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  1. Was looking to do similar when I lived in the U.K. 2005/6. A number were still 5-7k gbp Had a look at a few. Some where very rough. Was even an EVO3 2.5 for $16k GBP. Just didn't get it together in time ( need to own one for 3 months to bring it in under khi rule) Ended up with a free contraner coming back to NZ which was largely empty bar IKEA flat pack furniture, bed, and a sofa. :-(
  2. But 1m quicker than most "true N/A engined M cars. These are a great package! Just doesn't sound s54 induction cool.
  3. Quite like the idea of these type of displays but I suspect stealth mounting the detector would reduce effectiveness being lower in the car.
  4. Edrms as in document management?
  5. Someone ask me if my m3 badge was the base 3 series. I told them there wasn't room for a 316i X2 badge, but it was. Badges mean nothing to many.
  6. Bit of a story, but much of the lightning accessories have to short a lead to get into ashtray mount. I brought one of those lightning extension cable you see on eBay, but it fell apart. I also had an issue with alternator whine with audio plus changing hence audio only. Of late I've been experimenting with the iPhone streaming over wifi to my test Kodi Raspberry Pi3. It's using the audio stream via appletv on the phone. Seems to work ok and should stream without codec conversion so audio in theory should from lossless tracks. Not convinced yet though. Some critical listening needed. Agree in the ULFs . They should support standards based Bluetooth but seem to have trouble with later phones that should be backwards compatible with the standards. apple watch eh, been thinking about one of those.
  7. Check the jlaudio app. More for audio tuning but can do SPL as well. They've calibrated a number of phone mics so should give a good indication of how loud your car is.
  8. Just confirming that the e46 only has one fog light at the rear. I took off my boot liner about a month ago to replace the bulb I thought was out. turned out no bulb holder. Just a metal plate.
  9. Great progress. That app looks real handy. Wish I could use something similar. Well done on the contortion required to fit the intercooler as well.
  10. Microphone was this one and the ulf was a 84 21 6 934 552 end of life 06/03 1st generation I mentioned dodgy as the first ulf sent from eBay was a model 7. But I could not get it to work in hands free mode. ( but did pair with iPhone) Was disappointed when a model 1 replacement was sent as it doesn't support txt and the dsp for cleaning up the call not great. Tried to return it. But ended up getting ignored by the eBay seller. For the money spent I should have gone with a Denison. miore info here on ulf models
  11. Sorry , missed your post Richard So hands free is a combination of things. The car came with a Japan telephone module so had the eject box and mic. I removed this which meant tcu to ulf type wiring changes to the telephone loom. I got one of those dodgy sounding firmware updated ULF's out of Latvia which was an older unit so had basic sound cancelling and voice control, but the unit did work with my iphones (had 5,5s,6,7) Pressing the phone steering wheel activates siri so I can voice command the phone. The audio on the call was ok but not great. I changed the mic to the second gen BMW. Got a slight improvement , but people would comment when I used just the iPhone in hands free mode the call was clearer. So now I just use the ULF / Steering wheel to active siri. The iPhone has 3 mics and two are used for noise cancelling and are quite effective. So basically if a call comes in I have to switch source on the DSP . The iPhone is connected to the aux rca input on the DSP and actually sounds quite good. I use the 3d printed ashtray insert mentioned earlier and modified it again to remove the old headphone jack I'd put in earlier. It now has one of Apples lighting to RCA dacs / adapter which sounds quite good on well recorded apple lossess tracks. Down side is no phone charging. Not impressed with Apple on this one. Took out 3.5 mm plug and added lighting to 3.5mm headphone out (Note this dock normally wouldn't need the filler done as the lightning cable is a snug fit but I'd modded mine for my old iPhone 6 3.5mm output as well) Plastic dipped sprayed black for rubberized finish.
  12. Just got myself a blue M3....... kidding . But the current system isn't great really. At least having the old fashioned ownership papers gave another factor for identity. System of ownership needs work.
  13. So listening to the radio this morning and one of the radio DJs was saying they where contacted by the police. Turns out some scum bag had seen the licence plate of their car on TV and then written in and changed the ownership of the car and then tired to secure a loan against the car. Police called in to sort ownership. Anyway , just be mindful when your posting picks of your or your mates cars as anyone can write in or go into a post shop and claim the car as there own and it does happen.
  14. Lee Was talking with the local service manager how was saying that often shimming isn't always required on the e46 m3 on inspection II. Sure enough, mine was checked and found to be within spec at about 110,000 km. You may end up finding the same.
  15. Didn't have enough room directly underseat but looked to be enough forward of the seats next to the door sills.