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    As requested by some of you a stand alone projectthread for my E39 530i - this will stop me spamming the WDYDTYC thread lol Backstory - April 2019 I decided to look fo an E39, 530i to replace my mint E46 320i, the E46 had served me very well for 9 years, i had modded it to the end of my wishlist and after a BME Club trip to Tokaanu with a 3 year and 5week old, my theory about needing a bigger sedan with the arrival of Bodhi, was proven correct. upon my return home - the search began. After looking at a few as "do ups" i decided as mint as i could get for 7k ish was the way to go. I wont go too deep into the unicorn i let go the previous year, as it still burns me - and was recently sold again - a mint individual grey 530i, nz New, with color matched interior stitiching. After some further searching and a well timed post on the BMW Car Club NZ Facebook page a local example was coming up for sale, a couple of views, a test drive and it was mine. it was mint enough for the 6k price tag including a full service history, with a few things needed doing to fit my desire for a "Project " Since picking the car up in April i have done (all in the WDYDTYC thread) some optional other maintenance / replacement of worn parts - brakes rotors and pads -recon ABS pump & booster - GROM Bluetooth adapter - refurbished parcel shelf and installed child seat anchors -new rear suspension links, top hats, spring pads etc to even the rise height out -panel beating to the drivers side frot shock tower (under bonnet) to straighten it out -new "Pork chops" to replace smashed ones incl dnew hardwas for the centre undertray also ( this cobined with other wrok makes me think the car was nose dived at some stage or repeately abused leaving an angled driveway - new arm rest inserts and handle - Bavsound speaker upgrade (awesome) - tinted windows -Replaced front and rear windows gaskets - made hard in the front by a misalinged windscreen and lots of glue used by whomeeer did that job - spark plug change -gear box flush - oil change and all filters, cabin etc... - new camshaft intake angle sensor - 2nd hand mint drivers side auto dimm mirror - paint correction at Auto Niche, Hamilton - claybar and degrease wheels - replaced center caps in wheels Future works - 2003 sterring wheel with multifunction and paddle shift ( in the garage just need ot sort install) - refurb the style 42s - new passenager mirror or great 2nd hand one - fix rip in drivers seat side bolster ( on the look out for material from good condition m psort rear seat) - new windscreen cowel - newA pillar trims (middle clipswere borken whe nwindscreen replaced, i beleive) Any further updates will be sposted here in due corse Cheers the old E46 The new to me E39
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    Thought I'd share this with the group as it may spark some nostalgic interest. Was given to me from my neighbour. Twelve A2 art prints from the '80s or '90s im guessing. Now to find a wall to show them off on. Oh, wine bottle for scale too.
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    Hey @balancerider Well - here are my observations... great daily driver - although the start/stop engine behaviour is quite unsettling at first, and the not putting the key in the ignition is also a new thing for me average fuel consumption on mostly urban driving is ~11.2l/100KM - so lower than all the others, as you'd hope for a much more modern vehicle! It is nice having all the modern tech - BT audio and phone are the most useful - but not sure if anything else really matters Black paint is a pain 😮 the modern turbo six sounds beautiful and the torque is epic - very different to all the other NA vehicles. On the digital sport gauges it is reporting 240KW against a claimed 225KW - but who knows if this is correct... steering is nice and light but firms up in sport mode flies very well along country roads and handles great despite not being a Motorsport model - was great on the recent Napier/Hastings trip the blindspot detection doesn't seem to work at all - will get that checked when it goes in for a service at Winger After spending a lot of time driving this vehicle, it's safe to say that something like this (especially a touring) is quite conceivably all the BMW you ever need - super nice to be in, goes like the clappers with buckets of instant power - and handles well, while being reasonable on fuel. That said, I enjoy all the different driving experiences with the vehicles we have, and the V10 M5 still makes me smile the most. Driving the 335i has put a F80 M3 somewhere in my future plans... turbo 6 3-series = a damned good thing!
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    Jesus rides a horse and has chosen not to drive a BMW.
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    Cleaned it - is there anything better than a properly clean steering wheel? ☺️
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    Some illegal parking for an update.
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    Hallway wall has been ear-marked for it.
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    The thought has crossed my mind - and there's some reasonable options like this: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2418435201.htm - my preferred colour combination and including a 3yr MBI - for $24K. But the MBI approach of 'fix it when it fails' with cover up to XX per failure doesn't work so well if you need a V10 engine rebuild and you're only covered for $5-$10K. Replacing one 15yr-old high performance car with another old one of the same type also carries the risk of trading or repeating sets of problems. And what do i do with the current vehicle? Jon's had an M5 in with 60KMs and much worse bearing wear - so KMs is only an indicator. The FB group shows that the bearings can be worn at all sorts of ages - or not. Without going into the engine you don't know if the crankshaft is actually OK. In actuality the fault list isn't huge at present... small coolant leak - every BMW gets leaks stuffed mirror glass - relatively minor fuel sender - an annoyance worn bearings - expected Common sense - if you need/expect cars to have fewer problems, don't buy BMWs, don't buy M cars and buy much newer vehicles. This is a bonkers 2005 500HP supercar that cost over $200K when new and is only worth $20K now ... which makes it cheap, but not really. I remember when i was looking at buying an AMG E55 each airbag suspension unit was $1800 to replace, and they're a common failure item. Colleague of mine was faced with a Merc CLK convertible power arm replacement costing $7K. 🤔
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    Hi All, My partners E30 is up for sale. $4500 ONO WOF: 18/07/2020 Rego: 08/09/2020 Odometer: 277904 kms Odometer did not work for a period of time. I would estimate total kms over 300000 kms. Odometer has been fixed. Reg: ZF2265 VIN: WBAAD220503885101 Australian Import Date of Production: 01/03/1989 Year of First Registration (Australia): 1989 Date of First NZ Registration: 09/06/2000 Positives: -Strong, healthy motor and drivetrain. -Extensive servicing and records up to date going back to 2010. -Inspection I completed 14/02/2019 267256 kms -Oil Service completed 08/10/2019 276932 kms -Smooth suspension (Bilstein Shocks) -Paint in fair condition. -Electric sunroof works as it should. Issues: -Aircon inoperative. Compressor clutch is not engaging. System is still pressurised. -Rust area on sunroof panel and boot lid by spoiler. -Front leather seats cracked through to foam on bases. Seat covers included. -Head unit inoperative. -Original front floor mats missing. Rears included. -Rear window motors are getting weak, still work, just slowly. -Rear swaybar removed, can be included.
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    The average joe doesn’t have $20-30k to drop on a car. Let alone something that is more a weekend car/hobby/something that is going go to require on going R&M like an aging M3. Some might be able to via business or adding into the mortgage, but I’d say most don’t. So enter the dealers where they can offer cheap and easy finance. Easier for people who can’t afford it, to afford it. I thought the four door M3 was a good price (going off the ad and pics). There was ample time for an enthusiast to purchase that car, as it had been on the market for a while... snooze you loose I guess.
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    Go to your local BMW dealership, they should be able to sort you out for free
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    What a gorgeous car. Worth doing the hard yards of maintenance to get the most out of it.
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    Here's a review of the M5 E39 M5 Review Then the M5 is the star of the movie Movie star Then the short version E39 M5
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    I like this far more than is healthy for me...
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    Nice work Dave, got there in the end. Looks a real find especially at the price
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    Sounds like the OP is meaning it pulses when the car is stationary? Does it have active steering?
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    Easier to leave the stabaliser in place, disconnect the steering shaft, keep the lines bolted, loosen front arm at hub side and center one at the crossmember, then get to sideshafts and diff.
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    Job well done by Tony from Wheel Magician! The wife's Mazda wheels... BEFORE And AFTER And with our BMW Car Club discount Nice. Now to deal with the bulge in the last pic above that Tony spotted. I didn't ask for Goodrides to be put on - Driscolls had been putting Hankooks on it previously but I should have checked. 😕 Details matter... https://tiresvote.com/articles/tuv-sud-2019-235-35-r19-uhp-summer-tire-test/
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    Wow, those are absolutely awesome prints. Those all framed up and mounted together would look spectacular. What a great neighbour.
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    Easiest way i can see to tell if its an LSD is to pop the fill plug out and have a look in and see what the diff center looks like. IIRC most if not all aftermarket LSDs are enclosed, whilst the stock open diff should be open with the spider gears visible.
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    I did a 53m straight line (ish) twin wheel skid in the Falcon with an open diff. Gave up when I wasn’t sure I’d catch it Then bought new rears the following month. That was auto too @M3AN
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    Uno momento, por favor! https://www.davesanthology.com/public/images/automotive/e87/130i/Diff/FUNWON_Diff_Action.mp4
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    Collected today. Farewell black beauty, may you serve your new master as well as you served me. ❤️
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    dash cams front and rear,record while parked option
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    How about this? No idea if it helps https://www.trademe.co.nz/2483868085
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    I was thinking the same thing. If he thinks he can get 33k for then fair enough, the market will decide and it will sit there on the yard for another year plus. If you want to buy it offer them $25k and see how you go Its no different from buying something from facebook marketplace for below market rates and then selling it on trade me for market rate for a profit.
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    Sparks should be easy enough to reach. Did them in my M5 just removing the covers as you mentioned.
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    You can buy it as a personalised plate - you will need to prove ownership of car etc etc to servicenz@licensys.com - they control the remanufacture of previously issued plates. There is a form (MR19) that you need to fill out, then flick that through with ID and the veh documentation. They'll 'release' the plate for reissue, then I guess you work with kiwiplates (was plates.co.nz back when I did it) to buy the thing. Any questions sing out, I can probably dig up some old emails or something to illustrate the process.
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    Nice car, GLWS. The side skirts look very '80s Testarossa style (I'm that old I can remember these type of kits on everything, from Escorts, to Golfs to Porsches!). However, the rear end looks a lot better with that rear skirt, it's always bugged me how the rear valence is a lot higher than the bottom of the sills - looks a bit odd from a number of angles.
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    What does your valve cover gasket look like? That looks like the o-ring for spark plug holes on the valve cover gasket.
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    Subaru upper engine cleaner used to be the recommended one but ive never used it myself. Ive also seen a CRC version intake cleaner at Repco. If its real bad and baked on then i would think media blasting would be the only way to do a thorough job.
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    The sixes arent "faultless", but the fours are utter dogs. Anything 323i or bigger will be a six. Obviously a 330i would be the best.
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    There are very few Alpina's here as only ever second hand imported (apart from a single black B7 sedan brought in by BMW NZ). There's an F10 D5 and an E39 B10 V8 on tardme atm.
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    Summer spruce up pt2 Front wheel cleaned inside and out as per previous post, and guard liners aka pork chops replaced with new Latvian, non cracked ones. Made a few discoveries today, first was the mint and well used Japanese spanner in the passenger side guard liner, no doubt dropped in there before the car was imported. The being that the drivers side under tray is misaligned due to mashed brackets and a missing section of bumper where the porkchop slots in, all screw holes etc are accounted for so it is secure but could be better, will address in a future mission. Really like how the spanner is worn on one end of the text, potentially shows a lot of use by the mechanic who eventually lost it.
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    well done at one time i thought we had lost you to some other manufacturer
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    Steering wheel trim fitted. Should of been an easy 15min job but Murphy's Law. I got a alloy one off ebay the looked the same as my wood trim as far as i would tell in photos. After spending forever trying to find suitable machine screws that were missing off the base (this trim uses these and a little nut to secure to wheel buttons instead of self tappers into plastic), it appears this trim must have different internal curvature or has slightly smaller prongs as it doesn't sit perfectly even after some leather trimming. I don't think most would notice but its all BMW to blame on this one, so many slightly different variants for E46\E39\E53 wheel trims that supposedly use the same wheels, kinda sh*t i expect from the Japanese.
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    If you can find a stock 135 exhaust its a nice easy upgrade for more sound without being too obnoxious.
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    I'm super keen on it too but most certainly won't be nearing 20k from me. E36 M3s are better choice, just saying..
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    As per before, its a 525ee ETA model, Auto. I keep thinking about engine swapping it, but it drives so nice i cant do it, 98% of the time it just sits in my garage, I'd daily it if I didnt have a company car. It has aircon and all the bits, rides on BC gold coilovers, I also have full stock suspension that goes with the car, and the factory flares on the lips. the sunroof has some rust bubbles but I have new seal and was keeping my eye out for a good second hand sunroof Has fresh paint to get rid of the peel look. newish wof, about a month old, log reg... im not a kid, this is a clean car, but I want to swap a manual into my z4 and put and LSD in it so something has to go. Oh it has a amp sub and new headunit and speakers. Interior is clean and brown stripes, really cool old wagon. Im not really negotiable, but try your luck, $7500, that is in my opinion bloody cheap for a cool summer cruiser, everytime i take it out i end up getting into long chats with young and old.
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    Im so jealous. I really want a Titan E39 540i.
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    176,600 kms. Addressed a few cosmetic items that have been bugging me. Driver's side mirror. The 540i's came with auto-dimming side mirrors. At some point in this car's history the passenger side mirror had been replaced with the standard blue-tinted mirror. The driver's side was still the original auto-dimming, and surprisingly had no leaks and functioned perfectly. But the inconsistency annoyed me, plus I like the classic BMW blue tint. Found a cheap blue mirror glass off Ali Express for $25 and swapped it in. Also used the opportunity to give the mirror housing a good clean and remove any spiders and bugs that had made their homes in there. Old: New: The driver's door seal was ripped and looking terrible. Replaced this. This was surprisingly difficult. BMW makes the seals to the precisely correct length, so it took many attempts to get the seal to line up correctly without cutting any additional seal off. The interior was in desperate need of a clean. Gave it as good of a clean as I had time to do. Some time this summer I'll spend a weekend on the entire car. I also tried to adjust the coolant gauge to read more accurately, like I did in my 530i. I made the same changes to the code using PA Soft 1.4 as I did in the 530i, without any luck. Turns out the 540i is different. So I reverted it back to the original settings. If anyone knows how to do this for a 540i please let me know!
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    Stickers stuck, clearcoated, and some new hardware on the 6 pot bananas.
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    500km on it now, still being gentle on the clutch, but, some thoughts. Its hard to break up whats doing what, since did so much at once - But Turn is night and day difference. It feels agile AF. The front end is so much more reactive, and you can feel the extra camber. Body roll is minimal, significantly less than the M sport sway bars. Gokart is a bit cliche, but Gokart. The ride is different, hard to say if its softer or firmer. It is MUCH more compliant, but can now feel the road. Its like its deleted the potholes, but left the road behind. No more crashiness, however the assometer now senses the pebbles. Back end feels very planted, no more squirmyness under hard (in gear) acceleration. With the clutch still being babied, its hard to say how effective the LSD will be, however in all the wet weather have definitely noticed the lack of the DSC light on the dash flashing at me every 2 minutes. BMW should have talked to Birds when they originally did the suspension setup, probably not the M3 geometry stuff as its a little darty for the average numpty, but the B1 sway bars, springs, and shocks are a thousand times better than the M kit setup as a road car. 3 thumbs up. Have been watching my oil leak, its very minor, can wait until the next oil change and Ill do it and probably the engine mounts when Im there.
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    Well this is coming up to 200k on the clock and instead of selling it I decided to give it a facelift and a refresh Decided to replace all bushes, arms and joints in the front and rear suspension. Then into a full groom, just some of the cleaning produces required for the job Start under the bonnet
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    Gee I haven't posted in here for ages. So yes, I pulled the motor out, and did the VANOS. In pulling the motor, I managed to rip a chunk out of my sound deadening on the firewall, and also snap off one of the little rods that the sound deadening screws onto. Figured that with megameet 2018 just around the corner, I'd get a mate to weld it back on, and I'd slap some decent deadening in, and away I would go. Oh sweet summer child. Was not the right welder for the job, and was turned up too high. Blew straight through. Note to anyone else wanting to do this. Just use liquid metal. For some reason I thought that after that ordeal, I should get him to weld up my front inner guard, as I'd made a bit of a mess pulling out the mounting for the airbox. Again, a bit nope. So with the damage done, I abandoned my hopes of going to mega meet in my car. And it went to a panel shop.
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