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    Replaced 4 spoke with 3 spoke.. horn works and airbag light goes out.. yus
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    Up for sale is my NZ new E39 540i M-Sport sedan. 4.4L V8 (M60B44TU) Automatic Asking $7000 217,000 km A tonne of service history/part receipts in a folder. I've documented everything I've done to it in this thread here: THE GOOD preventive maintenance done recently, Engine: Timing chain guides Timing chain tensioner Water pump replaced Vanos rebuilt Valley Pan replaced Thermostat replaced Fuel filter replaced PCV replaced Lower and upper oil pan gaskets replaced Oil level sensor replaced Fuel Filter replaced Engine mounts replaced MAF replaced Suspension: Sway bay endlinks replaced Sway bar bushings replaced Front wheel bearings replaced Front lower and upper control arms replaced Top mounts on front suspension replaced Center drag link + idler arm bushing replaced Additional stuff Tow bar Facelift Xenon headlights Alarm tyres are Bridgestone Re003 on the front, Bridgestone S001 on the rear (done 15,000km) recently aligned airbag module replaced (common fault) New steering box + power steering fluid Muffler delete so it sounds nice and V8ish, few pops on deceleration. Sounds hearty but not obnoxious. has been in the care of a few enthusiasts over the years and has had a lot of work done prior to me purchasing it. Receipts for transmission being rebuilt + rear main seal @180,000KM being a big one. Leather interior LED angel eyes White halogen fog lights Washer pumps and lines replaced (has intensive wash package so has headlight washer jets too) Dash pixels are all working (stereo not so much) Rear blind Legit Euro plate aftermarket amp in the boot, with what looks to be a tidy install. Car will come with the sub in the boot. Some pictures to wet your taste buds Cons / things to do Steering has clunk when loaded up turning right. I have a new R/H tension strut on it's way, hopefully this solves it. Bonnet clear coat is fading, all the rest of the paint is in pretty good condiiton, scrape on the rear bumper above tow bar and another scrape on the rear left side of the bumper wheels have some curbing but clean up nice and bright Door seals on the front right/left could do with being replaced front left M-sport plastic sill trim is missing abit (photograph to follow) Front right mirror film seems to be aging and turned abit yellow Left mirror doesn't tilt down on reverse - it tilts just not automatically when you select reverse Window seals are abit old, they don't leak just look abit shriveled. stereo suffers the classic E39 dead pixels No ISOfix only 1 key The car has a clean diagnostic scan. This car really puts a smile on your face, priced taking into account the bits required to get it mint. Asking $7000. Car is located in Wellington and km will go up as it is my daily driver. Service history....put the jug on and get comfortable.
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    So for the past 18 months I’ve had a 1988 E30 coupe project to replicate a Alpina B3 2.7 and have thought for a while I should create a plog.. but maybe the horse has bolted.. maybe I’ll get around to it.. But with buying my long held ambition and first M3 along with some inspirational plogs particularly by KwS and M3AN I could/should/would. So picking up the baton, in this case KwS’s old E36 M3 and with thanks to mzhu031 for selling it. So this was taken the day I brought it 4th April You know I’ve never had a white car and would’ve liked a racing white M3 but not for $38k lol. I have had silver and imho easy to keep looking clean. I like that it’s on 8.5’s all round but not convinced with the polished style 24s tbh maybe they’ll grow on me. I had it checked by a local Indie which highlighted a few issues all fixable Mechanically it’s in good shape and my early stage plan is to fix the above and tidy up the exterior and interior plus a few other enhancements in no particular order - Mount front lip - Replace rear shock mounts including reinforcement plates DONE - Replace rear shock absorbers with Bilstein B6’s (Bilstein B6 struts front, stock springs all round tbc) - Replace front tyres with Yokohama AD08Rs (matching new rears) - Screws for front valance - Front subframe reinforce and repair - Clean engine bay and detail - Service fluids engine, gearbox, lsd diff - Source 2nd hand front bumper support brackets, highbeam covers - Repair LH door card - Replace steering wheel with 3 spoke DONE - Clean interior including steam clean carpet and seats - Re-trim front seats - M3 floor mats - Check spark plugs, distributor & rotor - Respray boot lid and front valance - Replace brake rotors and pads - Replace exhaust back box Have completed a few of these in a burst of enthusiasm and posted under “what I did today” forum.
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    with a planned shift to E39 5 series, I'm selling my E46 -E46 320i M Sport 2.2 litre straight 6 --5 speed auto with steptronic and manual tip tonic mode. Trans is all good, very smooth. -I am the only NZ Owner so far -153xxxkms -Warrant runs out June 2019 -Registered until August 2019 -18” VMR CSL style wheels with Nexen N-Fera SU1 tires, R 18x9.5 et45 18x8.5 f et35 ( Wheels will not be sold seperatly) -Koni Yellow, Damper Adjustable Sports shocks -H&R Adjustable sway bars front and rear -Bav-sound Speaker upgrade -BMW sports interior – cloth / alcantara seats -Sunroof -Professionally tinted windows -Paint and interior regularly looked after with top shelf products to keep it looking good -Fully Serviced every 12 months, last service in September 2018 at Automotive Solutions Hamilton -Small scratches and chips on front bumper and bonnet, typical given the age of the car This car has performed extremely well for me over the last 6+ years. Drives great no rubbing from being lowered and has comfortable but sporty feel on the road. Speaker system upgraded, much better than standard . Used mainly on weekends and longer open road trips Plenty of boot space with tie down points for car seats and larger items 6 airbags to keep you and your passengers safe. BMW Optional ski / snowboard bag in centre of split fold down rear seat referbished rear parcel shelf, with new genuine car seat anchors for the kids Test drives to serious buyers, only with proof of funds Fastidiously maintained and cared for, you will not see a cleaner example. call 0212896316 $5100ono
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    ready for May the 4-5
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    LCI 34000 km E93 M3 $45000 Call Ray for further info. 0212435526 200390BC-28F6-4FDA-8830-0DC5431E1864.MOV
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    Ok, so obviously i've been trying to sell this car for a bit now, have had more time wasters with this car than any car i have sold previously. A couple of people that were "super keen" have even test driven the car, only to suddenly not be keen based on the KM (i've made the KM pretty clear), or because it's not "A real M" (also obvious from the start). I've been offered as low as 7K, and even a couple of offers in my ballpark that I have accepted, only to never hear from them again. So i'm seriously considering keeping the car for a longer period. That would mean finishing the list of things I want to do to the car (mostly cosmetic stuff), sorting the suspension (upgrading, either BC Golds or maybe Koni, and poly bushes) and a cert. On a whim i popped to Pick A Part today and got a good haul. Turns out they have a coupe there, so grabbed a few things I needed, including the boot carpet and plastic trim.... which means I can finally f**k off the boot install. I still forgot the ambient temp sensor, which was the whole reason i went >_< Next time.
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    Update: Rear trailing arm bushes were pretty shocking so I've replaced them with Powerflex black series bushes. I haven't had a chance to test drive the car yet but will hopefully put the new Mtech 2 steering wheel on and get a wheel alignment in the next week or so. Progress has been slow as I've been busy but it's slowly getting there. As for the installation of the bushes, yes, I did it the messy way but it still works so I'm not bothered. Pretty much broke the aluminium cylindrical piece out of the old bush, cut the rubber back in one part, crimped it inwards to free it from the housing/bracket and then lightly sanded the housing before installing the new bush.
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    I'm physically ok thanks Olaf and I'm unsure at the moment what is happening with the investigation / insurance . Plenty of witnesses and Heli cam cover. Their stolen vehicle was used for a burglary/home invasion by 4 who were captured. I've done all I can at the moment... claims in BTW the wife owned a swift for 13yrs from new. Was a great little car that suited her needs. Very reliable small vehicle.
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    Give it to your local fire station so they can use it for training.
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    it was time Grey Thunder had a shampoo. So I gave her some Auto Glym love, and a dry off with my Rapid Dry Towel. an e30, this morning, just seven weeks shy of her 30th birthday. snap by iPhone, processing by Adobe Lightroom. that's it for now. I've been concentrating on my 'SS Commodore in a sharp German suit', and my Volvo 855-T5, this week.
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    RTABs are so crucial for how an E36 rides. Night an day difference if they are in proper shape!
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    Would there be any more interest if it were, y'know, less money? I'd prefer to avoid trademe, but if no one has room for this on their berm then I'll get ready for the masses.
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    $6000 Due to a change in circumstances, loss of my mechanics help, lack of time and an unrequited love for my E81 130i(like an abusive stepfather lol) I'm selling my E87 4 door 130i. It owes me $6k so that's what I will put it up for. Showroom thread here It's a 2008 M-Sport w/ 214k kms on it. Specced with beige Leather Interior and Aluminium trim. Also has 18" M-Sport Alloys, seat warmers, electric seats, Idrive and auto climate control plus the previous owner put in a Parrot Bluetooth handsfree and 35% tints. Interior and Exterior are in excellent condition for their age. There is the odd scratch or mark on the exterior but after the detail it does present very well. Originally purchased as a parts car for my E81 130i it won me over by being too good to part out. It was a real estate agents car that did plenty of long distance kms in the Wairarapa, and was a company car for 80k kms before that. In my ownership I've done - New K/N Air Filter - New Cabin Air Filter - Leather clean and repair to front seats. Steering wheel repair. - Professional Detail and Cut and Polish Exterior, including headlights and Wax seal coating on body work, degrease and clean of undercarriage - New Vanos Solenoids Car comes with a mostly complete service history from BMW Winger since it was imported from Japan, highlights include: 2018/2019 - 186-210k - 4 New Tyres - Oil Cooler Gaskets - Rocker Cover Gasket - Transmission service including Trans flush - Front and rear Pads plus Sensors - 2x Oil Service last at 210k - Belt, Tensioner and Idler. Crank Pulley. - AC Regassed, new valves. 2017 -186k - Starter Motor - Inlet Manifold Gasket 2016 177k - Front Brake Hoses - Brake Fluid - Rear Brake Pads - Rear Brake Sensor - Wheel Repair - LHF Door Actuator - LH Door Lock 176K - Exhaust Bracket 175k - Washer Pump 172k - Cylinder #6 Ignition Coil - Washer jets flushed 2015 139k - LR Doorlock and Actuator 135k - Windscreen 118k - Front Brake Discs - Front Brake Sensor - Rear Brake Discs - Rear Brake Sensor - Eccentric Cam Seal Issues: Car has recently shown a check engine light, after I put the new Vanos Solenoids in. I still have the old ones, and with a clean(brake cleaner) they could go back in and fix the light. I don't have a code scanner but the car runs fine so :shrugs: After the detail, which took over a week with the doors constantly open, the battery was nearly dead. I have had the car battery recharged on a trickle charger but it now gives an error message saying increased discharge on battery. I've had the battery tested twice, before the detail and after, and it tests fine. Online suggests an intelligent battery sensor may fix the issue or a new battery. Car still starts fine and drives with no issue. May be solved by taking it for a good long drive but I honestly don't have time atm . I had the car prepurchase inspected before I bought it and it showed the rear driveshaft guibo/coupling has a crack in it. I have the front and rear(accidentally ordered the front one lol) couplings and all the bolts etc needed to replace. Can sell to buyer at a discount, I can otherwise return them to fcpeuro. Car drives and runs fine, has newish tyres front and rear and is a real pleasure to drive. I intended to keep this but I keep falling in love with my 2 door 130i. Pm me or reply here, will entertain offers but feel its pretty fairly priced. Great runabout and fun drive. You can see the 2 door E81 while you're viewing too ;D
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    Given the content of recent VTNZ adverts, I assume this is OK on NZ roads?
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    Bit rich for me. Guess i'll keep an eye on pick a part.
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    Spotted in an antiques shop
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    hmmm an e 34 and a diesel.Can life be any better.?How about an e34 and a common rail diesel.....Hmmm squared
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    No longer an over-stayer, but once a Pom, always a Pom. That reminds me, must get my AintoG and also do this before Winnie starts his crackdown on immigrants again.
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    Ah I should have said it was the suspension air bag It went pop and gangster low. Chinese replacements are super cheap, but it would seem the quality is questionable.
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    I was in the same boat. Took forever to find a FL coupe with no sunroof in good condition. When I did, I didn't MI d spending the money. Blasphemy! Haha. I rate the non-m E30 highly. Such cool wee cars to drive, rear wheel drive, manual, classic look, lots of parts. However I couldn't justify ever spending $100k+ on an E30 M3, even if lotto gave me a donation.