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    Hi, new to the group and have just purchased a classic 1967 1802 so hoping for help advice and any other insights to this cool little car. pretty keen to get some Alpina or minilite wheels on her...ideally Alpina I've also got a 1975 R75/6 but thats a whole other thing.... so I guess I love the classics. its currently inNelson but should be up here in Akld next month after having a stint at Cartel Works http://cartel.works/
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    Pulled the trigger once I got the all clear from she who must be obeyed 😂. Traded my 535i M-Sport Touring for an M5. Beautiful day to put some rubber down too. 😎
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    Hi all, Recently picked up a 1994 NZ New E36 M3 from Christchurch and drove it back up to Auckland. I wasn't specifically looking for one as I had been building an E36 328i for the track but when it comes down to it the 328i will never be as good as an M3. The S50 is an amazing engine and I've missed my old M3 (and the ones before that..) ever since I sold it/them. Being a 1994 the car started life as a PFL 3.0 M3 but in circa 2012, it underwent a transformation which includes the updated and superior S50B32, 6 speeds 420G, steering rack, arms, brakes, cluster and interior all from a donor with 90,000km. From what I can see, the only things that remain PFL include a medium case diff, climate control, steering wheel and colour (Avus blue). I still haven't worked out what the car is in my mind- a frankenstein M3? 'M3 evo'? ultimate 'PFL M3'? I want to say its an evo but I know that's not strictly correct so I guess its just an M3. Here are some pics anyway. So far the only real thing I've done is wash it and take the hideous wheels off. The engine bay needs a lot of loving. Currently borrowing some DS1s from. @atlantiskiwi
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    Trademe. What a steaming turd it's become. It was bad when I left NZ a few years back. And now that I am back it is so much worse. It is just littered with overseas sellers peddling their utter trash products. We have no way of rating the products. Just the seller. Of which nobody bothers to do. If you are going to allow all this sh*t on the site they need to change to a Amazon style rating system. We need product reviews and ratings. 5000+ 5 star seller ratings doesn't help me see if the product I am buying from them is junk.
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    I’m from Northern Ireland, been in NZ almost 6 years, and I had 2 Alpina’s over there. A B3S Touring and a C2 2.7, I sold the B3S a few years back but still have the C2 2.7
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    Heres some interior pikkies - I'll do some exterior ones once the weather clears. The car has the "big toolkit" and its only missing the pick for adjusting the tappets. The steering wheel is a factory option one that came from a highly spec'ed 3.0Si that we owned - original wheel is included in the spares Only trim inside the cabin that was retrimmed was the seats - carpets are original. I replaced the original english spec Panasonic cassette player with an early Alpine unit - the original is in the spares, along with a period OEM spec Blaupunkt . The car did very little miles in the UK - the original owner brought this solely as an investment whilst on his OE - so the underside has had no exposure to the typical salted roads The rust in the car was around the chrome trims and the usual E3 rust traps - leading edge of the bonnet was probably the worst. The car's WoF expires this month - but will be WoFed when sold, and the car is located in Wellington
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    Picked up a project for cheap that i’ll be building in to a hopefully reliable and presentable daily driver. 2001 Jap Import 530i Touring with 279,000kms What was really appealing is that it’s been fitted with a gen M5 front bumper but the factory xenons have been replaced with halogen headlights. That’s going to be sorted soon. It’s in pretty average condition but the paint and body panels are good which makes this an ideal project for me. The engine is a beaut too. The list of to do’s go something like... -Front Suspension o’haul including msport shocks and 25mm lowering springs -18 Staggered wheels -a slight drop in the rear (factory self leveling suspension) -Fit a business rds radio to get nz stations and fit a bluetooth adapter that integrates with the factory setup -Replace the povo interior with Leather seats and door cards, fit the technical graphite/cubic finisher strips -Fit the correct Msport parts behind and under the front bumper -Cooling system overhaul, fuel filter, mictofilters. Give the paint a polish and wax and a heap of misc bits n pieces to bring it back to its glory.
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    2185XX km Few cosmetic things tidied up today. Bonnet resprayed It was always a little dull but it really has faded to the point it was starting to get a big rust patch in it. The Body Stable in Miramar did the work. Before: After: Seemed like a good time to put some gloss black grills in and new badge. New mirror glass: The last one I got to replace the leaking one was for the smaller mirrors, now we are back to big mirrors on both side Steering wheel: I wanted the facelift one but with the airbag recall and not what it was murky waters. I picked this up for a bargain on trademe and fitted my airbag which isn't a takata defective one. Big difference is this has no leather missing from the wheel itself and also has some nice tri colour trim. I gave it a going over with the toothbrush before installing. before: after:
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    Hi Guys, Thought I would say hi and introduce myself. I’ve been a lurker on here for a few years, and after a long hunt I finally managed to find a nice M3 to buy around 15 months ago, and been enjoying it as a weekend car ever since!
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    Nice to see such an honest description, GLWS.
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    Day 355: One month later, they're finally on the car! They look even better than I originally thought. Stellar! Massive thank you to the guys at wheelfixit, and OCD for making these wheels look a million bucks! I'm kinda thinking about getting some Ti bolts thrown on to finish the look. Still deciding though as the opinion on them seem rather mixed. the OE wheels will be retired for now. Might make a good set of track wheels in the future!
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    Aaaaaaand... it’s finally here! Now I have to do without it for another couple days while it gets ceramic treated 😕 Interestingly, I was convinced it was coming with run-flats - all the marketing guff mentioned RF’s and the sales guy reckoned they fitted Pirelli P-Zeros. But the actual car arrived with Michelin Pilot Super Sport’s. I’m not complaining. 🤷‍♂️
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    Interesting thread. If I was in the market (which I'm not) for an M car, then this would be in serious contention: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2157038245. High kms yes, but seems no expense spared by PO. Two less doors and impractical but an M6 would be so much fun! IMO - if you got a V10 M car for under $20K and got at least 12 months of 'maintenance only' (oil/inspection services and fuel) bills then you are ahead. After that just enjoy it and fix things as they happen (cos they will happen eventually as with any car. The risk , as should be accepted, is just higher with these). You would be paid in many, many smiles every time you drive it and these will far outweigh any purchase + maintenance costs and headaches. Trust me 😎. I reckon we sometimes get a little too wrapped up in a 'preventative maintence' mindset and forget to actually drive and enjoy our cars (thats the universal 'we' and 'our') 😀. I sometimes wish I still had one when I do my long trips and get stuck in traffic through the Desert Road haha
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    After that, things went on hold for a few months while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do for wheels. A little while ago, I picked up a 5 lug adapter kit from a r3vlimited user. I was planning to use it on the coupe, but then abandoned that idea when I got a front RX7 brake kit (designed for the factory 4 lug). Well, I was still hoping to use the RX7 brakes on the touring with the TRM C1 wheels. But that would require spacers (nope), or chopping the front struts up and having the coilover sleeve shortened and welded lower down. That seemed like a lot of work. So a few weeks ago, I decided to do a 5 Lug conversion on the touring. The front would be done with the adapter kit, standard E36 front wheel bearing/hub, E36 328i rotors and calipers. The rear would be done with trailing arms from a 318ti, and potentially E34 brakes at some point. Remember those 16" Style 5 wheels I picked a while back? They're going on the touring. Freshly wrapped in some Michelin rubber. That is some good motivation right there. The touring had been sitting under a cover for a few months. Time to get it airborne again. I had already managed to source the parts I needed for the front end, so I jumped on that first. The E30 front brakes and hubs all came off without an issue. I mocked up the hub adapter with the E36 hubs, Things fit nicely. I slapped a used 328i rotor on and got a wheel bolted on to check for fitment. Not too shabby. The main nut of the hub adapter doesn't have a locking tap like the factory setup. Instead, it uses a left hand threaded locking nut. This requires a thread on the inside of the end of the spindle. This is done with a left hand M16x1.5 thread. Quite and annoying size to find. Ready to go with the caliper adapter. New rotors with some EBC greenstuff pads. All bolted up. Here you can see the L/H locking bolt. Not bad. So this is basically where I am at the moment. I'm still waiting on trailing arms to do the rear end 5 lug. I'm going to drop the whole rear subframe, clean it up, and then paint it. Then I'll rebuild it with the 318ti arms, some poly bushings and new stainless brake lines. If anyone around Christchurch has some E36 318ti compact rear suspension available, I'm interested. That's it for the massive post dump. Peace.
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    So since I don't have weekends to do anything fun, but still wanted something to tinker with, I decided on a longer-term tidy up project. Loosely "tidy up", as it will likely take much sweat and blood and probably a bucket load of $$ to bring this unloved wagon back to some sort of respectability. I have a vague idea of how I want this to turnout, but initially it will be a matter of cleaning up, sanitising it and making sure it's road worthy. Rough list of things which need addressing: Exterior: peeling clear coat, few dents, few small rust spots Interior: seats, door trims, roof lining, a really good clean Engine seems healthy, although wanting to upgrade later down the line Mechanical list of things pending WoF Wish me luck!
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    Have been looking into a CSL-style bootlid (Seibon Carbon) and diffuser, but undecided as at yet (have heard mixed reviews re fitment with the CSL-style bootlids). Anyhow, latest updates: I've since fixed the missing lip on the bootlid, left-rear door trim, centre caps and fitted Bimmerworld adjustable rear camber arms. The earlier-style mirror modules (non-ribbon-cable) have also been retrofitted, and the GM coded accordingly, so the M3 mirrors are fully functional on a car that originally used ribbon-cable mirrors. 😀
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    New shoes for the new suspension setup.
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    ~~WARNING PHOTO DUMP~~ Little delayed, but spent the weekend honing the dark arts of photography with various people! First set was taken with @CSET Second set with the coolest mini in existence! (as featured in earlier posts ) FIRST SET: SECOND SET: AAAALLLLRRRIIIGGGHHHTTTYYY! That's enough photo dumps for a few weeks
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    Great pics from @Azukamii the other night. Swapped out some of the race stuff for winter.
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    To all those who don’t believe in the E92 M3 and those contemplating buying one, just do it, after you find the right one of course. Searched for almost three years for my NZ new Competition Pack, found it, bought it, love it. I have just completed a 2200 kms road trip in 96 hours around the North Island. Loved every second of it; main roads, back roads, cruising, hooning. The car is capable, quick and an absolute pleasure to drive. The last sector of my road trip was Mercer to Whangarei - 215 kms at cruising and ‘slightly’ over legal speeds. 18 litres of 98. Unless I’m mistaken that’s 8.4 l/100kms. That is hard to believe from a car with grunt to burn, a noise to die for, and an M3 badge on its tail. Don’t know anything about the 335i but this I do know, as my BMW mechanic tried to push me that way as well, it is not and never will be an M3.
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    Hi Guys I've finally moved on from the old E39 to the newer F10, so am looking to sell the long-serving 530i. Some of you might remember the car from many years ago. The car is certainly in need of some TLC to get her back up to scratch - but has many positives too, and would make for a really good project for whoever has some time and effort to put into it. Please read below for positives & negatives. I have listed all details which I am aware of at this stage. Car Details: 2002 BMW 530i Motorsport INDIVIDUAL E39 NZ New 265,000 kms Le-Mans Blue Metallic Black Leather Interior with INDIVIDUAL package blue stitching, and with aluminum trim. M-Sport package including door-trims, steering wheel, wheels, front/rear bumpers etc. Positives: Although high kms - engine and gearbox seem to be just as powerful and smooth as ever - car has had regular servicing throughout my ownership (I have had this car since 130,000km ish). Interior condition - namely Leather + Trim etc. - in very good condition for its age - aside from some minor issues which will be mentioned below. All 4 tyres have very good tread - approx 70%+ all round. Paint condition - overall - is decent, especially when considering the Kms. Car still has a current Rego. - Expires late July. Stereo just as good as ever, car comes with tube subwoofer/amp in boot. Negatives: Front Brake Rotors likely worn - causing steering wheel to shake while braking - will need replacement. - Rears look OK. On occasions there appears to be a water leak on passenger rear side - I believe this is possibly due to rear windscreen seals being worn - Car has mostly been stored in the garage so has been OK. Front Bumper has a significant number of small stone chips - simply just from the mileage - could use a respray. Front passenger side fog light cracked. Slight fading on headlights - might buff out (common with most E39s). 2 known rear left Parking sensors (PDC) broken, as such the PDC system is non-functional - could use sensor replacements. Front Drivers seat recline adjustment issues - seat can still slide forward/back, however seat struggles to recline - possibly seat recline motor - still gets power all OK. Steering wheel decay from heat/use, functional but cracked/wear n tear at the top (see photo). Dent in drivers side door (approx 10cm). Rear bumper small wave/warping in center - paint all OK. Small dent/scratch on rear passenger side pillar area. Main key remote low on battery, other ones are completely dead (don't work) - this is possibly causing the alarm to go off randomly on very rare occasion - could just be key battery. Spare wheel in boot has a flat/damaged tyre on it. As you can see, this car can certainly be brought back to its former glory with a little time and effort. I still love driving this thing, even compared to much newer cars. The E39 is really a timeless classic. Looking for around the $2,500 mark - or give me an offer. Car is in Takanini, Auckland. Contact me on 021 778 376 for any further questions or to arrange a viewing/test drive etc. Cheers DaveO
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    Obtained some leather door cards from pickapart. Had to get a bit feral on the wreck as the doors were all deadlocked. No key for it and even hooking a battery up to unlock the doors didn't work so i had to resort to using a holesaw and a large crowbar. I got the idea after watching a YouTube clip of someone opening a deadlocked door using a crow bar by peeling off the outer doorskin to reveal the locking mechanism. The doors opened minutes later. Picked up an msport steering wheel and started replacing the woodgrain trims.
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    Yeah. For those familiar with Cambridge, I saw a highway patrol at the start of the 50kmh zone on Cambridge Rd one foggy morning (coming into Cambridge from Te Awamutu, common/easy spot for them to sit and catch people going over 50kmh). I pulled over and asked him why he wasn't worried about people driving at open road speeds with no headlights on in heavy fog, and pointed out a couple of cars going past with no lights on. He spun some bullshit about people speeding in urban areas. And people wonder why the standard of driving is f**ked in this country.
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    Best $10 spent ever. Found this hiding in the boot of a wreck at Zebra.
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    Well it’s been a while! Time for a update I think the pictures will speak for themselves 😱
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    1972 BMW 3.0S - manual. I'd thought I'd see if there is any interest in the car here before firing onto other car sales sites. The car hasnt been restored, but had any rust cut out and a bare metal respray back in 2006 by the Surgery in Tawa. The seats were reupholstered in materials closely matching the original textures and colours at the same time. Car is a good runner - I suspect that the engine had some work prior to us purchasing the car - in January we took it on a camping road trip - Wellington to Coromandel via the East Coast - only issue was perished rubber exhaust hangers that needed to be replaced on route. Huge amount of spares available with the car including panel cuts from a rust free 2500 we wrecked. Car is currently on 15 inch E34 rims - but there are a number of 14 inch wheel options within the spares including... virtually unused set of steel wheels, hubcaps and trims, two sets of the correct option alloy wheels and hubcaps, and a genuine set of 1970s Minilite alloys. Included in the sale is set of BMW Workshop manuals for the E3, Part 2 of the parts manual for the E3, original brochures from the Earl's Court Motor Show that the original owner got prior to purchasing the car, and a pair of Midlock carb balancers for setting up the carbies. This isnt a car I had intended to sell, but but health has taken a major turn for the worse - and I need to empty my garage I was hoping to get around $12K for the car, but am open to offers
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    The E46 is back! Here's the list from the PPI Replaced leaking rocker cover gasket and seals Replace water pump Replace A/C and fan belts Coolant Replace driver's mirror glass (had some blotches) Replace both front seat belts (not retracting well) and left rear belt (frayed) Install new front tyres (came with the car ) Fit 2nd hand ABS pump and bleed brake system - code ABS unit The auto electrician who coded the ABS unit reckoned it's the nicest E46 he's seen/driven. Only thing not done is the boot lights - Auto38 is tracking the right ones down... Great to have it back Do notice that the fuel consumption needle seems to be very laggy compared to the one in the E53.
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    Well about time for another update. First is conceeding that i need some more time to get the E30 back on the road, and with the missus coming back from Florida and needing her car back, this post will go on a quick E38 tangent before coming back to the E30. i decided to go for the 740iL i posted above. I probably would have looked about for another car, but my friends 540i manual that i mentioned above (and in pics below) is starting to get rattly timing chains. he is a bit tighter than me, so instead of fixing what he has its more cost effieicent for him to throw a good motor at it, so thats probably what will happen to this 7 in a few months. By and large, it actually has been looked after well, with a very large stack of reciepts, and underneath there is no rust as it has been rust proofed regularly. only mod this car will get is at least people will know its a crusty old 7 now. and another Petrol station pic, the novelty still hasnt worn off quite how cheap petrol is here, despite Ontarian's thinking its expencive now. only thing i actually had to do to the 740iL to make it good was i needed to replace the rubber bushing that held the throttle cable to the brace bracket, as the one on it had turned into plastic from heat and 24 years, and was holding the throttle at about 2k rpm. and also reset the traction control and SRS system from a low voltage fault from the past. Right. Back to the E30. Went to install the subframe back in, and the damn thing wouldnt line up. as it turned out, because of the rusty brace brackets mentioned in previous post, the old subframe bush had cracked and left some of it behind. Sort of hard to explain unless you are familiar with the E30, but the top aluminum piece in the photos was basically cracked off and left behind inside the chassis. I knocked the bolt out, it is splined, and enters into the body from under the rear seat on all E30s (except cabby IIRC). i then drilled it out with an appropriate sized drill bit, 25mm from memory. bit of a hassle, but eventually got sorted, and installed the subframe into place, connecting up drive shaft, brake lines, sway bar, exhaust etc, and for now, leave the blown right shock in place, and have not dealt with the rusty spring seat either. will come back to those things. the week prior, a friend from New Zealand came over for a week, before going to the US and then coming back for last week. And in thier case was a few of gods owns finest, for me to enjoy. Cool so finally getting somewhere with this car right !! Wrong. Go back to that previous shot showing the brake caliper, and see if you notice anything different about it. In all the time working around it, i didnt even notice. yup the bleed screw. wtf. someone has replaced it with an actual bolt at some point, and not just any bolt, but gone through the hassle of boring out and tapping a new hole with a larger thread. you can imagine the frustration when i went to bleed up the brakes. Ill be honest. i did actually try and make do with what i had, but just wasnt going to happen. So of course, need to get a new caliper. Silver lining was i managed to find a guy that was clearing out his moms place, managed to pick up a pair of calipers, and also spotted a pair of used Bilstein shocks in the garage. the lot, mine for $80 so cant complain at that. i didnt take any pic of bleeding process as i had a few mates around to help me, but here is a pic of the rear subframe finally all in properly. Ill need to come back to sorting that spring seat, and also still to extract the rusty bolts from those brackets so i can install them with new bolts, but yeah. Finally can drop the rear, and jack the front back up, and get to that steering linkage. managed to pull that out, and yeah nah its not for me. one orientation is completely siezed up. the other orientation has the play i noticed. so only one of 4 caps is actually doing what its supposed to. I couldnt see any retainer circlips on the inside or outside, so not totally sure how it works. almost looks like they are inserted and then the aluminimum itself is scored to hold them in, as a one use solution. unfortuantely, the part is NLA from BMW, and try as i might, i cannot find anywhere in Europe or New Zealand, i have hunted high and low. it is specific to right hand drive facelift non power steering, so a needle in a hay stack. yes i did consider installing power steering, and really, i probably should. but anyhow, i dropped it off to be rebuilt today. Only other thing to add is my neighbour has cool friends: just cant get a break with this damn car. and summer is going to be mostly over by the time its sorted. WAYYYY more work than i ever guessed, and if i had known, would never had brought it. But it was brought with my usual "she'll be right" attitude, and ive got it now, so might as well keep going!
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    Famous around the world for the car that appeared and used in our music video for Antiform - Crash. Big thanks to HellBM for that!
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    SOLD pending payment/pickup. Thanks for the interest and support.
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    I’ve been using one (after more than a decade without) since 2012. Initially I was seeking a high-performance Lower-cost used item as ‘proof of concept’. I did research and found that the V1 of the time had been bettered for range and selectivity - for a single threat, obviously - by a few models from BELtronics and Escort. I picked up a used BEL v995 for a little under $350, and enjoyed it for many years. I then did some research... I was commuting 60-100km round trip on state highways - in addition to a lot of weekend travel with family to sporting events - and figured that I should be better prepared. I did further research and landed on Escort Redline or BELtronics Magnum STi. The Magnum was a little cheaper, I landed one. The range is superb, giving me warning with plenty of time to verify that I’m traveling at the speed I thought I was (100kph, of course, Officer), before reaching the radar ‘kill zone’. There’s since been another round of detector updates, and the Magnum (indeed, BELtronics wholly) is gone, Redline has been superseded, and there are some new value challengers too. I’m not up with the play. Current detectors have greater selectivity and many new features (great integration with GPS and online data, in some instance), to avoid falsing. The downside is they don’t have the extreme range that the Magnum and REDLINE had. My views are: 1. Range (coupled with selectivity) is KING. You want to know where Ka is. Tickets from Ka hurt. This, to me, is the most important feature. If I know there’s an active radar out there a few kms before I’m in it’s range, so much the better. 2. Mobile Camera Radar is gonna get ya. It’s very low energy, and 45 degrees to your lane - your detector doesn’t see it until it’s too late. I doubt the latest detectors have done much about that. 3. Instant-on Radar will get you every time, and the best detector can’t make up for irresponsible speed, lack of situational awareness, and committed road policing in a clever location. BBQ talk. “Why do you have a radar detector? Are you a speed lunatic/looking to kill other motorists?” “ultimately, our govt chooses to broadcast on those frequencies. I’m listening out on those frequencies, which gives me a little time to ensure I’m not in the taxation zone; an example is 50kph on Ferguson Drive... it’s so easy to be doing 56 or 57 in a line of traffic... bet you’ve done that too! Long straight street, wide, clear vision, but a 50 zone. Getting a bleep from my detector reminds me to check my speed.” YMMV. Let us know how you get on. If you want to conduct your own proof of concept, buy my 995i for $210 including freight! 🙂
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    Absolutely. I have to say that the active steering in the 535i definitely helped the car feel smaller when parking. Certainly the suspension feels more tied down and is not as plush as the 535i. Not harsh. Just not as plush. As for steering. The M5 still has a hydraulic rack and is noticeably better in feedback. But I think the best feature is the HUD. And the instant rush. Will need 2 rear 20” tires soon at the rate this carries on. 😂
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    I’ll flip this one around on you: People driving with rear fog lights on when there is no fog so it’s difficult to see when they hit the brakes.
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    Hey team, I’m new to bimmersport, I’ve got a 1999 320i e46 It’s not too much but a daily, however, I look to start learning how to build an e46 through it. I can’t wait to do more learning, get active on my car and then later upgrade : ) Cheers
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    Another update team working hard to try and get this thing on the road. Last two weeks worth. Got all the bits back from driveshaft shop and engineers. shaft bolts up now. shifter all centered or close to it. oil feed AN fitting welded on. return plugged up. This where i drilled 30mm inwards to match factory mounting holes for x member. diff sits quite low now due to being a bigger diff, so i brought these. Gone from 18" to 19" hope it will raise the car alittle to stop smashing of the diff. Heres one for you nathan, not full bolted up tight but gives you an idea of the block to fire wall distance, roughly around 100mm from firewall to back of short block. also changed the rear main seal while i was at it. So heres the fun part, had a spare block and heads which i just roughly threw together to mock this baby up. the Bmw intake studs is where it was sitting on. So took them out and its almost like its meant to be also had to cut these bits off to get it sitting better, not needed for my build. sits alot lower and forward. Pulley almost bang on too. Just need to find where is is going to sit and make an adapter plate. Two back intake holes almost match the front two start miss in line with each other. These are the driver side headers that unfortunately wont work with my heads, so am sending the car off to get some custom ones made. but see how restrictive number 4 and 3 are. Ugly!!!!! Once back from getting manifolds made ill be putting the motor back together in N/A form and running with that till i get the supercharger set up made and done on the spare block.
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    Sorry - not so flash photos - but my overnight stay in hospital got delayed - so didnt get the opportunity to get the car out, and the sun was too low once I got home. I'll try and get some better shots later in the week
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    I sold my modified 327i, 5 speed, M3 5lug, Tech II for 12k a couple months ago, some of these sellers are pure dreamers! Some would say i sold mine too cheap, but it sold in 3 days with multiple buyers... by the time i sold all my spares (wheels, interior trim goodies etc) that I had on the car/keeping for a rainy day i was knocking on 20k for everything i had accumulated over the years! Realistically these cars are worth more in parts with these stupid crazy prices ! 😳
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    Had a little fun in the paddock on Friday night with an E36 sedan, ran into a small cooling problem (surprise surprise) and slightly overheated it. Think I need to replace the fan belt then should be good to go a bit longer. Or can anyone else suggest what else could have caused the temp gauge to rise so high?
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    Pretty sure M5 is the tri-colour, M sport is just black. Some "individual" models may be another colour.. I bought a refurbished M5 one off ebay from Poland, new leather wrap and stitching, looks good with a bit of new car smell...
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    About a month ago i sold my 327i sedan and purchased another E30. I was on the hunt for a genuine M325i for a long time and found this beauty its had an extensive service history and came with 17inch Alpina (Kopi Rep) wheels.It may look familiar to some of the older members as it was CRZARBs (Atta’s) car. Enjoy the photos
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    Next day i removed the stickers, gave it a good clean and polish. This car is immaculate, drives like a dream but just wanted to add my own touches. Things I have done: - Suede Alcantara wheel (from my old E30) - Genuine 16 inch AC Schnitzer wheels - Painted the valve cover - Changed Diff/Gearbox oil (Redline)
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    @M3AN was gonna put another post up about spotting yet another E3 on a trailer behind a Landcruiser..... and how it was the same Landcruiser lol. But thought I'd just show you a couple of pics for now, picked the good one up tonight. Pics taken on my phone in the dark, so will post better ones in the daylight when I can. Oh and before anyone says anything, that tie-down over the front is just to hold the bonnet shut, don't freak and think I towed the car with just that on it 🤣🤣🤣
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    I'm not sure what the problem with the questions/answers is? People are asking if things that don't need doing have been done? The seller responded that they haven't in his ownership, he has only maintained the car, which is totally fair. I sure as hell am not doing 10 grand worth of work on mine at 100km unless something is dead. There isn't a great deal of preventative maintenance you can do to be honest, if something wears out or needs replacing then I will do it, I don't call that preventative. At $20k I think it's cheap for what you are getting, it's one of the best colour combos in my opinion and appears to be in decent condition. What you do need if you buy one of these is cash flow. If $20k is a significant sum of money to you, or you can't summon $10k within 24 hours then you can't afford M5 ownership. It might sound a bit snobbish but that's just the reality as every little part costs over $1000 a piece and there's often multiple of the same part. With regard to the M6 with 230k, that would be a prime target for rod bearings, even though I agree the problem is probably a little overblown. I would 100% go with the M5 for the same money, no contest. And finally vs the E39, apples and oranges. The E60 is the more capable car and demands you have your big boy pants on if you want to push it. The E39 has a more analog driving experience. Both are engaging and exciting to drive and I can respect and enjoy both.
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    Pretty interesting -
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    Here is more pics of her. Do we have a place where members post their cars. Would love to see what other 330ci in Silbergrau Metallic look like. I remember with my old one back in the day sitting for a couple hours polishing these wheels with Mothers. Will do that when she comes and post a pic 😊
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    Just makes me think “if they don’t care about something as obvious as the seats, what about all the unseen stuff..”? Also I have a thing about tyres, if they fit cheap shitty tyres, then what else do they scrimp on? (Not saying this car has this, just saying).
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