping the car, but given that you have the warranty its probably not worth it in this case.
  16. Eagle

    How awesome is the 2018 M5?

    +1. Some of tech like the reversing camera setup would be useful but yeah many gimmicks which is common place these days.
  17. Eagle

    Help needed...

    Ok. Unsure if the cable will work with your setup but you are welcome to bring your laptop with you to try it. It's a USB>16 Pin but i have an adapter if you are using the 38 Pin
  18. Eagle

    Help needed...

    Got all the factory software working on a laptop you could borrow but I may be a bit far away for you.
  19. Eagle

    Clarkson Sacked

    Always enjoyed a few on MTOD before they went off youtube eg Roadkill
  20. Eagle

    Quick rant thread.

    While i still don't think MYUS.com is that great they do offer FedEx as delivery service which is the cheapest option by a little but mainly for whatever reason FedEx don't seem to charge GST of the shipping costs of the item when they process it themselves.
  21. Eagle


    You do get those random failure situations. Had a couple of OEM parts DOA over the years.
  22. Eagle


    Assuming you talking about the chain tensioner? https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/timing-chain-tensioner/11317531813/ If that wasn't replaced when the guides etc were done then they weren't meticulous at all tbh given its a very well known wear item I agree they are good engines if overhauled and everything is working as intended but many that are sub par. The M60 is still the only BMW V8 that has proven reliability in my books.
  23. Eagle

    BBS RC035 Style 5's *SOLD*

    17x8 with 72.5 bore Centers repainted, bolts replated, BBS valves, lips repaired & polished (some existing imperfections that aren't obvious of which i can email photos of) Not a showroom finish but are in good condition and look tidy Never seen a set for sale but say $1600 as per rules.
  24. Eagle

    E39 530i for $15k !

    The lower the asking price the more dickheads low balling
  25. Eagle

    E87 120d

    Ive always thought my parents E46 318i manual with M43 engine did well considering - ~6L highway and 8-9L around Hamilton. Under powered but a cheap fairly reliable engine compared to what offered today. It had ample power for city driving, good torque to 3000rpm but has no passing power on open road. M44 E46 would of been nice. Late 80's - 90's era cars in general are still the best overall in my books.