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    I have a 1UZ engine mount kit to suit e36. $99
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    sh*t mate, you have gone grey very qucikly! Good to see you can fit in the new car now though.
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    I have relisted this at $21k after getting the diff rebuilt. If I were in the market for a BMW racecar there wouldn't be a better deal out there. The reason for selling is because I have bought this:
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    It's a bit rough around the edges. Mechanically they'll be a few things, starting with the vanos which is poked and it's got a nasty shudder under braking. Feels more like rotors than suspension but either way they'll be some dollars to spend. The steering also feels oddly heavy at very low speed and fine once you're moving - I thought servotronic steering but it doesn't show on the build sheet (haven't had a proper look yet). Cosmetically it's pretty tidy, with just the usual wear and tear of a 20 year old car.
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    BEER always helps.... went to work early (5.00 am)... broke a rib looking for a document in the dumpster. Struggled doing what I should be doing and then opened up a thumb with a window trim clip. f**k it.. I came home and finished fitting the new larger fridge / freezer in the motorhome with a few coldies involved
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    Now I am not sure if its my color, actually I am pretty sure it inst but for some reason I couldn't look away.
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    We Reset the rain sensor error in my 540i after the AA guys abused it by jump starting the car months ago. (From both terminals front AND back). It seems the rain sensor did not like it. Also changed a faulty (Chinese ebay) abs sensor back to the factory one. It only lasted one year. Thanks Glenn!!! Good job everything seems to work perfect now. Fingers crossed. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
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    The main things I always manage to snap if they haven't been out before is the door trims. The ones on my touring were very firmly in there, and managed to snap the trim pulling it out. Order that I take it all out in: -Front Seats -Base of rear seat -Door trim -B Pillar covers -Centre console -Make cuts around centre console -Pull out carpet Found it easier to flop it all onto one side, then manoeuver it out the front door. Have it down to about 30minutes now.
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    Left home at 03.47 this morning... And people say an office job is an easy life! Couple more beers and I'll be mellow... Couple after that and probably fall asleep.
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    I've pulled the carpet out of e30s numerous times. Never removed the dash though, as I just made some cuts around the heater core, and leave a segment in there, as you will never see the split in the carpet. But up to you if you want to go that route.
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    Agreed. I love manual's but I'd feel daft telling people mine was a manual (335i with DCT, which also has no torque converter). It's quite simple, are you shifting gears manually or is an automated system changing it for you? And by shifting manually I mean operating the clutch yourself. Also it makes searching Trademe ect easier. If yoiu want a manual you're going to put that in your search folder, and get pissed every time you open an ad and see the interior photos which show it being SMG... Seen the same BS on E9x M3s and 335is with DCT transmissions.
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    IMO no car that can shift gears its self should ever be listed as a manual.
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    Need a wanking one for 3pedals and his spreadsheets
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    Having a gym set up in the shed (squat rack, bench, ab bench) so a quick 15min workout between getting home and dinner is not only possible, it's easy.
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    Billie Piper also separated from Evans after 3 years, and divorced him in 2007. No little ginger monsters from that relationship, either.
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    Top Gear S23E01 meh .. pretty annoying. Matt was good even though it felt a little bit American topgear. Agreed, Chris Evans is terrible. Extra Gear S01?E01 Felt a lot more natural although I did find Harris probably needs more air time to give him a chance to shine. One small segment in an atom and some forced banter which I didn’t find is his style. I think Extra Gear will be the new topgear... I don’t see Evans doing well mainly because hes too shouty pirate. That stuff works on radio when hosting solo ... not on TV. You just make your other hosts look awrkard
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    Slow changes unfortunately. Got the lowering springs in a while back. Jamex from the parts car. Worked the poor girl hard too. Just purchased our first home so car has been on the backburner On the positive side she gets to sleep inside now!
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    Done it ;-) Story in due time.....
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    I just finished reading through the 21 pages. Interesting journey. Makes me want to go out and buy an old 750 :-) Kulgan, You're not a fan of Raymond e feist are you?
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    Having met the present owner I am in no doubt that there was no intent to mislead. He's not a car person and, to be fair, the rego says 1997. I very much doubt that he has any idea how to search for build sheet via the VIN. We're quick on here to assume that everyone's knows what they've got and they're just trying to pull a fast one, when most of the time they don't know what they've got or what it's worth and trust what the previous owner/dealer told them and trust that the rego will be correct.
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    Wasn't happy with the RCA mods I'd originally done to the Bm53 tuner module . One of the wire connections had broken free. Redone with RCA panel sockets and cable ties .Added remote trigger wire running off aerial power / factory amp on fet output (Pin 13 of main BM53 connector) Will use it to power on one relay that will in turn power on 2 amplifiers and the 3.sixty.1 processor.