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    Sold! But staying in the bimmersport family. 😊
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    Finished playing. Haven't driven it much in last 5 years, about 50km between WOF's. I'm not going to add much on here as it's all been documented on threads here since 2006 when I did the conversion. The trouble with the thread photos are an issue with the cheap server we have or the site not being configured properly. Any serious buyer can ring or come and see it for more info.. The car doesn't have an LSD anymore. It still has a medium case diff and the larger E30 MS axles. So much has been done on this vehicle over the years. It's not concourse there are a few scratches and a bit of wear here & there, but by christ it's a lot of fun. It owes me a sh*t load, but that's how it is. Have all the original manuals keys X3 alarm remotes X2 Plates and the original ASC wheels will come only with a price I am happy with by negotiation Mileage: 168859km WOF Feb 2019 REG Jan 2019 I'm asking $8,500.oo......... you couldn't build it for that to the standard I have built it Any questions, call me 021921377
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    I have owned two 320’s previously, and bought my 2009 530i early this year. Just love it, fabulous touring car, nicest car I have owned! Recently sold my 1966 Mark 2 Daimler, and needed a car to use in Vintage Car Club rally’s, and saw a really tidy 1987 325 Saloon, and have bought that. Needs a little love and care, but is a nice car. If anyone knows of a good condition set of rear taillights for a pre facelift, I would appreciate their advise. Attached is a photo of both cars on our return trip from Auckland.
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    Evening Bimmersport, My 1M is up for sale. Would be great if it remained in the community. Details: - Travelled 48,XXX Kms - Full BMW Service history - 2 x sets of keys - Alpine White - Black Nappa leather interior - Satellite Navigation - Harmon Kardon Stereo - Bluetooth audio - BMW Assist Contact: 021 070 9077 https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1780184179&ed=true
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    Even in yellow I wouldn't mind it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-5-Series-BMW-Alpina-V8S-Touring-Limited-Edition-One-off/392121477412?hash=item5b4c42e924:g:T7EAAOSw5PJbF~qk&vxp=mtr
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    Cut, soldered, heat shrinked, and taped my afternoon away, sacrificed an old E39 wing mirror loom, finally the tailgate glass opens again!!
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    I think the next thing you need to buy is a phone/camera with auto stabilizer
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    It’s been very quiet. I did 60,000 kms in it over four years, so it hasn’t done much since 2003 ish. Did the Targa Tour in it around 2000 from memory, that was 5000 kms in a week. 240 kmh along the Tauranga waterfront motorway was a real blast.
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    Owned that car from new. Loved it to bits and probably should have kept it. Good to see prices on the up. Worth every penny and if I had $30K lying around I would probably reach out and do it again. Haven’t really owned anything since with the same Wow factor.
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    ah go on you need this . let me know
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    I heard back from the dealer today. The director said that he had talked to multiple people and they all said that he only needed to replace 2 injectors. I rang BMW Dealerships and asked for any advice. I talked to Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, and Hastings. Everyone but Hastings/Manawatu declined. Shoutout to Stephen from BMW Manawatu, who actually looked up my car and sent me this service bulletin. I am getting the most up to date diagnosis from motorworks sent to me to confirm that the faults are in two different banks. Please find the bulletin attached to this post 😁 hastingscopier@hawkesbaybmw.co.nz_20180925_152424.pdf
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    So just another small update, doesn't look much but spent a few hours on my back putting it in. Now i can officially say it has three pedals Best part was i didn't have to take the steering colum off which i read online that i was going to have to do. master cylinder and clutch lines all put in and ready to go.
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    I'd do more than 455km in one day with a car like that if I felt like wasting that type of money for a bit of fun
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    I've seen better on my Turbo Ford Sierra. The turbo was so hot I could see the turbine wheel spinning inside the housing. I wish I had a good camera back then (1986) I did the conversion myself on a brand new Sierra Ghia Wagon
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    Life would be easier if he had just taken the 2x injector fix, and enjoyed the car. Sure, itll break down again, no doubt, but thats what the warranty is for. Instead its turned into a complete clusterf**k, that still has no end in sight. I want a good outcome for the OP because its been a rough intro to BMWs, but this has gotten harder than it needed to be.
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    Wow that is an ugly car for 14k
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    Waved 'bye-bye' to the E36 318i 5-speed. 😢
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    Having a blast down south. I did het something that took a wee bit of paint off the lower bumper around the air intake, and picked up a bit of curb rash on the one rim...will just do one big claim and recon when we get back to Auckland. We have both the 6-er and the Tiguan on the road trip, and the 6-er is by far the more comfortable of the two 🙂 Fuel economy aint too bad either at 10l/100km.
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    Another year rolls by... 8 years now. How you going Kyu ??
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    Pop round and pick it up, tell the guy that whoever was driving it is liable for the extra costs and they can get his info from the Police..... Then set fire to it?