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  2. easy call me 021433600
  3. Talk to Joe @ Eurosurgeon....
  4. Yeah not looking to break the bank . Car goes well enough I guess . Will just do the wheels and enjoy not having aftermarket headaches. I do want to get the Bluetooth going as well has got the NZ SatNav installed. But no Bluetooth . Cheers
  5. Not all of them will be LHD, but looking at Goo-net all the E39 M5s currently for sale are LHD. Newer than that and its a mix of left and right. Theyre still about 21k NZD excluding ORC and shipping though.... so not cheap.
  6. Only down side is whenever I visit, I fly down so can't bring any of my cars haha
  7. Good idea - I'll look into that.
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  9. Been able to source a donor car for an engine swap however i'm finding it difficult to find answers regarding the EWS 2 system that's in my 97' 318is If the new DME with the m50 (1992) never had EWS and my chassis has EWS 2, will the wiring modification will be needed as the DME never had the feature in the first place? A lot of EWS bypass guides are showing EWS 2 Chassis with EWS 1 motor's etc but nothing about having no EWS at all.
  10. Sadly my 540i needs to find a new forever home. Awesome car always brought a smile to my face when I was driving and I'll be sad to see it go but could be a good project for someone else who doesn't have a new baby and no mechanical skills.. Been running great up until I noticed some oil in the radiator and it's been sitting in the garage ever since. Had a compression test done which confirmed my worse fears... Head gasket. Time for a sensible station wagon anyway. Nice car, heaps of extras, a joy to drive, a lot of car for the age. Replaced the air bag control unit less than 6 months ago, also had the aircon serviced and timing guide rails replaced in its time with me. Take a look, opening bid is $1500 I'm open to resonable offers but I'd rather split it into parts than give it away. Cheers
  11. Really, all of them? I thought that was more common in the 1980s and was born out of a lot of stuff like the early AMGs and the likes just not being made available in anything but, therefore the majority of them came in as grey market imports via dealers or individuals.
  12. Bugger, looking for sedan figment. Thanks anyway
  13. Fitted new cupholders and a coin tray to the 320d. It used to have a small cubby with the sliding/retracting lid, but it was getting difficult to clean, and the lid had broken. The cupholders might be useful one day (I very rarely have a drink in the car) and my wallet and phone will fit in them just as easily as in the tray.
  14. Right Austin. Seems like you have come here to post nothing but links you found on social media. This is a BMW forum. Everyone else is here primary to post about a similar interest in BMW's. Feel free to contribute in any of the other threads. But I will now reserve this one for those whom have been here a while. All future posts in this thread by you will be deleted.
  15. Depends on what you read, whilst the likes of Farage, Le Pen and the Dutch idiot Wilders are all talking it up - and the media are all lapping it up --- Reality looks a lot different. The Europeans do allow true freedom of expression but they also control abuse, that's why Wilders was found guilty of inciting hatred and racial abuse. They will go through a reasonably robust process and hopefully ignore much of the media hype about the sway of these idiots with no perception of a greater "public" than the extent of their own clique of morons. Europe has survived Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Churchill, the current crop are no where near as capable as those despots nor as ruthless as Amin, Mugabe and the more recent crop. Idiots like Bush , Reagan and Trump can gain office on the wave of Agnotological ignorance that is now endemic in American culture, but this depth of ignorance is not so prevalent in Europe. I have a more optimistic view based on a "European" reading we can change things and the Europeans have France and Germany are the moral compasses and powers of Europe with the likes of the Sandi-wegians providing leading edge social values since the 14th century . The U.S. on the other is likely to mimic your last line - they are still using cold war tactics
  16. At the 20 year mark, US imports will be a boon. I had no idea. It'll be nice to be able to source cars from there. The world is a more interesting place every day for me.
  17. LHD cars have a lot of kudos in Japan. It's a status thing - the driver can pull up to their favourite restaurant/club, and get out of the car on the kerb side so they don't have to walk around the car to get to their destination.
  18. A lot of performance European and American cars sold in Japan are LHD.
  19. Why would they be LHD from Japan? If one is ok with LHD, it'd be better to import from the US.
  20. Haven't driven any e39s, I do get where you're coming from though
  21. Yesterday
  22. Perhaps set it up as a poll so it works in real time.
  23. Driven either?
  24. Well for starters they will be LHD.
  25. For one owner and all the paperwork, I think this car would be worth it. To the right type of buyer. It will be interesting to see what comes out of Japan when these things hit 20 years old. What always puts me off is how the plastics and leathers fare after years in the NZ sun.
  26. Funnily enough it's not happening any more.
  27. Attack on Sweden? Im not sure where you get that idea no one here is attacking Sweden and I don't think you had to read the huffington post to come to that conclusion. Its human nature that people will just let things slide, put up with more and more until they finally say enough and start to protest, history shows that time and again. Europe has been going to hell at an advancing rate due to the alarming rise of mainly muslim numbers. You have seen many instances of this. eg: arguments about burkas and drivers license photos in France but when you consider those countries are up to 30% muslim and there population birth rates outnumber the locals that the rules of that country are eventually going to be dictated by the new majority. Is this racist to point this out or be alarmed by it. A lot of the cultures immigrating have no inclination to assimilate into the local culture, they want their own schools,churches, even laws. Trumps appeal was he publicly says what alot are silently afraid of happening and is using that fear to gather strength. Not sure if that's worse than the previous presidents or other leaders who are denying the whole thing or trying to just quietly let things go unnoticed. I agree with Austin that things will come to a head eventually and there will be much worse than trump to come. Swings and roundabouts, cycles like this have happened throughout history, and will continue,humans are all the same and were no different to ancient romans, vikings, you can't change basic human nature, some will rise some will fall some will be killed
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