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  2. G'day guys. Long time no poster here, after a long and succesful ownership of my e30 320i... I'm looking at a slight upgrade. So there's an E92 M3 I'm looking at purchasing, which I'm very tempted by. Full NZ service history by BMW (no reciepts just the service book + stamps etc)... and boy is it tidy inside and out, + manual! My car perfection brain keeps me up at night however, regarding the 'rod bearing issue' which has been covered to death on the internet I know. The current owner/seller has an oil report by 'Gough' from the last oil change, which I've looked over, I'm wondering if someone with some decent knowledge on this subject could give me some re reassurance with this oil report, as it looks good to me but I'm not particularly knowledgable on this subject. I understand that high Copper and Lead content is one to watch out for (the car is an '07 so not updated bearings). However the high Ti reading, as well as Molybdenum and Boron have me a little concerned. Or is the Mo and B readings probably from oil additives? Essentially I wouldn't mind some reassurance from someone here that general internals of the engine are in good enough nick, that I don't have to worry about changine bearings for at least the first year of ownership FYI: The oil appears to have done roughly 7kms on this oil from the report and is the reccomended 10w-60 Castrol. Any comments welcome. Edit: also the car idled quitely, with no stand out ticking noise or abnormalities throughout the rev range Will
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  4. Its cheaper than an M5 because its just that ugly.
  5. Its a Racing Dynamics front bar 27mm I think and M5 touring (Nuerburing BMW spelling) rear. The rear is manufactured by Eibach either 19 or 20mm.
  6. Best to just run some new hose.
  7. How do i join in?
  8. That’s a sharp price for sure, real beast as you say some compromises to a M5 but includes a couple of holidays to the Caribbean as change
  9. What a machine!
  10. Very nice! Must have epic torque Welcome from the Welly crew!
  11. I could do, but at the price I got and it being a cash job I just doubt there is any come back on it really. Plus it was a while ago that they repaired it, I just work too much to get anything done on this car. I haven't had time to do the other checks yet. Does strike me as odd, being a brand new unit, faulty, then repaired only to fail in a different way than it did prior to repair I know a lot of people who have used them for repairs on other cars and never heard a bad word
  12. battery is in tip to knick..but right now im charging out of the car. yes. it cranks but no start :(. AA came over and sprayed 'start ya bastard' on the intake last night and wanted to start. ill buy a can and see if it wants to start tomorrow. if it does its got ignition, just no fuel? its just baffling that dme and trans cant be connected to anymore? where would i start to check power to DME? i've check all the fuses and all are good (glovebox, driver side and trunk.)
  13. Hate to be pedantic but cranking and turning over mean the same thing - so it cranks but doesn't start? Given you can see comms from other devices but not DME or trans have you actually checked supply etc. to the DME
  14. Yep I'm going with the M5, just checked that my insurance covers it which it does...
  15. $41K 134KMs NZ New 408KW!! 680NM! 4.4l twin-turbo V8 S63B44O0 After-market Remus exhaust 3yr mechanical wty w/Gazley Honestly, it's a mad machine that is also at a mad price. This is very much like an F10 M5 in a SUV/SAC body but you can't get a F10 M5 for anything less than $60-$70K!!!
  16. What condition is your battery in?
  17. Anyone else on here going to this event? It’ll be my first attempt at track driving so pretty pumped!
  18. Hey Guys, 740i M60 The car just wouldn't start last night after parking it at the supermarket and I had to get it towed home. Car cranks but doesn't turn over. checked crankshaft sensor and it has 540 ohms. I plugged in my diagnostics, but it would not connect to the ECU or transmission. but it does connect to airbag?? I plugged in my diagnostic to the car last week and it showed no error but now it can't connect. Usually when I have the key on position two, you can hear the electronics in the engine bay initialise itself to start. like the idle control valve would hum and the cruise control cable would do its self check. but right now nothing. where is the fuse for the ECU? anything else i might check / missed? recent work on the car: new ignition barrel 1 month ago. window regulator its looking like the ecu had packed it :'( thanks guys
  19. Hey Michael from what i have read they are on par with BC, D2 etc Good entry level for adjustable suspension. Again you can buy better ones but all depends what your wanting from them. I'm not planning on racing the car so didn't want to spend thousands on them. Also Evan has looked after me well with the helps of getting other bits for the V12 and hasn't hesitated to help, so trust his word that his products that he stocks/sells are of good quality.
  20. Oh, and I replaced the level sensor and pump in the windscreen wiper reservoir since both had failed. Paid $5 for a new pump from China rather than the $50+ people want locally - even if I need to replace it every 2 years I'll still be ahead in another 15 years. Both work flawlessly now so no WoF issues expected from that (no pump = failed WoF). Is there a good way to clean/decalcify the washer lines?
  21. Are XYZ reputable?
  22. I installed the refurbished injectors (PITA) and new fuel filter and took her out for a spin... and wow, the beast is back! I'm actually quite stunned with how the car feels, drives and sounds now, it's almost a different machine. And no codes! First, there's no hesitation, idle is smoother, there's no unburnt fuel smell in the engine bay and the exhaust smells almost neutral (used to smell rich). The pickup on throttle is far quicker and the sound on WOT is rabid, the good old M3 rasp is back in spades. I'm quite surprised at how much better it feels (and sounds - I didn't expect that). The injectors really needed a service, 2 were at ~85% flow and another 3 were at ~90% flow which really is far from optimal. The amount of sediment that came out of the lines and filter was also quite impressive (i.e bad). Injectors went into place quickly enough but getting the back two clips on (6th injector and fuel rail clips) took me as long as the rest of the job, really difficult access. But hey, the engine bay isn't full of fuel so that's a good sign. Phil at InjectorTech ( did a really good job and even fixed a broken injector for me, nice one, highly recommended. Fuel filter was a cinch once I worked out how to decouple the Dorman connectors (I think that's what they are). No tube and clamp setup here like a "normal" e36, mine (and I suspect all M3's) has fancy-pants couplings. The good thing is they go back on so easily with a reassuring 'click' to confirm they're engaged and sealed. It actually took me longer to get the (extended) under panel off and back on than it did to swap out the filter. Front bumper is also back on with all new fixings and cracked front fog lamp swapped with a good one out of the 328. So, back on the road after ~6 weeks and well deserving of a good wash and clean which she'll get tomorrow. Front strut bar is at the powder coaters for a matt black finish rather than the shiny anodised finish it has now. Next? Install the alu radiator which I need to get out of the 328 first. Have the replacement for the 328 and now the M3 is up and running I might tackle that this weekend. Then? Probably a steering rack swap from purple tag to Z3 which I have sitting in the garage.
  23. Leaning towards selling this as I am losing motivation to do what I had planned. It is unfortunately de-registered as i let the rego lapse. Everything works as it should, I still take it for a quick drive every now and then to keep things moving. Last WOF went well (a few years ago) with only one tire needing replacement. No leaks from anywhere which was reassuring when i moved it out of the garage after sitting for a few months. Interior in average condition and drivers seat is tan cloth where as the rest are grey cloth. Automatic gearbox 177000 miles Comes with: An extra set of wheels (14" Bottle caps) with good tread, A full set of lowering springs and standard springs. As you can see the back of the car has standard springs in and there at present and there are Jamex lows (could be super lows) in the front. IS fibre glass lip horribly installed by myself M-tech 2 rear spoiler and bumper come with car. Bumper is fibre glass. 17" wheels 3 spoke steering wheel - comes with standard 4 spoke as well. Oil changed 6 months ago and have driven less than 50km since. Engine was replaced before my time, have paperwork for a lot of work done to the car but no proof of what the K's are on the current motor. No idea what I could get for this as E30's are all over the show price wise, so if the right offer comes I will part with it but if not, I may keep it tucked away for a while longer...... That being said, I think I need to put a price here as I got told off last time for not doing so, soooo I dunno......3K???????? Get those offers in! Located in Christchurch
  24. Hey Team Excited to receive another piece to my puzzle today courtesy of Evan from Speedfactor
  25. Would be interesting to see what it would cost to get re-gassed if at all possible it. As to the 22.79 pound plus freight.
  26. New-ish member here, onto my third BMW wagon, this one is a significant step up in performance from my previous E46 318i and E91 320i - loving the 6 cylinder, diesel a bit rough sounding at low speeds but goes like the proverbial when you put your foot down in sport.
  27. Bugger. I managed to find this site to get an aftermarket one: But I'll have to take the existing strut out to check the part number. Tim
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