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    I've been a bit quiet on here for a while. Mainly because of life's many interventions, but also because the 8er has had an irritating ignition issue so has been largely undriven while I slowly hunted around for parts and time to sort it. Anyway, got it running smoothly once more this weekend and took some pics - sadly, because I'm probably going to sell her - and was reminded just how beautiful the 8 series is.
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    I just got home from a road trip to drive the Gentle Annie. Huge thanks to @TermiPeteNZ for organizing this. Met everyone in bulls for a coffee and chat then we headed of to Taihape for breakfast then it was off across the Gentle Annie towards Napier for lunch. Was real nice to meet those of you I hadn't already and nice to see those of you I met previously. Standouts for me were the 2 M5's and the red 535i M Sport. Oh, cant forget Eli in the drivers seat of a very nice 330i. What a fantastic road to drive and I'm thinking more than a few of you had some real fun in your cars. Unfortunately my passenger suffered from a queasy stomach so it was just a nice cruise for me..lol Heres the few pics I took. Feel free to add your own. :-)
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    Hi all, just joined and thought I'd make a brief intro. Have always loved BMWs and a real soft spot for the e28 model. Over the years, have really grown on the e24's and in more recent years e30 M3s, but to be fair, nearly the whole range from BMW! 😃 I've had my 87 535i for nearly 7 years, drive it frequently - some weeks, all week! Have done trips all over the South Island, a few times and a fair bit of the lower north island - for a 30 year old car, it really does hum, rarely has it let me down! Anyways, keen to see your cars out and about, mine is - frequently I'll be parking in and around the Wgtn CBD near Midland park - if you see me, always keen to meet other BM owners - say g'day (I will), maybe grab a coffee sometime. Cheers, Aaron.
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    Hey guys - another update. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to take an E46 M3 with a CSL airbox for a drive. And as you could imagine I was hooked on the raw induction sound. I had often heard how awesome this intake was but always thought it was unobtainable endeavour due to the cost mostly, and second the complexity. After talking to the owner (M3 power) he explained actually how simple it really was mechanically. I had already seen the magical wizardry that Tom was capable of but when he said he'd help me out with the CSL tune and ECU. It meant that what I thought was unreachable now didnt seem so far away. And as the stars aligned a Geoff Steel airbox came up for sale so I had to snap it up. I got to work and started ordering the bits I needed to put it all together. With many texts to the experts, I soon had the bits and started. Instead of buying a lot of the genuine parts, I used some aftermarket options. I had to slightly bend the oil dipstick to accomodate the airbox but soon realised that the bonnet wouldn't close and I didnt want to bend it anymore so I cut the top off and put a key ring though it. Second was the adding the map sensor. I used the cheaper gm map sensor but had to add 6mm pipe to supply the sensor so using the ttfs rail as basis I made my own budget rail. But I have to thank the wizard himself, Tom (M3 power). If it weren't for him I wouldn't have been able to do this. So thanks for being a top bloke and helping a meer mortal. Anyway, pictures tell the rest. Enjoy!
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    Advertising on behalf of my father, who bought this car as a belated 60th birthday present for himself. Now, 10 years on, he (or possibly my mother) has decided it's time to let it go to a new owner. The car is a stunning combo of Oxford Green Metallic with black leather interior, currently sitting on just under 170,000km. During his ownership he has essentially been servicing it himself, oil changes (Castrol Edge 10w60) every 5,000km and whatever else he could find to tinker with. Running on Toyo Proxes all round (rears are just run-in). Has current WOF and rego (to July). Sad to see him sell it, I would buy it myself but I've only had my M3 around 7 months, probably too soon for a change. I did borrow it for a 5,000km roadtrip post-graduation, and it was an epic travel companion. Anyway, for anyone interested either post any queries up here or, better yet, contact the old fella (Ted) directly on 0212142096, and he'll be happy to have a chat. Think he's looking for in the region of $25K, but I'm sure there's a degree of flexibility in that - he wants to see it go to an enthusiastic owner (hence posting on here). Cheers.
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    I havent really put much up about this car to date, probably start something here. Build List 2008 135i manual import Standard engine and manual, replaced 550i pressure & clutch plate, stock dualmass flywheel, hard gbox mounts and braces. m3 rear end swapped, LSD, arms, hubs, m3 front arms/uprights/hubs etc. Hard bushes installed for subframe and a few rear arms. 1m genuine panels all round, replaced via factory BMW repair methodologies AP Radi-cal brake kit all round, 6 piston front 380mm, 4 piston rear 390mm, SS braided lines KW v3 coilovers, bump & rebound set up, front vorshlag top camber/castor plates set up 2deg neg camber. H&R sways front/rear, adjustable end links set up for lowering 245/35/19, 275/30/19 Hankooks to shred for now. RB Next gen turbos, Billet 15T Compressor wheel/RB Bullet nut, TD04 Thrust upgrade, High flow TD04L 11-blade high aero turbine wheel/RB high heat shield, and RB high flow oil drains. Custom turbo outlet pipe, modified SS section. See photo 1. RB silicon turbo intakes, stock filter placements, big filters VRSF 7" thick Intercooler, RB turbo inlet with HKS SSQV blow off valve Now running full methanol integration via JB4 ISO with CM10 nozzle, 60% meth/40% H20. Running 65 additive on JB4, adding meth at 6lb/in2, or 0.4bar onwards once oil is at 70deg C or higher. Cant stress how good the meth kit works. Any flow restrictions, knock detected or avg ign retard the boost gets brought back by the JB4. Previous to the meth kit going in, the IAT, intake air temps, got really high, in traffic would see close to 50deg C. Took a long time on the M'way to get it back down to mid 30's, which would see the ECU pull timing and boost aggression in the mid range. Now with the meth, each time you floor it, you can watch the IATs drop pretty quick, much better repeatability of power. Means you can spin the wheels over 120. Ive tested the car up to 27lb/in2, 1.9Bar boost, but have settled to 25lb/in2 circa 1.7bar. With this it'll slowly pull in front of new GSXR750's from standstill and easily from 180+ on closed roads. I put into the main fuel tank a blend of about 60% mobil 98RON and 40% E85 from the Gull Forest Hill. I get 300kms from the tank as a daily driver. The JB4 ISO is set up as a piggy back to the factory ECU to control methanol and boost and the full data logging which provides a live bluetooth connection, so the phone is a mini dash too. The ECU is reflashed via MHD tuning (free to DL, then pay for each map). I run the hybrid turbo E85 map or the race flash depending on the percentage of E85 is in the tank. Im limited currently on two fronts in regards to the power output of the car. The turbos are at the limit of airflow efficiency, and secondly the High pressure fuel pump and injector flow capacity. The meth spray is adding fuel which Im using to maintain AF ratios. This used to be considered 'unsafe' as there were little/no warning or safety devices that would protect the engine if there was a failure in the meth delivery. With the JB4 safety systems Im happy to move into meth as a fuel delivery device as well as cooling. I limit boost through 1st and second, 10lb then 17lb then 3rd gear gets the full 25lb onwards. Also, for shits and giggles, it has a 2 step installed, so conveniently I can build boost from a standstill, I can get to about 8lb. With flames out the back of course. Installed is a no lift shift, so just bang the clutch and change gear while holding the throttle down maintaining close to the boost you've just shifted from. I have installed anti-lag but havent set this part up yet. If I've 2 stepped anyone I'm sorry, kinda like a gun going off in your face. More so now the custom mild steel exhaust has been replaced with a stainless one. Had the car in for its cert finally at Fraser Cars Birkenhead via Scott. Mostly required lock washers on parts of the car that BMW didn't think needed lock washers. Annoying, but them the rules. Otherwise the information is with NZTA to approve and get the plate on. The next plan is to install the Precision Raceworks Stage 4 low pressure fuel system (running three intank Walbro E85 pumps), independent & larger low pressure fuel supply/return lines, 6 x 800cc bosch injectors and port injection manifold spacer. This will allow a full E85 fuel in the main tank and likely the deactivation of the meth system. An ethanol sensor will be installed in the fuel supply line which also gets integrated into the JB4 for complete tri fuel integration from E0 to E85 with/without meth. This should net about another 20-30kws. Lastly, there are some MMp Stage 3's that Im eyeing up, which have seen 550kws on full E85, but this is the limit of the stock N54 engine for sure. Incredible that its an open block with this level of strength. Factory forged crank and miele pistons. N55 definitely weaker engines. I cannot stress the amount of misery there is in changing these turbos out, the main reason Im unlikely to do so again. Took close to a week, fuggin misery. Apart from adding E82 LCI Blacklines - taillights last week and some further minor changes to aesthetics its more or less a completed project. That and getting rid of the Hankooks right... So its taken me about 2 years to build in my driveway, bar the panel and paint. Its cost a fair bit less than a real 1M, minus all the mods. Im guessing 410-430kws at the rear going from similar/same tune N54's in Aus. It sort of drives like a combination of a lazy boy and a fast motorbike.
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    Car is sold.
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    Lets just say I may at times of been boardering on far too much fun, had great time and awesome to meet everyone. thanks Pete, you can rest assured that your efforts on making this happen were greatly appreciated Cheers Paul
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    Got the Style 95s fitted today, already changes the look
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    Hey guys just joined up Just got my restricted licenses and been rearing to finish my project thats been going for a month and a bit now. I'm down on the Kapiti Coast and keen as to get out and meet some more guys driving cars of culture once she's all done. Anyone give me a shout and will be keen to organise something for the weekends comin up in a month (if the car is done). Here's a few picks of the seasoned veteran and some snipets of the process from start to now. Looking forward to some meet n greets or cars n coffee on the weekends. Any advice on the build is much appreciated and where to get the best value for money parts and spares from Cheers guys
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    Roadtrip to Tongariro at Sparrows fart for 8 hours of torture, aka the Alpine Crossing. Some great driving roads on the way. Managed to get 10.7 l/100km before i got bored and started hooning when i got past Otorohonga.
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    This was only my second trip with the Bimmer Crew, and my first time driving the E34 long distance. And it was f*cking awesome on both accounts! It was great to meet more of you and spend some time travelling on those not so common country roads. I think it was a great time of the year for this roadie as there was plenty of lush green countryside and autumn views to check out in between those winding corners I must admit - This trip did nothing to quell my M3 desires! So many great cars in the convoy. Respect to you all. Pics to come - I'm having some issues uploading as well.
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    My photos will be awhile since I was shooting film! I took a bit of GoPro footage but honestly it's very underwhelming, felt like we were going a lot quicker than the videos suggest! Here's a short clip of an exciting hairpin. Good thing I didn't lift off the gas/brake or it I may have been the victim of lift-off snap-oversteer
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    For the 8ers out there, this is a must watch... hope you enjoy In celebration of the impending launch of the new '8'
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    What a great roadie, that's a fantastic bit of tarmac for our ultimate machines. I had as much fun as a slightly dodgy clutch would allow... Had a comfy trip home up north, rain/low cloud/fog from half way to Taupo onwards... M5 all washed and tucked away. It was great to meet you all. Cheers.
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    Hey - signed up a few months ago and have been stalking since - thought it was time to introduce myself! Picked up my first BMW, a 2000 E46 325i touring a couple of months ago. Got off to a rough start (literally, though still haven't 100% solved it) but have completely fallen in love with it. Cheers, Dan
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    Even rarer @ 1/2 the price: http://www.eurocarclub.co.nz/the-beast-of-elegance-meet-8m3/
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    Got the headliner back for the 38. Installed it today, includes A B C pillars and rear parcel tray. great to get it in and sorted, did internal LED upgrade as well, much fresher and improved. ready now for next weekends Napier trip
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    patience, patience.... they're still trying to get from SH16 to the domain! it's still jammed solid, and now there's no light!
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    A complaint to TradeMe is in order. There's no legal redress that I'm aware of, but the seller will receive a stern ticking off from TradeMe. And you can, of course leave negative feedback. Nothing that'll make any difference of course, and the seller probably won't care. Look at it this way. If the seller is that much of an arse that they'll stiff you on a perfectly good sale, what have they done (or not done) to the car? You could have had a very lucky escape.
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    badly fitting exhaust, strange v12 badge and wrong offset wheels...
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    So a couple of weeks ago I was approached by a media company asking if Rusta could be used in an Ad for a fairly big beer company supporting the English Lions tour coming up. This morning was filming for this, I'll upload the videa once it's completed and ready
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    Did some skids in old yella at an autocross last weekend. Fun times!! Also went to the oamaru airport drags a month ago and managed to put down a 13.97 with the clutch slipping between gears. Not bad for an unprepped track on street tyres. Was faster than most turbo jappas which was good to know!
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    Dan's 535 is a real looker. Loved the exhaust note on Toby's E30 too!
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    BMW are all about the driving experience right? so I've had plans for the wheel, shifter and seat for a while now. First on the list was an Alcantara wheel, and after researching the options i decided to go for a Coby wheel - www.cobywheel.com. They actually apply alcantara over the existing wheel which makes it a little thicker (something i was after) and its one of the cheapest options out there. I opted for the exchange, where they send me a recovered wheel and then i swap it out and send my old one back to them. Mike from Coby is good dude to deal with. The wheel arrived today and i was able to fit it in about 30mins. Really happy with the feel and quality of work.
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    Update #14 Time for a big update! Lots has happened since my last update... Hopefully I don't forget anything as I write this. The weekend after my last update ended we disassembled the front end. Pretty easy and straightforward process, and unfortunately I didn't get any photos of it. We then moved straight on to the rod bearings. Removed the oil pan, associated hardware, etc. Oil pump removed: We then moved on to doing the rod bearings... To begin with it was actually an absolute mission. It just isn't possible for a single person to manage 105 degrees of angle torque when lying under the car (in our experience anyway). We burned through a couple of spare bolts practicing, and trying different approaches, but we just couldn't make it work. 70 degrees would have been fine, so I can understand how this would have worked for the older E46's, but we just couldn't reliably pull 105 degrees in a single stroke. After some trial and error, and a fair amount of frustration on my part we came up with an approach that worked. It takes 3 people, but it's a reliable approach. Basically the tool is as follows: Bit -> Angle gauge -> 12 in extension -> long breaker bar -> breaker bar extension (pipe). Person #1: Holds the bit, gauge, extension assembly in the right place, cradling the angle between the extension and the breaker bar against their shoulder. They're responsible for maintaining the tool on axis as person #3 rotates the assembly. Person #2: Their sole job is to locate the gauge and call out progress to Person #3. Person #3: Rotates the tool through 105 degrees. Person #1 & #2 are underneath the car. Person #3 is near the front left wheel well. It's important before each pull that you check that you have 105 degrees of motion available to you. We found that if we got it wrong we would collide with the front left jack stand. This approach made the tightening procedure fairly straightforward and reproducible. We did run into one further issue. We noticed that the bearings coming off the car had 437/438 stamped into them, and the new ones going on had 439/440 stamped into them. We were immediately concerned that we had different part numbers. A lot of investigation research and measurement later and we concluded that we had the same part, although we can't explain why the number stamped on the bearings is different... Part numbers ending 437/438 don't appear to have ever been BMW bearing parts, so we're a bit uncertain. The real kicker though was that in the process of investigating all of this and measuring bearings, etc. we managed to damage one of the new bearing shells. This meant that we were only able to get 5 of the 6 bearings done while a replacement bearing winged it's way to Auckland... It was a bit annoying to not be able to get it done in a day, but ultimately worthwhile getting a pristine replacement. I was away over Easter volunteering at a large Easter Camp event for high school kids (6500 kids), and then was also away the weekend after Easter with friends. By the time the next weekend came around the replacement bearing shell had arrived, and 20 minutes later we had it in place. Before I move on here's photos of the bearings. Yes, I know, there's only 5 in the photo. I'm a fail photographer, will replace this pic as soon as I get a new one with all 6 :facepalm: Cyl 1 (Cap side) Cyl 1 (Rod side) Cyl 2 (Cap side) Cyl 2 (Rod side) Cyl 3 (Cap side) Cyl 3 (Rod side) Cyl 4 (Cap side) Cyl 4 (Rod side) Cyl 5 (Cap side) Cyl 5 (Rod side) Cyl 6 (Cap side) Cyl 6 (Rod side) For a car with 85,000 miles on them these seem pretty bad. I'm very, very glad that I didn't wait any longer to do them, and I consider myself pretty lucky that the journals are fine and nothing's damaged. Given I don't know the full service history of the car, I can't be sure how it's been looked after, especially in terms of oil changes. But at least going forward I know where things are at. With the rod bearings done we then reinstalled the oil pump, etc. and refitted the oil pan (after a good clean). This took a surprisingly long time to torque everything up, but by the end of the day we had the subframe back on and the steering rack reinstalled. During the week Dad reassembled the front struts ready for reinstallation. All looking good! Also here's a pic of the front hubs painted up. The next weekend we kicked into further reassembly. We started the day with fitting the new oil filter and refilling the motor. And reassembly of the front end: We then kicked into draining the transmission oil. We'd been holding off on doing this for ages as I'd been having real trouble sourcing MTF-LT-2 fluid. I finally managed to track so down so we were good to go. Some family stuff meant that we didn't get anything more done that day, nor the following weekend... This afternoon though Dad refilled the transmission. Custom oil filler ready to go! In it goes... And here's the comparison of the old "lifetime" oil and the new. This weekend we'll get stuck into finishing the reassembly on the front end. Turn the engine over to get some oil around the place and hopefully do a compression/leakdown test as well. Then it'll be on to reinstallation of the driveshaft, exhaust etc. The end is in sight!
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    much better to add a prancing moose badge, I reckon. Never did get around to buying some for my 855-T5.
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    Spent a large amount of the weekend cleaning and putting on the winter coat of wax. Went with chrisfix's 'superclean' method, dishwashing liquid foam cannon to remove old wax and any accumulated oils etc, then clay bar, spot fix the clearcoat (I skipped this bit though), and apply the wax. I'm happy with how it turned out, having trouble getting rid of the headlight condensation on the RHS though.
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    I'm probably going to give the auction a nudge and hope the missus doesn't complain
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    So I passed cert! Great success!!! Also scored a 316 badge to go on the rear end to keep people guessing
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    Booked my cert, 33 days and counting
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    As the owner of both an E46 330ci and an E92 335i I thought I might share what I see as the noteworthy points. I have to say that my 330ci is not stock especially with regard to the suspension but as I have also driven a fairly stock 328i Motorsport recently I can hopefully give a fair appraisal. Firstly with regard to engines the N54 is a cracker, now mine is running correctly it's a joy to drive and obviously it has potential for quite a bit more. You can catch it out on occasion and have to wait for the boost to arrive but on the whole the small turbos spool quickly and give a nice linear response. The M54 is a good engine and with 170 Kw it's not a slug but the N54 will hose it. I will say that having driven a few M54B30's they can feel a bit lifeless in the midrange if the DISA and VANOS are not working correctly. Fix those ( As I have done) and the midrange is really quite good and the mellow torque you feel in the M50/52 is replaced by a good strong shove. Both my cars are Auto and the 6HP is definitely a step above the 5HP. That said for winding roads I find using the manual shift option on both cars actually works quite well, better in the 335i of course. Manuals or a DCT in the 335i would be better for press on driving but you pay a hefty premium to shift yourself so you have to factor that in. Interior wise the I think Its closer. The 335i looks more modern and the 330ci looks older by comparison but ergonomics might actually be with the e46 and while the 335i has more adjustability in the seats the E46 seating position is a bit lower and there is a bit more legroom up front as well. The E46 seating position really is very good. In the back the 330ci is a 3 seater while the 335i is only two, as I have two kids and they both fit in there I call this even as the 335i has a bit more rear leg room. The I drive in the 2007/8 iteration is ok but a good aftermarket audio system that you can fit into the e46 is probably just as good an option. The I Drive St Nav works buts it's a bit slow and not anywhere as easy to use as Google Maps. Audio quality is just a shade better in the 335i but the head unit in the 330ci is lower mid range and lacks quality DAC's. Both have big usefull boots and decent lights. There are a few more bits and bobs in the 335i like auto wipers and headlights that turn when you turn but they are small things that really dont have a big influence on my ownership experience. Externally it's a personal thing but the 335i looks more Coupe than the E46 which is to me almost a 2 door sedan. I love silver as a colour and the Blue of the 330ci is not one of my favourite shades of blue so I personally like the look of the 335i better. Chassis wise its interesting, the 335i has active steering and this results in a fast rack, steering in the 335i requires less input and feels very direct, the 330ci rack has more play and is less precise on centre but has a little bit more feedback but that could be down to tyres as the Nitto NT830's on the front of the 335i are ok but they are a touring tyre so they find their limits quite early. The 330ci is obviously an evolution of the E36 (and up front the E30), the rear Z Axle is a proven system and really it could be argued that while the 335i system is more advanced it's only incrementally better. This of course is dependent on how you set it up and the ancient trailing arm setup of the E30 still has its fans even though the mid corner lift off toe changes scare the sh*t out of me. The 335i does have a small advantage when retrofitting with M3 parts as it seems they are easier to obtain and fit. Stock the 335i has a small rear anti roll bar and stiff rear springs, like the 330ci there is no LSD so it's all done with electronics, this can give a bit of a disconcerting feel at times and an LSD would surely help here. This is magnified by by bigger HP and tq numbers. I feel that the stock (Msport) 330ci rear is better balanced than the 335ci rear as it is setup from the factory. Up front I favour the 335i just and to be fair this is mainly about the quick response from the rack and this may yet increase when I fit the M3 Arms and Konis. In push on driving the 330ci feels like it has a lower roll centre and with the Ohlins suspension it's more composed than both the 328i and the 335i. The 328i did exhibit a similar confidence inspiring feel however but its limit was quite a bit lower even though it was running on 18's and Michelin tyres, (The Ohlins Suspension is a bit of an unfair advantage). I will get serious about selling the 330ci at some stage but I have to say chassis wise it's still a very competent car and it has proven to be more reliable than the 335i. The 335i is faster and while there is nothing in it brake wise the 330ci is more confidence inspiring in the corners but as mentioned that may change when I fit the M3 parts to the 335i. My love of horsepower will always give the 335i the win but a quick blat over the Rimutakas yesterday in the 330ci showed me its still got a lot to offer.
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    My mechanic told me my one is the best one in the world, and he knows everything about cars... No, lets not go there Sounds like we are all agreed then, get it checked for rust? You could pop over on the ferry, Toby. Make a day of it, check it over, and your mate drives it home. So much more interesting than putting it on a truck.
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    Haha yea it was a lucky find. I'll be concentrating on getting the ute finally finished before I start cutting this E38 up 😊 but I'll start looking for interior bits for this, hopefully someone is wrecking an iL with black interior
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    Long shot, but does anyone know of, or can recommend, a building inspector? We're looking at a house. Older, probably 60s, fibre cement clad, on piles. Looks and feels good to our uneducated eyes, but obviously best to get a professional inspection done. It's a small place and we would be looking to extend in about 6 months to a year. This is a part of the attraction (for me) but I really am not letting it be the only reason for buying it!
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    Excuse the quick and dirty potato cam pics. I also couldn't upload so resorted to a hidden imgur album. I didn't take too many as there were other's with actual cameras doing a better job than me lol
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    We may be moving a little further south, to help cover the gap between here and Wellington.
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    Bit of a hard sell as people only want to buy the cheapest but fail to realise that there are always going to be some major costs to get it up to scratch! Heaps spent on getting this car up to top condition mechanically and cosmetically and its worth every cent in my opinion to the right buyer. Although I do need to sell im not that fussed if it doesnt haha.. still an awesome car and both me and my dad love driving it from time to time so it can just stay there as a spare car
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    Congrats to you both!
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    You might want to update your car list Apologies for the low light iPhone shot (probably time for a new phone...)
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    Good question, I personally would go with the 316Ti badge as I have always loved a good sleeper, can be funny to see the looks on peoples faces when you surprise them with your "racecar in shitbox clothing"
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    ^questions BMW guys get asked- number 247: Why do you have two of the same car?
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    Got them fitted. Smoother ride going from 19 inch to 18s. Think I can up the stiffness on my coilovers a tad now. The rears rub on some bumps and dibs, makes a nasty sound. Seems to be the outer edge touching the inside of the rear fender. Need a touch of camber or ride height increase there I think. Having the old wheels, tyres and new intercooler sitting in the car probably didn't help with that though. Happy with the look, fitment looks how I want it to look And I had them pop in the BMW caps rather than the Apex ones
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    You know its going to need work, save the cost of the inspection and spend it fixing it up. Just my 2 cents.
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    hard a-starboard!