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  2. Thank you very much Peter - I think so too! Keen to see it go to a BMW enthusiast :)
  3. I'm moving overseas for 12 months and have arranged the car to be stored inside with smart battery tender. Will pump tires up (to ~50psi). Thought I might leave some desiccant sachets inside the car to try to minimise condensation. Planning for oil change immediately before I leave. Car is going to be started / run intermittently while I'm away. Any other tips? Also - seems to be conflicting advice as to whether the car should be stored with full or empty tank of diesel? (condensation in tank vs fuel going 'off' / algal contamination)
  4. Need one of these desperately. Hmu if you have one.
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  6. zero

    E36 Touring

    Priced dropped to $4250
  7. If your looking for a keeper then this is the one
  8. swapsndeals

    Z4 Roadster

    Z4 Roadster with full AC Schnitzer Areo body kit. 2 piece 18" staggered wheels. Love driving this as it turns heads everywhere. New spark plugs, fresh oil serviceDrivers window regulator is a bit iffy but otherwise great condition WOF & reg $7500 if any members interested genuine reason for sale Trademe Listing #: 2187567443
  9. Oh, my. I start a new job (at last!) in a couple of weeks. A couple of months too late for this, perhaps.
  10. Grrr. Spent what seemed like forever swearing about random bits of unnecessary plastic filling the back of an E46 dash. Finally gave in and removed the HVAC unit (anyone who has done this knows it means working up from the gearstick) in order to move some plastic housing to make room for the combined blocky connector and wiring. Hands scraped, cut and gouged, but we got there. And... It doesn't work. There's the usual big blocky connector, and a smaller 10-pin one. The 10 pin one (on the new kit) has just 4 wires to it - we may have this the wrong way around. Just to make life more interesting, a previous owner (not the wonderful chap we bought it from!) has butchered, bu88erefd, fT^&Eed, mangled, trashed and generally ruined the wiring behind the head unit. FFS! Why spend so much time and effort ruining something when it'd be easier to do the job properly? It'll come apart again tomorrow. I might have broken something this evening.
  11. Apologies for reviving an old post, but did your friend end up selling the 850i?
  12. PJB

    e24 OBC repair

    Hi anyone in Auckland who can bring the OBC in my M635 back to life? Getting to the end of the to do list .... Thanks. Julian.
  13. ^^ that's Aidan, he's the man. http://www.ocdetailing.co.nz/aidan-robson.html
  14. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2181555469 If anyone else is interested in them.. But the auction ends this afternoon..
  15. Yeah i have issues counting past 5 or 6 lol 🤣
  16. Last week
  17. Day 343: With the tyres removed, and the faces repainted, we're on the final stretch for getting these sexy circle-bois on the M3! Dropped off to Christian at OCD to get them ceramic coated, then I believe another few weeks to let it cure and they'll be ready for the rubber to be put on and slapped onto the car! The guys at Wheel Fix It really did nail the paint code, the cost for them to be repainted was just shy of $600. They advised the wheels to sit for a couple weeks to let the paint settle, before going about the next steps. Oooooohhhh we're on the final stretch now!
  18. 🤣 even I didn't know there was a difference, and I have played with these literally yesterday.
  19. CSET

    M TOY M3

    Got this car back for a couple of days between repairs & took it to my boy Nick at Autotintz for some work. Nobody's seeing inside this car while it's getting sitting around gathering dust 🤣
  20. Thanks for the pix Brent I'm not a fanboy of the aluminium look, is it easy or difficult to wrap those items in CF vinyl look? My hands have 5 thumbs on each, its probably beyond my skill set.... All advice gratefully received
  21. I can guarantee they wont fit without work and its not worth it at all. Offset for e39 needs to be around the 20s give or take and centre bore of 74.1 instead of the typical 72.6mm.
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