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    Happy to report this car is now tucked up in my garage. It's in really great condition and i couldn't be happier.
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    Car is sold
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    So, someone on here was trusting enough to let me do work for them, i know right ? ( one day you guys will get my humor ) Anyway, this wasn't a major upgrade just the comp wheel as turbine upgrade means using Chang made product and i refuse to touch them. Comp wheel is MFS ( shinny ) 50mm inducer with increase radius and tip height, Issues are they are so new very few parts can be obtained so i had to make the turbine rings as this needed oversizing as it had been leaking oil badly. Holding the comp cover is a pain due to the outlet angle so a jig was needed, disappointing things are the stock built in blow valve the hole is way to small to be effective and the turbine wheel weighs a ton or at least shooting way about what it should be for its size. End result a nice wee bolt in for those wanting a tad more without hurting drive ability and cost effect being well below 1k for my end at least.
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    13 Hours of cutting/polishing/removing compound from face and she is is shineyAF. Still has 224k of stone chips and scratches, but they are very shiney stone chips!
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    The Labour Party. Having nine years to get their policies together and 8 days from the election they still don't know what they are.
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    I'm just letting everyone know, Botany Motor Worx Ltd (B.M.W Ltd) has withdrawn it's sponsorship on the forum. I'll still be here from time to time though as *Glenn* Wish all you guys the best with your enthusiasm and comradery over the years and I'll still enjoy reading all your exploits and help where I can...
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    It's a good watch, in that Doug-sort-of-way.
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    Had to be an 8 for me in the end....picked up this one last night. Not a motorsport but much too tidy to walk away from. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1416212371
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    I might be leaving the Bimmer family, but don't worry Peter... BMW will always be in the family. Thanks Faizal! I know it's a Mercedes... but I'll try and come along to the next meet up, so I can show it to everyone, and so that you can hear that sweet 6.2ltr V8 as well . And as promised... (better late than never) here are some photos of the new machine that I took on my drive from Christchurch back to Wellington. It still needs a proper detail haha!
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    Bummer, we will all miss the large amount to time you put into helping us out. Thanks.
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    An m3 post and you're talking babyseats... Now thats funny :-)
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    Lots of cleaning tonight on the S62, replaced the thermostat, sensors, belts, oil ventilation hoses, gaskets, O-rings, etc. etc. Now all boxed up waiting for the new radiator to arrive...
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    Sure did, paid less than 10k for it.
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    Hey, Amber here, Just recently bought myself an 01 325i tourer in the taranaki as I've always admired them. Its not my first BMW as i had an older 318i a few years back but it is however the most modern vehicle I've owned as my other vehicles are vintage and classic. I'm not used to all the electronics and sensors yet, not to mention all the 'beeps' haha. Just thought I'd say hello. I'll put a photo up if I can figure out how. Cheers
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    Yes I can imagine that'll be fun! Part of me still misses my old E46 328i even, it just had something about the way it handled, it was fun. Anyway BM Workshop says they have got my 335i back together and finished the long list of other stuff I requested. Should be ready to collect tomorrow and the bill will be... well let's not think about that Can't wait! They said I should treat it gently for a little while due to the engine work, and bring it back in ~1000km so they can do some checks. So it'll be a while before I can thrash it and arrange tuning. It'll feel so good to drive my 335i again, it's been over 2 months... By the way would I die if I eat nothing but rice for a month?
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    Fired up the replacement engine in the 335i this afternoon! It's been a long and expensive road, so awesome to hear it running again after all this time, even if the exhaust wasn't bolted up ;-) Another evening or two of bolting things back on and I should be able to take her for a spin!
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    Have been looking to get a wagon for about 6 months as my daily hatch (Mondeo) just doesn't have the goods, i really wanted an e46 motorsport manual wagon with something larger than 2 litres, but i couldn't find one that suited (the search is still on) however came across this 2007 E91 Motorsport 330i Auto, NZ new model, with a whopping 195,000km on the clock, however the condition was reasonable so worth a nudge i thought. Sitting in the U-Sell lot it ran rough, and didn't want to idle, plugged in my Carly ODB2 reader and found misfire code for cal 6, rang around to get a price for coil packs and plugs, and with that mind called the owner to negotiate a price. It was a gamble but the owner dropped the price by a decent amount (way more than enough to cover 6 coils and plugs) so did the deal. On paying for the car i rang the boys at HellBM, who very kindly agreed to replace the coil on cal 6 for me at short notice. 20mins and $160 later and she purring again! Winner winner chicken dinner. Big thanks to the boys at HellBM for fitting us in, great service!
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    Election talk. Everyone suddenly has an opinion and I'm f**king sick of hearing them. Can't wait for it to just be over with. Neither party will truly ruin us. The world will not end on the 24th.
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    People who have decided to settle for the straight six always drag out the old steering comparison!! It's not enough of a difference to ruin the V8 ownership experience, the noise and the torque more than make up for it, the fuel bills however......
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    Got around to fixing up the dents in the rear end of the E36 over the weekend. Didn't end up respraying the top edge of the bumper, you can still see cracking in the paint but buffed up OK for now.
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    Got put to work in Scott Dixon's garage on Sunday at Watkins Glenn. Was picked out as a kiwi and they know we don't refuse. Parked next to this clown shoe. I used to love these. But for some reason I have fallen out of love with them. Maybe it's just not dating well?
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    I don't bother with the labels anymore. I buy cars with 3 pedals (and no the footrest\foot brake don't count).
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    Real sad to hear that! You've undoubtedly been the most helpful person on this forum. I'm not sure if the moderators see the same, but I definitely think they've dropped the ball on this one.
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    These.. and some more
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    3...Sport . Picked this up on Trademe a couple of weeks back sight unseen, and flew down to Tauranga on the weekend to pick it up. 2003 E46 325i MSport Individual - NZ New, 161km, auto, facelift, leather. Has a near full Coombes Johnston BMW service history from new. Ticked the boxes for what I was after for a daily driver. Given the overall condition of the car there are no plans other than replacing a few little cosmetic items (faded emblems, wiper blades etc), and a paint correction/protection in due course. Got stuck in yesterday tidying it up inside and out and she came up okay!
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    E39 got the winter muck cleaned off today
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    How many smurfs dies to make those seats... Oh the humanity!
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    I will do in a couple weeks time. Currently my leg is in a cast so not quite able to right now. If it's any help the shifter on the 265 is sheet metal as opposed to the 260 which is the aluminium rod type one. Also this hasn't been updated in a long while but a lot has happened on this car since my last post. They say pictures say a thousand words so here goes. Full coilovers front and rear. They still need some work, I need shorter springs to go as low as I'd like and keep the helpers. Currently the fronts are wound all the way down. Not looking to lay frame but a touch lower would be nice. The wheels are Remotec 16x8s, fully polished and painted by myself. The centers I did by doing a black base coat and then dusting silver over to do a shadow chrome type effect. The clear coat kind of messed up the silver and they came out darker than I wanted but fine for now. It's never perfect. I also got a new body which will be getting painted and everything will be swapped over which I hope do have done well before the end of the year.
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    1. Borrowed a cylinder bore gauge. 2. Went to zebra wreckers in Manukau for a m62b44 block. 3. Pulled engine out of a 540i at zebra. 4. Removed heads. 5. Checked bore with pistons still in and all good. 6. Pissed with rain so moved engine undercover. 7. Dismantled everything off the block as its the only bit I need. 8. Found cracks where the starter motor mounts. 9. Went home empty handed after wrenching for hours.
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    Little update. Got new headlights, decided I wanted it to look more modern so got some LED's Before: After A smoke test revealed a failed grommet in the back of the intake manifold, hopefully that is the reason it stalls when returning to idle. A scan revealed the airbag module is faulty along with the oil level sensor. Parts are on there way... Got an OEM tow bar complete with towing module from Ray. It's in, just need to extend the loom to make it to the LCM.
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    when I was 28 I was living abroad, had a modem and internet access, email, and people used to call me up international to get my email address so they could message me from their flash new account at work that had an email gateway! "wow, man, have you got an email address? I just got email at work, that'd be a cool way to be in touch". those were the days.
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    One of the reasons I'm going to so much effort to keep mine stock
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    A little update, still on the hunt for a carrier..... In the meantime received the remainder of my throttle body adapters thanks to Jethro @ RML engineering.. Got some stainless rivnuts to secure things around my car instead of the alloy ones which tend to not work to well, and its a nice weekend by the looks of things so might get some more things done!
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    Decided to settle for?!?! Mate, I prefer the straight six It's one of those things, you have to test drive both as they are quite different and so you have to find which suits you better. We can probably all agree the 535i V8 is crap tho
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    A rare classic parked in Wellingtons CBD. Had a quick chat to the owner and this is one pristine example. Owner didn't say out right but hinted that it has had a full no expense resto. And man did it sound sweeeeet! 1971 Holden Monaro GTS (genuine too!):
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    Got my V2 Monaro back today after having some of the interior redone. It took a while but I am stoked! For example the drivers seat has gone from this: To this: Also reinstalled the rear seats today and I do have to say I'm impressed on just how good it looks!
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    CCV replacement step one accomplished today. Removed intake, air boots, ICV, throttle body, CCV, DISA valve. CCV hoses disintegrated in my hands. Throttle body was black and yellow. I wish I'd gotten a before photo. ICV was sticking something mad. Both shiny clean now. It started pouring buckets while I was out there, will have to finish tomorrow. In all I'll be replacing throttle body gasket, ICV grommet, dip stick gasket, CCV system. Boxed up old old parts in easy to find boxes with labels and boxed old parts in a nicely organised fashion. Check out them CCV hoses. They just disintegrated.
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    Ignoring the fact I know the seller and what he purchased it for... It's not even a genuine M535i...
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    I think all the 5 series since the E39 have got worse. E60 was ok, bit weird but it's not too bad, interior lets them down more than anything. Personally not a fan of the noise the V10 made over the previous S62 V8 but that's just me, an engine in such a car should soothe your ear rather than attack it like bees. Then theres the debate of the diff thumping SMG they had... All the new ones, whatever the chassis codes, are just massive 7 series with dozens of M5 badges, and run click button automatic manual gearbox. Yes they might be hugely fast and full of fancy computers... but why is that good, especially when it comes to age and longevity, or the simplicity of fun? I think true enthusiasts can see the purity of the E39 M5 as the last great M car, Doug got it right, it's just the right blend of old and new. Classy styling, not over the top, real manual gearbox, tried and proven technology. Plus, 400hp and 500nm is plenty, and it's an amount you can use in the real world. It's also worth remembering the E39 is basically the same size as a new M3. It's all gone wrong in the new era!
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    UPDATE I was in the UK for a holiday last year and brought these back with me in my luggage; SPAX rsx coilovers. Adjustable height and adjustable damping. Stainless steel adjusters and spring seats. Really good quality for a reasonable price. I got the subframe and diff into the car. I had to then take it back out again because the lower and upper control arms couldn't be bolted in with the diff in the way. Rookie mistake. But second time is a charm. Because there are 2mm subframe strengthening plates, there needs to be 2mm spacers for the front brace to keep everything correctly aligned. People seem to just sit a spacer in like a big washer, but I wanted to weld the plates to the front brace for a cleaner look. I got the front brace and a couple other missing subframe attaching parts from @BM WORLD so big thanks to Brent. I also wanted to make some strengthening plates for the upper control arms as they are aluminium and known to fail with coilovers. So back to cutting up more 2mm steel. I hammered them to match the contour of the control arm and then I sandblasted them and took them to @aja540i for Andrew to do his powdercoating magic. Front brace was installed, and so was the control arm strengthening plates. I have just washed and reused the rubber spring seats for now. When the car can be driven I can make a decision on what thickness replacement rubber seats I will use. Springs and height adjusters went in easily. Then it was the turn of rear trailing arms. I'm using 330i trailing arms that I got from zebra wreckers, so I can utilise the larger brakes, and larger bearings. Of course they were sandblasted and powdercoated like everything else. I then pressed the new bearings in. New rubber bushes for the control arm attaching points, and powerflex bushings for the trailing arm to body mounts. Then they were installed with the zinc plated bolts. Rear shocks are next. The spax gas shocks got new top rubber mounts, washers, and custom stainless steel reinforcement plates and gaskets. Starting to take shape, and I'm really happy how its looking. Then the sandblasted and powdercoated brake backing plates and hubs were installed.
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    Been awhile since I've posted but thought I'd update you guys with a couple of photos of the mtech 2 enjoy
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    .. it is a 6 speed manual JCW cooper S
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    This is my ally. I can vapour blast nuts and bolts but it’s a bit of a prick and my hands cramp up from holding them under the blast stream. But they do come out very very clean. Soda. It’s a slow processes and is very messy unless you have a cabinet. Cheap place to buy from are pool supply companies. My day job is in a council pool and we use bicarb a lot for cleaning and pool alkalinity. Different suppliers have different sizes. but we buy it by the 500kg pallet so my price is very different. Its feed grade not food grade so that part of the cost is not there. As you are not eating it no point in paying for it. Glass bead I buy it in 25kg bags. Im happy to help out and supply small quantities for a good price if you want a kg or two. PM me. Tumbler Im currently looking in to a tumbler. Enabling me to clean up bolts and small parts to go to platers after. All steel parts get washed in a rust blocker that is coating safe so gives a bit of time before rust starts again. Looking at videos on you tube you would have to leave the bolts in the tumbler for many many hours, days even, in order for any damage to occur on the threads. It’s a slow process. Plating in Auckland I have heard and seen good results from Terei brothers. They still take small job lots from car guys, many others do not.
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    Spent a couple of hours at the annual 'hot rod' show held locally here. Lots of chrome and V8 muscle! There was even a late model AM V8 Vantage on display. The car park was just as interesting as the show. I think I've found my next goal - how is this for a special edition 'Hotwheels'
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    More disassembly for cleaning and new bits...
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    M5 radiator out - what a mess - 13 years of accumulated bugs and dirt... it was the original radiator so it's done well... tomorrow the front of the engine starts coming apart for clean and new thermostat, oil hoses, etc... It's had 13 years of badly aimed oil top ups by the looks...
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    Took the E28 for a WOF, flew through (once they figured out how to open the bonnet). Promptly took it for a drive and couldn't help but take a couple of photos.