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Found 62 results

  1. The colour combo I never knew I wanted. Pity I already have one and this doesn't have upgraded suspension. Still a very nice looking E46 though.
  2. Due to a slight mistake, I have two brand new M54 valve covers from FCP Euro that are surplus to requirements. If anyone is keen, hey have a lifetime warranty from FCP Euro, but that applies to me only. I'd be happy to extend it to any buyer in this forum as well. I commit to working as the in-between between buyer and FCP Euro. These are them Say $600 each, which is a bit below cost. I could ship them, but that'd be extra at your expense.
  3. Hi there, I have an E46 and the sound system has an issue. It will play the radio just fine for about 30 minutes, but then the front and rear woofers cut out all at once, and then not long after, the rest of the speakers all cut out too. I got home and left the car off for about half an hour, and the sound all came back. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it likely to be the amplifier chips overheating or something? If so, where is the best place to get a replacement? Thanks.
  4. So after my grief with the N46 in my 318i I decided to turn it into a project car. The car is a 2004 318i auto msport wagon with 130,xxx kms. It will be getting a m62b44 non vanos v8, mated to a 420g 6 speed manual, and a m3 rear end. I'll also be upgrading suspension and brakes, and setting the car up for flex fuel to run e85. Cosmetically it will get some upgrades, but nothing too over the top. The goals for this project are; #Do as much myself as possible. #No compromises except on budget. #Make something unique. #Learn as much as I can in the process. So lets get started - heres the car; First job was to completely strip the exterior of the car. Everything came out, engine, trans, suspension, subframes, fuel tank, even the fuel lines and brake lines. Up on stands and ready to do some work With everything out I set to work cleaning the underbody. This took ages because I'm a perfectionist. I used degreaser and a waterblaster, and eventually degreaser with a rag to get the real stubborn areas. There was no damage to the underbody but because I'm increasing the power output I wanted to strengthen it. I made strengthening plates out of 2mm steel. A huge thank you to forum member @Karter16 who posted me paper templates to make them from. I bought myself a cheap gasless mig welder and taught myself to weld. This enabled me to make plates like the one below. There are 6 plates in total, 2 for the front subframe mounts, 2 for the rear subframe mounts, and two which are like spacers. Welding is really difficult, but I managed to weld in all 4 of the subframe plates. First I used a grinder with a flap disc and a drill with a wire brush, to get the places to be strengthened back to bare metal, then I coated the area with weld through primer. I coated the back of the plates in weld through primer also and then I welded in the plates. Then I used the grinder to grind the welds back. I then coated the bare metal with crc rust converter primer to protect it - I really like this product. Then I used a Vht top coat, followed by seam sealer, and finally Septone stone shield rubberised coating. I coated the whole cleaned underbody in Septone stone shield. Its black, but looks green in the photo for some reason. The side skirts were removed to clean and paint behind and then reinstalled with new clips from Schmiedmann. The inner arches were cleaned and painted, and the cleaned plastic pieces were reinstalled. The cleaning process takes ages. Inner arches before cleaning and painting; And after; While all this was going on I was accumulating parts. All suspension and brake parts I sandblasted in my mates sandblaster. This took many days, and would have been more cost effective paying a professional, but I want to do as much myself as possible. Then they were expertly powdercoated by forum member @aja540i who really does a nice job. Here is a pic of the before and after the sandblasting; And a pic of the same part powdercoated and assembled;
  5. Hoping theres a set of Apex wheels second hand out there somewhere, 17 or 18 inch, wider the better. Will be going on an E46 330ci cheers
  6. Factory E46 M3 suspension- As per the photo. Worked fine , no leaks when removed from car for coilover install. Came out of car around the 115-120 k mark. Central Auckland, pick ups only. $200 ono
  7. Hi, Bought a 2000 328ci today. A modest start but the fulfilment of a lifelong dream to own one of these beautiful cars. Drove it home from Auckland this afternoon, which was an absolute pleasure. I'm the 5th owner, its done 113kms and is topaz blue with black leather. NZ new. As far as I can tell the core mechanicals are sound but some of the peripherals, bodywork and interior need a bit of TLC. Nothing too major I hope. Looking forward to engaging with the forum and learning about E46s and BMWs in general. The aim is to gradually bring it back to above average condition and just enjoy the sheer pleasure of driving it. Cheers, Guy
  8. Hi Team, looking for the best place to buy preferably new MSport/Clear LED (where applicable) lights for my 2002 330CI. Would Schmiedmann be my best bet, or does someone happen to have some hiding away? I'd prefer new because my current boot tail lights are falling apart... NB: I have clear indicators already, I just need to fit them.
  9. Posting on behalf for my brother he has cash now and wants an e46. Max 5k depending on the car itself. Prefer the 2000 year and above if possible. 325i upwards hopefully also. Open to offers etc. Were located I Hamilton will travel Auckland places similar. You can also email me on
  10. $12K 152KMs Looks tidy Sports suspension and DSC RED LEATHER WITH WOOD TRIM If you want to be different and you can't stand boring - then this might be a good option. I can't decide if I like this or not. I think I do but it would need a carbon wrap for the trim. What do you guys think? Bring on the opinions!
  11. Hi Team So i'm a new member myself and thought i'd kill two birds with one stone and introduce myself. Names Richard and i'm here to share my journey with my dream car build. Yes you read it right i am going to drop a v12 into the best shape ( my opinion ) bmw ever made. So i had purchased the v12 motor and auto box off trade me late 2015. Have also managed to find a rare 6 speed box that come out of the 850csi bmw that i had to get shipped from Britain. Treated myself to a nice New Zealand new 2000 manual 232i for my birthday earlier this year. Very nice looking with the factory 18inch mags and msport half leather seats and factory spoiler kit too. So here the build begins. over the 3day weekend i disassembled the engine to start cleaning parts for the rebuild. Had already took the heads off and sent to an engineering place to price up getting some custom cams and an ITB set up made. I also have a full new gasket set, head bolts and piston rings that will be replacing all the old stuff, a custom dry sump set up from the states as the oil pan had to be modified to fit the factory cross member. Here are a few picture of the motor in bits. feel free to pass on feed back or any advice team happy to share this build with you guys.
  12. From Euroland's $1 reserve selection Sitting at $2K currently 152KMs Oxford green with tan leather interior NZ New, 2 owners looks very tidy indeed
  13. Car is a 2000ci in Diamond Schwartz, so if possible I'd like black parts Drivers front guard Msport coupe bumper Outdoor temp sensor Drivers side inner fender Bonnet Door cards front and back (black) Centre console (black) Black leather coupe seats (Front and rear) Hood lining (sunroof model) I'm sure I've missed something but this is enough to start!
  14. Having a tidy up and need these gone. All parts are from a pre-facelift 330ci. Located in Wellington. All parts are AIWI and are assumed working, but no guarantee. From a frontal impact crashed car. Rocker/valve cover to suit early (m52 style) coils. $40 Includes free BMW oil cap. Light switch. $30 Coupe seatbelts $30 Window lifter things... both sides including motors. $30
  15. So, I've been looking at and researching various different cars for some time. I wanted something "oldish" (but still quick) so that I could learn about doing general maintenance things myself, and maybe some upgrades in future. I always liked BMWs, and the more I read about the much loved e46, the more I wanted one. I was quite keen on coupes for awhile, but figured 4 doors would be more practical as I plan on owning it for some time. So I bought this: She's a NZ new, 2003 330i M Sport, barely run in with 181 kms. Came with all the BMW booklets (about 7 different ones) and a pretty comprehensive service history since new, mostly from BMW Dealers and European Specialists. There were even some receipts and inspection doc.s from a couple of owners previous, showing it's been around the country a bit. Unfortunately it was a $1 dollar reserve auction as a trade-in from a dealer, so I didn't have much time to organise a proper PPI myself. Regardless, I took it for a good test drive and there was only a window regulator and a slight steering creak (only at start) that I noticed as things needing attention. It does need a little cleaning up in some areas, but for the most part it's surprisingly clean and straight, and drives like it's done a lot less travel. Everything seems to be stock standard instead of the shoes, which I think are style 127s? Anyway, I'll have it looked at by a specialist in the near future to identify any big problem areas. For now though, I'm really stoked with my purchase, and am looking forward to begin practicing some DIY here and there. Most importantly, I really am impressed with the way it drives and handles... it's alot of fun!
  16. Hey - signed up a few months ago and have been stalking since - thought it was time to introduce myself! Picked up my first BMW, a 2000 E46 325i touring a couple of months ago. Got off to a rough start (literally, though still haven't 100% solved it) but have completely fallen in love with it. Cheers, Dan
  17. Have my wife's E46 for sale. $2800 for bimmersporters. Auto sedan, well looked after. I've had it for over 2 years, and replaced: -Radiator, -Thermostat -New shocks all round -Front lower control arms -Oil filter housing gasket -AC leak fixed and regassed -Transmission fluid and filter replaced. Basically everything that needs replacing in a 200,000km+ E46 Has a small dent on the rear guard
  18. New parts car just in @ bmworld 99 nz new e46 328ci 5 speed manual Grey leather sport seats Tow bar ... 18" deep dish alloys h&r springs and munroe shocks Selling parts from it 021432600
  19. $6K 193KMs looks like it has been well serviced ... Very nice - and in the best colour methinks
  20. Purchased a BMW M3 for my partner and supercharged her with E46 M3 VT2-575 Supercharger System (Gen.3) - ESS Tuning The top of the line, intercooled Gen.3 S54 VT2-575 supercharger system produces 575hp and 360lb-ft of torque at 10psi of boost. A 232hp gain over stock, eclipsing the output of a Nissan GTR! Featuring the highly efficent, extremely durable and self contained Vortech V3 supercharger unit in Si trim, the supercharger is capable of producing up to 775hp. Added Blistein PSS10 Coilovers and a few other bits and bobs to her. She's a beauty!
  21. $9.5K - steepish for an E46 MSport? but .... NZ New, 3 owners 108KMs Leather interior Looks to be in great condition and well serviced ... and love the colour. Always better if it was a 330i but this would be a beaut daily driver.
  22. Surprise suprise the clips for the front hood grilles have broken off. Does anyone have parts available for a 1999 320i? Or can anyone suggest a tidy fix so I can reuse the ones with broken clips? Am located in Dunedin but happy to get them courier here. Cheers
  23. Hi folks. New peasant here. I have a 1998 E46 which I enjoy more every time I look at it, and a recently-acquired E90, which is growing on me. Already the forum has been helpful, by giving me the clues to re-program the E90's Japan-spec radio. Must admit that I hadn't been listening to much radio for a while, but now that we've got some cricket underway, there is hope. I've also just read the Rules - apparently photos are compulsory - oops, I must redeem myself - standby. Cheers Andrew
  24. HI guys, I'm looking at someone to certify my Supercharged E46 M3 2002 to sell. I'm either thinking on selling it without the cert 28k or sellig with the cert 32k . It needs cert for Blistein Adjustables Coilovers , and Supercharger. Last i heard from JTune it needed Drive Shaft Loops to pass. Anyone know of a place that can install the drive shaft loops in Auckland? Preferably south auckland but anywhere is fine. Muchly appreciated! Sam
  25. Hi Looking for a good running BMW M52TUB25 engine for my daughters E46 323i. PM me it you have one. This post is targeted at the normal forum member who may have an engine gathering dust in their shed. I have already sent Emails to the usual commercial BMW parts recyclers including this forums sponsor. Just changed the oil in the car and found lots of metal partials, slight knock in the engine, sounds like 1 big end minimum. Time to change the engine. Have considered and researched a range of alternative engine swaps, strokers etc and have decided to stick to the 2.5 L engine so that I don't get caught in Xmas rush time delays trying to certify fitting a bigger engine. Would consider a M54B25 if someone could tell me how to set it up to run it with a Siemans MS42 DME. Regards Murray Wall Phone 021 053 6070