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    Clear glass mod
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    Would strongly suggest a hoist...
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    Over two years since I last updated this, wow... Yellowspeed coilovers have been fitted, I did buy some brand new genuine lower sill covers. Just need to get them painted and fitted. I've started a manual conversion on it just need to put the gearbox back in and bolt the driveshaft up. Fixed rocker cover gasket leak and painted the cover while it was off. And during lockdown, had enough time to get these all finished! Happy how these came out, just need some tyre valves and we are are away. Final specs are 16x9 et0 and 16x9.5 et6. Bit more aggressive than i intended but should still look alright
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    https://blog.fcpeuro.com/first-times-the-charm-bmw-e46-m3 DAMN!!
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    Defenders are like E30s. Most are over-priced. They sell, because the kool-aid has got to people.
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    When the blowback is worse than the original “crime”. 🤔
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    Shh guys, im THIS close to the Saab being gone and buying this. Stop drawing attention to it 😂 I pine over this car every time I see photos posted of it. As mentioned, your photography skills help sell it @adro, but really its my perfect non-M5 E39.
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    1997 e36 MSport Convertible NZ New rare Black hardtop black leather interior. Colour is techno violet, looks beaut in the sunshine! Overall really shows up well aside from minor scratches. Although bonnet paint is average, and rear bumper clear coat is peeling. ZF 5 speed auto sounds good with a M3 muffler. soft top in excellent condition. Window is pretty good. 154k , will get WOF before sale. This car is a lot of fun, thought this would be a keeper but have bought something else on my Wishlist. Car is based in Royal Oak, Auckland. $8500 ono 02102924907
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    "The vehicle’s make and model has been (or was) manufactured in annual volumes of 20,000 units or less (evidence must be supplied with this application)." - Make = BMW - Model = E46 - Sub Model = E46 M3 The wording specifies model not sub model like requirement 1 I have been told that this is interpreted as in all model variations (ie all E46 chassis) not just a M3, a 330ci a 316i ect because otherwise almost every single car has the potential to meet this requirement. The E46 M3 does not qualify for SIV and I believe some have tried and failed as none of the quoted magazineS have listed it as a collectable. Only the CSL qualify under 1,3 and 4 So I am afraid you are out of luck there. It would not qualify under the rules.
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    You should be able to do atleast as good in NZ. That's not a low mileage car. The car market in NZ is in a little bit of turmoil and could get worse as personal circumstances change at a rate of knots from fallout from Jacinda and Covid. Make sure you have made allowance for ALL the fees etc when you land a car here including GST. Customs entry, customs clearance, documentation and sundries, government processing, MPI inspection, port service charge, GST on all of the charges plus GST on the car. That's a few for you to think about.
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    Pretty much the same thing isn’t it?
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    I'm not trying to get too personal here. But may I ask you how mechanically experienced you are ? Do you have the tools and experience to do this sort of work. These are not 1980 Toyota Corollas Whats your perceived budget and time frame to do the repairs ? I'm only asking you these questions so I can gauge what advice I might give you .
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    If anyone needs the following I have them for hire at reasonable rates: - Engine brace (sits across your engine bay) to do sump, subframe etc work - Engine stand - Panel stand with foam tops usually have 1-2 of these available Pick up in Howick and bond required
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    All the best for your sale mate. As mentioned on numerous occasions, your photography sets a benchmark. Your car always reminded me of an ex boss who had one in 2001 who told everyone that it was an actual M5. The performance /handling was actually really good - enough to convince some less informed that it was one. Great cars - and you can be proud of being a great custodian of a such an example!
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    It was $1500 cheaper than the next other 330 on TradeMe and the only Msport. I wonder if the stiff suspension puts people off?
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    I was surprised how un-e8/9x they are underneath, looks more like an E46. Still damn cool car
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    Whats with all these post covid M badges in the wrong place 😕
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    Whats wrong with the dragon sports? had them on my 116i and they were perfect. I also had the Laufenn LK01's on the M135, also put them on my E46, and have them now on the mini. Cheap and plenty good enough for me for daily driving and took them on road trips around north island no problems. I am not a fan of direction tyres but personal preference. I believe the Toyos are good but not long lasting. Soft compound I think.. Re tyre size, I think it largely depends on your wheel width if its square or staggered. I like the idea of 235/40/18 square but otherwise you could even do 225/40/18 and 245/35/18. (Have a play around with sizes in relation to prices, it can vary quite a bit!)
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    Listen to Glenn. I didnt with my n46 and paid the price.
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    Probably not. Thread is 6 years old with no new updates
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    Looking for tips and ideas to fit out a shed. What have you done to yours or for someone else to make it more functional, comfortable, awesome? Looking at flooring options. Work bench and storage options/tips. Did you line it? What sort of lighting did you put in? Did you put water in? Security features? Wheel racks? My garage will be around 10.5 x 7.5. 3 Bays. 2 x Car and 1 x Wshop. I'm only going 2.4 stud as i'm not putting in a hoist (prob just quick jacks).
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    I'd pay $1000. It sounds like a dick of a job and I would rather spend my time doing my job to pay for it. I sometimes hate the kiwi DIY attitude. Paying people to do jobs makes the world go round.
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    Recaro's were next up. I picked up a set of Mitsi GSR (evo 4 shape) recaro's a while back. Pulled them out of storage, gave them a hell of a wet vac then had the driver's seat repaired also using fabric from the donor car's rear seat. To install them, I used SCARLES sliders (took the NZKW ones back, they were absolute rubbish), and some floor brackets I'd picked up a while ago. 3 hours later I had them in the car. To be honest, I'm still not happy with how they fit in the car as it's very tight up by the centre console. They could sit slightly further out toward the door; even though they are on their mounts as far over as possible. I may take them out again once the car is running and see what I can do to remediate. If I were to do this again I'd just use the EuroTurbo / recaro adapters to E30 seat rails as this would also mean not having to fart around with tunnel mounted seatbelts (see later post).
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    Oh lordy I want that a lot. Perfect inside and out. Maybe manual swap it, but wouldnt mind the auto.
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    I quite like the wing, which is somewhat strange as normally it’s a big no, maybe it’s the combo with the wheels. Very nice especially in the colour
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    Why was Ron/William put on restriction in the first place? Hes another guy with alot of knowledge.
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    https://www.carthrottle.com/post/ride-on-board-manharts-ridiculous-600bhp-m5-v10-engined-e85-z4/ Manual😯😯
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    Here's how you remind yourself you have enough power: Go out to some back roads, and try flooring it! You can hardly use all the power of stage 1+, where are you going to put stage 2+ to use? I think it's when I had my car in workshops or not driving for a while, reading forums and seeing the mods that were available, that would always tempt me to buy new upgrades. Generally I would add upgrades when it was already in getting some job done. Take it from someone who modded the sh*t out of a 335i... it's like drug, you just get carried away and forget to appreciate the car for what it is. I'm going to try to have some more self control on the next car....
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    Hey guys, Just picked up this clean 2005 120i. Plans are wheels, either H&R lowering springs or Bilstein coil-overs, tints, smoked tail-lights & black grilles. Cheers, Lewis
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    Not nice to have that happen Chris. It wasn't good before all this that is happening and it will get a lot worse as I've said before. What's up with the pooch ? Too old ? I always had dobermans when I lived in the suburbs. Great family dogs when well looked after and trained by there owners... I bred them. Pity they stopped docking them.
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    That's a good idea. Yeah wish I had the inflation option.
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    Wow what a horrible story. A lesson for everyone in these strange times.
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    Also shipping routes will have changed. Talking to the guys at my old work, anything coming into the country for them is now going via Sydney before coming to auckland
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    Won't be able to steal the car but can still break in using the key blade. I would get the locks changed anyway
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    I have spent some time looking at N54 options, fantastic, willing, strong motor, 10+ year old vechicle, 100kms, worth 10-15k$ tops, so price has to be factured. I have punted with the Mamba brand, ( Ex Kinugawa CEO Japan) product is mainly larger single BB race, drift, rally units, with US, AUS, ENG outlets. Was around NZ$1700 delivered, for sort of stage 1.5 new, upgraded hybrid new CHRA's with new 14T comp housings and wastegate upgrade kit. Had some correspondence with owner, says only best, new cores, metals, bronze, stainless used are sourced from US or Japan. They have big range Andrew, have a look for your ride, may find slight upgrade at fair price.
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    Same interior as mine.
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    Things to look out for... - Buying cars that can’t be complied in NZ ( happens a lot, plus new ESC rule just come in) - Additional costs at compliance. It’s not just a WoF check so likely to get a few things to replace - on later cars GPS and Nav updates will need to be done. Other than that it could be a good time to buy, low demand in Japan should give some low sale prices. Not sure what the exchange rate is doing. I’ll leave the Jap Import Bingo for the others... and go!
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    Not terribly clean in this pic. Not many modifications planned - towbar and a bit of coding? Don't want to lower it despite the massively tall x-drive suspension, it barely clears my driveway as it is...
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    I had this done 3 years ago and got charged $300 for it. The guy did it with solvents and brushes, I think it was an ok job but not perfect. There are plenty of vids on YT showing solvent and walnut home jobs and I think its a 2 to 3 out of 5 for difficulty. $1000 does seem to be the most common number I hear and is what a tuning outfit in Welly quoted me. I just cant reconcile that number with the time and parts involved. I will do it myself next time with basic blaster kit and some fine grained walnut shells. I expect the kit and gaskets will cost me less than $500, I can then re sell the blasting kit and get back $250. This video from the N54 tragic's at 0 to 60 goes through it including the mistakes they made and the simple fixes to those mistakes.
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    I've always wanted a pair of BMW sneakers...
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    Man they look sweet..😍😎🤗
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    ... not much has been happening on my e30 lately. I took Barry's barn-find 635CSi 'Barney' to the British and European Car Show at Trentham. Cleaned the number three HT lead at the cap (again), which improved some rough running. I've sourced some parts. I drove it for most of the day on Friday 28 February, and really enjoyed it. Then I had to urgently head to the land of Oz the next day, and the car has been in the garage since then. On my return to NZ, I was strapped-in to 14 day self-isolation due to my travel risk (contact with family members arriving from other countries), and symptoms. I've just emerged into 'general lockdown', so at least can plan some work on the old girl when this Covid-19 thing eases a little. Meanwhile, here's a couple of pics I made on 28 February. These were test images for a shoot I had planned for the sunday. A friend's ///Msport 325i Tech 2 coupe needed some pre-sale shots, so I was scouting locations. Accordingly, my car is as it came from the garage, with a bit of dust on it. Ah well, back to planning. Might get it out for a grocery shopping essentials trip soon, at least keep fluids circulating.
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    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum but thought I'd add a pic of my 540is. 1996 e34 6 speed manual. I purchased it end of 2019. It's full M kit with black Bison leather. Love this car it's been my bucket list car forever.
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    A replacement battery section and spare wheel well were sourced, spot welds drilled out of both and everything prepped for replacement This took about a day solid - not rushing almost always means less re-work, and a tidier job.
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    The earlier post mentioned about boot-mounting the battery. So Inspector Screwdriver went looking there too, and ended up cutting the entire battery tray out (rotten in the seams). While I was there I lent on the spare wheel mount, and pushed it straight through the floor. Queue much bleeding, swearing and how the F did that happen's, I looked underneath more closely. A previous owner had managed to apply bitumen patches over rust from underneath, then sprayed with underseal. Drive it on dirt roads for a couple of kms and no one's the wiser.....apparently. Closer inspection revealed they'd done this in the boot floor also. I know some cars have bitumen sound deadening, but this stuff was repco-grade stuff, complete with what appeared to be chinese branding still visible in places. Around this time I should also mention - I checked this car over pretty thoroughly. It's not my first rodeo, so places like behind the fuse box, upper scuttle area, inner arches and lower arch areas I had been pretty thorough on. Being this far in I could only cut more out, and fix it PROPERLY. And possibly buy more whiskey.
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    Realistically you're not going to have much more fun in the M over the 135 (unless perhaps you're Scott McLaughlin) and it's going to cost way, way more. There are very few environments where and E9x M will be better than a F20 135i (although in those environments the gap will be vast) so you really don't gain much. However, it would look good at the coffee meets and we'd all love to see it and it's your money not ours so... To be honest, you'd be far better off getting an E46 M3 and pocketing the change if you're looking for a weekend driving experience (but again, it's not going to be leaps and bounds better than your current car). IMHO.
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