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  2. I needed it more. Also meant I did not need to sift through the sh*t like Dave has been. Been perfect for us so far. Even put it around Taupo the other week.
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  4. It's based purely on your number of posts. Somebody with more knowledge than me will be able to tell you the tiers.
  5. That would be superb if you could! I've been looking around for about a month now and while the sedan inner taillights are very common it seems the coupe ones are near on impossible to source. Only other option is to get one from overseas from what I can tell. As far as condition goes, I feel anything would look better than this eyesore!
  6. You'll need some E92 M3 front LCAs and tension arms to deal with those corners that commuters often come up against. LSD also helps with general commuting, make sure you maintain proper traction, safety first!
  7. Current tyres are fine for an A to B commuter but when they need replacing I'll be more judicious... 🙂
  8. I had all round them on a E39 a bought and yeah wouldn't say they are either but they certainly aren't in the performance orientated group. With Mono's in the rear i rest my case.
  9. Hi there, I'm now selling my trusty 328 daily. Perfect for a daily or as a track-rat manual conversion. Lot's of work and new parts, all done proper. I can do a live INPA code read for any serious buyers. The Basics 1996 E36 328i automatic coupe Full motorsport trim and options Cosmos Black Sunroof (fully working + no leaks) ~158,000 kms Current warrant and reg Japanese import OBC equipped but disconnected (replaced with analogue clock and storage pocket) Heaps more info and pics: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/56912-another-e36-my-328-beater/ CarJam: https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=DYZ448 VIN Decoder: https://www.vindecoderz.com/EN/check-lookup/WBABG22090ET22388 The Good New (<3000km's) aluminium radiator New water pump, thermostat and housing, coolant hoses (x5), expansion tank New belts and pulleys (including upgrade from mechanical to hydraulic tensioner) Refurbished steering rack (from my M3) + new reservoir, lines, bolts and washers M3 suspension (shocks, springs, swaybars, top hats) New droplinks and all suspension bushes, bump stops, mounting hardware and OEM M3 F+R tower reinforcements New (<500km's) OEM M3 (Sachs) shocks x4 New FLCA bushings New intake elbow New rear wheel bearings Fully replaced interior (F+R seats and F+R door cards) in M-Rain and leather, amazing 8/10 condition Replacement (OE) airbag steering wheel with no cracks/splits in the leather Super-fast rear lip spoiler (estimated 15rwhp + swooning from women) Recent proper oil flush (8 litres) + refill (Penrite 5w-40 full synth) and filter New air filter Replacement sump and new sump gasket Comes with new valve cover gasket set (x3), new fuel filter, new coolant level sensor (all still in original packaging) The Bad The battery isn't too strong, probably needs replacing in next 12 months The Jatco gearbox is a bit weak but doesn't clunk and if treated with consideration works just fine One key and only works in ignition and LHS door (but comes with two working remotes to lock/unlock) No air-con (compressor and belt removed but included in sale) Probably still a vacuum leak or two, a smoke test would be ideal (runs fine, but occasionally hunts for idle) The Ugly Pretty much every panel has some damage, either bodywork or paint, but it looks fine from 10m away 😉 The Price I'm looking for around $3,500 on black 17" BBS wheels with near new Pirelli tyres If you're happy with stock 16" style 30's and rubbish tyres then we can talk at around $2,800 I'm open to discussion but don't need a vehicle trade, I have too many now
  10. https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=LRC262
  11. I've been told they're not sh*t but I've never heard of them and they need replacing anyway, I went in with my eyes open on those ones. Rears are near new Momo's Might be swapping across the BBS's and Pirelli's from the 328, we shall see,
  12. Need more details and vins Good choice, awesome cars.
  13. I swear every time i see a car with a coilover setup it comes on mediocre tyres at best. I guess most install them for the cosmetic aspect or maybe ran out of money and had to skim on other areas.
  14. So, what is black, costs $8,500, is covered by the CGA and a 12 month Autosure warranty, has a sweet sounding stainless aftermarket exhaust and full coilovers with Eibach springs and a LVV cert for said and doesn't leak like a sieve? It's not perfect but it is perfect for me.
  15. M3AN

    New GST import stuff

    What are you buying @325_driver? If it's typical stuff then I've always found FCP's shipping to be cost effective.
  16. Bimma

    E30 333i

    They're the rarest of rare, more so than the e30 m3. Only 210 were ever made with 204 available for sale. They came in a total of 4 colours (aero silver) was the other colour.
  17. Gaz

    M TOY M3

    You do need them for a WOF if they came from factory with one, been like that for a long time https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/exhaust/exhaust-emissions
  18. Hey all, Can someone please explain the ranking & gear change order on this community? Thank you inadvance, Jon
  19. BozzaFC

    The Silver Titan

    That would be awesome thanks! I'll PM
  20. What ‘s ride and handling got to do with anything, it’s all about being super low and mega stanced and hella flush isn’t it?
  21. Thanks @gjm what I needed to know. Think I'm going to switch to myus. Shipping looks alot more predictable and weight based. I struggle to confirm dimensions before placing an order so mu shipping ranges from 30 to 120 depending on how generous people are with packaging.
  22. This ^^^^^^ Go with the bigger stud if you are going to this much hassle
  23. Yesterday
  24. If you are going to the trouble of helicoils or timeserts why not just go to a 12mm stud instead? Then you can run a coarse thread like the alloy wants and go to a decent depth. Helicoil vs timesert is a heck of an argument. One issue I take with timeserts is the ridiculous stress risers everywhere being a cut thread. The second issue is the relatively low area involved in both of them. It's not much extra effort to run a 12mm stud
  25. CSET

    M TOY M3

    Oh great, I heard otherwise; that if they are factory fitted then removing them will fail WOF! Goes to show one shouldn’t believe what ones told, thanks mate!
  26. gjm

    New GST import stuff

    MyUS will collect / charge GST on all shipments. I've received an email to that effect.
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