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    Hi guys, I brought the Z3M to keep my 1M company having recently sold my Audi’s, RR ur quattro and B5 RS4... I owned an older version of the Z3M in Blue before I brought the quattro. Looking forward to another Z3M ...
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    I’m from Northern Ireland, been in NZ almost 6 years, and I had 2 Alpina’s over there. A B3S Touring and a C2 2.7, I sold the B3S a few years back but still have the C2 2.7
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    Right, well a few evenings spent on the car, and then today being Saturday just a wee bit more. Front jacked up in the air, to remove the lower steering linkage. Didnt take any pics of this sorry. Has a lot of play in one of the two universals so it is out so i can rebuild it. got it half out and realised it is a wierd universal i havent seen before, and i havent had expereince rebuilding one before. When you do an M52 swap, or indeed any motorswap, its necessary part of the conversion on a Right hand drive car. typically you would also convert to an E36 or E46 steering rack too. What i usually do is remove and drop it all off an Howatt Engineering in Naenae to do, so i havent had experience doing it. still deciding if i tackle it or find a shop to do it. Remove the right front wheel as it has a puncture in it. Jack up the rear, move the left rear wheel to the right front. Temp bolt on right front to the left rear. Lower Jack. Get front off Jack stands and onto the two good tyres, jack up the back, and remove both rear wheels. the right rear, and the left rear (which was the right front) both have punctures / slow leaks, so those into the 500 to get sorted out. Start on removing the Subframe. Right off the bat, i knew this was going to offer up some surprises. subframe removal on an E30 is usually a piece of piss. 1,5 hour job max. I was advised by a local "buddy" (canadian for m9) to start on the rustiest stuff first so you know how your day is going to go, and also buy a flame torch, it will be your new best friend, so i brought a propane torch, (quite right in hind sight, awesome tool. no pics of it but you will probably see it in the back ground of the below picks) right then, crack off the subframe main bolts then. the 22s came off easy, to get to the 8mm allan bolts for the support i needed to half remove the side skirt. and bam, just like that, 5 minutes in, first problem. on the left hand side, one bolt completely snapped off (prior), on the right hand side, both had gone, so bracket offering no support at all. Okay, no problem, i can order that. removed the brackets so i had them on hand for ordering (there are two types so good to make sure you get the right ones, and then just put a few threads onto the 22 and gently loosened the subframe so i knew it would come away. cool. Move on to the exhaust which comes off easily, then remove heat shielding and then the drive shaft bolts. i wasnt really thinking, this stuff should be easy since the car has had an engine conversion, so not 30 years old, none the less, needed to be done. next step, remove the lower shock bolts. easy enough, but found the right rear shock is totally blown. i have never seen a shock with zero resistance before until now so thats up for replacement. and then disconnect sway bar, and then remove the spring. Here is the the bad news... spring on the left comes out just like normal. one on the right falls out, with the upper locating pin still in the spring. wtf. look a bit more carefully and what do we have here. picks taking after probing about with a screw driver. whats worse is there is f**king gorilla foam in there so someone knew it was there and did a bodgy... not happy, but such is life. fortunately the body seems to be alright, but the lower piece is no longer avalable from BMW. i did actually think about using the head from a jack as a replacement, as it would be a perfect shape..... Move on to loosening the diff mount. at first i was like wtf somone has put an imperial bolt in... never mind, some of the bolt head crumbled away, turns out it was a 19 all along... also loosened the brake lines and ABS sensors (yes it has ABS, the E30 was the second BMW to have ABS after the E28 5 series), and was happy the assembly was ready to come out. In the shower cleaning up i realised i forgot the hand brake cable so will do that when i get back to it. Right off topic for a bit, but what i been up to none the less. (goes back to E30 soon!!) next day, decided i better work on the Cinquecento since i did say i would do it while missus is away. It hasnt locked since she got it , that was a door card off and a tiny black clip that wasnt seated right, and back on and good to go. and onto replacing the rear brake pads. "babe my car is making a bit of a grinding noise in the back recently" take it to work and barely got out of the street before i knew the brake pads had all they had to give taken and then some..... have you ever seen brakes so smol?? realised the 500 was the same bolt pattern and center bore very close as the E30 so why not chuck them on for a nosey...... Local constabulary dropped by for a yarn. they either drive Ford Expeditions (think Escalade or Suburban size), or they ride Harleys. and they are called the OPP here. every time i hear that i cant help but think of the irony since OPP also means Other peoples property in the rap song from like the 90s, which of course gets in my head every time. Strawberry then got a detail down at work. in the back ground is the CN tower, and the yellow building is the pub i sometimes go to after work. and yes going off topic so will come back to what you came here for lol. We are up to today now. Subframe removed. Crusty old bushings. nasty, Now normally you would press these out properly. I do have the proper BMW in my garage, but thats 14,000km away and cost about $450 or so to buy. since i expect this to be the only time i do this job, i decided to do it the Hori way. its pretty well documented that this way works, and i had everything i needed already to try it so thought why not. FIRE I would imagine this would work for many of you guys so i will detail the process. 1/ Turn on Rock Music 2/ Grab a can of low rent beer, or something someone else has left in your fridge. 3/ Soak bushes in WD40. 4/ Make sure your partner is not home, and if pre planned, buy her some new oven trays because you will be using two of hers. 5/ aim gas torch at bushes. how long it takes them to start going depends on your flame. mine took a good 2 or 3 minutes of heat before they would stay alight on thier own. keep the loose stuff clear by flicking it out onto the tray. remember, the objective isnt to burn every last bit of rubber, just to remove the bush. When they start popping and crackling, they are hot enough to keep going on thier own. Once they are lit, have some of the beer. Man has created Fire. after your second one is lit, go back to the first, you will find the center part has melted enough you can clear out and knock out the center with a screw driver or some such. bear in mind that the flame will increase at this point as a lot more rubber is exposed to oxygen. the center piece that falls out onto your tray you can put out using some of your rubbish beer. Eventually the outer race or whatever its called for a bushing cannot withhold gravity and will fall out by itself, giving you a nice empty housing (well after you clean up the last little bits) On to the control arm bushings. basically the same process although they are only an inner and rubber with no outer on an E30. they will start spewing themselves out, three of mine spat the center out by themselves, one needed a bit of persuasion. next step is let them cool. its probably lunch time by now anyway. then press in your new bushings. on an E30, the subframe bushings do not go in all the way to the collar. they are only supposed to go as far as the top of the housing is level with the top of the rubber part of the bush. in hind sight the photo i took isnt the best, but if you look at 4 o clock in the photo you will see its level. 2 oclock is still down as its got an indicator on it. this means there will be a 10 mm or so gap at the bottom. you will find that they wont want to go any further as they flare. Originally, this was designed so it could be leveled in situ, but even BMW removed that from the service advisory, the part was never updated. as a side note, if you were to do poly bushings, they do not have this gap, so you MUST fit E36 compact lower braces (the rusty brackets i mentioned above) which are stepped rather than flat. trailing arms arent complicated at all, if you have a brain. One of the great things about Canada is that the weather and the seasons are very decisive. if it snows, it snows. if its sunny, its 30 degrees (as it was this morning). and if it suddenly gets cold and there is a clap of thunder, you have about 20 minutes to pack your sh*t up and get inside before god turns on the hose. so quickly threw the subframe back together with the new bushes, packed up and got my ass inside. I was intending to take photos of the assembly together, and also one showing the trailing arm bushes . VERY IMPORTANT to just do one or two threads on the trailing arms to the subframe so they are very obviously loose. this is because they must only be tightened when the suspension is loaded. This applys to all BMWs, and most probably all cars in general. this also applys to contral arm bushings in many models. I will try to remember to take pictures tomorrow. and then a pic of me when i saw myself in the mirror. LOL i guess it was all that black smoke!!!! 'til next time
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    Listed on Trademe however sharing with the local community. 49,XXX Kms Full BMW Service history 2 x sets of keys Alpine White Black Nappa leather interior Satellite Navigation Harmon Kardon Stereo Bluetooth audio BMW Assist Asking price: $67,500 ONO Contact Alex on 021 070 9077
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    I'm only the third owner of this beauty. And I'm trying to convince the 'wife' we should upgrade to an M3. So I'm kicking the process off by selling my well loved 1990 e34 BMW 535i M Sport. 154,XXX miles (Approx. 247,XXX kms) 3.5L | Auto Rego - 30/06/2018 WoF - 04/2018 I would really love to see the car go to another BMW fan, so I thought I'd see if there is any interest here. The previous owner, who owned this car for almost 20 years had the following work completed: Engine M30 blueprinted to original spec at 145,000 miles Engine reconditioned, All components from http://www.mahle.com/ Honed all cylinder All new Gaskets and seals Acid treatment and New heat treatment NEW chain & pulley replaced HPC coating (Engine cover, manifold, Oil filter housing, water-pump housing http://www.hpcoatings.co.nz/Advanced...8/Default.aspx Complete New hoses (cooling, power steering) Complete New Bushes, rubbers NEW Water Pump, New plugs All consumables maintenance items Transmission Serviced Other features include Style 37 18" wheels with brand new tyres fitted in 2017 Yellow french headlights Brand new bluetooth / CD head unit Factory BMW immobilizer and alarm Hard wired for Valentine V1 Radar or other RJ45 powered Radars Fully working Original OBC 2 WAY Electric Sunroof Original E34 535iS M Steering. Original E34 535iS M Leather seats 2 sets of Keys and alarm All service history, receipts and document of import available Bimmer.Work Vehicle Identification Number - WBAHD22070BF53264 Type - HD22 Model - 535i - EUR Development Code - E34 Chassis - LIM Steering - RL Doors - 4 Engine - M30 Displacement - 3.50 Power - 155 Drivetrain - HECK Transmission - AUT Color - Brillantrot - 308 Upholstery - Schwarz Leder - 0203 Production Plant - DINGOLFING Production Date - 1990-03-29 Options 200 Katalysator - Entfall 209 Limited Slip Differential (25%) 226 Sports Suspension Settings 291 Bmw Lm Schmiederad/kreuzspeich 335 M Technic Sportpaket 354 Green Stripe Windscreen 401 Sliding/vent Roof, Electric 428 Warning Triangle 481 Sport Seats F Driver/front Passenger 498 Headrests In Rear, Mechanic. Adjustable 500 Headlight Washer Sys/intensive Cleaning 571 Boosted Power Supply 708 M-sport Leather Steering Wheel II 812 England Version 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export 869 Radiovorbereitung Zg/zz 925 Shipping Protection Package Known issues Being a red car, the paint is a little faded in parts, though it is 30 years old When you start the car it says "Low Washer Fluid", even though it's not low, at the last service I had them check it out, though couldn't solve the issue. Car is available for viewing in Petone, Wellington. Will get some more pictures up asap. $8,500 ono
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    This project is finally back on track. Found some time over the Xmas break to move things along. Need to introduce the JBE and all E92 M3 wiring to give seamless integration. Using existing plugs and wiring wherever possible this is well under way thanks to the effort/time put in by James. The pics can do the talking.
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    A completed E30 project is pretty rare
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    I just got home from a road trip to drive the Gentle Annie. Huge thanks to @TermiPeteNZ for organizing this. Met everyone in bulls for a coffee and chat then we headed of to Taihape for breakfast then it was off across the Gentle Annie towards Napier for lunch. Was real nice to meet those of you I hadn't already and nice to see those of you I met previously. Standouts for me were the 2 M5's and the red 535i M Sport. Oh, cant forget Eli in the drivers seat of a very nice 330i. What a fantastic road to drive and I'm thinking more than a few of you had some real fun in your cars. Unfortunately my passenger suffered from a queasy stomach so it was just a nice cruise for me..lol Heres the few pics I took. Feel free to add your own. :-)
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    Everytime one of these comes up for sale the amount of crap comment that gets generated blows my mind. I am going to bury mine with me when I die just so I don’t have to deal with these type of comments 😂😂😂
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    My pair: 1999 S50B32 with only 20,000km on it and 2002 S54B32. Will be sold as a pair when they eventually go up for sale.
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    Heres some interior pikkies - I'll do some exterior ones once the weather clears. The car has the "big toolkit" and its only missing the pick for adjusting the tappets. The steering wheel is a factory option one that came from a highly spec'ed 3.0Si that we owned - original wheel is included in the spares Only trim inside the cabin that was retrimmed was the seats - carpets are original. I replaced the original english spec Panasonic cassette player with an early Alpine unit - the original is in the spares, along with a period OEM spec Blaupunkt . The car did very little miles in the UK - the original owner brought this solely as an investment whilst on his OE - so the underside has had no exposure to the typical salted roads The rust in the car was around the chrome trims and the usual E3 rust traps - leading edge of the bonnet was probably the worst. The car's WoF expires this month - but will be WoFed when sold, and the car is located in Wellington
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    Hi Guys, Just brought a M325i and wish to find a few of the BMW e30 performance bibles that people may have lying around and want to get rid of It's fairly tidy and all complete but will be a rolling restoration with the eventual aim to fit a stroker kit but keep it standard looking. Cheers
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    April 2017. The era of Gymkhanas had come to a close and it was time to sell the trusty STi. unbeknownst to the flat-4, my eyes set elsewhere. She was sleek, Italian, two wheels, absolutely insane, and I needed one. As 2017 progressed, my love affair took the form of two Italian two-stroke sports bikes, both of which exhilarated me, but as the months started to pass, I began to worry more and more about firing them off a cliff and not coming home. I remembered the thousands of kilometers i spent with my various cars, pushing each one and loving every second of it. I yearned for long twisty mountain runs, I desired the roar of high displacement engines, I missed air-conditioning. So I began the search, my requirements were simple; lightweight, high grip, and cheap to modify. This led me down the route of something akin to a Type R Integra, then my partner one day surprised me with his DC5-R, so it was back to the drawing board. Should I conform and get some filthy skyline? Or perhaps sink all my funds into the 80's mr2 sitting around the back and embrace being forever poor? Then one day, my landlord visited in his E92 M3. AND HE GAVE ME THE KEYS. I knew I could never afford an E92, but just as every car enthusiast should know, I too was very aware of her older, slightly unhinged sister. What I wasn't aware of, was how affordable they really were. A deep blue one popped up. I and the landlord went out and had a look. She was nice, but not worth the asking, then a yellow one popped up. Cheap, but had a very sketchy history. About 4 months later, just as i had given up and started looking for some RFB stickers, SHE popped up. and my goodness, was she something. I didn't hesitate, I contacted her owner and booked an inspection. YES! she passed with flying colours! Ok then, better tell the boss i'm not going to be in on Friday. Why? Because i'm about to make the biggest decision in my millennial life! The plane landed and i stepped out of the shoebox of an airport. There she was. It was like i'd waited a lifetime to see an old friend. My eyes tinted rose. She really was as beautiful as they said. It took the whole of 80 minutes before her owner reluctantly handed me the keys, making me promise that should I ever decide to sell her, to get in touch with him first. If you made it through that essay of a write up, then congratulations! After the 7.5hr drive back to Auckland and consequent de-bugging, she's now settling into her new home. The whole household have made her very welcome! As have the small handful of friends she's already surprised! So without further Adieu, here she is! Imola red Manual 145000ks Fully documented and thorough servicing history, with photographed works including the vanos refresh about 30000ks back. Aside from the K&N filter and Eibach lowering springs, Completely original (even talked him into including the OEM bits!) I absolutely cannot wait to meet everyone and start taking her out. She does need a new set of tyres and brake pads, but really whats that in the grand scheme of things!!
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    I got it. It's now in Wellington 😎 The drive down was worth the purchase price alone. Now......let's see how long the chain guides last 😬 Also anyone selling a set of style 65 or 66 rims? Holla, A.
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    Day 355: One month later, they're finally on the car! They look even better than I originally thought. Stellar! Massive thank you to the guys at wheelfixit, and OCD for making these wheels look a million bucks! I'm kinda thinking about getting some Ti bolts thrown on to finish the look. Still deciding though as the opinion on them seem rather mixed. the OE wheels will be retired for now. Might make a good set of track wheels in the future!
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    Hey Team another small update. Throttle bodies machined.
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    Took some pics of the old girl tonight with @adro
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    Another update Team This was a couple of weekends work, Can almost see the finish line. So motor is now mounted, had a couple little hiccups as you do. Had to remove the gearbox to get the motor in, had a few rear axle bolts give us grief so smashed them off and had to be replaced. New belts put on and asc+t throttle plate removed, new sway bar stabilizer arms and rebuilt Diff from Kayne Barrie with 3.15 LSD So tried the factory 525i diff but was slightly too long, will need to get it shorten by 27mm. Left to do. Reattach the rest of the front end. Secure electric fan onto Radiator Sort wiring out, reverse lights, car to read in neutral and jump starter motor relay. Refit exhaust And thats about it. Can't wait!
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    A little update a year later, Welcome to the family the 100% rust free geneuine 325i coupe. That in the past year every nut & bolt has been gone over. Running brand new bilstiens all around, all new engine mounts, belts, water pump, air intake all new genuine radiator piping and all new bushings in the gear box. Its a dream come true. All I need to do now is fix and install the rest of the body kit with all the new clips that I ordered from bmw.. enjoy once this car is done you can expect a lot more photos haha
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    Hey Team Small update for the M3 Long story short car was damaged from transport company during shipping awhile back, took abit to get them to admit it was their fault and to cover for some of the damage. So there was two option, throw money at the crack and possibly recrack again or fork out more to get the car taken back to factory. I decided to take back to factory as id hate to have money spent on a repair to have it crack again. Picked up car today from panel beaters but during inspection i noticed a big crack in the windscreen, as was like FML just got repair done now i have another issue, the shop said it was there when i dropped it off. So couldnt really do much but happy to have her back and looking nice with fresh paint job. Also had a friend go over to the U.S for a holiday whilst there i got this goodie sent to her hotel that she was staying at, Garagistic solid mount shifter for the m3. also did a while ago, removing as much carbon build up from the heads and pistons of the m60/m62 motor that will be going into the wagon. Thanks
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    So I ended up doing a bit of work on the missus car this weekend, New CVT transmission, new brake pads, rotors etc But lacking a G-clamp of all things, and had issues compressing with leverage alone between rotors and old pads - I had to dig deep with innovation Thought some might find this funny, if not down right legendary This weighed 15kg however, bloody heavy to lug up there !
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    217,500km CLUNK ELIMINATED turned out the engine mounts weren't torqued correctly....opps, my bad. The mounts were new.....guessing maybe they weren't fully loaded when i torqued them.....either way they are torqued now...they were out by about half a turn. The car is driving amazing..I am loving it. Gotta laugh at how much stuff I've replaced trying to solve the noise, not to mention the two shops i took it to who also didn't pick it up. Jon was on the right track though thinking it was an installation error as opposed to a failed part...expensive lesson in DIY'ing, don't think the car is worse off for it though. We celebrated with an oil and filter change 🍾
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    of course, I'm not biased, but I think you should buy for your sister a beautiful 1997 Volvo 855-T5 Wagon. With a stunning black leather interior. a mere 198k kms, a fresh VTNZ WoF, a new AA premium battery, and a full tank of gas. She can woody it up a-la family truckster, but she'll have the last laugh when she can travel with her mates and camp in the back of it, shift flats and do it all in one load, not be concerned about safety or traction alongside an e36, and never be concerned about theft. Comfort, great stereo, great braking, acceleration to surprise any XR8 or SS commode owner, and the cred of the only wagon entered in the BTCC, and it won races to boot! it's the anti-cool, and you know she wants it. Under $5k to boot.
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    Impulsive buy, my 1M was intended to only be my Sunday drive but tempted by the Z3M the 1M has now become my daily so I now get best of both cars ...👍🏼
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    Fairly certain this is the one that crashed on Ian Mckinnon Dr. Guessing they were coming down from Piwakawaka and lost control, demolishing a road sign and a traffic light. Drove past the place a few hours later and wondered what'd happened and then saw a post on fb with some photos. Walked my dog there the next morning, crap was all over the place, picked up an M5 guard grille as a trophy
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    First time BMW owner! 3 weeks ago I bought @str8_6's 2001 530i and have since fallen in love with her! Nicknamed 'Jane', she is a facelift, NZ new, very tidy car that has spent most of her life garaged. She is in Oxford Green Metallic, with the standard black leather interior and wood trim. At 137,500kms, I have already done over 1,000kms in her and can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment of it! I have never needed any more power on a passing lane, and she is silky smooth at idle. Oh, and don't get me started on that beautiful 6-pot purr! Although I am normally a hardcore manual supporter, I have switched over to the dark side simply because it is almost torturous to drive a manual through Wellington and Wellington's traffic. I am currently a first-year student at Victoria University and am a diehard car guy. My grandmother got me into cars with her 1998 R170 SLK230 Kompressor (the car in my profile pic - and yes that's me on the bonnet!), I loved that car and still do; she actually still uses it as her daily and has done over 200,000kms in it. I recently got a new job out in Petone which finally justified my intense desire to buy a new car! Previously, I had a 1999 Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 6-speed which was my first car. I loved that car with a passion; I spent a substantial amount of money doing preventative maintenance on it (not myself, although I would like to be able to start working on my cars in the future) by replacing the water pump, cambelt, radiator and a couple CV boots. Unfortunately, after owning it for only 3 months it was written off - not by me though! It was parked outside my high school one morning when a gentleman drove past towing a car trailer which didn't have the safety chain attached. Just as he drove past my car, the trailer bounced off the hook and ploughed straight into my baby. Fair to say I was devastated (and to this day haven't fully gotten over it). It was only a few weeks prior to that that I had sunk many dollars in securing the longevity of my pride and joy. Luckily, we both had insurance and I was paid out for it. *Photos attached* This tragedy occurred in September of last year, and ever since I have been longing for a replacement, but have never been able to justify it/find the right replacement. And then Jane came along. I have always been a BMW enthusiast, with my mother owning an E36 when I was growing up and an E90 now, and am very glad to finally have one that I can call my own. I keep her in a parking garage in Wellington's CBD, and use her 3-4 days each week to drive to and from Petone (although that hasn't stopped me taking her out most days just to go for a cruise!) and occasionally to drive back home to Whanganui (2.5 hrs). Unfortunately, after only owning the car for 2 days, my radiator sprung a crack while I was visiting home in Whanganui. I got this replaced by our family mechanic easily enough, but it was nonetheless a pain! In terms of future plans for the car, I have bought some euro style licence plate surrounds which I am yet to put on (couldn't justify spending $299 on the real deal - maybe one day), I am considering putting a tasteful tint on the windows to preserve the leather and parcel shelf which is surprisingly un-faded, and am currently looking into installing an aux-cord into the stock stereo setup. I am leaning towards a Grom unit which plugs into the back of the stereo since the stereo will be pre 09/2002, but am open to recommendations. My only requirement is that the stock head unit remains - I'm big on OEM. Obviously, I'm a first-year uni student so don't have heaps of money to burn (and the parents won't pay for it ;)) so affordable recommendations of any kind will be much appreciated. This is turning into a bit of an essay so I'll finish it up here. I've joined the BMW Car Club and will be attending the Cars and Coffee meet this weekend. I really look forward to meeting more of you guys and gaining insight into BMW ownership and any pointers on working on my car myself (this is hard, however, since I am in a hall of residence and don't necessarily have the capacity to do much work myself). This is such an exciting community and I am thrilled to be a part of it! Cheers, Boston.
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    IT's ALIVE !!!!! never straight forward, engine out again to sort a couple of things, still wouldn't start, had spark and fuel but wouldn't fire, had the computer double checked for the EWS delete and all was good there. Had my electrical guy back and he looked into the injector firing and we had no power there when cranking, so bridged a wire at replay and vroom So now we can put the interior back in, seats, dash and console back together and go for a whip around the block, clutch doesn't feel perfect as it's very close to the floor so may need to lengthen the rod more to get the engagement up. All going to plan this weekend we will finish off these items and I can get a wheel alignment booked this week ready for cert... Will update after weekend of how the test drive goes.
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    Well this is coming up to 200k on the clock and instead of selling it I decided to give it a facelift and a refresh Decided to replace all bushes, arms and joints in the front and rear suspension. Then into a full groom, just some of the cleaning produces required for the job Start under the bonnet
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    An m3 post and you're talking babyseats... Now thats funny :-)
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    Spotted this little pumpkin outside the ponsonby food court just now. Had to pull up and take a pic.
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    Including HPR-5 5w-40 @ $96 OFF No membership required, sale ends midnight Friday. Edit: Online ONLY, click and collect (has guest checkout too!)
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    So after languishing for 6 months my 335i burst into life with the first push of the starter button. My DME had blown 2 of Mosfets that control the injectors. At first I thought it was the coils as I had one die last year so I replaced them all but the problem persisted. The error code 30BB sugested the Mosfets so I ordered some ex the USA and finally found a guy who could replace them. Its not a job for amateurs but GP electronics in Lower Hutt did it and no issues. After reading all about it I decided to replace all six Mosfets just in case. Now all I have to do is use a full tanks worth of 6 month old 98 octane. I also replaced the battery as the BMW original was 12 years old and wouldn't hold a charge any more. Welcome back baby I've missed you.
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    Became a trim level for utes.
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    Hi Team Very long time and no post. Alot has been happening as to why i haven't posted. Today is a very sad day but also good and exciting. For you all that have been following this build know i was going to use the Green e46 sedan as my platform for the v12 build. After some serious thinking i couldn't give this opportunity up. I am the new proud owner of this rolling body M3 ( thanks paul ) Some of you may hate the bodykit but its slowly growing on me. Well see you how we go as i may convert it back to factory. which has meant that i am selling the green sedan. I have just sold the red coupe and have also purchased the v8 wagon ( thanks eddy) Great work horse as i have more space for parts now. So again ill be adding the wagon build to this thread just so i dont have a million build threads going. Wagon e46: currently has M60B30 v8 motor and auto in. Plans to convert M60B44 supercharged manual. I purchased a M62B44tu a few months back Also pulled the M60 heads of my spare car ready for the M60B44 build So thats pretty much what has been happened in the past few months. Now that the new M3 car has the whole rear end included, so I can now use the other M3 rear end for the Wagon supercharge swap which works out perfect. Now also all the parts that were intended for the green sedan will be used on either the M3 or wagon. I will be install the XYZ adjustables into the wagon tomorrow. Will post pictures if i get time. Thanks Richard
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    What'd you do your mancave today.. Still has room for the hoist, bank account needs to recover some first
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    Collecting the E36 was the first drama in this project. We made the drive from West Auckland to Tauranga one Sunday morning to drive the car back. I figured if I could somehow get some fluid into the transmission, that it'd spring back to life and i'd be driving back to Auckland under its own steam, much to the horror of the people i bought it off. No cigar. Stuffed around for ages driving the car up onto a curb to get under and try and force feed it the ATF fluid. It wasn't going in. About 5 hours had gone by and my GF and our friend who had come along for a "quick" roadie was starting to get over it. Pressure was on. I still had 1st, 2nd & 3rd gear available in the blue E36. Traffic was light so i thought I'd try and limp it home. Again, no cigar in sight. Car was revving higher than i was happy with and i could see the temp gauge was more inclined to lean to the right. We made the decision to leave it at a random gas station and head home. The following day I drove to work, put in leave, picked up a ute and trailer and headed back down to Tauranga with the ever patient GF. All loaded up we headed back to Auckland. CIGAR. I quickly started to pull the E36 apart to see the condition of the cams as an indication of oil changes. The engine showed some varnishing and the coolant system seemed to have been topped up with a lot of hard water in its time. At this stage I still had an ear to the ground to see if a better motor would pop up but there wasn't really anything available. Being a running car, I was able to check the compression of all the cylinders. It was all even and within factory specs so I was happy. Work began on pulling it all apart, selling bits I didn't need to fund the project whilst still tinkering away on the E30 that was still my DD. My search for rust on the old girl had luckily been coming up empty apart from a little bit around the trunk seal. That only required a wire brush, some rust converter, paint and a new seal. I continued to remove the grime that had built up over the past 26ish years. Parts started to pour in from Pelican Parts and FCP Euro. I purchased any seal that was a worry on the M52 as I wasn't keen on pulling it out of the E30 in the future. Crank seals, oil filter housing seals, vanos hose, cooler thermostat from factory, metal impeller water pump, new radiator, electric fan, valve cover seals, filters etc. The E36s engine and ancillaries were all disconnected from the body and was ready to be pulled out. This was made much easier by the fact that the radiator support can be removed (a few bolts and two spot welds from memory). The engine lifter was able to slot in and take the weight of the motor with ease. Seals fitted and motor tidied up. Was starting to look like a tidy package suitable for the E30.
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    I'm physically ok thanks Olaf and I'm unsure at the moment what is happening with the investigation / insurance . Plenty of witnesses and Heli cam cover. Their stolen vehicle was used for a burglary/home invasion by 4 who were captured. I've done all I can at the moment... claims in BTW the wife owned a swift for 13yrs from new. Was a great little car that suited her needs. Very reliable small vehicle.
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    It's illegal still. I've been with people doing it in an e30, an e36 and an e46. Never done it on the car, you'd probably fall off and hurt yourself. E63 has quite a long hood though, so it might be the safest one not to fall off of.
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    Thanks Graeme for your kind words. To be honest its been hard to keep motivated sometimes, especially in winter as I don't have a garage or any cover. When I make a mistake or encounter a problem I tend to get discouraged, and the low budget slows things down too. But when I finish a section that I'm happy with its all worth it.
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    Alright, calm down everyone. I have literally one photo of the car, here it is... I never really take photos of my cars, just not my thing. Its not a major heap but as with most red cars of this age it needs a respray, and is covered in a quite few dents and scrapes. I should really refit the chrome trim, its in the boot...
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    I picked up a second hand brake booster for the Saab as it has a leaking seal and I figured it would be easier to swap the seal on a unit out of the car and then just swap the boosters over. I took the booster to a highly recommended / reputable? service party to get their opinion of the unit and a cost to replace the seal. Their response was - seal is toast - unit needs to be completely stripped down using specialist tools to replace the seal - estimated cost $250 plus parts of $45 or more, can't be tested without master cylinder so no warranty on work, one week turn-around. My solution- bought the overpriced seal and fitted it in 10 minutes as it is an external component. Special tools used - trim removal tool, piece of wood and hammer (shaped a cup in the wood to fit round the seal - 30 seconds), old seal removal 30 nano seconds, new seal install - 5 minutes prepping and looking at it and 3 minutes carefully installing it, vacuum tested using vacuum pump and sink plug in master cylinder hole - perfect.
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    Been pretty quiet on this build for a while, ran a bearing back in June so it's been up with Kayne Barrie for a rebuild. Couple of shots while the master was at his work: 20884884_1507597005930171_650205220_n by Christian Taylor, on Flickr 20904324_1507597182596820_1871693703_o by Christian Taylor, on Flickr 21684668_1535529916470213_553786645_o by Christian Taylor, on Flickr 21845349_1535529956470209_768997783_o by Christian Taylor, on Flickr New crank, gaskets, bearings etc. Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Kayne replaced the clutch and got the guys at Autospeed Engineering in Pukekohe to recondition the head: 20891530_1507597055930166_44621757_n by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Back now, and looking pretty good sitting in decent company..! IMG_3720 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr
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    E39 got the winter muck cleaned off today
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    I want to buy it just cause.. no reason but for some reason my inner bmw demon tells me I need it.
  47. 6 points
    Good day at Taupo on the weekend for a shakedown
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    Lets just say I may at times of been boardering on far too much fun, had great time and awesome to meet everyone. thanks Pete, you can rest assured that your efforts on making this happen were greatly appreciated Cheers Paul
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    Parking in mobility parks, tailgating, brake-testing tailgaters, taking up two fuel pump stations and paying with coins. I'm in a BMW bitches. Respect My Authoritah.
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    Out of paint shop at last!
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