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  2. I never said my car was a whole ACS car, only that it had components. If you wish to view the car contact me. Thank you
  3. Its a honda jazz, you cant fool me
  4. For that price it's worth getting one just to hack the mufflers off it and burn around town doing skids making a racket in it and goofing off with the boys. Would be a blast.
  5. Herbmiester

    Holden out

    Sad to see the end of the brand but as mentioned when they stopped making Commodores it was pointless carrying on. they do sell a lot of rubbish with the Colorado being one of the only decent vehicles left. Drove a VF Series II SS Redline the other day, pretty decent touring vehicle very comfortable with nice power and decent infotainment system. I would happily own one.
  6. Because some people are idiots. Noticed someones un-tethered fuel cap was in the gutter at the exit to the fuel station near work the other day, so yeah, that's why they are tethered.
  7. Tell us more......
  8. Yup, so does mine, ACS also "make" whole cars. In the 1 series case its an ACS1 (essentially gets all the ACS parts bolted to them).But, none of them were 130s.
  9. I buy a bit off Nick so will hit him up, thanks for the heads up.
  10. Not sure what you are saying. This car definitely as AC Schnitzer parts and this had been confirmed by several mechanics.
  11. I'm local (Hamilton based), and have inpa that should work on your car. (works on my e36s) It does depend on the cable you use as the others have said. Flick me a pm and we can give it a go.
  12. None of the ACS1s were 130s, the were all diesels as ACS did some tunes. Not even clear if they ever sold any of them, other than as parts.
  13. Don't need to code lock on drive away, turn it on via the options on the indicator stalk. Fuel flap isn't supposed to lock via the central lock button inside the car. Comes in handy at night if you want the fuel station attendant to full your car but you also don't want to get car jacked
  14. The $6.5k one is crazy... it's not particularity tidy though. CD changer and rear camera a good options if they're factory. Rear suspension looks shot. The paint's probably better than mine though and Alpine While, sweet. Add some ///M or BMWP pinstripes and that's gold for me.
  15. Really low ks, nz new, intake worth a crap load if you flicked it on, mine was at 140,000 when I bought it for 13k I hope he gets 13, the market need correcting hahaha
  16. And gator and pedal covers... calipers have been painted and P-Zero's too. It could have some hidden benefits, might have even been looked after. If I were regional I'd certainly like to check it out. But $13k? Not since about 3 months ago, they've plummeted since then.
  17. BMWP Intake and gearknob...
  18. johnerttn

    BMW E46 LSD

    I have for sale a LSD built into an E46 diff with a 3.15 ratio. It's a brand new unit made in the UK and is suitable for drifting or racing. It's a bit aggressive for road use tho it might benefit from a slip oil modifier additive as used on Holden lsds. $1800.00 Pick up only from Torbay North Shore.
  19. Take a pic of any and all Schnitzer badges, internal and external, and post them here, they'll probably tell a story that will help us to help you. Edit: especially if your steering wheel or dash gauges have ACS branding. Or anything that indicates limited production such as 'xxx of xxx built'.
  20. And on my Android head unit... PayPal refunded the original purchase and (apparently unilaterally) cancelled the security deposit for the second unit. So $0. Avin quickly reached out to me (no surprise I suppose) and said 'err, help' and sent me a 3rd invoice for original cost less US$150. I've replied and told them I won't be a dick (well, I might actually be a dick but I'm not dishonest) and as soon as I receive the credit from PayPal in my bank account, I'll pay the latest Avin invoice to settle the transaction. I also told them that, if they'd owned their mistake from the outset (sending the wrong product) and made me whole, we wouldn't have ended up in this mess which has ultimately cost them more than it could have. In 2020 surely organisations must understand that they need to be agile and outcome oriented rather than fragile and process bound. Read a book about the Amazon business model where the customer really is king.
  21. Still isn't too bad considering its 13 years old now..
  22. Another cheapie. 6450 from a dealer. Sheesh https://www.trademe.co.nz/2529074324
  23. Interior pics are up now for anyone interested. A bit of wear on the steering wheel for the kms
  24. Update...I have been informed by my mechanic that the AC Schnitzer suspension is not adjustable, but has Schnitzer Shocks and Springs.
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