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    Does it make me an old man cause I want to buy it for myself?
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    Spotted this little pumpkin outside the ponsonby food court just now. Had to pull up and take a pic.
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    Spotted this dude on the side of the road with some fuelling troubles. Not a bmw but I'm sure you'll love it. VID_20191026_164403.mp4 VID_20191026_164403.mp4
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    Now that the clear lenses are done - I am out of control - adding things to Bimmersport only days after my last note! ! No seriously, I found out recently that much to my chagrin, one of my foglight lenses were broken. Fortuitously, my mechanic is mates with the owner of Umnitza - who runs his business nearby (they sell after-market lights, body-kits, wheels , etc). In a nutshell, Matt the owner is a great guy - and we hit it off by virtue of having many things in common - not to mention he also owned a now -deceased E39 M5 also in Bluewater! Matt recommended I try one of his new LED offerings for the E39. Despite a different tone to the factory Hella headlights, I quite like it.
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    Will be done so all parts can be reinstated in the future if required. This is to make a more enjoyable daily drive experience for the owner.
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    Yeah I solved that problem by not adopting any more BMWs 😂 @Arata get this thing compression checked. The symptoms are not convincing for HG failure. Also listen to B.M.W LTD, he's a grumpy old bastard 😉 but that's because he's been fixing these things since forever.
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    There's a meet on the 24th November and cruise to akaroa. Look up BMW Enthusiasts NZ on Facebook. They try to have a meet every couple months
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    can help ,. call me 021433600
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    Hmmm where'd we get to..... The above rust work took the better part of 4 months and isn't all finished yet. Being VERY much over body work, and having landed a ZF 5 speed, I started working on the driveline build. First port of call was to clean up and re-detent the gearbox. All 5 shift pins were replaced. Next up, a new throw out bearing, throw out arm, bushing and clip were ordered; along with a new slave cylinder. I'll add the pics when I find them, for now a placeholder.
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    A replacement battery section and spare wheel well were sourced, spot welds drilled out of both and everything prepped for replacement This took about a day solid - not rushing almost always means less re-work, and a tidier job.
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    The earlier post mentioned about boot-mounting the battery. So Inspector Screwdriver went looking there too, and ended up cutting the entire battery tray out (rotten in the seams). While I was there I lent on the spare wheel mount, and pushed it straight through the floor. Queue much bleeding, swearing and how the F did that happen's, I looked underneath more closely. A previous owner had managed to apply bitumen patches over rust from underneath, then sprayed with underseal. Drive it on dirt roads for a couple of kms and no one's the wiser.....apparently. Closer inspection revealed they'd done this in the boot floor also. I know some cars have bitumen sound deadening, but this stuff was repco-grade stuff, complete with what appeared to be chinese branding still visible in places. Around this time I should also mention - I checked this car over pretty thoroughly. It's not my first rodeo, so places like behind the fuse box, upper scuttle area, inner arches and lower arch areas I had been pretty thorough on. Being this far in I could only cut more out, and fix it PROPERLY. And possibly buy more whiskey.
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    Yeap sold pretty quick. Phone was blowing up on friday. Crazy. Maybe it was too cheap🤔
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    Stickers stuck, clearcoated, and some new hardware on the 6 pot bananas.
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    Just picked up a 2012 750i, what a fantastic car.
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    Fellow superior car lovers, thank you for having be a part of your family. I own an e23 and recently purchased an e30 so will be keen to go through the many threads to find the answers I need. Also I'm looking for any e23 body kits/ valances and boot spoilers Cheers. No pics of the e30 yet I wont be picking it up till next weekend. 20190727_172013.heic 20190716_124828.heic 20190720_153634.heic 20190713_214554.heic 20190713_214559.heic
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    2001 E39 530i should be M54B30 unless Boston has another project
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    Thanks I guess this sithe reason people dont pursue To many stories that dont seem to back up the fabled "CONTRACT".
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    Mmmm one of the nicest ones left........wish I had a warehouse.......
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    The 4 door looks great! It's a shame BMW missed this generation. The coupe is driving the best it has in 7 years / 80k now Ray! Thanks Sam / HellBM for the new dampers, steering coupling and diff/motor oil services. Feels like a new car.
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    +1 this. Please let us live vicariously.
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    A great buy for someone. Hopefully they get restored and put back on the road. And whoever the buyer is, please document your progress on here so we can enjoy the journey with you.
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    Awesome car. Top notch condition. Seen few that match it.
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    Obviously depends where in Auckland, but try SJ @BMTHUG at Apex Auto on Porana Road. He's a good guy, and has owned and looked after E30s for many years.
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    It even has the mirrors and fenders. What on earth?
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    One is required, but more are probably appreciated, given the price,by prospective purchasers.
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    Nice. Is that the one that eurosport were selling earlier in the year?
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    And from a dealer. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2355284616
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    ZF Lifeguard is mineral oil based and technically not that special... but vital it be used in OEM warranty repair. ZF Germany worked with Q8 Belgium when developing Q8 Unitrans ATF which has ZF approval and modestly priced. I use it in my Jaguar's ZF gearbox... Q8 Lubricants manufacture lubricants in Europe that are of exceptional quality. NZ Agent is Bluepak Lubricants, based in Plimmerton, Unitrans is ex stock I'm told. Mike Glover, Kerikeri.
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    Easy... but you need a bit of height off the ground to get the undertray off, wheel arch liners also easy... follow your nose... get some more little plastic rivets first etc.
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    No codes or limp mode with the E36. I sure I read when deleting mine, that to get the plate on you needed to remove the headers. I see if I can find the link I followed
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    Rattle hunting today Every since i bought the E39, about 6 months ago, there has been a loose metallic "jangle" or rattle from the drivers side ffront wheel well area. local shop checked it out when doing other work, reported nothing loose. Had some time today and decided to check it out myself, removed the wheel, inspected suspension bits, stone guard and rattle clips. All seemed tight with no extra noise. Moved to the under side of the car, knocking on the undertray - bingo! rattly, loose screws and washers all over the under side With a number of scews / bolts actaully missing and others loose plenty of tightening followed with 2screws not able to be tightened as they dont seem to be fasteneing into anything on the otherside, these 2 were re- stuck in place with wads of bluetack (ghetto i know but a more permanent solution once road tested)
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    - Stage 3 shifts are approx. 25% faster (according to their website) - Paddle response is faster (my 07 335i shifts almost as fast as my brother's F10 M5 DCT), HUGE improvement over stock - The torque limit before the TCU forces an upshift is raised in each gear - In M mode the car will never upshift on its own even when approaching/hitting redline. This could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the driver. I like it as in first gear with MHD the optimal shift point (if trying to go fast) is in the high 6k range while redline is at 7k. - Automatic rev-matches on downshifts in S and M mode, sounds great and feels smoother when slowing down quickly That being said, in D mode the stage 3 tune is not aggressive in the slightest. Feels very smooth and is perfect for daily driving. If I were you I would just flash straight to stage 3, which also seems to be the consensus on other forums from my research.
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    2 Series active tourer, they're as nasty as they are ugly, and the three cylinder one I see around sounds like its chewing on ball bearings. Been around for 5 odd years, luckily they dont seem to sell many.
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    Love childen of Transformers and Fast and Furious franchises
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    Kayne Barrie motorsport would be a good person to do the vanos for you. He is just north of Auckland, so you would need to ship but he has a very solid reputation.
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    Been a month of waiting on items from the USA. Decided to give Youshop a go again after a break from them. Big mistake. They send me a notice that customs fees and gst are due, won't tell me how much or how to pay. For an additional $60 they will gain you that privilege, by being your 'broker' LOL LOL get f u c k e d ! Or, you can do it your self. So I did. Send through the required info, then get the automatic reply saying they are a week behind in processing. Wait a week, and still nothing. Grrrrrr. So as we know 1st of December is the 'cut-off' date from avoiding gst and other fees for items < ~$400. So yep, understandable, lots of orders coming in.... No issues with paying the gst, but waiting for 2 weeks for some c**t to process some fees is pretty piss poor.
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    Agreed on grounding kit. Causing no harm leaving it in there as long as you stop it melting. Also probably causing no benefit leaving it in there too though. Very common on jap import stuff.
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    I should have looked closer lol. Too busy multitasking with Bathurst.
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    exactly, I don't know about other council's but Auckland has a lot of "closed door meetings" .
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    Hunted down some crackly speaker in the passenger front door. Turns out is tweeter, checked connection and gave it a tighten, also took some treble out of the mix. Also replaced foam around said tweeter as the factory foam had turned to dust. Snapped 4 old clips putting door on had to break out the spares, fiddly damn things.
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    Not sure if you have it, but BMW diagnostic software such as ISTA or INPA you can run a test to find out what component is triggering the alarm. It could be a faulty door or bonnet switch, or it could be the motion sensor inside the car.
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    Buy exactly what Beisan says to buy, including any uprated BMW parts. Have you checked if BMW will actually install it for you? I'd be very surprised if they said yes. You really want somebody that has done it before to do it for you, that'll be much faster, less expensive and less risky. If you simply can't find somebody with experience then you need a trusted shop and they need to read and understand the entire procedure before they give you a quote. Most will simply say "no" when they see the procedure. Don't do a cash job, you need CGA cover if your engine goes boom. If you're handy it's a good job to do yourself. The alternative, which will take your car off the road for a while, is to remove the unit, send it to somebody (like Kayne Barrie) and have them rebuild it and send it back. An off the shelf rebuilt unit will be expensive... not a route I'd go down. Regardless of what the instructions say make sure you use a new valve gasket kit.
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    Great work. Looks like the previous owner was allergic to maintenance.
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    I’m from Northern Ireland, been in NZ almost 6 years, and I had 2 Alpina’s over there. A B3S Touring and a C2 2.7, I sold the B3S a few years back but still have the C2 2.7
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    All NZ new E46 M3's are registered as 4wd.
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