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  2. All available @HELLBM
  3. Some good recent info in this thread: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/62277-1-series-which-modelyear/ I've been casually looking, if you get one that needs maintenance then the bills seem to be very high.
  4. Nope - it's a Rocket Bunny 8-series.
  5. APT

    For Sale: E46 M3

    Bump, will list this on Trademe soon
  6. As the title states, I am looking to get my hands on an E92 M3 (Coupe). Must be manual and a Competition pack. Regards.
  7. I should be able to find the part numbers for you from the parts i’ve Just put in my 330d.
  8. @Goffy I try to buy from my local BMW dealer. Though the indent nature and higher prices often see me sourcing offshore, faster and cheaper. I’ve had great service over the years from FCP Euro. Some bits from eBay though that can be rather variable. I mean to try Milland, in Dunedin. HTH
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  10. This has to be a render, right?
  11. Hi All! Partner is looking at getting a 130i, anyone had experiences with them? Are they maintenance heavy? Any common issues for this particular make to look out for pre purchase? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, looking for a few items. Heated washer jets (double piped ones) FSU for cabin fan Power steering pump Starter motor Cheers!
  13. Looks like its pin 13 on connector X332 Pin out https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e39-530i-lim/YiZx8Vi Wiring diagram https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e39-530i-lim/dSjHwgZ
  14. That's a link to Outlook online...? I doubt any of us will be able to see the content!
  15. Herbmiester

    XHP tune

    I am about to add an XHP tune to my 07 335i but not sure whether to go stage 2 or stage 3. What is the main advantage of stage 3 over stage 2?
  16. Finally got around to scanning it again, glow plugs 1 and 5 had errors....... funny that they didn't show when I scanned the car before I bought it. But will look into it another time, far too much on the go atm lol. Oil and filter changed today, so one less thing on the list to do. Do either of you have any part numbers or an idea where to look in the ETK for the CCV/PCV/CVV (whatever it's called)? Having trouble finding any listing for it at all, let alone part numbers to cross reference. This is probably next on the list before trans service, transfer case service, then diffs. Everything else I've seen under in so far has been in damn fine condition given the k's it's done. Apart from a few little creaks inside the cab when not on a decent surface, I can't fault this thing at all, and am sure with some TLC it'll do me the next few years easily. Oil and filter changed today, I noticed earlier that the whistle I have when cold is a lot less noticeable than it was since changing the air filter, so perhaps the old one might've been that restricted (or a cover isn't quite fully sealing but is closer now) - so may just be air getting into a random tiny gap causing the noise. Will be interesting to see how a cold start goes tomorrow with the whistle.
  17. Hi guys I'm trying to do this method with my e39 530i Sedan. So far I've installed the new amplifier (433mhz) and have already 2 new keys and transponders programmed (also 433mhz 3 button diamond-shaped). I'm just up to do the connection of the wiring from the amplifier and towards the GM3 but now I'm stuck with which wire to connect... Anyone have any idea??? Story of my car regarding with the key... Driver door physical key lock does not work... (in the progress of getting a new cylinder as it is different set up mechanism compared to e46) Remote key (infrared remote-control) does not work. But the central locking from inside the car (from the central locking button of the car) works and all the door lock and unlock. I've had enough look out on the internet with the mirror but mirror won't change anything... Obviously have tried to reprogram the key... nothing.
  18. so, here is where the market in the USA is heading. This is a very nice build! https://outlook.live.com/mail/inbox/id/AQQkADAwATE0YzAwAC1jZmJkLWM4NjctMDACLTAwCgAQABqKdZtYvBBJpRxMCxzd%2BGc%3D
  19. @NealI inquired about these and sadly they are discontinued and the replacements are some way away. What else would you recommend for a 6.5 woofer?
  20. Greetings guys i have been looking at doing a ceramic car coating on my car. Has anyone had any experience with this negative or positive? cheers Goffy
  21. I recently update my MHD tune to version 7.1 and chose to go with linear throttle mapping. Driving up to Hamilton and back was a good test. Initial thoughts are that modulation especially as boost comes on is noticably improved. In daily driving this translates into smoother acceleration with no noticeable decrease in go forward. Kickdown on the open road is much easier to manage as well, no more dropping 2 or 3 gears and having a big rev and change up for no real progress. Next step is XHP but unsure what stage to choose.
  22. Absolutely stunning ^ and please, if you're an E30 M3 fan open this page and let the images load... https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1229661
  23. 2 Series active tourer, they're as nasty as they are ugly, and the three cylinder one I see around sounds like its chewing on ball bearings. Been around for 5 odd years, luckily they dont seem to sell many.
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