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    Genuine 96 miles. New engine. If serious call me 0275432078 $65k
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    Finally found a suitable replacement for the e39 540 wagon!
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    Hi all, After a while of being relatively quiet on here I am back with my latest! It all began a few years ago after I had sold my last E30 (black 325i vert) and was feeling like something was missing. I flew to Auckland and purchased this coupe from a forum member. It was a great car and I picked it up for a price unheard of in todays E30 market. At the time I didn't have too many plans for it, just maintain it and drive it on the weekend. I changed the cambelt with the intention of keeping the M20 in it. At least it was reliable! I couldnt help myself and installed a set of XYZ coilovers and Sportmaxx 16x8 wheels. I also had the rear guards rolled and pumped out along with painted bumpers and respraying the guards. This lasted for summer until I decided to misbehave while driving for a wedding for Jamie (Black E30 in the pic). The gearbox lost reverse while trying ever so hard (M20B20 remember) to get it to do a celebratory burnout. So I gave the 4hp22 one last farewell and got onto thinking about what I was going to do next. I decided I wanted a repower. I considered this a huge challenge and something I had never attempted before, so I was anxious. I set about stripping the old M20 out and began to think about what was going to take its place. I contemplated M5x, RB25, 1JZ, V8s.. even a 13b turbo. Then this turned up... It was all on! A 13b turbo from a series 5 Mazda RX7. I always wanted an RX7, the rotary engine was something that I just had to have. So what better than a rotary E30 to satisfy my cravings. The rotary also ticked many other boxes that the bigger inline 6 options didnt: engine bay space, brake booster clearance, power to weight. With the engine finally stripped and sitting in the bay it was becoming apparent that it was a relatively straight forward swap. Custom sump and oil pickup were to be made. While a conversion to manual steering was going to give me more room under the engine and around the exhaust/turbo and also satisfy my need for a clean engine bay. Power steering isnt a necessity in a car this light with an engine that weighs as much as a weetbix box. Custom engine and gearbox mounts were fabbed up and the engine yanked back out again to go back home. Once the mounts were completed I dropped the engine back in to check everything was correct. Once I was happy that it was all going to fit I worked out where the intercooler and radiator were going to fit and mocked up some intake piping. Then it was time to pull it all back out again and prepare for paint. This was exciting, I've always craved a smoothed over E30 engine bay! The paint was laid down and I was stoked! Engine back in again for the final time to start piecing it together. Now the fiddly stuff, nothing heavy, plenty of cursing and swearing to come! As the car was originally auto I fitted a manual pedal box early on in the piece with anticipation of what was to come. All along I wanted to intercooler to remain hidden, but still receive good airflow so the piping was tricky. Because I am using a stock turbo and boost levels I have been able to keep the piping nice and small which was helpful in keeping it all hidden. Once I was happy it was off to get alloy welded and have the BOV mount welded in place. Then black paint was applied before reassembly as well as mounting radiator, RX7 oil cooler (in factory location) and making hoses and lines to suit. I also removed as much of the front body loom as I could and hid the remaining wires between the radiator and oil cooler. I also made a throttle cable and clutch line etc while i was mucking around in the engine bay. Finally starting to take shape.. I had decided to go standalone with the engine management. An old Microtech LTX-8 ECU was purchased and I undertook my very first attempt at wiring anything more than a headunit. I also fitted and wired in boost/vac, water temp and oil pressure gauges. With the wiring completed and ready for first start up. Fluids were poured in, fuel was mixed and she fired into life! Took a bit of turning over to clear, but it started after a few goes! I was a pretty happy lad that night, it was finally starting to seem real. Also, a rotary engine is incredibly loud in the shed with just a turbo and no exhaust... Happy neighbours were not found in my area that night! The next morning I discovered a small pool of oil under the car so the sump was removed and a small pinhole welded up. I was frustrated because I had checked the sump for holes.. obviously not well enough! Next on the list was exhaust so the car was taken back out to my mates place where he has a hoist and the necessary skills to fab up some pipes/flanges. The exhaust consisted of a 2.5" short downpipe, 3" to centre resonator, 3" to rear muffler. This provides plenty of flow, a reasonable amount of noise reduction and next to no ground clearance at the height I had it. Ive since lifted the suspension 20mm at the front and 10mm at the rear just to give a bit of freedom underneath. I had my tuner come round and check the car out to see if it was dyno ready - he checked things like voltage drop to the coils and fuel pump. Interferance on any sensors etc. He also set up the fuel maps at idle so that I could at least run through a few heat cycles and bleed the cooling system before putting it on the dyno for a tune. Then it was dyno day! The tune went well until 3500rpm where we found a misfire which turned out to be a malfunction in the ECU. We also found that the spark wasnt as strong as it could be so it was decided that I would replace the old coils before the next dyno day just to be safe. It was back to the drawing board and a little bit more wiring to be done. While I was waiting for more dyno time I installed a handy little voltage gauge so I could keep an eye on the battery. I got it off trademe for a few bucks and hooked into the wiring that goes to the check panel. It reads about 0.4V lower than at the battery but at least it gives me some idea of whats going on. Back on the dyno again after a few weeks The tune was going good until 4500rpm where the turbo started to make some boost and the internal wastegate couldnt keep up. The ECU was cutting fuel at 13psi so we had to pull the pin. Back to the drawing board. I found that the wastegate was hitting the back of the turbo and not opening fully, and also put some of the issue down to the fact that the exhaust was so much bigger than the factory downpipe and the turbo was flowing much faster and free'er than normal. I solved this by taking a scallop out of the backplate of the turbo and adding a 3mm restrictor plate straight after the turbo with a 2" hole (the size of the factory downpipe) While playing around the exhaust I decided to delete the old steering guibo and heatshield to give me some more clearance and eliminate the chance of the extreme heat deteriorating the rubber. I also decided to ditch the viscous fan as it needed a shroud to actually make it work and it was too hard to make a shroud. I replaced it with an electric fan and had a plate made up to shroud the fan and enable it to pull air across the entire surface of the radiator. I wired the fan so that I can either turn it on with a switch in the car or the ECU can turn it on at a set temperature. I also added a heat shield around the turbo and downpipe after seeing it glowing red on the dyno. It was almost dyno time again and after a few hard road tests to check the boost levels I encountered another problem. Small case diffs. I quickly sourced a medium case 3.73:1 open diff from Ray @ Hellbm and installed that with some fresh Redline oil. Back on the dyno and fingers crossed for the third time lucky! The tune went well but we discovered the restrictor plate is choking the turbo a bit and the boost level starts to drop at around 6000rpm. This will be fixed one way or another in the future with either a boost controller or opening the turbo up again and adding an external wastegate. Power wasnt huge at 155kw at the wheels on a low-reading roller dyno. Once the boost issue is sorted out I should see close to 200rwkw. After driving the car home in the wet I decided 155rwkw is plenty for a street car for now and I will focus on getting the car legal/certed so that I can begin to enjoy it. The day after dyno I had to see what it was like in the dry.. Turns out it goes ok! I had to give it a bit of victory burnout love on the driveway which was great - Unfortunately the right hand side engine mount didnt think so and started to bend (8mm plate!!) So out it comes to have some strength added to it.. Two 5mmx15mm gussets at the weak point. It aint pretty but it works, the second victory burnout proved it! (on closed roads of course) This weekend I managed to put the engine mount back in and also paint the inside of the fuse box cover. I'm crazy on clean engine bays and the transparent blue lid with yellow underneath just didnt cut it! I understand the rotary E30 isnt going to be accepted by everyone here, and I also understand it isnt a first, but I'm always a fan of doing what you believe is right for you. After a bit of deliberation I decided on posting this so people that are interested can see what I've been doing and share their thoughts. After all, I built it for me! It wont get old driving down the road seeing peoples reactions to this car! Its been a long time coming but this diary brings me up to date on my build thus far. Its been a huge challenge, but something I have enjoyed immensely! I've learnt more than I could ever imagine and become much less hesitant to take on big jobs. Next on the list is learn to weld, then I'll be unstoppable!! While this isnt a comprehensive list of everything I've done and products I've used etc I feel I've covered the main points. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, or even offer criticism on things you think I could improve. I have acheived my goal of keeping the car low-key in appearance. From the outside the only give away is the exhaust, which could just be another E30 with a fart-can.. Until you hear it! My goal was to keep this tasteful and not your typical "brap brap brap Rota BeMa G" Now that I have finally posted this project I will continue to update this thread as I make progress. Happy building and thanks for taking the time to read this thread!! Jason Edit: heres a flame pic!
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    Oversize E92 M3 bonnet dome roughly cut out .
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    G'day, Took the old girl today for a ride to the city and to watch the sunset. I have owned her for three months, and it's an absolute pleasure driving her. She does get a little extra attention, unfortunately.
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    Fabricators have now finished. Big thanks to the great workmanship of Colin @ Quest Fabrication. Next step will be with the panel/paint shop for shaping of the doors/petrol flap and painting. Nice to be able to fit the Work wheels and/or OEM 18`s/19`s
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    Rant marked 1/10. Lack of extreme hyperbole, absence of excessive swearing and proper spelling all counted against. You also left out 'dont you know who I am'.
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    People who list SMG, DSG, ETC or what ever other transmissions on Trade-Me as Manual.
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    Well I did it. Purchased another car in a hope to replace the Carbon Black M3 which sadly was put to rest earlier this year. I had a huge list, and it seemed that no M3 on the market could potentially tick off the boxes, so I've held on since June hoping one would. But nothing eventuated. So as you do when you're in the market, every new listing of an E46 M3 was sure to be sent to my inbox as it was listed - in the hope something would pop up. And something sort of did around September, but it was 'poverty' pack in my eyes so I didn't think twice. Something made me go back, maybe the wild random dreams about this particular coloured car kept popping into my mind, I'm not sure. But I decided to do a little stalk, run it's built sheet, and would you believe it was DAMN TOPAZ THE WHOLE TIME! Maybe it was the light, the angle, the reflections that made me move past it the first time, but a buildsheet never lies. And so I went on a mission to find out all I could about this little blue topaz M3 situated some few hours away from Auckland. Full Service History. Every little nook and cranny completed, was documented. Nz New. SMG, and in Topaz (Schnitzer colour, personal fav). Went on to dig some more, and found the first two owners of the car, personally knowing one of them. For 11 years it was between two people who only did open road, long distance driving and cared for it better than you might your own child! The first owner took it up to a nice 136kms, and the second to 165km. The lovely guy I purchased it off had driven a mere 3,000kms in the time he had it over 18 months. This car, is just a dime. The paint condition so good it's hard to believe. No dings, dents, scuffs or marks. A few minor stone chips which is to be expected. The interior, not a single lift of the trim, no cracking, wrinkling or anything to fault! This car is hands down in 10x better condition than the old one, the KM's just don't add up to the condition. The next morning (Wed) it was in at Jeff Gray for a PPI (thanks to Greg Hook!) and Fresh WOF. Breezed through it's PPI with not a single thing wrong, every single box ticked. How damn lucky. It was sold. And I picked it up today. Such love. It's perfect. It's better than I could of asked for in regards to condition. I was scared about getting a 'high' milaged M3, but this car just puts my 120km M3 to shame. It's just fantastic. So there you have it folks, I bought another E46 M3 New Post for 'To-do' and 'Done' below.
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    Drove to Napier and back this weekend - just under 1000kms round trip - and it was an absolute pleasure. So much grip in the twisties it's insane and more than enough power to make the very best of the steep uphill passing lanes between Taupo and Napier. Engine absolutely purred and managed a 12.7L/100 average despite some spirited driving. That may not sound that flash but is pretty amazing compared to the 24L/100 she sits on with my general weekend use! Unfortunately, the AC compressor developed a death rattle halfway. I'm picking failed clutch bearing as the same thing happened to my old E39. Probably cheaper to replace the unit than repair, so hoping I can find a good used one. It was stinking hot in the Bay, so it was a tad sweaty on the return journey but that's what the big pillarless coupe windows are for. I am deaf now though and my hair looks like Kramer from Seinfeld. Forgot to take the camera so had to rely on phone pics...
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    Hi all, Well Ive just come back form a successful week of racing over 1000kms over the week that is Targa NZ and Its the longest rally of its kind in the world. Between my wider family we had 5 entries of 4 BMWs (2 E30 M3's one E30 325 and my compact) and one Subaru wrx comming from Australia. The compact Finished 4th overall out of 60 something cars, my brother Carl finished 3rd in classics, My old man in the M3 had engine issues relating to oil consumption and the other M3 had a major engine mechanical problem resulting in bits of piston littering the road! Just wanted to say thanks to Ray from HellBM for his help leading up to the event, loaning my parts to hget the engine running and the offer for a new P/S pump during the event. Hes a good bugger! Kayne Barrie from Kayne Barrie Motorsport for also helping out with the power steering issue and the loan of parts. He was up out of bed until 1am on Monday helping us out. Another good bugger! Gavin Bellers from Hi Velocity for his work with the new S54 transplant, he worked through multiple problems and we've ended up with a good package fore the event. sh*t it was a long week, glad its over but man it was fun!
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    People that spit on the footpath for no apparent reason. This doesn't include sports players etc that have a sh*t load of spit. But people that insist on walking down the street and spit like the filthy animals that they are. There seems to be a demographic for them but let's not go there.
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    Conned the Mrs into marrying me. Woo.
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    I've wanted an E9 for as long as I can remember. They are such an important car in the history and story line of BMW. Their success in touring car racing in Europe in the 70's is nothing short of astronomical. All whilst being one of the best looking cars the company has ever produced. Several have come up on Trademe for sale in the last few years but the timing and budget have never quite married up. About 6 weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and fly down to Christchurch and have a look at one that was for sale down there. Needless to say the car was exceptional, a few issues but in the whole exactly what I was after. So a week later it arrived at work on the back of a truck. Its a 1973 3.0 CS left hand drive in automatic, malaga red with tan leather interior. Sold new in Germany it was imported to Japan where it had a minor restoration and then to New Zealand about 18 months ago. Its going to be a slow process as i still have my E30 I need to sell before i can really start doing anything to it but at least its a start. I've played around with my set of BBS RS off my E30 and cant wait to rebuild them into appropriate sizes and get them on. Also bring the car down to earth a wee bit.
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    Home from the paint shop with Work wheels now fitting. Fitted the modified OEM M3 mirrors. Gave the interior an individual look with brushed aluminium trim with leather arm rests.
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    Project: Convert E46 HELLM3 into a S65/manual E46/E92 hybrid. Our approach will differ to the other more complicated ways of making things fit. We aim to not tamper with steering and suspension setup. Started with a donor E46 to use as a mockup with a cutoff wheel taken to a subframe. Engine /gearbox placement has been achieved quite nicely (great skills `HellBoy`) Engine mounts ,gearbox mounts,exhaust to be fabricated by Quest. To compensate for the extra height added by the E65 plenum we will fabricate an E92 M3 bonnet dome onto the E46 M3 bonnet. Pics will tell the story.
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    I once said never, I guess never say never?? When you don't get invited for test drives, just buy one LOL. What can you do when the wife says "yep this one" His and hers : )
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    Some photos. Also .... tony's car is now s50b32 quick very impressed.
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    I don't care what anyone says, if its does not have a third pedal its not a manual transmission.
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    Devastation on my deck this morning, two chairs tipped over and the dogs food bowl will never be seen again. We will rebuild
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    Or people could stop moaning and get on with it... Seriously, All it takes is a bit of willing intent to mod a car. The biggest problem I see (and I have done it many times before myself) is peoples eyes are bigger than their stomach so to speak. Bite off only what you can chew, be very happy with what you have, even if its not the fastest, best looking vehicle around.. who cares ? just enjoy getting into it. When I joined bimmersport I was pretty much the biggest noob when it came to modding cars, but I learnt by doing things and making mistakes. Most of my success in modding came from careful research into what I wanted to do. Am I some guru, no ... just a dude who likes to approach things practically. This weekend, Westy decided that hes gonna try and give it a crack at the wiring thing for his e30 / v8. He got the whole thing started, despite some pretty interesting hurdles to get over. A bit of determination is all that was needed and some research. One thing cars have taught me is how to understand engineering and problem solving from a pratical point of view. Instead of problem solving in a computer. This is why I love it.
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    Spotted this today... In my garage. BOOM! Let the fun begin...
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    Gave myself an early Xmas present. Brembos for HELLM3.