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  1. Its quite interesting an dilemma when a car is built using quite a number of parts suppliers. I wonder how many different brands going into making a car. The commercial and legal contracts that go into building a car must be massive. We thing of the car being BMW , but the reality is that's it probably a collection 100 plus brands. Either way .... safety comes first.
  2. This comes down to a risk position by the car manufacturers. They've got caught out in taking too long to redeem in the USA. You and I are carrying the risk in the mean time and choose to drive a car with defective air bags whilst the recall is done.
  3. In a brighter note the local dealer has ordered an airbag for the second recall on air bags for my imported e46 m3. Gets installed next month. Came across this the other day.
  4. It's been a project that's been sitting too long. Started working on it again. Trying to create a 60s retro cafe racer / weekend Motorsport car. This weekend was around trying to bring the switchs closer to the driver in the hope I can reach them whilst using a harness.
  5. Punk talk reminds me a bit of the clash. Mate of mine went through a punk phaze when we were teens. Built him a stereo from bits I had lying around. He did the Johny Rotten thing and never got to see his 21st. He gave me a copy of Rock the Casbah on 7 inch which we thrashed on his system. Every time I hear it it gets played with volume. Probably not up to slam dancing these days though.
  6. Saw them in 2005 and agree. Fantastic concert. Whole crowd drinking and not a spot of Agro. McGowan pissed and waltzing around with Kisrty Macoles niece who sang kirsty's part. He drunkly trips over and lands on top of her. Gets up and laughs and carries on the song fairytale of New York. Was brilliant 😀
  7. Tried an alternative tune for the system. The 5.25 inch ppi drivers weren't giving the mid bass performance I was after where as the sub could quickly overwhelm the system. Ive changed the cross over points so the 5.25s now crossover at 97hz and brought the sub upto 100 Hz. I've also reduced the sub output by -10 db. I've offset the passenger side by a 20 cm time delay to sync with sub distance and then adjusted time delay on drivers door speakers until I hear a mono image in centre stage. The result has been better than expected without the perception of bass coming from behind. Midbass has improved emencly and finally the system is well balanced with good up front sound. I'm ready now to start fine tunning the 1/3 octave equalisers on each channel via a microphone. Also need to sort out the photobucket mess in this thread
  8. Jumping forward in time. Never been into folk alt.folk until I heard this group from Christchurch. As Graham put it earlier, Plenty of talent around sitting under the noise and dross of many current mainstream bands. The Tiny Lies are one of those talented groups that deserve more. Unfortunately I picked up on them after they played in a small hall near by. As to their music / albums, Its superbly engineered with talented musicians. Pete might be tempted by the half speed master vinyl pressing they did on the second album. Tiny Lies And previous album
  9. I Have a bit of this. Possibly the birth of industrial / had dance. I still have a mix tape in the days when you'd copy of radio. John Barry's album hour, I think from memory you could hear it on AM on skip in Wellington after dark. Jb would play an album end to end. Anyway, CV comes on and its nothing like I'd heard before. Loops and samples with a real edge. Clever stuff considering the processing power at the time. Anyway ... could you imagine a concert starting like in this track
  10. Remember this band anyone ? Quite dark lyrics in the album but always liked the bass lines.
  11. Got to see them in 2005 in London. Was on my bucket list and I throughly enjoyed it. Have the albums and most of the 12" long plays. "Up on the catwalk "is a regular play in the car Great band from my pov .
  12. The ironic thing about the successful bands is how they started. When you think of simple minds most people think of pop culture tracks like "The breakfast club" I like some of the early tracks where they were a bit raw and not "over produced" like the church btw.
  13. Magazine eh , something I don't have. Herd the first one but never knew the band. Remember these guys.? One of my favourite bands of the 80s
  14. One of the more obscure 80's indie bands Fad Gadget . The 12 inch version had plenty of stereo panning going on. Laughable music video and very 80's esk
  15. Quit a lot of my indie listening has fallen away. Really need to invest in a record bath/ vacuum system and record the stuff digitally fir the back catalogue that can't be brought. However, Still listen to Killing Joke these days. One of the band members lived in NZ so have been hopping they'd get together and run a gig down under. I'm still waiting .......