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    Given the circumstances, and the fact itโ€™s free stuff from an all round genuine Bimmersporter, pics are not required for this post. Thanks, Admin.
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    @treone haha i was seriously contemplating this, did a bit of online research and some guy in Russia has custom made a trafer case to fit a 420g box to keep it AWD, i thought about as it and wouldnt be too hard to make RWD but feel the X5 are big and heavy with the AWD helps it out a lot. @qube I sure have, i really need to just focus on one project though, this is getting a bit crazy, I dont have enough space. @BM WORLD Yes your correct i would need a bigger spline clutch disc, would look at getting the 240mm m5 ones that come out behind the s62 or aftermarket one from speedfactor. if you got more picture yeah send them my way Also another small update, so spent today during my breaks sorting the window issue and it was just the window had popped off the bolt that holds it in so wasn't getting pushed up. Thats all fixed now and i took it for a good spin and can't find anything wrong with the gearbox, which i was told would go into limp mode on downshifts. So yeah pretty much have a mint running X5 4.4 that ill be getting a wof tomorrow. It has a better head unit in it with reverse camera, so ill just pass this one on to the parents and just need to strip the one car AND look what Austin just sent me a picture of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy
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    Sold to Barry! Congrats mate, I hope you enjoy the car like I have :)! Keep us updated with how you get on bringing her back to her former glory!
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    Latest Press shots of the Concept for the 4 Series Coupe.. (Flame suit on and exit stage left..)
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    I'm thinking art project. Can you re-work them into a tiara for your forthcoming nuptials?
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    Got stuck in to sorting the normal m54 maintenance stuff.
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    This makes me want to get an e30 again. So tidy.
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    Impromptu family lunch at Wendy's Greenlane...
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    Well so drove back from Auckland to Wellington yesterday, very impressed with the car so far, have already done an Oil Service & ordered parts, that it needs I did the whole trip, 714 kilometres on one tank of fuel, averaged 8.9 litres per 100 k & according to the OBC, still had a range of 114 kilometres to go, pretty good I think anyway!!
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    Car looks good Brad. I'm pretty sure the owner after me didn't treat it as I had. Damn I loved the wheels that were on it. Take the contours off though, not right, not right at all๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Yeah I like it and all, but that cabbage tree mural on the side is a bit much for me, eh? ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    I just use the aux plug, too easy
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    Just a heads up...if you don't insert them accurately the block will be ruined. The head bolts will pull them out. Most motor re conditioners have their own special set ups to do these accurately and even they can get it wrong... ask me how I know
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    Wow, they look nice. Consider DIY with VHT caliper paint (there is a range of colours), take your time per the instructions and use a hot water bath for the cans. You can get a VHT Caliper Paint clear coat if you want glossy finish... Mask carefully. Hint: foam earlugs work well for any circular apertures. My DIY here:
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    Spoke with the owner and she is happy for me to share. Cluster actually in miles, so it has 69,000 miles which lead me to do some further digging. Vehicle was delivered to a dealer in the UK before somehow getting to Japan and then coming here in 2000. Vehicle has done very few kms since being here, she down say why her husband didn't drive it but liked it and wanted to keep it. Vehicle has some light scratches from being in the garage which she may look at getting sorted but she's in no rush to sell and happy to wait for the right buyer
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    Been watching this recently Nice to watch a detailed breakdown / video diary of an engine tear down / reassembly Edit - Found another stunner Some therapeutic content to enjoy with breakfast, lunch and dinners
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    Thanks they are currently on my 74 2002 Turbo.
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    That's why i usually do multiple orders under $400, spaced apart. Im sure it ends up costing more long term in shipping costs but as soon as Customs (also NZ post these days) are involved the process slows to a crawl. It's a lot of work to make a simple GST payment at the moment.
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    I came across a big table awhile back that listed common pads/rotors and the compatibility between them, it was in german and done by some science guy... and now I cant find it. Was to do with the crystalline structure of the rotor, and combined with hard pad materials, resulted in poor transfer of the pad material into the rotors pores if that structure was particularly dense. I think Glenns point is that he only recommends ATE + ATE, as its guaranteed to work, anything else and its luck.
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    I was invited to watch it at the media company. I'll ask the guy for a link or hard copy to up load ๐Ÿ™‚
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    @Mad_Max ๐Ÿคฉ so if any of you lads get water in the tank - YOU KNOW THE WAY TO GO! lol
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    I'd go for a Century or Bosch, sealed Din 65. But i'd also be sorting the parasitic drain out at the same time to avoid any chance of damaging the new battery
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    Im after a set of E36 motorsport wheels. Based in Auckland. Cheers.
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    I have 2 ccc idrive units for sale. $350 each One jap unit for early E6X One nz maps converted unit for E9X/E8X Can assist with coding them to your car but at your own risk. Priced to sell and priced firm. Moving house so clearing some of my stuff.
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    Apparently M62's are known to leak from the electrically heated thermostat. Coolant then travels all the way up the loom to the back of the ECU. (Found this on Google so it must be true.) I'm not totally sure this is the cause of the problem pictured above or whether the green colour is just plain old copper oxide (which we used to call green death and shows up auto plugs all over the place) caused by moisture in the e-box from having been parked outside and not sealing properly. The water up the loom might be a myth coming from the green colour. Coolant is green so green colour must come from coolant. Anyone know for sure? Regardless of the cause, 3 pins are corroded / broken off. I swapped the pictured ECU / DME with one with the EWS deleted, and the car now runs (yay), and I can communicate with it using INPA. It is throwing up a EWS tampering code (no surprises), and the check engine light is on - though this may be because it is also has a leak detection pump code showing (next thing to try and fix). I also replaced the thermostat housing in case the leaking up the loom story is in fact true, and put vaseline over the rubber e-box seal. I have had a quote to fix the old ECU for $245+ which I will probably get done as it will be nice to have it running without the check engine light. (I'll try and clear the leak detection pump code first though) And then take it in for a WOF and go cruising. I've driven it up and down the country road I'm on a couple of times for a total of about 40km. By golly gosh it's fast and quiet and smooth and comfy and nice to drive. Should of bought one years ago.
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    There is a difference between facelift and pre, compression and engine management from memory at least.
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    These were on my e46 when I purchased it, now surplus to requirements. There is some curbing, the 2 tyres included are fairy sad and one of the wheels is a tad square... Located in Wellington. Thinking $100? Let me know if Iโ€™m way off.
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    Looks like a nice original car. If it were me, I'd try and acquire a head unit that they used in later E31's and E36's - really looks good with that console.
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    Personally I like the older amps for sound quality. I use alpine amps from the 80's and 90's too, back when they still made quality. There are even some class A alpine amps around. Focal fronts sounds like a good idea. Personally I would be using a higher quality headdeck with rca outputs. Alot of the quality older stuff can be had second hand for a reasonable price. The only thing I would definitely buy new is speakers.
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    @Olaf Iโ€™ve been considering it. It would be my 3rd m30. This one is likely to be he easiest to get installed though
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    If it doesn't scare you at least a tiny bit then it's not fast enough
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    Frank, can you list what is still to do on the ute? That might help with value.
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    Hah. Sedan is my old car. Have had two e34 540is, both of which are now manual. A cosmos one that was sold with mpars, now running a 420g and schnitzers. And this. Bought this car standard from an old guy on the kapiti coast, tidied it up and lowered it. Good to see it getting some love, of you decide to get rid of it let me know.
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    Centric piston, 1 piece ali (made in Canada aye) The centric dust covers are grey silicon Vs OEM black nitrile, which is also promising.
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    I'm assuming that's what he means... in which case, here's my trick, others may know other ways. Short extension (3" or so), and attack the 3 bolts on either side at the top. I can usually undo 4 bolts aside that way, then spin the diff so the remaining bolts are at the top and go again. Then, if the spline on the axle is free and not seized to the hub, the whole axle will pull through the centre of the bearing, job done.
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    I thought they worked well too in the non-m cars. Driven both types (multiple brands), the BMW way I thought was actually better. I suspect most people donโ€™t like it because itโ€™s not the way the more exotic brands do it.
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    Wow, that looks so f'ing sexy.
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    LVV for braided lines? Uh nope....
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    You will not regret going for the ATE option even if the cost didn't come into the equation. If you would like some help with pricing, give me a call Ph 021921377 I would also add...these must be fitted correctly... I can help with the correct procedure in a phone call
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    @kiwi535 their fuel components come from Singapore Fun fact - not sure if anyone remembered the Diesel crisis a decade or so about, Gull was the only brand which wasn't contaminated from the sulfur content, i remember there being Bank Run type queues at the stations during the time until the other fuel companies could redo all their Diesel Things may have changed where they buy from with Caltex purchasing them, but i wouldn't imagine so because they have very specific mixing rules, i.e. the import the components in separately, and mix it into the different fuel grades at terminals New Zealand at Mount Maunganui Hewletts Road, They make huge savings on Tax brackets, because there are different tax levies if your importing a Fuel Grade, or an un-mixed component which they mix locally to produce the end product at the pump, that's why they are able to always under cut fuel prices, they are at a huge cost advantage to produce. Gull Bio Diesel gets its components from recycling/refining left over by-products from the dairy industry, by memory they are the only company to implement this process, the other companies have to manufacture the required components for it. Other companies in NZ get their fuel from Marsden Point and some from overseas Not sure who gets what from where, but Gull definitely gets it components ex-singapore and produces the fuel products locally.
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    So all good if needing to clean your car after doing some paddock hacking. But bit of an effort to lug out a waterblaster, snow foam it vs just hand washing it with a garden hose if your car only has the usual road grime on it.
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    Dave, you said "deport them". Where are you suggesting they be deported to?
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    graham's cars are in good nick, don't think you'll go wrong getting it.
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    If there is a market, make it! I just wonder what they have to do to make it exciting, an 8000rpm M engine 6, 8 or 10 cylinder is as good as it gets.. glorious analogue sounds that stir the soul. The sound a car makes is one of the most important aspects of loving or hating something, in my opinion. An electric powertrain is inherently boring, yes it can go fast but you need more than just whines and whirs to feel connected and something soulful out of it. So I'd be interested to see what they do to make it worthy of the M badge.
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    Became a trim level for utes.
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    Bump for you.๐Ÿ˜‰
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    haha yeah, school of hard knocks and all that. ๐Ÿ˜ซ
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