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    10 December 2018. 171765kms (19,571 since acquisition) Service. Keeping up with the requirements of the MBI. And sensible maintenance/care. 1. Oil & Filter. Also replaced filter housing (OEM Hengst), as the filter drain plug was seized. (there are two drain plugs on the N62. One in the oil pan, one in the centre of the filter housing). Fuchs GT1 Proflex 5W30 8 litres, Hengst E203H. 2. Cooling system flush and fill. This annual coolant replacement (twice factory frequency) is my 'belt and braces' approach to risk mitigation of the valley coolant pipe issue with N62. Genuine BMW coolant used. 3. Service checks. The usual belts, plugs, hoses, suspension, brakes, air filter, steering etc etc for annual service. Though to be fair, pretty much everything's been replaced in the last 2 years, so we'd have been surprised to find any issues. "It's driving like they did when these first came out". I'm loving it.
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    So a massive thanks to @BM WORLD and @Eagle for their advice. Switched over the plug from the 525i, popped the cluster in and hooked the battery up. Gave it 5 minutes to check for smoke (none), turned the key and it fired straight up! So just got to swap the coding plug over, swap the fuel gauge over and put the interior back together. Couple of minor light failures coming up on the dash that will be easy to fix. She'll be off for a wof hopefully mid next week so I may actually get to cruise in it Christmas Day! Will put up a pic later, on closer inspection the PCB on the original cluster is toast..... funny how something so small electrically can stop a car running 😁 but I'm happy now, it's fixed and running!
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    wow something weird happened. When I first looked at this link there was not a single ACS part on there. Looking at it again now its been FULLY ACS'ed out (but not wing mirrors and has a remus exhaust lolwut)
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    Flew to Wellington, conditioned the leather and got my annual drive.
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    Hi Bimmersport, Slim chance but you never know! Last year I bought a Z4 M coupe. Unfortunately the previous owner lost the service book - the good news is I've been able to retrace it's steps calling around the dealers who will kindly re-stamp a new book, however it would be great to get the detailed service information. In order to get this I need authorisation from the owner at the time. Does anyone from the South Island happen to know the original owner of this car? Despite being a 2006 model, It was purchased new in 2009 from Christchurch BMW. These cars weren't overly popular back then and given a Financial Crisis that hit during this time, it sat in the dealership for 3 years! Previous number plates it's worn included: - EZN464 - PR0PLR - FKR682 - ZED4M - FYG123 And photo of the car today: Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Alex
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    Scored a right side headlight wipers and motor. Had to fit it so I don't lose any of it. Now to find a left side
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    at 325000 this would be a close second to the ugliest seen one today
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    Pulled a oily crappy seized engine and slush box out to replace it with something a bit more interesting 2002 318i msport touring Thanks
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    Having had a real close look at your pics on a big screen I would be 99.9% sure it's not a protection vehicle. The window glass is standard, not three inches thick and the doors are not deep enough for the thicker steel. wheels and tyres are not the high load / bullet proof style (which could have explained the lack of Alpina rims if they were). would have been an odd choice of base car for an Alpina if it were armoured - not much performance from a M30B35 trying to move 3,500kg+ along. still a great find, a good groom and polish, fix any gremlins and would be a great cruiser. i would be tempted to find a set of Alpina style rims and keep all the badges if it were mine...
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    I think that is the ugliest car I have ever seen.
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    All legal now boyz..🤗🤗 Bringing on them 16s for the rear.. Gutting this interior... Dual caliper on the rear with hydraulic handbrake...😏 ...and E46 front lower arms with steering lock kit...🤔...uhh...like to.
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    That is Farking cool. Can only be improved very slightly by painting it black and putting JPS decals on it.
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    Just ticked over 106000kms and car is running perfect. Will do another oil change soon before taking it away on the xmas trip around the BoP! Just want to say if anyone is considering one of these cars, its a ridiculously good all round package and if you lifestyle suits a medium sized hatchback that drives like a coupe but has the convenience of 4 doors and 5 seats + fold down boot with plenty of space, this is really one of the best options out there.
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    Thanks @SmithyInWelly! Unfortunately it has developed an oil leak 😬! Now I know its a real BMW haha Therefore - price drop - $2,200 ono. Still a good wagon for that 😊! Will probably still use it up to Xmas - then park it up as I will be heading away.
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    I bought it in 2004 after it had been in storage for 2.5 years. Daily drove it until 2013, sold it cheap to my dad on the proviso he looked after it. Had new paint, needs a few things attended to, (like the diff that I sourced earlier this year), but is still a joy to drive. I condition the leather in my cars every 6 months, must have forgotten to tell dad and today was the first for a long time, but it came up well. Just starting to get a tiny crack in the dash, anyone have any ideas on if you can stop it?
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    I wonder how they wrangled this plate...
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    I wondered about that and concluded (perhaps incorrectly) that "undersized" meant "the wrong size" rather than simply "worn" which would be a less ambiguous way of stating it. On the basis that it's the width/thickness then yes, of course that should be check for any WoF. Edit: if I got failed on missing bump stops I'd cut up a pool noodle, wrap that around the strut and ask them to prove they didn't work.
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    I'll bid $10 going by the information and the photos you've supplied... I hope I'm not the leading bid though
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    New WOF for the E30. 1990’s car shot on a Hasselblad from the 80’s
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    It's ALIVE!! Picked up this afternoon, just in time to run it in before the fuel tax hits! Total bill was about $6.3K, that included a Turner motorsports power pulley kit, a power steering hose that had shat itself, a new belt tensioner, and a bit of extra labour un-siezing the lower control arm bolts so the wheel alignment could be done! Haven't taken it for a decent run yet, but will bring it to the meet on Sunday. Also discovered it needs a new pair of rear tyres, decent cut on the inner shoulder of one. Will have to put it back on a dyno after running in and see what (if any) difference the pulley makes.
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    Very, very hard to put a price on a car like this, as you say very few similar vehicles in the country to compare against, especially if it is the BMW NZ imported one. Also, there is a very small pool of potential buyers that would be interested in such a car plus with it being RHD then the international market is limited as well. Like most cars it also depends on how much you need to get rid of it, if you're in no rush to sell put it up for what it's worth to you, plus a bit of wriggle room and see if you get any interest then go from there. More info and pictures would help to put a round figure on it!!
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    An old Fiat or even a Morrie would be cheap on fuel... but regrinding the valve seats every weekend would get old pretty quick! An E46 320i would be a little better than the 330i on fuel, and doesn't have an engine made by Satan in it. BTW I think buying a Leaf means you sign a contract saying attendance at KiwiFist is mandatory, so I'd avoid that 😏 Still got the Levin? That'd be OK on petrol.