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  1. Neal

    Bavsound - where to buy from?

    Unfortunately not, similar to bavsound in that you’d need to import your own. Freight via Europe quite often cheaper that the USA though. The gladen woofers seem to be the choice for the underseat oem replacement for higher end audio. If I take my e46 audio to the next stage I’d use these in the floors and cut down the reliance on my sub for 100hz down. just watch the options with the gladen sets as some are more suited to aftermarket amps. The system upgrades get quite complex from this point on. Some video info
  2. Neal

    Bavsound - where to buy from?

    Consider Gladen drop in speakers if you want the next level up from Bavsound. https://www.gladen.com/compo_coax.html
  3. Certainly gone 110% on intake and exhaust. Will be watching with envy. Interested in power gains.... and induction sound to die for
  4. Neal

    E53 navi help

    Those tv modules allow a backup camera to be connected which is handy. A guy in Aus makes a Freeview tuner replacement kit as well. Have one in my car http://pibus.info/tv/
  5. Caught a AIr NZ flight last week as was flickering through the NZ music section and came across a new to me band. Was L.A.B self titled album. So play the first track thinking Pink Floyd / Dave Gilmore type guitar type intro and then the drums hit .... listened through the Album twice and promptly brought it when back in NZ( hopefully the do another vinyl pressing !)
  6. Neal

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Hope things improve on the hospital front , can relate to this and an M3 can be a good distraction. A spent a few years adding stereo bits to mine. Took me away from the worry to a certain extent. Hopefully you be like us soon where the visits have stopped and things are going good.
  7. Neal

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Get a sample of your oil tested. An indication of Bearing condition can be derived from sample. E.G. forum with a bit more info http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=431107
  8. Neal

    e46 M3 brake rotors

    1800 for front and tears from dealer a good price. My fronts with pads where around 1800 fitted , rears were 1000 with pads
  9. Neal

    e46 M3 brake rotors

    I think that might be around the stop tech caliper pistons binding when super hot. A few people with track based m3s have posted about it.
  10. Neal

    ///M CLUB New Zealand

    Interesting view, But when you see the workings of Mini Cooper clubs that start agonising over correct washer bottle or correctly stamped period parts and dismiss any mini with a+ engines and then start seeing M only clubs then the bs starts. Been on various car club committees and typically organise runs for enthusiasts rather than sub brand niche clubs. To be called an arm chair critic after pointing out that M car members can’t be committee members of car clubs because we do stuff for a wider range of car enthusiasts is amusing. But I respect your view and look forward to eating my lunch out of a Tupperware container whilst sitting on my garage armchair viewing life via rose tinted glasses 😀 Seriously though leebkse good luck with the intent of the Facebook group. Had quite a bit of fun at the bimmersport e46 M3 dyno day held a couple of years back.
  11. Neal

    ///M CLUB New Zealand

    Membership of ///M CLUB is FREE however participation & attendance is limited to ///M cars ONLY. VIN numbers will be requested when registering for the FB page. We do not allow committee members of other clubs to be members of ///M CLUB. A nominal entry fee may apply to attend some events. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sounding very exclusive and elitist. Policy perculudes a number of M cars be it BMW clubs or car / Motorsport groups from my knowledge, but good luck with getting it off the ground for NZ
  12. Been listening to Kovacs of late, signing style has elements of Shirley Basset , Amy Whitehouse and a bit of Grace Jones....... Grace Jones used to spend plenty of time on the turntable but I digress. Anyway , Kovacs, sounding like a soundtrack for a bond movie
  13. Used Yello to demo the car stereo sometimes. Have about 10 DSP maps which can be recalled via a controller. Some maps are trying to emulate home hifi but I have a couple which allows the amps to exercise their full dynamic capabilities and let the sub go more towards SPL This track has some great left to right panning and nice bass. Give it volume and smile.
  14. Neal

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Sold it. Been a fun 11 years and 160,000 kms. Hopefully the nephew enjoys his new e36 328i
  15. Neal

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Replaced coolant in e36 328i. Was under car last night with it sitting on two axle getting to back engine engine drain. Hear tell tale low frequency rumble and move quickly. Sure enough small earthquake hits with a joilt(3.8) as iI’m moving out from under it. Car moved a bit on stands but all good. Let coolant to drain and contemplated getting back under the car again for quite a while ! Added a spare wheel and trolley jack into the mix.