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  2. Just put my car up. Some details in the For sale section on Forum. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2240066270
  3. The_Edge

    E46 M3

    Trade Me listing: https://www.trademe.co.nz/2240066270 Hi All, After finally getting the car I was looking for for so long, I've had a few hassles with immigration NZ because of working out of country so much, so circumstances have changed a bit. Will be staying in Auckland permanently and opening my own business, so I need some garage space for the venture. This would be the shortest time i've ever owned a car for. 😒 Please see above TradeMe link for details. Cheers
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  5. Bonnet gas struts suit compact, sedan and touring (not coupe or cab). E36-4FK / 5123 1960 852 $45 for the pair ($55 shipped) Pick up east Auckland
  6. So, anyone got a recommendation for the guy? πŸ™„
  7. Removal, or modification, of any emissions equipment on a vehicle SHOULD result in a WoF fail under current rules. Unfortunately there are so many poor and/or easily influenced inspectors these things don’t get picked up. Hopefully all the current reviews by the NZTA will improve the implementation of the rules, with tighter controls to come in future.
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  9. Michael.

    M TOY M3

    Mmm nice, that will do the trick.
  10. Hey guys does anyone have a tool like this or similar? Looking to borrow for one windscreen install rather than buy. Cheers
  11. Good comments... all of them Perhaps, I should have emphasised the fact that although I have driven hundreds of thousands of kilometres in assorted Japanese cars over the years, I had never driven a BM or even a Merc prior to buying this car. Neither had I driven a car with 35 and 40 series tyres, so I had no reference to help me establish what was normal. Now, thanks to the responses received, I am reasonably certain that there is no real problem beyond the typical wear and tear that can be expected after 85,000 km. I will do some further checking myself and get a professional inspection of the suspension when that can be arranged. There is a lot to be learned about this car, and you can expect me to ask a few more (possibly dumb) questions as I come to grips with it. Thanks for the help so far. Cheers... jondee
  12. You could solve all this with a jack and a jiggle stick.
  13. Right. I just done for GST for the first time in awhile since 2x separate packages under $375 came at the same time so they decided to do me. I dont mind paying GST but its all other BS fees they tack on that piss me off. Yeah Amazon can be good and using Fedex, USPS etc, even though they ain't cheap they are far better than going thru f**king NZ post which you now have to jump thru so many hoops just to get your package its ridiculous. They have certainly teamed up with customs these days to increase their Youshop profits.
  14. Hey, it could be that someone has previously installed poly bushes, and this is what you're experiencing?
  15. So it's a clunk, different to all of your other cars. But wait. It's not a clunk, it sounds the same as your other cars. You'll appreciate we can only go off of what you've said, and it seems your story is changing. You thought you've got worn bushes, but now you don't. Fair enough. Yes, you normally need to make an appointment to see Auto 38. Or the BMW Dealership. Or even your dentist or surgeon. Most successful business owners try to maintain a pipeline, and ensure they're engaged in billable work for most of the time. Can't blame you for chancing it elsewhere in the name of convenience. Cheers
  16. I would like to see our leaders - regardless of which party or coalition is in power - to simply introduce emmissions testing as part of the WoF regime, and legislation to prevent disabling emmissions control systems for street cars. If the cats really are restrictive, source a high-performance cat. Those in the first world with sensible emissions controls in place, are still able to chase the joy of high performance combustion engines without disregard for their fellow citizens. We can stay redneck, and third world... though eventually we'll need to grow up. We could even do it before we're forced to.
  17. This! otherwise hard to top a titansilber E91. Shadowline rear lights would also improve the look
  18. Hy everyone, New to the forum, really looking forward to getting to know you all over time. Looking to start racing in the BMW Race Series, been racing on two wheels for a few years and now looking to change to four.
  19. Yes - checked the ignition switch and every relay I could find in the e-box (including the big black one with 9 or 11 pins on it that I later discovered was the windscreen washer relay when I got my Bentley's manuals πŸ™‚ ). Apparently there are relays in behind the glove-box but buggered if I could find them. I have 3 keys, 1 of which is the valet key which had never been used so I'm guessing they can't all be messed up. INPA also tells me they are all being recognised as ok by the EWS. There is a DME with EWS delete for my vehicle (M62) for sale on Trade Me at the moment for $550. Am tempted to buy it but it seems like cheating and throwing parts at it without actually diagnosing it properly - especially as I have not checked all my wiring yet. Any feedback on the price of $550 for this? I know I've allready asked this but is there anyone in NZ I can send my DME (and EWS) to to get the EWS deleted? The more I read about E39's the more I realise they're a bit of a nightmare in that don't be surprised if yours is a bit different from the one next to it. Oh well.
  20. SOLD pending payment/pickup. Thanks for the interest and support.
  21. Yeah, ive been wearing the google out, found lots of threads however they all dither out without a solution. The Torque Pro forum should be used an example of how not to forum, its entirely spam. Flicked a msg to the dev, no response... Found Btool, another BMW OBD2 app that also has the params figured out for oil temp etc, same as Carly though, it sucks as a "dash"
  22. Don't doubt that for a minute but it has been 5 years or so since I last bought US$ and from memory they sat in the 0.80 to 0.85 range back then. Now around 0.60 and with the crazy cost of postage/shipping from the US to NZ plus GST and border costs you don't have to buy much of anything before you have spent a thousand bux. !!!! Doesn't mean I don't buy stuff from the USA as they usually have the best selection and best prices for genuine big brand goods. But I am careful to shop around for the best deal inclusive of shipping before placing an order. Amazon can be quite helpful sometimes Cheers... jondee
  23. I have a strange e39 here that will only communicate via the ads interface (tiny ADS, computer and all that was built by Tawa one here) and with my second INPA set up using an adapter throws can communication codes. INPA and ISTA are the bees knees Sorry did not read the cranking part. Have you confirmed ignition switch active relay etc? Otherwise dead key, fried DME or no EWS action would be my suspicion
  24. Cant blame the exchange rate as its been practically the same since mid '15.
  25. Yussss... I have those M3 kits you suggested on my wish list. Only problem is that I have a bit of an overspend situation at the moment, and the NZ$ to US$ exchange rate is terrible right now. I actually found a euro car specialist workshop in Lower Hutt and I am going to see if I can book a time to have them put the car on a hoist and check out the front end just for peace of mind. I've got the 17" wheels up for sale as I have bought another set of E92 189 wheels. Anything wider will have to wait until I really need it Cheers... jondee
  26. Saw this in person when I was up there tuning John’s car for big cams! It is lovely and so well executed (makes me want to build one or a wagon πŸ€”πŸ€”) but mate you need a better condition steering wheel 😝😝😝
  27. Jon. The e90 92 cars front end is not complicated, any suspension specialist will be able to dianose it. As mentioned in an earlier post perhaps you might want to consider M3 control arms up front, not only do you get new bushes but better front end geometry. FWIW E90 front end is completely different to E46.
  28. Thank you to all replies so far. Yes, I think probably the next thing to do is trace / test my wiring. I think I got obsessed with it being the rolling codes being out of sync - and maybe it still is - though not necessarily. I have an old windows 7 machine with a serial port. Am I right in saying that if pin 15 is used in the 20 pin plug you need an ADS adaptor and that if pin 15 is not used, you don't? (Something to do with L-lines on cars older than mine.) And now a question to show my ignorance - if I don't need an ADS interface, can I just hack open one of my 20 pin plugs and wire it straight to a serial plug I get from Jaycar, and go - hey, 20 pin to serial port lead? Seems too easy so I guess the answer is no, so really what I am asking is, if I don't need an ADS adaptor on my vehicle to go from the 20 pin to a serial port, what do I need? Confusion means I'm learning I guess. Out of interest, when I removed the carpets I found the rust shown in the attached photos in the left front which I cleaned up while I was there. While getting the centre console and carpet out took a bit of time, it was worth it just for doing this as opposed to finding a hole in a few years.
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