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    2001 BMW 530i touring in Titan Silver Metallic. 292,xxx kms. 1 year wof done in May. Rego expires October. This has been a restoration project for me and the time has come to let a new owner enjoy this modern classic. A pretty extensive maintenance regime has been undertaken... Suspension wise I have fitted new shocks, Front springs, ball joints and control arms. The rear subframe bushes (common issue on e39 touring) have also recently been replaced with more durable solid rubber. She now handles and rides superbly. New rear discs and pads along with hoses and fresh brake fluid. M54 Engine maintenance is all up to date. Vanos overhauled, complete cooling system overhaul including the 2 plastic pipes under the intake manifold. Valve cover gasket replaced and new plugs. Lots of time and money invested. Not your average e39 that’s well overdue for maintenance. I’m asking $7500. See my project thread for details.
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    Sold pending payment.
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    Land Yacht now sold. Was a cool project and I’m really happy with its transformation. Thanks for watching.
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    Put some Euro plates on the 330ci, nice little finishing touch.
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    Quick update on the M5... All put back together Has been on a ~100KM run - all good The tints have been removed and *thankfully* the rear demister is still working - always a risk when tints are removed. I had a look at the standard glass on another E60 M5 and thought 'that will do' - so I haven't bothered getting new tints added back on. new LH wing mirror glass is in - much better it has a shiny new bonnet badge - the old one was, well a bit old and sad looking I asked Jon to replace the LHS fuel sender to try and deal to the occasional stalls I had - so that's going in next, along with... a replacement fuel tank! Jon noted the significant suction when taking the gas cap off to refuel - and knew straight away that there's a problem with the tank. He found a crack and it is deformed around the LHS sender. Fortunately, he was able to source a 2nd hand tank. So had hoped to get it back this week but looks to be early next week instead. Oh well
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    A couple of weekends ago I finally got to take the car out for a proper Sunday drive!
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    Good Morning, Hope everyone is having a good weekend. just came to say Hi! I own a Z4 E85. Looking forward to meet z4 owners at some point. cheers!
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    Yeah I could see it owing a fussy owner 20k once everything has been sorted out incl transmission.
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    I'm having the same problem. Mdecoder is a valuable resource when looking at cars you might buy, or options on cars at pickapart etc.
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    This was a Trademe $1 reserve auction that I put an auto-bid on that I presumed would be too low to win it. And then I won it. So I ended up with another M130iA that I really don't need for $6,750. I'm going to do what I can with it to tidy it up then flip it. I saw nothing but the TM pictures, description and Q&A before I bid and would never normally throw money at something sight-unseen, especially nearly $7k but, as I say, I didn't expect to win it. It's docile compared to my black one but surprisingly agile and compliant. As collected:
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    Painted the kidneys black, saved myself $300 😁
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    Success! after biting the bullet and splashing out for a brand new clockspring from Coombes. (They had one in stock so snapped it up) I now have working paddles, Cruise control and stereo controls again, but with new OEM part reliability 😄 we also gently polished the heinous water spots off the windows. These have been a problem I’ve been trying to get rid of for some time. Today with the right product and gentle polishing with a drill, success. Stoked. New switch installed on existing switch boards and wiring above old switch de constructed new switches getting installed with covers getting new grease for a smooth action switches back in ready for trim and airbag. Along with new clock spring.
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    so the centre part right? remove and put a Y pipe?
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    Washed the car for first time in several months! (Was relying on Winger doing it when it went in for EGR cooler recall but wrong part ordered -> no clean car)
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    I bet the marketing guy who wrote that waffle was crying all over his keyboard whilst typing, wondering where he went wrong in his career path. Its the polar opposite of all those things, its about as charming and elegant as Trump wearing crocs and a mankini.
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    I did suspect that. But I sometimes tend to be as clueless as a Choir boy in a Whore house.
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    This is Nu Zilland mate, you can bring pretty much anything into this country! Mate of mine in Palmy had a self-propelled cannon in his yard, basically its a tank with a bigger gun on it (in non-technical non-military terms), tracks, the works. We used to regularly take it for a blat (relatively speaking) across the fields and up and down a few country lanes - used to get some funny looks from drivers going in the opposite direction.
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    It needs to change it's rating system. 2nd Hand Item - Rate the trader New Item - Rate the trader and the item Obviously rating the Item would only work for items with brand names and/or model numbers. Not crafted items. This lumped into one website they have is a sh*t show.
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    I beg to differ, my M5 tows regularly and has practicality up the wazoo! 😝
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    Ahh bingo! Now the penny drops. Saw your car when I called into see Peter & Sam the other week, looked very cool. Didn’t recognise the car with the wheels on it,Now I have put the two together and realised it yours.
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    If you want a hand with the rtab's let me know, Ive done it a couple times.
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    Here's a better close-up. Had a close look at it compared to the CF on my roof and interior trim, it has the same 3D depth and the fibers react to light in the same way. Still 99% sure it's real This is cosmetic stuff, not tyres,and the OEM stuff is waaaay overpriced... but yeah I'm not so sure I'll keep it. Maybe I'll get better quality aftermarket stuff, or go back to stock. I don't want too much messing around with mods, I'm too OCD with this stuff and get carried away 😆 I've asked to cancel those Aliexpress orders for now as well, I change my mind 5 times a day on what I want, think I need to pause and reflect on what I'm doing, and figure out my end goal on this car 😄 Plus installing mods when i live in an apartment is frustrating, I need to get back into a house!
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    @M3AN i can always get castrol oil at good prices let me know if you need it
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    What about a dazzle ship camo scheme of stahlgrau and silbergrau? It'll be extra-stealthy! Seriously though, the stahlgrau does seem to have the edge. For the left side dent under the hofmeister kink, as you've still a ways to go - how about the old-school slide hammer? Drill hole(s), screw hammer tip in, gently pull out. It's coming along brilliantly, keep up the great work! Patience, time, and attention to detail. Nice one!
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    As above, big circular fan that sits behind the glove box, part number 64119227671. Number 1 on the diagram below.
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    My AVIN unit actually gets better as I get more used to it. The only less-than-perfect use case is if you listen to the radio a lot (as I do) because the AVIN unit can't control the (non-digital) radio. If we had DAB that problem wouldn't exist. 10" touch screen is utterly amazing, surprisingly so. You 100% absolutely MUST get the 4GB unit, ideally Android 9 or above. I had a 2GB unit and it really sucked, Android kept closing background apps (like the Bluetooth stack, or the phone, or the music app) because it kept running out of memory so it was useless. They're all clones but AVIN provides pretty good after-sales service and I certainly needed it.
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    frustrating 2 steps forward one back on paddle shift today. the Clock Spring I have has partially failed (after a week of intermittant paddle shift functionality) with only cruise and stereo controls working. no paddle shift. i purchased some new paddle micro switches 4 dollars each. after reading how common the up shift failing is, due to a dirty or faulty micro switch. Thinking being, go new parts wherever possible from here on in. new switches were soldered inplace, switch loom bench tested, all working fine - yuss. re-installed switches in car, nothing working- what the!? checked all connectins nothing wrong or missing cruise control works stereo control works more prodding with a multi meter commenced. tip tronic shift from gear stick still works - tested ok tested paddle shift loom from steering column to gear box with miltimeter, (no clock spring) - tested ok tested Paddle shift switches to rear of clock spring pins with multimeter - Failed So looks very much like the 2nd hand clock spring is the culprit or atleast the circuit / ribbon section of it that passes the Paddles signal through to the transmission. sh*t. So, atleast i have 2 new switches, and understand the problem area, now I'm on the hunt for a new clokcpring or really good working 2nd hand one
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    I now know why panel beaters charge so much, challenging is probably an understatement, body work isn't my strong point, but i'm not going to be accepting a not perfect finish. The more i get into it trying to rebuild curves on it, it becomes more apparent that this vehicle was probably drifted into a bush of sorts in an accident, all sorts of ripples in inconvenient places and low spots. rebuilding that edge is probably the most difficult part, it's slightly dipped in a spot, and a curved lip, so very hard to even have a guide coat as the method of making it flat Lost count of how many rounds of guide coat -> sand -> filler -> guide coat -> filler, and cold weather not making it easy for curing time! Onto another layer of high build primer now, going to have another guide coat over it, see where i'm at tomorrow Also having trouble deciding between 2 colours on the car, so i've got some base coat, and going to do a test spray on the front in the next few days, instead of spraying a swatch.
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    Damn these bakehouse cafe guys must be doing some good work!
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    Ahh the amount of e30s we butchered and trashed when we were younger 🤣
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    All been there! Just rock up to your local dealer, they give them away if you don't mind their name on them
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    Didn't realise there was such a thing - only the surrounds? may have got a little excited when they arrived earlier than expected this morning...
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    Unfortunately we don't do much for AT - too bureaucratic to deal with anyway. There is a project in the pipeline for AT that might solve this problem anyway (if it goes ahead).
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    Yeah, sorry forgot to put the comedy font on that statement. Which is which why I started the next line with "But seriously..." Last time I looked at the BBS website I thought they still had a lot of the older styles available, certainly the E50s I was after were on there.
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    I'm almost interested in asking for a test drive... and rocking up in mine. "So, are they reliable cars?" 😇😂
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    no sorry , and all manual parts get sold a kit , just buy a new one from bmw etc
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    Have a look, check out the maintenance receipts (make sure they're for the same car), take it for a good thrash over Haywards and back... and if it drives and sounds ok get a PPI and if that goes well and your loins are fizzing then buy it. And ask them why they spent "Thousands of dollars" on a standard spec 335i?... and whether any of it went on the suspension. If it smells bad for any reason run - and if it doesn't, perhaps it's a fun bargain depending what you want to do with it and your own expectations and risk profile (ie: Kyu's flameproof suit). If it all checks out to your satisfaction and your loins are fizzing then buy it.
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    I think you’d be right , more hp and torque form the later especially and far more refinement. Issue with a daily is that Id end up with an m3 , a Motorsport project and a track day motorcycle limited edition motorcycle and probably would have to make some hard choices with parting with one of them. Not a bad problem to have but probably like many a classic bmw in great condition will come along and challenge status quo.
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    Im thinking the lack of and outrageous expensive of the Getrag 420g has killed my V8 plans for the E28. So instead looking at the way more popular 6 cylinder options: M50, M52, M54, S50 etc. Anyone know of a gearbox for sale to suit? EDIT: And an engine? Also if I do the M50/2/4 etc route I will need the E34 M50 oil pan, dip stick and pickup to fit in an E28.
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    I would have loved a manual. But I’m finding the DCT great for driving in traffic. looking at getting some lowering springs. Just trying to do some homework on which springs give the best ride. also not sure what sort of drop I’ll get since most springs are designed for the non m sport versions.
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    I've no issue with spending the extra for Michelins, etc, but finding them is a real problem at present. I've run Hankooks on the W201 for ages. Very pleased with them.
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    Sold the E46 320d. Sad day, but it does have a small issue - it won't start. Our move, no garage or workshop, and largely - no time - have meant I didn't get it sorted. Gone to another forum member though, and I'm sure it will live again.
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    Interesting thread... Between the 14th and 20th of April @E30 325i Rag-Top and @BreakMyWindow screwed around with my account. I received a number of "warnings" for various posts (none of which seemed to break any rules). You can see two of the warnings here: http://bimmersport.co.nz/profile/14-m3an/ but some have been removed. On approx. 17th of April my post and messaging privileges on the site were removed by @BreakMyWindow without cause or explanation, the whole site became read-only to me. I still do not have access to PM's at all (read or send). A few days later (approx 20 April) my two vehicle posts (M3 and 130i - as per my signature) became unavailable to all users, logged in to BS or not. They are still unavailable. (this may have happened at the same time as my read-only ban, I didn't check at the time) On approx 25 April I used the 'contact us' message to the site admins to ask what was going on. I received no acknowledgement or reply. Nobody told me I was banned, nobody told me why I was banned, nobody told me I was unbanned and nobody told me why they hid/deleted/removed my vehicle threads (not all my threads, just those two in particular). A great deal of respect shown there. Look, I hold out hope that all this was a mistake and monumental cock-up but the lack of engagement and follow-up really makes me wonder. Regardless, I'm happy to leave if people want me to leave but it seems like an abuse of power to me, some accountability would be respected. I may have rubbed some people up the wrong way in my time (unapologetic) but I've been a meaningful and (mostly) positive contributor here for nearly two decades and I had two really valuable threads that were internationally respected. If this is how the BS staff want to treat their loyal user base then I'm happy to move on, just say it out loud. Unless the situation is explained properly and my threads are restored I'm wondering why I should even bother. Hence the lack of recent contribution. The ball is in Bimmersport's court. Thanks for standing in my corner @sweetm3.
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    Yep. Leaves much less residue over. Downsides are it can lift fabrics (as it loosens glue). Steamer, plastic blades and prepsol made this job much easier than it should have been.
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    Last time the Japanese got together with the Germans it didnt end well, but will give it a go, and its definitely JDMAF
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    Had me a set of BBS Rk002s 18×8.5 et13s ...think shed be the perfect candidate at this moment in time for them...dont you think....? 215/40/18...
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