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  2. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I've got a fault pop up saying Passenger Restraint system... then got a low battery power light?? So I'll be losing sleep over that...
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  4. Thanks for the replys everyone. @3pedals good to know re the Bilsteins. The koni's are significantly more expensive at: FRONT: 87411372SPORT @ $620.96 gst incl each. Currently nil stock. 9 weeks min; delay from ordering. REARS: 82401156SPORT @ $424.03 gst incl each. Currently in stock. But I am a firm believer of do it once do it right. @Olaf I'll catch up with you on Sunday, if it's dry I'll probably have the E30 but if it's wet I'll bring the 540i.
  5. E60 530d Starting Issues

    Ran a basic battery test, came back at 85%, took it to an auto sparky who said he needed to do a load test on the battery to confirm its fault, but felt it was probably the issue. Its an 820cca battery from 2017 (H7) Anyway, will get it load tested and then see what that says, just dont want to take it to a dealership just yet. I wasn't terribly worried about replacing the glow plugs, i pulled the old ones ran them over a multi meter and about half of them were shot, bosch replacements off ebay were about $80 for a set so it wasn't a biggie
  6. Hmm, I wonder if this will work on those annoying things in the back of an E30..?
  7. WTB: Carly Pro

    If anyone has one for sale let me know before I purchase from overseas. Cheers Alex 021 070 9077
  8. The Koni Sports should be ideally suited with your M-Sport springs. in addition to the Demon Tweaks, you could try ebay.de - you'd be surprised how reasonably priced they are. The only reason I didn't go Koni Sport for my e60, was my 545i is on standard suspension and the sports are intended for lower springs (which your MSports are). I didn't want to change springs and have to consider impact on the active anti-roll. It should be much more straightforward with your e39. If I can beg a before and after ride with you, I'd be delighted.
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  10. 2018 has seen more increases in engine parts and component stocking levels. We are NZ's largest stockist of King Race series bearings for import and euro engines. We also carry OE bearing applications in ACL, King and Glyco We have increased our range of gaskets stocking OE type head gaskets to full sets. We have also increased our engine parts for BMW 6 cylinders for stock, performance and race applications. Glyco bearings, head gaskets, gasket sets and singles, timing chains, water pumps now available. We cover M20 M30 M50 M52 M54 S14 S50 S54 comprehensively Now available popular 6 cylinder timing chain kits and components. We also have the best range available in NZ for the M3 S50 engines. Parts we stock are oe and performance, including all timing tensioners and waterpumps and complete engine overhaul components.
  11. I ran Koni sport adjustables all round in my E39 528 motorpsort they were significantly better than the OE sachs- better control, more linear regardless of speed - i.e good at 50 k and good at 150k . I have Bilstein B6's in my X5 and they are totally unsuitable for our driving conditions - fine on a billiard table or race track
  12. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    new wheel has had current, freshly recalled (last year) airbag fitted. so i'm sorted old air bag needs checking first and foremost, i forgot to take it to dealer. so will do tomorrow. they will check but can only perform recall on vehicles once (recall is vehicle aligned not airbag aligned). if airbag i did get with the MF wheel does need to be recalled it'll have to go to a car that hasn't had one yet or be disposed of. if it doesn't need recalling i will sell with the steering wheel that came out of my car.
  13. Yep have all the information and email trail. Even have the email which they say the wrong suspension kit was sent. I started running into a brick wall when they asked me to price shipping to send the item back and the cheapest price I could get was $400NZD. After that they didn't want a bar of me.
  14. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Nice one. What's the score with the Airbag recall?
  15. M50B25 Crankbolt removal (help)

    Lol sounds risky, but whatever works
  16. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Multifunction steering wheel fitted to the E46. Cruise control fully active, stereo controls to come for aftermarket HU. going to enjoy CC on longer road trips!
  17. Bavsound - where to buy from?

    I've imported enough to know what whatsmyduty.org.nz is or what 0800 478 287 (option 2) number is for
  18. Bavsound - where to buy from?

    remember, the NZ customs website is your friend. used to be 'whatsmyduty.org.nz'.
  19. Bavsound - where to buy from?

    you get to choose your carrier and service. DHL, UPS, FedEx, or 'bulk discount', and sub-selections for service. It's all on their site, go read and explore. I prefer FedEx express. The MyUS website is good, your in box works well, and you can use a phone app too.
  20. Bavsound - where to buy from?

    What carrier do they mainly use?
  21. Bavsound - where to buy from?

    yep, I recommend them. If you join under the Visa promotion, you get a bunch of benefits for no cost.
  22. E60 530d Starting Issues

    ^^ this. Hey, one thing to bear in mind - after scanning and professional diagnosis - is something I read recently about e60 start problems (turns over but won't start): Bear in mind, this is a US site, don't think they got the diesel e60's... so you'd be reading the following, then checking on realOEM to confirm your vehicle has this module. http://www.bavtek.com/category/guides/n62-ism-module-issue/ To reiterate: As Grant mentions: please don't go merely substituting parts on an educated guess; these are very complex vehicles with many interrelated systems. You'll need extra-deep pockets to throw parts at it in the hope you'll sort it. Do enlist an experienced specialist (BMW Dealer or BMW Independent) to diagnose. The link above is not intended to provide you with your second avenue ahead of an experienced specialist! May the force be with you.
  23. Bavsound - where to buy from?

    Have you used them before?
  24. Bavsound - where to buy from?

  25. Do you have an email trail? If you have proof in an email I would be contacting the boss at demontweeks. I have found demontweeks good in the past.
  26. M50B25 Crankbolt removal (help)

    When still in the car, i use a socket/bar & the starter motor to crack it, works every time
  27. What did you do to your SAAB today

    Very cool. Mine was a manual 3 door also, cheap and cheerful
  28. Hey team, thinking of getting a Bavsound set-up for F11 but from what I can see they only ship within the US and there is no dealer in NZ (the nearest one is over the ditch). Of course I can get it shipped via Youshop but at this stage I am just trying to avoid that option. Any other ideas?
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