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    This is a genuine motorsport 540i in Titan Silver. It is currently at 189,300 kms. Black leather interior in good condition (no rips, but some wear on the driver’s seat) with the wood trim. Its engine runs very smoothly and pulls hard. Suspension feels very tight and smooth. It has the rear blind (working), sunroof, front + rear PDC, the 16:9 screen, auto wipers/lights + carphone. I have both keys (one of them replaced in the last 2 years – perfect condition) and service history from the last 2 owners. Doesn’t burn any oil. It is completely factory apart from a Parrot handsfree unit and tinted windows. WOF expires Dec 2020 and rego Feb 2021. I’ve owned for 12 months and have completed the following work: · Refreshed all fluids (including transmission service) + filters · New spark plugs · Rocker cover gaskets, RH timing cover gasket · Numerous coolant hoses changed preventatively · 4 new Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres + alignment · Timing chain tensioner replaced preventatively · Bosch battery · All new ATE pads + rotors + rear brake hoses · Replaced guibo flex disc · PCV system overhaul · Injectors refreshed · Vanos solenoids replaced · Thermostat · Tinted windows As a result of all this, the car runs and drives very smoothly. It is a real pleasure to drive. I love this car, but another BMW-related opportunity has presented itself so I must move it on. I’m hoping it will go to someone who loves it as much as I do. $6,500.00 PM me if interested.
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    Picked up my newest old toy today, 1998 e39 530d touring, ex Ireland import, 197k Miles, no wof, no reg, started a list of what needs doing to turn it into a road legal, reliable tow mule, 1) EVERYTHING!! will start with a thorough cleaning inside and out and go from there....
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    I'd imagine Gull force 10 would have an impact on combustion temperatures rather than the fresh air being drawn in. IAT's or "sucked air temperature" is the temperature of the air being drawn in to the intake manifold before it gets used to combust. If IAT's are cooler then the dme adjusts the fueling and timing accordingly which results in more efficiency, more power and torque. It is the MAF which calculates how much air volume is being drawn in to the cylinders. A few years back I ran an experiment on a dyno by putting one of the M5's maf's (that is used also to measure IAT's as it has an integrated sensor) in the fridge for 10 mins in between dyno runs. The result was about 10rwkw's more peak with IAT slightly over ambient vs about 30deg C over ambient on the first run.
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    Nice looking NZ New 330d - could be good for someone with mechanical nous... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2787026800?bof=pdIzXsje
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    Finally putting stuff back on the car rather than taking it off, turned the corner so to speak... new wider arch on, without setting fire to the fuel system behind - win!! Also got the correct width shield from an M3 to keep the stones and crap out.. Also got some adjustable rear springs to go in..
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    I did it... I bought it... And im in love. What a car... 😱
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    So much E39 msport availability these days. No better luxury sport sedan on the planet for the price, nothing comes even close.
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    This. I first went to diesel two years ago replacing an 2l manual Focus Zetec with a manual e90 320d msport. It's done nearly 80k kms and saves us just about $1800 a year. I've owned everything from 316's to 750iL's and it's in my top three cars it's that good to drive. It averages 5.1l and the combination of torque and manual is fantastic over Paekok Hill and the Remutaka's. Then 12 months ago we moved from a 3l petrol X5 to an F10 535d and it's a glorious cruiser. No matter how much I kick it's arse I can't get it any higher than 7.1l. On the open road (which is where we do most of our driving) it's peerless. My wife has never really liked cars, but she said I wouldn't get her out of this one, ever. Servicing on both hasn't been any worse than the petrols we've owned and buying RUC's is no harder than renewing your rego.
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    IAT is definitely active in the fuel calculation - cooling it or disconnecting it proves this; both result in a richer mixture which is safer and will produce more power on the Dyno, but not necessarily so in on the road. A simple trick used on motorbikes is to add a resistor in line with the IAT to richen the mixture - problem is this buggers the temp gradient there are better ways of doing this. BUT the root problem from the OP is the myth that cold air intakes behind the headlight are a good thing.: the best place for a cold air intake is the front of the car away from the hot road and away from engine heat. What the OP is experiencing is that once stopped the thermal gradient through the engine bay equalises - in other words all parts of the engine bay come up to the same temp, when he moves off the front is cooled by incoming air. And yes timing is retarded as a consequence of high measured intake temp. If you look carefully you can see the carbon air intake behind the grill, ahead of the radiator and well above the road - this config has minimal variation and gets really good cool air when moving and when stationary - the system is a closed system from here to the intake manifold.
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    Be careful about what you read on the internet. In cars with a MAF sensor, like yours, the IAT sensor is only a failsafe (and a great diagnostic tool), if you unplug it you will notice no difference at all as long as your MAF is working properly.
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    Those seats! so good.
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    Evo 6 tarted up with AD08RS, coil overs, front mount Vs 130 with a cheapy LSD, koni stock shocks, eibach springs and sway bars (and much better driver)
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    Yup was fully aware, although I clarified with them about carport and it was fine. Needed the cover for when I was actually driving the car on the road and I had zero issues when it came to making a claim.
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    Just be fully aware of having ZERO cover if your vehicle is at home but not in the garage. On the drive at home = no cover, on the side of the street by home = no cover. Was really keen to use these guys until I read (and verified on the phone) this aspect of their policies. 😕
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    Not sure that fun is the best choice of words but something will begin! Just reading through the service history, came to nz around 2003, has had 4 sets of front brake rotors and 3 skims!! Will start with basics, wof issues, polish headlights, slow leak in tyre, etc, then check on swirl flaps, egr, and turbo. It smokes like hell when its cold, nice blue oil smoke, so that will need sorting....
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    Motors been sump swapped, oil nut tacked, front and rear seals done Z3 steering rack which ill hopefully install this week Have a pair of M3 evo LCAs on their way, will look at suspension options in next month and swap the front over, along with motor etc in
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    Pics are up. I'll add dry photos to better represent paint. Front is a tad stone chipped, paints overall decent but mildy faded on the roof.
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    I would recommend you get a new mechanical warranty if you plan to keep the car longer than 9 months. Ask a BMW dealership if they are willing to organise it for you (it may work out cheaper) otherwise just start fresh from Autosure or else and get the servicing done now.
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    So, The Activhybrid was supposed to have come with 9 more months of Autosure extreme and Hybrid cover, but the previous owner being a right damn fool (odd considering him being an insurance agent) he didn't keep any of the receipts of the services done. feel rather cheated but don't think I have any recompense (even if the balance of the cover would be worth around $800 or so dollars? ) So, What would be the best company to go with for an MBI? I am going to get the car to get a once over at @BMTHUG's and hopefully will be able to get a new policy elsewhere. Would AutoSure be the best policy still, or are there better companies?
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    If going through the Desert Rd make your lunch stop Cafe Express in Waiouru. Probably the best pizza I've ever had, and every soldier tends to go back every time they end up spending any time in Waiberia for training.
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    Penrite Progear 75w90, shes a bit thicc on a cold morning but once up to temp is awesome sauce.
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    It needs to be diagnosed correctly with the right type of scan/diagnostic tool
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    Makes me wish I'd waited a little longer! Nice car/price GLWS
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    Aftermarket has plenty of good options. Avin unit is probably what I'd go for. Problem is with monitor optioned cars will you have to buy and run the extended wiring loom to the radio module in boot.
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    Relocating it will only hurt, it will send the wrong data to the DME. Intake air temp is measured for air density (volume) not actual temperature and the car fuels accordingly. The lower temp the better (more dense air ergo more volume) so trying to bring that down is a good goal. Wrapping your intake in heat shielding can make a difference but you need to consider whether it's actually worth the effort. As you've noticed it only really helps when you're going slow or not moving at all. However, if your IAT never gets close to ambient (e.g. at speed) then your intake is inefficient.
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    If my plan comes together, like a cunning fox, then I'll be Frankensteining and using e39 M5 rear rotors... 🤔😎
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    My tvr is with these guys, as was the M328i and they are so easy to deal with. They didn't even care the m328 wasn't certified lol.
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    try these guys https://www.classiccover.co.nz/
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    Eh, the servicing isn't so bad. It's like having kids, no one tells you what the REAL problems are before you have kids. I can handle puke and stinky poos all day but 3.5 years (and counting) of putting your own needs aside is taking it's toll. The real problems with owning a Maserati: Having to deal with Winger Maserati. Insuring a Maserati. I had a 90 minute conversation with State about insurance, asking questions like "how much experience have you had with high power cars". I had to kindly explain to the lady that the Maserati is a 4.7L V8 and my last cars were a 5.0L V10 and a 5.5L Supercharged V8 and that supercharging could be considered the same as turbocharging for insurance purposes and that both were more powerful than the Maserati. She was obviously just parroting the information on to the underwriter on the other line. It would have been much more efficient to just conference the underwriter in. They eventually did offer insurance, but they wanted $2400 a year and had silly exclusions like no glass cover and no other drivers. I stuck with my current provider. If I went and bought a nearly new Alfa Giulia worth 10k more the premiums would be about $1000. Such a messed up business.
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    might be worth upgrading the charge pipe as they are easily broken and will leave your car in limp mode (most likely) if it decides to blow up when you're driving. plenty of options out there, dont bother replacing with genuine part (plastic) get an upgrade one from VRSF, BMS, or even FTP is fine for this purpose. make sure you keep up with regular oil change with good quality oil and filter. dont ever pass 10,000km service intervals.
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    I think it is my bias towards the East Coast. East>West. I very rarely enjoy driving any of the routes we have suggested to be honest. Maybe 2-3 in 10 drives you will get minimal traffic, no road works, good weather and the Pie cabinet at the gas station will have the pie you want. At least they have good fuel all the way through now. Remember the days when you could only get 98 octane in Auckland, Taupo and then stretch it out to Upper Hutt.
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    Go through BMW dealer, did a couple of e30 windscreens under insurance
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    Thanks all that gives me some googling material. If it was going to cost real money I'd rather go aftermarket which would set me up with a more modern base to work from but I'm guessing that's asking for trouble. In the meantime I've ordered a bluetooth adapter so I can at least stop relying on my CD collection from my teenage years 🎵 I forgot to look in the boot tonight but my aliexpress kidney's turned up so threw those in. I need to get this thing clean and out in the sun for some better photos!
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    Dumped $700 on batteries, both 130 and 330 batteries decided to sh*t emselves in same week... I blame Jacinda.
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    the workshops wont release any documents without prev owners permission so its easier for PO to contact them and ask for soft copy via email then he can forward to you.
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    I bought many more horsepowers for the car from the parts dept... I was in two minds about putting the M3 badges on a non-M3 as it really is a pet hate of mine. As this is 1) a race car with lots of genuine M3 parts, least of which engine and box plus 2) it’s a tribute to JRs car and that had the badges on, then I can sleep at night with my decision.
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