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    Fairly certain this is the one that crashed on Ian Mckinnon Dr. Guessing they were coming down from Piwakawaka and lost control, demolishing a road sign and a traffic light. Drove past the place a few hours later and wondered what'd happened and then saw a post on fb with some photos. Walked my dog there the next morning, crap was all over the place, picked up an M5 guard grille as a trophy
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    For all you E38 lovers. Or those of you needing education.
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    I forgot... they don't have to pay for any Treaty claims, either. What is the opportunity cost in terms of hospitals or roads of that money that iwi now looks after? Meanwhile the farmer bashing has started up which is just odd, I know the data moves around a bit but is clear NZ has some of the most environmentally friendly dairy farms (the sheep and beef farms are tops too) in the world. If you cut production or move to introduce other limits, the market won't accept having less product but will turn to more environmentally damaging sources. Any talk of NZ dairy not being "sustainable" is misuse of the word. What this country needs is less government, not more. A monolithic bureaucracy like the UK is not a path to success. We cannot tax ourselves to success, Norway only works because of their oil. The Taxpayers Union figured out government manages to waste 30c out of every $1 they are budgeted for, before they begin to do whatever it is they are supposed to do; National rightly identified huge scope for bloated ministries to tighten their belts. Socialism can only work if it limits itself and lets capitalism get on with it- that is my theory anyway, socialism has failed every single time it has been tried so I can't be sure. Anyway bed time for me... busy day tomorrow, I am training the cows to all line up backwards and sh*t into the river at once.
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    You might like to provide photos of the area needing repair. These cars are plentiful enough that if we are not able to easily see the repair is minor, the vast majority will just move on to a non-rusty car without a second thought.
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    I agree with EVERYTHING he said about the E38 It's always been one of those iconic benchmark cars. Once again I'm thinking of buying a cheap 728i to tidy up and cruise around in for more daily activities, perfect for putting Soarer parts in that big boot!
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    perfect paddock bashers
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    One of the reasons I like my kilometer long driveway. I don't have to give a sh*t about what happens at the other end of it.
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    The time has come to down-size the number of road/race cars being 'kept' by us. #1: This example started it's road/race conversion around 2013, we believe We became the 'keepers' in 2015. We like the notion of: arrive-drive-and-drive-it-home motorsport vehicles. Its earlier years saw it transformation towards a show-car-motorsport-vehicle and latterly as more a race-car. Its current use has the patina of a race-car and a new 'keeper' may decide whether to revert it to a 'show-car'. It has a log book with two motorsport entries, the last one in 2017 one race win thus far. The pics show 'the thousand words' of the specs. Any questions after that we hopefully can answer. As most people know, a sale needs a willing seller and a willing buyer to agree what something is worth. So we are the willing sellers at $12,500 to start the ball rolling. Txting replies are most welcome too: 02040823654
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    See where those two pipes bolt to the forward section? Space them apart with washers. Job done
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    These will be the newer design which you can't/shouldn't mix and match with the older type rather than the older fault prone ones
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    Dairy is could be a sustainable product if appropriately managed, but over the last decade or more so many farmers have moved to dairy production that NZ now lacks for the production of other crops. And when dairy prices worldwide drop (as they have), or we have a disease outbreaks (such as mycoplasma bovis), or there's a drought, farmers then hold out their hands for subsidies (joining those receiving subsidies anyway). In the meantime, prices for other agricultural produce increases as availability decreases - the export market has a part to play in the availability, too. As for Labour borrowing... I thought they paid down the national debt, only to have National skyrocket it beyond belief? National claimed it was a lower national debt to GDP ratio, which is true, until the GDP drops because of export or production issues, but the numbers are pretty terrifying. Dairy itself isn't being attacked by Labour and the Greens - it is the irresponsibility of intensive dairy farming and the terrible impact that is having on the environment which they are calling to be addressed. The lack of relevant regulation over agricultural waste dumping into waterways meant farmers took the easy solution, and now they're complaining about being called out on it. National addressed this by altering the 'clean water' assessments (safe to wade but not to swim), but made little inroad into the root cause. As for tax - Labour have broken their 'no new taxes' promise, but haven't done much National hadn't (net) planned to do. And I'm seeing Labour pushing money towards teachers and healthcare professionals, areas which seemingly haven't been adequately addressed for a long time. I feel NZ needs diversity and less reliance on imported product. That seems contrary to the National stance. I don't know what Labour plan to do in that area. What diversity could usefully be encouraged, which won't impact the Godzone image tourism has worked so hard to promote?
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    I have a bunch of gangster bellends living up the road, Ive called the cops on them (111 and *555) over 6 times, I know the little street they live on but not the specific house. There are roughly 20 houses on it, so it wouldnt take the NZ police out sourcing to Sherlock to solve. Ive taken video and pictures of them. I bet you could eliminate those 20 houses down to the Housing NZ ones..... Ive seen one of them threaten another guy with a knife, I assume over drugs.. Last week one of them was driving a stolen Yamaha sports bike through a park (it had a screw driver in the ignition), got the rego and gave it to the cops. If you own https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=B2LSN I know where it is... They race dirt bikes in the parks and playgrounds in the area, tearing the snot out the grass and terrorizing everyone. Make a racket as well.. Yesterday they were over taking cars doing wheelstands, backwards and forwards like some sorta retarded game of chicken. Been going on for months. Nothing has happened, the cops dont turn up (biggest police station in the country is 5km away). Its totally ridiculous. I bet if I went and hit up a friendly "real" gang they would come and sort these dipshits out quickly. Next step is next time I call the cops Im either - A - Telling the cops I killed one of them and see if they turn up. B - Telling the cops they have a gun and see if they turn up. Maybe if they actually responded to crimes instead of dishing out 1kmh speeding tickets, they could get some better work stories.
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    This is because 1) their government taxes the bejeezus out of them and 2) they didn't just say no more drilling for oil, oil royalties have made them an insane amount of cash
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    Search for the following 2 utility software depending on cable firmware you will need one or the other
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    New contract doneski... slightly annoyingly it's the same stuff I've been doing for the last too many years but it's something; and it gives me the chance to do some training/certs over the next wee while, once I can decide exactly what I want to do.
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    It is a bargain... but I have 4 cars, and a 5th would entail divorce! Not quite sure why this hasn't sold yet, but good luck.
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    This stunning example of a rare, unusual and appreciating BMW classic was imported from Japan 3 months ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances (a crash of a race car), a bucket list 'forever' car will now be sold. Will keep the description very clean and straight forward, any serious inquiries can get in contact with me via cell phone to discuss. This vehicle is simply immaculate and as good as they get, price is ONO. I’m not really interested in trades, but maybe, depending on what it is and the value. Hawkes Bay BMW gave this a clean bill of health upon its arrival as well as a full service. 1999 BMW M Coupe, AC Schnitzer, Estoril Blue - 86,000kms - Left hand drive - 5 speed manual - 3.2 M3 engine S50B32 - AC wing mirrors - AC front bumper - AC rear spoiler - AC rear diffuser - AC exhaust - AC suspension - AC carbon interior trim - AC pedals - AC steering wheel (not in car), factory air bag wheel reinstalled - AC rear harness/strut bar - ARC front strut brace - K&N Filter - Nappa blue/black leather interior, heated electric seats - Sunroof - 3 keys - Not registered, compiled or warranted - Can be registered now with Special Interest Vehicle permit and a Left Hand Drive permit - Can be registered in April 2019 with just LHD permit - Currently located in Hawkes Bay, can deliver (via trailer) by negotiation - Includes "ZMMM" personalised plate Wouldnt let me upload photos so trademe link is attached.. $44,000 https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1790368017
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    Ironically I just watched this about an hour ago - just seen this thread now.
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    People doing things that devalue their car (e.g. changing wheels) but not updating the Trademe price... I’m sorry but I’m not going to pay the same price for less stuff
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    For the last 4 years, the car has been off road, but has been garage kept as seen in the pictures. There is some rust in the trunk that will need to be repaired for a warrant. However, considering the asking price, this is a minor repair to have an awesome car at a great price. The car only has 177km, which is an average of 8800km a year. The body is in great shape, engine and trans are stock and in great shape. The interior is also in good shape given the age of the car. The car is located in Wellington, and I'm happy for viewings. Was holding for my son when he returns from his OE, but I need the room now. Asking $2000 ono. Please contact me if you interested, or have any questions.
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    Its already over $3 for 91 in some places; https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/107701845/some-kiwi-motorists-shelling-out-more-than-3-a-litre-for-fuel
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    Cut, soldered, heat shrinked, and taped my afternoon away, sacrificed an old E39 wing mirror loom, finally the tailgate glass opens again!!
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    UPDATE Progress has been slow, mostly due to finances but slow and steady wins the race. Engine bay was smoothed with a bunch of unneeded brackets and metal removed. A bunch of sanding, then its high build primer and more sanding Then its time for bmw black sapphire metallic followed by clear. Thanks go to @325_driver for a good deal on his leftover paint. With the engine bay ready to receive some parts it was time to work on the front crossmember. The stock crossmember has a bit of a weak spot where the engine mounts afix so I wanted to strengthen that. Here is the crossmember upside down - I cut some 2mm sheet steel to fit inside the two 'pockets'. These were then welded in and other pieces were cut to fit on top And then these are welded in too (above picture of the left side, below picture of the right side). Then it has a hole drilled in it so a socket can still be inserted to bolt up the engine mount. Then undercoated in zinc primer ready for topcoat. For those interested here is the comparison of the e46 crossmember with the e39 v8 crossmember. It was then painted with the same paint I used on the engine bay, and then installed along with the steering rack which was painted in satin black to match the powder-coated suspension parts. New msport control arms were purchased and I spent quite some time polishing them. They were then clear coated so the polish doesn't fade and partnered with new lollypops which I also polished and clear coated, and some alloy and polyurethane powerflex bushings.