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  1. Think it would be quite a process and from what I’ve been reading with my own car project ( 63 mini race car without vin) there are quite a few stages) from memory if 60 percent of the original 2002 is present then its modification . The key would be use a car that’ can be proved to have been registered and on the road. Using s 2002 would mean some of the impact and airbag rules might not apply. if it’s beyond 60% then your building a low volume scratch built car which in some ways is a easier Cert process. However, the rules around almost every aspect of the modifications apply. i thing the key to the project would be around any welding carried out to be done by a certified welder with careful consideration as to how the body / chassis/ suspension came together. A low volume Certifier would be required every step along the way. The key to the project is making sure that you can get a vin or re-entry vin line of sight sorted. Otherwise you may build it and find you can’t re vin the vehicle ( I’m stuck at this stage with trying to returning a old race car with no vin onto the road) Id probably start with posting a how would I go about this and get the lower volume car constructor manual for the current regulations. Would be a cool project https://m.facebook.com/LVVTA/
  2. Thanks for the give a little links. Condolences to family and friends. Just heartbreaking !
  3. Neal

    Old speaker cable connectors

    Can’t quite see but do the early din speaker connectors look like a match https://www.jaycar.co.nz/2-pin-din-plug/p/PP0300
  4. Neal

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    Thats the reality and people talk themselves out of owning great cars Still loving my factory standard m3 with smg 7 years on and 120,000 kms .... and it’s a early 2002 model 😀
  5. Neal

    Paint Protective Film, Ceramic Coating, etc

    Wife’s new car had a $400 version done from the dealer. Even at that low price I find her suv quicker to clean than my m3. Paint comes up great with a simple wash and towel. 1 year on still please with the results
  6. Neal

    Project 332i - E46 M3 Sedan

    Great project, looking forward to more posts
  7. Neal

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Thought I’d cooked a subwoofer. Turned out to a screw working loose on the badge causing a voice coil gone type rattle
  8. I think he’ll only part with it if he finds a 850csi that he’s after ( or gets another Volvo 😀)
  9. Neal

    BM53 problems solved...

    I think if anything unless well hidden a change of system may devalue a E39 M5. Bavsound could be worth considering. Quite well thought out drop in speakers and amp option. https://www.bavsound.com/
  10. I park near the blue on from time to time. Looks and sounds nice. Tyres are stretched a bit. Pitty the black in wasn’t SMG. Otherwise would take a closer look. Wouldn’t go back to manual now.
  11. Neal

    BM53 problems solved...

    It’s basically an amp and speaker (10) plus sub replacement to take it to the next level. On the bm53/54 The difference between the balanced outputs and converting it unbalanced is noticeable for CD listening but hard to tell on radio. I found from a sound quality POV it brought it up to a mid range car CD player. i did evolve the system in my e46 over a few years in pursuit of audio goodness. But also set a budget of 3k for speakers/ sub / amps / Dsp sounds I didn’t get carried away. Basically it has a entry home hifi sound and is still largely controlled via factory the board monitor. if you want some lite reading I have a build thread on here . It should hopefully give you an idea of what is needed to uplift a e39/e46 system.
  12. Neal

    BM53 problems solved...

    I think BMW made two errors the e46 & e39 systems over other years. First was Midbass treatments on the front going into small enclosure rather than using the door space. Gave limited and strangled upfront mid bass. The second was the bm53/54 using a poor final stage to the amps. Ironically the audio stage before that used opamps used in recording studio mixing boards. On paper they should have been better. Each speaker getting its own amp . Active 3 way front stage.Reasonable dac and preamp stage etc. Ironically the only model with the Midbass advantage was the e46 318ti but tended to have the poverty pack stereo. I sorted my e46 for the same reason above.
  13. Mercedes also ran the Hirschman brand power antennas so could be a source of parts.The earlier metal body ones from e21s and other BMWs late 70s early 80s should also fit the e30. Otherwise look for universal ones such as below. https://mercedessource.com/store/hirschmann-universal-replacement-power-antenna-custom-instructions
  14. Neal

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    Same dyno day the best sounding car was s54 powered with CF airbox. What surprised me was both the e46 m3 and 1m were rated around 250 kw at the flywheel yet the 1m was doing closer to 300kw at the hubs verse mine at 210kw. What got me was around the time I brought the m3 ($50k nz) I visited San Diego a lhd new 1m could be had for $52k nzd for the base car. Here they where 102k or something like that. The m3 has halfed it’s price in that time was as the 1m has dropped less than 25%. 1M must be one of the lowest drops outside of a z8. btw... m3 e46 replacement was stopped initially by child / single income / house mods and then wife’s new suv. My first choice would be f10 m5 or m2 as I do like turbos . But the e46 m3 will need to stay based on its unrefined raw nature and the induction noise makes it a grim factor package that’s not worth a lot so can be daily driven. 1M still one hell of a good car and it’s understated power will surprise.
  15. Neal

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    It would be slower and have less torque. We had a dyno day a few and the the 1m made more torque and kw than a s62 and it was in standard form. Far more than the 250kw advertised.