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  2. Which plates are those?
  3. Found this on another,
  4. Today
  5. Would you accept 50 including courier to nspier?
  6. Wish @_ethrty-Andy_ was still doing German Plates group buys.
  7. D day tomorrow. Car made it to Waiuku. Should make for an interesting wedding car and awesome photo shoot
  8. Bump
  9. lots of these style 32 wheels get a refurb and all the casting numbers on the face get ground/sanded off etc style 32 have all there numbers on the front face . like this numbers became very faint when layers of paint go over them
  10. What was it Olaf was saying about it being good to have a spare car? Mrs M would love driving this. Just that little matter of $9k...
  11. If only I was in the market - this would be a great daily runner. It's even in Wellington. So close but yet not close enough. Dammit.
  12. Yeah, needs to be manual 100%
  13. No idea. Cant test i dont have an e36. Should work though
  14. I have something else in my mind now will happen sometime in the next couple of weeks
  15. Do it - the lines of the wheels are lost with black and JDM bronze is the go.....
  16. Put the V12 into something small and make a sleeper! E30 V12 or E36 would be awesome!
  17. Yeah, i was looking at it going "oh wow, why do all the good cars come up when im not in the market?!" and then i saw it was auto and closed the page. Its very very nice, but a limited market with that trans, at that price.
  18. Interested in brake booster and black door cards, shipped down to timaru if so, cheers
  19. interested in wheels. whats the trea like on tyres and how bad is the kurbing?
  20. Does the heater controller work ok? if so would like.
  21. Still Available?
  22. Got pics? Usually it's obvious.
  23. before you do that, are you sure the centre bore is 74.1 (since it looks like you want them for your E39?) You should be able to check from the widths + offset by checking on the chart
  24. Any competent mechanics in Hamilton (besides the dealer and Kerry at Mosen) anyone can recommend to check a car over? Cheers.
  25. "Most likely legit" is what I have settled on, too. So, to refurbing them- any recommendations on which paintstripper to use?
  26. The Grand Tour and Top Gear love it.
  27. Very sensible option when you're doing big kms!
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