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    M5 wagon? That's nice... But I want to get somewhere quickly...! BMW will be releasing an all-wheel-drive version of the M5 in due course, with ~600hp, but alpina have got fed up with waiting and have released a G30-derived version - the B5 BiTurbo. 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, 600bhp and 590lb ft of torque, permanent 4WD but with the ability to redistribute more power and torque to the rear wheels if you wish. 0-100km/h in 3.5s (3.6 for the wagon) and a top speed in excess of 320km/h. It'll be unveiled at the Frankfurt show in September.
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    Just bought this. http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1391643 sh*t just got exciting! Ill push the clone over to Dan Slater @ Slater Fabrication for the manifold, he does great work, when you can ever book some time in... Thread from where the kit has come from; http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1291848
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    But Brent... it's an NZ New one, so would have been perfectly serviced.... BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah right!
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    Good progress Friday but shite Saturday. Managed to wing a weekend off from the Fam Dams so I can play with the car. After convincing myself that I should definitely NOT to upgrade most of the fuel system in one go, I woke and did just that. SO removed the Stage 2 fuel kit/pump a Walbro 450G/hr, I put together a Stage 4 system of 3 x Walbro 450G/hr and meaty electrical system. Almost there. BEFORE = Stage 2 - 1 x 450G/hr AFTER = Stage 4 - 3 x 450G/hr With the intake manifold change, there are some wires to extend, my friend Lars will do this tomorrow or else he can stop drinking my beers. Dummy slapped the turbo into position Hmm, heaps of sh*t to sort out
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    Today, with the excellent help from Kerry of Mosen Euro Parts (Hamilton) we did the RMS, flywheel, clutch, gearbox oil, driveshaft coupling, shifter parts, and O2 sensors on my M5, plus a bit of cleaning etc as we went along. Six hours in total, pretty straight forward with all the right tools including a hoist and trans jack. The exhaust took a bit of mucking around to get off and on, one gearbox mounting bolt had rounded off and we had to get "creative" but all in all a great day - fricken cold though...
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    I've always been against it, however things have changed in the industry. I feel it's time to have regulations and licencing in the industry to carry out motor vehicle repairs as they do in Australia or better. Technicians and Workshops need to have licences to carry out repairs and documentation showing that these repairs have been carried out to a standard and to be held responsible for these repairs. There are too many idiots & "Cowboys" out there in our industry. And there is one company out there that supports some of these Cowboys which misleads the public into thinking the repairs are being done by reputable repairers to a high standard.
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    Nick and I were pleased to be able to help you Chris with the situation you were placed in. Don't go overly hard on the inexperienced person who did the work. He'll end up broke or fixing wheel barrows... and loosing friends
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    its been a while The e30 has changed a lot since my last update. Ill try to keep everything in order.. We'll start with my 1st ever drift day on the track which was the 28th of May last year at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park . Tragic. With no real prior experience and not really having a clue about what I was doing, it wasn't until the last lap of the last session I linked the drift section. (Again, tragic) But sure enough I left the day with a chip on my shoulder thinking I was the absolute sh*t, next drift prodigy. I immediately signed up for the next drift day that I could afford, which was in July last year. Boy, the humble pie came swift, and still no power-steering. As I said. I thought I was doing great and going into the next drift day at hampton downs club circuit I was super excited to show off my skills. But then I drove with some people that had a clue. The skill gap was YUGE. I found my self pushing harder and harder to keep up with them, but I still didn't really know what I was doing. Rather than being in control of the car, I was just reactive after the initiation. Basically the car was driving me. And of course the e30 took a bit of a beating. I lie. It took a f*cking hiding. sh*t video for lols Yep, I drove it to Hampton Downs, did an entire drift day. As I was exiting the pit for the last session of the day... BOOM! Rear wheels lock up and I couldn't find any gears, the getrag 260 had enough. No trailer, no way of getting back. Thankfully Sam from Hellbm didn't break his car, so we put my e30 on his trailer. Again, my friends save my ass. Not much went on for a while. It was a rough time for me. But my wife graduated! YAY! Will update in a bit. Need food.
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    In my books the ultimate BMW. https://www.racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Details/78041/bmw-m3-e46-gtr-gt2
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    So got a very nice surprise today. Had both the powder coater and machine shop call saying all the parts are ready for pick up. Sorry about the bad picture as they were taken with the parts in the boot. Block all nice and clean now, broken bolts taken out and no need for a resurface as it was straight as. Flywheel resurfaced and lighten, now down to 10.4kgs I should have weighed it before hand but say it must be atleast 3-4kgs taken off. and Rocker covers all coated gloss white and underside unpainted. Getting closer to getting this thing put back together. Will be taken the block to the engineers later this week to get measurements to help with fitment for the ITB setup.
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    And here it is team! One awesome piece of machinery dry sump system. Stage 4 pump and pan is so light - only 4cm deep! Just looks so shiny I'm like a kid in a candy store
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    I get many customers from Oz who are sick of the Chang market there that do nothing but supply crap portraying it as quality products and they are sick of it, fair enough if they charged little and didn't hide that fact but not the case. Like i said i can supply OEM parts built unit and still make enough to pay the bills, and sleep at night.
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    What'd I do to my BMW? Nuffin'. Bought some wheels for the 500SE, though.
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    Hi guys, Been a member for a a year or so now but I have only been on as often as Trump cares for the American people.. F*** all. My wife has a e39 528I and ive just got into a sweet little e30 316i. I am the fourth owner I think. I picked it up through work where it was sold brand new. (Team Mcmillan BMW) The original owner who brought it kept it from new until 2012 where it was sold to one of the techs then to another tech a few years later and a few more years after that to me, another bloodie tech. It is bone stock. I would love to how ever maybe manual convert it if I can get a full manual conversion at a decent price. Anyways here it is, no more woffles from me. James.
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    Bought my first BMW in early 2015, it was a fairly standard 320i that was converted to manual and was put on HR springs and KYB shocks with a set of replica volk wheels Used this car as my daily for about a year and did a few things to it, had plans for it but at the time i was driving it every day and it served its purpose well Put some TD144s on it had a problem with the tyres on them changed them down a sidewall thickness and put a bit of stretch and they worked well also put on a Grip Royal steering wheel on to replace the factory wheel it had and that was about the extent of the "mods" i had done to the car until the front cross member gave out on me and broke the small tab that bolts the sway bar bracket on. So at that point i decided to it was time for a M20B25 upgrade "might as well change the engine while i'm fixing this front cross member" I said and from there things spiralled out of control and what started as a 2.5 swap has now turned into a M20B25 stroker turbo build so the motor was pulled stripped everything out of the engine bay and shaved off unnecessary brackets for a nice clean look paint and rust work (leaking brake master i believe) were done at Riverlea Panel and Paint Braided clutch, fuel and brake lines being installed (some shown) Brand new Fenix radiator E36 steering rack and custom shaft wanted to go Z3 but best option at the time was e36 so went with that During all of that i picked up a used M20B25 from Auckland came from a 89 vert with 180000 ks on it but engine ran fine so guess it made sense to rebuild it lol In went a 2.7 Stroker kit 2.7 crank 135mm rods M50???? pistons can't remember what they came from now engine was sent to Cambridge Engine Services for cleaning and checking all was good so in it all went using OEM bearings, rings and gaskets down the bottom Crank scraper and sump baffle were fitted (pain in the ass with two gaskets and very tight baffle to install) Head was ported and polished by Jim at same shop new valve guides and stainless steal valves installed Head was planed just a smidge Bolted together with an Elring HG (2mm) and cap screws head fitted with brand new valve springs and retainers, a reground 272 cam, HD rockers and oversized eccentrics brand new water pump fitted Just currently needing a timing belt and tensioner which i'll pick up this week couldn't resist test fitting the manifolds and turbo when it was all torqued down lol won't be running it with the turbo straight away as it will be easier to run the motor in on the factory ECU that way i'll have the cam run in and the rings will seal really well before boost is added which will be courtesy of a Sinco manifold, front facing plenum and Master Power MPR-494 in the meantime tho just going to be using the standard intake and exhaust , intake fitted with custom fuel rail to run -6 fittings and braided lines which the whole car has been converted to (pics to come) ^ pic of the lines coming into the engine bay unsecured atm brake and clutch lines also being changed to braided lines all bushes being changed to revshift aftermarket ones offset bushes above yet to do the diff mount bush as I'm looking for a medium case diff at the moment and will be twin mounting it underneath the car shortly. E36 adapter shaft with solid aluminium centre Motor and gearbox will be going in shortly with revshift gearbox mounts and toyota land cruiser v8 engine mounts using a spec stage 3, 6 puk clutch and lightened factory flywheel shipped for $700 from Evan at SpeedFactor will definitely be able to handle the power I'm expecting to make will be picking up some seat rails for these in the next few weeks and bolting them in (can't wait these seats are awesome) will be updating this build very soon for now peace
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    Put the Soarer on the dyno last weekend, made a peak figure of 157rwkw which isn't too bad for the 4.3. The stock 4.0 engine would have made approx 127rwkw, and a lot less torque than the 4.3. Normally these have more but the active suspension pump is an approximate loss of 15rwkw Next I'll do headers that should bring it up to around 165rwkw, after that some sort of piggy back tune.
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    After my nightmare experience with a cowboy mechanic, who wasnt even cheap, and repeatably screwed up my car in multiple ways (dodgy brakes, installed dodgey, BS talk, and flat out lying to my face) and then forgot to do some pretty crucial bolts up, resulting in a change of underwear at 100kmh.... I wont mention names here, as he still has the ability to make a mends, failing that I shall offer a public reaming! A massive shout out to Botany Motor Worx and Nick at BM Workshop parts department for hooking me up with some new brakes for the E87. Thanks heaps, appreciate it. Its so nice to be able to slow down without shaking my fillings out. Keep up the good work, I will not stray in the future! I dont know about these style 269s, but at least its better than cracked ACS Type IV!
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    Lee, I'm loving your new Samosa shifter. nice integration work! Tell us how it changes your experience behind the wheel. It's still standard gate, but shorter/narrower? Right then, I'm going to see if there's an Onion Bhaji variant for the 545i.
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    Hey Guys, Finally the old girl got out of the shed and had a fresh walk round the driveway and house. Got a few problems with the accelerator cable and in search of a new air filter for the Holley carburetor apart from that she is running well and got the finishing touches before she is off for a WoF and Rego Pretty close to the end of this build and looking forward to driving the BM around once the accelerator cable is fixed. Need some rear lowering springs too. Doesn't look quite right with the massive rake. A few photos below that turned out nicely.
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    such thoughtful design engineers... giving the mechanics that would spend so much time with them, something beautiful to look at
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    Hey Team Just another small update. Did some more cleaning, got the main end caps and bolts cleaned, timing chain, gave the bearings a good wipe and took all the piston rings off. Once i get the block back from engineers should be good to start putting things back together minus the heads though.
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    Probably a poorly skilled driver, on wet wintery roads, driving beyond the condition on bingobong tyres.
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    Hi all, I've been on this forum for about two months, which is when I first purchased a bone stock 135i. Modifications currently on the car are mainly visual. Visual Mods: Started off with the Front bumper Gloss black Wrap, Plasti-dip Grille, Carbon diffuser, Carbon Boot-lip and finally Black-line Taillights thanks @BM WORLD Recently got a set of Nkb Elite 7X with NITTOs, Engine modification: Not too much , will be FBO shortly though. Currently running MHD Stage 1+ Look forward to meeting members at meets -Nathan
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    M10B18 and an auto box. Drive it around Auckland... You're stationary most of the time anyway - no one will know! Does look lovely.
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    Just upgraded after a lot of second thoughts.... 83.000km good service history. Japanese import fully converter to NZ CIC. Very pleased so far. Will make a review soon.
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    Hi all Have just purchased/ been gifted my first BMW its a 1981 E21 320a automatic, it was my grandparents for years until it put oil into the water and blew a radiator hose, took my grandad 3 years to find a motor he thought was a "reasonable" price and sat in a shed ever since, I'm wanting to do an engine swap of some sort but have little knowledge about BMW's so hopefully I'll find what I need on here
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    Cheers dude, they worked pretty damn well, i think version two will have a little less castor in them, aim around 10-11 degrees and i think the car will be even better. I have to admitt i did bend one of them on the friday in taupo. Took them both to a friends dads place and straightend it to match the other and put gussests on.. bet you cant pick where it bent tho!!. Some sweet pictures coming through now tho, had a bit of time on the track with jery in his e30 which is 1jz powered so now im on the hunt for more power. Stay tuned!
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    So I guess I haven't really posted up much about what has happened in the past few months! A lot of the small annoying things have been fixed up (Passengers door car clips.... 4 weekends in a row trying to get it perfect, now the drivers door is starting to come off slightly.........) I decided I wanted to actually use some of the audio gear I had lying about from when I was in high school and thought better than gathering dust why not install it into my car again, however this time in a much more professional and clean way. I had already put in a JVC Bluetooth head-unit and 6" speakers up front long ago, and I had 6" round speakers in the parcel tray. I thought I can do better than that.... So I had a Blaupunkt 500w amp, a sony 350w amp, Carbon cone Kenwood 1400w Shallow mount sub-woofer and a pair of sony 6x9's. I decided to go full out and install some pioneer 4" speakers into the rear factory mounts so I can still have 4 speakers should I ever take my parcel tray out! I wanted to still have usable space in the boot so a standard sub box wasn't going to cut it for me, so I decided to make a custom sub box that would mount into the side where the wheel arch was. I started by making up a MDF front and top to mount the sub into and amps onto, this was then wrapped in some carpet that was lying around. Next up was the ugly task of molding the back to sit in with the car. I removed the carpet from the side of the boot (Luckily it holds its shape extremely well and is quite rigid. I then used a sheet of plastic to cover it in and then proceeded to fiberglass the shape of the carpet, using the plastic as a mold release. As you can see from the photos it fits in well and means that the usable space within the boot isnt compromised as much as a normal sub box! I also used molex connectors for the 6x9's so that I can quickly unplug them if I want to remove the parcel tray for any reason! This week a special shipment also arrived from Europe! My high rise LTW wing! I am extremly impressed with the quality of the wing and cant wait to finally fit it to the car! I test fitted it as a high rise and as a low rise, I think I prefer the high rise look over the low rise option at the moment! The wing does need a little trimming down to fit around the rear window but it isnt a huge amount of work. Fitting the bolts and finding where they will pop through when drilling through the boot might be a little more problematic however. From the pic below you can see how it will need trimmed down. The back of the wing however fits perfectly with the curve in the boot. Also while running with the spacers the wing will clear the rear wiper so no need to delete it! I actually like having it because its handy when reversing if there is water all over the rear window (that is if I will be able to see out the rear window much now )! This weekend I have a track day on Saturday so that should be good fun, first time out with the new engine, suspension, gearbox and diff since the last track day! While away boat racing last weekend I thought the LTW didnt quite add enough downforce to the rear of the Ti so decided to add the boat on the back too! Who said adding a tow bar was a bad idea! My daily driver also got a fresh coat of paint so its no longer multi coloured! It will also be getting some new wheels in a weeks time when the semi slick tires get taken off the Style 97's. I should have my LTW back from being painted in about a weeks time so I will try to post a small update with some pictures of the fitment and how I bolted it all down when I get it all on!
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    Update #20 So the car went back in again yesterday - Alignment on the rear closer to spec, so will let the car settle over the next couple of thousand k and do another alignment then. The car also now has it's WOF We've got to put a couple of the plastic undertray components back on, and replace the temporary zip ties on the steering boots with proper clamps, and then this round of work on the car is officially complete. Have done about 100km on the car in the last couple of days - all in Auckland traffic but good to be back in the car and running in the bearings. So stoked with how everything has gone, and now that the major maintenance work is done I can start thinking about what comes next
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    Ah, but is it an International quality track? it's not an accurate test if not and I won't bother watching in that case.
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    I started a collection last year of M5's. The Ottomobile brand models are pretty nicely done. The e39 I have has a fair bit of orange peel in the paint finish so would like to wet sand and polish it up.
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    Trust me pretty only lasts for so long before it is becomes a curse, cars are similar.
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    My old car Regret selling it, was my first BMW also. In excellent condition, new owner has treated it well, he flew to Auckland from invercargill and drove it back down in late 2014. EDIT: Oh - those are also fake europlates. Never had an issue with them. Were on the car when I bought it. Standard plates are probably still in the spare wheel well.
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    There are two small rust holes developing in the passenger doors on both sides just above the trim line. The rest is cosmetic such as broken clips on B pillars, the left rear shoulder trim piece with the light, scratches, and the bumper rub strips are marked up from people rubbing up against the car and minor dents and dings in the doors. Also the rubber trim with chrome on the drivers side needs to be replaced. I am assuming I will have to replace this all around the car. I will also need to replace the chrome drip channel strips as they are coming loose from the car and it is driving nuts. Lastly, my partner's friends children pulled the quarter window shade out and must have broken the spring as it won't retract. The leather looks really worn and will need to be rejuvenated completely. Need to replace mirror class on drivers side and mirror black trim pieces on both sides. I got a complete list of things from the BMW dealer. Which I can share if that will help. Thanks. Steve PS: Pictures coming shortly.
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    Surprised he hasn't put in his 2 cents here
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    H h h h hi all . . . . my name is Wessel. I have a serious Beamer problem, not an addiction. Its only an addiction if you want to stop but can't AND I DON"T WANT TO STOP!!!! Just wanted to introduce my self. Buying my first BMW in New Zealand tomorrow (2003 e46 330Ci) will give it a clean and post some proper pics tomorrow. My wish list would be e60 M5 (got to love that 10) and e46 m3. Cheers.
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    We are.... if they have three pedals
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    My favorite color on the E30, nice ride Towbar is optimistic for a 316 though? Even a bike hanging on the back of that thing would hurt your chances of getting highway speed
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    What is wrong with people, they have an e39 540 and a chrysler prowler and they are selling the BMW!!
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    I've been a lurker here for years and owned a fair few BMWs, but nothing really worth showing anyone. Just this week I swapped my E39 540i for this NZ new 328i manual in Boston green, in albeit tatty condition As you can see it is a bit of a project to tidy up. The drivers door card was held on with some cable ties due to the top plastic support shattering, the driver's seat has a small hole appearing in the outer bolsters and the gearknob and steering wheel leather is typically worn through Mechanically it is mostly sound. 90% of the supesension is replaced, new shocks and most of the nushes done with Nolothane (black) The clutch has been done recently also It needs new top hats in the front, so OEM M3 ones will be going in I plan to keep it kind of stock and tidy it up and do a few little track days for a giggle I have already repaired the door card well enough to stop it flapping around but am going to replace it because there are screw holes. I have removed both front seats and fixed a non operational front-back passenger motor Fixed a wiring fault on the driver's pre-tensioner Fixed a non working passenger window and put new clips in the door and re-glued the inner plastic reinforcements back on properly The first thing I will tackle in the near future under the hood is a full cooling system overhaul Later down the track I will be installing an SC14 with PWR water to air and a water meth kit, I have already got this all mounted on my spare m52, I did the mounts myself as it's easy enough, it works with either m50 or m52 manifolds, with the small frame size PWR cooler sitting under the manifold This post was too long, sorry chaps
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    It seems strange to me that the BMW engineers would choose to make the timing chains out of melted jellybeans - no wonder they break down so easily. Also when I woke up this morning I was Katy Perry.
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    So it's not a big red button that scatters boxes of donuts on the road?
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    Paid 4K as the seller was leaving on OE today and wanted it gone, work that needs to be done: Water pump as last done at 100KM Exhaust need to be replaced as its been changed to a noisier after market unit that does not suit the character of the car. Will look for an oem one. Tints need to be removed (too dark) does not suit the colour of the car. will retint with a light tint. all four wheels are curbed, will need to be repaired. one door has a dent will get this pulled Paint restoration and interior clean, will have OCD do this for me in 2 months will do a surface clean for now. All of the above that I can see.. Will restore to OEM asap and keep clean.... pics to follow as o progress
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    Today 158534kms, oil change and filter. My first on the 545i. Used Penrite HPR 5W40. and Hengst oil filter, which is OEM filter (Hengst genuine filter housing), and the same filter as was used last time. It now sounds better when starting, and runs smoother. Result. May replace the oil filter housing, as it's drain bolt seems seized. Didn't want to faff around trying to free it up in case the car ended up incapacitated. Noteworthy: the Hengst filter comes with a new filter housing o-ring, copper drain plug crush washer, and another o-ring seal for the filter drain plug included in the box. Bonus!
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    You're pretty much ruining the car doing that, nobody will want to buy an LPG X5... If you want more economy you should get a different car. X5 is not the right choice at all for an economical town car....
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    Especially the black ones, they actually go really well, if your a single occupant with no luggage... 5 people and bags and they handle like a brickies wheelbarrow, but slower.
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    I love that the vendor talks about the bulletproof V8. Overlooking timing guides and chains!
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    Wicked car, did you used to come into spruce goose a bit? I worked there and a guy with a white M3 came in every now and then. There can't be many around welly. Anyway, if it was you, you may remember a kid with a mustache telling you what he thought of your car, and that it was his dream to own one! Welcome
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    I confess its me! Fact is I love my E61 M5, but if i drive it to work every day it costs me $130 / week, if I do the same driving in a Leaf it costs me $7/week, and it means I will appreciate the drives I do use the M5 for so much more!