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    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum but thought I'd add a pic of my 540is. 1996 e34 6 speed manual. I purchased it end of 2019. It's full M kit with black Bison leather. Love this car it's been my bucket list car forever.
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    Far out, nearly 14 months since the last update! Well not a lot of progress has been made on the car in the last year. My son deteriorated quite quickly from the start of last year, to the point that by June he was a long term admission to Starship. He had his liver transplant on the 24th September (I was the donor), and he was home 9 days later (a record). It’s totally changed our lives. The last few months have been spent recovering (for me) and getting our lives in order. Last week I cleaned the car, did oil and filter change and this last weekend my wife and I did a day trip to Coromandel for my wife’s Granny’s 80th. We took the long way round (via Clevedon and Miranda) and had a great time. Few photos from the trip attached.
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    With the recent purchase of a 130i I got a spare set of wheels. Was bought about 6 months ago for 2700 from hyperdrive. They are rotary forged, black and no scratches. Apparently 19lbs per wheel - see specs https://www.tsw.com/alloy_wheels_nurburgring.php#wheel-specs Only took them off as I preferred the ACS type 3s. They are mint They still retail for around 700 each new, you probably won't pay that if you negotiate but still... 1600, Pick up in the Mount, or I could drive them up to Auckland. funds will be appropriately used to upgrade the 130...
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    I've often thought Dave that shooting from the hip, as you tend to do, displays a certain arrogant ignorance. Your post above removes any doubt.
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    Most overvalued ///M car of all time with a corny celebrity tie in IMO.
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    You've got it, Kelvin- the studs are heavily corroded at the break and the other holes are out of round, indicating plenty of oportunity for someone to notice something before it happened. Jon, no sign of a vehicle or any debris... Or I'd have painted them a C&B on the windscreen
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    You're more than welcome to drive mine if you're ever in my area, genuine and open-ended offer. 👍 I'm not sure anyone's advocating it as an "everyday engine" or a "performance BMW"... I think we're saying it's a great little car that leverages and demonstrates BMW's credibility in six-pot, rear wheel drive, reasonably small and light cars. They really are a joy to drive with the suspension sorted. Even the shitist ones I drove had great feeling engines.
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    272000km oil change (do them every 7000km) and BMW brake pad paste on the front sway bushings (as per Kevin Birds recommendation)
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    Purple tags come in e46 compact so if you are willing to pull one, then check out pick a part. Plenty of them pop up there
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    If anyone wants some real good wheel cleaner, CRC Mag Monster is on special at Repco for $99. Grab a spray bottle and dilute 50/50. Or just use straight if you want to go all out. https://www.repco.co.nz/en/car-care-panel/car-care/tyre-care/crc-9309-mag-monster-mag-wheel-cleaner-4l/p/A1336147 Beats Dragons Breathe and the like in my books.
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    They're asking $200,000
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    Yes was 18k initially, seller is covinced his car is worth more than the market is offering. Was tempted at 18k but this type of behavior on top of the 45 day list time just pisses me off.
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    Never mind. Checked this morning and one was 14 hrs, the other 15 hrs. So I can now see who the quicker person was. Thanks.
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    Yes, lots, regardless of the model. About the only things the same is the stuff in front of the A pillar, assume the rest is different. The other thing that's important to note is that convertibles are fat, heavy and flexible. BMW should never have put an M3 badge on the back of them. 😉
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    As Dave said. No they don't. Better interior... no it doesn't. Even comparing a LTW to a stock rest of world spec M3 the real M3 still has a better power to weight ratio of 5.1kg per HP compared to 5.5kg per HP of the LTW. The Evo just blows it out of the water whilst listening to music with the Air Con going. It's just a Homologation car built to suite the Americans based on their "M3". They have no relevance outside of the US. The rest of world version of this car which is far superior is the M3 GT (356) or the incredibly rare M3-R from Aussie (15).
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    Is that the S50 or M60 v8 version? If it is the S50 version then I better start bringing some in!
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    Last 420g sold for 3k, just box. Whole rear assembly - 2.5k no worries Headers - 1k Vaders - 1k even if in poor condition Body - 3k just because it's an Evo chassis that I'm assuming isn't bent Engine - 2k Where are these evaluations coming from. 2 grand for a non crashed Evo?? You'd be hard pressed to buy a factory manual 330i with a blown engine for 3k let alone an Evo M3
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    Large premium being asked but they seem to hang around for years. No doubt they're great cars but 50k is still too much for what it is in my opinion.
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    I agree that an old computer with ADS is the better way to go. Finding the old computer with a com port is the hard part, then there is the setting up of the system. I was please to finally find an alternative in the Foxwell NT530 that talks both OBD1/ADS and OBD2 to cover my needs.
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    Can't include the Angry Bird for that price, no way.
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    And it's not about tyres, or oil, or Ron, or me! 😆😂
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    CCV systems commonly sh*t emselves, and its a very different system between black and silver top N52s. I actually think failed CCVs kill DISA valves by soaking them in engine oil, the ones in my car are original and look new (at 270,000km+). There are aftermarket DISA valves which are cheap, or they can be rebuilt too, both are a couple of hundy max. To replace both vanos solenoids is 2 bolts, 5 minutes, and about $200, and provided you regularly change the oil will last forever. Valvetronic, for such an oddball idea, is relatively problem free, other than gasket failures (which come with the rocker cover gasket kit) Waterpumps and thermostats go, but its primarily at random rather than xxx km, normally they will both throw random canbus errors a few weeks before actually failing. Gets way overhyped as a big expensive job, its 4 hours work and with some shopping around $500ish in parts.
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    Just for you Dave. Buy one get one free: 20000km S50 and a free S54 M Coupe. POA.
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    Has anyone had experience with these? Rated at 2.1l/100km combined. Normal 330 with the same 2.0 turbo petrol is rated to 5.5l/100km. What are these petrol engines, and other general 3 series components like for reliability/longevity? I guess its too early to tell how the battery/motor side of thing will stack up in the long run? Do the fuel figures of both models hold up in the real world? They look like good value for money. I guess this is what happens when the market shifts to horrible small SUVs and Utes that are used for duties a normal sedan/hatch can carry out 99% of the time. Currently doing around 1000km a week of mostly open road driving around the Waikato/BOP.
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    If this your m52 swapped e30, your getrag 260 is not going to be a bolt on replacement for your m40 getrag 240, as it will sit on an angle and require a little fab work for the transmission mount. That may or may not factor into your question.
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    Higher oil temps + sealed CCV systems = vapour being passed into intake air and burnt? Tolerances now are tighter than ever on engine parts, which is why the vast majority of engines don’t need “breaking in”. Only the “S” engines in the M cars need running in as they have even tighter tolerances.
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    Conveniently I had to visit a few sites around the Mighty Waikato approx 250ks of driving and best of all most of it was on secondary roads the highlight being Highway 22 from Onewhero coming out at Ngaruawahia. If you ever get the chance this is an entertaining drive although watch the odd off-camber corner and broken seal. I kept it between 2000 and 4000 rpm and it ran sweetly with no strange or ominous noises which I was keenly listening for (although air con progressively stopped cooling and hopefully just needs a recharge). The progressive H&R Springs with the Bilstein and Yoko Advance Neova set up was really controlled yet compliant and handled anything I (mid corner corrections 😳) or the road through at it (although I wasn’t pushing too hard to be fair). Compared to the E30 with a ‘similar’ suspension setup the M3 with its torquey engine is a confident and refined drive whereas the E30 is a go kart that needs more revs and attention to keep it in the zone (imho). Before heading out I did get a wheel alignment. A guy at Top Town here did it who is into his E36’s so we had good chat after. The readings showed up some interesting numbers particularly camber up front and, camber and toe in the rear. Checking some of the other forums https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?995556-The-Definitive-Alignment-Guide-for-your-E36-M3 for a fast street setup I should have Front Camber: -2.0 to 2.5 deg (per side) Toe: 0.10 total toe (or 0.10 to 0.20 deg total toe in for mostly highway driving)Rear Camber: -1.5 to -2 deg (per side) Toe: 0.20 total toe in (IIRC this is 1/8" total toe in)I should have So up front I’m way off. I didn’t take a before photo of the strut mount position and maybe I should have them set inboard rather than set back? With the rear obviously the left rear camber is not too far out and he had set it to max camber. Will new rear control arms sort this out? Obviously right toe is way too much and left needs a tweak. Any thoughts/ideas?
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    Tiff Needell rated rated them in top 10 to buy now as investments. 5th gear had an episode this season, which lined a 130 E81 up against a bunch of the other "superhatches" of similar generation and 130 was voted best car. Considering when released they got praised for the engine, and dynamics, but weird looks and small boot (clarkson), and the R32 golf Mk5 considered the better car.... they seem to be ageing better than the competition.
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    Beauty! Bringing it along on Sunday?
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    Thanks Mate, yes for sure ....
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    Empty coffee cup. I'm an ideas man.
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    This car was put together by a guy I used to know. It's more like an e30 body with e36 running gear and e46 engine. The engine is an AGU 20v 1.8 turbo out of an early mk4 Golf. Cable throttle. The running gear is mk3 GTI, 5 stud 5x100. It's a full subframe swap with bigger brakes. Rear beam was swapped. Mk3 steering rack. This was a good few years ago now though, don't know what's been done to it since. It's a pretty common swap these days for the older Golfs and Jettas. I did one in my old Mk2 as well. For what they are they are heaps of fun and go really well. Just depends what you are looking for. I prefer my 328i manual E36. Don't regret moving on from my mk2.
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    I can relate! I feel you're pain! last week my injectors were leaking, put in new O-rings and all together again.. pretty simple.. and now it runs like sh!t without having changed much at all. Still cant figure out the issue!
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    Hi folks, I own a 1992 525i (E34) Touring for 27 years. Recently it has been leaking a lot of oil from the rear self-leveling suspension. Can anyone recommend a good, honest, good priced place to get it fixed cause I am on a tight budget and can't go to a dealer! I also have a rear trunk door lock that no longer works would love to get that fixed too. I am based on the North Shore in Auckland. Thanks heaps and look forward to your advice and replies
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    Black LED side markers with progressive activation (the LED's light up in order like a flash new car). For some reason I'm not 100% sold but the stock ones that came off were in pretty bad shape so these will stay for a while. Clay bar, cut, polish, and ceramic nano coating ($79) booked in for Wed next week, will be interesting to see how she turns out. Only a few more packages to arrive before I can have a rest... 😜
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    Spare wheel well After 2 hours straight hammering, welding, grinding and swearing the new wheel well was in. A bit of rust proofing, seam sealer and a top coat had the boot floor looking way better.
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    M/S50X motors. I purchased the 420g conversion that popped up on here last month, but not before checking what others had recently sold for. If you can find them in "good" condition apparently the going price is 3k. I would say that V8 versions would be far north of that if imported individually.
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    Couple of photos added and narrative. M3an front lip splitters arrived Friday. Quickest shipment I've had from Thailand. Plug for Ebay seller gften Will return yours, at the next coffee meeting. Thanks mate
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    I've got 17x8s et20 all round on my E36 with 225/45s. Had to roll the guards but otherwise they fit, very close though. Does rub a little with more than one person in the car over bigger bumps. With narrower tyres it wouldn't be an issue.
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    I neither love nor hate. Just what it would be worth to me. I was quoted $3k to do a head gasket on a 328i, so given some sort of M based parts price hysteria, I would think more. And at that mileage, while it’s apart, you may as well do everything, rings, bearings, vanish, etc etc.
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    Stretching my time between family, work, the M3 project I was finally able to give the B5 my full attention today. Getting the valve cover off was pretty time consuming and involved removing the cabin air intake, fuel rail, moving heater hoses and electrical wiring then lifting and turning the cover in order to clear the sensors at the back valve train. I can’t get over how clean the valve train, camshafts and timing chains are despite 150000kms. Reinforces the service book history albeit in Japanese. Fussily I gave the cover a clean despite there being little residue inside and out. Replacing the front timing cover was straight forward once you have removed the vanos sensors. The BMW valve cover comes with the gasket as well as replacement rubber fasteners seals and the integrated bolt/seals. Everything is there except the sensor o-rings and spark plug tubes. I replaced the o-rings but the tubes were ok. Replacing the cover with the new gasket is the reverse although I did use gasket maker in the corners and ‘humps’. Lining the spark plus tubes up and seated was a bit fiddly but a deep breath and more patience gets you there. Once the cover was torqued down (15nm) I put the new spark plugs in followed by coils then fuel rail. I’ve put this side back together as much as possible while it’s fresh in my mind before starting the drivers side. Drivers side should be a lot easier as there isn’t as much plumbing and electrical wires to get in the way.. here’s hoping. Bit of good time management should have it back together next weekend if not before.
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    Some illegal parking for an update.
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    It fitted ok, some of the measurements were off, so some holes needed slotting this time. Overall I'm happy with the fit and look of it, will see about getting some thick brush on plastidip for the edges... Anyway, here's the pics.
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