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    of course, I'm not biased, but I think you should buy for your sister a beautiful 1997 Volvo 855-T5 Wagon. With a stunning black leather interior. a mere 198k kms, a fresh VTNZ WoF, a new AA premium battery, and a full tank of gas. She can woody it up a-la family truckster, but she'll have the last laugh when she can travel with her mates and camp in the back of it, shift flats and do it all in one load, not be concerned about safety or traction alongside an e36, and never be concerned about theft. Comfort, great stereo, great braking, acceleration to surprise any XR8 or SS commode owner, and the cred of the only wagon entered in the BTCC, and it won races to boot! it's the anti-cool, and you know she wants it. Under $5k to boot.
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    Hi all, Since I've been browsing here for info I better sign up and introduce myself/my car. It's the second BMW I've owned, my last car was a 2007 e90 325i M-Sport in Le Mans Blue. I looked for a new car for 6 months, wanted a 335i coupe but drove a 130i and was immediately sold, reminded me of my old 3.2 A3 which I loved and funnily enough my old Celica. The handling and power was so much fun I immediately switched to looking for LCI 130i and found this one. It's an e81 130i M-Sport with pretty low kms and a beige leather interior that looks way better in person ;D Super comfy and a hoot to drive. There has been a couple of things done to it, wheels and tyres replaced by what I understand is the newer 1 series models wheels and 245/45 non run flat tyres fitted. Its also got a Supersprint back box, sounds fantastic when you boot it. Got some things I want to do with it so will be a WIP for a bit.
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    People think that taking a car for a 1 yearly wof and getting new wiper blades and a headlight bulb = regularly serviced. end of story.
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    Just had the wheels re-done in Shadow Chrome...
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    Hey guys I have landed here a few times looking for info so I thought I would sign up. I'm currently restoring a 1969 manual E3 2500. This is my first BMW and I am quite fond of it. Cheers!
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    Maybe call me cynical, or even drunk (drunk is more likely) but I feel too many people buy into the internet hype. Not all M3s have vanos, smg, bearing issues and people get too excited to shoot them down for not having these issues address. There are thousands of these engines about and and I can guarantee Alot of them are ok and had no issues whatsoever, there a plenty on eBay with 160k+ miles still demanding good money
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    As the title says, Castrol edge 5w30 is $45.49 for 5litres at the moment https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/castrol-castrol-edge-engine-oil---5w-30-5-litre/299206.html?cgid=catalogue-onsale#segment=1&page=1 They seem to do this once a year, and I stock up. I don't work for Supacheap.
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    Have had some interest in my '332i' project, so will post up the details here on Bimmersport. This car started life as a 2003 330i m-sport sedan in black sapphire metallic and is being built into an 'M3 sedan'. While the car existed as a standard 330i, I replaced the seats and door cards with black leather units, and retrofitted an NBT from an F30: HellBM then removed the M54B30 and replaced it with an S54B32 & 6-speed manual gearbox: The VANOS was then 'bulletproofed' using the full Beisan kit, uprated cam gear bolts & S62 diaphragm springs, and the valves adjusted: I then rebuilt the donor M3 brake calipers; the front caliper pistons weren't in great shape and were replaced: Caliper carriers media blasted & painted: Calipers prepped & painted (Duplicolor gloss black): Next up was preparing the remaining M3 suspension and driveline components. New Bilstein PSS10 coilovers: Donor M3 subframe bushes removed: CMP Auto Engineering solid subframe bushes were chosen for this car, even though it's intended for street use. The reasoning is two-fold; no movement of the subframe against the RACP should help prevent any future cracking, and the bushes are designed to move the subframe closer to the body to account for reinforcement plates & the vehicle being lowered. The M3 LSD was cleaned, drained and the rear cover replaced: And reinstalled back into the subframe: Trailing arms disassembled, wheel bearings, balljoints replaced & Syncro Design Works monoball RTAB installed: Handbrake shoes & new springs installed: For the front, new CSL kingpins and wheel bearings were used: The old rear suspension & fuel tank were removed from the sedan: And the boot floor removed: No turning back now . A brand-new E46 M3 floor pan was purchased and the centre panel extracted: CMP Auto Engineering reinforcement kit installed: The decision was made to go the 'full way': Donor rear arches extracted & prepared: Test-fitting with M3 rear bumper: Tacked on & then welded fully: View from behind: M3 rear muffler brackets installed (pre-arches): The rear suspension & fuel system were then mostly reinstalled: ECS Tuning Monoball RSMs & reinforcement plates installed: And some more parts removed: A genuine M3 bonnet was then fitted. The guards will be created by joining both sedan and M3 guards: And that's it for now - more to come soon
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    I bought a manual E39 for well under 5K, do I have to leave this discussion now
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    Sold! And even better to a fellow member 😊
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    The dashed lines? They are the carefully designed high-tech force field that keeps pedestians alighting from parked cars - such as your children or your wife or grandmother - from colliding with a head-down-arse-up cyclist doing 50, just 30 cms to your left. It's a f%#king disaster.
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    Hi all, sort of by accident had a fabulous drive around Lake Taupo on saturday in the trusty E30 with my youngest . Took a couple of hours and some of the views were breathtaking, very little traffic and glorious weather - heres some pics and the GPS tracking for the day - didn't take anywhere near enough of them.. cheers
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    Hey all, Put the deposit down a couple weeks ago on a new custom spec M140i Shadow Edition, although due to a number of reasons it won't arrive until July. Been a company car driver for 15 years, it's amazing how unfussy you get with cars when someone else is paying for everything. Before that I was a real little petrolhead - MR2 Turbo, SR20DET Silvia S13, Soarer 1UZFE etc) but this will be my first BMW. New car hasn't been built yet obviously, but it will look very similar to this, only visual differences will be the sunroof and the internal trim being brushed aluminium rather than gloss black. Look forward to talking with you all and hopefully going to a few meets once it arrives! Cheers, Daniel.
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    Anyone else here into BBQ (and other variants of outdoor cooking) as a hobby? Other than cars, it's one of my passions, along with watches and a bit of gaming.
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    Washing the 6-er this morning I noticed the windscreen was looking rather tired. Water spots all over and the entire surface was dull. The wiper area was a tad better but it was all rather sad looking. After a quick search on Google I used the following to restore the windscreen: Meguiar's SkratchX 2.0 and some steel wool. Now, it's difficult to show just how bloody effective it is but believe me, the windscreen looks good as new. Firm circular motions all across the windscreen and a good clean afterwards and finish off with a layer of RainX. Off topic: Moving inside the house I figured it might work on shower glass too and yup, it does. Shower glass is good as new now after several unsuccessful attempts with shower witch and other chemical cleaners.
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    ^ good luck trying to find a decent one these days.. prices skyrocketting for nice ones and the cheap ones are.. well cheap for a reason. thrashed to death vtec all day
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    Can i change my vote? Definitely get this!!
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    Thanks @Olaf and @qube! I have thought about listing on TM as a $1 reserve but not sure I have the kahunas haha! I can honestly say that I've never had a FB profile and have never logged in so FB's not an option for me lol! @francoisv - when I first got it I did think a manual conversion would be cool but a full S54 manual set up would be epic! A prefect canvas for a project 😊 For transparency I have been contacted by an interested party so I'm going to put a 'sale pending' sign up...
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    colt ralliart turbo manual
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    From back in the day when there was a great NZ Touring Car series, that didn't involve V8s and only two manufacturers. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/specialist-cars/competition-cars/auction-1918862706.htm?rsqid=4f9cb40ba47748879a5a0e4c8bd75de4 This would have to be one of the few E36s I would like to own, this or one of the STW cars. As the seller says, this one is a LOT cheaper and probably a lot cheaper to race and maintain as well tbf.
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    It’s surprising how much of a gut ol’ Clarkson has got in the latest season. Was one of the first things my wife and I noticed and I’m hardly a svelte machine myself. Life on Amazon money must be good.
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    funny different for everyone, I thought Matt was excellent after the first season nerves and especially in the last season, his dry humour worked well with Chris and Rory, which for an american was quite unusual. I thought he had the potential to be better than clarkson less ranty and just the dry humour. His absolute joy in doing the stuff showed through better than clarksons as well. His pieces about some combine harvester /tank or whatever were brilliant the bit where he and harris were testing those battery moto-x bikes and the all terrain thing when they were hunting bigfoot was great and showed the potential those two had. Sorry to see he bailed.
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    Yuck. But cool mask. I'd strip the leather, get that commercially cleaned and buy a new rear seat base from a wrecker and swap the cleaned leather onto that. I think the seat base foams are the same across all e46 coupes and you'll never get that clean because of all of the airspace in the foam that you simply can't get to. Whoever you approach to clean the leather will probably know as soon as they see it whether it's recoverable. If they think it is then you'll know as soon as you get it back whether it's reusable. They may require you to provide a useable base before they clean it so they can keep it stretched properly. Call a local upholster (marine might be best) to ask about where to get the leather cleaned. IMO.
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    I've never needed $6k more in my life! πŸ˜ͺ
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    Looks awesome, what class are you gonna track it in, $2k cup? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚