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    Over the last week, I've made descent way on the tailgate section, getting all the wiring and structure pieces cut up and welded. Welds aren't the best as the metal on that side of the chassis is rather thin. Pin holes will be filled with deck liner and the end bits will be sealed with heavy duty weather resistant silicone. Hinge needs to be aligned slightly, but opens and closes pretty well.
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    Replacement for the S8 comes in the form of this 2011 XJL. I’m a sucker for a large car if that’s not already obvious I’ve always loved the XJ look and styling, I think for a large car, it is large! It holds its style really well, plenty of dispute on the rear end and lights, but I really like the individuality this car brings over pretty much anything else in this class. I also feel it has aged well now a few years on. The supercharged version would have been adorable however, some, sanity prevails and this is nearly the 5.0 V8. 380 odd horses. Most of my daily work is motorway so an easy cruise on the V8 is no issue. Petrol consumption should be considerably better then the V10 (for sale) or V12 E38 which will now be a more special alternative drive. Aluminium body is quite light for its size which will help both fuel and handling. Long wheel base over short, well I think cohesively the shape works well in LWB and I feel you can see it was originally designed this way so why not, no major disadvantages to it other then the extra 125mm in length. Good parking sensors and camera, definitely necessity. The sound is glorious! More AMG muscle throb then BMWs more muted reving V8s that I have heard, yet sublimely quiet on motorway duty. Interior is also unique and beautifully crafted, even 7 years on, no rattles or squeaks apparant, although only 50k on this import example, ex Singapore incidentally so likely more equivalent to 100k NZ new with the round town driving it would have been in service for. Infotainment is a bit more mid 2000s then super current but you get, Nav, Bluetooth and streaming, iPod connectivity and USB, plus dual viewing capability so your passenger can watch a DVD while you have Nav on, probably pointless but cool nonetheless. Seats and adjustments and sublime also, better then the S8 and the F01s I have driven before getting this.Plus heated and cooled seats front and rear, Adaptive cruise control and it’s a very pleasant place to be. So a great start, 2 year warranty to cover any concerns but overall these have a pretty good rep and are a much cheaper warranty then a 7 series or S class.
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    Will post pics here 🙂 all photos taken without filter btw...
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    Well, it's been a while since I last looked at this project, mainly due to other projects, business and getting married. Oh and moving house and travels etc (any excuse really haha) Original build http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/49495-e39-touring-to-ute-project/ As some of you may know, I recently brought the Ute out of storage where its been for the last 18 months. I spent a few days deciding what direction the project should take and what deadline. I've chosen to go with a recently acquired decent PFL 540 that will be used as the foundation to power the ute, as trying to locate a donor M5 is just becoming near impossible. So for now, the plan is to run a super charged rebuilt M62 with padel shifts. The following still needs to be done, - Complete the Tailgate. - Rear left chassis jack point needs rebuilding - Review of the body work for surface rust, dings, misc things that need doing. - Engine bay clean and detail - A few wiring tidy ups - Engine transplant along with drive shaft, diff etc - Super charger kit for the M62 - Adjustable Suspension - Custom deck cover - Full respray, colour yet to be decided - Certification and re registration. If you or anyone you know is good with a welder, PM for some extra cash work
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    I have an interesting story regarding this car. I lived in Singapore for a few years and met the original owner of this vehicle in his watch store. He told me that he loved NZ and that a car he owned was sent there. He told me that there were 2-3 E39 M5’s delivered new to Singapore and only one remained. He was blown away when I told him I had seen his car for sale before (on t/me). Amazing guy, he is famous in Singapore as he was a watch trader from the age of 15 and made his first million (as only you can do by selling watches in Asia) in his early 20’s. When we spoke it was 2-3 years ago and still a very young man, had moved onto Ferrari’s. Very nice guy.
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    Awwwwww helllllllll yeeeeeeaaaahhhh! Makes absolutely no sense in the EV age but who gives a heck! I want one! Just cos haha!
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    Its certainly not an issue for me so far, will be there next meet
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    Today I Made the bimmer watch me repair the Subaru.
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    Well all done, bit of a mission but well worth it. while I was mucking around I pulled the hydraulic boot motor and reservoir out, topped it up and got that back to 100%. Boot works great now Now wheel alignment to tidy up the suspension change and just about done! Yes
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    10 August 2018. 170,136km. Replaced rear window seals (upper, and lower). Some outstanding service from Novus at 138 Adelaide Road, Wellington. Big shout out to Reuben (member on here)! My second experience with Novus, and again, very positive. I decided to get someone else to do it, after my recent experiences with the windscreen in my e46... it was the right move. So here's what a typical aged seal looks like on an e60. they're a trim part; you don't need to remove the glass to change them out. A wrinkly old seal, yesterday PS: if you're ordering the seals, there's two pieces. bottom rail (which even has a velvet seal to the bottlid), and the top (which includes the sides). There's the version (for top and bottom, respectively) for double-glazed/armoured, and the 'normal' version.
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    I am very happy about this. Sorry guys.
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    Record high number of listings on TM at the moment.. None of them any good tbh except maybe the blue one or the facelift grey one www.trademe.co.nz/1731840123 www.trademe.co.nz/1731430224 www.trademe.co.nz/1733469510 www.trademe.co.nz/1725146045 www.trademe.co.nz/1677083796
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    Sparkling for the M5, still for everything else!!
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    The BMW stuff is pre-mixed, if you use the other stuff you have to factor in the cost of the water to mix with it!!
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    It's a stupid, meaningless, naff name. Sounds like a special edition somebody would put out for a F&F movie. Also the two words, "Black" and "Fire", are utterly meaningless together unless it's referring to a cartoon character (but that's one word). We should have seen this coming when some idiot decided to incorrectly call a 4 door car a coupe. They're clearly being led by a misguided marketing team. BMW was better when they were engineering led.
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    As sad is this sounds. I am hoping to take advantage of the masses of over leveraged people that are only just keeping themselves afloat in the good times.
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    This is a genuine M635csi - it is number 328 / 524 in rhd and was one of approx 20 that arrived in NZ (mine was 312).
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    another thing to note is people in the states have a totally different mentality about mileage. show them a car with 120,000 miles and its "ONLY A HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND MILES!! WHAT A GEM!" show a NZer a car with 120,000kms and its basically (s)crap in their eyes.
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    Still 10k more than the car in the OP.... Oh, and its an poxy auto, and doesnt have an LSD or suspension mods of the OP... wait, why is this even a comparison?
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    Gidday all i'm james from hams. new to bmw's just picked up my first one last weekend. it's a e36 320i. i'm looking to turn it into a project race/drift car.
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    Not long until the tables turn...
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    Is it true you own, or have owned, one set of every style BMW wheel ever manufactured?