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    If you've always wanted to know what happens when a now reformed, ex serial JDM tinkerer is locked in the same room as an E46 M3, then you've come to the right place! This thread will outline pretty much any remotely interesting things that surface throughout the ownership of this German brute. SO. Without further adieu: The first 2.5 weeks of ownership! Day 2: Back in auckland after a near 8hr drive. Stole keys to a private carpark with camera in hand: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/60252-first-time-euro-owner-text-heavy/ Day 14: Bullied the SO into taking his MV Agusta out for a little "photoshoot" to hone my skills: Please forgive quality, I compressed them into JPG so its MUCH grainier than the raw files Day 16: A passer-by heard what could only be described as "gale force winds" in the garage. On closer inspection its source was the mighty Germans air conditioning system. Replacement Final Stage Unit possible? YouTube and forum posts have confirmed this will indeed be a VERY ENJOYABLE TASK. Photos will follow... once I've located a replacement unit. VID_42110526_211411_140.mp4
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    Old favourite from the 38 brigade
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    Put car on tardme. Price it above everything similar, as its better. One text message 2 days after listing, comes around an hour later, looks it over, pays you asking price in cash with no haggling or screwing around and takes car. Why cant all tardmes be like this!
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    Alright, calm down everyone. I have literally one photo of the car, here it is... I never really take photos of my cars, just not my thing. Its not a major heap but as with most red cars of this age it needs a respray, and is covered in a quite few dents and scrapes. I should really refit the chrome trim, its in the boot...
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    IT's ALIVE !!!!! never straight forward, engine out again to sort a couple of things, still wouldn't start, had spark and fuel but wouldn't fire, had the computer double checked for the EWS delete and all was good there. Had my electrical guy back and he looked into the injector firing and we had no power there when cranking, so bridged a wire at replay and vroom So now we can put the interior back in, seats, dash and console back together and go for a whip around the block, clutch doesn't feel perfect as it's very close to the floor so may need to lengthen the rod more to get the engagement up. All going to plan this weekend we will finish off these items and I can get a wheel alignment booked this week ready for cert... Will update after weekend of how the test drive goes.
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    So wheres these pictures?
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    Cleaned all the cars, after telling the boss where he can insert his job, its quiet good for mental health
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    SOLVED!! *dancing* Installed ISTA+ and got a K+DCAN cable. A few hours of naffing around to get it installed and talking and BOOM! Reset the engine DME learning and adaptations and its solved. Also using less gas and pulling harder, it doesnt feel way slower than the 130 anymore... It was like flicking a switch between runs like a dog and runs like new... Yay for piracy
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    just add the pics, man. we're all driving projects, don't be shy... welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing you at a meet up. check in to the Meetings room, subscribe to the Wellington room to get notifications. BMW Club night on at the pub once a month, plus runs, coffee meets, and longer trips too.
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    Some updates on MTOY. I spent a few hours stripping the rear of the car last week Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Then off it went to Ray at Chubb Racing for some scaffolding. Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr 37069382_10212477363432270_2108831085524680704_n by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Taking shape nicely! In the meantime I've picked up a couple of sets of 6pt harnesses and have some mounting hardware on the way. Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Once back it's off to GT Refinishers for paint, then I'll start fabricating seat and trim replacements.
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    I honestly wish I was in a position to buy this even if it was just to help out... I wouldnt even think about paying $1 less than the asking price given the worth and situation. The quickness claims can be tested later
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    I see what you did there................
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    Had a very narrow escape from this guy on Saturday. Just managed to avoid being hit head on about 3 seconds before he went through a raised roundabout and performed some kind of spinning somersault. Trying to do a runner from the po-po, I estimated his speed at above 130.
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    Not a wild claim. Tom`s M3 (207.8kw) vs CSL (203.1kw) DynoTorque PowerChart_GFK676 #4.pdf DynoTorque PowerChart_GMY136 #2.pdf
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    You need a few right angle tools do clean out the crap and you also need a clean surface for the "O" rings to seal properly with a little locktite master gasket. It is a very easy job when you have done a few and have the right gear. There is nothing wrong with the part you have purchased. I have used hundreds of those.
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    so after 3 weekend of sanding, priming ,sanding basecoat, sanding I'm ready to......" lay down a real colour". to be honest the fiber glass moulds were real rough with deep scratches in them and spider cracks that only showed up once I put the etch primer on the parts. I'm not a 100% happy but are starting to run out of time.
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    I did spin a near new XR8 across 4 lanes of highway, down a 3m bank, through a wire fence and 20m into a paddock full of cows. Tyre marks were less than 2 feet from a lamp post too. Every panel, roof included, need to be painted. Cops (lots of) turned up. The motorbike cop was sceptical of my claim that surface flooding caused instant loss of traction hence the spin... wandered off to check with his foot, put his boot in the water and it came over the top and in, wetting his sock. That's close to 400mm, in a lane, on a 100 km/h stretch of road. Only other vehicle to stop was actually the car in front of me that did a u-turn and came back. Even the semi that was coming the other way and I missed by only a few metres spinning in front of didn't stop, wtf? It was George Bolt Memorial Drive back in the day (pre traffic lights) on the route to the airport. Bummer was I was going to pick up the folks, in dad's 1 month old obsession, from their 2 week overseas holiday. Suffice to say he wasn't too impressed regardless of what the cops thought. No cows were harmed in the making of this incident, just a little pride.
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    From my experience, considerably less than an e36. Cooling system seems to work too.
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    Right I tested fitted the splitter today. The fit is not perfect but in some regards I expected that. Additional measures will need to be taken to ensure it's secure. The original (not previous) owner says that it needs to be installed over the existing black motosport lip and I think this is the only practical way to do it and secure it properly. As you'll see the splitter emulates this lip and really needs something to hang from across its length. I don't believe simply securing it from the bottom will be sufficient, especially at high speed. Achieving a tight "OEM" fit will require the use of race tape or external (visible) bolts/screws to secure the splitter to the factory lip. Unfortunately if you use race tape removal would be almost impossible without damaging the fibreglass structure (the tape would just pull the fibres apart). Having said that it's quite grouse and it does look very aggressive, I'm not sold on it yet for every day use but we'll see how that plays out. The pics (test fit only)... The gaps...
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    Nuffin'. So far. I did have a good and friendly chat with the hiring manager post-interview while we walked around the main site I'd be at (although I could be anywhere from the top of Coromandel down to Palmy). That went on for a good 30 minutes or more - applicants not worthy of further consideration don't get the tour. But that's all I have at the moment. I have seen another job I'd really quite like (and probably enjoy) over in Hawkes Bay (again). I'm working up an application for that one.
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    New plugs and coils - No change. Reset adaptations - No change. Have been watching the oil level, im conviced something odd is happening as it fluctuates by 700ish ml. Wondering if there is a block in the oil seperator and its filling and dumping (into the sump and or intake). The 130s oil level is solid as a rock in comparison. Ordered new CCV system kit...
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    Its supposed to be a cheap car but we both know its too easy to spend spend spend on these cars especially when parts are plentiful. Ugh. What have i done... again..