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  2. do you no of a place in Nelson who does air flow metre repairs?

  3. Re the E85 idea.... it's worth considering the stoichiometric air/fuel mixture ratio for petrol is approximately 14.7:1, with ethanol it is around 9.79:1. That means you need a lot more fuel. Sooo in fuel-injected applications you may need to upgrade the injectors and you're fuel pump - then it's a matter of tuning it to suit, no idea if the stock DME can handle that. Probably not worth the extra work, I'd stick to premium 98, the closest fuel the engine was developed for.
  4. Very nice daily. GLWS Kyu.
  5. do you no who in Nelson
  6. Hi, Bought a 2000 328ci today. A modest start but the fulfilment of a lifelong dream to own one of these beautiful cars (I'm 52). Drove it home from Auckland this afternoon, which was an absolute pleasure. I'm the 5th owner, its done 113kms and is topaz blue with black leather. NZ new. As far as I can tell the core mechanicals are sound but some of the peripherals, bodywork and interior need a bit of TLC. Nothing too major I hope. Looking forward to engaging with the forum and learning about E46s and BMWs in general. The aim is to gradually bring it back to above average condition and just enjoy the sheer pleasure of driving it. Cheers, Guy
  7. Today
  8. Hi Rob, I sent it here: @skidz said somewhere in Nelson could have done it also.....bit closer ;-)
  9. After a full set of adjustable suspension to suit an e46 Also after a set of 18 or 19" wheels; staggered fitment with or without tyres Thanks
  10. Apparently they did know they were faulty and tried to cover it up.
  11. Ditch the runflats, get some Assy 3's, never look back. I found that much stagger resulted in epic understeer in the E87, could still overwhelm the rear when provoked, but the front let go much easier when loaded up in a corner. 135 has more power, but not that much more. I guess BMW do it for looks and "understeer safety" ? I run 225 front 235 rear and it feels pretty neutral
  12. Its quite interesting an dilemma when a car is built using quite a number of parts suppliers. I wonder how many different brands going into making a car. The commercial and legal contracts that go into building a car must be massive. We thing of the car being BMW , but the reality is that's it probably a collection 100 plus brands. Either way .... safety comes first.
  13. If there's really competition in the market "takata' would have to show that their product(airbag) would deploy without the shards hitting the occupants in the seat. To do this TESTS would have had to be preformed. Had this been done MAYBE their product would have been shown up as faulty and the car manufacturer dealt with some one else
  14. Hi Adrian where in the USA did you say you have sent yours? Do you know if they restore idle control valves? cheers Robert
  15. Are there any out there?
  16. I don't disagree with the general sentiment about how chasing bottom dollar leads to everyone losing, but I don't know that was necessarily the case here. My airbags were checked, all good.
  17. this is what happens when you chase the cheapest to the bottom . Everyone goes there. The company has/had no chance for R and D and everyone else goes out of business because they are the cheapest. Now there a is problem with airbags in cars 40 million + at the last count, Are you driving one. !!!!!??????
  18. really? do you know what the life expectancy was as a fighter pilot was when stukas were flown in anger.My dads eyesight wasnt as good as most of his mates,they were all in the RNZAF.He came back from WW2.Most of his mates didnt.He learnt to fly and maintain radar instead
  20. Yeah I would do what Qube said. Cannot wait to get rid of the rft's. I find them terrible on the 135i
  21. It is weird that the speedo is in miles. My old M3 was built earlier than this one, NZ New, and had a KM speedo. Not sure why a Vert would be any different really. Mine had code S548AKilometer-calibrated speedometer whilst the vert doesnt.
  22. Well after following up on my '2-3 month wait list', they have the parts ready for me now, (after 1 month). @M3_Power I certainly appreciate your input, feedback and opinion as one of the most helpful 'amateur' contributors to the (inter)national e46 community. Ignore these haters that obviously have no idea what you contribute.
  23. Everything and anything I post on Bimmersport is my own private, personal opinion, it is in no way meant to be representative of BMW Group NZ or any other branch of BMW. I am often caught between giving out information and my position and I always have to err on the side of safety, there are very strict guidelines on this subject area. The answers to your questions would change from minute to minute and hour by hour, so that again that is why I would not post such information even if I had it. So all I can say, is if you are unsure, then please contact your local dealer, with your chassis number, and they will be able to give you the current situation for your vehicle. Peace out.
  24. Thanks, I am looking at this one which seems decent enough for a 65Ah e30 battery:
  25. I didnt notice a date anywhere? But 2013 is a long time ago now. I think ill pass! Cheers
  26. From the photo it says those tyres are from 2013. It's hardly new. I would just fit 4 new normal tyres and sell your good rft rear pair
  27. This comes down to a risk position by the car manufacturers. They've got caught out in taking too long to redeem in the USA. You and I are carrying the risk in the mean time and choose to drive a car with defective air bags whilst the recall is done.
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