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    It's been an interesting experience for me. I head up the Technology & Digital department at Auckland Museum and I first raised my eyebrow back in September last year when I was about to start... I was asked by my ICT manager whether I wanted a laptop or a desktop... I was like "wtf, who still buys business desktops in 2019?!?". I've been a highly mobile worker since I joined Vodafone at the beginning of 2003 and really didn't think there was another way. So, after asking for a laptop and fighting to NOT get a desk phone and extension I started (seriously, who really needs more than one phone or number in their life unless they work in a call centre?). As I was shown around the building (f'ing awesome what's behind the walls BTW) I had to ask... "so many desktops and desk phones, what's the laptop penetration?" Answer: less than 15%. Me: 🤨 "Why?" Answer: we don't need to be mobile... 3 weeks after I started we needed to move 100 people out of the Museum into a new, open plan office urgently. This was not anything that had been on the radar before but circumstances at the Museum building itself changed dramatically. First site visit to new site (new Mercury building on Broadway) with me and my ICT manager... lift false floor, almost no structured cabling. Modern office designed for WiFi access and mobile phones. $60k of structured cabling, and 2 weeks of delay later, we can move down 80+ desktops and desk phones... (edit: that was for electrical too, we only had a few cable loops and no outlets). And I thought that was a bitch. Then we had a pandemic. At 11am last Sunday we had no mass remote access solution for staff. By CoB today we've enabled 100 prioritised remote workers in 2 waves and are commencing a 3rd wave next week. 10 days ago we had remote access capacity for only ~20 concurrent users. We have 300 people working in some capacity offsite now. Whew. My history is in telecommunications and broadcasting, my boss said to me before I joined the Museum "I'm concerned about keeping you busy and engaged"... no concerns so far!
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    Had a wee dabble at the drags last night for the first time. Had alot of fun! It was the 2nd to last round for the season so I was fortunate to be able to do pass after pass without any queues or interruption. Managed to do 10 passes and we still hadn't got into the competitive side of it. From the get go I was surprised at the time I was getting. At a guess I thought I'd be into the high 13's but after the first pass I was left red faced with a 14.8 After about 5 passes I was starting to get the hang of the staging process, getting traction, not bogging down, not worrying about the person next to me, gears etc. A mate text me (just happens to be this guy... https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12314779. He cut his teeth on racing Hondas at this track, so I knew i could trust his advice) and said to drop the rear tyre pressure to 15psi. Lo and behold, I managed to basically shave half a second by leaving the line at higher revs and get a personal best of 14.2. Next time (28th of March) I want to be able to get to the 13s. The above mentioned mate said he'll lend me some proper wheels, perks of the early Hondas and the e30 having the same stud pattern! I'll also take out the sub, spare tyre in an attempt to shave a 0.1 or so off. All in all, heaps of fun and I was stoked the motor/diff/cooling swap stood up to the evening at Meremere.
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    Not an M Sport so doesn’t look externally as good or have the sports seats. The red body colour over white leather with wood trim is not a common (read popular) combination, so unless it’s really hit a spot with you look for other examples. E91s are great all round cars, extremely practical and drive nicely, although as above the mags and lowering will probably have a negative effect on that.
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    Hi, After driving my (1992) ancient and smelly Terrano for the last 16 years (which has had a range of live and dead animals in the back including sheep and once a very dead and very smelly alpaca) I have finally decided to upgrade. As an aside, a wee while ago my partner took the car with a trailer load of sheep for delivery to a couple of friends. She dropped off the first half-a-dozen but was unable to secure the last remaining one securely in the trailer; so she tied it up and put it in the back of the Terrano. Being tied up didn't prevent it from weeing and pooing, liberally. Took a while for that smell to dissipate! Anyway - hummed and hahed for quite a while. Should I get a 6-year old Kia or similar or an older premium car. Well obviously the premium car won out - a 10 year old BMW is still well nicer than a 6 year old Kia (or whatever). Looked at a Q5 (too complicated) and an ML320 (too ugly) before settling on an X5. Didn't necessarily want the 40D but that was what was available so it'll do nicely 🙂. Haven't had much of a chance to drive it yet, and won't for the next month other than to the supermarket but it is a lovely ride and I love the engine growl. No doubt I'll be badgering people about all sorts of BMW related stuff - but that is for another post(s). In the meantime, is there a funny handshake or something I have to learn now I am a member of the club?
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    Warrant of Fitness checks are required for your safety on the road, and also the safety of all the others on the road. Do yourself a favour and get some new tyres. Glad to see other posts are in agreement with this. Bimmersport policy is that anything illegal on NZ roads is not condoned, such as trying to dodge a warrant check like this, so thread closed.
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    45C on most Euro transmissions
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    It’s Back! https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2568912749.htm?rsqid=089c4e4d59a14862baf87a03f1cce4b1-002
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    Hey Team hope you all had a good weekend. So got into the front end of the e34 sedan, i was only going to swap the adjusties out but at a closer inspection the thrust arms were split so deicded to just change the whole front bushings out. It was abit tricky trying to figure out how to split the ball joints off the bracket piece that held everthing together as there was heaps of movement when i was going to town on it with a hammer. Once all off just eye balled the new steering links to roughly the same length as old one and bolted it all back together. Taking it in for a wheel alignment and WOF tomorrow then if all good to go onto trade me its going. But the best part of the weekend was picking up these Got the 2 x custom flywheel and clutch packages back. Now hopfully will start getting in the x5 4.6is manual swap! Bit of info on the set up. M62 auto ring gear machined steel flywheel to accept nissan pressure plate (still need to weight it) 3000lb nissan pressure plate Custom 5 puk disc with m3 centre spline Custom release bearing carrier to accept nissan release bearing. So the reason behind this was to make an affordable upgrade able to source from NZ. Friction surface is bigger by 10mm at 250mm compared to bmw 240mm clutches used in the m3/m5 and the release bearing is only $40 to replace which gets pressed into the carrier. Greg at MP Auto said with his tourqe calculator he roughly worked out that this setup could handle 800nm which is more than enough for me. So cant wait to starting fitting this up to the X5. Thanks Richard
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    This is a global problem, blaming the Chinese won't help. If governments around the world had actually been proactive after seeing what was happening in China then we wouldn't be where we are now. Both the UK and the US are f'ed now because their leaders, with the benefit all of the information from China (and around the world) available to them give their very own people almost no chance. And Trump is still claiming people will be back at church and work by Easter. We can only hope his supporters actually believe him and kill themselves as a result. I'd argue that these leaders are more culpable than anyone in China.
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    How many times are you going to be told on here to replace the battery before you actually do it? It sounds like the battery has dropped a cell. just replace it.
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    Crack cocaine is a lot of high for not much money too
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    Its the quick rant thread, looks like a rant to me.
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    If you are looking at the 1.4TSI... it's NOT as reliable as the GTI, depending on the model. Certain twincharged 1.4s are notorious for destrying pistons. Make sure she knows that and "makes" you get the GTI. As a former E39 owner, moved to 2x VW Tourans... VW parts are generally MORE expensive too. Weirdly.
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    Suggest try another forwarder Were handled like motorbikes in the past , fuel tank drained, no battery, was certified done by a mechanic , re just an engine as below I asked for current info and got “If there’s no fuel, battery or other haz product we can accept as non haz with no MSDS required.” Companies are super careful with potential DG these days and it's a specialist area with trained staff but sometimes misunderstandings can happen
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    Thanks Kyle very comprehensive just what I was looking for.
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    To me people can ask whatever price they like as is their right, just like people have to right to freedom of information in these situations.
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    Yeah that's a huge nope. Whilst I love the E46. I don't love that one in the slightest. Even if it was 6k.
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    Im trying to justify cost, yellow saved half a metre! Your "science" isnt helping.
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    Is that an Estoril Blue 328? If so, that's cool. I have a set of polished style 24's in 7.5x17 that are surplus to requirements, would go great with your car, even more M3.
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    The only thing I 'panic purchased' was beer and wine! 🤣
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    ......line lock fitment prep for after cert. Steering shaft u joints replacement with mod to hold cups in. Quick cleanup on Brokotrat engine bay...brake fluid spillage..
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    No chance of working from home for me , first 4 weeks at full pay, after that fingers crossed I guess. Good opportunity to get some stuff done around home but I will be ready to go back to work long before I'm allowed to!
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    If you are specifically after one of them, it would be a good one to go for. Not many were optioned with low range, and I’m pretty sure they also come with a rear diff lock too.
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    If it’s still available after our shut-in I can take a look
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    Let one round loose and you'll see how fast it goes in reverse
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    Humour is what’s going to get a lot of people through this. Even if I don’t get the meme. 🧐
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    Was given three options at work: - 1. Work from office some days, and use annual leave for some 2. work at office some days and use govt paid leave (which doesn't cover rent) 3. take entire 4 weeks off but either annual leave or govt paid. so, am I screwed or what? this is still early days, will hash it out tomorrow and hopefully sense will prevail, not the greed for money (HAH)
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    Yeah was going to say the same thing about Mighty Car Mods. The same went for brake pads. Couldn't say they didn't have asbestos in them so they were not allowed in. The restrictions don't seem designed to protect people. But protect the market. Obviously the restrictions extend to the freight companies. Saves the government having to police it.
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    I guess it takes quite a bit to raise an eyebrow with an E36 these days... 1hp/kg should go ok.
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    Can you prove it has no fluids in it or something?
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    Phone battery stuffed out. Mounted engine and sorted fuelling out. Electronics...😤😤😤😤😤😤freaking hate it. Annnyway...figured out alot...acc pedal , temp sensor, oil pressure and light, fan switches, rev pickup, and morr...so..was worthit. No need for an electician.🤗🤗...now only fir the freakin ignition wire...to the fuse box...thats where the search begun..
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    I'll check for the Alpine mark then... 😉
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    Oil leaks and valve stem seals are the other two big ones
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    I use the Foxwell NT530 scanner with BMW software for all of my ADS work. It talks ADS/OBD1 and OBD11. Costs around $300 from Overseas supplier http://www.foxwelltool.com/wholesale/nt520-pro-scanner-with-bmw-software-installed.html Or $395 off Trdaeme https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/tools-repair-kits/meters-testers/listing-2575974073.htm?rsqid=a811faccdd6e471d93fab5de046e5184-001
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    Mate I have said it before but you take beautiful photos!
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    damn that is nice.. but why is there a $2 coin on the floor mat?
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    One reason why I block of exhaust and intake pipes on my motor home LPG heater
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    A brace of BMW tourings
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    Thats a really nice colour
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    Replaced dodgey starter on the compact. What a mission that is! Also found a missing vacuum line bung, which explains the low idle when cold and high idle when warm. But now it’ll either stall, idle at 1500, or hunt between 1200-1700. Stupid thing. managed to score a set of the e46 15” alloys that are pretty light, with a brand new set of Bridgestone ecopias for $100 off Facebook for the compact too, so gave them a good clean and put them on. Are each 1.1kg lighter than the Steelies with 195 vs the 205 ecopias. Not that it’ll make a difference also dropped the m3 off to sort the weird miss/flat spot and give the tune a wee tickle up
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    Engine/gearbox out again for me today. Not by choice. Decided after morning coffees to troubleshoot clutch on my E36 compact with M52. Was swapping various clutch slave rods as nothing seems to be engaging in there. Nek minute... rod #3 pops off through slave hole into bellhousing! .....Bye! Quick feel around and I had my fingers on it for a couple of seconds then slipped down into the abyss. 😫
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    Got codes 38 and 39, and 3 unidentified...... if you have no luck, let me know asap as will be going out to stored cars over the weekend and can go through them too. Worst case if you're stuck and need it done straight away, use a double hex socket, smash it over the outside. Just make sure it's a tight fit (can check what size I've used before, it's an imperial one). Has worked for me every time.
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    Bargain for quality man jewellery. She is certainly evolving into a celebrity e38! I like it very much.
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    It's only a theory at the moment, and although I'd bet on it, doesn't mean you should. Don't spend any more money just yet. I'm pretty sure there are members here from Wellington that have the correct BMW software to run a VANOS test for you, and probably look at 'shadow codes' in case there's relevant information there. Unfortunately a dealer or independent will charge you an arm and a leg for that. Yell for help in the Wellington section perhaps, you might get rescued? Swapping the 'noids over is easy... don't change the seals for testing but if you isolate the problem then replace the o-rings on final install. Edit: if you do this, make sure you clean the exterior surfaces thoroughly before you remove the solenoids, unlike in the video.
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    Anyone in the area able to have a look at a project for me?
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    Yeh 194s, I run 225s all round, little bit of stretch as the rears are a wider rim. There's not a huge amount of clearance on the rears so not keen to run anything wider without some mods. Maybe they come in different offsets or something if @qube has 255s running without clearance issues.
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    To be honest I think I am recalling a court case rather than the law. The Contract and Commercial Law Act protects the buyer to a limit against shifty people who mislead or falsify info. In 2003 when the frontal impact laws changed and all the damaged cars started being tagged as such I think their was a case which involved a flood damaged car. The owner found out 7 years (or thereabouts) afterwards and made a claim. And won as the fact it was a flood damaged car was not disclosed and would have meant the car would not have been purchased. I was importing damaged cars at the time. And stopped shortly before the change. Having it tagged like that would have killed any profit. I will try and find it later. I'm procrastinating my land purchase documentation atm. But by not saying anything are you really misleading someone? I guess it depends on what the buyer asks them.
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    April 2017. The era of Gymkhanas had come to a close and it was time to sell the trusty STi. unbeknownst to the flat-4, my eyes set elsewhere. She was sleek, Italian, two wheels, absolutely insane, and I needed one. As 2017 progressed, my love affair took the form of two Italian two-stroke sports bikes, both of which exhilarated me, but as the months started to pass, I began to worry more and more about firing them off a cliff and not coming home. I remembered the thousands of kilometers i spent with my various cars, pushing each one and loving every second of it. I yearned for long twisty mountain runs, I desired the roar of high displacement engines, I missed air-conditioning. So I began the search, my requirements were simple; lightweight, high grip, and cheap to modify. This led me down the route of something akin to a Type R Integra, then my partner one day surprised me with his DC5-R, so it was back to the drawing board. Should I conform and get some filthy skyline? Or perhaps sink all my funds into the 80's mr2 sitting around the back and embrace being forever poor? Then one day, my landlord visited in his E92 M3. AND HE GAVE ME THE KEYS. I knew I could never afford an E92, but just as every car enthusiast should know, I too was very aware of her older, slightly unhinged sister. What I wasn't aware of, was how affordable they really were. A deep blue one popped up. I and the landlord went out and had a look. She was nice, but not worth the asking, then a yellow one popped up. Cheap, but had a very sketchy history. About 4 months later, just as i had given up and started looking for some RFB stickers, SHE popped up. and my goodness, was she something. I didn't hesitate, I contacted her owner and booked an inspection. YES! she passed with flying colours! Ok then, better tell the boss i'm not going to be in on Friday. Why? Because i'm about to make the biggest decision in my millennial life! The plane landed and i stepped out of the shoebox of an airport. There she was. It was like i'd waited a lifetime to see an old friend. My eyes tinted rose. She really was as beautiful as they said. It took the whole of 80 minutes before her owner reluctantly handed me the keys, making me promise that should I ever decide to sell her, to get in touch with him first. If you made it through that essay of a write up, then congratulations! After the 7.5hr drive back to Auckland and consequent de-bugging, she's now settling into her new home. The whole household have made her very welcome! As have the small handful of friends she's already surprised! So without further Adieu, here she is! Imola red Manual 145000ks Fully documented and thorough servicing history, with photographed works including the vanos refresh about 30000ks back. Aside from the K&N filter and Eibach lowering springs, Completely original (even talked him into including the OEM bits!) I absolutely cannot wait to meet everyone and start taking her out. She does need a new set of tyres and brake pads, but really whats that in the grand scheme of things!!
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