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  2. Hi guys , new user, my first ever BMW. Very happy to be here, may need some help, haha Cheers Glen from Tauranga
  3. Makes me chuckle when people do the old 'chain driven so no need to worry about cambelt' line. Yeah no cambelt but you get cost cutted chain design that only lasts twice as long as a cambelt but costs 3x as much to fix.
  4. Very nice Special features - zenon lights and black lather!
  5. Hey all, Looking to buy some guards/fenders for my dolphin grey E30 (sedan if that matters). I'd prefer that they are in dolphin grey but looking for any colour really as I need them for my now overdue wof. Thanks in advance for any help Dan
  6. Hey man, I'm looking for some guards
  7. No sorry, but do you also have a 1998 Jaguar XJ8??? will fit the that too.
  8. From your post these wouldn't suit a E46 I assume?..
  9. EBC Yellow Race Pads - Front. DP4689R to fit OEM: BMW 5 Series E34, E32, E36 M3, M5 M-Roadster coupe. Bedded in ready to race but never put back on. There's more than 10mm of meat on each pad so plenty for life left. Huge step up from road pads. $50
  10. Whats all the huha about - From the VIN we can verify it is an April 96 build from there we can speculate that it was used as a demonstrator or showroom car for about a year and a half and then registered in 97 when it was sold, which was the practice back then. People would often hold off registering a car bought in Nov / Dec til the next year just to be able to claim it was a later model so it could even have been stretched to a 98 reg. NZ registration is not and never has been the same as MY year that's why we use the MY designation and check VINs
  11. ^ yes, worth mentioning. That looks great! On a day other than today I discovered and fixed a coolant leak on the 328 and replaced the belts and pulleys, tensioners were fine. Belts were on their last legs so timing was good. Removed the ECU from the M3 and found what I suspect is a problem with the circuit board.
  12. Damn it’s been over a month since I’ve posted on here, progress hasn’t stalled but it has slowed down due to a few very busy months and unfortunately it looks to be only getting started with Christmas and new year coming up. Along with that I have a holiday coming up next year which dries up the spending on the car for the meantime but once that’s over I should be on a mad dash to getting this thing started and ran in. All that said the car hasn’t just been sitting around, in fact it’s about 99% rust free now. I used some rustroy to get anything not major killed off and the big chunk of the rear boot floor and bumper being hacked out and a new piece put in place this is was a very tedious task requiring a lot of cutting, grinding, fitting and welding done to get it lined up. It’s not perfect but all I care about is it not rusting again so I’ll be putting in some heavy brush on sealer on this week and sorting out some tail light gaskets and a boot seal as well. Nice to get this daunting task out of the way, really motivates me to move onto some more interesting stuff lol
  13. Some of the humidity effect is from where the car has been used, some of it is from the manufacturing process.
  14. Put up a shade sail in the attempt to stave off the bee poo bombardments this coming summer.... Also over the weekend took the Monaro up to Auckland for a "End of Holden Production Cruise" - Not BMW but thought I'd mention it...
  15. Still alot of fiddling to go but you get the idea. Also sorted the drivers door lock finally
  16. Just looking to see if any other 540i motorsports are out there for sale other than the TradeMe ones, looking for good condition low to med klms, with service history, just looking at the moment but would buy if the right one comes along at the right price
  17. Looks very similar to my old one, even with the plastic front bumper flares...
  18. Have done plenty of R12 - R134 retrofits. All i have ever done is evacuate the system, fit R134 retrofit adaptor ports (they screw on to the old R12 ports), pressure test, if good then replace the receiver/drier & attached o rings (not all the rest) vac down & regas with R134. Simple! May be cheating somewhat but it works fine.
  20. I never knew, thanks for that.
  21. Hi will post vin number later tonight when I get home, it is not a Motorsport because there was no Motorsport model in South Africa in 99 but looking at build sheet was ordered with all Motorsport options eg seats, steering wheel, suspension etc etc
  22. Aero kit option adds to std bumpers , came out before msport bumpers
  23. As a car nut, BMW enthusiest and motorsport fan,... wondering why manual sequential gearboxs aren't wildy used in modern hi performance road vehicles...
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  25. I'd like to know more about this car too - doesn't appear to be a motorsport front bumper from the pic though ?!?
  26. Nothing yet....but may possibly be getting one early Nov, unless someone here can help me out sooner, as currently the E30 is just parked.
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