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  1. Dealer ordered airbag when I went in for a service. Arrived a couple of weeks later. So both recalls done now. Curtain airbags next ? ....whatโ€™s the chances....
  2. Battery quote is not out of wack with a factory 90 ah AGM battery. Cheapest agm in NZ is roughly $330 for a reconditioned one. People spend $1000s on go faster bits but neglect the cars power supply. Just saying.
  3. Andy , Stubie aerial mounted in your rear headrest with a standard inline 20db booster could work. Would have good height and should work through softtop. Booster something like
  4. Have a Alto before they became Nilfisk. Was a high end consumer model. First on went back on warranty. Second one has done two pressure regulators. Would recommend if using one for any length f time flow plenty of water through flow through them post blasting session. And don't leave them sitting for any length of under full pressure. Been 6 years now on same pressure regulator but I certainly won't buy this brand again.
  5. Baby boomer ... there was some fact to what he was saying though. But there were popular generalisations for each gen. Apperatenly Igen are well balanced and I'm inclined to agree with some of the interns and grads of late.
  6. Went on a behavioural management course the other day. Guy was saying that Gen X was the angry generation, and often has intolerance for younger generation....... What the fcuk does he know ..... some people need to take a concrete pill and hardern up ..... Gen x btw ๐Ÿ˜€
  7. Get to Auckland airport, plane delayed Wgtn weather the issue. Watch air nz cancell flights, flying Jetstar and thinking along the lines of a Tui billboard Starus board changes and Jetstar on time eh ? You say ! Get on flight an half expecting survere turbulence , two landing attempts followed by a back to Auckland with a stiff drink to follow. Anyways...... flight goes ok, worse than usually southerly approach with plane pogoing in most directions on the approach. Pilot lands first attempt and becomes an instant hero with most of the plane erupting into cheering and applause. Cockpit door opens and pilot / co pilot cool clam and collected. Thinkng to myself...... Those men deserve a DB" Well done Jetstar !
  8. So when's the standard E46 M3s going up in price ? Prices tanked in the last couple of yeas. E30 M325i money ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  9. Great example. Mate brought a 327 Bathurst version with race history in the late 80s and got change from $20k ....still has it ..,.
  10. Just noticed tha daughters helmet brand๐Ÿ˜€ Good spotting, my version of Mini works style. Dash is part of a series 2 XJ. Thought that moving the switches closer to driver would mean move chance of operating them when wearing a harness. Spent some time on cleaning up the garage to create room for assembly. Have decided that the original Mk1 project needs to be moved on so have prepared for easy access.
  11. The factory aux cable and quality copies has a capacitor and a couple of resistors added to the lead. This in turn will tell the head unit that it has an aux connected and will appear as a option when selected.
  12. Next engine project Allan ?
  13. A few of us have young ones. Can set up a run suitable if interested ๐Ÿ˜€
  14. I think there has been a few discussions with about some of the after market ones failing shortly after install. I'd try for the OEM versions if going after market.
  15. Can't miss this period without mentioning Yello . Still play the album stella a few rimes a year. Onto my second vinyl copy. Put a Cerwin Vega IB sub into my 323i E21 in 1986. A mix tape had this track on it. Was great for loosening bumper bolts.