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  2. Going by the service book looks like it was around Wellington area, not sure the exact date it came to Scotland but the first service stamp was 2000 in Scotland.
  3. Yes well my E92 is obviously the Lap Dancer on acid (plus dope,P and what ever else is available). It has literally spent more time at the shop than in my garage since I bought it in mid November.
  4. I am fairly sure I have seen this car around Wellington in the past, but to be fair it was a long time ago. Looks pretty tasty.
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  6. Hi from Scotland, I recently bought a 1986 e30 325i that was imported to Scotland about year 2000 from New Zealand, then it ended up in Helensburgh Scotland. was wondering if anyone on here had owned it or knew this car when it was in New Zealand. It was registered 16-4-86 M03000 to a (mr/mrs) T.R.S Lowe from Karori. It was bought from Shelly imports.
  7. E36 Coupe Windscreen - $200 ono In good condition. Will get pic up later today
  8. What model is the ecu as their are 7 listed and they have any where from 3 to 5 separate connectors/module to them.The trans has 5 listed what do you need to know about the cluster wiring?. Might be that you have the latest java which will not allow you to connect need to tell it to allow appears it sees it as a risk have it open and looking at it.
  9. Feel free to come scan/ measure my carbon door cards, i also have the seat fire wall panel for coupe in a box at home
  10. The engine is back in the car and all bolted in. I need to remount the alternator and power steering pump as they wont fit between the engine and chassis rail. you can see that its tight for the exhaust to clear the steering I moved the fuel lines and brake lines to be clear of the left exhaust WIN! the v8 shifter is a direct replacement for the standard e46 unit
  11. Depends on the type of coils, but think you've got the jist. If they are individual (say like a M50 or a *JZ or RB*) you will have 2 coils on each channel, of which you use 3 to run wasted spark. If you get some twin output coils, '90s 6cyl fords/holdens have these as do the mitsi 4G63's (Evo/VR-4) & toyota 4A-GZE's, like the below, you only need 3 of them. Being dumb coils, you will also need a 3chl ignitor. Once you've done all that it's almost cheaper buying 6 smart coils, which could still run in wasted spark configuration on an older G4/G4+ storm or new Atom.
  12. Didn't know the new ones had 8 ign and inj drives. Was referring to the blue G4+. Obviously I have a lot more research to do. You say wasted spark 2coils x 3channels. Wasted spark is something I am looking to do in the future, do you mean 3 coils x 3 channels? Would like the extra aux outputs to give me some room to add things in the future. I think this G4 Storm is a goer.
  13. Buuuurn.... (but a very well played one)
  14. after what seems like a life time I finally have finished the manifolds and boxed in the engine mounts
  15. Did you ever sort out the cam thing?
  16. It's been polished every day since I owned it.
  17. Look forward to seeing it Just like mine only much more awesomer!!!
  18. Hi BimmerSport I'm on the hunt for any CAD files around for an E36 coupe club car if any one has any handy? Seat fire wall panel Aircon Firewall infill Fog light holes Seat mounts for Racepro seat (expecting they will require fold/step) Skid plates Door cards Floor plate Dash pad infill Quarter windows Not been able to find anything on google. Regards Russ 'My name is Russell' on,nz if anyone's from the dark side.
  19. Handsome car with the shiniest gear knob ever! GLWS
  20. GLWS!
  21. Shot bro. I will most likely go XYZ as I have had experience with them. Looking forward to your thread.
  22. $4500 or near offer - Might be able to do free delivery in North Island. Surplus to requirements as have another car now Paint in super condition as I think it's been resprayed recently. And an incredibly shiny gear nob. BRAND NEW WOF REGO AND SERVICED great car with all the bells and whistles from electric seats to cup holders and electric sunshades all leather interior perfect condition all tyres good As is where is
  23. Before and after
  24. the value thing is relative. the taxi can be fixed by pretty much any garage for pocket change; the BMW can't. Perhaps that contributes to the relatively low depreciation. The canny taxi buyer recognises the two year older 5er will empty his wallet faster than a lap dancer on acid. still, you wished for a Euro; and you have one!
  25. Awesome. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely doing my research but as you'd know there's a hectic amount of info online for the 24 valve swap. Half of it unfortunately contradicts the other. I couldn't find anything in your build talking about modifying the rear exhaust manifold to clear steering column. Or did the barina parts negate this? Huge relief if it does.
  26. Set of 4 style 22's in 17 x 7.5 Set of 4 Dunlop starspec z2 tyres done 2,000 km max. 215/45r17 mounted to the wheels at the moment $1400 for the lot or $800 for tyres and $800 for wheels
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