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    I have finally found the last car that I will have for a while. I have been searching all kinds of models to decide what to go for from E92 335i , E82 135i, E46 M3, E92 M3, M235i and also a renault megane RS265 but I have finally settled on what I think is the best car for me at this point which is the F20 M135i with N55 and 8 Speed ZF auto. Coming from a long list of previous BMW's as most of you know, it had to be a substantially newish car for it to be worth while upgrading. When I saw this come up for sale I jumped on it instantly, test drove and paid and collected within an hour of listing. Anyway, it ticks every single box on my requirements list - newness, powerful, practical, mod-able, and of course still BMW. (I still have my E46 which I absolutely love and would love to keep but I just dont see myself driving it as much now I have this thing which works great as a daily and a weekend car) I was lucky to find one with a sunroof which was my biggest requirement and this also came with a M performance exhaust already fitted which makes a great sound. Anyway, if you come long to the coffee meet no doubt you will see it but here are a couple of quick photos!
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    I quite like Melania Trump.
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    Nav. now upgraded from MK3 to MK4. Trialing a square setup with 275x35x18 all round. 5 mm spacers on the front. Great improvement to overall feel and handling.
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    I snapped up @Lucan's Xenons on trademe a while back. After abit of wet sanding and buffing they are in pretty good shape. Installed without having to be coded in too which was cool. Looking forward to going for a drive in the dark now. I also finally put the last two heat shields back on and after checking for oil leaks since the major overhaul (bone dry) put the splash guard back on.
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    I made a quick change, should be easier to read. Also took the liberty to upgrade the forum to the latest version.
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    Notched up the quarter in the 530 tonight
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    Thought I'd share today's arrival, very exciting times! Karbonius CSL Air intake - Box, Snorkel. Have decided to go with carbon fiber trumpets over OEM plastic trumpets. Agency Power exhaust system - Racing headers, Mid pipes section 1 & 2. Carbon Fiber M3 GTR Style Vented Bonnet. From agency power: “The Section 1 pipes replace the additional mufflers and add high flow resonators. The Section 2 pipes delete the resonators and give you a free flowing unrestrictive exhaust system. These pipes in conjunction with our Agency Power muffler and headers will yield an amazing gain.” Racing headers: https://www.agency-power.com/shop/racing-headers-bmw-m3-e46/ Mid Pipes section 1: https://www.agency-power.com/shop/section-1-midpipes-e46-bmw-m3/ Mid Pipes section 2: https://www.agency-power.com/shop/section-2-midpipes-e46-bmw-m3/ Muffler (already on my car): https://www.agency-power.com/shop/titanium-muffler-exhaust-bmw-m3-e46/ Having already got the agency power muffler on my car and having thoroughly enjoying the sound I have decided to add the rest of the exhaust system. I guess only time will tell if these parts really do “yield the amazing power gain” they claim to, but in conjunction with the CSL air intake I am sure it is going to scream even louder than she already does! All I know is June 18th can't get here soon enough…… My M3: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/59830-new-forum-member-on-the-north-shore-e46-m3/
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    Finally made it to a WLG BMW Club meet. Thanks @andyb184 for driving while I figured out my panning settings.
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    I don't have any Motorsport history, and as i mentioned above I've pretty much only ever driven family wagons and such. So take this for what its worth. My Z3 is the best handling car I have ever driven. The way i look at it is, when under normal or even "safe but spirited" driving on NZ roads will i ever even get to within 80% of the limit of this cars handling. Yes i know if things ever do go really pear shaped id be glad for every sliver of extra performance, but as is its already significantly better than anything else I've driven, so I'm already significantly ahead of the game compared to other cars in my driving history. A lot of the Z3 "naysayers" tend to focus on the rear's trailing arm suspension. which was apparently a bit dated when the Z3 came out. But its the same rear suspension as the E30 which gets a lot of love. So go figure. I do intend to make all of the changes that Murray mentions above. They are recommended consistently across a lot of Forums. Another "Serious Issue" is the rigidity, or lack thereof. its a roadster, so yes its never going to be as rigid as the coupe. There are stiffening kits you can get (including butt and body braces), but unless you looking at a serious track car, I'm not sure if they are necessary, Some even dispute their effectiveness, and it seems a lot of the benefit can be achieved by replacing some of the bushes in the rear. I tend to think that the perception of poor handling was affected by a sense of disappointment in some of the press / reviewers etc at the time of release, I think some people had really high expectations, and what they got initially was a good car (if slightly under powered with those initial 1.9's) but not the amazing car that they were hoping for. So yes it might not be first choice as a race car, but is it a great little roadster that will make you smile? At the end of the day, the Z3 is now a 20 year old car, I don't expect it to perform like a modern sports car, Its perfectly fine too me if it performs like a good car of its time period. Its still one hell of a fun car to drive, and IMHO the retro styling is aging really really well.
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    Time to throw some colour at the bay! Scott from Scooters Customs in Hamilton did an amazing job, the photos speak for themselves!
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    Cats are in and rasp is gone. It's so damn quiet, can barely hear exhaust. But intake ... oh my. The intake. This is a good sounding motor. I also go these in today's courier, final piece of the OEM puzzle ..! Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr
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    With the engine mounted it was time to focus on the engine bay and the location of the remote oil filter, power steering reservoir and coolant expansion tank, keeping in mind i wanted an uncluttered, smooth and clean bay. Cheers to Kerry for his time, efforts and communication at this point, where he nailed exactly what i had a vision for in this stage. Im running a Mishimoto e36 aluminium radiator, so this was mocked up to check clearances With everything starting to come together, the vision was becoming a reality so it was time for me to prep the bay to keep things moving forward. The messy job of removing all the ugly factory seam sealer for that smooth and shaved bay, filling in holes and getting some flat plate installed was a must for my vision. Jonseys Garage carried out the fabrication of the flat plates and getting the bay sprayed in primer, how good did that white look! Bringing back memories! while the engine was out i couldn't resist getting stuck into cleaning the block up, so with a tooth brush and 3-4 hours later, this was the result
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    $10 says it's for sale within 2 months. JK. Nice car! These engines feel like a torquey v8 rather than a six. 0 lag.
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    Replaced a chunk of the rubbish plastic window washer piping in the bonnet. Was leaking all across 5 points, replaced most of it, the rest will still likely need doing to complete, but at least it works now. Replaced the rear 4 speakers, thanks to Brent for BMWorld for some quality parts. Sound greatly improved with speakers that don’t have UV rot in them. Gave it a clean to round off the weekend. Already locked a few thousand kms under it, seems to like the running currently. Touch wood.
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    Try the local BMW dealer for your windscreen replacements. We see so many terrible jobs done by other repairers plus replace all the parts as per repair instructions
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    Big ol' box of goodies arrived on doorstep yesterday, now to open the motor up and tip them in....
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    Oh yeah, it runs! Thanks to Will for his time and knowledge at the start and also massive thanks to Troy for finishing off the rest of the wiring recently. Turn your volume up or use headphones for the full effect! IMG_2648.MP4 IMG_3035.MOV Current State: Home time! And time for me to get stuck into a list of small things to be complete before certification and hopefully a full panel and paint this year too. Lastly a huge thanks to Kerry and his team at Mosen Euro Parts in Hamilton, can't thank that man enough for his countless hours and knowledge to help me get to where the car is today.
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    Next came time to test fit the engine with the Garagistic engine mounts and subframe spacers i had purchased for the ease of a bolt in application. I got fellow member will to help out with this side of things. This discovered the kit design to have a few flaws, mainly the angle of the mount to the subframe, the fact that the steering geometry gets messed up by spacing the subframe down 20mm and there is no provision for the oil lines that run through the factory mounting arms and into the block. The decision was made to move on from the kit and custom fabricate some engine mounts and mount them off the chassis rails as will has done in the past, and also allowing the entire front subframe, steering rack and suspension to be removed while the engine can remain in the car. Finished mounts installed, with crush tubes located within the middle of the chassis and gussets to prevent the engine moving forward in a frontal impact, as requested by the certifier upon inspection. This allowed us to locate the engine where we thought was best to give us enough room behind and infront, and as low as possible, and also allowed us to run the factory m62 engine arms with the oil lines running through them and into the block. With the engine sitting so low, we had to notch the sump for clearance of the Z3 steering rack, work was carried out by Aero Machinists & Engineers in Hamilton With that done it was time to move on to mounting the driveline and 6 speed Getrag 420G gearbox and getting the alignment sorted with the driveshaft, an issue that many people run into, this was sorted when the engine mounting position was decided on without having to run and rear diff risers/ spacers in the rear. Im running Revshift 95A hard, street/track mounts throughout sourced from Mike at Euroturbo along with his driveshaft hoops that meet all certification specifications and are designed and made by his business here in NZ.
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    2018 has seen more increases in engine parts and component stocking levels. We are NZ's largest stockist of King Race series bearings for import and euro engines. We also carry OE bearing applications in ACL, King and Glyco We have increased our range of gaskets stocking OE type head gaskets to full sets. We have also increased our engine parts for BMW 6 cylinders for stock, performance and race applications. Glyco bearings, head gaskets, gasket sets and singles, timing chains, water pumps now available. We cover M20 M30 M50 M52 M54 S14 S50 S54 comprehensively Now available popular 6 cylinder timing chain kits and components. We also have the best range available in NZ for the M3 S50 engines. Parts we stock are oe and performance, including all timing tensioners and waterpumps and complete engine overhaul components.
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    OLAF your wish has been granted. look in projects for twin e34
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    Damage: driving on SH1, impact damage sustained (bullseye and crack 15-20mm) from flying debris. Insurance: Car fully insured including glass cover. Called insurer, lodged claim. Asked who my preferred repairer is, nominated Winger as local BMW dealer. Repairer: Supplied claim number to dealer, who then assessed and quoted. Replacement screen recommended. Quote process and approval managed by dealer, furnishing my claim number. Once quote accepted, dealer updated me on process, then ordered new screen, booked appointment with me *after* they'd taken delivery of screen and confirmed no transit damage. Repair: I elected to leave vehicle overnight to leave additional time for sealant to cure. Genuine BMW screen fitted. Point of difference: new exterior seal/trim installed. Whenever I've had a Smith & Smith replacement, they say "nah we don't do that/can't get that/not part of the job" and burgerise around with old seal/trim. Plus the standard Smith & Smith poor service, glass left in car or tools left in car... Contrast this with BMW dealer finishing touches new replacement WoF sticker fitted, and Rego label holder fitted, both sensibly positioned. Clean car, no broken glass left behind or rattling in vents, no tools left in car. And of course that wander around the showroom (with my kids, on collection), and courtesy ride back in to town on drop-off. If I drank coffee, a complimentary coffee too. A good service experience. Summary: the BMW Dealer experience significantly better than run-of-the-mill "windscreen specialist". Not to mention great service from AA Insurance. I received some great prelim advice from BMW Car Club NZ members. Now I just need to clean & Rain-X the new screen, and fit new set of BMW wiper blades from my parts stash. Hope that helps