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  2. Hi. Just wandering if anyone can point out and info on these models or if there is some listed here that did not pop up in search ? More or less just checking what differences there are ? Apart from seeming that 328 are also iron block like american models do they also have detuned ecu or anuthing else ? Is everything else more or less the same ? I did see a 325i for sale a while back which i thought some of you commented it was specced higher than normal ones but i thought e30s the changes were more so than e36. Cheers in advance.
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  4. Fair enough. I recently ordered something from ECS Tuning because FCP Euro didn't stock it. Sent FCP Euro an email telling them this.
  5. Just to confirm, they expect you to pay to ship the part back to them, that's it, right? With FCP Euro, I'd be expected to ship the part back to them at my cost, that's it. From there, a new part would show up at my door.
  6. Would have ordered from them as I have in the past, but unfortunately they don't appear to stock the 'euro style' E46 inner rear tail lights that our facelift MSport E46's have over here. Ours are white/red, the US have red/white/orange.
  7. Trying to figure that out myself. Their conditions attached to receipt say they will pay for return freight costs if item(s) shipped are incorrect, yet when I emailed them they said: "1: You get a credit note for the one part, and order a new one from stock 2: You get one for free next time you place an order here at Schmiedmann" In a later email they said "It’s because of our conditions here, we do only cover the part, not the freight cost outside Denmark, sorry".
  8. There's not much more admin to issue new plates than to issue replacement plates, even if it were 100% more effort we're still in the region of $30, not hundreds. We live in a capitalist world, I support companies making a profit but in this case it seems like somebody is profiteering - either through margins or tax/duty (or a combination of the lot). I'd simply like to understand that breakdown. Also plates aren't a scarce resource, they can add characters and increase the pool so it vastly outstrips demand.
  9. Wut? How does that work???
  10. Made the most of this sale - worked out quite cheap initially...until Schmiedmann sent mis-matching inner rear tail lights for my E46. Despite admitting fault, they won't exchange them. Rather I have to pay the full shipping cost (30-ish euro) to get a replacement sent out
  11. Toyota BZ touring Pros - Quad throttle bodies howling at 7800 rpm (also happens to be peak oil consumption) Cons - Peak oil consumption. Sounds like trying to beat the nurburg laptime when just trying to have enough torque to back down driveway.
  12. A written off project car popped up on a NZ Facebook page yesterday. It turns out that it is meant to be NZ new? Does anyone know how many NZ new 3.0 4 door E36 M3's were sold?
  13. Maybe, I didn't find it bad, just hack the plastic shroud thingy til it sits nice and drill some misc holes, heres pic from my 21 Make sure to test it at the yard tho, cause they can often not work..
  14. Hi all, My 1990 bmw E30 (M40b16) has been barely drive-able for quite a while now and i can't figure out the problem for the life of me. It runs really badly on start up and splutters a lot at idle but after 5 mins or so the idle becomes a bit better but it splutters a lot under load and acceleration, also the plugs are completely black even after only running for 5 mins. I have replaced Spark Plugs, Plug leads, Distributor cap and rotor, Ignition coil, Air filter and all the gaskets for the intake manifold but still nothing. I'm assuming its running rich due to a vacuum leak but i wouldn't have a clue where to start on these Older BMW's as i'm reasonably new to them. Anybody have any idea on how to find it/ best places to look? Cheers
  15. Cool I'll make a trip to Zebra and see what I can find. If I can sort this out then you'll see some good burnouts next time.
  16. Nice one, almost ended up with one myself. Great little car, enjoy.
  17. If you mean the thrust arms can be twisted a bit by hand then that’s normal. I can do that to my ones and i’ve just replaced the bushes about 2 weeks ago.
  18. Phew it went for $30k. That basically puts a value on mine between $25-30k. I was getting worried it would go for low 20's.
  19. Bump - would like this gone before Christmas!
  20. Nice ride!
  21. Thanks Ray, whats the feedback been been like on the CSL reflash? Heard varying reviews, but overall positive, which has lead me to this point. also, cost? Cheers.
  22. Yeah that’s if being fussy. Get an M5 steering box with servotronic. Wouldn’t be gutted.
  23. 132kms on mine Max and it is original.
  24. We can do the SMG CSL reflash as well as a DME tune like this:
  25. Send us your DME and we will do an ews delete on it. Plug and play $150 bimmersport price.
  26. I know that's what Ray did with the S62 into the E46 vert. Not sure I'd go that way but it's proven to work. Don't you find the on center feel of the M5 steering box a bit dull Martin?
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