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  2. That's a beautiful looking car, but I am biased towards E92s. I have a stage 1 plus tune and have tried it at stage 2 and 2 plus and I am with Matthew. My 335i runs a few mods, Intercooler, charge pipe, PCV and oil catch can and M3 control arms. What my car is missing is a LSD. I have driven an LSD E92 and its a bigger step forward than a stage2 plus tune. Its easy to want extra HP, I do understand the attraction but you will struggle to get it down, go for the LSD next.
  3. They will definitely keep depreciating, probably to similar levels to E60s over the next few years as they become older and the F90 becomes a common used car. reliability on them is getting questionable particularly on early cars, I have seen quite a few major engine failures this far. Having said that, like anything as long as it has very good service history with only the correct oils used and you get a warranty (preferably BMW Premium Selection as your $10k Autosure claims limit won’t go far towards an engine rebuild) you should be good to go!
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  5. Would have loved a facelift one but went NZ New on a 2012, not regretted it, fantastic vehicle. Purchased from BMW with an Autosure warranty, buying NZ New with history seemed the best option. Keeping away from playing with it, 550 hp no need, never ever short of power, like ever. Wouldn’t want to seriously break it and have avoid warranty 😳
  6. BBS CH 01619x8.5 front +20 BBS CH 01719x10 rear +20
  7. Not looking to poach (maybe) but what are the specs of these including offset?
  8. Slow progress on the bumper. First attempt at fibreglass repairing with lessons learned. All cracks are repaired though and not re appearing so far with alot of moving the bumper around. Filler next. Got a facelift M wheel in pretty good nick for it along with an updated airbag.
  9. yep, we bought an E91 325i wagon from a dealer a while back, freshly imported with only 50,000kms but suspension was buggered so did a whole overhaul on it to get it back to "normal". By contrast another same car we bought with 3x more kms was fine on its original suspension. so it all just depends on each individual example.
  10. Bennyboy

    e28 prices?

    If it were manual, or M535i, I would say go for it. Otherwise I’d be looking to bring something a little rarer, or less common, if you’re bent on shipping something over. my 525e is NZ new, factory manual and desirable colour. If it were an e30 of similar ilk it’d be worth 6-8k. But in reality lucky if it’s worth 4-5k 🤷
  11. Gaz

    e28 prices?

    @BMTHUG just bought one, not sure how much he paid but I think it was advertised around 8kish? They don't come up for sale very often, in particular good condition ones so if it is mint then might be worthwhile bringing it and saving the hassle of finding one and getting stuck with a lemon
  12. Yeah i used a 2 jaw on the M5’s one... easy as. On the wagon though, have tried 2 jaw pullers (now bent) wd40, heat, love taps, prying. No joy. Need the proper tool i think.
  13. Im no fan of car dealers but in their defense they tend to supply what the average car buyer wants\thinks is the most important - low k's and later models. That line of thinking stems from how the average NZ'er looks after their vehicles, but people making decisions based solely digits is like writing off someone because of their age. One of the worst condition E39's ive ever seen was a 99,000km Singapore import, it obviously had to used as town car around Auckland for most its life and still mostly original parts.
  14. mistermince

    e28 prices?

    Considering bringing back my e28 1987 535i auto in mint condition from the UK but not sure of its value to justify the cost. It's in original condition with 285,000kms and recent respray. 2 long term owners. I'm not sure of the value to buy these in New Zealand or whether it's worth shipping it. Anyone have any recent sale prices of similar models ??
  15. I haven't looked into that for the current car. But with my 335i when I bought it 5 years ago, there were two tiers. One with exclusions for suspension, brakes and a limit of 5k per claim, and a more expensive tier where some consumable stuff was included and no maximum per claim (or was it 10k? So long ago). That was a Jap import, not via BMW. Looks like they've got the policy documents here: https://www.autosure.co.nz/products/mechanical-breakdown-insurance/ Not sure if there will be any special changes when arranged via BMW, or different terms for more unique cars like the M series.
  16. Standard one for 3 years is $1895. Being an M car they will be in a different category with a higher excess and maximum per claim limit
  17. Good to know about the possibility of aftermarket warranty, what kind of limit do they put on the claims and any idea on the cost for a 3-4 year one?
  18. I realise there's a proper tool but I just use a two or three arm puller depending which will fit. I have a puller set you can use.
  19. m325i

    E46 M3

    Clear glass mod
  20. The dealer did tell me they can sell me an aftermarket warranty when the BMW one expires, which would be provided by Autosure. If they do M4s, I'm sure they do M5s. Autosure are awesome, saved me thousands on my 335i. Modifications are negotiable too but your excess might be higher depending on what you modify.
  21. Thats the man math juggling I am going through at the moment. Pay the premium for the included BMW servicing/warranty plan and for two years, best case scenario I'm paying for fuel and a set of rear tyres, worst case a clutch/brakes which I would hope would be picked up in there certified/approved inspection process Or pay 10-15k less, then buy a aftermarket warranty (if they exist for an M5?), but still have to pay servicing and any warranty excesses and costs on top. No interest in modding the car, I figure 560hp should be enough. Its part of the attraction, its bonkers as they are delivered on the showroom floor.
  22. Getting the BMW warranty is certainly nice. It's worth a premium if you're getting that, since servicing and repair costs can be very expensive on these. But once that has expired, then there is nothing different about them Be aware that with a BMW warranty, any tinkering with the software is frowned upon. Any discussions about that with my M4 were shot down pretty hard lol.
  23. If anyone needs the following I have them for hire at reasonable rates: - Engine brace (sits across your engine bay) to do sump, subframe etc work - Engine stand - Panel stand with foam tops usually have 1-2 of these available Pick up in Howick and bond required
  24. Anyone have a wiper arm puller i could borrow?
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