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    Holiday traffic, where the lesser spotted numpty driver leaves its natural habitat of the city and goes out onto the open road.
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    So I pulled the trigger. Artic white Msport 535i with black leather Adaptive M sport suspension Panoramic sunroof Active steering etc love it 👍
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    Very Minor crack in the usual bottom skin left rear and front right mounting point. Secondary skin opened up to check welding on top which was fine. Reddish Motorsport plate installed plus GTR style triangulation bar for overkill repair and complete bullet proofing for the most powerful S54B32 700hp NA build ( : P ) lol
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    So, uh... the car is very nice, but what I really want to know is- does @Gabe79's wife have a special recipe for pumpkin pie, or are they all much the same? I am assuming she has Grandma's olde American recipe.
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    Right, spent half the day on getting the drivetrain and subframe bolted up. Damn hot today, even the tools were cooking in the sun. Stripped out the old loom and used the one provided by the new donor engine. Need to de-loom the JB4 and assorted 2step and stuff and bring this to the fresher loom. Manifold fits well, its tight-ish in many places. Likewise the wastegate seems really tight. Look like I'll remove a few sundry brackets from the area to get more clearance. Further chopped away at the engine cover to fit both around turbine & comp. housing. Installed the BMS water supply in/out in 6AN I think, and oil supply in 4AN and drain fittings ordered in 10AN. Blocked off one water supply & return. Big air filter fits well, about 10mm clearance around it to the underside of the hood. Bought me a BMS shirt shift kit and some other billet linkage kit. Ill detail that next time. I can get the oil & water lines ordered this week, likewise drain line. Re-fit both front struts and torque check every bolt/nut. Working out how the exhaust turbo back down pipe likewise how/where the wastegate dump will work should be a challenge. Bring it on... Just need to relocate the radiator reservoir tank and PS tank and we almost there. Here is the ECU fix I undertook capably as a cripple. Issue was noted when a super sweet 2 step backfire in the waterview tunnel then made the car a little odd, some minor fuel fluctuations. JB4 read that there was no signal from bank 1 O2 sensor. Yet the replaced sensor also didn't work. Guessing not the sensor. Opened up the ECU and changed the MOSFET that read as open circuit, which, 'blow me down with a barge pole' powered bank 1 O2 sensor. Sweet fix man! I ended up changing all the other MOSFETS while I was there. Cost about $4 each. I used automotive grade ones, for high temps etc. Slightly higher in spec than the factory ones which are notorious for being sh*t in the stock DME/ECU. I removed also the clutch delay valve which peeps say is a good investment. Basically its a bored out factory one with a larger internal bore diameter.
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    Finally got the car WOF'd and Reg'd....such a great feeling to be able to drive this car. The drive is unreal, the power delivery is smooth and you don't feel the need to drive it hard. Cruising in it with the exhaust note and the strange looks you get from people not expecting the v8 sound from such a small car. Couldn't be happier, spent 3 or 4 hours with a friend getting some good photos and video footage, here is a few from the massive selection that he took. enjoy.
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    I originally missed out on buying this Touring when it came up for sale in October (and settled for this instead). It sold within a couple of hours of it being listed on Trademe to a friend of the seller, despite the seller promising me the car was mine after I had negotiated to buy it sight unseen... To my surprise it came back up for sale on Trademe just before Christmas. Once again I pounced, and this time I was successful in acquiring it. So, the car: NZ New E46 330i Motorsport Touring (1 of 4 NZ New examples so I am told). Sapphire Black. 207km. Facelift. Leather electric seats. No mods other than the TSW Valencia wheels (great fitment but not my taste...will be changed in due course). The seller had mentioned that the shocks were due for replacement, and this was confirmed on the first Auckland to Coromandel drive over the new year break. Compared to my lower km E46 325i MSport, the car lacked dampening and felt considerably harsher (partially due to the 18" wheel/tyre combination). A set of adjustable Koni Sport shocks have been ordered to tighten things up and provide rebound adjustability if and when so desired. After that, a set of Style 68's or other OEM BMW wheels will replace the TSW's. Cosmetically the car is in great condition given the mileage. I have started a deep leather clean and condition on the interior (Pears soap method) which is lifting an unbelievable amount of grime from the leather. A time consuming process, but ultimately worth it!
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    Hi all As you may have guessed - I have just joined the group. I run a 2008 BMW 135i, N54 twin turbo with Stage 1 tune.I also own a Toyota MR2 Turbo for clubsport purposes, and am a member of the Harbour Capital Car Club. I previously owned a stock-standard 2002 BMW 330i for about 7 years. In between the two BMWs I suffered through an Audi S4 - until I came to my senses and saw that the repair bills were not going to stop. Before those three, I owned a WRX STi v3 - a fantastic car that I managed to dry-sump around an autocross track, with horrendous consequences! I have also owned - among others - two Toyota TownAces, a Commodore wagon, an Austin 1800 Land Crab (really), and a Mark 1 Escort - which was great fun. I'm now back again with a small RWD car that has enough grunt to keep me interested. My purpose in joining this group is to find out more about the forum and about my car, and hopefully to join with others on runs and non-competitive events around the Wellington area. I am also a member of some Facebook groups that focus on 135i/335i vehicles and N54 engines. I look forward to learning more about this forum over the coming months and years. Talk again soon. :-)
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    Meh, quick test fit with subframe out. Its a snug fit without being tight anywhere. Probably 15mm the closest to anything, so decent heat dissipation. I'm not expecting much lag. I'm planning to push the refreshed stock block and see where we get to. I'm thinking around abouts like this one, which has the same sized hairdrier; The turbo size aint too far different from my little 2 litre 4 banger in my Mk 1 Celica...
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    May I ask why you’re looking at parting it out? It seems like a pretty good car, so unless I’m missing something I see no reason to part it out,
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    In the UK petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2040, and in France by 2030. I better hurry up and finish my project car or it will be banned a week after its first drive.
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    Slight overdue update! actually not much changed till recently until the clutch started playing up. Couple of correct re-adaptations and resets and it'd be better for a short while then it'd thump away. I knew something mechanical wasn't right with the clutch mechanism, suspected a broken plastic pivot pin. Low and behold it was and a seized flywheel which I didn't plan for!! Just wanted to show how good SMG is on the clutch. Sorry for the crap photo! But in person next to a new clutch plate it was almost as good as new except for the outer wear from uneven release due to the broken pivot pin. Original clutch 177,000km+ never changed! And people don't like smg : P Stupid plastic pivot pin got to love NZ new rust free cars!!
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    Looking to sell literally the highest spec possible BMW M2 NZ New from Coombes Johnston Nov 2016 reg my17 LCI (balance of factory warranty incl all M Performance mods) 8,500 KM M-DCT Long Beach Blue Metallic Black leather w/ blue stitching M Performance carbon Fibre/ alcantara door drim, dash trim, shifter surround M Performance Shifter M Performance Steering wheel with shift lights and race display in Alcantara and Carbon Fibre M Performance Handbrake cover Lane Assist Collision Detection Sunroof Harmon Kardon Connected Drive BMW Apps BMW Concierge Extended lights package Adaptive Xenon Headlights Cargo package M Performance Exhaust w/ remote controlled silencer M Performance adjustable Coilover Suspension Eventuri Air Intake M4 GTS adjustable Carbon Fibre wing M Performance rear deck lid M Performance side winglets 2 x keys, both in M Performance key covers Protective clear film applied over stone chip prone parts of car, interior and exterior are immaculate, includes Personalised Slimline plate Priced to sell at $94,990 ONO Can be reached on 021 725 487 Sorry about photos, will update once weather clears up and car is groomed
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    Maybe I'm late to the party and perhaps I've posted in the wrong place but... they refuelled whilst drifting... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obkLDeO58Wo http://www.autocar.co.nz/autocar-news-app/bmw-sets-new-record-for-the-longest-drift
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    Been a while ... the car has been occupying a hoist space for almost too long, but it’s nearing the end of the rebuild with almost all new parts installed underneath ... some pictures of the progress just waiting for the cert man to return photos!
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    Car is road legal, time to start modifying it
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    Who are you trying to kidd?
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    What is it with people who want "recommendations for quality coilies to go superlow but won't cost mucho $$$ and keep a good ride"? Ain't no such thing. A decent set of shocks and springs will cost that; a decent set of coilovers will cost more. (Nothing wrong with a good coilover setup, of course.) Just saw someone looking for exactly this, but doesn't want to spend more than $500! "Why are BC Golds so expensive, bro..." A decent set of springs is going to cost $300+. These people have no idea of the damage they're doing to their cars, or the safety issues they present to themselves and others.
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    Yeah we doing alright, no one ever tells you how hard it is and if they do you never believe them, it doesn’t help my boy has cystic fibrosis and the more severe one.. really hit home, looks like there’s a long journey ahead.... On another note I got a aeromotive fuel regulator and gauge from Paul at NZ Performance and installed it the other day it makes it real easy when the factory fuel reg is seperate from the rail. Found out when installing s50 cams with vanos delete you cannot use timing tools as it will be way out and it was, I installed the new carrier and set up the timing, I left the intake cam at .4 and set the exhaust at half the factory lift at tdc to .75 using a dti gauge and the b32 specs from cat cams, after that it ran a lot nicer.. I couldn’t help myself so I set up the link g4 and done some runs with the data logger and edited a few fuel cells, I would almost say it goes just as hard as my old engine even with a poor tune.
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    https://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2018/01/no-mate-nissan-leaf-not-just-coolest-thing-gay/ bloody funny article and the comments are interesting
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    I mean, I could macguyver something together if I got a tesla out of it though; all I'd need would be 8 mules, 700ft of 12AWG string, and a bunny in a comical hat More significant is wasting 30-50% of your energy fuel before you can even get it into the car. Does lower mass equal better performance though? Is the Tesla model S outperformed by the Mirai then? I agree the recharge time is an issue. Infrastructure cost is debatable at scale, for now (very small scale) the infrastructure is there to support EVs on our roads, but requires a large cost to support hydrogen vehicles.
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    Pre xmas track day pics. E46 front arms have gone in and pick up points for front sway bars have been changed since then. Just need to roll guards and do another test day at Taupo to dial it in. Car may be coming up for sale in the near future if anyone is interested.
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    You can use the electric car - to a point. In very many places, and for very many people an electric car would require a massive change to their daily routine to be able to "live with it", not everyone lives in a big city, drives 10km to work at a snail's pace and can charge it up for free during the day. So, yes, there are some people that can buy an electric car and use it now. Also, there are people that could buy a hydrogen fuel-cell car, and use it now. They do exist, they are available, and there is a supply of Hyrogen. Again it may not be possible, or feasible for everyone, but it is for some. One of the Aussie state governments has just committed to a hydrogen fuel-cell fleet, can't remember if it is ACT or NSW, using Hyundais I think it was. It will be interesting to see how that goes.
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    Not the odd one out, I totally agree with you, the stripes look very good, especialoly on white M cars. However, that much tape on a non-M Sport 3 series, has gone more than a little way over the line!!
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    No - all must be either run flats or something else - cannot have mixed carcasses on one vehicle see item 2 WOF rejection - entirely logical
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    Hey guys my name is jason, new to the bimmer forum but have had my e30 coupe for a few years now bought it as a rolling body and decided to go a different route than most, got a 12a Bridgeport race engine built and is now installed car is all complied but is currently completely stripped getting a bare metal respray
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    About the same as my E39 on my highway commute. Shorter final drive option and speeding don't help, i can tell you that much. Other things: Check for vacuum leaks, clean maf, good t-stat, test\replace old O2 sensors, clean injectors, Im sure good vanos seals and DISA valve help also.
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    Decent contribution please - yes there are losses in the conversions but also consider the full hydrocarbon extraction/ distillation and consumption process in an internal combustion engine or industrial heating system - same with battery storage - where do you source the electrons to fill the battery / Hydrocarbon powered generation ? thats not efficient or renewable. Hydrogen is the emerging energy / tehnology that is superceding batteries ( unless you believe Musk the battery maker ) BTW the horse and cart is very viable - bio fuel in , about a horse power and some sh*t out - reasonable efficiency - 100% renewable
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    Hi guys I am a new member from Auckland I have a E39 540i Msport. I have been looking for a bmw club for a we while now and while purchasing parts I got told about this club so thanks for that Dimitrios
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    The m60/62 5 series mount is part of the engine mount. So this removes the issue of having to cut down the engine mount and is cleaner finish than cutting and shaving.
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    I'm not disagreeing with the idea at all - I've done the same thing, as I said... just the details are different You can get the E46 OBC to tell the coolant temp, like you can with the E39 too. The temp gauge on them is a waste of time - it looks like a proper gauge, but it works like those stupid blue and red lights on new cars - not really any help at all! I seriously suggest modding the EEPROM to make it read more realistically.
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    depends where you take it etc approx. $300-400 for the inspection plus what ever they find worn ,faulty etc , brakes , suspension joints , tyres , lights etc rust ?? plus 200-300 for new plates and rego etc but be careful if it has had any major past body/chassis damage etc if they see anything like that , will require a engineers report etc , and a engineer will only sign it off if he sees it all stripped back etc I would want to get it up on a hoist to inspect it 1st or at least up on jack stands and go under it with a bright light pull back boot carpets , wheel arch liners etc good luck
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    Agree that most decent tires are overkill for day-to-day driving. I tend to buy them for those scary moments on the road when you really need them, more so now that I've got a couple of kids. I've got the PS4's on the Honda now. They're surprisingly quiet and have a fairly soft ride given what they are. The sidewalls also look more forgiving than (although not as nice as) the RE003's which are very square and firm. Overall I think putting the PS4's on the Honda was a good idea. I was concerned about the firmness and road-noise which is why i was also considering the Primacy's. I don't think the PS4's are too firm or noisy for a larger less-sporty car (as I've experienced with the RE003's in the e46). Hope others find this useful.
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    Couldn't figure out why the brakes weren't right with a Compact I picked up not long ago.... Seriously though, to think someone was driving around with this, with a baby/young child in the car as well........ car was registered and warranted before it was impounded. Glad to say this is one less death trap on the road, it will not be driven ever again.
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    I guess we all have options like butt holes and prefer to see things how we want and take on board everything the manufacture said as gospel, bit like everyone believed the emissions thing with VW......yep. My S85 V10 thermostat factory is 79 deg, kills the theory some have. And we don't test older cars here for emissions and to complain about economy when you sit in traffic not moving for hours a day is counter productive.
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    Sadly true for any "old" BMW. In this specific case 14 years old and I suspect only maintained for the first 4 years of its life.It sucks having to play catch up. In related news, I stopped by @hqstu's place on my way back home to visit my old 530i, some serious love lavished on that car by him- it is looking very sharp indeed.
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    Last week I sold the 316i project car, meaning after selling my compact in December I am officially BMWless. For the first time in 4 years. It won't last though, time to concentrate on finding the perfect start for an E30 project. Going to do it right, so it can be the last E30 I own 😉
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    While I am a fan of them, I don't understand why they are so close to 328 money when they are mediocre in comparison I'd totally rock a Fiji one though
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    Today the 520i spat out it's fan blades, taking with it both belts. This to go with the Topaz 530i having no WOF (airbag light) and the Titan 530i is missing a window (stone from lawnmower) Merry Christmas, I guess world peace is too much to hope for, can't even have 3 complete BMWs...
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    No it is alright to say man made, as it implies a negative connotation to men, which is more than acceptable in hypocritical leftist ideology. Now if the shoe was on the other foot.
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    Yea the fan can go, but more often its on the e39's for some reason. Electric fan conversion for the win.
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    Wasn't worried about that. Having refinished 2 sets of these myself (running a set atm) they do require a good deal of input but they are worth it once done. GLWS
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    And therein lies the answer. Most E39's aren't adequately looked after, hence the problems my three keep giving me because nobody changed the gearbox oil, or the thermostat, of put f***ing aliexpress MAF and cam sensors in. I don't think they are all unreliable- I just think 99.5% of them are suffering from neglectful ignorant and/or cheapskate owners.