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  2. Wut? You're saying I can have fast and reliable? 😮 Where? 😉
  3. What's that saying, "A cheap, reliable, fast car?" Choose two only.
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  5. Not mine... Black E36 M3 Evo with high km's (think 250k miles) and some mods; coilovers, big brakes, e46 M3 front arms, camber plates, genuine GruppM intake, carbon fibre bonnet, Z3 rack, probably more. Interior shows its age but I've seen worse. Never raced (on a track at least). Engine (S50B32) has a warped head (badly overheated) and is out of the car and in pieces, no work done. Might be too much of a project for the owner, they've yet to decide. I thought $10-12k but I might be dreaming... What's the community opinion? I appreciate that without specifics and pics the range might be wide but I can work with that to start with so give it an earnest guess.
  6. Has anybody been able to look at this? It's still broke (and annoying). In fact, if nobody changed anything then admins should actually be quite alarmed and tracking the cause down should be a priority in an age of cyber awareness and the need to understand all changes, planned or otherwise, to your online environment. If nobody knows perhaps raising a ticket with Invision is a smart idea? The Homepage link in the navigation banner is also broken... it links to http://bimmersport.co.nz/index.html/ and that's a recent change also.
  7. Most overvalued ///M car of all time with a corny celebrity tie in IMO.
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  9. I think lbirgil must have been referring to the actual 1m in the OP not the clone
  10. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    I believe the red side is the temp at which the oil reaches it's operating viscosity, yes. Obviously it can stay at that viscosity at much, much higher temps than on the chart.
  11. What type of work that added up to ~20k?
  12. Yes. http://www.nzhousecheck.co.nz/index/ Give Jeff a buzz, he is real world, and not afraid to go have a poke at stuff! He turned up and inspected my place last minute, in the evening, and did a slick job.. then offered a bunch of advice on how to fix things. Is actually a builder, and not a flaky prick who decided to make money pening crap off (there are no real standards for house inspection, industry is full of half assed cowboys) Also happened to be very vocal when pointing things out during the inspection, when there were other potential buyers looking around Very recommended
  13. Not all sales of these models are through TradeMe so don't use that as a true gauge of the market and sales. In my opinion TradeMe is the last place cars like the ones you have listed should be sold, especially good examples that would be worth a price premium. Many of those cars are a worldwide commodity and shipping around the world is both cheap and easy from NZ, whereas TM is basically only a NZ market place which is a very small pond of buyers at the best of times. What that does mean though, is that some of the best examples of those cars have gone overseas from NZ which is a shame.
  14. CSET

    M TOY M3

    Before/after a spirited drive in the country
  15. Too many on google to choose from. Anyone have a recommendation?
  16. Fav M3 model not example. I would never buy off a car dealership especially when the vehicle as had 7+ owners like this one listed by Christchurch European. This series online is interesting for any e46 enthusiasts out there https://youtu.be/ZvJ_v03zreQ
  17. I was looking to buy this car when it was previously listed. I asked for the inspection report and with what was listed as issues and those not listed but due to the condition of the car would most likely need doing would say it needs close to 20k worth of work. By the time you spend that money you can get a low mileage one with full NZ service history.
  18. Sold (off forum) for 3.3k, thank the gods.
  19. Secniv

    Quick Questions

    That’s a great chart thanks.. on the red side it’s all about operating viscosity right.. I understand with the lubrication of the supercharger on the B5 the 30 is definitely required.
  20. It's still on the correct Michelins with decent tread and has 2 keys so the service history may be ok?
  21. lol - I think it's a coin pocket... isn't it felt lined?
  22. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    No, it's 100% not necessary. 0W will provide "required" lubrication at -40*C... it't not necessary, and indeed inefficient, for any plausible NZ condition. Here's a good chart (for the 'w' specification at least):
  23. "LTW" M3, 38k IIRC. What I suspect happened, because they're adamant they got a "proper" valuation, is that the valuer thought it was a genuine LTW because they did a Google image search and then looked on BaT, and they've convinced the idiot owner it is such.
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