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  1. I find it will work on internet explorer but not on Microsoft edge explorer Hit the search icon next to the windows symbol on your desktop tool bar. Search for internet explorer. Select it and run bmwplanet as you would normally. It should start up the java plugin.
  2. I think this was the original PDF guide he did. e39_jap_2_euro_nav_conversion_mar09.pdf
  3. Get an Aprillia 250cc two stroke. And learn to ride the pants off it. Getting litre plus bikes makes it too easy to develop bad habits earlier on in my humble opinion. Otherwuse , get the meanest bad@assed litre plus bike you can afford and scare yourself silly, you have a licence now that says you can. Ignore that little voice of caution and comon sense that keeps nagging away and holding you back 😀
  4. Can you post a link to the page your on (copy and paste the full link from your browser)
  5. Does anyone have a view of running cost for an f10 verse e60 M5 ? Thinking it's time after 30 years of driving coupes to get a 4 door.
  6. You'll need to allow active X when your browser pops up a message Try reloading the page failing that install abode svg plug in and revisit bmwplanet
  7. Its a bit misleading. 3 road versions but a number of race versions around (two in nz ?). Saw a couple of E46 M3 GTRs racing against GT3s in a support race for a1gp at brandshatch. Sounding awesome going up the hill.
  8. Sound like you need to try an BMW s1000rr.
  9. Pete, I've got to pull an all nighter of next couple of Saturday evenings and have grand nieces first birthday this Saturday lunchtime. Could do next Sat midday ish? Sundays I won't be up for much as will be getting some sleep from about 10 am.. last weekend in June will be on standby but could do either day if all goes well over next couple of weekends
  10. Probably enough interest now to get it going again. Would be keen to pass this on. Used to find out side f the committee you'd get replies from only a few to events. Normally events would be augmented with Bimmersport or friends out side of the club with BMWs. Plenty of pluses like legal protection during events, manz affiliation etc. For myself I think I was kidding myself thinking I'd have time with new family and mid life career change. Happy to call an agm and vote in new president for others to get it going again.
  11. S70 engine out of the 90s M8 prototype is my fav.
  12. Was looking to do similar when I lived in the U.K. 2005/6. A number were still 5-7k gbp Had a look at a few. Some where very rough. Was even an EVO3 2.5 for $16k GBP. Just didn't get it together in time ( need to own one for 3 months to bring it in under khi rule) Ended up with a free contraner coming back to NZ which was largely empty bar IKEA flat pack furniture, bed, and a sofa. :-(
  13. But 1m quicker than most "true N/A engined M cars. These are a great package! Just doesn't sound s54 induction cool.
  14. Quite like the idea of these type of displays but I suspect stealth mounting the detector would reduce effectiveness being lower in the car.
  15. Edrms as in document management?